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    Thursday, September 29, 2005

    Happy Bdae ben papa!

    Dun be fooled by the title! it's not papa's bdae today. his bdae was actually on the 27th but we celebrated it today cos that da shao ye was busy! [nah..he went to fetch his niece..haha] So the whole ben-family plus uncle sherman..haha..headed down to pizze hut. Desiree was lik so making us pai seh lo! cos we took bus to central..AT AJC BUS STOP!

    when we board the bus..started crapping as usual. Mama said smth i tink then desiree jus erupted with laughter lo! some pai seh. even the AJC girl sitting near her also got startled. Then the 5 of us were lik "omg! do u noe her? hw come she's with us!?"

    over at PH..we settled down but took bloody long time to place orders cos...

    1] mama and i were ruselle-petering again! [i seriously wonder when we will get sick of it!]
    2] cheryl and i were joking bout pasta names we were going to order
    [Cheryl: Linguine, Me: Fusili]
    and u noe hw we pronouced it..

    Linguine= lin-giu-ni [which was correct]
    Fusili= fu-si-lei [which we weren't sure]

    So when the waitress came..my turn to order..i was staring at the menu..figuring hw to pronouce it..but we jus kept luffing so i jus pointed wad i wanted and so did cheryl. haha

    And sherman!! he claimed that i'm obessed with gays! WTF!! i dun! jus because i call guys doing girly actions gay...he say i'm obessed! omg. a gay will neva catch my attention unless he's really cute..but only can see wad..haiz. so guys! dun be gay..u'll only minimise the chances for gals! but if u're not exactly a hunk or cutie..it's ok..haha..jus kiddin

    speaking of gays..we talked bout bear-bear [some ppl only ben family+pei2 noes the real name] then papa was lik omg-ing..poor fella anyway...lol. we kept crapping bout footing the bill.

    me: "later...i'll say..argh! i stomachache..cheryl desiree go with me. then all of us take bag..all say periods also"

    mama: "then...hwo come so long haven come back..i go check"

    me: "no..u shld say..i tin kthey no toilet people..i go pass..then papa then say go check"

    so only left sherman ma..

    sherman: "then aft 15 mins u all call me say..sherman u foot the bill hor"

    btw..sherman was broke but we treat him ok..haha.

    anyway..i'm always puzzled. mama eat more than papa..but mama more muscular than papa lO! papa is really..fats..>_<

    came home..knew some bad news..got rather disappointed with a kin of mine. I know his bad..but i never expected him to do such things..and with no skills too..wth. i jus hope he'll get a light punishment instead in sch..public caning or apology is the lightest it can go..but i hope he learns the lesson

    joanne knew my poa results and she totally freaked out..cos i passed..ahahahaha

    [no pix today either cos i was lazy to take la..ahahahaha]

    bread spoke at Thursday, September 29, 2005

    Unexpected journey: when ang moh meets singaporean

    as promised..i decided to post my essay on tis entry..it's the draft though..i wrote a better one in school today..haha. Anyway...u can see fer urself...my eng standard really sucks! argh! i wonder how i even made it to banded 1 cls...wth [hey! i'm not boasting or wad! i seriously feel that my essays are really lifelss..sheeshz]


    English version:

    The blazing sun burnt onto Earth mercilessly as the humidity went up. I had jus treated the last of my patients and am packing up. Most of my teammates had already finished their job and are gulping down cold lemonade in the shelter of a hut. We got on to jeep and made our way back to Johannesburg, capital of South Africa.

    My teammates and I belong to a voluntary medical relief team and on this trip; we were assigned to give free medical treatments to the sickly living in villages around South Africa.

    We traveled on the road along a small mountain. It would be a 10 hours journey back and I was looking forward to a refreshing cold bath followed by a sumptuous meal. Suddenly, violent shakes of the earth and loud rumbling noise broke my fantasy. Soon, we were swept clean off the track by the avalanching earth and the jeep plunged down the mountain.

    I woke up with a sharp pain in my forehead, I pressed my hand against the wound to stop the bleeding. I struggled to pull myself up and approached the jeep. I was at lost as I knew nobody but me survived the crash. The only thing I could do now is to hike my way back to the nearest village to seek for help. I hobbled over to the glove box of the jeep and retrieved a map as well as a compass. I grabbed a backpack and hastily packed some medical supplies, water and food ratios and set off for the journey by foot.

    It was already nightfall and hunger and drowsiness took over me. I ate only a little of the food ratios and climbed up a short tree and fell asleep with a knife in my hand. I had barely slept for fifteen minutes when cries of wild animals broke my dreams. It seemed like the animals are coming out to hunt now hence, I thought, I should be more alert or else I would turn into dinner of a predator.

    As soon as day breaks, I started my journey again. I scanned my map and plotted my compass carefully to avoid detours. After about five hours of trekking, I finally reached a waterfall which was also shown on the map. I placed my belongings carefully on the wet ground n plunged into the cool waters. After refilling my canteen, I continued my journey. After about three hours, I arrived at a river. I am close now, just fifteen more kilometers away from the village. I sat down and ate some of my ratios. Just as I was about to leave, I felt pain at my ankle. I looked down, only to see two punctured marks and a snake slithering into the bushes. Immediately I reached for my backpack and took out a bottle of antidote. I washed my wounds with the river water injected the anti-venom into my blood vessels.

    Night falls and I had barely advanced. I decided to rest anyway so as to let the anti-venom work. Two hours later, I woke up to find several dead leeches laying around my wound. I smiled, the leeches had sucked the poisoned blood out of me. Then it occurred to me. I checked the rest of my body, and found leeches crowding around my arm n thigh! I took out a lighter burnt the leeches. I quickly moved away from the river to dryer land to avoid more leech attacks.

    Dawn breaks and I set off again. It was only in the late afternoon when I finally reached Kimberly. The villagers bought me to the police post where I was questioned and then, I was sent to the clinic where my injuries were attended to. I gobbled down the food that was offered to me and went to rest almost immediately.

    The following day, a jeep from the medical relief headquarters in Johannesburg came for me. Now, finally, I’m saved at last.

    [*note: Kimberly is really some place in south africa! it's on the world map!!]


    Singlish Version:

    The si beh hot sun keep burning my ass until I cannot even treat my patients properly but anyway, I finished treating my last patient liao so I faster ask my teammates get on the jeep so we can kiao ka all the way back to Johnnesburg, capital of South Africa.

    Me and my kakis are from medical relief team de la then suay suay kena posted here to treat malaria patients…some more volunteer…si beh pai mia seh but never mind la..lim bei helpful wan..help people de.

    We traveling along the road on the mountain. Then I down there thinking when I go back to kiao ka all the way till next shift but fucking suay the journey take 10 hrs la. So for now still have to eat bake beans and biscuit…like NS sia. Then hor..the earth shake until very jia lat ..i thought earth quake..skarly ho seh liao..landslide… si beh suay lo! Then the jeep also kena sweep down the mountain

    When I wake up, my head damn pain..bleeding like hell. I faster walk over to the jeep check out my friends..all ma ti liao..haiz. So I can only walk to nearby village seek for help lo. Then I go to the glove box take out the map n compass. Take one bag put all the important things inside then chao liao.

    Night liao then si beh sleepy and hungry so eat a bit of my food then sleep. Na beh! Sleep for only 15 mins can hear animals mating in the distance..siao ehz. Then I cannot sleep liao..cause also scare later kena eaten by animals ma so whole night owl lo..sianz

    Then hor...morning come liao..heng sia. So I start walking lo. Stupid forest so many mosquitoes..heng not dengue mosquitoes ehz. I see my map n compass carefully else later lost..ma ti liao. Then hor..si beh heng eh! Come until waterfall..map also got one. So I jump into the water..cold cold one..nice. Then refill my water bottle liao..continue moving lo. After 3 fucking long hours..come to this river..close liao..only 15km away from the Kimberly village la. Then I hungry so makan a bit of my food. Going to go liao..my ankle very pain. Check..got 2 holes and can see a snake moving away..wtf! na beh..si lang gao snake bite me..skarly poison. So I faster take the medicine out of my bag then wash the bloody wound before inject the medicine.

    Night again then I lik neva move lik that so rest lo…then medicine also take effect ma. 2 hrs later..i wake up..see gt a lot leech near my wound there. AHAHAHA! si beh stupid leech go suck my poison blood then die of the poison. Then hor..i suddenly rmb. So check my body..got a lot leech at my hand n leg. Kao bei..suck lim bei de blood! Use lighter burn u to death eh! KNNBCCB..faster move away from the river liao la if not kena again..lim bei sure buay song wan.

    Morning again then continue move lo. Late afternoon lik dat then reach kimberly. Stupid villagers..bring me go see ma ta..then ask so much. Finally bring me go clinic, got black chio bu nurse attend to my wound then I eat until si beh full then slp la.

    Next day, the car from the headquarters at johnnesburg come liao..allayluayah! lim bei kena saved le!


    Fuck! i tink even my singlish also cannot make it...haha..not triple-lingual >_<

    bread spoke at Thursday, September 29, 2005

    Wednesday, September 28, 2005

    U've got better things to care about!

    weeee~ damn fucking happy cos i passed all my papers! results aren't that good though

    paper 1- 15/20
    [darn it..cud have done better..sheeshz]
    paper 2 - 30/65
    [fuck la..i neva liked phy. anyway]
    Practical- 6/15

    Maths paper 2:
    [bloody surprised i've passed! thought i'll flunk lik crap]

    so now i'm only left with F&N paper. cna't get it back till mdm sutinah returns la...she went for 'N' level marking..talk bout 'N' lvl..reminds me of rui ling..then bu3bu4..miss'em all sia..haha. lucks to rui ling!!

    wooo! my english teach. warned us [ bloggers] that amny students were sued fer making rude remarks of their teachers. wtf! i mean..the adults are taking things way too...argh!dun they have better things to care bout rather than wad their students rite on their blog. Ok..a blog is personal diary made public but as teens we rite wad we tink. not rite wad teachers wan us to rite. Face it teachers..if your students rite that in any way u suck..work on it cos it might just b true..
    suing is not a permanent solution to tis situation. in fact it'll make the student dislike u even more!
    but if the student puts it in a way thats way overboard..well..that's another story. but if a student describe u as a bytch..i dun really see a big deal cos sometimes we even call our frenz that but if the student rites

    "that whoever-teacher is such a bloody fucking bitchy whore..fuck his/her mom"

    smth lik dat! u can prolly sue 'em. but if it continues with smth lik...

    " he/she keeps picking on me for dunno what reason and he/she's really pissing me off"

    well..continue reading and find out wad the students' pissed off with and not just..

    "this student called me a bitch / bastard! i'm gonna get my lawyer!"

    What do get out of suing your student? Satisfaction? my god..then it's damn sadistic!

    BTW! i'm jus penning my opinions here and none of the comments above applys to my teachers ok!! i'm a great student who lurves all her teacher! [lik real] ok..i admit there's a couple i dun really lik but they dun bother me..i have better things lik studies, CCAs, idols to care a bout..boys...haha..

    I'M GLAD I DIN PUT IN ARCHIVES IN MY NEW SKIN!! else i tink i might get sue la..ahahaha...but i 4gt wad i wrote la..but rain told me i wrote a lot..maybe go read thru 'em haha..i tink i only mentioned one ba..but it's a non-sch teach..bahz..haha

    Ms Tan also said she read some of our blogs! i noe cheryl's blog already visited by a no. of teachers le but i wonder did she read mine..hmmmm...aiya Ms Tan if u really did come my blog [which i hope not] tag at my tag board la..hahaAnd anyone who reads my blog..tag the darn board cos i keep thinking my blog's a ghost blog...hehez.

    other than the bloggie thingy, Ms Tan wanted us to write an essay bout "an unexpected journey". Me n sam kept crapping all the thru lesson with mama talking bout Ruselle Peters..ahaha. bloody addictive lo..i've watch lik dunno hw long and i'm still talking bout it..diaoz! i tink Ms Tan got pretty irritated la..lol. But in the end me and sam did came up with something ok! i even wrote a singlish version of it!

    Maybe i'll post it some other time cos tis entry's fricking long and wordy with no pixxys so ppl jus get bored seeing words words n more words.

    [ DARN IT! i have my poa as well as F&N paper on the same day! other clsmates end their paper at 2.30 while the F&N ppl end theirs at 5.30!!! wtf!! ]

    bread spoke at Wednesday, September 28, 2005

    Monday, September 26, 2005

    woohoo~ i lurve my bro and maybe he's fren! haha..we found the modem cable! so we can use the net when my dad's not home..wahahahahahahah!

    got back some prelim papers today..fucking disappointed with my maths results lo!! '

    papers 1- 43/80
    [fuck! i could hav gotten at least 58..fucking careless me..knnbccb]

    paper 1- 38/70

    paper 2- 39.5/80

    paper 1- 39/60

    paper 2- 36/50

    combine humanities:
    social studies-
    geography- 25/50

    practical- 4/15
    fuck..the whole cls fail except yongde..i tink something wrong with the chemicals cos some ppl same ans some ppl diff ans...]
    paper 2- 59/65
    [wahahahahahaha! but cud hav gotten 61..bahz]
    paper 1- 17/20
    overall...80/100! woohoo..tink highest in cls ba..tis is the only sub i can be proud of wad..whahahaha]

    Acc: 50/100
    [improve le lo!!!]

    ok..so i'm left with the following subs: F&N, maths paper 2, physics. anyway..during english today..me n samantha damn ki siao cos we started talking bout Ruselle peters..were luffing our ass out throughout the whole lesson lo..haha. tml's papa's bdae..i wonder if i can pull any pranks sia..hehez. oh ya..i jus lurve tis poster..everytime i go to the bus stop..i see it...wahahahahahha

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    bread spoke at Monday, September 26, 2005

    Sunday, September 25, 2005

    其实 [他] 不懂 [她] 已喜欢上 [他]

    [她] 也不知道

    lol..dun nid xiang y y..i'm gonna start a fan fic aft my O lvl so tis may jus be part of the plot...hahaz.....

    bread spoke at Sunday, September 25, 2005

    Friday, September 23, 2005

    fer the 1st time in my whole fricking-f&n-exam-taking like..i've neva come across such a stupid paper..argh!
    i can no logner relie on my general knowledge cos the whole fricking paper is concentrated on facts frm the text...means memorising and u noe when i start reading up fer the sub..tis morning..argh..darn..

    anyway..prelims finally over and i'm granting myself a week break. hu iwen claims i lok li ka drug addict today..maybe cos of my surfacing panda eyes..can't help looking haggard during exam period especially when u slp late [studying n phone calls ] and wake up early..as in 4 30 am.

    Corspe Bride coming out! stanley says he'll go with me btu ...nah..i dunno..i tink cartoon bores him la..haha.

    4 mre days to ben papa's bdae..also meaning 2 mths and 4 mre days to my bdae..lol. he's jus older than me by a couple of mths dats why. wondering if cheryl n desiree's gonna get him anything.. oh ya. saw tis initial d mini-remote control car..lol..get dat fer papa! but dats so kiddo..fer him..lol...

    i'm gonna start revising soon so any peeps wanna study out can call me anytime..but not in the evening la..i seriously nid help in maths!!!!

    bread spoke at Friday, September 23, 2005

    Wednesday, September 21, 2005

    tml's my accounts paper and i ain't studying yet..my god..well cos i'm doing cls shirt design..bahz. gt pretty bored ystd and i was searching fer vids and i finally found tis!!!

    my mum was lik luffing non-stop when she watched tis..dunno why.

    watched one of russell peters' vid ystd and i really luffed lik siao k. then was on the fone with stanley..suddenly talk bout russell peters then i luff non-stop lo..i bet stanley thot i'm mad liao..haha.

    when i dl-ed the whole thing..maybe i'll post it here..provided my server's fast else everything will get pretty cock up.

    anyway..maybe when i finished the cls shirt tee design i'll post it up. but i doubt mine'll b chosen cos adli's a better artist than me! haha. so sad..not the whole cls going fer EOY chalet..oh well...better start working on the design or i'veno time fer practise..poa...my god T_T

    bread spoke at Wednesday, September 21, 2005

    Monday, September 19, 2005

    charged bloggers

    as u guys noe..2 bloggers were charged fer making racist comments on their blog. wads the big idea..ok..mayeb the government is afraid another racial riots lik the one in 1964 will occur again. another..there's another 17 yr olg blogger who got charged too i tink. i wonder if he make it to the guiness world record fer being "the youngest blogger ever been charged fer making racist comments on his blog"

    find it kindda lame though..those bloggers..jus unlucky. even talkingcock.com also contain racist comments ok..so why didn't the web get charged [but the web was darn funny la..haha] the whole racist issue..i tink it's jus personal idealogy. some of the racist jokes i heard come from the race themself lo..wth. anyway..shan't blog anymore..gtg fer tuiton..bahz..maths paper tml..eekz

    *suddenly rmb..lurve your enemy to conquer em'...."

    ok..i LURVE maths...haha

    bread spoke at Monday, September 19, 2005

    i lurve tis fella!!!

    oh my god..tis is damn cool...dats why i lurve jap guys...lol

    bread spoke at Monday, September 19, 2005

    star wars mania

    was browing thru some web when i came across tis vid....

    i wish i have dat mask...wahahahahahahaha

    here's another one...if star wars is dubbed in hokkien...it'll prolly sound lik tis..

    bread spoke at Monday, September 19, 2005

    Sunday, September 18, 2005

    jay look alike alert! *plus* wishlist

    weeee~ i tink this will be my last post cos my dad's gonna disconnect my modem. anyway peeps! i've changed no. but it'll only last to 23rd nov. jus check out my msn nick fer the number. PLS call me and NOT sms..no free sms u see. anyway. aft getting my prepaid card. went to meet up with wilson and went to j8 to check out prezzie fer papa. The fella looked lik his dying soon. too bad he din faint la..haha. aft chow at KFC, we decided to head home la. we were talking..bout gays..haha. then..

    ws: " hey! the fella there look exactly lik zhou jie lun!" [outside coffee bean]
    wil: *turns to look * omg.. *turns back wiv a damn shocked face*

    i shld have taken a pic la!! regretted not else i'll post it up. i din cos there's 2 possible outcome..

    1] mr jay-look alike will notice n prolly thinks i'm mad
    2] wilson will tink i'm mad
    and actually 3] both of em' wil ltink i'm mad.

    IS CHAO XIANG LO!!! he's using panasonic phone too i tink. then he mouth shape, eyes, brows, face shape..everything except hair look lik jay..my god! That fella works at cafe cartel [cos he's wearing the uniform]

    ws: "somehow i tink he speaks lik jay *follows up wiv jay's famous mumbling"
    wil: maybe ba cos everything so xiang.. i tink action n speaking style also same lo"

    HUI WEN..one day we go to J8 cafe cartel eat k..haha..shun bian see the jay guy ok..haha.


    anyway..frenz of mine will noe dat my bdae is still quite a long way [ 27th Nov] but i'll come up wiv my wish list 1st la anyway..haha

    1] celebrate wiv all my frenz whom i'm still in contact with.[diff times of day also can]
    more importantly is hope to celebrate with whole of Ben family [cheryl and desiree mei, gerald mama,
    ben papa]
    , hui wen papa, chien yu mama, wendy, radha, jamuna

    2] New mp3

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    iPod Nano


    Image hosted by Photobucket.com or Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Samsung mp3s

    3] Kapo the super monkie plushie

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    4] 2 pairs of levis jeans : Square cut, type 1 wadeva that comes out then

    5] Kon Plushie original plushie

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    6] enough money to treat my frenz to hagen daz ice cream..haha

    7] Graffiti-ed / customized cap

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    *note* tis is mascara's cap la..using it as example only..haha
    i would prefer something that looks more complicated..lol
    but if u wan me to take it dwn inform me hor >_<

    8] New blogskin

    9] Spend the nite at Sentosa

    10] Chiong club! [i'm 16..haha]

    hmmm...actually wads impt is not everything on my list can be granted but i do hope [1] does come true...

    bread spoke at Sunday, September 18, 2005

    Thursday, September 15, 2005

    Katrina Humour

    was having dinner with my parents jus now and watching the 6.30 news on channel 8. on of the news was talking that the hurricane had moved to N. Coralina and showing ppl fleeing blah blah blah.

    guess wad
    we saw the fat guy braving the strong storm, holding a bottle of Budweiser.

    and so~

    my dad got kindda crappy "under any kind of condititions, it still remain good..drink budweiser"
    "if the Bud co. were to feature him in their ad..dat fat guy'll be rich!"

    so is dat good or bad..i dunno. anyway..the fucking phone bill came and it's fucking high
    [1000+ sms, GPRS= 85 bucks and free incoming call= 30+..wtf!! so ppl next time CALL me...DUN sms]
    haiz..my baobei E730 gonna hibernate all the way till aft my O lvl..wth..dats lik 2 mths. at least this will make time seem slower. anyway..wendy agree to lend me her spare fone..as i said ealier..my dad's gonna confiscate my FONE [not the sim card...wahahahahahaha]

    i can't wait so i've made a new blog skin..rather sloppy but i tink it's not bad..haha. i jus have the problem of aligning all my cotents..shall go check out wads wrong..or maybe get
    MASCARA to check out wads wrong. oh ya..curious why someone's call mascara rite..u'll b surprised he's actually a guy..haha.

    heard aft prelims there wun b any proper lessons or rather..maybe no lessons at all so we're on our own..maybe meet up with some frenz to study becos i can't study at home..too much temptations. so any takers..jus call me up anytime but strictly fer study ok!!! i'm damn desperate to get into biomedical sciences..imagine al lthe fields of jobs u can enter..forensic scientist [weeeee~ CSI!], phatalogist [the fella dat cuts up your body to check hw u die off], blood banker [if i'm anaemic from menses..imagine all the blood i get 1st hand..haha..jus jk] but i have a 2nd thought for Health sci aka nursing.

    i always thot nursing is a very wei ta occupation. u'll b at the front line of medical battle [eg..SARS], u'll get to come in contact with people more..u learn everyday. I'm not exactly the kind of gal dat can sit still in a lab doing research. I love working with ppl and Miss Tan..my eng teach once said "wai see u have a making of a nurse because u can bring joy and laughter to ppl"

    HOWEVER~ she continued

    "but u're quite naughty..i can imagine poking a poor patient with a syringe" oh Miss Tan..am i dat mean *smiles innocently* haha.
    anyway..if i get a diploma for health sci and go into university..i might get to study psychology..which is my other interest. i wanted to b a psychologist in sec 2 but it's jus studying of brains..its bores me so i wanna be a psychatrist..jus talking to crazy ppl jus lik me..haha. hmm..or maybe i should go to JC 1st? nah! look at me n u'll noe "i hate jc life" haha. wadeva..have to wait fer the results to come out but hey..i'm targeting a 11pts fer r4 and hope a 15pts fer r5..i have to jia you le!

    jus lurve tis pic frm bleach..partly the guy with the headband does motivates me but isn't ichigo [the one with bleached hair] shuai!!! *ok..i'm a dork to fall in lurve a an anime character..haha*
    anyway..here's a video that tell you why PORN IS BAD! [click on "porn is bad" to view the video]
    stumbled upon another great site. --->
    Mr.V- packed with videos..funny ones especially..haha

    bread spoke at Thursday, September 15, 2005

    make a comeback!

    ok...i totally tink my blog is screwed n fucked up..it needs some fucking renovations..argH! and i seriously gonna change my style of bloggin cos it's B-O-R-I-N-G BORING~ wtf seh. i shall not use too good english nor shld i use very bad english...wadeva..jus being crappy.

    anyway..i'm fucking toasted..yes..toasted! thks to wendy..we went to sentosa..slept under the fucking hot sun fer jus 2 hours n i look lik a complete mat...wth. and now my skin's shedding...ew~

    prelim 2 started n i'm so fucking slack. everyone's lik "oh my god..study man" or "shit!! i haven study". msn nicks = studying..dun disturb or prelims here...ahhhh~
    wth...lame lo! all u do is study smart..look up the trends in tys..listen in cls. well the sub i panic bout is maths n acc cos i totally suck those two..wth. nvm..god's rather fair..if u're good in something..dere's bound to b something u're a loser in.

    fucking lizard intruded into my hosue ystd!!! FUCKINGCHEEBYEKNNLIZARD!! so damn big. in the bloody kitchen near the stove when i was waiting fer waterto boil b4 cooking my noodles. fear, anxiety, agony crept over me...nah..jus being dramatic..wahahaha. my bro bought his fren home n i was lik

    "yang..gt lizard"

    "help me lei"

    "aiya..spray it la"

    "i cooking noodles la"

    "too bad..catch it then..and maybe cook it"


    anyway..i went to get the spray thingy. armed with dat..i approached the darn lizard. i can see it was smriking at me..darny creeper. u're so dea in a min's time. so..i spray the damn disgusting thing n it dropped onto the kitchen floor..i ran n it slither behind me..i was screaming lik some siao char bo. bro's fren also bth "go help her lo..pathetic lo"

    wads so pathetic bout getting freaked out by a lizard. anyway..my bro took my spray thingy and said

    "u loser la! u noe wad u took? *holds up the can* LUBRICATING SPRAY..ALAMAK..u suppsoe to use baygon!"

    "I NOE!!! but the fricking lubricating thing looks so lik baygon can"

    so my bro went to the rescue but the disgusting creeper crept somewhere else..so porlyl it's still lurking in the house...FUCK IT!

    ran over some great blogs ystd..not exactly all la..xiaxue's i knew long ago..here are the links

    rockson - *warning* explicit content. *warning* u can't read it in sch, in the library, in the office or in lan shop
    becoz u wud luffing so hard that ppl thinks ya frm woodbrige
    yeocheowtong - not a blog but the fella has cool pix of our garmen. eg. goh chock tong smackign his wife's ass.

    fer fuck sake..my dad's gonna disconnect my modem so i wun b bloggin all the way till aft o lvl n when i've gt a new skin n concept...bahz.

    bread spoke at Thursday, September 15, 2005

    Sunday, September 11, 2005

    fucking paretns i've got

    i'm totally sick of my parents..i wun thank em' fer the fact of bringing me to tis world cos i'm suffering. god dammit. the bitch's not treating me lik a daughter then why should i giv her the respect she wants. fuck it. wad kind of mother call her kids things n throw their things ard. wad goes ard comes ard..i throw her stuff too n she slaps me fer it..FUCK! hate her! and the old bastard..keep crapping ard say he can't trust me anymore n dunno when he will lose complete trust...in the 1st place..he've already lost complete trust..i dun giv a damn..i jus HATE my parents...ya i've said it..HATE! i admit i was wrong to tell lies..at least they're white. Wan me to tell the truth..they can accept the truth..TOTAL BULLSHIT USED TO BLUFF 3 YR OLD KID! wanna gimme a slap if i lie again..go ahead..i'll leave home n neva come back to tis pathetic "home". All dat bitch n bastard ever did was grumble; nag; reprimand...neva think in my shoes..hw i wish fer my own privacy, hw i wish they gimme the respect i nid. ppl will b going "but u should also consider hw your parents feel"..lik i've haven..i did that when i was still sucking my thumb n thks god i've grown up n manage to see the ugliness of this family. Think i feel good that i have to lie thru my teeth to go out with my frenz...of course i dun feel gd..but if i tell the truth..hell will freeze if they apporve without a word. imma promise breaker? speak fer yourself..my parents are crap! i dun giv a big hell dman if they read tis. they're jus gonna fuss over it anyway..they only hav their ego to look after..who gives a damn hw their 16-yr-old gal thinks...FUCK! I HATE EM' !
    tell ya the truth..i appreciate and love my frenz more than i do for my family. at least with em' i dun get constant nagging or reprimandations. Whenever i have doubts or indecisive matters, there's always hui wen, ben and desiree to gimme advice. whenever i nid someone to crap with, there's always cheryl, gerald, wendy, radha, jamuna n my other clsmates. all this i dun get in the family i found it in sch. hw can i not treat em' better than my family when they're the ones who understands me better than my family. i can say i would prolly thnk my parents fer supporting me finanicially..nth else.. wadeva..i'm jus crapping as usually..wadeva..nobody cares anyway...

    bread spoke at Sunday, September 11, 2005

    Tuesday, September 06, 2005


    sheeshz...i've cut my hair n i look lik a jap boy now..wadeva!! jus have to wait fer a mth or 2 and my hair will grow long. so sad lo...my cousin was lik chopping away n my fringe!!! my precious fringe!! haiz..anyway my head feels lighter now..lol. at least nw every morning i dun nidda comb hair or anything jus go sch also can..very fang bian..haha.

    bread spoke at Tuesday, September 06, 2005

    Monday, September 05, 2005

    mad man alert!

    today aft remedial went out fer lunch wiv hui wen n chien yu. aft dat we went to j8. so we were taking bus 13 n i was sitting bhind this mad man. he was rapping smth n beating rythems. chien yu was lik "omg" haha. when reached KFC bus stop..loads of ppl came up n they saw the ma man n they gave funny expressions. the classic one was tis auntie..she was lik horrified lo. then she asked me "u sit behind him u not scared?" but i jus said cooly "as long u dun disturb him he wun disturb ya". haha. then came to this bus stop..an indian man came up n sat beside the mad man!! everyone's expression were lik..shocked! haha. finally reached j8. went ard wiv hui wen to hunt fer her bottle but in the end went body shop..lol. bought black studs!..finally! hu iwen was meeting her yan..so when me n chien yu saw him..i start ji-siaoing..as usual..hehez. came home suppose to make notes fer F&N but i din do any!! F**K! oh well..do it tonite then..haiz

    bread spoke at Monday, September 05, 2005

    Sunday, September 04, 2005


    to stupid...let's make it clear my blog isn't a charity blog where u come n tell ppl hw stupid u are..i do empathtise u for your misfortune of having less than average IQ. anyway lik wad Einstein says..99% perspiration n 1% insipiration..if u aren't born smart lik me..u shld better start working hard. why b so hard on yourself n call yourself stupid even though it's the truth..take it easy n one day u might jus uncover wadeva talents u hav. anyway..if u hav any objections..u can still display your stupidity over at the tagboard..all i have to do is track down your IP address..delete your post n ban your IP add 4eve.

    to all waisee-haters..u can leave wadeva comments u wan on the tag. i dun see a point in arguing with u scums cos if i do..i'll be snooping to your lvl of mentality n manners so peace out suckers!

    bread spoke at Sunday, September 04, 2005

    harry potter!

    calling all potter fans...check THIS out!!!

    the trailer was damn cool. anyway..i seriously think they shld consider changing the actor fer harry...he's totally getting fatter by the year! the best was still hermonie..getting mre n mre gorgeous by the years..envy....
    can't wait fer it..prolly watchign it on my b'dae..since the screening time is near then..weEeEe~

    bread spoke at Sunday, September 04, 2005

    Saturday, September 03, 2005

    it's over

    btw..it's over n i was the one who ended it. ia dmit i was kindda selfish. it happend on thursay b4 the finals. i msg-ed him to tell him. he was lik "okiez..why"..haiz..wadeva...wads done is done..it can't b undone..desicions lik this are lik drawings wiv no eraser ain't it. well..at least i cn really concentrate muggin fer the big exam concerning my future career..gotta buck up on my maths, humans, poa n phy else imma goner fer Os. wun b blogging often..prolly once a fortnight or when smth interesting happens..-sighs-

    bread spoke at Saturday, September 03, 2005

    it's all over

    ok..long time since i've blogged but i shall jus blog on wad happened on thursday..

    woke up rather early n went dwn to mdc to meet bu3bu4. we were slacking there cos the idols haven come yet. wrote letter to sebast n wei choong to ji siao em'. Everyone felt sleepy so went to sleep. me n ke jing were slping lik pig then rui ling said "hey ke jing.." instead..i woke up n saw sugie. my cotnacts were damn blur so i was straining my eyes to see sugie then i saw sugie turn n look at me..and i realise..MY HAIR WAS DAMN MESSY!! so i was lik..oh shit man..lol. in the end 4 of us went dwn to taxi stand dere wait fer choong n sebast. choong came so wendy excorted him up..followed by sebast..lol. ke jing n rui ling went crazy cos sebast was wearing the shirt they gave him la. anyway..at the reception..i ji siao-ed sebast. then he was lik -__________-". aft dat, went to radio gate wait fer em' cum out n hop on to a cab. the taxi uncle damn gd. he realyl help us chase the bus then once in a while go beside the bus so we can "talk" to sebast n choong. aft reaching indoor, we went to PS fer chow. Bought myself a cap..lik finally n took neos wiv our boards. headed bck to indoor. met eileen wiv sebast's frenz n i had da spray-highlight my hair blue..but it disappeared jus as soon it appeared..i hate my hair..doesn't seem to be able to project colours..argh! finally it was the finals!! sat wiv sebast's camps. the row behidn me is all sebast's buddies. worse thing is..in the whole sebast camp..only 3 ppl support kelly [wilson;sebast's fren, another gal n i] ..wth. but anyway..kelly was damn cool..she completely trashed wei lian winning 4 out of 5 segments! she totally rockx! even my dad voted fer her..but was kinnda sad dat kelly lost..oh well..she gt a better contract..woohoo! frankly speaking..i'm nt discriminating wei lian but i seriously think he won by sympthaty votes or maybe the record sales cos kelly's obviously the betetr singer ain't it. reached home rather late n i still had to go sch the next day..stoots...

    bread spoke at Saturday, September 03, 2005