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    Wednesday, August 30, 2006

    Production seating plan

    B: $15
    C: $ 12
    D & E: $10

    Blk A, B, C are the 1st 13 rows in the convention center

    bread spoke at Wednesday, August 30, 2006

    Tuesday, August 29, 2006


    HEY PPL! as u know i've been talking bout nra production for quite awhile and the dates for the event is set!

    This production, DANZATION, is performed by the NRA dance grp from NP. The production comprises of 12 items ranging from latin jazz to modern hip hop. The production will take place at NGEE ANN POLY CONVENTION CENTER on the 11th[sat] and 12th[sun] OF NOV! Tix prices comes at $10, $12 n $15.

    Sof if anyone wants a tic or 2 or more, lemme know by wed 11.30pm cos NRA members are allowed to order the tix from our club secretary on thursday starting from 0000hrs. Its a 1st come 1st serve basis so of cos muz kiasu a bit if not how to get good seats rite...haha

    p.s: when i get the seating plan then i'll post up the pic!

    bread spoke at Tuesday, August 29, 2006

    Friday, August 25, 2006


    ok..aside the voting post...i think i shld do a proper post. GD NEWS! I GOT BCK MY DIGICAM! i din really get it back actually; jus that on abe's bdae i requested to have it back so i can snap some pictures and aft that i jus "forgot" bout giving it bck...muahhahahahahhahaha! yes i am scheming...ahahaha.

    Anyway, i think for once i may.....JUS PASS MY BIO TEST!! YES YES YES! it was so easy!!! haha! so yup. Meet gene in the afternoon to catch the Break Up. before the movie, we jus slacked around ps and i finally bought a watch for work! i used to hav this unique watch bought from marina sq n it's so chic that some ppl dunno how to tell time with that watch but hell i lost it...grr. So anyway i bought this bracelet watch from a booth at the basement and the design was not bad. Look! it shiny and has diamantes on it!

    and about that watch, it's either the watch is too big or my wrist is jus small because the watch slides from my wrist...

    down to the middle of my arm

    i think i have small wrist


    but i still think i'm fat!

    And the movie was so long! it was almost a whole 2 hours! Buti think it's pretty worth watching and i seriously recommend ladies who hav MCPs for husbands or bf to bring their partners to watch it. Maybe it will knock some sense into them. But overall, i think the movie jus wanna tell us we ought to b appreciative to the lil things that people do for us, whether it's a fren or your life partner ; treasuring a relationship; learn to give n accept, we can't expect everyone to suit our taste n style that kind of thing n of course communication~ Gary n Brobe broke was due to gary's selfishness n MCP-ness that drove brobe up the wall n brobe didn't made it clear from the beginning that she actually wanted gary [actually i think gary is damn slow] bck but well, somethings happened n they jus gt further n further apart. The ending was quite dumb btw. It seemed to b a trend in movies to have lame endings now...grr

    Had Thai Express for dinner. Its been soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long since i ate Thai express! I had the prawn omelette with rice while gene hadhis pineapple fried rice. Gene was so lame la...he finished the whole plate of rice wondering where are the pineapples, only to find them lying innocently on one corner of the plate....slow~ =XX

    We ended up at raffles place slacking at caltex house area and they were putting up there alien cardboards...

    the blue one looks pathetic though *chuckles*

    then we went to singapore rive bank n started fiddling with my camera. i Was testing out the nite mode n while the pic was kindda developing or smth i moved the camera out of range then ...

    this...happened! it is the victoria theater btw...looks lik neon lights doesn't it. Then gene n i kept taking random sites lik coyer quay, fullerton hotel, the singapore river boats [are they called bum boats or smth lik dat?] n The oriental

    And we figured the effect will only b nice when there's diff coloured lights. b4 i end, gene added another bear to my collection

    oh and if u notice the bear on the xtreme rite....it looks yellow rite...it does doesn't it. well...the wrapper says orange! so zzz! i think it looks more yellow than...wadeva...when i say its my fave colour..it is then...haha

    bread spoke at Friday, August 25, 2006

    Thursday, August 24, 2006


    anyway i decided to put up a poll...but 1st...the candidates!!

    Big Eyes....heavy-arse baby! but actually quite cute la


    Genius baby! reading a magazine upside down at the age of er...1...maybe 2

    and the poll is...which baby do u think is cuter!

    Battle of the babies
    Big Eyed Michelin
    Baby "Genius"
    Free polls from Pollhost.com

    every vote counts! *yea rite....*

    bread spoke at Thursday, August 24, 2006

    Sunday, August 20, 2006

    goddamn...i've got so much to do during the hols and it's only 7 weeks! i have to

    - do up gene's card
    - change my blogskin [i've beg mascara to help me with html]
    - do up my shoes, means i have to go buy the shoes [sneakers from adicolour]
    - prepare for camp
    - maybe design NMNHNLM's cap / tee [maybe only]

    grr...i havnot enuff time to finish my revision! so much to go thru for OBC! wtf!!!!

    bread spoke at Sunday, August 20, 2006

    Wednesday, August 16, 2006


    ok this is a late post but we celebrated her bdae ystd...i shan't blog bout the events yet cos that gal still haven send me the pic tures....grrr~ so it' revision for me...ABELINA CHEN EN LING! quickly send the neos and pix of the card to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    bread spoke at Wednesday, August 16, 2006

    Monday, August 14, 2006

    Happy 3rd month!

    Gene and i are 3 months! i was lik totally freaked out by our degree of telepathy! cos for almost a whole month im lik working on this postcard journal thing...writing what i want to tell him...DAILY! [wah..damn sadistic can...everyday have to think of new thing to write..nth to write also muz kill brain cells think] and hav to look for postcards constantly. So thats my card for him...27 cards in total! then! guess wad his card is lik?

    Pirates of the CaribbeanPostcards! POSTCARDS! lik...whatthetelepathyhell! and it's not jus one card...but the whole set!

    wahahahahhahahahahaa! but he din get it easily. He had to help the cashier get a girl's number before he was willing to open cashier and sell the postcards to gene [cos gene went to the shop near closing hour]

    and he made stars....guess how many? [lookie! enough to fill a medium Absolute Vodka bottle..}

    152 512 stars!!! and he was a noob to making paper stars...maybe now shld b very good i guess. 512 stars! tell me ...which guy out there would b so patient to sit down and fold 512 paper stars for their gfs. No he's not gay...he's jus being xi xin...lalala.

    I'm one lucky girl i think...be very jealous of me girls..thats unless if your bf is equally good or better than gene... muhahahahhaha !! [i'm one evil brat]

    anyway we watched super ex-girlfriend that day...lame movie but it's funny. Oh and...i saw my bro's dream girl. Cos gene and i went to bishan police post [report his lost ic] and went to j8's yoshinoya for chow. Well...i gotta admit my bro has good taste but er-hem...the girl seem to b taller than him and she looks way mature compared to my bro's cute child-like face =P ok...my bro is a good catch la...cos he is my bro..haha

    Anyway gene spoils me...know mac recently hav those beanie babies?

    he paid for these 3 bears! ahahahahha ! i think i'll buy the rest on my own. There's the ronald macdonald bear but it's so strippy i didn't want to get it eventually. Waiting for the yellow bear though...hehe~

    if u've notice...my photos are all blurry. That;s becos i still ahven got my camera! and i'm lazy to do photoshopping. Guess i really have to chiong work during my 7 week hols. But for now....MUGGING SEASON! to hell with final exams.....grr

    bread spoke at Monday, August 14, 2006

    Friday, August 11, 2006

    FINALLY~ my final exam's practicals are over...OBC's was damn easy...CBO kinda screwed but i'm sure i can manage a pass. Now what's left are my main papers...grrr. 2 big fat chunk of information to memorise; saponification, synthesis of organic compounds, cell cycle, think i'll explode with facts..bahz

    Anyway, my uncle was cremated today. yes...he didn't have a proper funeral and i think thats lik the worse thing. He passed away without ppl knowin, only to b discovered when his body has started decompsing and he can't hav a funeral due to the decomposition. I mean..if speak in terms of chinese tradition, it's not a good way to pass on..without the funeral to aid the soul to enter the netherworld...that kind of thing.

    What made me rather pissed was, before the body was cremated, we had this short service for him in the service hall. So this priest was chanting..telling his soul to pass on and he had to say my uncle's name a few times and there was this time..the priest..FORGOT my uncle's name and he paused a bit to peep at the paper attached to coffin. I'm lik..come on..he's lik already very poor enough to die in such a way so shouldn't the service priest make an effort to rmb his name through the service as a sign of respect. Grr...shan't talk it anymore..my cousins and i jus feel bad inside that we din get to see him and we din talk to him much on sunday. Bah...there's no point regretting now anyway...

    hmm...on slightly happier note..gene and i are gonna hit 3 months...jus amazed at hw time flies though...

    bread spoke at Friday, August 11, 2006

    Wednesday, August 09, 2006

    life is unpredictable

    well..bet u guys had fun on national day. gene and i did untill i received a msg from my mum. I finally got my phone fixed ..upgraded the flimware. Was going to catch Tokyo Drift with gene when my mum msg me saying

    "come home early...6th uncle paseed away"

    i thot i read 6th granduncle then i was puzzled till i called my mum and she told me it's my 6th uncle...found dead in his house and he was dead for lik a day or two. seriously..i was dead stunned. i sort of broke down...at suntec...sry gene..u have to see me cry.

    zll i can say is...life is unpredictable. I jus met my uncle on sun at my cousin's place cos it's my granny's death anni. he was lik still hyperactive and all..then now..sigh

    so ppl...treasure the ppl ard u...u may not know what may happen tmr.

    bread spoke at Wednesday, August 09, 2006

    Happy birthday Singapore

    It national day! Means public hols! means no sch no dance pract and one day out with gene...muhahhahahahahah! anyway, it was damn freaky today...i went to sch, majority of the ppl are wearing either red or white. And b4 that..i got the bus..i saw a big bunch of ppl, all wearing red...talk bout patriotism.

    damn i think i put on a few kg...i nidda go on a diet...maybe jus juice and fruits...grrr~

    bread spoke at Wednesday, August 09, 2006

    Sunday, August 06, 2006

    weeeee~ i passed bio quiz! im addicted to daisy multigrain milk and i hate kylie, a colleague of mine who screw part timers..actually i hate full timers who think oh so highly of themselves and giv us part timers no respect...eat crap!

    bread spoke at Sunday, August 06, 2006

    Tuesday, August 01, 2006

    ah crap~ i think i'll score pretty well for my Bio quiz but i flunked my chem..grr~ practs to study...final exams..coming soon..grr. Dance pract ystd was ok. Started practise for the hokkien song item too...in fact we're finished ! cos it's jus very simple steps, its more on the drama we hav to work on. It's lik so ...argh la! cos the last time i went for suntec dance, dere was also a retro segment and now i kena a retro segment too...but ah well, it's fun.

    btw..someone mentioned i sucked in dancing...well. if u really think im lousy, why not we qie cuo yi xia and prove to yourself that im really lousy. If u hav no guts to battle out then it's better to shut ya trap...lalalala

    bread spoke at Tuesday, August 01, 2006