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    Monday, September 28, 2009

    because of such situation ...
    i now stuck with a diploma in molecular biotechnology and i can't do a degree in Early childhood education

    so next time seriously don't fooled by ya parents jus go do what you want.
    and the thing bout most ngee ann diploma can go for any degree course is not necessary true

    praying Wheelock college will open up their bridging programe thingy by next year =/

    anyway 中秋節 is coming up.
    by right the english version is call Mid-Autumn festival rite~

    how come most people say lantern festival or mooncake festival.
    its not exactly the festival where lantern holds a huge significance right
    Tea also commonly associated with mid-autumn festival ma...
    how come don't call it Tea festival?
    or Chang E' festival?


    bread spoke at Monday, September 28, 2009

    i came online to change my blog songs
    then after choosing and changing for 2 hours...i still decided to stick to the same song -_____-

    funny how u can almost find a song to express

    anyways during jap class today our teacher was teaching us how to lik ask ppl out and how to reply so example ..

    Q: isshouni hirugohan o tabemasenka (wanna go eat lunch together)
    A: hai! iidesune, tabemashou (ok! let's go eat together )
    A: sumimasen..chotto (sorry..no)

    so after that i was telling jazreel bout it then she loosely translated the rejection as...

    jaz: i thot chotto means wait *turns to cheryl* eh ask me out in english
    cher: er...u wanna go out?
    jaz: sorry...wait....
    me: aiya some jap words got lik doule meaning wad
    cher: ya korean also..lik when reject we say xx but xx also means a bit (xx= i jus dunno the word la)
    jaz: so imagine lik become.."sorry..a bit..."

    aiya super no link...i'm jus babbeling~ bah~
    woohoo! zoo called me today to tell me i have a 1-day job assessment so if i do well on that day they'll hire me officially! woohoo! but it also means i have to dye my hair into a darker tone =(

    my hair very bright meh ?? =/

    wadeva! got job = $$ !!

    cher: ok go back im going to revise all my korean notes then u go back revise all ya jap notes then when work can use *then start speaking random korean which i know nuts of*

    crawling out of bed at 7am on tuesday....it'll b a challenge~

    bread spoke at Monday, September 28, 2009

    Saturday, September 26, 2009

    F1 ??

    seriously whats the big deal bout F1?
    say the car makes 16 laps. U'll only see the car for lik 16 secs right (let's jus say it takes 1 sec to past u) n mayb when it's at the pit stop right?

    so kindda like why everybody making a big fuss out of it..hmm

    bread spoke at Saturday, September 26, 2009

    Thursday, September 24, 2009

    This sucks...
    but i guess i jus have to bear with it awhile more..

    actually after doing my hair..there's one qns that kept running in my mind..but yutong bought it up today...

    tong: eh mianbao, if u stand under the spotlight for too long...will your hair catch fire?
    me: i dunno lei! i also thinking bout it..

    cos my hair dry untill can trigger bushfire hahahahahaha!
    then jus now on the phone baby said..

    ken: ....*smth*...go find ya zookeeper la
    me: -____- ya i talking to him now

    i'm glad recently the weather has been quite rainy n cold...pretty much sunless
    i wish it'll always b like that haha!
    but really lik since the past month my eyes are lik photo-sensitive or smth
    lik if im in very bright light my eyes will hurt
    so the current weather is quite a relief...not that i do lik sunny weather in the 1st place

    now that i have photo-sensitive eyes...mayb soon i will develope bloodlust
    the i will start having inhuman speed n strength and...

    ok im bullcrapping
    too much twilight saga already ~

    September's ending..i hope things will turn better in october~

    p/s: you know sometimes u really 有口难言 then u have to say things so it wouldn't upset the other party or make them feel bad...ok...it'll pass....

    bread spoke at Thursday, September 24, 2009

    Wednesday, September 23, 2009

    Jus watched Time traveler's wife with cher n jaz jus now.
    Seriously i thought the book was way better. The movie was kindda rushed through and they changed n cut a few important stuff

    anyways while waiting for the movie to start they were showing those coming-soon-movies trailers then they were showing the trailer for "My sister keeper"
    apparantly its another novel-adaption movie. AND! watching the trailer already made people feel like crying, i can't imagine what happens when you watch the whole movie

    now i wanna get the book! argh!
    but i'm only left with a pathetic balance of $6 in my acc -_____-
    i hate being broke....fuck
    mayb i'll get the book when i got money =((

    I realised i haven upload photos for tribute night! argh so lazy to edit..so lazy to upload -____-
    I'm halfway through new moon! nidda get over it fast so i can move on to eclipse. Ya y'all must b thinking jus fricking skip to eclipse la! but no! i dun lik to read serial books and skip to the book i wanna read for the sake of it.

    well as you can see this is pretty much a boring n uninteresting post. Jus felt lik bloggin...bah~

    p/s: how do you stop being paranoid -______-

    bread spoke at Wednesday, September 23, 2009

    Monday, September 21, 2009


    Congrats to *takes a deep breath*

    If you're happy and you know it clap your hand (seriously the name is TOO long!)

    jia you at melbourne!

    Basic Fives got 2nd but 'm still happy for them! =DD

    everybody else did well too!! =D

    anyways i sincerely felt the 1st runner up of open solo cat was better and should had won it

    but as robin said "dance results is always subjective"

    that aside...i feeling kindda happy cos ystd a few from nra were asking me lik "u very long never go back le hor..when wil u come back?" or "wah very long never see u le lei when are u coming back"

    well kindda happy cos i never thot i will get this kind of responses haha

    joel has gone into the army! his head is so round now without the hair haha!

    sometimes i think my boyfriend is pyschic
    cos he somehow can sense when something's wrong n somehow guess what the prob is
    mayb im too easy to read

    *Sat night*
    me: baby i dunno why but when i started reading twilight i feel i miss u
    more than usual
    ken: wad u think i vampire ah
    me: well i kindda hoped
    ken: - ______ -


    bread spoke at Monday, September 21, 2009

    Friday, September 18, 2009

    for the past few nights i've been kindda having dreams bout me failing a module. Actually failing BIBV cos its the only paperi super low confidence of then this morning i saw my results and...

    WOOHOO!!!! i officially graduated!!!!!!!!!!!!
    though my gpa kindda sux but still...I GRADUATED!!!!
    now i can do my stuff in peace

    =DD =DD =DD =DD =DD =DD =DD =DD =DD =DD =DD =DD =DD =DD

    bread spoke at Friday, September 18, 2009

    Thursday, September 17, 2009

    New moon

    i thought the book was damn boring (for the front chapters cause don't have edward)
    but the trailer is like woots~
    now i totally wanna watch the movie!!~
    but it's only coming out in DECEMBER in SINGAPORE!!
    WTH!! why can't we jus have worldwide release so it will be on 20th NOVEMBER!


    oh well....
    robert pattison!!~ (baby confirm rolling eyes now if he see this)

    i think i'll go read the whole series again~ lalala~

    bread spoke at Thursday, September 17, 2009

    Tuesday, September 15, 2009

    other than majorly screwing up

    i also learn that when someone says "you can trust me"...
    you can't trust them actually


    p/s: other than the major damage in my life now...i finally got an job interview at the zoo. $$ solved at least for now

    bread spoke at Tuesday, September 15, 2009

    Friday, September 11, 2009

    (TMD blogger is acting a bitch again)

    Baby made me feel guilty today...

    He bought me the SD leopard jello bag!
    is lik i feel bad he's spending money but at the same time im happy too =D

    I think im a lucky girl cos i got baby =D
    its not jus cos he bought me the bag -______-
    there are other things too
    one of which is so far he tolerated most of my nonsense
    and other things too

    I love u baby ^^

    ahhhh i nidda sleep now
    going to the zoo with jeremiah joel n davin! woohoo!
    jere n joel are spon-ing me 2/3 of the tic price! woohoo!
    after that dinner with denyse too! woohoo!

    i miss u caryn n nikki! 2 more months!!

    bread spoke at Friday, September 11, 2009

    Tuesday, September 08, 2009

    Life sucks the most when every damn thing have to crash down on you at the same time

    it also sucks when people look at you and go "aww poor thing" but don't do anything really to help you but jus tell you to bao zhong

    hmmm i jus think when ya unstable (physcially, mentally, emotionally, finanicially psychologically etc) everything jus seems shitty

    it's gonna be a depressing week/fortnight/month...

    the only thing that gonna make me slightly happier now is either i get a job / $$ jus miraculously rain down from the sky -- that will solve one of my issues

    when my dad stop being unreasonable.. i'll b happier cause i dun have to think of ways to avoid him

    and i think i need major morale boost

    actually all this shit stuff is jus making my mood swing and its starting to affect the people ard me..but really i dun feel i can tell them anything....

    i'll get pass this soon i guess

    bread spoke at Tuesday, September 08, 2009

    Friday, September 04, 2009

    When i got money..

    When i got money = i really got money to spend ...after clearing my "debts" and pay for my stuffs.

    i'm coming up with a list of thing i'm gonna do when i got money

    - Eat ikea meatball and salmon

    - Eat cereal prawn

    - Actually eat zi char

    - Stock up my freezer with 10 tubs of ben & jerry's

    - Buy bookshelf from ikea

    - Buy new stationaries

    - Get new shoes

    - Get Blackberry bold (ultimate when got money)

    Ya actually i think got more things but these are top priorities!!

    i hate being broke
    cos i'm broke i doubt i can buy the SD leopard jello bag =(
    i super like the bag lo

    bread spoke at Friday, September 04, 2009

    Thursday, September 03, 2009


    Cheryl and jaz showed me this ystd...

    super sensual right..anyway it's banned.
    now check out the parody

    baby say remind him or pink $$ + vougelicious

    anyway there's this show on Chn 5 called "NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH"
    basically the participants are asked a series of questions then they must answer truthfully else they will not win money.

    you think very easy right...
    YA WRONG!!
    before u particpate u are interviewed bout your background and everything, then they set a series of questions for you and test how you response to the questions, then from there they shortlist a few questions to be used on the show. then on the show they hav a lie detector to check if ya lying not. So you really can't lie

    Ks and i were talking bout it then he say his fren was watching then someone was asked

    "Will you have sex with others after you get married"

    general people say no rite~
    but you never know...some people jus fantasize~

    then i decided to come up with my own questions with given senarios~

    1. Guy engaged and bout to get married soon
    Q: Do you still fantasize bout having sex with your ex-gf(s)

    2. Single mum with 1 kid
    Q: Did you ever regret giving birth to ya child (the child is in presence
    of audience)

    3. Beauty pageant queen with rumours of having plastic surgery
    with supportive evidence

    Q: Did you go for plastic surgery to enhance your looks

    4. Very Famous Surgeon
    Q: have you accidentally cause the death of a patient during your

    5. Random guy with his gf in the audience
    Q: How many OSN have you had?

    6. Random girl with bf in the audience
    Q: is your bf bad in bed and u always hav to fake an orgasm to feed his ego?

    ok i'm out of ideas
    and im damn tired and hungry...argh!

    bread spoke at Thursday, September 03, 2009

    Lei Long Lei Long

    oh my blogger is ok for now again..must faster blog

    anyway currently i'm broke like f**k so i foresee i can lost a lot weight cos i no $$ to eat...

    even after saving for so long...only $42 bucks -_____-

    anyways, xing and i are selling some stuff of ours. some are brand new some used once or twice so jus email us if interested

    PUMA SHOE Authentic Puma Bode edition.

    Non-original shoe box.
    Size US 7, UK 6.
    Black with stars print base
    Wore less than 5 times.
    Condition still good.
    Unisex shoe.
    Bought from UK at a price of S$180.00
    SELLING AT $ 120/-

    JEANS Star print jeans.

    Waist '30'
    Brand new from taiwan
    SELLING AT $35/-
    if interested in the 2 stuff above email xing at: xaviaxing@ymail.com


    Size Ma
    Never worn before
    tag still attached
    in ziploc
    Selling at $75


    Authentic Walux hoodie bought in Taiwan
    Size M
    NEVER WORN BEFORE (tag still attached)
    Selling at $85

    interested parties please email me at mianbao.talks@gmail.com

    bread spoke at Thursday, September 03, 2009

    Wednesday, September 02, 2009

    I hope time pass faster

    so that saturday will come faster

    so that i don't have to miss baby so much


    hmmm oh well its wednesday~ halfway there

    did i mentioned i'm super broke...argh dammit~

    bread spoke at Wednesday, September 02, 2009

    Tuesday, September 01, 2009


    I'm seriously hoping money drop down from the sky now

    jus ystd i thot the SD king star bag was not bad...
    then today ben told me go nicer bag..


    T_T T_T T_T

    money drop down form the sky please
    or at least let me get my zoo job

    bread spoke at Tuesday, September 01, 2009