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    Friday, January 28, 2005

    after dance went to orchard wiv cheryl to go see funkamania. the opening act was by United Groovers ..kay's in dat grp too n they were so damn cool ok. their every steps are full of energy n they were very neat ok. anyway..our main purpose there was for the sly tee..but the bid starts at 30..n me + cheryl only hav 100 bucks in total so in the end we jus go to far east to shop for clothes. walked the whole lvl one in the end we went to 77th st to buy. i bought a pink tank n black tube then cheryl bought a white tank too. went to eat at smooche.I regretted ordering the chicken wings la..so damn oily lo. but the smooche was very nice la..hehez. reached home bot 10 lik dat..hav ta do eng hmwrk sia..60 vocab words ok!!! muz find meaning n form sentences..haiz...

    bread spoke at Friday, January 28, 2005

    Tuesday, January 25, 2005

    guess wad...


    everything still inside la..except the money...wonder who's the bastard or bitch who took it..oh well..kekez.

    dance today also very tiring la..practice untill veyr xin gu then blue black everything n i had this terrible headache..now still pain..i'm trying to blog afap so i can go rest. then our dance CHAIRMAN dun nid to dance cause she had scraped her knee n arm...argh! unfair! n she kept commenting on us..but frankly speaking..she dun dance as well also lo. wad can we do..she chairman ma..likes by teachers also...*grumbles*

    ok..i better go rest..my headache is getting real bad...

    bread spoke at Tuesday, January 25, 2005

    Monday, January 24, 2005

    KAO BEI!! can't believe how suay i am today lo. 1st.hui qin n yi qian they all told me the crappy guide frm nyp kept askng bout me..but i hack care la. 2nd thing! BIGGEST THING!!


    Then my IC, Ez link n Bee siew's ez link all inside there ok!!! i dun care if every other things gone but all tis muz stay..i tell u..i so damn xin tong lo.

    to ppl living amk area. if u happen to be the one who pick up my wallet..pls return to me..send to police post or my house..i 'll thank ui a million ok!!

    KAO BEI !!! TMD!!! WHY I SO SUAY!!!

    bread spoke at Monday, January 24, 2005

    Saturday, January 22, 2005

    heppp bdae daphney!

    ok..today went to rebond my hair n now i look lik orochimaru from naruto...i mena the hair only la..i hope my hair will somehow fizz up a bit of smth..lol. aft dat went to hav late dinner wiv my mom...ate fishball noodles frm the coffeeshop behind our blk de...i've only gt one thing to say.. " I WAN TO OLD AUNTIE BACK!!"tell u lo..the new auntie cook untill super not nice..the fishball i also can make better than her..oh well..hack care .laj

    jus in case u're curious hw orochimaru look lik..here it is

    ok...i hav much shorter fringe la...n no parting..it's lik all falling on my face..maybe i'll clip my hair..make it side parting or smth...

    bread spoke at Saturday, January 22, 2005

    Friday, January 21, 2005

    went out to meet da gang at cine de LJS..were waiting 4 daphney la..then she came budden she neva sit wiv us..cos of sum reasons..oh well..is my fren ask daphn out de..carn help it la. then we took foto wiv her n let her sign stuffs..cheryl wasn't happpi becoz of sum1. so when daphn left..we also walk wiv her..me n cheryl were walking in front then daphn behind ma..then she saw cheryl lik sad sad then she ask wads wrong bud we jus say it's nth la..oh ya...they bought a pooh 4 her budden is da evon pay one la. den evon n gerene bought her a super big dog plushie which is sOoOoo cute ok!!

    anyway...we went to heeren to take neoprint..on the way dere very werid cos keep on gt ppl staring at the grp of us..muz be thinking where we wiv daphn la. we were lagging behind..as expected. when we reach the neoprint shop..a lot of ppl mob daphn..ask her 4 siggys then they saw us taking neoprint wiv daphn then they also wan n good o daphne din reject them ^_^

    when we waiting..daphne standing in front of me n cheryl ma..then she ask cheryl she ok ma..then cheyrl say ok ..then i din really talk to daphn then she ask me hw's my dance..[cos dat time alvina poa tou me to jerry n daphn dat i bluff my parents i gt dance so i can see them...then she rmb..lol] then i was lik thinking .."wad dance" then i sunddely rmb..then i told her going on fine lo. we were in dif grps to take wiv her so when it's cheyrl, evon, gerene n ine turn..we took one machine is can change the bg by flipping the things..a lot colours de..then when i change the thing to yellow..daphne was lik "ahhH! so nice..cool!" smth lik dat..then we all luff. the thing was in jap then not everyone dere noe so only i choosing the mode n stuff then every1 lik looking at me..so pai seh..lol.aft neoprints..i went to cut my hair..damn short..but at least nw my hair not so qiao le la..lol. came home feeling very sick... cos i'm


    then so xin ku..so i rest on my bro's bed cos my mum put all the clean laudry on my bed..then my bro so good lo! n i'm so damn touched. i put wet towel on my head then he once in a while check the towel then re-wet it..then jus now he bring me water to drink..lol..i'm sure m lucky to have a bratty yet caring bro la..lol. budden my mum..very kaoz..i came home then i rest..she kept screaming at me neva do hosuework n stuff then i hack care her la..so damn noisy lo..then she continue screaming then my dad woke up n he saw the towel on my head..he measure my temperature..then he say very loud "wah! so high..the daugter gt fever!" then my mum went quiet..wahahahahahha...make her so pai seh lo..lol..but can't blame my mom la..maybe she not in good mood..maybe pms or smth. now i'm home alone..waiting 4 them to buy makan gimme..somehow..being sick is good..lol.

    hmmm..when i'm free n feeling better..i'll scan the neoprints then can put at the neoprint section ba....

    bread spoke at Friday, January 21, 2005

    Thursday, January 20, 2005

    wEnt to NYP open house today..gotta admit..it looks newer than NP n there are more hunks dere [ but seriously..i'm currently not interested in any of the hunks dere] ok..dunno why..but we hav 4 guides to bring us ard the campus n there was this really crappy n talkative one ok. my 1st impression of him is a..well...ah gua >.<..but his fren so cool looking..lol. we were then radha, jamuna n i started talking to him cos jamuna wanted to noe a indian guy's name la..then aft dat we started talking bout NP de things..the guy was saying NP very nice cos gt a lot chio bu dere etc then his "boss" turn ard say "hey..u dun 4get..u're NYP de hor..dun promote NP leh" then the guy went opps..lol.

    when we were at SIT [sch of IT] someone gave jamunaa a taufik flag then she also told us where to get it...the crappy guide support sly also then he noe sly de peng you!! then he kept asking us where to get the flag but we neva tell him..lol. aft dat we started walkign ard..the campus looks a bit small...but quite nice la. then we went to lvl one then gt travel agency etc dere then heru went in to book tix bck to indonesia..then he, ryan n ben. tan j.k. din follow us 4 a long time. we went 2 SBM [ sch of business management]. on the way we saw the boooth to get the sly n taufik flags then we took one each and wewave it in front of the crappy guide then he was giving the "i want" expression so i gave mine to him..since i hav a lot at home. aft dat met mdm koh's hubby..cos his one of the lecturere of SMB. aft dat we follow another 2 female guides ard..the crappy gude was waving the flag ard then i say him then he wanted to put in his shirt then me n radha started saying him again..lol. he told us smth we dun believe..he say he frm RJC de..gt 6 pts..but of course..we dun believe la..the nonly jamuna believe..diao..n it realy was a lie..lol.

    went to lvl 1 again then heru they all still inside the travel agency so the crappy guide ask heru buy tix to go where then i say "ard tsunami area la" then he say "hey..not funny ok " then li jiong say "aiya..it's somewhere in indonesia" then the guide tiam2 cos indonesia is wher the tsunami gt hit ma. then he started playing wiv the flag again..then i stare at the flag then stare at him..then he diao me [frankly speaking..he look a bit girlis hwhen he diao] then i look at the flag again..then when i look up...i diao him..lol. me n radha keep saying "eat shit: to him in tamil then he dun understand..lol. then gt oen gal wearing very short skirt walk past then he keep lookin so aft dat..we kept callign him SBB [se bei bei= perverted uncle] i have to leave early so i say byez to eeryone then i say "bye sbb" then he say "bye tigeress" -___-" but i hack care then went to met serina then we left together.

    ok..me n radha concluded smth bout NYP [no offence la]...NYP has a lot of killer staircase n stinky toilets [i think the stinky ones is the guys toielt ba]

    bread spoke at Thursday, January 20, 2005

    Wednesday, January 19, 2005

    NP is my dream sch n now imma so totally in lurve wiv it..dunn0 why..l0l. the life sci c0urses r lyke s0 fun..maybe i'm c0nsidering bi0medi, bi0medi lab tech n health sci. c0s health sci gt study psyc0l0gy stuff..then i intend to work as psycatrist [ skarly i nid da b treated 1st..cos imm famous 4 being siao ma]...but a f0rensic scientist sounds c00l t00...maybe can see dead ppl everyday [nah...maybe not in singapore..] the campus also super big l0..gt shuttle bus to bring u ard but me n wendy din take it..c0s scare g0 0ther place..dunno hw to go bck..lol.

    the CCAz also so cool lo..gt AKIKDO, TSUBASA, TAe-KWAN-DO and of course ..NINJADO...oh my god..frankly speaking..if i go dere..i doubt i will join dance club again..dun look appealing >.<. maybe canoeing also cool but if gt cheerleading club i sure go >.<

    then the stupid KUMAR..so areshole lo. ask us muz muz muz meet outside the atrium at 4..i nthe end he 4.30 then come lo..20+ ppl waiting fer him ehz then cUm le..still dere action..i think he lsot his way in the campus ba..wahahahahahaha!anyway came home kindda tired...tml hav to go NYP..still hav walk there n go bck ourselves..so crappy...n tml i gt a dance performances show to catch at 8..hack care..gonna leave early..lolif anyone interested to go NP..check out their web..*psst...the web is wayyyyyyyyy beta l00kin' than nyp's >.<

    bread spoke at Wednesday, January 19, 2005

    Thursday, January 13, 2005

    today finally took ht n wt and guess wad!/ i grew!! i'm 155 cm! ok..1cm diff may not matter much to u but it does to me >.< cos i have slow growing rate i think. anyway..my wt increase by 1.5 kg sia..if i din eat mac ystd..maybe will maintain..nvm..1.5 kg very ez to jian diao de la. aft ht n wt...the teacher siao one lo..nv warm up or ne thing..make us run ard the field. i think i long time neva run..then kena cramp in the 1st round..then 2nd round left n right gt cramp..very pain..den still hav to run. pe over le is recess...the whole "family" went outside staff room to sit..all almost half dead.

    came home n check out stuff bout polytechnics..i'm targeting NP la..the biomedical course..but if i go NYP..i think i'll sign up for either dip. in phsiotherapy or dip. in radioactive therapy. biomedi is eng muz get 1-6 then 2 other sub muz hav maths n sci..1-6 also. but go into NP for sci courses not ez. Hav to score high for english, maths, 1 related sub and 2 other best sub excluding CCA points. related sub i can use either F&N or sci la..then i can't think of another best sub le..unles..hey..i suddenly rmb chinese..lol. so i think i shld be able to get the course i one la. ii so fed up la..in NYP..2 of the bio- course hav to learn bio in sec sch den my freaking sch does not hav bio..so fock lo! anyway..gotta buzz to do my hmwrk le..somehow...i feel very motivated to study tis yr..lol

    bread spoke at Thursday, January 13, 2005

    Wednesday, January 12, 2005

    woooooooooooo~ i wun be blogging often le cos my dad disconnected the modem so i can only come in here when i have to do hmwrk using the net n doing my F&N coursework.. anyway..today had maths peer tutoring again but i din sit wiv my tutor la..lol..cos he gt another tu di n i dun really lik dat new tudi so i sit wiv wendy n jin juan..who's tutors are danny n xue zun la. so xue zun was teaching jin juan then only once in a while then i ask him and shi gong was SO XIA SUAY LO! he anyhow explain the ans to jin juan..in the end becum jin juan teach him..then all of us there luffing lo..even teach standing behind also luff..then shi gong giv up..dun wan do then went to slp..lol. then Q5..wanted to ask shi gong but i kao myself better then i finish the whole worksheet! aft dat wendy dunno hw to do Q5 so she ask danny..and he explain for so long..wendy ask him repeat again cos dun understand then he explain again..she dun undestand again..lol. so in the end i teach her..3 sentence jiu ok liao..lol..

    After sch went to kb mac with cheyrl, jenny n desiree. actually not sitting next to the glass window de budden change palce cos kindda squeezy. so aft eating we were crapping there suddenly one siao lang walking outside mac knock at the glass window damn loud lo then we all xia dao then he stare at us very long then walk away. after quite long..he walk back again! then i was lik dun wanna see him then we all turn to look at the other side then the mad man kept knockin atr the window lo! then finally he walk away but he was siting at the table outside! then cheyrl nid to go out..so we escort her lo..when me n desiree walk pass him..he shout at us..then saw brandon their grp then i was lik..die..so xia suay. but in the end ask for their help lo. when cheryl n jenny walk past..the mad man neva do anything..so me n cheryl walk to the bus stop then when i turn back..desiree n jenny walk to mac wiv the guys lo..then pang seh me lei! so i call them..wei jian came out to walk back wiv me..then he wei they all luffing lo..so pai seh!! then they ask wad the man do..i act out..but i was luffing..la. aft quite long..the guys went home i think n the 3 of us still in mac la..so when they pass by the window..brandon n dunno who go bang the glass window -___-" so lame. i am so suay lo..everytime go mac sure kena thingsde..dat time was kena ah lian confront nw is this mad man..i dun dare go mac liao sia!!

    bread spoke at Wednesday, January 12, 2005

    Friday, January 07, 2005

    i have this blue cute2 thing hanging at my bag then squeeze wil have sqeaky sound so during lunch break..the whole "family" sitting outside staffroom table then mama sitting next to me then he started playing wiv it n he was so violent lo..stomp on it..then in the end..no sound le! then i so sad sia..kept hitting him. then mama so the thing die liao cos no sound the i say it only go ya ba la then papa oso say die liao..in the end i ask mama help me take my maths text then i go another cls..cos later gonna see them again for english common test. the test so chim lo..thne i rite untill hand pain sia..shall end here...damn tired..whole day at sch..a lot brain cells died..>.<

    bread spoke at Friday, January 07, 2005

    Thursday, January 06, 2005

    wOot- actually today suppose to take hieght at weigth durin PE de then i very scared cos during hols my parents kept fattening me up la then i think i din grow taller la. in the end..the whole one hr..the PE teach were discussing wiv us bout prom nite. there was this part mr siva was trying to convince us to pay more for the niote so can get better things la. then he say get gurmit singh be host la then one of the teachers say ask taufik come also. then siva say "huh..taufik arh..i sylvester la." dunn owad he mean la. then a lot guys making noise la then siva say "u all dun lik sly rite" then one of the guys say "ya..feel lik punching his face" then siva say "aiya..i noe hw it feels when ur girl changes her hp wallpaper from ur face to sly's face" then everyone luff [our PE is the 5 express classes + the 2 sec5 classes]on idiot say wan fullerton hotel..siao sia..one table 1500 bucks lo! then another guy say got alcohol not then siva say "wad!/ alcohol! later u wil lask me to book a room for u then later..rape case" n everyone luff again..then keep say say say untill recess time le..so i'm saved! 1 wk to jian fei! lol.


    i kindda regretting telling her dat lo..cos she keep making fun of me..then nvm lo. she sometimes say untill super loud..lik dat time maths lesson lo..i din realyl say much then she jus shout "u wanan exchange wiv me" kaoz lo..then dat time she nearly blurt out to his fren lo..kaoz ehz. i bet u all experience this rite..everytime u tell ur fren smth..sure ji siao u wan lo. super angry sia..maybe it's my fault la cos i told her in the 1st place de ma. ahhH! wadeva la.i still remember our bet sia..i hope it doesn't happen man..

    bread spoke at Thursday, January 06, 2005

    Wednesday, January 05, 2005

    wOoHoo~ today there was this sec1 thingy..is suppose they go to the cca they choose to join or interestedi n de la then in the end..we hav 14 new juniors! all very cute de nehz then mos hav danc experience de..jus jope they are commited to dance..still remember some of their names. there's another twins..very cute n super flex lo. cca fair dat day..they were auditioned then the 2 of them neva do any warm up..can split liao lo..somemore horizontally also can *faints*. then there was tis gal..cca fair dat day me n yun kai kept coaxing her to join dance but she wanna join red cross..in the she came to dance..wahahahaha. most of them very very guai de nehz..very quiet n fragile-like de..but tell u..once they mix wiv us for long..sure becum ki siao one..look at our sec 3 n sec2 batch jiu noe liao..is we sec4 influence de..lol. [dance kindda lik IMH sia..lol] the twins very easy differtiate who is who..not lik our sec2 de twins..untill now i sitll dunno who is who..lolsch dunno why la..very tiring..everyday go home wanna slp budden gt homework do n stuff then at nite wanna slp cannot slp..die le larz...

    bread spoke at Wednesday, January 05, 2005

    Monday, January 03, 2005

    lol..i super long neva blog liao..can't rmb much bout wad i did last wk..all i noe i went idol-chasing the whole of last wk..lol. FINALLY SCH REOPEN LE!! at least lfie wun be so boring liao..lol. haiz..i jus lsoe another "punching bag"..1st was ameen..who went back to india i think..then nw syafiq..not in my cls le..wahh. anyway..1st 4 periods was in TC's homeroom..so sucky lo..dat liun mei still my TC..argH! gt 2 TC tis year so my 2nd TC is our physics teach..mrs goh..a ratehr sian teacher la >.<. they spot check our attire then i think lin mei super lkk sia. cos now my fringe is slanted..dat means one side is short then becum long la..then is consider neat le..she say very messy..wan me to cut or pin up..no way man. oh ya..chinese gt banding de ma..then i kena promote to 1st cls..which is her cls..shit sia!
    anyway...got our new timetable..super funny de lo













































    common test






    this is madness! 4 periods of maths on friday! 2 b4 recess n 2 aft recess. then our lesson ends at 2.10 everyday except for friday. remedial will only starts when cca stops for sec4s..which is somewhere in may i think..cos syf is ard april..so non-syf ppl..thks us *winks* lol. then my poa teach also change..i think i'll die..cos i 4gt everything i learn last yr! i seriously nid a shi fu!!! f&N coursework paper coming in feb! then sch gt a special room only for F&N, D&T n ARTs student..wahahaha..for us to do our coursework/project de..other students cannot go in de worz..so cool. went to mediacorp wiv cheryl aft sch..joanna n cai fen was dere already..all crapping dere then melissa n sofia came n we finalyl saw their uniform..so cute..lol. super tired from sch still had to go tuition..slept at 1 last nite n woke up automactically at 5..4 hrs ne.. oh ya..our whole "family" in the same english class..lol. papa grew fatter already n i think i saw a double chin >.< i was expecting to see mummy to grow fatter but she din la..lol. shall end here n go to slp liao if not i sure slp in cls tml >.<

    bread spoke at Monday, January 03, 2005

    Saturday, January 01, 2005

    2005 resolution

    i stopped making resolutions when i was 13..cos i always din follow them..lol. but i think i shall do it again cos i think i'm able to follow them BA..lol..here goes.. *`- 2oo5 rEsoLutions...-`* 1. i shall concentrate on my study n not let any idol factor affect me 2. stop being a brat at home >.< 3. i shall not get in curshy thingys THIS YEAR!! 4. i will bash up whoever mentions the word "short" in my face [i swear i grew taller k] 5. i will be frank wiv my parents bout my whereabouts n stop lying to them bout where i'm going 6. stuff at least 200 bucks into my bank acc. 7. maintain my figure [but not my height..of coruse muz grow taller ma] 8. brush up on my maths n accounts..which i seriously nid help in... 9. pass my Os n get into one fricking good poly [ maybe NP or NYP..i dunno] 10. get back my old more cheerful self [ as i grow..i get more depressing..lol] frankly speaking..i bet i'll break one of them..highest possiblity..#5 >.<..oh well..i muz x 10 keep to it!

    bread spoke at Saturday, January 01, 2005