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    Monday, June 30, 2008

    Learnt and still learning


    anybody miss me? lalala !!! haha i lik damn high but actually i super cui liao...gonna KO soon
    dance camp was fun and enriching

    but i'll blog bout it soon. super tired and got a lot kuku pix i nidda get hahaha!


    i think these 3 ppl never read my blog one budden...

    DAPH! though we didn't really know each other for long but thanks for being such a great fren!
    we are strong girls!!! a lot more to say but hey hey u'll know soon =D

    Jia hui! I know its super untimely that ya knee gt injured again but fact is it already happen le. Thing will not always go smoothly in life and shit happens. Cheer up k dude! don't get so demoralised! JIA YOU! JIA YOU! JIA YOU! JIA YOU!

    i never really mentioned before but i've always zhong pai chien yen since danzation. Not just zhong pai her cos she dance very well but i think she also has a great personality. the feeling she give me is she's very strong and she's someone who will put others before herself. The camp gave me opportunity to work with her during some games and i felt i learnt a lot from her.
    Hope to learn more from ya! jia you for crew!!!!
    ok seriously thats all for now cos i dozed off twice typing this. still gt work at ritz tmr T_T super not motivated to go work lo bah!

    bread spoke at Monday, June 30, 2008

    Thursday, June 26, 2008

    New blogskin

    Woohoo~ i came up with a design for my new blogskin

    (click for full size)

    i think very nice lei. Have to work out the html when i'm free....have to do literature review for my final year project T_T

    bread spoke at Thursday, June 26, 2008

    I'm still alive

    Yes im still alive, haven turn suicidal yet..just i no motivation to blog haha

    cos my blog look so plain...

    IMMA CHANGING MY BLOGSKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..................soon! hah.

    anyway i gt new piercing quite awhile back..a week b4 the break up i think.
    I piereced my helix! lik finally!

    its really lik finally lo! cos i've been considering to pierce it since end of sec 3! thats lik fricking 3-4 yrs! so stupid rite. and the reason i din pierce cos i kept hearing rumours bout ppl going blind after they pierce their helix. Now i think back i think i also damn kuku lo

    3-4 yrs....so fast passed...damn i'm getting old =.=

    Now it looks better cos healing. When i just pierced it...pain lik a mother la! Went to one of the piercing shop at bugis then the fella use gun. Just pierce in only, i can feel my ear turn swollen lik immediately. No kiddin! the piercing was not painful, its the healing. Is lik cannot touch at all cos it's f-ing painful. Then got a few times when i was combing my hair i accidentally comb untill the stud.

    i tell u...DAMN HIGH LA! is lik u comb thru then u go "oh shit..si..." then the pain come in lik machiam bee sting lik dat. Thn my bro thot i siao cos i keep jumping up n down in pain..which is quite stupid. But ystd when i combing my hair i tagged the stud out..heng not pain already lo

    think i shld get a ring for it to avoid the stud combing..bah

    anyway u'll see that i have lik 2 scar marks above the black ear stick rite..the one directly above the ear stick one i pierced it on the same day as the helix. Then now close already..cos i forgot to put in a stud...damn sian la.

    I'm feeling so broke nowadays. My bank acc has been depleting lik mad cos i've been shopping online lik mad. I mean taiwan sprees gt all the nice clothes and damn tempting! Then now i saw a BAPE g-shock which is damn chio

    Fricking $89!

    there's black, pink, red n yellow but i think white is the chioest..follow by red.

    ARGH! I WAN!! T_T

    Then i also saw one BAPE stadium jacket damn swee also la


    i know it looks nth much but i lik the cut la. Then hor..the BAPE workshop in singapore is lik daylight robbery la! they overrate the price so they get almost 100% profit lo! That time i saw this jacket at the shop and its selling at lik 600+ i think

    Clot also has one jacket quite chio also

    then i also wanna get my diesel high cuts also...

    so many things yet so little money...

    actually i have job but i've been working in ritz for donkey years! its time to change. So if anyone gt dope lobang must tell me. when i get 1st paycheck i sure treat!

    bread spoke at Thursday, June 26, 2008

    Saturday, June 21, 2008


    Damn..i dunno what gotten over me but i just feel i don't have any direction in life.

    I keep telling myself that i wanna concentrate on dance, do bboying and locking..but uptill now i haven accomplish anything..jus going for dance lesson weekly trice a week...and screw up every lesson...

    not just dance..think im even screwing up my social life. No offence to everyone but from since i entered ngee ann till now, i never felt i had a true fren. I do appreciate the frenz i have now but the feeling i always get now is my pressence is only appreciated when needed.

    dammit dun even know why the hell im writing all this...jus feeling lik crap...fucked-up...

    bread spoke at Saturday, June 21, 2008

    Sunday, June 08, 2008

    YES!!! 5 more days and my attachment would be over!!! so many things i wanna do then!

    i wanna hang out with my frenz

    i wanna go drinking

    i wanna change my blogskin (cheryl im still waiting)

    i wanna pick up locking

    i wanna continue bboy-ing

    i wanna revamp my room (its getting more and more messier)

    i wanna go facial

    and the list goes on and on

    but there's also stuff i nidda do lik..

    NIDDA NIDDA GET BACK MY FORM IN DANCE (i feel lik im losing it)

    write my final report for IAP

    start planning for my FYP

    get another part time (i'm not going to ritz. But anybody wanna intro a job in F&B line)

    start planning for taiwan trip budget

    but 1st i'll definitely do smth bout dancing. Dunno why since Fantazia i feel lik i had deproved. Is like i don't feel like the same as i did last time when i feel the music; lik super stiff kind of feeling. For one period that thinking made me felt super inferior but once after class, we were sitting down n talking to ann. So i told her how i felt bout my current status, turns out most others felt the same too. what Ann told us was we've come to point where we feel lost..lik dunno which direction to go. Guess its true..i'll just to work harder to pull myself u i think. I'm so missing dancing! it feels lik i haven dance for a long long long time. Lessons gonna resume next wk, time to work hard!

    oh next week i'm gonna help cher with a shoot. And im suppose to act as a vengeful ghost..muhahahaha; just hope i have the energy to get up next morning for IAP.

    for now i seriously nidda sleep...fricking 4am!

    bread spoke at Sunday, June 08, 2008

    Saturday, June 07, 2008

    And again

    This time for sure its official, i'm sure of it. I din cry lik crap lik the previous times, things weren't working out (well mayb i wasn't putting in effort also but everything is so different) so that it

    I'm finally free to do whatever i want. Dance, frenz, study, family, myself
    now i jus have to make sure i don't turn all soft.

    I SHALL BE FIRM!!!!!!

    anyway here's a video

    ever wondered how tortoise reproduce? and if they do it the human way how do their dick look lik?

    *it is a real tortoise penis! no kiddin!! but it's damn disturbing* enjoy!

    if u don't believe that how a tortoise penis look lik try googling it

    bread spoke at Saturday, June 07, 2008