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    Monday, August 31, 2009

    $$ = 0.00

    Imma so broke!
    holiday but no money to spend like wth! i nidda go for my interview soon~

    anyway long time ago i realise nuffnang an track lik where people from to visit your blog. thn one option is "keywords" which basically mean like what peopel type in google/search engines to get to your blog

    on one occasion i saw the major search option was "porno transversite"
    then there was link of the google search to it too

    *click to enlarge*

    lik wth! i mean these people must had been trannies if not why they google tranny porn right
    i showed it to kitkat and this is what he said...

    *click to enlarge*


    then few days back i saw this


    if bread spoke what would it say! I wonder what's going through the person mind to imagine what a talking bread would say...

    " eat me "

    " hi i'm bread. Spelt with an E..not brad..but it's the same pronouciaiton and no i'm in no way related to the hollywood actor"

    " one of my contents is fermented yeast "

    " wooo~ butter~ spread them thick~ "

    " I'll satisfy you..........r hunger "

    then nuffnang also can check what countries the readers come from
    and i swear jus the other day i saw IRAN....FRICKING A IRANIAN READ MY BLOG! *stunned*

    i'm in love with and want this bag!!!

    but really fucking no money!


    watched The Proposal with baby jus now. I love love love the showwwwwwwwwww~ go watch it if u haven't! i'm going to quote sandra bullock from the movie cos they were having this covnersation..

    magaret: you never told me ya rich!
    andrew: no i'm not rich, my parents are
    magaret: every rich person says that

    yes i'm jus gonna quote that next time a rich kid acts modest.

    and congrats to BASIC FIVES! they got into semi finals! though it means i wun be able to meet baby often cos he got training everyday but thats ok cos i'm happy for them they got into semis *beams =DDDD*

    and also congrats to the other groups and semi-finalists who got in tooooooo~

    oh that day when they were annoucing the semi-finalist, i think nic nearly got heart attack. Cos they were only allowing 20 ppl to semis. so they already annouced 10 names le but still haven called nic's name yet than at #14.. "CHARLES"

    then baby n i jus went to nic and said "eh nic! charles get in! thn if u never get in hor"

    nic jus speechless then remained pretty pale while the rest of us keep disturbing him
    then left last 2 slots then they finally called his name..lol!

    semis is next weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek~ go down and show support yo!

    i super like this photo
    though baby like got "賤" face (don't tell him what's the chi word k =XX)

    加油 baby and basic five =DD

    bread spoke at Monday, August 31, 2009

    Saturday, August 29, 2009





    now let's jus hope i dun fail BIBV =))

    bread spoke at Saturday, August 29, 2009

    Thursday, August 27, 2009

    I can smell it! the holiday!

    ok actually i can't cos i'm down with cold. SUCKS TO MAX! my stupid nose kept running then i couldn't really concentrate on studying

    so retarded~

    and worse off the whole day has been soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cold! oh well

    anyway blogger is being a bytch again. Anyone knows why blogger is like that ? (copy and paste link to see the picture cos cannot even hyperlink links -_____-)


    i'm so nidda sleep now..the medicine is taking effect

    i miss baby~

    bread spoke at Thursday, August 27, 2009

    Wednesday, August 26, 2009


    OMG! my blogger is finally working

    the past few times i came in to blog, the posting page refuse to load properly, so retarded!

    anyways...today's me and baby's 1st mth!


    and coincidentally it's 七七情人節, the white valentine/chinese valentine

    but never really celebrate cos baby got suntec pract and i nidda do my revision

    i hate proteo, but f-it! after friday i'm free!!!!!!!!!

    then i can dance all i want,


    revamp my room,

    learn my jap,

    pract my popping,

    can't wait for friday to come!! woohoo!

    anyways i think im gettin fatter *RAHHH!!!!!*
    time for me to lose those fats~

    i'm gonna snooze now and mug later...damn i hate exams~

    bread spoke at Wednesday, August 26, 2009

    Thursday, August 20, 2009

    Project runway

    Omg like seriously i should be studying but i keep watching project runway and dance videos -____________________________________-

    is like i'm done watching project runway season 1 and project runway canada season 2


    anyway i dun get how a guy's complexion can be so completely-perfectly=flawless!

    freaking austin scarlett is so perfect he's a vampire or smth...really! And he's not really even gay i think..lik jus super flamboyant.

    and Jay mccarroll reminds me of cartmen from south park

    ah dammit i'm seriously shut off to holiday mode
    i have no feel to study!! cos it's lik imagine it ya last exam u'll ever have to study (almost la ...if i go to Uni then its a different story). then everybody ard u dancing...sure shut off de lo.

    it quite zzz cos me and bab's 1st month falls in between my exam =(

    anyway here are the photos for lockdown n suntec~

    karen go cut ya fringe~

    it looks lik robin is telling nic something very funny then nic got semi-stun face then jin jus dun care bout anything and listening to his music

    machiam couple wear =XX

    Ck and fong were host for the day. THen ben lik act cool in this photo =X

    danny's gf

    bab look so lol-ed hahahahahhaha

    i want edison's specs!!!

    Leonard xtra~

    melvin say this photo makes him wanan puke (he jus jealous~)



    guess who? ahahahahahhahahahaa!

    HAHA! i cannot stop laughing when i taking the shot. sorry bro !

    yang yang

    ck sweaty pants


    karen look damn chio in this photo lik seriously

    locking spirit- sleep also must locking pose


    shuai spirit- sleep also must look shuai

    bah!! everytime me n bab take photo will have other people in the the also! bah~

    ok thats all for now...i'm heading to library to study. argh~ proteomic is bah-ed

    bread spoke at Thursday, August 20, 2009

    Sunday, August 16, 2009

    I hate style-biters

    Really now i have come to terms it is literally impossible to owe everything that is individually unique.
    but having the same item but different people with different styles will use the item differently right

    example a cap, u can wear it differently/ decorate it differently right
    ok not so much on the wearing part...jus decorating. i dun like it when i accesories my items then someone do it the same way
    it does't matter u put it on a different side/use different colour. the concept still there. I especially hate it most when the person still act blur when they really did it knowingly

    so yup
    aiya dammit the person in question actually also bite a lot people, so many people told me bout it already...oh well..jus get your own identity

    (i think i sound like a bytch cos write untill lik that but really actually i don't really mind. It jus the person in qns too zzz-ed i got kindda wtf~ but REALLY i dun really mind as long the person is nice also =)) )

    anyway exams are coming soon! dammit!
    and baby's team got into suntec heats! woots! Jia you Basic 5
    and jia you to groov-e and funk technics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and congrats to all the nra teams cos they all got in. everybody jia you ya ^^

    will upload lockdown pix n suntec pix soon~

    bread spoke at Sunday, August 16, 2009

    Thursday, August 06, 2009

    EXZE spoof

    hahah jus now sinyang showed me this.

    original choreo

    Takuya looks damn lost!!
    anyway he is from brandrive and he can dance one...is jus he dunno the choreo nia

    bread spoke at Thursday, August 06, 2009

    Tuesday, August 04, 2009

    Jazreel's 18th bdae!!! (29072009)

    Happy birthday again girl! u are finally 18! a legal age to do almost everything! anyways sorry that we didn't really plan a big surprise for you for such a special year and i felt sucked cos i din prepare present for you =X Anyway hope you enjoyed the day anyways!

    That day after school i chiong down to town to buy the bdae cake for jazreel. But before that, went to Sd to try the chinos i wanted! woohoo! i can fit S lei!! omg! woohoo x 2!!

    ok anyways after that i walked ard taka trying to find somethines for jaz but nth suitable -____-
    then iwent down to bu the cake then i realise....

    DAMMIT MY PHONE LOW BATT! it's lik damn sucky cos my phone once drop to 2 bar, the battery drains damn fast. So in the end i can't call cheryl cos it will drain the battary majorly and i can't msg baby cos it will also kill the battery -___-

    tmd i hate my phone

    Aft buying the cake i literally stuff it inside my bag and went to meet cher n jaz. Of course jaz din suspect anything cos my bag is seemingly too small to fit a cake. Then again the cake also small wad =X

    18 candles!

    the candles were damn lousy! Cos when we reach ION foodcourt, jaz went toilet. Usually jaz go toilet always fastest to come out one so cher n i panicked lik mad setting up the 18 candles and lighting all of them. But apparantly the girl was admiring ION's magnificent toilet (like totally!) and the candle jus melt away. So by the time she came back...the candles only left like half the stump -____- then wax were lik flowing on the surface of the cake and even the chocolate truffle also melting.


    Melting candles

    WOOO~ birthday girl!
    (notice the overflowing wax -______-)

    After that we decided to go cine budden the cake box cui-ed so we made jazreel carry the cake in her hand and walk from ION all the way to orchard with thison her back too...

    ya only 18 once what

    headed to cine to have suki sushi

    The mussles were fab la!! cher n i cleared most of it

    Walked ard cine then went to this really cosy shop selling expensive vintage clothes. in the end cher n i shared money to get jaz the vest she wanted. But the shop really damn nice and cosy~ Is the kind of shop i go in and have the wanna-sleep feeling hahaha

    hanged ard heeren then i suddenly got craving for waffles again so we went to eat again at shokudo (seriously everytime go out with them is eat eat eat and eat =x)

    Cher look like doll

    Happy birthday again girl! haha

    bread spoke at Tuesday, August 04, 2009

    Kenneth (K-Lock) Birthday (26072009)

    Actually it took me quite some while to come to terms we're together lol. i think nobody realised what's going on untill we went up to his house cos the stupid boy got high-ed after one and a half cup of jack daniel's and started acting lik a kid and i had to tend to him. Thanks robin again! ^^

    *credits to yimin for the photos*

    Bbq~ look at the mashmellows at the pit. I think i chiong-ed the most mashmellows cos that the only thing i rmb eating...plus 2 prawns

    marc's super enthu face (LOL)

    i kept thinking justin look like some cartoon character here..then i realise he looks like..

    actually not really this one...is another fish in spongebob =XX

    yimin n me

    Ronald eats n eats n eats n eats n eats n eats......

    Ks' gay pose. Anyways ben tagged u as gayboy in one of the lockdown pictures XD

    all act one nerd only hahz

    Leonard lik act chio here hahaha

    Cake! but it was black forest T_T

    The birthday boy

    Haha! this was probably the dumbest shit that happened that day! Apparantly max kept harassing kenneth by doing gay stuff to him then kenneth ask him to fuck off. So max walk away eating his durian. Then kenneth continue talking then suddenly out of nowhere, a durian seed came flying and hit kenneth on the head

    *note* kenneth hates durian*

    so kenneth chased max and rolled his fat ass into the pool. But since max mentioned his shirt was $100, kenneth only sank half of him. Who knew max drowned himself after that.

    But it was good entertainment hahaha!

    bread spoke at Tuesday, August 04, 2009