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    Saturday, January 28, 2006

    CNY- Chu Xi

    Wee~ i'm actually off for 3 days, chu xi, chu yi n chu er...off throughout CNY and i can concentrate on collecting ang bao.

    actually i'm really too lazy to blog. Jus had reunion dinner over at god-grandmamas'. anywya..if u have been to chinatown on CNY eve, u'll b under the impression that it's the uncle-auntie version of orchard on x'mas n ny eve. of course..there's no molesation case i suppose. I dunno but i definitely wun reach out n foudn myself touching a wrinkly n sagging boob but who's knows..they're always psychos out there [came out in the news that this sick fart raped a 69 yr old!?]

    btw..if u've been to chinatown near pearl center [with it's famous yangtze theater thath screens only r21 movies], u wud have seen scenes lik dat..

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    ppl are flooding on the empty road! well cos the road was blocked so it's emptied of vehicles! my bro suggested taking a pic of laying down on the stretch of road [lik hw often u get to do tis he said] but it's crowded with ppl..he gave up that thot.


    -crap...i wan a digi cam.!!!-

    bread spoke at Saturday, January 28, 2006

    Thursday, January 26, 2006

    Album cover Boo Boo

    I was watching tv with yang yang awhile ago when they start screening Cyndi Wang's ad. As u've seen, cyndi has 2 version of cd covers. Well, i notice one that look really stupid...

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    wads with the 2 sakura tree branch!? with the 2 branches there, she looks lik...

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    get wad i mean...a fricking reindeer..haha!!!!

    3 more days to Ang Baw collections

    bread spoke at Thursday, January 26, 2006

    Tuesday, January 24, 2006

    i haven blogged for ages n ages n ages n ages n ages....

    damn i missed my blogspace *kisses the space ard* ok..actually i'm very lazy to blog bout the happenings of the past..10 days? ah well. But i managed to meet up with my frenz! hui wen, cheryl, jazreel. [gene-free days] haha. wen n i took some stupid neos which i..ahaha...misplaced [runs off b4 wen's comes running with a chopper] oh man..i gotta go find 'em.
    while out with wen, i bought my 1st pair of levi's but of course..i got it change to 593 one day aft wrk cos i dislike the cutting. Btw..wen n i spotted this cute thingy at a shop in heeren next to 77th st ...

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    cute ain't it! it's a machine like one u see in arcades where u spend tons-of-$1 to get a toy. But tis is so cool. u can put anything u like inside then u can play with the thing to get it out..lol. LIME magazine did feature it in their v-day gift ideas i think. I wan dat! muhahahhahaha

    anyway, today i managed to visit my juniors at dance. stupid security..he fricking din lemme pass so i had to call ms teo to bring me in. damn i jus miss the gals. They're still as funky n ki siao as ever. Sad to say there's only 9 new juniors..pathetic isn't it.

    oh well...photo frenzy!

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    wei ling n i..damn..i look werid..zzz.

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    hui hui n hui ting..or hui ting n hui hui? man..they're the pair of twins dats diff to tell..too identical

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    ling tried taking my pic but i was too fast.or rather..she's too slow..lol

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    weil ing n wei fen..yes yes..another pair of twins. not that identical actually..ling has bigger eyes..haha'

    couldn't stay till their lesson ends cos i hav ta meet cheryl to go shopping. Initially i thot we were going far east but behold, we ended up going to marina sq instead -________-" i so so so SO wanted to buy heels but URS n C&K disappointed me cos URS doesn't have nice designs n C&K doesn't have my size. oh well, we dropped by adidas at citylink n cheryl bought a top from there.

    Then, we went Carl' Jr for dinner. The portobello was nice..see..even cheryl couldn't resist it n abandoned her turkey bacon for my portobello..lol

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    nah..actually we xchanged our burgers but i came up with the stupid idea cos both was nice. The protobello wud b nicer if not for the onion. as all CJ patrons noes, their burger is big-ass big but we finished our burgers ourselves cos we were darn hungry but we din finish the fries cos we were full from the burger.

    Cheyrl n i bought identical earrings n we went disturbing kai xin at pureMilk..cos she's working dere. As a sales gal, she tried psychoing me to buy something from her however, while she's entertaining other customer, we sneaked away..lol. Cheryl bought a similar watch as me. Oh..and i bought a brown blouse from MS b4 we headed for PS. I finally bought the skirt from ebase i've been eyeing on for ages..lalala. We only stopped by at PS awhile cos i hav ta meet gene to watch Memiors of a Geisha.
    This where things gt pretty lame. Gene n i were on the same train la..lol. He msg-ed me saying he's only "one mre stop to somerset" when i jus board the train at douby guat. So all i did is tip toe n i can see the wheat grass head sticking out from the crowd. See gene...beign tall has it's advantage..ROFL!
    Cine lvl 9 looks damn fricking cool. but the seats are pretty short..so gene was lik going "see...so front" blah blah blah n ocmplaining n complaning...zzz. The movie lasted for lik 2 hrs or so.
    Review: Well, reading the book is nicer. Watch the movie for the kimonos n scener....nah! watch the acting of the 3 top beauties. Gong li was really darn evil. anyway..young chiyo is really chio..i tink she's prettier than zhang zi yi >_<
    had to rush home aft dat cos my parents thot i was wrking so i ended up reaching at lik 1.45 lik dat...zzz.

    bread spoke at Tuesday, January 24, 2006

    Wednesday, January 18, 2006


    ok..i haven done my shopping yet..but according to yoyo, levi's running a sale up to 50% discount..weee~ i so gonna getthe type 1 n princess fit/engineer..lalala

    bread spoke at Wednesday, January 18, 2006

    Saturday, January 14, 2006

    Who cares bout a bad throat as long there's nice chocolate pralines available! Weee~ today i was running a bad throat but who cares! Pearlin from pastry saved me a bowl of chocolate pralines so my colleuges n i gobbled a few b4 Cheryl distributed them among the rest during line up..sigh. Oh well, i managed to eat 1 whole white chocolate! The white chocolate praline is highly reommended! Once u bite thru the semi-hard white chocolate shell, out flows wet hazelnut-berry filling...oh man...highly addictive!

    And of course, a bad throat isn't everything when u can touch a...

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    $1000 DOLLAR NOTE!!!!

    U noe hw shiok it is when u hold such a big note for the 1st time!?!? i muz thank yy n li peng for this..haha! cos yy went dwn to gene's office to do some paper work ni was left alone at the hostess stand then li peng came up to me with the big buck n asked to bring it to fron desk to change. lalala~ Hw i managed to snap the pic without being discovered? instead of walking in front of the conceirge, i walked behind it where the lifts are so i wasn't discovered by any staff or guest..haha!

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    See how the note seem to shine~ It's the parliment behind the note..woah!
    So aft i gt the money changed, i got a $100 note~ this time i only managed to take the front cos when i finished snapping the front, the lift suddenly went "Ting!' [meaning gt ppl coming out la] so i have to siam from the scene.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Seriously, They shld make yusof ishak smile on the notes. Hw can u not smile when u're on a $1000 bill! That reminds me bout this movie by jack neo. I tink it's title "tu ran fa cai" rite? the one with the stupid song..

    bai liu li bai...

    hui bu hui kai...

    The song still rings in my ears *shudder* anyway, mark lee was talking bout the diff expressions the president shld have on diff note. That was a stupid scene.

    If i'm not wrong, thre's also $10 000 note rite!?!? oh man, i wanna b rich. By the time i'm rich, i'll b sick with this big note n would wanna see coins again..haha!

    bread spoke at Saturday, January 14, 2006

    Friday, January 13, 2006

    1st of all...let me start off by..
    *takes a deep breath*


    ah~ that's better. For 2 consecutive days, i was nearly late reporting for work n having messy hair. Thks to the brainless ppl. When i say "brainless ppl", i dun mean everybody ok. I mean those ppl who dun hve the common sense of keeping left.

    As everybody who works at city hall as well as raffles place's vicinity SHOULD know, u OUGHT to b considerate n keep to the left when u're not in a rush so ppl who are rushing can move on the right. And so for the 2 days i worked morning shift, i took mrt to save money and for the 2 days, i was in a rush yet ppl in front jus frickin blocked the way...argh!

    On thursday..ystd! Some Inconsiderate Stupid Fella..prolly working in oriental, fricking jammed up the whole way ! b/w him n i were another 4 fricking aunties who were gossiping non-stop. Behind me were other fellow city-hall-alighters in a rush. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...the ISF was blasting his mp3 away. u may say he can't move to the left but, the space beside him was empty n the step before his is completely empty too! so wads his excuse huh huh huh!? ppl behind me were tsk-ing away or grumbling [it's not gd to wake up early in the morning n have ur way blocked up]. I was one of them too la. Aft wad seemed lik eons, n i thot i can rush a bit once i'm at the top, i was so wrong! The gossiping quart stopped rite in front of the landing of the escalator...blocking everybody's way. GOSSIPERS! Well, i did a very mean thing la, i jus cut in between them n i could hear them say things lik

    "si gi na" and "no parents teach" in chi of course. Hw i wished i wasn't in a rush n turn ard n tell them in their face


    but..too bad..neva gt the chance. I'm rude..so? dun forget..i'm a brat! So i reached the podium at greenhouse exactly at 7.30. Not late nor early..zzz.

    N today! fucking today! I was blocked by a grp of ah lians. Damn they were giggling n spilling vulgarities away n blocked everybody's way. I was really running late so i nudged them, broke thru their grp n walked really fast.

    walking fast has 2 reason

    -i'm running late
    -get away frm the scene asap b4 they start picking on me ..incoherent bitches

    of course i wasn't "let off" that easily. They starting shouting things lik "cb la..push push push" and 'san ba...best dun let me see u agn ah" well, all i can say they were disgracing themselves. Fancy shouting vulgarities among the white collars...ew~

    Btw...i shall remind everyone that today is friday the 13th, suay day. Crap..n i gt really suay. Because of the lians, i dun have time to go 7-11 to get sweet or hot chocolate so i nearly starved to death while wrking. N today canteen food was suckiest so far in my days in ritz. Canteen food always sucked la anyway. Then..i got nagged by kylie cos i landed her in deep shit with jennifer cornin..executive asst manager of sales n marketing in ritz. EAM is a lagi high post in various deparments ok!!

    The only non-suay thing that happened to me..i gt myself pastry treat..weee~ cos my neighbour's nephew's working in the pastry n his shi mei also very cute la. So aft lunch buffet i jus went up to them ask them help me kop but i din have to cos apple gave me approval to sneak away n eat..muhahahaha! Suay thing is..the chocolate pastry i always thot was nice was..too sour n the pastry i thot taste funyn was..awww~ nice nice nice! oh well, the best pastry i've tasted was the royal chocolate caraibe...i wan dat as my bdae cake tis yr!

    - i lurve sweet stuff...but not sweet nothings...-

    bread spoke at Friday, January 13, 2006


    dammit! i feel so sick of my daily routine. Mostly occupied with work i dun even time for my frenz. But i still love my job..i'll prolly turn workaholic soon..bleahz.

    bread spoke at Friday, January 13, 2006

    Sunday, January 08, 2006

    The Dark..lik wtf!

    The Dark ..the movie i'm talking about..is crap ok! it has head but no tail..zzz. Anyway i shall start off whining bout work cos one of my colleagues is damn intoleratable...argh!

    Thks to KC, i can check in for work at 10am but of course..i'll knock off later..at 8 rather than the usual 4. So the i'm doing server wrk, as a buffet runner. No no..not that i run with the buffet. Buffet runner is someone who replenishes the plates, bowls, glasses, drinks n etc. at the buffet counters. So i'm working with anita and this old lady..name magarant n she'll b the highlight of today's story. And of course..vulgarities would b spilled cos she dun deserve me to use refined l;anguage to speak off.

    Na bei! i so pissed off by that bloody stupid hag..argh! She din fricking teach me wad a buffet runner does, only ask me to wipe the dishes in the kitchen and it was anita and william who taught n gave me stuff to do. Btw..william is the manager of greenhouse.

    Initially, she was late from break. All of us are only suppose to have only 1/2 hr break but according to anita, she's lik late for 10 mins already. I was jus telling her "suan le la..ppl old ma...so ti liang a bit". Mei xiang dao...she fucking sabo-ed me..fuck fuck fuck fuck!! argh!

    To start off..she didn't wanna let me go break bu it was quite logical since i camei n at 10. But! apple n william saw that i was damn pale n i think they heard my stomach growling, they released me for break. However, i din go immediately cos that hag told me muz wipe all the dishes. So i went bck to kitchen n continue wiping when she suddenly came in shouted at me

    "kuai dian jiu break la..kuai dian hui lai ah!"

    so i happy happy went down to break n came bck in last than 1/2 hr. So now, i'm doing duty at the buffet counters with anita while the hag was in the kitchen doing the dishes. Seriously, we did replenish the dishes and glasses everything but when i went to the back station to get smth, the hag ask me go in wipe dishes again cos i not doing my job well outside, not replenishing all the plates and she was the one who refilled ALL the plates. pui! pure bullshit!! so i was lik..suan le..nvm.

    Moments later, i was called back otuside..by HER to do theruns again. And tis is where al lthe fucking crap started. I went to the bck to get glasses when i heard her complaining to kok ching sayign the following

    " she kept wanting to do all the slack work n then when i ask her wipe dishes she lik wan cry wan cry lik dat"

    FUCK! most of the fuckign jobs is she assign to me n i din even complain at all..much less for "crying"

    suan le suna le. I was lik fuming already. i tried to brush it off and went to do my stuff n when i went to the back station again to ask jie meng smth when she said to me in a very stuck up way

    "why u not doing anything?"

    na bei..can't u see i'm refilling the juice jug..i tink she has a serious case of far-sightedness. So the following covnersation occured...

    me: i jus put the paltes in the cupboard n came to the bck to check to see anymore. If not i go behidn wipe dishes la

    hag: ok..u go wipe..i wan u do it fast

    me: but later too fast neva wipe properly

    then she started getting all jumped up n i suspect she has hearing prob too cos

    hag: huh!? wad i neva clean properly. hey.they pay u not for u to talk back de lei.

    me: i din talk back at all. i wasn't even talking bout u

    and guess wad she did? she went out and complain to apple saying i'm a rude kid...FUCK IT! so i kept swearing n cursing her n jie ming n david have to listen to them..poor fellas..haha. So for the rest of the day i jus kept my cool n did my stuff so she can't fricking complain bout me, but..she's fuckign slack can! every 1 hr i see her making coffee for herself..stealing food to eat...sheeshz!

    and finally she went off at 4pm...phew! And i 6...i knocked off! weeeeeeeeee~ Met up with gene and i grumbling boutthe stupid old hag...sry ah gene. Since i didn't wanna stay at Marina n Cine doesn't have "the dark" we decided to go PS instead.

    On our way, jacky called gene...apprantly jacky's getting jealous cos gene always hanging out with the rest..haha. N later, cun xi called. The conver. sort of lead up to meeting up n he's with gf-to-be. So..muahhahahaha! gene n i decided to sort of sabotage them. We made them come meet us watch The Dark by telling elizabeth [cun xi's gf-to-be] ..

    "Cun xi treating u watch movie"

    so when the fone is passed bck to cun xi..he cannot reject wad..muhahaha! we wanted to get themk couple seats la..but rmb-ing one of my entries ages ago..couple seats n normals have no diff at all.

    Frankly speaking..whenever i have meals with gene...i NEVER EVER finish my food [except for once at yoshinoya when i was fricking hungry] i dunno wads the reason but it definitely lays with gene *whistles away..pretending nth happened*. We were eating at pasta mania..but neither of us finished our food la..so..wadeva.

    Still long b4 meeting with cx so we slacked ard n i saw aiko!! missed her lik crap! she's working..anyway..i think i scared her n myself. cos well...

    me: hey..when u gonna quit ya job?
    aiko: see if they're gonna giv my pay. Anyway..how u noe?
    me: u wrote on ur blog wad
    aiko: i didn't!
    me: well..i noe i read it somewhere or smth..nvm

    damn! then where the hell i read it...zzz! i tink it's another deja vu again..i prolly read it in a fake entry in my dream..zzz. I hate deja vus...stupid dreams that freak me out when they happen in reality..i jus hope one of them neva ever happens though it seemed so real n been repeating loads of times...

    Cun xi is really a late bummer. They were lik 20 mins late..zzz. And when wecaleld them at lik 8.15..they were at city hall. ZZZ!

    okok..i shall get on with my review of the movie

    The DarK---How WTF it is..

    Tis single mum bought her daughter to the father's hosue is Welsh. On the way they saw tis funny stupid rock and the women had tis oracle. Can't reveal much else i would b a spoiler. Anyway..everything made sense till the ending when the mum went to save her daughter from the "heaven". It's not heaven because it's not all bright n white with angels wondering ard but it's dark, yellowing, sheeps look deadly n the only 2 dead ppl there looked really ghot n zombietic.

    Here's the wtf part. they showed the mum survived n came bck to earth with her daughter but! she's invisible to the daughter n husband. Gal ask for mum..dad says she's dead. So the lady screams in horror, inaudible at all. Later at nite..she enters the daughter's room..n all of a sudden the gal turned eerie n she's bck to the "heaven"..crap

    the movie is not for the light-hearted in theaters cos

    - due to sudden occuring n scaring sounds, u'll prolly get a heart attack
    - guersome scenes of sadistic ppl torturing ppl lik killing sheeps

    rating: 2.5/5


    well..thru the movie, cun xi n elizabeth seemed to disappeared into their chairs cos they slided pretty down. N...gene n i were luffing lik crap at tis gal sitting in front of us. Prolly influeneced by cj but i find ppl getting freaked out rather amusing. Damn that gene accused me of being scared by claiming i covered my eyes when scary scene happens..fact is i din..in fact i gt bored n nearly dozed off cos i was damn shagged from wrk. Not forgetting gene was crazy enuff to challange me to bite him. NOw he has a bruise on his right arm..lalala.
    The only time i gt put off was the scene whereby the women wad torture..imagine something drilled into ur skull and u're not injected with aspirins b4 hand...*shudder*

    I reached home at an amazing 12 am...cos i "told" my mum i knock off at 10.30...so i jus followed up by saying i missed my stop by falling asleep on the train. Yay! tml i'm wrking with melissa..phew! it's fun working with her cos we gossip, crap n slack together. n dat reminds me..gene's resuming to wrk tml -_____-"

    bread spoke at Sunday, January 08, 2006

    Wednesday, January 04, 2006


    Today muz have been the best day i've worked so far in Greenhouse. We stealed food lik no tomorrow! one word..SHUANG! weee~. anyway though i'm bck to server, it was fricking sian!! cos there were very FEW reservations n hardly any walk in guest..blahz. So i decided to slack n went to fold napkins...again..haha!

    well....i volunteered to fold napkins cos i can hide my fone udner the pile of napkins so when supervisors are not ard i can play with it..haha! And marco...my fav cook kopped one of the minituares from the buffet and i ate some of it..nice! I fricking only took 2 hrs to finished folding the napkins so it's lik only 8.30...still early..blahz. Jus when i was about to finish..delvin offered me roast pig..haha! It's damn oily but succulent!

    Too bad for me..i starts doing rounds. It's lik 5 servers looking aft 3 tables...pathetic! less reservations sux! Oh well, i went to make coffee for a couple of guest when Sam..our supervisor offered us roast beef. so of course..it was wiped out by us in a few split moment. I gotta praise marco for it cos the roast beef was prepared by him and it's damn..omg..no words can describe. Juicy, tender, sauce was jus rite...sweet. and marco thot we haven ate the beef yet n made extras for us..so mre beef for us!

    Wad else..oh! one of the guest order burgers from ala crate menu but rejected the fries so we had fries too! it turned cold but stil lcrispy n not oily at all. Aft the few attempt of kopping food, buffet ended so clearing of food! This was the moment we were all waiting for. chefs n cooks started offering us the reamining dishes ranging from egg trats to sushi to fruits...eat untll shiok! THEN!! hot food selection was bought in! so we jus grab forks n ate our fill. pan fried cod fish in cream sauce...heavenly..lol

    but god was fair...there was banquet today so...I CAN"T FIRKCING GET THE 12.30 TRANSPORT HOME! and because i was home late with the 1.30 transport..i got nagged big time by my mum...argh

    bread spoke at Wednesday, January 04, 2006

    Tuesday, January 03, 2006

    Sch reopens...my ass man!!

    too bad for u pri n sec sch underlings but u stil lahve to go to sch..hw saddening..muhahahahhahaha! graduates lik me who are not going for 1st 3 mths can pig all th way till noon or prolly aft u're dimissed from sch..dammit...i'm evil..haha!

    anyway..few weeks back i received a letter from MOE which looked lik this!

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    here's a closer look...

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    and the content of the letter is....

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    so today..i went to sch to exchange the letter for this!

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    yay! i'm 150 bucks richer! one step closer to my vs6/vs2/razr v3..haha! anyway..i saw loads of my juniors dere. missed them loads! learnt that my poor "daughter" hurt her bck during dance -________-" and my 2 "meis" have become so hiao that they put eyeliner n mascara to sch..pengz! i can't fricking go fidn my teachers cos i hav to leave for work~ can u imagine it..i took cab to work again! argh! 10 bucks gone jus lik dat..dammit.

    let's see...any interesting shit happened at wrk. well, nth much happened today but it's my 1st afternoon shift as a hostess. Btw..Apple caught me for my hair. I was introduced to my manager by my supervisor [kok ching] and she happened to be dere and she saw my reddish-hair..blahz! So i have to ask gene to get me black hair spray..zzz. For your info, gene is on break for the whole wk so why would he b in the vicinity?

    becoz he's gonna have dinner with his buddies at the Greenhouse..crap him! !st thing he did when he reached was demand for change of tables..blahz! Suan le. His buddy, mr chun xi have to remind me i look fat in my hostess uniform..crapper. Tramuatized..i refused gene's offer to help me steal food..haha! anyway gene...ur frenz are ok..except for one who appeared really really REALLY dao and emit dangerous aura....haha

    it was a very sian night cos there were few reservations so i slacked lik all the way till 11 where yy brought down to office to teach me other stuff. Finally knock off time but dammit..banquet ppl are ard so take pay long q+ no transport go home..zzz. In the end..shared cab with ivy, leo n vincent. Hmm...tml i'm going bck to server's wrk..yay yay!

    bread spoke at Tuesday, January 03, 2006

    Monday, January 02, 2006

    New year new hair!

    weee~ i dyed my hair! but it's notfricking obvious lo!! my hair has high concentration of black pigments..argh! Anyway...i dyed my hair in a shade of auburn violet brown...but it still looked black/natual brown to me. Oh..n i layered my hair..again! cos my hair was getting thick n all slumpy so snap snap! Therefore i can spike them again..yay yay yay! hey..wad lesbian hair!? my hair is still long for god sake!! i only layered the crown n fringe. nvm..pictures speak a thousand words...

    i layered my fringe! The picture's bright is because i did "apply image" and "screen" in photoshop..hehe

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    and guess where i took this pic...? on the bus home! ya ya...it's not zi lian...i jus love myself..haha!!

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    same photoshop effect. i jsu realise hw blur-retarded i look in tis pic..blahz..wadeva..i'm cute can..haha!
    ok..now tell me..do u see a difference in this..

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    and this..

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    well? looks the same rite? but here's the funny part. the 1st pic was taken o nthe day of prom nite and the 2nd pic is taken today aft i dyed my hair! i've already tried to set the contrast but my hair still looked black..zzz!!

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    ok..maybe u see some colours in this pic. Argh! At least i get to colour my hair for free. [my cousin owns a salon!] maybe when i go highlight my fringe, i'll try Toni n Guy or Kimage. I wanna highlight red..lalala..or maybe hot pink? haha! then i'll b so chao lianish..yuck~

    bread spoke at Monday, January 02, 2006

    Sunday, January 01, 2006

    The power of words

    2005 was the year which i took my o lvl, the year which i performed my last syf, the year i had my 1st relationship, the year which i knew another bunch of great frenz..yea..eventful wasn't it. But..it was also the year i ended a friendship i valued most.

    I was cleaning out my cupboards when i came across this old autograph book and there i saw my ex-god-sis's autograph. Aft reading the msg she left in the book, i totally regretted. The reason why she's no longer my god-sis was because i was too gullible n foolish. I was told by an ex-fren of mine hw she betrayed me n stuff...and i actually believed her. I muz had been really dumb..i chose to believe someone whom i was close with for 1 yr than someone for 4 yrs.

    My god sis was someone who always stood by me when i was feeling down n such. So far in our whole sisterhood, we only quarrelled once. For most of the time, we were always crapping n we were understanding to each other. She was one person i've always trusted in my whole sec sch life. She was considered one of my best fren.

    Then along came another fren of mine. we were pretty close. and she started telling me wad my god sis did. Things i neva imagined she'll do. I got angry, flared n upset. I deleted her from my friendster list, stopped talking to her n all. That's hw i ended our sisterhood. Months passed and umpteen disuptes happened b/w my fren n i. I started doubting her words. Then i saw my ex-god-sis online. so i asked her if she ever did anything to backstab me. then here came her reply

    "i didn't. But since u chose to trust her, i can't do anything"

    at that point of time, i really really REALLY felt lik kicking myself in the ass. But i had too much pride in me, i din ask to b her god sister. Anyway..if i did..i'll prolly b labelled as a hypocrite. So up till today, i've neva spoke a word with her. N in the end, i had ended all ties with my fren too.

    I'm not trying to say that my fren ruined the sisterhood. I wun blame anyone but myself for wad happened. From that, i've learnt to b smarter. I learnt to have better judgement of ppl. Words are probably the scariest weapon in the world. They both good n bad. When abuse, they're jus gonna turn things against u. Damn..i sitl lcan't believe wad a gullible ass i was...soemone kick me in the ass pls..argh!!

    bread spoke at Sunday, January 01, 2006

    Happy New Year!!

    Let's all say hi to 2006! So how u guys celebrated New Year? haha. I managed to stay out late again...weee~

    First time in months since i work up so late! was frigging tired last nite and i woke up at 2 plus going to 3. Yea...i'm a pig..wadeva but hey..i haven had proper slp for 5 whole days ok!! so a good long slp replenishes my lost slumber. Darny hell, It rained lik crap in the afternoon. It was so heavy i doubt i can see the blk opposite mine. Raining on new year's eve sux cos the weather will b freaking cold..bleahz!!

    spent the whole afternoon doing boring stuff lik watching anime and bloggin. And And AnD!!! i had bad fringe day today!! ZZZ! so i hav ta wear a cap out to hide the disastrous fringe of mine..I swear i'll layer it tml..a new year's gift to my hair...muhahahahhahahaha! i wanna fricking highlight my hair but i'll have to spray them black whenever i work so it's lik..no point...zzz. ah well..maybe i'll jus dye it violent-black 1st..n when poly semesters gonna start then i'll go highlight them.


    So i was on the mrt..on the way to meet mr teo when suddenly, a fight b/w a malay gal n indian guy broke out. I tink the indian guy molested her or smth cos she was shouting stuff lik that then her bf and herself were whacking the guy big time hence the indian ran n got off at braddell. Then i was darn terrified cos i was all alone, no frenz with me..and i can't imagine the thot of being touched by an indian or bagala....*shuddens*

    City hall was darn crowded with ppl so i had to take a short cut to Marina Sq to meet gene. And along the way...they were loads of bagalas so i have to run for my dear life to MS...it was darn scary ok!!!! See gene..i risked so i wun b late..appreciate that!!

    Since it was 2 mre hours to the fireworks display and we didn't wanna go orchard, we ended up slackin at MS. At 1st we were sitting on the railing outside MS. Being the evil us..we threaten to pushed eash other down to the massive grass patch behind us. However, couples started to gather at that area and we felt rather bright so we scrammed off to 7-11 [at least that's wad i thot]. Here's the lame part. Ppl actually have to Q to get into 7-11..haha! but we jus sneaked in ..lalala.

    We went somewhere else to sit cos lazy to walk so far again n crapped. Suddenly we heard firworks..but cannot see. why? cos building blocking..so have to walk all the way down to see.. Nice display! but both of us agree on one thing..Some singaporeans are a bit lame cos everytime a firework exploded...the crowd goes "awwww~" or "wow~" or "woooo~"...haha. Here's the lamest part.. ppl can wait for lik 2 hrs to watch a 9 min friework display n aft dat...jus go lik dat -______-" that's practically what we did la! haha. N really..some singaporeans...are kiasus. We were walking in citylink to getto the mrt...ppl were running lik siao...i suppose they scare they can't catch the last train.

    Well...we thot jacky n co. were still at Orchard so we took a train to orchard. When we reached there n tried to call them..none of 'em pick up their fones [wadeva u nid a hp for then!?!?] so no choice, we decided to walk to wheelock's then.

    DAMMIT! To hell for those Baga...i mean Foreign workers!! Gene n i jus walked out of the mrt station n we walked for only 10m, i was immediately attacked by FWs. And the attack was freaking obvious to b directed at me cos gene was walking on the more outside, means nearer to the FWs but guess wad..i got a faceful of crazy-ribbon-residue sprayed!! I tell ya. Faux snow are way better than crazy ribbons cos the ribbons are sticky n they stick to ur hair, skin...lik wad happened to me. I was busy getting the residue off my face n hair while gene acted as my bodyguard when again...i received another faceful. The darn FWs were luffing away n some bengs saw what happened then they went "wah lao eh..cb..." I 4got to mention there was air pollution cos the air reeked of FWs odour so i end up using my jacket as a gas mask.

    I gt fed up of getting sprayed. although it passed midnight n orchard wasn't so crowded with ppl, it was still raided by FWs. So gene n i hav ta retreat to the grass patch near wheelock to get the residues off my hair n face. Good thing i was wearing sneakers cos we had to cross grass patch to avoid spray attacks. Did i mentioned gene also kena some of the bloody sticky residue too..see...what a great fren he is [though i still kena mre...haha]

    Damn jackY!! when we finalyl reached wheellock n called them..they said they're at LIANG COURT AT CLARKE QUAT! #*(%^#*)U%#% . so we fricking gt sprayed for nth...#*%&$Y>$^U.
    So gene being the great fren of him..decided to send me home instead of meeting up with them [cos he had to wake up ealier for work anyway]. So on the way to the mrt station, we spotted a gang of FWs. To avoid being attacked again, we stopped at the bus stop n waited for them to walk away. Again, the station was flooded with FWs too. scary.

    Lucky us..we managed to catch the last train home. And we did the craziest thing. The last bus left and there wasn't any cab at amk station so we walked home! i mean walk to my house la. 1st time walk from central to my house..siao

    We were lik lunatics man. We skipped, run ..n crapped all the way. When we passed by this bus stop and this gal smiled at us...i dunno why...but we jus found it werid. maybe we reminded her of her teenagehood or wad...but seriously we were acting lik crazy idiots..lol. Btw..the gal seriously looked lik wendy [as in xiaxue.blogspot wendy] but i highly doubt it's her cos for why would she b in amk at 1am+!?! besides, she was at orchard ystd.

    So we finally reached my blk n my mum was waiting downstairs for me. So poor gene went to grab a cab...risking the chance of being abduct by a gay taxi driver..haha! Seriously...ever seen a guy so gd rite? walked all the way when he could jus take a cab n gone home...i'm touched...haha

    woo btw ppl! if u think aerosol sprays shld b banned...click here n sign the petition. I hate FWs with aerosols spray....argH! anyway..the petition was started by wendy of xiaxue.blogspot.

    ok..so happy new year to everyone!!!!!!!!!

    bread spoke at Sunday, January 01, 2006