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    Monday, October 30, 2006

    ystd gene and i went to west coast park aft my lecture cos we're running out of places to visit so jus headed there to play..haha. We were lik 2 sua kus la! took 189 at clementi then dunno which stop to alight; then alight already i thot hav to wait super far to wcp from the bus stop so waited for cab; skarly it was so near, the cab meter din even jump..WTH! everybody have their moments la.

    Had mac for lunch then slacked at mac cos the weather was super hot..as though u can melt anytime. Was lik fricking tired cos i slept late n woke up early for lecture; so i ended up slping at mac then gene had to entertain himself..haha.

    went to climb the string pyramid..super long neva climb and i wasn't as agile as ever..bah! Din even go all the way till the top somemore, jus sat at the string platform. Thn there were thunders ard so we hurried down then went to play with the swing thingy. Lik u sit on this thing then u jus glide across back and fro. Was lik so stupid ! there were 4 of the gliding-thingy there, 2 long ones, one broken n one short one. The 2 long ones were occupied by kids so no choice have to use the short one; and i can't get up!! so i had to jump to reach the seat..grr. In the end my hand was lik numb..cos bua the metal chain.

    got kindda sian so we jus slack at the grass field near the area. Then....we started cam-whoring..haha

    He sneaked a shot while i was tying my hair [-_-]"

    i look funny..[@_<]

    The 1st pic we tried to take lying down. But the sun was there hurting our eye so we stop taking pic lying down..haha


    See the pig slping. Actually the shot quite unique i think..cos i amde the field looked a lto bigger than it actuualy is..muhahaa

    He di siao-ed me...zzz!

    Funny pic again...bah!

    We tried to be artistic but keep missing so we made do with this...diao.

    Emo pic: but i look uber thin...YAY!!!

    This was my fave pic of the day...but i dunno why he said it looked wrong...zzz

    Had full run today but b4 that went to gene's house watch "The watcher" keanu is still charming even though he's a psychopath [i mean in the show duh]. Then gene send me to mt-alvenia hosp bus stop on his bike. His bike is lik so fricking high!- i have to step on his footrest b4 getting onto my seat. But he ride slow la..bah. took bus frm the bus stop frm sch n i reached damn early...grr.

    Full run ran pretty smoothly today. Ann wasn't ard though. I had mac [yes...again...i think i'll get fat] for dinner. Pretty bored today n i went home early.

    guess i shld really go sleep...it's lik fricking late. b4 that... MY TIX ARE ALL SOLD OUT!!! haha!!!

    but if ya interested u can always email nraproduction@hotmail.com for tix order.

    2 more wks to production!!!

    and a gentle remainder in case u din see it.


    bread spoke at Monday, October 30, 2006

    Friday, October 27, 2006


    for your info...

    IM ONLY LEFT WITH 5 MORE TIX! i sold 25! so proud of myself...im a record holder for the $10 tix sale. Of course that was with the help of gene.dear [ he bought 11 from me...im paying his] n my gls...wee!

    so if u wan the good seats...u only have a slight chance left..5 more tix! grab urs now!

    can't believe time passed so fast...3 more wks to production! omg! omg!

    bread spoke at Friday, October 27, 2006

    Thursday, October 26, 2006

    just for laugh

    saw this video during break n seriously...damn lame! but if it happens to u; damn pai seh

    oh...karen n i watched this during IPC lecture...i nearly died luffing watching it..haha

    hav fun ppl!

    bread spoke at Thursday, October 26, 2006

    actually, i'm seriously fucking stressed. I'm under the stress of production in nov, under the stress of studies, under the stress of completeing the gl dance for s&s day. under the stress of my social life [ no gene it's not u, u noe wad i meant don't u]

    I'm cramped up enuff n more n more stress is adding on to me; nobody's helping..mayb helping to increase my stress? ARGH!

    is there any medical reports about ppl really break down n die from stress? cos im surprised im of low blood pressure despite the amt of stress weighing me.

    i nid more slp...

    bread spoke at Thursday, October 26, 2006

    When the earth revolves

    2 wks has started since sch n i haven been blogging bout sch at all! guess i'm getting lazy. Well, sch was much eventful compared to hols, i jus have schwork n gl trainings apart from preparation for production. Seriously, i found myself enjoying maths lecture. YES u din read wrongly. I ENJOYED MATHS LECTURE cos thats the only module that seemed lik lecture was shorten, though it's actually a psychological effect when u do maths question. On the other hand, gt pretty irritated by my IPC [inorganic physical chem] lecturer. Frankly if u've known since my sec 3 time, u'll know how much i love inorganic chem and i practically ace that subject without studying it. But now, the stupid lecturer jus made everyone confused due to his inaccuracy + jia pang lang-ness + short tougue. I start skipping his lecture when he crapped about basics..jus to get myself un-confused.

    I love microbio! so fun...but smelly. Today we made our own agar deep, agar slant n agar plants. abe was lik so cute la..she sort of messed up but aiya..everybody has their 1st time. Hmm...can't wait to see my saccharomyse cerevisiae culture next wk..hehe.

    yes, regarding my title, im going into that now. Earth revolves so time travels. Time heals but time changes things. it seemed lik practically everything in my life changed since hols ended n sch started. I found myself distancing from mos of my pals n i dun seem to share the same channel as them. As in i'm an alien n i dun understand their language. I dunno, maybe i'd commited too much time to my interest n have neglected certain things around me n when i get bck to them now..everything changed. I dun feel lik i share the same bond with them, there seem to b a circuit breaker in between n i keep imagining them starting to hate me. ok i'm not imagining...i'm thinking of it. There are things i know but i jus choose to close one eye or totally ignoring it, i noe, im jus running away frm things

    FUCK IT [lik woah..hw many centuries ago did u last saw the work fuck in my post]. i wrote a huge chunk n im not getting to my point. My point is..i think i've devoted too much time to my own interest/commitment [or wadeva u think dance is to my opinion] That i've ended up making ppl hating me for me. I know who's reading n well who's not. There are some thing i know but i jus keep one eye close. i know somebody thinks i love being the upperhand; i know somebody thinks i love to b the best and i know somebody prolly thinks that things shld go in my flow. Aiya...maybe I'm wrong n i may even sounded childish n stupid for typing stuff lik that but if situation gets out of hand..actually i also dunno wad i'll do..jus see how bad it goes.


    so much for vulgarities...my gut gives me a strong feeling ppl will talk abt this post feeling damn bu shuang...behind my back? im getting a bad headache

    bread spoke at Thursday, October 26, 2006

    Tuesday, October 24, 2006

    Zoo n BIrthdays!

    Selemat hari raya! happy new year to all Malays n u no longer hav to fast till i dunno whn. i spend the day with gene at my se watching vcd...wad a way to spend a public hols. N i fricking gt sick! lik finally! im not abnormal! -cos it seemed lik everyone's getting sick due to haze but i din fall ill so i thot i was abnormal- Gt a fever tis morning n last nite during full run my nose kept irritating me...feels lik the wall of the nose is filled with gooey mucus but actually there's nothing there la. And today happeneds to b jaei n zi xiang's anniversay...happy anniversary! Now, that reminds me...i haven do a post regarding this mth's anniversary..haha

    GENE n I WENT TO THE ZOO! anyway, i notice smth. It seemed lik every couple has to go to the zoo. Whr go zoo? why cannot go bird park or underwater world or discovery center. It's lame...but gene n i still went anyway. The thing is i woke up damn early dat day to prepare sandwiches for him for it's worth it...he liked it..haha

    took 138 to the zoo n as usual, i slp thru the journey..haha. As we entered the zoo, saw some pix of orang utan so gene try to act cute and...

    imitated the baby monkey..not cute at all!

    and today i realise orang utan's hav very stretchable nipples

    see i told ya so

    started on this trail in the zoo n i saw mousedeer..so cute

    and then otters! doublely cute! but doublely stinky

    on our way to see the white tigers, i saw smth n decided to b funny

    oh no! the tiger's gonna eat me up!!

    ok...not funny

    seriously i think all poachers and the illegal buyers shld jus rot n die now! due to all the hunting n stupid buying, more n more animals are getting endangered..do u know there's lik only 1000 tigers left in the world? n u can only see white tigers in zoo...not a single white tiger is left in the wild. how pathetic is that!? so ppl, when the buying stops, the killing stops too! save our animals!

    a pygmy hippo [endangered species] was born on my mum's bdae tis year...how cool! haha

    oh man...i miss him n his accent..bah...stupid stingray!!

    can u tell which is a male which is a female?

    ang ku kueh bottoms~! i tell ya..some of the baboons butts lik damn disfigured. it's not nice n round lik u see in cartoons...some of them have lik dented parts or some parts seemed to b bitten off. n not forgetting, baboon stinks...gah!

    gene this breed of monkey very handsome cos gt hairstyle =.="

    gene n his distant cousin..ahah. Seriously, the giraffes look shorter than expected. I tink it's due to the way they're breed. Compare to African giraffes, the giraffes in the zoo are way shorter.

    Oh that day seemed to b very windy...so gene tried to b funny n wanted to take a pic that seemed lik the wind is uber big!

    1st attempt= failed...can see hands

    2nd attempt= chen gong! n the brochure only fell off his face lik 10 secs later..haha

    had lunch at KFC then gene took out the jelly i made for him

    it was actually very nice looking with the surface all smooth...aft he take it out from his bag..the jelly became disfigured...grr~!

    Headed for fragile forest aft dat. The place was damn nice!! cos there were loads of butterflies flying ard...so pretty!

    see this stupid female butterfly try to seduce gene by resting on his pants..haha

    so pretty!

    along the way we saw some lemurs lik jus stting in the middle of the walkway stoning. muz b bored i guess..

    then as we walked further we so a damn daring lemur!

    see! sit untill so flamboyant n can see it's member...! haha

    and not forgetting, there were loads of giant bats there! lik so gross!

    gene try to act warrior

    oh then we saw more orang utan pix n decide to imitate them again

    i tink gene make a better imitation =P

    See hw ke lian this penguins are..

    i'll feel sad if im called a jckass too..haha

    n also...

    all the photos gene n i took together that day!


    NIcole's birthday

    now i annouce koko crunch is 17 yrs old! haha. we actually had dance dat day but we stay till rather late. B4 i continue...i nearly gt murdered by a bamboo today!

    see the bloodmarks on my head..grr. what happen wad i was bringin the bamboo up but it slipped n dropped on my head. At that time i was wearing a bairband so that explains the reason for the holes.

    ok bck to the main plot. That day we had dance n ended late..or rather we stayed till rather late so in the end only jaei, nicole, ronnie, lex n i went to kap Macs to eat. It was lik 11+ gonna 12am so we can't get her a cake then so i ling jing yi dong..think of good idea

    It's actually 1 long strand of fries but 7 small ones poked into her MCspicy double n the fire of the "candles" is actually chili sauces...see...innovative rite...haha!

    see wad that stupid lex trying to do..acting statue of liberty..haha

    in the end we only left the place lik 2am..super late...mum nearly killed up i tink.


    Ronnie's Bdae

    b4 i start, see wad i made for gene for this mth's card!

    message in a bottle!

    That day i woke up at lik only 3pm then went dwn to sch to meet xing to celebrate ron's bdae cos ron was suppose ot have rehearsals that day..but last min cancel so i tink he went to sch for nothing.

    The dopist's cake

    n the dopist's card

    the dope wishes...actually gt more than this..is ltr than more ppl rite.

    and so shuang...i whacked ron up 18 times. but that poor fella gt bruised cos his frenz will whacked him up lik crap.

    see 18 yrs old liao so happy...cos everything legal...sians...when will b my turn sia

    now u see it

    now u don't cos it's eaten..haha

    aft that the whole bunch of us went to vivocity for makan..ate at carl's jr. Then lex so funny cos he 1st time there so he dunno hw to order n i had to order for him. I ate portobello again n beef fries..i din finish everything cos was tard full!

    i gt bo liao n made ron n oreo take pic.

    suppose to look lik ore chop off ron's head but effect not good la..gah

    we went up to the sky park aft dat to slack. seriously i tink lex n i damn suay. cos we were walking to the toilet..suddenly lex grab my arm -yes...damn pain! cos i've gt muscle ache- n signal me to look ahead. Then i saw our seniors then wah high~ wanna walk bck then the stupid lex kept holding my arm then tell me dun so excited in the end he himself ran back to tell the others wad we saw...wth! then i suffer pain for nth..grr.

    We starting playing with the lights cos bo liao ma..n behold...vivo city is haunted!

    actually i doubt we're ghostly enuff la...gah.

    me n my fave gals in nra!

    Jus b4 we left, jaei, nicole lex n i went to play with water at the fake beach. b4 dat when only jaei n nicole went to play, jaei fell down and her whole pants gt wet..haha. the 4 of us kept wading in the water then realise we still ahve to catch the last train then hurried to dry our feets n left the place.

    i reached home late again la..but mum din scold me..haha...shuang!

    bread spoke at Tuesday, October 24, 2006