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    Monday, December 31, 2007


    Yes! i'm finally able to blog! Machiam everyday got dance pract! funka is so near!!! li k3 more weeks!?


    ok back to the trip.

    TAIWAN IS AWESOME!! but the trip was kindda shitty cos a lot of travelling and sight seeing...not much shopping =( but on the contary...i think i bought a lot of stuff..compared to my mum and my bro. My mum din buy anything except for a dress!

    my bro and i dun look alike seriously
    we took jet*asia cos the slot for SQ was full. Their legroom was so limited...it's even less spacious then beinging on the bus! oh well, only had to endure for 5 hrs. And you have to pay for their inflight meals, including drinks as well...

    taipei airport- me looking spastic

    they're really serious for election. that print was actually on a van with loud hailer on top! lik so drama la! i mean u don't see things like that in singapore during election rite?

    not much pic on the 1st day cos we were in some wu lu place call Da Xi. It's so wu lu, the nearest public phone is like 500m from our hotel. And kinda got scammed! cos on that nite we're suppose to enjoy hot spring but we reach the hotel only at 9.30...and the hot spring closes at 10pm...

    kwa kwa kwa

    look! they have yong he dou jiang in taiwan too! there one in geylang over here.

    and oen thing i realise...there's lik tonnes of bike in taiwan! cub kias to be more specific. we stop at this traffic light and i took this photo..seriously...no car!

    and along the roadside..

    it seemed like almost everybody has a cub kia in taiwan!

    went to jiu fen...i think. Can't rmb where i went on different days la! the only thing i remembered was staying in taipei for the last 2 days.

    oh ya. The coldest place in taiwan i went was jiu fen! is lik really strong wind and all. other parts of taiwan wasn't very cold; u can just wear a t shirt and pants and dun feel cold.

    the street in jiu fen

    the shop where u buy all the goodies lik mua chi, tie dan[iron egg], local treats.

    was having some dumpling dessert..damn nice! my bro's jus being spastic

    normal looking ice cream?

    check out the flavours!
    -left to right-
    squid, passionfruit tuna, strawberry tuna, peanut seaweed, mango seaweed, chocolate seaweed
    i took the squid and my bro took the peanut seaweed. Despite the seafood content, they tasted pretty normal. Mine tasted lik margarine. Lik buttery buttery. My bro's jus taste lik peanut butter.

    i dunno hw to explain but it's an instrument that works lik a chinese flute but looks lik that shape.

    taiwan's house of condom has no age restriction! we wanted to go in but my mum shot us a disapproving look =(

    after that, we had to take a 3hr train ride to hua lian! slept all the way on the train haha!

    outside the station.

    this was super candid..my mum called me and i turn around and she shot it

    dunno wad the hell my mum looking at

    on some minor part, my bro and i still have some similarities

    the height differences...damn..

    inside the cabin..

    went to watch ah mei tribe's performance after dinner

    went to some nite market after check into hotel. The roadside yan shu ji [fried salted chicken] was damn nice!!! even nicer than singapore shi lin chicken


    ah mei's marrige tradition: carry the bride on ya back all the way to the house.

    went to some marble canyon place in the morning.

    out tour guide ivan

    this lil girl is from the same tour group as me and she's damn cute la! at 1st we all thot she's very quiet but actually she's really chatty! then when she shou with her...she kept sticking with me..ahah!

    was gonna attempt a jump shot..i think i look pretty skinny here haha!

    we've already landed when the shot was taken...failed!

    my bro look so kuku here!

    something u'll never see in singapore..

    went to the marble & precious stone factory after that when we bro saw this..

    the horse is made of jade and if i remembered correctly..the sculpture costed about S$150000..maybe more

    aft lunch...we had a 7 hours bus ride to gao xiong! 7 hrs !!! so of course...slept my way thru! only woke up twice..once to go toilet and the other was to eat at this petrol station cos the bus needed refueling. Had beef noodles and it's heavenly man the taste!

    arrived at gao xiong and went to Liu ho nite market to settle dinner. had the oyster mee sua...damn nice! lik hundred times better than singapore! and ate fermented tofu too! my bro said it's damn smelly but i couldn't smell anything lo! something wrong with me i think haha!

    went to party world that night with the other family cos that family is lik 11 ppl, of which 6 of them are teens ard our age. at 1st lik damn awkward cos dun dare sing but once the adults started singing and we start to sing also. I kept losing at drinking games that nite and got bloated with lime juice and ribena.

    next day headed to Jian fu shan, there's an amusment park rite next to our hotel.

    before checking in, all of us headed to the park. We followed the 11ppl family. That day so kuku la. Dunno is i longtime never take rides or was but i got pretty weak aft all the spinning rides, Derrick from that family also.

    1st- ferris wheel...super hot inside!

    then all the teens went on this spinning ride..something lik yakult ride in escape but more chor. and i came dwn feeling quite nauseas

    then we went on the inverter. seriously their safety lock was damn good. the shoulder lock came down and kept pressing into our tighs..damn pain la!

    oh then behind the four od us sat 3 taiwan students then whiel the ride was on, one of them spat la...so goddamn gross la!!

    next: space shot. Instead of dropping you from a great high...u get shoot up and fall back down. The shit part wasn't the going up but the coming cos it's kindda free fall like.

    next we went on this corkscrew roller coaster..quite ok la..i preferred lethal weapon in australia's movie world!

    when we came dwn from the ride, my legs gt kinda soft when they mentioned bout going on this frisbee ride...which is damn sick cos it's viking+spinning combined. I was strongly againsted bout going on the ride cos the last time i took it at the UK fair...i puked lik merlion..but they all dragged me onto it...and i kept screaming lik siao la! i swear i couldn't work properly when the ride was over. Desmond andthe rest kept laughing..except for derrick cos he got pretty sick too. went on the corkscrew coaster again..after that nearly gone case..so while my bro, desmond and nicholas went on frisbee again, me derrick, jovin n rachel were spamming sour plums..haha!

    waiting for the guys to finish their 2nd helping of space shots

    my mum took this picture of my bro and we kept laughing over it.

    the rest went for viking after that except for me n derrick cos we were still feeling sick. And from a far..we could hear desmond screaming..haha!

    giant mian bao chao ren!

    went on this dope roller coaster aft that. It was a 90 degree drop roller coaster..so u practically fall facing down..we went on the ride for lik trice!


    the 1st time on the ride, rachel and i kept swearing cos we were pretty scared haha but aft that it was damn shiok and we kept wanting more haha!

    here's the video of the ride.

    i'm with kuku

    they have 18 tong ren for mascot too

    went back to the hotel aft that i flopped onto the bed right aft shower cos wasn't feeling too well. Mum have to drag me dwn to dinner.


    the next day departed for taipei. Before that, stop over at this botanic garden to have some healthy lunch thing. one of the best meal in days. It's hotpot but jus eating the liao u already can b damn full

    went to walk ard the park before we got on the coach. Although the cold season is coming in...the flowers over there are still in bloom!

    the teens- my bro, me, derrick, mervin, desmond,rachel, jovin

    now nicholas comes into the pic too

    took pictures with the damn cute lil girl also..her name is crystal. But most of the pix are wiv her dad and i din manage to get their contact bah!
    they also had this petting zoo in the park and crystal was feeding the rabbits then suddenly everybody were on a rabbit-catching frenzy to take photos haha..we manage to catch a white rabbit.

    so happeningly..desmond and i are always the one playing her..she calls me bakery jie jie and calls him fat kor kor [cos i teach her..haha!]

    my family+ crystal's family

    head over to taipei aft that...1st stop was shilin nite market!
    wah i tell u..the authetic shilin chicken is damn dope! it's twice the thickness and thric the length! and they dun cut up the chicken so if have to bite it in one big piece..damn shiok! and it's only lik $2!!

    had oyster omelette and this wanton thingy. Then stupidly, i went to buy this starchy squid thingy and it was damn horrible...as in the smell is super overwhelming! worse than fermented tofu! then i try to eat..lik sewage water lik that..in the end we threw it away =X

    has mango ice too!

    i look damn kuku here -.-"

    aft checking into hotel at hong shu ling, took their train to dan shui to shop. Met a damn friendly Mrt staff cos we were enquiring on the ticketing system and directions as well.

    bought super loads of stuff at dan shui too! shopping there is like heaven man cos everything is dirt cheap!

    super big bath tub in the room toilet

    next day went to this grand hotel thing...and it's really super grand! so grand it looks lik a palace

    the 3 of us wanted to take photo then...

    wah lao so many xtra people!

    now thats better

    see the uncle posing..that's jovin+mervin's dad! lik why gt father pose lik that de! so cute la haha!

    went to xi men ding then taipei 101
    saw this ad on the way

    people start getting old at the head, wear a wig and u wouldn't b old..so corny la hah!

    head out to wu fen pu and bought 2 shorts and a pants for dance over there. my bro bought more stuff than me for once haha! the things there are even cheaper cos they're selling at wholesale price and u still can bargain!

    at nite went to xi men ding and bought stuff from stage for jeremish and denyse. The shop was like at the outskits of xi men ding and at 1st i thot i gt the wrong address haha. Bought my dada shoes too!! find the whole xi men ding lik find damn long la haha!

    desmond and his cousins actually asked us if we wanted to go pubbing that night since its the last night..but being the good daughter and son we are...we went bac kto the hotel with our mom. I mean we bought so money stuff...can't expect us to carry everything back ma...still have to help her pack la haha.

    next day- departure back to singapore.

    me and crystal..my bro try to siam the cam but my mum took him in too

    super cute!

    at the airport..she kept sticking with me and damn chatty la! then she play untill damn hyper untill her mum have to b stern with her. but she's damn cute !

    bah too bad i din exchange contacts with the dad else sure can go visit her

    and now...the stuff i bought!

    checked scarf:NT100
    gap hoodie: NT400
    black leather boots: NT390
    beige terry boots: NT4oo
    Dada shoes: NT2000+
    red checked dress: NT390
    Blue babydoll top: NT290
    Grey joker pants: NT980
    black&white checked shorts: NT200
    Green shorts with belt: NT290
    White shorts with belt: NT490
    Undies: 3 for NT100
    Socks: 5 for NT100

    divide the prices by 20 to convert to SGD and u'll realise everything is dirt cheap...except the dada shoes and joker pants

    even their dream catcher thing..the toy catching machine in the arcade...also damn cheap..lik NT10 for one try

    desmond gave me this. Cos actually i wanted it very much but my bro couldn't catch it. He manage to catch it but he didn't wanna give it to me in the 1st place...then he gave it to me in the end...muahahahha!

    i already missing taiwan man!! when i came back..i was super not accustom [wadeva word it is] one thing cos the fashion difference. Here in the singapore...dressing is so boring...if u wear like hw the taiwanese wear...ppl will stare at u or call u ah lian/ah beng..but if u actually consider it...the ah lians dun even dress like that la.Singapore is just not open enuff with fashion la.

    Since i came back on x'mas eve right...only went out with the sgls on x'mas...actually not all sgls...only nikki, denyse, jeremiah and joel..went to watch national treasure.

    on the train...

    the word on jeremiah's shirt is damn bright!

    we got bored after dinner and went to daiso and saw their reading glasses on sale..so..


    ah gong joel

    jeremiah is fucking fat!

    jeremiah is fricking spastic

    aft the movie in the toilet

    woohoo big mirrors!


    bread spoke at Monday, December 31, 2007