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    Friday, October 23, 2009

    You know SHAG how to spell?

    Before i start..i wanna say

    i realise there's a word to shorten "fucking tired"
    it's a word everyone has been using for long long long long long long long time
    and the word is


    cos shag actually means tired after sex...ence "fucking tired"
    took me so long to realise
    and diane the f-series is not retarted lo! makes life easier and less vulgar haha! and yes i'm probably bored whe i did that entry =))

    anyways yes....I'M FUCKING SHAG NOW! (FHAG!!! hahah!) is like tired untill damn nua then if i lie on my bed now i will jus doze off in 5 secs kind of thing and my legs are aching like mad now..nb

    i'm damn shag now because of 3 consecutive days 8.15am-6pm shift at the zoo


    TMD i fricking woke up at 6am for the past 3 days man! i've never woken up so early before in 3 years! ( not even for school seriously) good thign the bus journey is long and i jus doze off on the bus everyday -_____-

    and the job is damn tiring and stress lo! Cos it's the ticketing booth. Imagine the stream of people coming to buy tickets to the zoo. You think sell ticket very easy ah?

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! (yea actually i thought it was)

    Have to remember the different ticket pricing

    Have to remember different promotions (caryn n nyse y'all so right..promotions are my worse enemy)

    Have to make sure you key orders correctly

    Have to keep smiling and sound friendly

    Have to count $$

    Have to be super attentive cause some foreign guet don't speak very good english or have heavy accent

    Have to say "GOOD MORNING/AFTERNOON WELCOME TO SINGAPORE ZOO HOW MAY I HELP YOU?" like super fast before the guest open their mouth at your counter

    Have to stress end of the day all the $$ correct cos if less must ownself pay

    HAVE TO STAND ALMOST WHOLE DAY!! ( for me still must tip top cos i'm merely 1.58cm)

    and the list goes down

    so people...be nice to the ticketing booth staff
    actually...jus be nice to people in the service industry.
    Because what goes around comes around...you treat people nice they also will be nice to you

    I feel quite ashamed cause most singaporeans like to complain a lot...like seriously..A LOT

    is like really..unless you have worked in the service industry...you'll never know the pains of us
    You see ah...all these people everytime complain complain...Big issue like charge $$ wrongly still ok...but small small thing also complain. like WTF?

    all these people complaining..claiming the service provider give lousy service..but can they do a better job? I doubt so. Because they think too highly of themselves hence they will never be able to bring themselves down to the customer's level to empathize..right?

    But guess we can't do anything cause there always be people like that around because now if the parents like that..the kids will follow...then the kids' kids will follow...the nthe kids' kids' kids will follow and it goes on and on~

    Sian...oh wells

    i can't sleep untill song tmr cause got flash mob tmr at 12...bah~
    i'm so tired and hungry now...argh~

    oh ya....before i finally go sleep

    GOT SINGAPOREAN ASK ME IF I'M JAPANESE !! (flying to the moon)


    bread spoke at Friday, October 23, 2009

    Sunday, October 18, 2009


    - In a span of 24 hours, i only spent 1 hr at home (only came home at lik 12 plus, bathed and went out for rehearsal)

    - I realise i really hate clubbing (no space to dance aside. The bass of the music and the lights makes me giddy lik seriously and also the people in the club)

    - I lost my specs (fucking sian...i'm actually typing this half blind lo =(( it's gotten be somewhere at home..hmmmm)

    - My zoo supervisor called me to tell me im suppose to report for work at 8.15 next tuesday....8.15 LEI!! WAH LAO! how to wake up!

    -MET CK!!!! poor him he fell sick ! but not sick enough to report sick

    ok basically thats all~
    like so boring right...oh well im jus majorly tired now
    and im quite lazy to go jap cls later....er....hmmm

    i can't wwait for work to start!!! so i'll have $$ then i can buy my bookshelf n books (yes imma bookworm~)

    anyway random and random 2....how am i suppose to pronouce febitch sia! hahaha! actually wit hthe looks of it looks more like scolding a person bitch who is born in febuary. but it was good attempt la. But must b like damn strong the word so lik u scold person with it then got impact lol

    That day someone...i forgot who..suggested "fitch".
    lik wth! lik is super no power

    "oie u damn fitch!"

    you got feel anything meh hahah

    ok i super nidda sleep now..lik majorly..argh~


    私はあなたの愛は毎日に育つ =DD

    bread spoke at Sunday, October 18, 2009

    Friday, October 16, 2009

    If i have twins..

    they will dance
    but these 2 girls have really good voice =))

    p/s: have you noticed most twins are girls?

    p/p/s: i really wish i'll have a pair of twins in future =DD

    bread spoke at Friday, October 16, 2009

    Wednesday, October 14, 2009

    awwwwwwwwwww damn

    i went to google the words....only fobese is an original word =( the fungry n fangry were thought of long ago~ oh well

    if u google fobese the 2nd link is my blog haha! BUt anyway urban dictionary has the word fobese but it means girls who think they are fat but not really fat

    i think my definition works better!

    bread spoke at Wednesday, October 14, 2009


    Awhile back...i came up with the word "fungry" for fucking hungry so i decided to jus come up with random words that pairs up with "fucking"..

    ok that sounded wrong but anyways
    the main point i doubt anyone can come up with these words at random.
    i swear i saw the word "fungry" used somewhere already~

    1) Fpretty- fucking pretty

    (silent the "p". Actually i spelt it as fretty but i realise its a word in the dictionary -____-)

    2) Fauntie- fucking auntie

    (it's an adjective...not a adjective+noun...to describe someone who has the same character as an auntie)

    3) Flate- Fucking late

    4) Fobese- Fucking obese

    (if u use this on fat people i think they will damn outraged. I mean its bad enough people describe them fucking fat...but fobese is another level


    girl 1: Shut up u fucking fat piece of shit
    girl 2: wadeva...ya fobese anyway
    girl 1: wtf is fobese u fat bytch
    girl 2: oh nothing...jus fucking obese *acts nonchalant and walks away leaving girl1 dumbfounded*

    5) Fangry- fucking angry

    (confirm will have people mispronouce as fungry. so make sure u elaborate on the "fang" part in
    this word)

    6) Fidiot- fucking idiot

    (actually this one will come out sounding gay cos of the "fi" part)

    7) Fungry- fucking hungry

    8) Forny- fucking horny

    (only use this word to describe someone

    eg. that guy is a forny bastard

    don't use it in bedroom scenario cos i think it's not exactly the sexist word u can use. Imagine..

    guy: hey baby
    girl: hmmmmm?
    guy: im damn forny now


    like quite turn off....HAHA!!!!)

    9) Firied- fucking tired

    (haha! this one fails! cos that time aft recital pract i was telling sinyang damn fucing tired lo then i thought of "damn firied" but it fails cos it sounds like "fired" hence failed but cos of that i came up with fungry haha!)

    aiya i think the only not bad ones are actually Fungry, Fangry and Fobese...the rest are jus crap la

    it's 4am now and i can't think probably properly (see more evidence that i need sleep)
    if someone manage to come up with smth for "fucking bitch" let me know cause i couldn't think of anything that fits


    bread spoke at Wednesday, October 14, 2009


    i dyed my hair in a darker brown but now it's like almost black =( I seriously look like emo rockstar now cos my hair is so big n black n im sooooooo fair bahhhhhhhhhh~
    but baby seems ok with it...actually he had been bugging me to dye my hair to a darker colour

    and now i'm tempted to cut my hair!

    yes i wanna cut like that! but then

    - i jus permed my hair
    - i jus dyed my hair

    and this style is only nice with straight hair n bright coloured hair

    sucks balls

    mayb i should wait for my hair to grow!!!!!!! but by then the style confirm out of season le....oh welllllllllllls~

    and i just realised (actually realised a long time ago) there's fricking americans reading my blog.
    I jus thought so cause nuffnag actually shows you what country your visitors come from. Shit man! so all the time i've been typing like that the americans are reading it

    i bet they must be thinking "do all singaporeans type like this!? "
    cause i figure most of my short forms, and sentence structure is damn singlish. They must be thinking i'm a retart now

    aiya whatever i don't care...i have no idea how they manage to stumble upon my blog anyways...its scary~

    i craving for honey milk bubble tea again (when i jus drunk it just now)

    bread spoke at Wednesday, October 14, 2009

    Tuesday, October 13, 2009

    Needs vs Wants

    I realise recently a lot material things i need and want .....


    1) New phone- my phone is seriously dying already. I'm considering

    - Samsung star

    - Samsung Preston

    ya i gave up on blackberry after i saw denyse's cos it's so damn fricking huge!!!
    i was considering a design phone or a function phone then baby told me

    "if function phone if its ugly u still can change the look of it. If design phone..the fuction cui you cannot do anything"

    still i think the star or preston is chio n not bad lei. I jus want a white/ pink phone...HAHA!

    2) New Dunks- the soles of my nike dunks like long cui-ed then everytime i walk got squeaky sound =(

    Which one should i get~

    (in case you're interested...check out drjays.com or shoes.com for nice shoes!)

    3) Billy bookcase from ikea- im running out of space to put my books

    and yes i wan the tall one~


    1) My sister's keeper (book)

    2) House of Night series of novels- I have "Untamed" already...i jus need the rest
    ( Marked, Betrayed, Chosen, Hunted and Tempted )

    3) Dan Brown's books - i only have da vinci code~

    4) Pastry smoothies in blueberry

    I think damn nice lei!

    6) Pink monopoly boutique- I know like very bimbo but its damn chio!!

    Bah~ so many things....i hope money drop from the sky now like seriously
    and judging from my wants i'm like gonna spend a lot on books -________-
    i hope i get to change phone on my bdae! (long long way more to go omg)

    bread spoke at Tuesday, October 13, 2009

    How can they bring themselves...

    Argh im dying from cramps T_T

    anyways on a few occassions i askd my friends like how some people can bring themselves to..

    1) Work as prostitutes/social escorts/jus one-night-stand a lot

    2) get involved with people who are attached

    3) Bastard on their gf/bf

    so for point (1)..

    i'm not prejudice bout what they doing or whatever. But is like i really cannot imagine someone can like you know..sleep around for $$ or that sort. Like you wouldn't get sick of the lifestyle having different man touching you that kind of thing meh?

    But andy was telling me like..some people will do anything for $$ but also some of them really in need of money quickly so in a way no choice

    then another of my friend was saying like some of them just enjoy the sex and mayb attention..

    Still it's like...you have to get sick of the life sooner or later right? actually it all got me thinking when last time one of my friend told me a lot of girls working in those lup sap bar (the kind u pay money to the girl they do anything) are like tertiary students. So i was like kindda shock cause like i din imagine like anybody in poly/jc/ite look like they will do this kind of thing.



    This is something i really really really don't get. Like example you know this guy is attached then yet you still like get yourself involved with him. It's kindda like 明知故犯 (you know it's wrong but you still do it) right.

    Cause really i seriously believe there aren't people around who are sincerely evil to do that. I mean if u get involve with someone means you really wanna be with the person...which also means the other party will jus get hurt if you succeed right. Will have people bear to hurt others just to get what they want?

    i asked sinyang this then he told me like "you'll never know how shameless people can get"

    hmmm ok mayb true. it's like i did heard before like people snatch the bf/husband/gf/wife away for their personal gain rather than mutual feelings. But i guess there are few cases where the outside party feels for the person right (yes i choose to believe there are people who aren't sincerely evil)

    ahhh wadeva. I just hope this kind of thing don't happen to me. I don't mean i go snatch other people's la...as in my special person get involved. If it happens to me...i dunno.

    - i'll probably kill the bitch if i realise she has evil intentions (cheat money or what)

    - i'll not do anything if i found out the girl has mutual feelings for my special someone but does not do anything (it means she still has conscience and i think she'll b the one who's upset if my special someone rejects her or smth so there's no need to be harsh on her )

    - Then again if my special someone really does go away with the person; of course i'll be damn depressed but then again i'll recover right? and at least i know the person is not worth enough since he can run away so easily

    ya i bet all of y'all expecting a big reaction from where i will like tie the hair out of the bitch's scalp or burn and skin her alive kind of thing right..

    u people are crazy seriously *tsk tsk tsk*

    "boyfriend/girlfriend can break, married can divorce, pregnant can abort"

    whoever came up with the pharse or habour this kind of intention is downright ABCDF
    (ABCDF= Asshole of a Bastard Cunt Dickhead Fucker)

    Suppose to have "E" lei but i forgot what the E stands for...hmm...mayb i'll include it when i rmb



    i'll understand if their bf/gf treats them damn badly. But most cases i know is like the bf/gf treat them damn well but they still cheat on them lo.

    But still there must be a reason why they do that right? Like will have people sadistic and free enough to invest time and energy on a person just to make them crazy over them then break their hearts after that meh?

    hmmm...sure got reason right?


    Aiya i seriously believe things happens for a reason and nobody is like sincerely bad to do the above stuff. Unless someone tags at my board saying

    "ya i lead people on then cheat on them so i can see them cry"


    "ya if i like someone i don't care they attached a not or if the other guy/girl gets heartbroken if i get the person i want"


    i'm being quite naive right....bahhhhh wadeva
    im still cramping like mad now T_T

    you may think i'm ranting random stuff now but noooooooooooooooooo
    i really did thought bout those cases for a long time you know. i jus curious to know what other people thinks bout them anyways

    bread spoke at Tuesday, October 13, 2009

    Sunday, October 11, 2009

    Night safari


    Just now went Night Safari with Basic 5 + fong's younger bro. Damn fun + funny!
    Gotta give it to the scarers...they really make up + costume full out lo! LSCT GLs our foc night walk should just learn from them already lol

    Anyway i think the scarers probably got sian-ed by me because i'm not majorly frightened by them and i jus kept laughing only. I think scaring people often helps to make you less prone to being scared

    (i use to walk a bit faster ahead of my friends then i will hide at the turnabout so when they turn i will jus scare them and 95% of the time they get frightened! then i kept doing that till it came to a time when baowen tried to scare me and nicole..i jus walked righ pass him and nicole who was walking behind me got freaked out. Not forgetting the nightwalks from camps)

    I only got shocked cause we were on the tram then there was this mummy walking quite near the tram then baby saw it and said "ohsssssssit chee bye"
    and apparantly the mummy heard and came to terrorize us by climbing to our seats and sticking his face in our faces.

    and on the tram there was family sitting behind us...the kids kept screaming then one kid said

    "no! i'm too young to die"

    then another was lik "hey! you all relax lei! " keept repeating that

    then their dad kept telling them "eh eh still got still got"

    damn hilarious la

    daphne also suay cos we were saying based on last year experience, most of the tram-horror is on the left side so i ended up sitting there and daphne was sitting on the right side (ken n ks sitting between us) then who knew this year they changed...so most of the scaring came from the right side..lol!

    will post up the photos sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon~
    i need sleep now man
    the flu jab i took this morning made me felt drowsy the whole day. I know there's no relevance but i jus felt tired after that. and i have jap class in the morning...omg~

    bread spoke at Sunday, October 11, 2009

    Saturday, October 10, 2009


    I wish time can turn back one month ago when i am truly happy and have no worries..
    now i can't help from thinking too much and get myself upset
    i start to doubt and question
    i don't like to be uncertain

    i guess i need a lot assurance...
    then it start to cross my mind would you even have the slightest panic if one day i told u i jus wanna end it. or you wouldn't feel anything
    but of course i doubt i can ever bring myself to do it...
    i just hope you really understand how i feel..

    don't take me for granted..
    i hate being the sour and soggy bread now...

    Fuck Pms -_________________-

    bread spoke at Saturday, October 10, 2009

    Friday, October 09, 2009


    Taiwan steamboat


    出前一丁麻油instant noodle


    ben&jerry's ice cream

    kimchi fried rice


    tomato basil soup from soup spoon


    mushroom soup

    Chippy's calamari

    Fish&co new york fish and chips

    Root beer

    pastamania soup pasta

    shokudo cream pasta

    shokudo waffle with melon ice cream

    waraku melon soda


    all this weird and random food craving because i'm hungry at 2.34am

    i should jus sleep off it now and eat banana nut crunch cereal tmr...


    bread spoke at Friday, October 09, 2009

    Thursday, October 08, 2009

    Batsu game and tomodachi

    The other day at jazreel's house, i jus casually used her hairband to hold my hair up...and i pulled back my fringe also la. Then cher n jaz start laughing at my humongous forehead -_____- then jaz said..

    Jaz: I think only ya true friends can truly call themselves your true friends when they have seen your forehead

    which is incidentally true because of the vastness of my forehead, i usually use my bangs to cover them and it's only over my dead body that i will show it to u at random. Cos its too scary already...imagine the overwhemling vastness...woots~

    i mean there are certain among of "ugly" side of me that i'll reveal according to the people i hang out with la so basically i would say..

    Friends: would have probably seen my fat ass photo and know i burp quite loudly at random

    in case you are really my friend and now u start to doubt cos u haven seen my fat ass picture, here it is

    ya i know i post this photo lik a lot times cos i couldn't find my other fatty photo...but i found one more jus now but it couldn't really show my vast size but still...quite laughable

    *circled in red is me! **

    i think that was p4 or smth

    i wanted to find my sec 1 class photo cause that is the ultimate unglam...imagine me fat with bangs and thick-pink frame specs. Then the classic sec sch uniform...white blouse and ours is dirty green skirt...


    Good Friends: the above and bad eyeliner day

    Best Friends: all of the above + me in my ugly specs and unglam home clothes and 0 make up

    True Friends: Probably show them all my unglam side and im comfortable with it

    eg. jus-wake up face (damn unglam cos the face is all swollen and u got eye shit stuck in ya eyes)
    Ok with showing them my gianormous forehead and if they laugh at it i jus "aiya! wadeva!!!"

    OK that aside. Of course i don't judge closeness of my friends that way la. There's more to jus how much unglamness i reveal to them. And its not really accurate cos

    - all my chinese dance friends and junior saw my vast forehead before
    - i have true friends whom haven seen all my unglam side (hopefully they dun have to though)

    ya basically you get my point
    actually im jus using this post as an excuse to post my fat ass photo again lalala~

    oh speaking of friends...CK JUS WENT INTO ARMY TODAY!!!

    This is ck with hair
    2 weeks later we will see him botak! woohoo!
    *coincidentally this is the 1st photo with my lion hair! woots!*

    anyway my hair has already tamed a bit..when it was jus new...it was lik va va voom!!
    i kindda miss my normal hair now~ argh!! i wonder how long does it take for me to outgrow my mane lik seriously

    OH! caryn nikki and denyse! i was looking through taiwan stuff then i realise i super miss taiwan!! actually i jus got craving for steamboat! hahaha!

    Currently i'm addicted to Batsu game! its the infamous cannot-laugh game where the japanese people are punished if they laugh

    ok actually i already lost my feel to blog already cos it's 3 am now

    *abrupt ending*

    p/s: come to think of it there's no proper way to end a blog post right?

    bread spoke at Thursday, October 08, 2009

    Tuesday, October 06, 2009


    Cher kept showing me parodies these days..damn funny n some damn good lol

    Brown eye girls vs 2am- Abacadabra live

    G-dragon Heartbreaker parody..its not exactly funny but it's damn dope

    *note- the words on the whiteboard means "girl". cos they cannot put a girl's face at the door/wall so they use whiteboard write the word girl to replace*

    Ck n i were talkin bout the hot girl from BEG then..

    -mianbao- groove.pop.jack; says:
    *if i become butch also fail cos i too short
    - CeeKay - <狮城锁客> says:
    *that girl is a dream girl kind, cannot be gf kind
    *u be butch? height aside i think u dun look boyish enough la
    *hard to pass off as butch
    *u just stick to being a taiwanese/japanese pretender la
    -mianbao- groove.pop.jack; says:
    *u wait i cut short hair lo
    *i confirm more shuai than ken one
    - CeeKay - <狮城锁客> says:

    yay! i mean =( ck going army on wed~ but when he books out i can touch his head! (yay!) cos u noe botak head is lik super nice to touch~ nicer to touch than my mane...woohoo!

    bread spoke at Tuesday, October 06, 2009

    Monday, October 05, 2009


    Yes i removed the 2 post that were here earlier today. I don't deny i felt that way the whole day but at least it's all cleared up and i was already feeling ok after An's rehearsal. So all's good =DD

    Seriously i dunno how i survived the whole day with barely 2 hours of sleep last night!
    - Jap class in the morning (i never fall asleep somemore)

    - Meet up with ck and baby in the afternoon

    - An's rehearsal in the late afternoon (actually by this time i think i felt sick cos i broke out in cold sweat and kept feeling giddy)

    - Meet back with baby ck n diane they all at cine then play CS (im finally getting better at CS!! but i still have the tendency to scream before i shoot so by then i already died. Diane damn pro lo!)

    - then went SD and hong kong cafe

    and it's going to 4am now and im still not asleep
    i think i'll jus end up waking up at 2-4pm later lo haha!

    *jus now at hong kong cafe*

    random waiter: 歡迎光臨(welcome) (in the taiwan tone)

    then jacky, tyron etc all break into chorus of 歡迎光臨-ing in taiwan tone

    ken: 歡迎光臨~ 按你媽媽的鈴~ (welcome, press your mother's bell)

    aiya it's not funny in english. But anyway it was damn funny cause ken too unexpected already that reply lol!!

    yes i will po a proper post soon~

    bread spoke at Monday, October 05, 2009

    Saturday, October 03, 2009


    *died laughing*

    p/s: im easily amused
    p/p/s: wooo i suddenly got thigns to blog but i'll bog tonight if i come home early though

    bread spoke at Saturday, October 03, 2009

    Friday, October 02, 2009

    MoOooOooLAaAaAasssssssssssssss~ and aunties n rude kids

    It's 1am and i still felt like i ate a cow for dinner..literally
    Lik fricking full...so full i think the cow will jus burst out of my stomach.
    ok basically i ate nothing for the whole day then met cher n jaz in the evening. Apparantly they made really dope kim bam (korean sushi) so i ate lik 6 pieces cos i'm so fungry (fucking ugly = fugly so fucking hungry = fungry). Then after that we went this really cozy nice cafe/restaurant at thomas and we ordered fish&chips, wings, calamari n apple crumble (the apple crumble is too dope already!! ) to share. Then when we went back to jaz house...they made kim bam again and we ate a few pieces again

    seriously i dunno how i found the space to stuff the last 3 pieces of kim bam down...now i feel lik crap...argh!

    ok im not here to blog bout what i ate today cos its uninteresting but then again its not lik i ever posted something that really really really~ interesting.

    oh! cher n i saw different sets of monopoly we liked! can you believe they have PINK MONOPOLY SET! and its not jus pink, it also comes in a petite set also! It's damn prettttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttty! ok people u can consider getting me that for my birthday if u manage to find it and i haven bought it! WOOHOO!
    'sides that. we saw pink Jenga so all 3 of use bought a set each haha!

    * i paused bloggin for 1/2 hour to watch peter chao then i realise i was suppose to blog*

    anyways..main point #1
    I'M OFFICIALLY HIRED AT THE ZOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    as ticketing staff though so im not zookeeper or tram driver or show presenter or wad
    by getting a job means go $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    gone are the days of being a broke ass! but i haven officially start work because my department sup is not back from leave yet ...sucks but i still got the job!
    n it also means i can go to zoo, night safari and birdpark for free!
    in case anyone's gonna ask. NOPE i can't help y'all get discounts when u go zoo
    probably 40% discount on b&j ice cream though

    other than the zoo job. Karen jus intro-ed me a dance lobang. $160 !!! but i think is flash mobbing thing. but hack...$160 !!! WOOHOO!

    main point #2...I MISS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! feels lik i haven seen him for ages..but last time we met was lik last sat..ok it IS kindda long! =((( noooooooooo~ im not a bf-obssessed gf~ if u have a g/bf n u dun see each other for say 3 days u'll probably start to feel sian-ed
    anyway ken keep calling me the lion now so he is the zookeeper now =DD

    main point #3...I HATE AUNTIES AND RUDE KIDS!!! there bunch of things i hate lik bastard-asshole guys, waking up in the early morning when the sun hasn't even rise, being broke etc.

    but most of the the things i hate can lik how to say...can avoid or dun encounter

    bastard-asshole guys: they wouldn't appear bastard asshole untill u get involved with them...so jus avoid them lo

    waking up: Sleep in

    being broke: get a job/whine to parents etc

    but aunties n rude kids are lik super duper omfg wth kindda unavoidable

    AUNTIES: ok to be fair NOT ALL AUNTIES ARE MEAN! of course i know there some really nice aunties around but among them too many black sheeps. Actually the thing i jus can't stand bout them is they behave like the world owes them in some way or simply rude.

    how many times have u patiently waited for bus at the bus stop n bout to board the bus and an unknown force from nowhere suddenly shove u out of the way and u realise...it's an auntie

    or seen an auntie rushing for an empty seat on the MRT no matter the distance or priority seating

    or an auntie arguing to her death for a discount or some privilege n threatens to call "the manager"

    actually loads of stuff la...i'm jus ranting. Actually i jus dun lik the shovers and the self righteous (the kind whereby they are all healthy and while ya sitting in a seat, they blabber in front of u saying "nowadays the youngster ah no respect for elders dunno how to give space to elder" so much for elderly when u are so robust..don't see you giving up seats to young children/pregnant ladies/ real feeble elderlys)

    RUDE KIDS: firstly i love kids! but i dun lik rude kids.
    1) was at the zoo with nyse, davin, jere n cailing. and we were walking on this
    pathway. *note* the pathway is not say very small...enough for lik 2 ppl to
    walk. And the 5 of us were already lik walking at one side so others can pass.
    Then this stupid kid walk towards our direction to get to the other side by
    walking lik right in the middle of the pathway and kindda shouting "make way for the president! make way for the president!"

    LIK WTF! dunno how to say excuse me is it tmd

    2) waiting for bus after finish work at zoo. Got quite a lot people waiting for
    the bus already at the bus stop. Bunch of indian kids kept screaming but thats
    ok..there's jus kids. Bus approaches and stop lik right next to me. Door open..i
    was bout to board when the hoard of indian kids jus push their way through so
    can get on the bus 1st.
    I guess i was super tired from work already so i got
    kindda pissed over it but then again should had stick out my leg n make them
    trip! hey im not being mean here..but i kindda have low tolerance for rude kids.
    besides they were making a whole lot of noises on the bus n hoppping around
    seats so kindda obstruct the way of others

    parents never do anything jus let them run loose

    yes i sound lik so complain-y n all but who cares! but anyways. in one way can't really blame the kids for the way they behave..can only blame...hmm im not saying anything~

    so i'm gonna b the early childhood teacher who gonna make sure my students don't turn out lik that!


    i jus realise i typed a super long entry~ super long wordy entry with not a lot pic becos my camera is kindda sitting at my desk collecting dust cos i jus always forget to bring out so no pix

    on a side note, i have sudden urge for L4D...super strong urge! haahah! and also for sambal kangkong rice, kimchi fried rice, b&j ice cream n go night safari halloween ..mayb this year i'll see the "extra" pontianak that people claim they saw last year.

    i dunno when i'll blog again but meanwhile...

    if you like the comics i've been posting on my blog.. they are cynaide and happiness and u can click on THIS LINK to read the other strips

    or you can go watch peter chao on youtube and laugh your ass off

    p/s: i really nidda change my phone! it's dying on me! what phone should i get? hmmm...

    Tag replies:

    Dee: HAHAH! cos u always tag nyse de wad so i thought ya daphne lol!

    yt: The ones i post not say very funny...if u can laugh from the ones i
    post...i think u will die from reading the rest lol!

    huh why!? LOL

    bread spoke at Friday, October 02, 2009