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    Friday, October 31, 2008

    Amazing lashes and achievment

    I made a breakthrough achievement today..

    everybody knows i hate tomatoes right...

    for the sake of beautiful skin!!!

    yes i'm vain

    i have amazing lashes!
    they are long enough to hang a rubber band on it!
    i know there are people out there with longer lashes but who cares
    i'm a chinese with naturall long lashes =)))

    Terrence taught me basic hits today
    i seriously nidda practise my hits everyday for ken's showcase!
    my hits are so fucking small that if ants see my hit, they'll jus laugh and die *no link*
    50 more days to train!!!!

    i think for whatever you do u have to be humble and have respect for ppl in the same field..especially if they are more experienced than you, whether they are your style or not. Becos if ya too ego, u'll just improve in your own world..you're not gonna breakthrough..

    oh well

    i'm hungry now~ ate so lil today~

    bread spoke at Friday, October 31, 2008

    Wednesday, October 29, 2008

    Food for the soul

    "Dance is the hidden language of the soul"

    it's said your true character will be revealed/expressed in the way u dance.
    so what am i?


    i like allen's choreos! but he's based in Hong kong..4 hours flight from singapore T_T

    i was suppose to go school today but

    - i woke up at 10 when my lesson starts at 9am
    - thot had tutorial at 12 but i realise it's jus a one hour lect
    - the 3 hour practical aft my lect is cancelled so super not motivated to go school


    could had slept longer~

    Tag replies

    Li min: lalala~ your name in IC also spell seperate wad hahah

    nic: yup new goals! but i haven attained any of my goals for this yr!

    WQ: =PPP but ya shoe also nice wad

    chansee: u finally tagged! haha

    bread spoke at Wednesday, October 29, 2008

    Counting Down

    1. 2 more days to November
    (very eventful month)

    2. 5 more days to Kor's bdae

    3. 9 more days to joel and my younger bro's bdae

    4. 17 more days to floor the love
    (KATOON! i seriously think kelvin will own!)

    5. 17 more days to jeremiah's bdae too

    6. 28 more days to kit kat's bdae

    7. 30 more days to MY bdae

    8. 30 more days to li min's bdae

    9. 33 more days to jaei's bdae

    10. 38 more days to completion of House 1
    (should i continue with House 2?)

    11. 52 more days to DANZATION!!!
    (PPL please start buying ya tix!! it's ex but it's worth it! trust me!)

    12. 57 more days to linette's bdae

    13. 58 more days to X'mas

    14. 65 more days to 2009!

    haha i am so bo liao!
    but seriously..November really very eventful. 9/14 events occuring in nov.
    and in 2 months time the year's gonna end
    it's really a long year...


    i don't wanna grow up anymore..

    bread spoke at Wednesday, October 29, 2008

    Tuesday, October 28, 2008


    First thing first..

    (book ya tix before nov.13th!!!)

    shit la! i think i really become pink fanatic...crap!!

    then one that say "just dance" one!!! the 59.90 one!!!

    but the funyn thing is..the price tag says "$69.90" but in the end when i pay out..i only paid $55+ ? i forgot who mentioned but he/she said mayb i was granted staff discount..for wad!? i think its the final price.
    it's not impluse shopping!!! cos it's lik the last piece in singapore already...it's a SIGN!! so i bought the last piece

    and another pink issue...

    PINK AND BLACK!!!! gonna order soon!! nidda ask jon cos he has paypal!!!

    and i'm gonna do extensions...SHOCK PINK AND BLACK!

    if not nintendo comes out a ds in hot pink...i'll go crazy...seriously

    bread spoke at Tuesday, October 28, 2008

    Friday, October 24, 2008

    i missed funka

    bread spoke at Friday, October 24, 2008


    *jaws drop...mao zhan*
    gimme 5 years of 24/7 hardcore dance training mayb i can do half of it.

    sometimes i wonder do the dancers ultimately develope feelings..all the partnerwork and all..hmmm...


    karen: hor!! i tell fb ppl then you know! or skarly gt fb ppl read my blog! haha

    allegra: YAY! TEACH ME TEACH ME TEACH ME!!! or u open one day teach everybody ..even better =DDD

    bread spoke at Friday, October 24, 2008

    Thursday, October 23, 2008

    Money makes the world go around


    this evening allegra sms-ed yew seng this which he annouced to everybody

    Hey..Ppl..Urgent! Ann will ask JP come 2 conduct a workshop tml night in NRA

    when i heard it i damn high la!!

    the msg continues...

    "100 bucks per person"


    the pains of being poor...

    bye JP..*sad*
    nvm maybe next time when i go LA! that is if i do..cos i still have to go japan to look for nanako and tatsuo...awwwww~ but i hope you come back next year!! rahh!!!
    anyway today started FUYO training.
    the choreo is hardcore!
    seriously i super respect bboys who are damn good in footwork and toprocks now!
    *i do toprock like house..bronx become Pas de bourré...crap*

    Jon showed us this on the bus jus now..and we couldn't stop laughing

    bread spoke at Thursday, October 23, 2008

    Wednesday, October 22, 2008

    50 thing that I Like.我愛.私は崇拝する

    You can count this as a random post but no harm knowing what i like right.
    I'm so bored~

    1. i like pink! not any pink but HOT pink SHOCK pink NEON Pink

    2. i like bright colours!

    3. i love ice creams!! ben&jerry + Island creamery is da bomb!

    4. i like flowers! but only small flowers like baby's breath, chamomiles, lavender in big bundles! and RED daisies

    5. i like fancy colourful designs

    6. i love apple desserts! apple pie, apple crumble etc

    7. i like cheescakes!

    8. i adore small animals

    9. i love the rain!

    10. i like jap hip hop and house

    11. i think i like popping more than locking

    12. i like fashion streetwear

    13. i like to be different in a good way

    14. i love sweet stuffs (i think i will get diabetes lik seriously)

    15. i love my friends (sry..i only love selected few =) they know who they are can already)

    16. i like anything japanese

    17. i love dance more than anything

    18. i like NIKE sb series! but i can NEVER find my size (US7/7.5)

    19. i like jeans like artful dodger (fancy in a good way)

    20. i like giving/getting hugs =) (from people i'm ok with of course..not random ppl)

    21. i like strawberries

    22. i like Dublin mudslide most among all ben&jerry flavours

    23. i love mrs field's triple chocolate brownies *heavenly*

    24. i like commercial chocolate than branded chocolate. (snickers, boost, m&m cripy etc)

    25. i like subway's double chocolate cookie

    omg halfway down the list and most of the points are like about food
    it's 2.17am...i think i'll continues tmr..i nid slp!

    bread spoke at Wednesday, October 22, 2008

    Birthday updates

    I super addicted to my blog song now~ super chill song~
    bloody hell i'm gonna b a new member for EYE BAG CLUB. i can seriously feel them and my eyes are always so tired. i think it's the lenses and lack of sleep.
    and with lack of sleep ..i fall sick ...again! today was suppose to go fyp-ing budden i was still down with flu and i woke up with a fucking terrible headache. It was so bad i couldn't fall back to sleep, panadol don't work...HELLAAGONY~


    aha! karen's mistake =X but the other nic birthday was over recently also. woo~ so many nic bdae in oct.
    and nic.ho here's your belated bdae present

    ugly dog soft toy with same bdae. look lik u too!

    For nicole i still super proud of wad i drew lei! although according to kit kat it's something he can draw when he's lik pri sch. But when everybody saw what i draw they all say nice lei! it's the thought that counts anyway lalala~ but crap i forgot to take a pic of it la~ but the concept is lik this..

    but of course i not so dope la haha
    on top of that got her a adidas lanyard too =D

    and now it's lik 1.32 am so it's 22nd oct so

    9 more days to november~

    bread spoke at Wednesday, October 22, 2008

    Tuesday, October 21, 2008


    Yesterday after dance at the bus stop

    *52 finally came aft super long. No 74 os it's already close to midnight*

    ShuFang: OK! Bye 52-ers!
    Me: actually we are 74-ers but due to some CONSUMSTANCES we have to take 52

    i think i was trying to say condition+circumstances at the same time..i dunno what's wrong with me somemore i said it so naturally haha!

    kit kat: i think the word franchise sound like some sort of kiss


    *not for the naive & innocent-minded*

    bread spoke at Tuesday, October 21, 2008

    Monday, October 20, 2008

    tog ci tog ci tog ci

    house is lik damn omg!
    i seriously lik the cls! but then again aft the lesson..every step i take is agony..cannot run cannot climb stairs!! but it's wootsssssssssssssss! i think i sitll have problem with down-bounce..crap.

    anyways ystd aft house, nian shun, yu tong and i met up with kit kat at cathay cos i gt craving for shi lin

    then i saw this super to-die-for shirt at cathay!!
    it's in hot pink and the wordings on the shirt just says "JUST DANCE" in large print and small tabs thats says "just freakin' dance" !!!
    omg i totally fell in love with the shirt! BUT IT'S 59.90!!!!! wth! but its nice! and its HOT PINK!!! i've been like looking for a hot pink shirt for lik damn long..BUT IT'S 59.90!! wah lao!!! but i want to like faster buy the shirt b4 anyone does cos i dun lik to have same thing as people and im very sure if somebody in dance see it sure buy one...BUT ITS 59.90!!

    HOW!!! IT's FREAKIN 59.90!!!!!

    anyways i ate like a lot ystd!! 3 subway cookie, 1 bowl of mee sua, 1 packet of shilin chicken but gt share, 1 cup of dope milk tea!! alot lo! then the day before xiang tian complaining i like become heavier..crap!

    then after that go cine eat again! ultimate la! cos aft we watch house bunny, nian shun say wanna try shokudo (it means canteen in japanese!) then me and kit kat order 1 waffle&ice-cream each. Then kit kat eat half then wanna die already..i completed the whole waffle!

    shit i think i will get fat!!! no!!!!

    actually this is a pretty pointless entry.
    hmm...i blog smth more productive one day...
    one day!

    dammit i missed JP san!! knn!

    ok im pretty sure i will buy the 2nd one! cos too chio liao! but the nike sb de also quite nice lei..er...my bdae 27nov!!!!

    limin: lol nvm..i no $$~ only gt enuff money to buy 1 pair of shoes haha

    ks: shit! i thot the entry already gone liao. anyway i wasn't exactly in a great state of mind when i typed that...and i seriously think u stalk ya blog 24/7. lik ppl tag then u reply pretty fast! wth!

    i don't get how those people find it so easy to be fake. i nearly died trying to..but i survived. But everytime i talk to that person i have the urge to lik i dunno..stab that person multiple times in the eye cos it'll b so painful? sadistic..but seriously..dammit..

    bread spoke at Monday, October 20, 2008

    Sunday, October 19, 2008


    i'll blog bout house tmr!
    but this is way too important!!

    i can't decide wad i want!!!!!!!!!!!
    cos i wanna buy new shoe but i saw 3 that i really like!! but i can't decide which to get
    anyway this time the shoe i buy i wun wear for dance lo..else ltr cui i damn gek xim..

    shld i get


    or this

    or this

    pls tag and comment

    bread spoke at Sunday, October 19, 2008

    Saturday, October 18, 2008


    no not terms&conditions
    but treasure & cherish..

    i dunno. a lot things had been happening recently.
    to me..to my friends..

    i just feel that everything in life has its value.
    Whatever good that happens to you or you have now..jus really treasure it lik nobody's business! because you'll really dunno what will happen the next day, the next hour, the next minute or even the next second.
    don't wait untill you lose it then u start to realise the value..how important things/people are to you. But i think it's just humans..we jus tend to take things for granted most of the time..

    then there are also things that are totally not worthy at all.
    no matter how much time, effort, energy, emotions you put in, you jus reap nothing
    this kind of things...it's best to just throw it all behind.
    it's hard but seriously i think u will feel better if you do
    especially sometimes if u find out the ugly side of things..
    but then again..it's just humans..we scare later we regret


    how ironic la!
    we always take good things for granted..then ponder over bad things cos we scare later regret..
    if only we can switch the mentality..i think life would be so much more pleasant right.

    i just hope everybody who's at their lowest point now to get stronger everyday and be truly happy. jia you!

    ok i going to watch project runway and sleep
    dance tmr! house!!

    bread spoke at Saturday, October 18, 2008

    Thursday, October 16, 2008


    I seriously just lost the feel to blog again cos i saw the amount of pictures i have to enhance and my laptop is bloody lag! can't wait for my desktop to move to my room! i think bloggin' is really seasonal. sometimes u wanna blog a lot then sometimes u totally no feel to blog at all ..werid

    anyway for the 1st time in 3 weeks, i felt truly relieved and happy.

    just now when i was coming home..i chua sai lo!
    cause i stay on the 25th floor. So i was taking the lift up alone then suddenly lift stop at story 13!
    then nobody standing outside the lift then i was lik "omg shit no way" then i keep pressing the close button the door refuses to close!!!!!!

    then suddenly one living normal looking gal step into view and asked
    "this is going up rite? nvm then thks"

    wth! if seriously nobody i think i will freak out lik why suddenly my lift stop at story 13 for no reason!

    time seriously flies! 1 wk of sch gone just lik that! i dunno is that good or bad but i still hate fyp and i still have problems waking up..omg la~

    House course starting this sat! damn excited! woots! but this sat i sure rush untill squeeze balls.
    cos 12-2 gt rehearsal in school! then i have only 1 hour to get down to O school! pls help me pray that all the buses come at nice timing for me!! lik i jus reach the bus stop the bus reach ..else i sure panick!

    by the way..i super addicted to this video now

    expression gao gao. Then when i watch the last part i hair stand..too dope already~
    Full out: doesn't mean whack energy. It's to fully execute the lines and angels of the steps and the expression of the dance

    it's 12.25am now i nidda go watch project runway and sleep..gawd~

    bread spoke at Thursday, October 16, 2008

    asshole of the year

    Actually i wanna blog bout happy stuff but i just found out something which is seriously "KNNWHATTHEFUCK!"

    fucking asshole of an indespicable cunt!
    *incoherent but i don't care cos as you see i'm pissed beyond words*
    i never felt i will meet this kind of people in my life. thanks a whole lot fucker for opening my eyes to the existence of people like you.

    can't believe i was so stupid! so disgusted now! like totally!

    it's not who y'all thinking..don't bother guessing who is it cos you wun be able to. you can try asking me on msn; i may or may not tell you. if anyone knows..just don't tag about it ok! i jus nidda fa xie! But seriously this person is lik probably the worse person i've known in my life.

    bread spoke at Thursday, October 16, 2008

    Tuesday, October 14, 2008

    First day of school...

    wasn't really a day for me la! cos i no lesson! hahaha! only did some fyp stuff then went to O school to register for house course

    It's this sat! woohoo! kindda excited! although i think i will die! but its ok! i love house!!!

    anyway i wanna tell everyone something. Drinking cold stuff during menstration does not lead to cancer -__-

    because cancer tumour growth are caused by cells with mutated genes! yes wad you eat can indirectly affect your genes so when people say eat chao ta things can giv cancer is true but...wth! dirnk cold water get cancer is wrong! can't believe ppl believe this kind of thing.

    ok im going to sleep..super tired despite no lesson cos i slept at 4 and woke up at 9 to go school!
    jia you for school everyone!

    bread spoke at Tuesday, October 14, 2008

    Monday, October 13, 2008

    NO FEEL!

    You know when you're still a kid then everytime 1st day of school you will cling onto your mum and refuse to go into school?

    i'm seriously feeling that again.


    and my timetable sucks

    i hate the breaks! anybody same breaktime call me!
    anyway now u all know my timetable...
    PLEASE ! FEEL FREE TO DISTURB ME!! SERIOUSLY! except fot times when i have practical..and that will be last 3 hours on wed and first 3 hours on fri.
    really pls disturb me else i think i will die

    and my classes are all over the place lo! heng only happens in odd weeks
    but still school sucks.

    i think it's just the thought of having to do fyp that made everything sucks...dammit

    enough of sch talk!

    finally went out with caryn nikki and denyse today!
    nikki jus came back from japan *envys*

    oh at bugis village...caryn and i tried on wigs. and i decided....

    i seriously cannot cut short hair!!!! my face look damn round la! thks to my high cheekbones..dammit!

    caryn mentioned smth today which i also just realised..

    we hang out so long...we still manage to keep our own style ..

    you can't really see from this pictures but i'm glad we are different lo. You know how sometimes u see a bunch of gals hang out, then everything from their hair to their bags to their fashion sense all same! like clone like that wth!

    was suppose to go Aston's for dinner cos i craving for the pasta and potato salad..in the end we went ramen-ing instead cos ramen cravings at stronger =D

    while at ajisen, we were on the topic on relationships. Seriously i dunno is it seasonal or wad but everybody is having trouble with relationships now. One part of the conver went lik this

    caryn: i think puppy love is like very pure
    nikki: ya! lik sec sch then lik pass by the classroom...

    *then nik n caryn con't talking bout r/s in sec sch lik so dan chun all

    me: i never experience puppy love lo
    *yes in sec sch i only secret admire ppl and kena reject only..how

    caryn: nvm u still do in poly wad
    denyse: ya la! i think by the time i fall in love will be "OLD BITCH love" le lo

    ok maybe u all don't find it funny but it's really damn lame haha
    and caryn is so sure that i'll get attached again in time to come -_____-

    where gt so easy!?
    plus my basic requirement is he must have strong passion for dance also
    how many passionate dancers are there in singapore?
    and other than that i also DETEST smelly,untidy and messy guys
    i wun even mind if he's a neat-freak or man-vain lo..at least it means he care bout how he present himself to others
    and i don't lik buff guys
    so what are the chances i do meet neat-freak skinny dancers that looks passable soon? ZERO!!

    ok not gonna say anymore...else i sound like i really looking for bf lik that..sheeshz

    in anyways..i'm just gonna enjoy singlehood and dance. finish my goddamn diploma and fly off to japan for a year to dance then heng heng get a japanese bf *zi high*

    it 1.20am now...seriously no feel for school...dammit!

    bread spoke at Monday, October 13, 2008

    Sunday, October 12, 2008

    clumsy change

    Woohoo i just got back from night safari. Was there to see the halloween thingy then since caryn n denyse work at the zoo...i've gt discount! then i tell u seriously working in the zoo is an incentive itself lo! like everywhere they go eat gt discount and it's mad discount la!\

    for example, the normal milkeshake u buy at Ben&jerry's is lik $9 plus rite? i got it for only 6+ with whipped cream cos i used caryn's nametag haha.

    ok anyway anyone who is intending to go night safari for the halloween thingy...it is not scary at all lo!! seriously not scary at all. When everyone was screaming their ass off on the tram ride because mummies, scream and pontinak will lik jus run up the tram and scare u...i was laughing my head off haha!

    then when we walking the trail, we still can ask the scarers what direction to go after he attempted to scare us.

    i think too season from all the camp nightwalks already haha

    anyway i dunno what's wrong with me lo! like super clumsy! i sprain my thumb on wed. Then today while i was cutting apples, i cut myself. and it hasn't really stop bleeding. I had to stop halfway while typing cos blood is oozing out from the wound again -.- ithink it's a pretty deep cut..hmmm...

    then jus now i bang my head against the table in the kitchen...wth!

    i wanna do smth to my hair!!! as in change smth before i do my extensions. I've been having bangs for like the longest time!!!

    i once wanted to do my hair something lik that...

    but instead of blond i wanted to dye ash-grey...
    WHAT!? i know its extreme but its cool lei! but i can't pull it off for sure cos my features not sharp enough. But it's easier to imagine me with this kind of hairstyle rather than...

    right? hard to imagine me going all girly right haha! speaking of hair...i super like Agyness Deyn!!
    she's like the only model i super woah-ed by! in case nobody know who she is...

    Agyness Deyn

    known for her signature short hair..and she's damn hot! most of the time u only see models with long tresses...boring!
    anyway lsct people...i think if agyness grow old she will look lik our Immuno lecturer

    ok back to me...I DUNNO WHAT TO DO WITH MY HAIR!
    i definitely wouldn't cut it short! i may wanna keep my hair black
    so i can have my black and hot pink extensions
    or should i dye my whole head platinum blonde..then add pink extensions..hmm...
    actually now i jus hate my fringe...ahaha!

    bread spoke at Sunday, October 12, 2008

    Saturday, October 11, 2008

    house fever

    i seriously happy dao can fly to heaven liao
    tatsuo from glasshopper replied my msg-comment on youtube !!
    but bloody hell! i forgot to printscreen it when i 1st saw it..then jus now when i gt home i cannot login to youtube *wah lao*
    ok but anyways..
    now i'm seriously motivated to start house

    tatsuo's solo

    i know i've been all talk bout starting house but untill now haven even start yet right ..now im seriously going into it le..REALLY!!!!

    please help me pray i don't have rehearsals on sat between 2-4pm from 18oct to 6dec cos i'm intending to take house basic course at o school.
    and it's my 1st time taking cls at o school lo!
    and i dunno whr is o school!! seriously! i know o school for so long i still dunno whr is it then i only know studio wu lik awhile then i already seen b4 the SMU branch..a bit lol rite hahaha

    anyways i dunno is it because of my mood, but when i look out of the window today when i woke up...the sky damn pretty

    i know it's like random but i'll jus suddenly feel happy if i see a pretty sky
    appreciate small things in life =)

    oh i jus recalled wad limin said a long time ago

    according to limin...

    MacDonald is a LOCKER

    Ccolonel sanders of KFC is a POPPER

    i bet a lot people dunno he's call colonel sanders right!
    u all jus call him the KFC old man! haha!

    anyway dance people u all know who's GoGo brothers right? you know they do locking right? gt see them do POPPING before? if u gt see before then good lo but i slow la..i jus realise yesterday only when i was looking for Main Street 2008 at 56.com

    was bloghopping then i saw this one someone's blog

    But those who really gain my respect are those who are still together despite
    the shit ass they've went through. What misunderstandings la, not time for each
    other, and all the seeming impossibly-irrational stuff that will happen.
    i wanna tag that person "in the real world not everybody is like" and "not a lot of ya not-so-young-friends de advice can listen hor!pick the right one."...but of course i never tag la! lik i don't really know him...super werid. and whoever knows who's blog i hop to don't alert the person can...sure freak out de lo haha

    YES! i am ok! i already 看开了. it's just the damage is still there...it takes time =)
    also usually after breakup/rejection, no matter how friends say u can find someone better...u will just feel u'll never find someone like him cos he's lik the best already? funny eh? the world has an average population of 6 billion and yet only a handful can actually catch ya heart and out of that handful there'll only be 2 you'll truly love in your lifetime.

    school reopening....i don't wantttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!

    bread spoke at Saturday, October 11, 2008

    Friday, October 10, 2008


    before i start my entry..

    this is my new fave dance grp~~~

    their choreo for "little weapon" damn tight!
    but i still like 7down8upper and Oh Girl!

    and today...i didn't waste money! i can feel the chicken cutlet and Mcflurry digesting even though i have the urge to puke again..but at least they are digesting =)

    was reading through our old chat logs today; really somethings we say damn lame damn kuku..theres a lot sweet times also but slowly can see the transition towards end of sep. I realise everything happen during the holidays, from the day we 1st know each other to the end..all during holidays. So i guess i can say my holiday was pretty eventful? hmmm..
    (after this..i realise i'm not as strong as i thought i am..screw it)

    oh well, sch is starting after a long break for me (really very long..i din study for half a sem+this holiday). I hope things will get better in the new semester..but i'm seriously not looking forward to school

    i dread sch, the thought of having to take modules with year2s and fyp is serioulsy making me sick. i hope the sem pass fast la~~~~

    wah lao now i piss off with myself...if i never fail maths in yr 1...i would graduate in april'09, then mayb i would had end up in a different sem lik i would be doing iap now instead of last sem..

    school would be such a bore...


    by school not jus restricted to ngee ann hor. say cheryl ah, jazreel ah, karen ah, edison ah etc...ahahahaha!

    i think the sch-reopen-withdrawal symptons are already hitting me


    bread spoke at Friday, October 10, 2008

    Thursday, October 09, 2008

    Could had been

    It's the 9th today? do you rmb?

    woke up with the same sucky feeling, but it's not as bad as the past 3 days...
    and wth!
    i woke up to find my injured thumb super swelled up..sucks!
    i can't even squeeze toothpaste properly lo
    i think i should go to a sinseh, but i think i'll die from the pain...i think i'll just leave it hmmm..

    and the irony of things..why would a breakup cause someone to breakdown?

    bread spoke at Thursday, October 09, 2008

    Song for Wangqin's showcase..

    seriously feelin' the song during practise today...
    it's only day 3..i'll get over soon i hope...

    that aside..got quite a scare today...never felt so weak before..thks jon seriously
    why is it when a person is not emotionally stable their physical condition also get affected?

    well if this state makes me thinner (seriously never had proper digested meal for like a wk? i puke wad i eat) and dance super gt feel..why not?

    aha im not so stupid, like wad jon said...it's jus a phase..

    bloody hell i sprain my thumb from bboy again..same injury as last time la ! but this time was not as bad as the last, i think now only the cartilage affected?
    but thumb area injured very sian..i can't even open a bottle cap without feeling pain..cannot even bend my thumb wth. even when i type also feel the strain.

    argh piss off..

    so tired ..i seriously need sleep. Please pray that i dun wake up at 9+am..cos i'll wake with a sucky feeling and most probably can't fall back to sleep..zzz.
    may tmr be a better day

    dance makes my world go ard

    bread spoke at Thursday, October 09, 2008

    Wednesday, October 08, 2008

    I wish I could walk away from what we had...
    But I can't...
    Because I know you wouldn't come after me and that's what hurts the most.

    i guess time will make you forget me
    but maybe it will make me love you more than before.
    its just my biggerst fear is that one day we see each other and we can only have an artificial conversation..

    bread spoke at Wednesday, October 08, 2008

    Tuesday, October 07, 2008

    Day 2

    Woke up with the same suffocating feeling i had ystd morning..

    went for fyp before going to studio to pract b4 meeting melise to go scout for shirt printings.

    went to queensway..
    went to suntec..
    went to penisula..

    and melise sua ku!! she din noe The Cathay is call Cathay -.-
    then she super impressed -___-
    i think next time her bf will have a easy time trying to impress her cos she's so easily impressed haha.

    it's seriously not less painful than you thought...this is long pain...
    last time i use to only feel doubtful, but at least i noe u may still care
    now i literally feel like an empty shell.
    nth to look forward to, no direction to go to, i can't feel anything (literally..i haven eaten much today and i still don't feel hungry),
    still reminded of you by things ard me, i dunno what you're thinking....

    i just feel i can't be truly happy *sucks*
    how can i not feel this way right? when the only person i feel can stop my crying is the one making me cry
    why is it so hard..i just wish this could be easier....

    what bout you? how's ya day? i hope ya doing fine training..improving everyday...

    bread spoke at Tuesday, October 07, 2008

    Tanglin training today is wooootslalalalalalalalalalalalalalala~
    i dunno what i typing but darren..ko night red line darren choreo for tanglin sec item
    *proud face: ahah darren fans jealous not? somemore i eat dinner with him lei hahahaha!*

    ok zhong dian is he today chong finish his choreo...madness.!!!!! but the choreo is those chill+but damn fricking tiring kind. It's either the choreo is tiring or i super long never lik that chiong choreo liao haha

    then then then!! aft darren's session...smth kindda fucked up happen! i can't say it here because it wun sound very nice

    *so not me right!!! if i gt anything i not happy with i sure type rite! but no! cos i grow up liao -ultimate bullshit hahah- *

    but i just feel what he's doing is not very nice as a guest instructor

    then today Jon keep saying a lot wrong things untill we all bao xiao can

    Jon: ok last row u all stand in the middle of this lan (lane)
    Jon: ok ready...fry(five) six seven eight

    me: eh jon u must join us once in awhile else ltr u come in u gabera
    Jon: are u questioner (questioning) me?

    i think i damn bad haha


    i removed my previous post cause too many people asking and i just don't like it. It's not i don't appreciate the concern, i really do..i jus don't feel comfortable k.

    What's impt is the person concered read it. Which i'm not sure if that person did.
    fyi..in case whoever read the entry thot it was cheesy...i seriously had that dream..it's just scary when i thot bout the situation..

    i doubt i'll ever forget..what happen at queensway, the stairway at suntec, the bus journey to cathay on 9th sep a lot more...
    what's gone is gone, maybe it'll come back someday? i dunno. I just know i have to become myself again and stop making my friends worry. It'll take time, i dunno how long...maybe 5 weeks ltr i'll still be stuck..*sigh*
    i still can't bear to change my hp wallpaper *knnmyself*

    well it's only day 1, long way to go steph!

    bread spoke at Tuesday, October 07, 2008

    Monday, October 06, 2008



    i was blog hopping ystd then i saw this on shane's blog!!!!

    super long ago budden main thing is...don't look at the ah ma...focus on the bboys!!!

    then at bout 1.22 see jon's expression after he finish his 2000


    tanglin practise starting on monday...so that means other items also will...fuyo pract soon~ i wonder what is it gonna be like. skarly intensive bgirl training..omg
    and smu training! chien yen +fredy's choreo *high*


    everything is becoming a habit..including waiting..
    people sure say i damn stupid but i'll jus treat the current situation as if
    my bf went overseas to study and is having exams
    i'm not stupid..mayb silly..
    i'm not deceiving myself..just holding on to faith

    i just wanna hear your voice now
    so i can figure how you feel
    sleep early k

    bread spoke at Monday, October 06, 2008

    Sunday, October 05, 2008

    Gay watch

    Seriously i dunno why..today i went ben&jerry-ing with kit kat at cathay. Then we keep seeing gays lo! like seriously a lot.

    1. gay couple...comfirm is cause would 2 大男人 feed each other ice cream and sit untill damn close then the 眼神 they have when they talk to each other also a bit...gay?

    2. There's this group of guys sitting in front of us...ok they are not gay but their actions is ultimate. Lik girls go out lik dat...keep 自拍-ing then like how girls behave la when we are in a group

    3. gay couples at heeren

    seriously a lot. I think must b the gay talk kit n i were having.

    Then went studio cos i wanted to practise and i seriously didn't wanna go home la, jus wanna hang out outside. Then in the end watch videos and pract a bit only then went KAP with the rest cos they all finish pract early! woohoo~

    i dunno.. it jus feels good to be around friends =D
    dance pract tmr!

    sch is reopening...i simply don't anticipate it...i jus wanna dance and dance and dance everyday and do nothing else!!!!


    bread spoke at Sunday, October 05, 2008

    a nightmare


    everybody was dying around me
    my friends, my family, you..
    no matter what i try to do nothing worked
    i was getting desperate then i woke up
    in tears
    then i realise how important everybody is to me



    i check my phone...no sms
    *mayb you were too tired to msg a goodnight like you use to*
    i saw you online but i guess i don't have the courage to msn you...so stupid right...

    it's a day since i last heard from you...
    i have the urge to find you but i know you wun like it
    so i'll just wait

    4 more days to a month
    12 more days to your special day
    41 more days to ftl

    it's not a long wait =)

    *this is lik the umpteen time i edited this post*
    i guess a lot things and emotions running thru my mind now
    the fear, the anxiety, the longing

    gal u know you have to stop, because u have to strong
    stop thinking
    stop feeling
    stop crying
    cos now nth is within your control...just have a lil faith...

    ps: don't you see...사랑해요, 저를 나의 사랑을 공유하는 기회가 있는 시키십시오

    bread spoke at Sunday, October 05, 2008

    Bras and Blangahs

    i just remembered smth nic(ole) and i said on wednesday...

    nic(ole): Hey! Telok Blangah is made of blangahs!
    me: Bras Basah is made of bras!

    KAREN 克罗地亚 m says:
    KAREN 克罗地亚 m says:
    ..-mianbao]- ____恋空 says:
    im gonna sleep my day away tmr ahaha
    ..-mianbao]- ____恋空 says:
    *hugs* too

    just vividly remind me of you...

    bread spoke at Sunday, October 05, 2008

    Saturday, October 04, 2008

    From today i will learn to be a strong gal
    i'll be as happy as i can
    so should anything happen
    you'll still see me smiling...

    i think we're both confused now
    so i'll just leave you alone now to sort out your thoughts

    i just think 1month is too short
    so many things we haven done together
    so little we know
    i just hope don't want it to end before it even begin

    a breakthrough is just what we need..

    bread spoke at Saturday, October 04, 2008

    Friday, October 03, 2008

    a SMS from you

    Time/date: 2008/09/07 03:26
    from: ___.___

    No matter what our
    relationship is, u're still my dear girl. :)

    i hope i'm still am
    and will still be in time to come..

    because i have never love someone more than i love myself till the extent where i can't help but
    feel guilty when i don't know how you feel, whether happy, sad or angry
    feel helpless when i can't help you in anything
    and when i feel i'm gonna lose you, i felt i died inside, lost..

    please hold on...


    Bobby Valentino
    -Turn The Page-

    Then it started to feel like my heart jumped out my chest
    Felt like I lost my breath
    This is not how we're supposed 2 be (baby)
    The story has juss begun
    We've only turn the page once
    And trust me this is such a beautiful one, baby

    You don't have 2 turn the page
    I read the story
    It ends with you and me
    You don't have to walk away
    The story will change
    Baby please don't turn the page

    No don't give it up
    Try 2 believe what I'm seein in us

    now i wished i never said those things to you,
    things would not have turned out this way ...

    whatever you're thinking, i don't want you to rush it.
    but i hope whatever answer ya gonna give me, i want you to tell me in person

    telling me face to face, looking at me in the eye
    promise me that k?

    bread spoke at Friday, October 03, 2008

    Thursday, October 02, 2008

    Back cui

    How did you spend your Children's Day??

    Today i TMD tired! and i never do much; only went to eat steamboat with nra people
    the steamboat place gives out free flow of ohmyfuckingodultimatedopeshit fried bananas!!! but i only had 1 hr to eat cos gt wangqin's showcase

    shall wait for nic(ole)+shaomin+xiaobei for photos from their cam!

    Then during today's practise..i dunno why...super gt feel
    maybe it's the song (Little miss obsessive by ashlee simpsons)?
    the lyrics of it?
    oh well nvm.. 我想开了 =)
    it's a tough competition but 加油! 加油! 加油! seriously jus concentrate on training...44 days is not very long...

    but seriously wangqin's showcase is damn exhuasting!! nvm can train stamina!

    and limin! if u are reeading this hor...u have to do lifting lei!!! hahahahahhahaha!

    ok anyways, aft steffi showcase ystd my back seriously cui. Cos prolong arching of my back is damn damaging *precisely why i don't lik gal style...bad for my back*

    It's not even the muscle, it feels lik its the bone lo !!!
    i can't sit too long, i can't stand too long, i have to gek my core so to ease the pain

    dammit...i hate the thot of having somewhere injured...

    everybody please pray no major injury will b inflicted as rehearsal continues.

    woo i damn happy for being in SMU showcase!
    because Chien Yen is choreo-ing! woots!
    she is using the song "American boy"! double woots!
    Fredy also choreo-ing! woots!
    and i think most practises will be at SMU! ultimate woots!

    dance makes me happy =DDD

    before i end this post

    bread spoke at Thursday, October 02, 2008

    Wednesday, October 01, 2008

    I miss

    I miss the times you nag at me to sleep early, to take care during dance

    I miss the phone calls that last till the wee hours with you

    I miss your "goodnights"

    I miss the times we call each other stupid boy/girl/face

    I miss you calling me baby girl/dear

    I miss the msn-ing with you

    I miss the hugs

    I miss your random hits and rolls

    I miss the kuku faces you make (stupid face)

    I miss the times in early september, cause those times were the best

    I miss spending time with you

    I miss the stupid racist comments u always make

    I miss it when you always try to cheer me up

    I miss your random sms-es

    I miss chasing u to sleep which you always wouldn't..and vice versa

    I just miss you stupid dada...

    Make It Work - Ne-Yo (feat. Hay-Lo)


    When a girl is in love with a guy, no matter how the guy treats her, she still loves him because she accepts him for who he is.

    i hope you read this. actually it's really nothing, i'm not asking for much
    I just wish every now and then that you would sms or maybe even call thats all
    feelings for you wouldn't fade because i think all the more i will learn to treasure you

    i hope it doesn't end like that


    happy children's day people!

    bread spoke at Wednesday, October 01, 2008