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    Saturday, July 31, 2004

    2dae went out wiv jazreel, cheryl n desiree again.

    cos jazreel ystd say she wanted the tamagochi so i buying it fer her fer bdae present but later she changed her mind so i treat her + cheryl n desiree to pizza hut. ordered pepperroni pizza n the soup tortilla set n the set came wiv a salad so this is how the salad looks lik

    conten: vege, cucumber, apple n pineapple, button mushrrom n

    baby corn, sweet corn, a lot of thousand island sauce n tomato"yucks"

    the soup tortrila was average, the soup nice but the tortrilla not very ncie

    cos kindda tastless...den the pepperoni pizza...2nd time i eat pepperoni

    cos my religion dun allow me to eat beef at home, 1st time eat was in

    America den 2nd time is 2dae

    me taking a foto of cheryl taking a foto of jazreel

    taking the pizza.

    the pizza!

    den aft dat we play zong ji mi ma den 1st round i zhong le leh...so sad manz

    guess wad they let me eat...pizza with loads of chili powder, cheese n a

    stupid slcie of tomato!!! I HATE TOMATOES!!!

    den 2nd round cheryl zhong den guess she ate...leftover salad with

    really a lot of chili *i jus open the thing n pour*, cheese

    but she din finish la...

    den i oso bought the nike bottle i wanted a long time ago

    nice mahz?

    den went out untill 5.15 i rush frm orchard to amk fer my tution

    late fer 1 hr XP...my dad call me i thot the tution center call n say i nv go tution

    but during lesson my dad msg me so " sorry...4gt tution time"

    heng manz...if not i sure die...cos he din noe i came out >_<

    current mood: numb...

    bread spoke at Saturday, July 31, 2004

    Friday, July 30, 2004

    Ystd was Jazreel's bdae but 2dae she treated dion, cheryl, desiree n i to KFC

    Lol...den we sit dere eating so damn quiet den wanna make sum noise oso feel funny

    This is our bdae gal..she's not sad or wad

    but i jus caught her by surprise dats why she gt the dai look

    Jazreel's bdae burger...looks a bit lik those burger monsters

    we see on tv niaz..

    den aft eating i run bck to sch cos hav to do smth, in the end go bck den

    no nid liaoz...den hav to run bck to amk central look fer the 4 of them.

    den aft dat we were outside this game shop den on display was a set

    of tamagochi den we were lik so ki siao...keep pointing at the colour we wan

    den " i wan blue wan" , "i wan pink wan", "i wan black wan" blah blah blah

    later me n desiree went to our hse dere de mac. put our bags down den go buy

    "addicted" drink at the Korean Shop but no stock la so we bought smth else...

    not say very nice lahz. when we reach mac. saw brandon bay...den i was lik

    "die liao...if the whole grp of them here, dat means he oso here"

    den desiree say he not dere ma...but when we sit down n looked rite...dere he is

    i so damn suai lo...the position i sitting facing outside den see the

    whole bunch of them dere so in the end change place with desiree

    den went home aft dat

    den cum bck study fer poa den li jiong teach a bit on trial balance

    frankly speaking...until now i still dun get it...die le la...

    current mood: emotionless...

    bread spoke at Friday, July 30, 2004

    Wednesday, July 28, 2004

    Wahahahaha! today maths paper so easy manz!

    finish everything in lik 40 mins

    but i comfirm minus 2 marks cos gt 1 Q dunno hw to do

    but actually i get the ans liao but din no so cancel...wasted manz

    2dae i oso super bad...slap mama a lot of times..lol

    but  she started it!!! so not my fault

    Oh ya...dat wei jian damn stupid lor...gt $$ dun wanna earn

    cos during pc 2dae overheard the guys saying weijian

    giving xue zun's sis maths tution...but i find it very werid lehz

    xue zun's his maths so gd he dun wanna teac her...

    newayz...u noe wad weijian get fer tutoring her...$160 !!!

    den nw wei jina dun wanna teach...siao lehz! can earn $$ but

    dun wan...dats crazy!

    oh man...i'm really in nid of $$ now...any1 sec1s or any1's younger sibilings nid tution?

    sec 1 can only teach sci and humanities

    pri sch can anything!

    1 month $30 only!!!

    tml chinese paper le...finally i can hav good slp liaoz

    cos the rest of the papers i can breeze thru them...hehez

    but wish me lucks!!!

    Current mood: happy but still depressed....

    bread spoke at Wednesday, July 28, 2004

    Tuesday, July 27, 2004

    2dae did the ss paper...quite easy la

    but my structured essay i wrote crap larz..

    haiz~ tml maths paper, scare i cannot make it though

    i'm beta in geometry things 

    [tml test on trigo, circle properties n tangent] 

    but i'm still slacking at 3d-trigo.

    2dae during cme teach show us a show bout bgr thingys de la

    oh man...dere's 1 scene dat is so familiar..haiz~ dun nid say le bahz

    I really hate my mum lo...she's damn hypocrite leh

    last nite jus sabo me n was so happy

    2dae try to act concern bout me

    well mum...NO THKS! I DUN NID UR CONCERN!

    stop sheding croc. tears, u will NEVER gain MY respect anymore

    to tink u're so evil..go 2 hell!

    I'm damn freakin' stress n tired nw n my parents are

    jus adding to my load. They understand wad i wan, i jus wan privacy

    is it dat difficult!? why is it dat they hav to bug into my life

    i noe they r my parents n r "concern"

    but i tink they are overdoing it, overdoing it makes me hate them more

    *continued at 21.51pm*

    my dad damn wad lor, he tinks he noes me very well but he dun at alL!

    why are parents always lik dat!? they think they noe us very well

    but they dunno anything at all n made the wrong desicions fer us

    den n up more conflicts...WTH lor! Jus nw he say me i cannot say anythign lro

    cos to him dat is tok bck..might as well i keep my mouth shut! stupid lorz

    den my mum oso lor...tml i maths paper den practising still ask me do

    housework dne i dun wanna do so i close my room door den the

    damn door slam by itself. MY mum aftdat tell my dad stories! wth lor!


    current mood: pissed + stress + furstrated + depressed...wadeva

    bread spoke at Tuesday, July 27, 2004

    Monday, July 26, 2004

    2dae finished the physics paper, comfirm throw away 4 marks liao

    cos gt Qs on spd. de i dunno hw to find! newayz...wad is done is done

    who cares! LOL !!~

    2dae mama lik kena possessed, "she" ate mr. tan's peanut butter bizkit

    den lik siao gina lik dat, dun wanna go into the details but when u're dere

    u can luff untill siao wan!


    dunno shld i go maths tution 2dae not cos wed is maths paper


    4get it, go tution n study my ss...keke~

    Den 2dae i oso regret dat i told desiree smth den she was lik

    going on n on saying me n bout dat matter

    and i realise smth....



    cos wadeva desiree wanna say or thinkin' i oso noe


    Den 2dae gt Drama lesson, quite fun la...except the vocal practice

    den i made the teach say bad word...LOL~

    cos he ask me fer 2 continents so he can much with the set of vowels

    so i say F n K

    so he say " dat's a good wan"

    n he went " FAK, FEK, FIK, FOK,FUK"

    only th FAK sounds lik the F word...lol

    *continued at 21.34pm*

    Jus came bck frm tution...

    our teach so damn kind, treated all of us to pizza

    but i ate only 1 slice of it n i was lik so full =P

    Newayz...our teach went thru trigo. wit us.

    so glad i managed to do some of the Qs despite the fact

    dat i 4gt almost the whole chap! :P


    lately i feel kindda pissed n depressed, dunno y...

    jus hope it was not over dat matter...it's bin such a long time liao

    but i tink i haven't gt over it yet, but i kindda think

    it's hopeless clinging over tis dumb matter...haiz~

    OsO felt lik bashing up sum freak-arse everytime i see them

    but end up punching my poor toilet wall.



    stupid farking mother! i study gt wrong is it!

    complain to my dad only, of course stand on her side la...summroe accuse me!

    wadeva la! Bloody farking butch, hope ya die sonner so i dun hav ta see ur bloody farking face. U ard or not makes no diff! I dun nid a mum lik u n u will nv get my respect cos u dun deserve it!!!

    current mood: Stressed n depressed )=

    bread spoke at Monday, July 26, 2004

    Sunday, July 25, 2004

    Oh MaN! tml my physics paper and physics is not exactly my best sub!

    Den i damn pressure cos jus now msg my teach ask her bout wad to study

    Den she say i beta dun disppoint her T_T.

    I'm suppose to study and i'm here updating my blog haiz~

    so damn sianz man today. Hav to go tution. The teach abit siao today niaz

    dun wan ppl sit in the front row so in the end every1 sit 2nd n 3rd row

    den kelvin so "poor thing" whole row all gal except him. You lin still lucky

    cos gt 1 half-boy sitting same row..lol. newayz he oso half-gal himself..LOL~

    came back frm tution and cooked earely dinner fer myself den jus finsih eating

    tell u all...when u eat the korean instant mee, not the kim-chi flavour wan, the

    normal spicy wan, add a slice of chesdale cheese! very nice de!

    My Exam TimeTable:

    26/7, Monday = Physics

    27/7, Tuesday= Social studies

    28/7, Wednesday= E-Maths

    29/7, Thursday= Chinese

    30/7, Friday= F&N

    2/8, Monday= Chemistry, POA

    Current mood: STRESS!

    bread spoke at Sunday, July 25, 2004

    Today wake up my head damn giddy

    so end up lazing on my living room floor and watching tv

    aft 1 hr den go wash up den my dad buy things cum bck i eat liao

    den not so giddy. aft dat on msn cheryl send me the 5566 7-11 ad song

    song veyr nice but ending the "ding dong blah blah blah" sound very werid

    den oso saw the products they advertise n discuss wiv cheryl wad to buy

    and selling of our old 5566 things

    if i can sell all my stuffs den i can earn bout $135

    AFt dat in the evening cheryl complain to me dat cindy

    use her as her fan fic character but i tink it 's a good idea..lol

    aft read her prolouge den gt inspiration to rite

    so came up with dis prolouge and let cindy read

    aft dat she ki siao laio...threaten me to rite a chi fan fic

    *shld not hav shown her...haiz*

    maybe i will do dat aft common test ba

    den made this poster today

    *quite messy ritez*

    the 5566 food products i gonna buy:

    dong gua xian cao xi

    mei guai hong cai

    bing qi ling qi shui

    mang guo mian hua tang

    chao mei mian hua tang

    mang guo QQ tang

    Mang gou niu nai

    ma la huo guo yang yu pian

    dan yu wu long mian

    mang guo pu ting

    chi shi bao ke ke

    Current Mood: Sleepy *yaWnz*

    bread spoke at Sunday, July 25, 2004

    Friday, July 23, 2004

    >2dae we had a performance fer some heritage thing

    and guess where is the place of perfomance..?

    Parco bugis junction!

    i was lik..oh man..i'm nv going dere again

    cos we chinese dance wan is preform last year de syf dance

    den although the dance is very nice but we the dancers made a big sacrifice ok!

    Look @ our make up!

    *left: Jessica, my jie. right: me*

    Is super lik wayang lik dat lor..nvm la..since the teach

    say dats our last time dancing le.

    If not last tiem i make sure the teach treat us to

    apple strudel manz. cos ystd when we waiting

    we saw a apple strudel shop jus opposite the road

    den my sim card kena blk ystd

    but thks to bee siew, it was unblk ystd

    BEESIEW!! my hp life-saver!!!

    current mood: tired frm dance

    bread spoke at Friday, July 23, 2004

    Thursday, July 22, 2004

    Today took my 1st common test paper...


    Lucky its easy, Qs very direct, not lik MYE so indirect

    smmore the paper take frm Deyi sec de.

    *see my sch is stupid...cannot think of a original paper*

    Den i doing summary dat time damn jing zhang

    cos when i rite summary i rite draft in pencil den jus overrite in pen

    so when i wanna erase the draft dat time, CARN FIND MY ERASRER!!

    sommore left only lik 15 mins!

    so ask *of course whisper* Sherman frm 301, sitting next 2 me fer eraser

    *cos exam in hall so all the classes sit next to each other*

    den my paper flew cos the fan blow den fly so far

    so i hav to get up and get the paper

    so pai seh lor...i sitting at 5th row den it flew to diagonally 2nd row :@

    den aft the paper gave radha a short tution on chemistry

    oh man! i nid extra $$! who nids tution!?!

    newyaz...tis morning wake up nth to do so use my fone take sum pix.

    .kindda lame though


    *both pix taken frm my kitchen window, one is before i wash ip, waiting for

    my bro to come out of the toilet den the other wan is taken b4 i go to sch*

    Den on the way to sch oso gt take tis pic..lol!

    *can see the star mahz? lol!*

    den today the li yun very wad again lor...cos i was next to jessica den she was giving

    li yun lucks so i din really care, jus stand dere lookin at my hp den when she walk past

    me she call me ma pi jing again lor..i nv do anything to her she say me lik dat

    not creating trouble cai guai lor den i so angry i jus shout : san ba!

    cannot stand her manz! nv see any1 so unreasonable!

    current mood: stress!

    bread spoke at Thursday, July 22, 2004

    Wednesday, July 21, 2004

    today recess time super ki siao liao we all...actually is cheryl they all start de. Cos i gt snickers bar den i left it n my fone at the table where they all sitting den go locker. cum bck den the bar gone. open my fone..see 1 stupid picture. NEW ADVERTISER FER SNICKERS BAR LOL! 

    Tis pic is mama pretending eating my choco. so i cum bck i smacked "her" face

    in the end found it inside my pencil box...wahahaha

     Later, papa go away, left his bag. So we apply the same trick, take a photo, pretend wanna throw his bag into the dustbin, but actually we put inside mr tan's cupboard. papa cum bck dat time, damn scary, lik wanna angry liao so faster tell him where is it b4 he explods!


    *mama "dumping papa's bag intothe bin XP*

    As usual, mama every wed will ji siao me bout F&N...den i fa huo den shout at him den pack my bag untill very rough n he try to act innocent when he's not n papa oso follow...obviously they dun look innocent...lol. but aft dat go relief room dat time whole family dere and papa said smth make me felt honoured...lol. I was doing F&N hmwrk den he was sitting beside me. He look over at my work den say " chim ar...dun understand" see...F&N oso chim wan ok...LOL!

    Chem dat time suddenly mrs wee ask who is our english teach. whole cls started to get noisy den say ms gan sux den she teach us all fail! LOL!

    SUx man...tml common test...hav to stay in sch untill 4 lehz. cannot miss the stupid gun's lesson[ gun= ms gan, english teach]]

    current mood: wanna bash up sm1

    bread spoke at Wednesday, July 21, 2004

    Tuesday, July 20, 2004

    today...tis gal frm 301, call li yun, told me sumthings dat my clsmates are talking bout me behind my back. I was damn angry aft dat...angry wiv a lot of things, my clsmates, my frenz frm 301 and myself. den super fed up lor. Den is lik...when i walking home jus feel lik crying on the streets.

    But just now rite...i put my nick in front is "302 ppl, if u all dun lik den say la! no nid tok bad bout me behind my bck!" den i went fer dinner. came bck saw to msg, both frm my clsmates[ ryan n yongde]. den is lik...at 1st quite angry to see their msg but aft wad they say, a bit regret dat i gt angry wiv them. COs yongde was lik asking me " who hate u?" i duno wad 2 say so jus rite " jus very angry wiv the world ard me etc." den he jus say" gt anything jus say la...feel much beta aft dat" den ryan oso ask me wad happen n stuf...
    * SRY 302!!! SHLD NOT HAV DOUBT U GUYS!!! * but i doubt nobody say anythings bout me, muz be pei huan dat grp of freaking butch la.

    Den the fat ass li yun, i also nv do anything to her lor den always find trouble wiv me WTH lor! 2dae at relief rm cos i wanna swict hplace den hav to wait fer ppl to move den she say i blk her way...stupid wan lor...dunno hw say excuse wan is it..den i jus lift up my leg cos lik gt smth den she walk past, den she go tell ppl i wanna trip her...wad a big FAT liar lor

    *dun wanna die early den stay away*

    bread spoke at Tuesday, July 20, 2004

    Friday, July 09, 2004

    Lol! Tis iS mY !st evEr Entry iN tiS bLog SO duNnO waD to rite

    but nEwayZ...2dAe aLot OF fuNny THinGs HApPEn I wAs lIk sO kI

    siAo cOS luFf a lot toDae

    No.1 Funny thing: Pei hUAn As Juliet!

    mUZ BE cuRiOUs whY i riTe tiS aS a FUny ThINg ba? becos tis gal, pei huan, is a very ugly ger den very bhb so a lot ppl dun lik her. den we hav tis drama enrichment n the teach wan our cls to act out 5 sences of the play so

    gt 1 part is romeo's confession fer juliet. So when the teach ask fer volunteer fer juliet the whole cls go " pei huan! pei huan!" so she be lor...den the poor romeo super ke lian...told me he nearly wanna vomit when 'confessing".

    Den jus now tution same as her ...den i keep on ' oh romeo oh romeo, where are thou romeo" wahahaha!

    No.2 Funny thing: The process of hw papa n mama "produce" me,

    cheryl n desiree when our bdae so close

    2dae the 3 of us doing hmwrk in canteen aft sch den papa came along. so we started toking den desiree suddenly asked,: papa, hw mama "giv birth" to us

    when our bdae so close" den papa start telling us the story and use coins as ppl

    luff untill siao niaz...damn lame oso.

    Unlucky thing:

    WAH SEH!! i nearly send to RTC cos nv do chi compo but in the end i nv go

    cos sum gals frm my cls oso nv go so we fake lor XP.

    Den jus now tution walking back i fell down cos trying to balance on

    the raised platform, the narrow kind den fell dopwn lor...in front of the whole

    tution cls cos all of us walk the same way bck den me n tis clsmate nearly fight outside mac. XP

    wel..dats all fer todae...cos dunno wad to rite liaoz...

    bread spoke at Friday, July 09, 2004