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    Friday, February 26, 2010

    self explanatory

    Cause i NEVER felt i mattered to you at all
    thats why u NEVER cared if i'm angry/upset
    it's only YOU and YOUR EGO

    if i really mattered to you, you would had called by now...

    bread spoke at Friday, February 26, 2010


    YEEEEAAAAP! FTL 2010 was last sunday and it was serious madness dope shit day!

    First of all, I WANNA THANK JOEY!!!

    Sorry we didn't get through the prelims but nevertheless i enjoyed teaming with u! thanks for teaching me and encouraging me a lot all this while!! We must session sooooooooooooooooooooooooon k!!! love u babe!!

    anyway was damn fricking nervous that day and i think i freaked out majorly during our prelims.

    Then then then! during the house prelims damn funny; when 1G came out everybody were like "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~" the very low type then when she start dancing the whole crowd jus went crazy la!

    btw 1G damn scary during battle! during battle her face is FIERCE like really fierce and you can feel the aura emitting from her! budden outside battle she's really really nice! Did i mention she's damn gorgeous!!!!!!


    but damn wasted cause at the semi finals, it's 1G vs Jinu (mad cute korean houser!)then Ra had a hard time coming to a decision cause both of them were very good but doing different genres so in the end chris said its a house battle so Jinu got the win

    but anyway Jinu is mad cute! almost all the girls in the room going gaga over him and through facebook photo comments we now have an unofficial Jinu fanclub lol

    as much as i rave bout how cute jinu is, KEN BABY IS STILL THE CUTEST K! XOXO!

    ok here are the rest of the pix!

    Judges for the day: Aka Kin (pop/lock) and Aka Ra (hip hop/house)

    I think Ra's quite nice =) And the both of them were so funny lol

    the vietnam poppers were performing then they left the shades on the judges table then kin took and wear lol..

    And he start animating haha! he reslised i was taking pictures of him then he posed for the cam but sadly the pix were blurred (bah!)
    and the black guy next to him is Aus Ninja!

    Elke! she very diva-ish during battle! and yay-ness for ben for the ftl video!

    MAx was raving bout this vietnam popper quite cute; i thot so too but then jinu's battle..baby's best! yimin say he look like yizheng haha!

    like where got! yimin anyhow only haha! and yizheng got 招牌动作 that day *kiap plams together overhead and swing left to right with body and leg do the toe-heel thing* (smth like that...go watch the videos!)

    cause i told him to take picture then he ignored me >=(

    gerry gerry~

    i think xiaomei damn cute la! eveytime after a competition, she will oome to me and say "eh mianbao! thks for supporting! i can hear u shout!" hahah! but i always shout one man! anyway she tmd dope la!!

    Jin being normal =X

    *facebook comment*
    Diane Ng: omg fat face! mianbaoooooooo!! u cheated and hid abit behind! LOL

    lol anyway sorry jus now take your passport intending to see the photo but i din see la! hahaha

    KS! 很好!很好! LOL

    Regina! mad long never see her! then that time when i went to collect my contact lens, her uncle asked me bout her (ya her uncle is my optomerist since i was 8)

    This is Jer hsuan

    and this is his twin Yoshi. Nah! they jus look really alike!

    *facebook comments*
    Josh Lee: uncle what kind of face is that.
    Tues at 23:38 ·

    Cheong Xin Ying: LOL @ this picture
    Yesterday at 01:30 ·

    MianBao Steph: josh: cos i touched his moobs hahaha

    Josh Lee: so uncle tan's turned-on face = :O. LOL
    Yesterday at 07:48 ·

    Robin Teh: hahhahahahah !
    Yesterday at 20:48 ·

    JOSH! he damn funny! everytime i poke him he'll squeak hahaha

    Jacq and yimin

    i will NOT treat u to koi!! lalala

    and of course...

    (i dunno why his face like that also haha)

    bread spoke at Friday, February 26, 2010


    Kindda regretted!!!

    - Last wk i bought this hoodie from SD

    then this wk this came out!

    KNS! CHAO NICE CAN! shit...should not had bought that...bahhhh!
    ya i think the ball ball quite cute hahaha
    Sian no $$ already T_T and somemore i like the black one but i like a lot black hoodies already shit *disgressing*

    bread spoke at Friday, February 26, 2010

    Wednesday, February 17, 2010


    Will post more soon. meanwhile....i'm sure after this CNY..
    diane and i hates mahjong...lik seriously!! hahahaha

    anyway most people dunno but this is my daughter

    Not~ it's my baby niece! she've grown so much like in 2 months! and carrying her now is lik carrying weights! cos she's like quite tall and big for a 1year plus. it's high time she learn how to walk officially already...then i can teach her to dance! yay!!!

    bread spoke at Wednesday, February 17, 2010

    Friday, February 05, 2010

    重出江湖了 !!!


    bread spoke at Friday, February 05, 2010

    Tuesday, February 02, 2010

    3k to japan!

    ok la its not me but CONGRATS BASIC 5!!!

    KS u finally can go JAPAN!
    Diane u finally can go TOKYO!
    Jin u finally took the most fail pictures in ONE DAY!

    First local group of our generation to represent in japan! good luck to y'all!!! better get into top 3 ah! or best...win the whole comp!!!

    oh chiong down aft work to meet with the 1/2 basic 5 cos had to help diane do her hair 1st too =)

    tmd my eyes mad small la nb

    Bsic fives were 1st of the 8! Amazing job! The other 7 teams did a great job too!!

    omg lik seriously i scream damn loud.
    Cos aft ther whole thing then went to lik find xiaomei she was lik

    "mianbao really thks for your support...i heard u scream"

    tmd the music so loud n she stil lcan hear me loud and clear...bahhhahahahahahaha!
    but i really like their group tooooooooooooo! damn zai!!

    all 8 teams! Jiawen's group lik damn striking among the rest lol

    Scared only

    The champs!

    Jin is too excited lol!

    Diane damn cute la hahahah! apparantly she happy untill she cry! and is non-stop one..see ah...

    ( diane's comment on the photo: omg i look so sad to win!!)

    ok enuff! actually almsot half the album was photos of them on stage..of which diane was crying in almost all of them lol! Diane's so gonna hate me now! =P

    ok she finally looks happier now lol

    ks's face lol!
    (jin's comment on the photo: you look lik you are enjoying something..kekekekeke)

    basic fives candid

    you know you should really have different expressions...after i saw this photo i realise it looks exactly lik this....

    (taken at suntec '09 which is lik 4 mths ago!)

    and tmd u always look like someone owe u a million bucks when we take photo! hate u!

    nah i still heart you =DDDDDD


    Jin when he's normal


    Yimin where's your eyes?

    anyways u can watch their video here!


    and actually on that tday both Ken and Fong also perform as special guest performers..you can watch the video here


    ok basically thats all for gatsby!


    I'm sure most of y'all out there has already know the news but;

    RIP Greg Campbellock JR

    although i don't know much bout him, I believe every OG does a good job in insipiring dancers, educating and encouraging dancers whenever they can reach out to them. I'm sure Greg was a great person and may he rest in peace


    bread spoke at Tuesday, February 02, 2010