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    Sunday, November 30, 2008


    kindda blogging for the sake of blogging bout i'll do birthday updates soon!!! anyway for now

    FB 加油 for FBP (foreign bodies production) !!!
    12th/13th dec at NYP auditorium
    visit HTTP://FBPRODUCTION.WORDPRESS.COM for ticket details!

    NRA 加油 for DANZATION!!!
    19th/20th dec at NP convention center
    visit http://danzation.blogspot.com for ticket details!

    bread spoke at Sunday, November 30, 2008

    Friday, November 28, 2008



    THKS EVERYBODY! i is seriously ultimately touched today.

    I mean 1st off, a lot people that i didn't expect will remember my bdae de wish me happy bdae!
    then a lot freshies that i don't talk to or hardly know wish me happy bdae too!

    so this 2 things i already very happy le

    then !!

    omg i seriously wasn't gonna expect much today cos every year had been the same but you guys really gave me a memorable bdae. Lik in future i can look back "NRA celebrated my bdae with me in studio 73"

    the mian bao chao ren cake

    the birthday board

    i was really feeling very xing fu when i read all the short wish u guys wrote. Lik some of ya still rmb my name desipte calling me mianbao for lik 3 yrs! And also lik ppl i dun expect also sign the board..jiu small small things i also very happy

    the watch! YES!! THE FREAKING WATCH! oh man! and it's lik damn expensive!? zhen de! xie xie ni men!


    really!! thks a whole bunch!!!!!! especially to mel, fenyi, jon, kit kat, denyse, joel, jaei, nicole, yutong, yvonne ang and donovan!!!

    fenyi bao bei!!! really never bai deng u!! *although actually i also bully u a lot*
    u gt most heart ok ahaha!

    despite all this.. NRA PEEPS! I NIDDA TELL U ALL SMTH!!!

    Eugene bought the same thing for me too ><
    gene really thks alot! actually i dunno how to thnk u but u really hen you xin.
    He actually found a serial number with the number 27 in it la!!
    and why u so po fei! then now u broke for the month!! haha. it was nice catching up with ya too =)

    but no matter wad..i will treasure and take care of the 2 watches ok!!!!!

    LOVE ALL OF YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok it's lik 4.24am now!! i nidda sleep!! i'll blog more over the wkends!!

    bread spoke at Friday, November 28, 2008

    Thursday, November 27, 2008

    Meredith Kerr

    YUP! meredith's jazz workshop last sunday was dope! though we ended up with sore muscles the next day..it was all worth it! i think none of us had haven really been so touched jus doing a 4-6s choreo. I mean the things she said..really set us thinking.

    that aside, she picked 5 people out to do her choreo; Big alex, Fredy, Wang Qin, Allegra and..ME!

    ultimate happy dao!

    and at the end of the thing when i went to ask her what's the song title she used, she told me and she also told me

    "hey u did a really great job today!"

    *ultimatest happy fly to the moon*


    thks to everyone for ya prompt greetings!
    and to my gals caryn, denyse, nikki and linette..thks a whole lots for the mini surprise!! and i really lik the shirt!!! LOVE U GALS!!!!!!!!!!

    oh and as if i wasn't happy enough, when i gt home and on msn...

    is lik omgwth!!! and it has to happen on my bdae! hahaha!
    ok thats all for today.

    i will update bout kit kat's bdae soon! it was a blast! THKS EVERYONE WHO HELPED MAKE IT HAPPEN! ELSE I THINK I'D DIED !!

    ok stay tuned ppl! and drop by marina barrage on fri if u wan!^^

    bread spoke at Thursday, November 27, 2008

    Tuesday, November 25, 2008

    I'm not dead!

    YES! i'm still kicking and alive! i 'm just busy lately..dance dance school dance dance school

    i'm dancing lik siao that last sat aft item pract. i've gt house then full run rehearsal then sun gt meredith's workshop, rehearsal all the way till 7? when i gt home i was lik dead tired!!

    but anyway i will update soon lik this wkend! sure a lot things blog

    - meredith's workshop
    - kit kat's bdae! omg i so jing zhang can!!
    - marina barrage

    as for thursday, although half of me wish smth do happen, the other half of me isn't expecting anything at all cos every year's the same.

    someone's gonna gimme popping lessons ^^

    i've gt craving for steamboat again..omg!

    stay tuned people~

    bread spoke at Tuesday, November 25, 2008

    Saturday, November 22, 2008

    Winter frost

    OH MAN!!!
    just when i was thinking of getting a new watch....i came across this in SEVENTEEN!

    From swatch's season collection (winter frost)
    It's damn chio!!! it's damn simple but chio! and i'm crazy over stars!

    i usually don't dig mechanic watches but this is too pretty already!

    It's a limited piece in singapore!! only 160 pieces! and each piece come with a serial number on the box so if ya the 1st to buy u'll get no.1. But i'll be contented if i manage to get #27 haha!

    and as much as i wanan get it...

    It's fricking $139!

    and why are watches so expensive...even this is so ex!

    BAPE x g shock but its nice lei. If i get i either get white or pink...argh!

    pains of being poor..only can see can't buy =(

    bread spoke at Saturday, November 22, 2008

    Thursday, November 20, 2008



    i can't groove !!
    i groove lik fridge T_T


    seriously...i will breakthrough one! rahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


    omg its gonna be a busy wkend and wk ahead for me!

    friday have to go penisula aft sch and then come back again for ronnie's at 1030pm!

    sat aft ronnie's have to go army market then go o school for house then go back sch again for rehearsal at 8.30

    sun have to wait up at 7 to go for meredith's workshop! (omg i totally forgot bout it lo!) then gt dance all the way in the afternoon till 6pm

    then basically whole of next week training for marina barrage untill friday which is the performance so anyone who's free on friday drop by marina barrage ok! haha

    Ya lo my thursday will pao tang but nvm...but well, strawberry/watermelon chupa chups lollipops, honey pearl red tea, SIM dope tom yam ban mian with no prawn no ikan bilis, boost original chocolate, Ben&Jerry's dublin mudslide and ebiko onigiri from canteen 1 sushi stall will make my day (HAH! OMG! its all food! lol!)

    Tag replies

    thks but actually my fish are not dying cos they fighting..i think they dying from poisoning but thks for the advice anyways =)

    i suppose to dance in it..hw to wear dress sia..for production lei haha!

    ks: u know my ans liao haha! anyway i seriously am considering bout the ko night thing hor!

    laugh only!

    sry gal! not jus u...louis and xiangtian also! lol!!

    bread spoke at Thursday, November 20, 2008

    Wednesday, November 19, 2008


    it's a compulsory training so the item can be completed
    yet...15 ppl can't make it...which is lik half the ppl in the item?
    it's not lik it's a last min training..it was posted on the blog last wk!
    forget bout those who has piles of sch work or not feeling well or exams cos is really bo bian
    but wth 15 ppl! what's ya excuse? "never check blog?"
    i dunno if everyone received jj's last msg
    but it's very evident she's very disappointed in the pathetic attendance.
    i just hope next training everyone will be able to make it

    just don't take advantage of jj jus becos she is nice lo.

    wake up ppl! its only 30 days to danzation!


    dammit i seriously have to start doing core training...30 days to achieve a flat tummy!


    See the tag at my tagboard?



    FOR TICKET AND PRODCUTION DETAILS VISIT http://fbproduction.wordpress.com/

    -see karen! help u do publicity lo haha-


    what do girls wear to clubbing? i need ideas!

    bread spoke at Wednesday, November 19, 2008

    Tuesday, November 18, 2008

    floor the love

    fookit i'm jus gonna blog bout it cos its way too dope to not blog bout it!

    the 15bucks was worth it
    skipping stuffs for ftl was worth it
    squeezing with all the other watchers n elmo fans was worth it

    everybody was dope that day!

    congrats to robin & marcus (robin lik still in shock aft the whole thing)
    rach and yanhui were ultimate dopeness! they're now my fave poppers ^^ (sry freqance but i did support y'all for KO night =X)
    Freqance did a good job too
    super impressed by ks *seriously* for his age to be this good is lik omg-wah!

    poppers aside, hip hop was dope!!!!!!!!
    battle between anan+ah hei & beverly+jasmine was fierce
    katoon wasn't as good as i expected though =X *wah lao he missed out for popping damn!*

    and locking..omg...battle between elmo & ian+fong..
    damn exciting! seriously! but the elmo fans were lik...zzz....

    aiya! words cannot describe
    in short grats to all the winners and great job everybody!!!

    bread spoke at Tuesday, November 18, 2008

    Friday, November 14, 2008


    Guess what came in the mail today? =))

    *jumps for joy and throws confetti around*

    bread spoke at Friday, November 14, 2008

    I wish

    i know i din wanna come up with a birthday wishlist but i saw this on the pastry website i wanna go crazy le!!!!!!!

    how to resist!! its damn chio can!!!!
    i wear US7/UK5!!!!!!!

    p/s: ok im jus fantasizing cos i noe it wun come to me on my bdae but it's really damn chio!!!

    bread spoke at Friday, November 14, 2008

    Thursday, November 13, 2008


    jus close to 1 month more to go
    everyone's gonna get stressed out and breakdown
    but must jia you ok!
    i dunno what you guys are going through but i know u all work very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very x 10^1000000 HARD just to make danzation happen!

    always look on the bright side =DD!

    minasan! gabandeyo desu!

    and FB also jiayou for production! looking forward to it ^^

    oh anyway in case anyone did add me on facebook..sorry! but my facebook acc is super dead..i hardly login at all. So in case more ppl gonna add me or wad..jus add..actually can don't bother..my faceboook is jus there haha

    sry to the 68 ppl!! i'll add y'all soon!

    p/s: no my facebook nick is not mianbao

    p/p/s: if u do find my acc...jus add me and add comments! do not superpoke/pass hot potatoes/ bite/whack/wadeva-other-random-app-shit-thats-available-on-facebook me ok! i had lik 208 such request can wah lao!

    p/p/p/s: my tofu pet ruanmianmian is dying i think..pls play/feed it if u view me ><

    bread spoke at Thursday, November 13, 2008

    RIP fishes

    Today, karen fished out 35 dead fishes in the morning
    and i fished out another 7 fishes in the afternoon

    so the total death toll is


    fricking 56 fishes! i'm only left with 94 now damn!
    mayb you all think, "94 ok wad..still a lot wad"


    cos the 150 fishes are divided into 5 diff tank reared under different conditons so now i have 3 tanks with 20+ fises each, 1 tank with 4 fishes, 1 tank with 2 fishes


    i wun b surprised if tmr i go sch to find all the fishes dead in the 2 tanks...sucks~

    MELISE~ my yu er not shui zhong you...all shui shang zhong piao..all dead then float on the surface T_T

    bread spoke at Thursday, November 13, 2008

    Wednesday, November 12, 2008


    i went to sch to realise i have 14 dead fishes from my fyp project..wth!
    FYP EH!
    14 dead fishes!


    oh! it's really lik FINALLY! the monsoon season!
    iLOVErain! =)

    beats hot sunny days whr is unbearably hot and
    i will get tanned which is a big NO-NO!
    i only like sunny mornings

    yes im so fussy! haha!

    bread spoke at Wednesday, November 12, 2008

    Monday, November 10, 2008


    WAH LAO!!!

    Meredith kerr coming to teach nra hip hop and jazz!!!
    but at 56.60 for 1wkshp, 112.35 for 2 wkshp -.-

    28th nov gt performance at marina barrage (wtf..it's jus a dam lo)
    then 27th is my birthday..sure gt rehearsal one!
    its ok!! dance! dance! dance!

    Tag replies

    Gene: HEY!! THKS!
    Caryn: THKS BABE!! i go see the results next time haha! i dunno lei..next thurs?
    Karen: in your head~ its in your head~ haha

    bread spoke at Monday, November 10, 2008

    Sunday, November 09, 2008


    Just came back from SP production.
    not bad but i really like one of their contemp piece..the dunno wad secret song one haha!
    it's stuck in EVERYBODY'S head can!!!

    oh but when i see their bboy item quite pressure la!!
    wth! i think seriously nidda practise jon's and fuyo's choreo...damn!!!

    40 days to danzation!! OMG!


    i think the mind is a very complicated thing
    it auto-deletes things/memory that aren't pleasant/don't matter

    which i assume la cos till now i still have prob remembering faces..one in particular
    but then again i will never forget the deeds the person did

    forgive and forget is so yesterday
    now people only forgive but we'll never forget

    sometimes you jus can't assume everyone's stupid, there are times you'll b surprise how much things ppl know..

    bread spoke at Sunday, November 09, 2008

    Saturday, November 08, 2008





    and i know a lot of you will go -____________-" when u open the survey...but just do it!!
    THKS A WHOLE LOT!! tag at my board once you've done it k!

    ah the nra n gl juniors ah dun think i dunno u all read my blog...go do the survey!!! thks!!

    Tag replies

    zhiyang: i jus hope i dun get killed haha

    wq: of course..arbo bro & sis haha

    bread spoke at Saturday, November 08, 2008

    Friday, November 07, 2008

    let me hold you

    not exactly the best choreo to express but
    if any point of time now a guy dances to this (jap hip hop/pop) to me..i think i'll just melt and die *in a good way*

    no i'm not fa hua chi-ing..ahah!

    bread spoke at Friday, November 07, 2008


    To my life long (17 yrs) companion who is

    act smart
    act yandao
    act cool
    lame shit

    but nevertheless the

    BEST of the BEST of BEST of the BESTEST younger bro!

    happy birthday yang!!

    i made this for him and he say look lik shit

    why gt! it's all effort lo!
    damn sad
    i hate that retard!



    may u man-up many levels!


    just now during aft pract i chua sai can!
    i was combing thru my hair suddenly a whole bunch came off!
    lik one whole bundle of extension came off la!
    i hope it's jus the extensions that came off and not my own hair too
    cause i couldn't find any lobang in my scalp lei

    bread spoke at Friday, November 07, 2008

    Thursday, November 06, 2008


    This is gonna be a sensitive issue but i care less and i'm jus gonna say it
    but if my entry do sound very offensive and offended some ppl, i'm really sorry but i jus hope i get my message across

    i don't get it why is it that for every self pract for danzation, we never have full attendance!
    it's occuring in lik almost EVERY item

    i mean i do understand if others have commitment like work and all but it's like 8/10 trainings never come? lik wth. in the first place if u know ya not gonna be able to commit at least 50% of your life to danzation, why bother to participate?

    don't comment things lik "you don't understand cos you're studying, not working".
    School is hell too! besides studying, there's still mountains of projects and deadlines to catch up with. And if ya gonna argue bout working, if the other working seniors lik small jess can take time and come down for like most practises i don't see why others can't put in more effort.

    different people have different prespective of commitment
    but i jus feel once you're going into this, you should be in effort
    at least give the choreographers respect..whether you like them or not

    ya i realise smth also, if the choreographers very nice/not very fierece, ppl will jus take kindness for granted.

    production is like work. work is work, what other personal affairs shouldn't be brought in

    can u imagine ya the choreographer and most of the time you don't have full attendance..you wouldn't pek chek and get discourage meh.

    actually this phenomenon is like occuring everywhere thats doing a production
    i guess it's really inevitable
    but i just wanna say if u wanna do smth, put your heart into it and not some half fuck effort

    Tag replies

    ks: it's really bo bian de lo. also mayb cos one thing ya a junior.
    either you get your other choreographers to help you b more strict and b more firm or you just have to live with it and hope they all understand one day and things get better lo. jia you ba!

    limin: whats with the jiujiujiu-ing..so random! and ya new style...rattlesnake..lol! but seriously hor! re-pop is for fun de k...i still respect popping

    sijia: if can anyhow choose you sure choose everything also right haha

    kk: lame!

    gene: woah..rare gst haha

    karen: if those 5 seperate still ok...if all 5 combine into 1 person..i think ultimate liao

    ivan: haha! then jus say u wouldn't be lo

    fenyi: cannot say again meh! i poor memory haha

    joel: i know la! haha

    zhiyang: is bo bian de k..doing IS project ma
    woah! i din realise i so long never reply tags haha!

    bread spoke at Thursday, November 06, 2008

    Wednesday, November 05, 2008

    What's worse?

    i was just having this random thought today ..

    What is the worse boyfriend you can have(for gals)/you can be(for guys)?

    i'm not pin-pointing anybody ah. so if jus somehow the descriptions fits u then well too bad..it's time to change!!

    1. The horny bf

    2. The no life bf (always dota etc)

    3. The narcissist bf

    4. The flirtatious bf

    5. The brothers/friends more important bf

    6. The no-time-for-you bf

    7. The slack bf

    8. The eogistic bf

    9. The blur-like-fuck bf

    10. The stingy bf

    11. The spendthrift bf

    12. The never-will-do-anything-sweet bf

    13. The overly-sensitive & emotional bf

    14. The ah beng bf

    15. The boring bf

    16. The selfish bf (it's all bout mE!Me!ME! in his point of view)

    17. The unhygenic bf

    18. The mama-boy bf

    19. The sweet-talker bf

    20. The no-action-talk-only bf

    you can choose 5 from the list! po your ans on the tag! everybody! if u read u better tag!!


    i can't really choose cos i came up with the list wad so wadeva's there is things i can't tahan de la
    but i know nobody's perfect so i do give grace for certain points

    but the womanizer/unhygenic/boring/overly sensitive/sweet talker/ no action talk only/stingy is i seriously cannot tahan one.

    tag hor!
    girls tag wad u can't stand
    guys tag what you will never be..die also wouldn't like that

    bread spoke at Wednesday, November 05, 2008

    Tuesday, November 04, 2008

    New shoe new cap new hair new new new!

    What's been going on so far...

    - i did my extensions already! but not much diff cos i went to cut the length, just more volume haha! and there wasn't super-shocking-pain-in-the-eye pink so i took platinum blond instead..but mum bought the dye for me~ so i'm gonna dye it soon i guess

    - dad sponsoring me 100 bucks for my nike sb!

    - jon gave me a neon pink n purple cobra cap! i think now i have enough caps to last a wk!

    - kor's back from burnei! lik on sunday and he have to book in on his bdae

    - had training at smu today. then limin showed me katoon's code edge video..seriously dope shit la!!!! wah lao!!! omg!!!

    - katoon stays in amk!

    - had dope rochor tau huay for supper

    - came up with "retarded" popping. Jus a kukufied version of some popping moves but not no respect for poppin k. i still lik popping among the funk styles

    - i can't wait for december because it marks the last wk of november..my bdae!

    anyways i'm not gonna make a wishlist this year! cos every year i make wishlist also no use one! no ideas of wad to get me also must ownself think else no zhen yi haha! but i very easily contented de =) everybody jus spend 15 bucks go watch danzation k!! lol!

    anyways i jus found out lik a lot ppl read my blog but all silent readers. It's creepy k! lik out of the blue you never expect this person to read your blog then while talking the person jus say 'ya i read on ya blog'


    so whoever gt read my blog pls at least tag once hor

    anyway i was youtube surfing jus now and watching all the funny commericals
    seriously damn "creative"..lol-lame lo!

    This is an ad bout toothpaste for sensitive teeth

    stupid right! lik that also can

    oh! when i was a kid i always thought condom is sweets lei cos they put near the counter in 7-11
    i think there is reason why they put near the counter...save ppl the awkwardness i think. jus take and throw on the counter, faster pay and go haha

    y'all must had thought smth else right haha

    *sidenote-things i don't think you'll be interested to read*

    i wanted so much to tell u in the face "can u fuck off and die"
    i doubt i ever disliked someone to such extent.
    i'm kindda developing a stereotype now..
    i just hope others of the likes will prove me wrong
    i think it's just the culture?

    that aside
    these few days i keep having werid feelings
    i just hope it's an impulse
    as much as that
    i wonder how's everyone doing?
    it'll be werid if we start talking again wouldn't it?
    i jus sense the awkwardness the last time we msn

    on a seperate issue
    sometimes i think i'm taking my family for granted

    bread spoke at Tuesday, November 04, 2008

    Monday, November 03, 2008

    have you Ever..

    ever made a decision you later realise you kindda regret?

    and u only realise the regret after you go through the same shit the other person went through and thats like a 5 months later thing...

    ok i'm not in a right state of mind again
    coming to 5 mths already...
    everybody have to and will move on in life right?
    it wouldn't be fair anyway

    and given the goals i wanna achieve in dance now...it'll definitely wouldn't be fair...the same shit will repeat...

    now i seriously think i'm the most indecisive and most hum ji person on earth

    bread spoke at Monday, November 03, 2008

    Sunday, November 02, 2008


    It's officially november! it's gonna be an eventful month..

    and i had the weridest dream last night
    i dreamt i had a daughter and her father was eugene.

    i'm glad its wasn't someone else

    but what happen in dreams wouldn't happen in reality so...phew?


    bread spoke at Sunday, November 02, 2008

    Saturday, November 01, 2008


    Dammit! i can't believe i've low blood pressure la~
    today kit kat and i decided to be very good and generous people went to donate blood in school. But before you can donate blood, you have to

    - fill up this bloody long questionaire
    - wait for doctor screening; test for your blood pressure, weight etc
    - do blood test to identify and comfirm ya blood type

    so we waited for lik fricking 45 mins for the doctor screening! (yes! super a lot people came to donate blood) then when the doc was taking my blood pressure..i was lik so sure i sure can de lo then suddenly she tell me i'm low blood pressure i stun

    me? low blood? no link!

    then she ran the test again still no blood..so i fricking wasted 1hour plus only to realise i can't donate..zzz. not that i don't want..i just don't have the chance

    kit kat worse..he waited lik almost can go for the transfusion..the nurse told him his vein too small..cannot donate! haha!

    and i forgot to feed my project fish today before the lab close!!

    bread spoke at Saturday, November 01, 2008