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    Sunday, July 29, 2007

    It's the end of the wk, so many events happened. but i'll talk bout the major one

    everybody, gene has discharged from the hospital aft one night stay over at ttsh! well, i can't say it's nth big big, cos when i 1st saw gene at the hospital, i really noe wad is xin tong. His neck was covered with scratches, a bloody bandage at his chin, bandaged arm n wrist.

    it's lik 2 stiches on his lip, 4 stiches on his chin, serious abrasion on his right arm and a fractured wrist [the bone came out according to him] and a really deep cut on his knee.

    and jus few days back it was his bro who had an accident as well.

    gene is pretty sad cos he wouldn't b riding anymore.

    sigh...actually i tink im kind of useless, cos when i knew he had an accident, i couldn't rush down to the hospital, i dunno hw to console him and i dunno hw to take care of him. guess im really ain't of much help.

    other than that, been having dance practise for the upcoming n last performance b4 exams, guess i'll misss dancing a whole lot....

    but anyway, i dun wan to sound too sad cos i told somebody always make the best of ur day so i shld set an example. The other day during i&e discussion, nadj told us a joke..

    one day an old man was walking down the street and his saw a beautiful
    woman with the most wonderful pair of boobies. So he went up to her and

    man: can i bite ur boobs for $100
    woman: no way! are u out of ur
    man: how about $1000 ?
    woman: go away! ur crazy
    man: $5000..it's $5000!
    woman: jus scram away b4 i call the police
    man: okok..last

    the woman thinks awhile and decide that she'll agree

    woman: ok deal,
    let's go to the back alley behind the building

    so at the back alley, the woman took off her blouse and the man was
    fasinated at the sight before him. He fondled, squeezed, lick n sucked her
    bobbies but did not bite them. So the woman gt kindda impatient and

    woman: hey! when are u going to bite
    man: nah, i wouldn't do it. it's too expensive.

    bread spoke at Sunday, July 29, 2007

    Friday, July 27, 2007

    shit...gene met with an accident, and i dunno hw is he doing now...

    bread spoke at Friday, July 27, 2007

    Wednesday, July 25, 2007

    Lame accident and scrwed up poster

    k i'm in Biostatistics cls now and im feeling damn sleepy. Seriously i tink im lacking of slp big time, my eye bags are coming out and worse..they're turning black n probably in the near future if i still dun catch up on my sleep i'll lik a zombie with deep dark eye circles...rahh. Worse thing is, with the wet weather, it makes the atmosphere so nice to sleep in, i always doze off during lecture...unknowingly! thats lik i jus fell asleep not knowning i did, only to realise when i woke up and the lecturer had already moved on dunno how far ahead =.="

    Been dancin' so much i lost weight! wahahahahahha! dropped 2 kgs down! woot~ and today im gonna miss 'c' class again and 1st gl training! cos tmr jess, vaness, wei jie, lye huat n i gonna take part in a competition organised by lsct and we haven even finished choreo yet! damn chor~~

    btw, i jus rmb smth really lame. On monday, vanessa, davin and the rest from their sem witness a car accident involving 3 cars...IN OUR SCH CARPARK! wah lao...so lame can. It's pretty understandable if an accident occur on the main road but in a carpark! but all 3 cars belong to P-plate owners though..still...it's really zzz. I rmb-ed telling a random person (i think it's gene whn he came to fetch me from sch) that it'll b pretty stupid and xia suay to meet with an accident in the sch campus.

    Anyway today i spotted a pretty wrong poster today then joel kept laughing it, donald was there listening to how nadj n i interpret the poster....

    doesn't it look lik a mass orgy to you!? and the sideline "make it a team effort".....super wrong la!!!!

    bread spoke at Wednesday, July 25, 2007

    Sunday, July 22, 2007

    Pure Dopeness!

    JP San Pendro's choreo for "last Night". Fricking dope!

    his control is lik something "dope" can't describe..

    bread spoke at Sunday, July 22, 2007


    wad happens when u don't take care while dancing?

    a leg full of bruises! Apprantly the bruises gt better a lil. right? cos they said when ur bruise turns red it means the blood is spreading or smth..oh well. i thot mine wasn't so bad..jus wondering why my thigh also kena. Sonia had it bad. Her's was so jia lat..u can play "join the dots" on her leg.

    i miss gene~

    ps: 3 more wks to finals, loads of tutorials to do...sigh

    bread spoke at Sunday, July 22, 2007

    Wednesday, July 18, 2007

    Yay! im blogging again [everybody rejoices....not!]

    seriously man..im lik super cui now. If i'm gonna live my life lik past 2 days i think i really can die. Since sunday i've been suffering back muscle ache. Is those kind u move a bit then super stretch that kind. Then monday got dance class. Did the song "Because of you" by ne-yo. Choreo super nice! i no longer have much coordination prob..think playing Elite beat agents on my DS helped..ahaha! I tell y'all DS owners...muz get Elite beat Agents..is damn fun! trains ur sense of rythem..lol. Aside elite beat, also get warioware touch, diner dash n Phoenix Wright Attorney Ace [super fun game, u act as a defending lawyer in the game n look for evidence and do real court case to justify ur client]

    ok back to dance. Aft the cls then practised all the dance im in for upcoming performance. I love Evanescene choreo!! it's lyrical item..doing the song "bring me to life". But that one use a lot energy..can cui aft dancing. But sucky haven learnt all then next day ann gonna see...nvm. Go home back ache lik fuck. Not forgetting i met Gene for supper! super long since we ahd instant noodles under my blk..haha.

    Tues..i swear i nearly died. Not enough slp from previous night then have to wake up early go sch and dance rehearsal from 6 to 11+pm. Doing maneater, bringing the gap, bring me to life.

    Maneater: Got screwed by ann big time as a whole grp. Cos lik some details she go through a lot time then still got people wrong that kind. Then i'm lik damn argh! cos formation i almsot forever cannot get in time la. THink went through 2 hrs shuffling between bringing the gap n maneater

    BTG: Another lyrical item. Damn i tink i zhu ding do lyrical item liao lo! i wan new sch. but anyway cos ann gt pissed wiv maneater, she wanted to see bringing the gap..and is lik super no strength already then still have do kicks, turns. Thn realise me and shane still have to do the lifting part along wiv sonia and ronnie, daphne n alvan. lift as in machiam those ballet kind but we not so pro..jus "simple" one. Then suddenly BTG do a few times ann say see maneater..wah cui..legs soft diao. Then BTG again..rahh! my back nearly died. Then while trying to do lift, shane hold wrong part of my leg then i kena bruised untill alex told him the correct way to support me and once shane used so much strength i nearly fell over..super scary!!

    Bring me to life:finally break awhile then learn the choreo. fricking gt difficulty remembering at 1st..or rather..the whole time untill ann complete the choreo with us. Super need a lot of feel for the dance..cos the song lik emo emo kind..then also need loads of energy cos the song also quite strong. Then kena bruised on my knee. n scrapped my feet cos bua untill the floor.

    By the time finish..i think i shedded some weight n it was lik 11+ n my last bus long gone..then

    now gene n i will hardly get to see each other cos right aft sch he has to go work n wkends he work almost full day...all this for one whole month! Damn worried that he'll fall sick due to fatigue..-sigh-

    TODAY..woke up damn early again..super sleepy...kept dozing off in lect and my backneck muscle also aching...dman crappy..lik tilt my head down can feel the pain..rahh! dance rehearsal again but only jus to show the organisers. My back was aching so badly, i din even go for dance cls aft dat smmore gt proj..SIAN!

    3 more weeks to final term...-sigh-

    bread spoke at Wednesday, July 18, 2007

    Sunday, July 15, 2007

    LALALA~ im already over it cos come to think of it i also no time n my primary objective in sch is to study so yup...im ok already! i can still go bck as a non-instructor sgl n nra...jus dance lo haha. look at the post i also wanna laugh..cos lik so zzz la! haha

    end-of sem exams are coming soon...guess gotta buck up already!

    bread spoke at Sunday, July 15, 2007

    Friday, July 13, 2007

    Talk about holding your hopes high

    seriously i can't bring myself to be happy though i gt a DS at a good price.

    TWICE i was so sure
    TWICE i fell rock bottom..only this time i tink i crashed big time

    Once wasn't enough...a combo came along ystd, the 2 things i put my life on in sch sent me crashing to hell.


    if it's dance i've already come across the fact i suck at it.

    yes...im not able to join any competition and not able to return as a gl instructor
    and how do you expect me to jus accept the fact and treat lik nth. The saying was right..the higher u have ur hopes the harder you'll fall. i feel lik a homeless person now; i guess i sucked in everything. don't bother trying to comfort me [lik anybody would] if u haven been in such situation.

    and congrats to those who made it as instructors [im sincere bout that...not being sarcastic].

    bread spoke at Friday, July 13, 2007

    Wednesday, July 11, 2007

    jus a short update before i sleep.

    anyone watched transformers already?
    It's lik damn dope rite!!! cool graphics of the robots n all...i watched twice!
    nearly watched trice but gene decide to watch die hard 4 n watched transformer wiv wei siang instead =.="

    i pass all my subs except biochem! lik super yay-ness!!!
    but i consider pass my biochem also cos i passed my retest! =DDD
    i gt fricking 78 for maths! 78!!!!
    and i heng heng pass mobio...which i din expect to pass...at all~

    3 more weeks to final exam...goddammit!!! lik so fast!
    still gt upcoming performance too..sure train lik siao again..gahh~
    you noe its lik sometimes u can't always do the things u lik cos u'll get really sian of it. Now i tink im really dancing for the sake of dancing n playing neopets for the sake of playing..gah!!!

    anyway b4 i end...i think this song of ciara is damn nice! All the dancers in the vid are females!! i mean lik woah~ they on on par wiv male dancers can. Seriously i tink singaporean dancers are nth compared to those of overseas. Look at japan, american n korean! So when ppl say dancers hav no hope or future..it ain't true! it's whether ya gonna put in the effort to break through. btw...enjoy!

    ps; a good way to trim biceps n triceps...do locking warm up..almost instant results i tell u

    bread spoke at Wednesday, July 11, 2007

    Wednesday, July 04, 2007

    i've decided! i shall get my nintendo DS...soon. ahahahaha!

    anyway by golly!

    i've gt 78 for maths!! 78!!! gt the shock of my life when i saw my result...weeee~
    anyway gl interviews were carried out through this wk n i was sitting in during one of the sessions. seriously...it's hard to b serious. twice i nearly choke to death trying to control my laughter.

    then today kenneth damn funny. kenneth=donald's twin. Both look almost exactly alike man. Anyway kenneth has really small eyes that are almost lik -___-

    really! but if normal face is still can see the eyes la but when he smile ah..the eyes become one line liao. So today i keep making fun of him ..

    *kenneth laughing away*
    steph: aiyo kenneth seriously u dun smile...ur eyes disappear lei

    *kenneth tries to frown*
    *steph burst out laughing*
    steph: wth! lik even smaller!

    i think i shld really stop making fun of ppl...else my kids will hav small eyes. yes i do believe in karma. lik if u curse or make fun of somebody it'll come bck to you one day.

    *mental note: b more unevil*

    bread spoke at Wednesday, July 04, 2007

    Monday, July 02, 2007

    Wonder woman

    i saw this vid on vick's blog n i was uber duper fucking stunned!!

    bow down in respect man!!!

    bread spoke at Monday, July 02, 2007

    Sunday, July 01, 2007

    A strong front

    ever there were times when u put up a strong front in front of others but deep inside u wish u would rather die? Bound to be. Definitely there were times u tell others "im living well without them..see i'm so much more happier"; in fact u always peek at them from afar, seeing their happy faces makes u feel happy yet sad. happy becos they're happy, sad cos ya jus not part of it when u used to b. Or seeing them pulling a frown but u know if u had offered ur concerns you'll jus b brushed away.

    ppl neva really know how fortunate they are. A fren once told me "untill u worked with patient then u'll realise how lucky u are to even shat normally" cos some patients can't control their bowels are they're jus developed the wrong way. It's true human are greedy..once they hav something they yearn for more n were neva satisfied. It's untill when u hit rock bottom then u realise hw lucky u were. Mos ppl wun think that way but jus grumble at hw the world has forsaken them.

    the world is cruel cos humans made it that way. U dun hav to do big things to change the world..small things u do can change a person's world..thing jus as simple as a "HI!" may even touched them.

    bread spoke at Sunday, July 01, 2007