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    Saturday, December 31, 2005

    Finally! time to blog..wahahahahahaha! i'm done with my wk's job! working 5 consecutive days of morning shifts was a killer especially when ya a hostess. Jus in case u're thinking hostess as in the bar kind of hostess that wear skimpy clothings and seduce old balding men...YOU'RE WRONG!! if u go dictionary.com n search hostess...u'll get the following meanings

    1] A woman who receives or entertains guests in a social or official capacity.
    2] A woman who manages an inn or hotel.
    3] A woman who is the emcee or interviewer on a radio or television program.
    4] A woman who is employed to greet and assist patrons, as in a restaurant.
    5] A woman who is employed to dance with customers in a dance hall or nightclub.

    and what i'm doing is #1 and #4 ok! today was best day at work cos i was damn well fed. you see, we can't eat anything from the buffet or attempt to kop the food. Anyone caught very jia lat [actually so far i gt caught by captains but they dun bother anyway] So this morning, Elly, my fellow hostess and i jus got bck to the podium aft ushering guest to their seats and our manager, Cheryl was dere la. n both of us were lik

    "wah..the pancake hen xiang lei" and "tu...zi...er..."

    so cheryl was damn good! she made mini pancake for us so we sneak to the bck to eat them..nice! and then, in the afternoon i have to get down to lvl 1 to pass smth to the chef's office, which is the same lvl as the pastry kitchen. Behold! one of the cook was bringing a whole shelf of pastry down and she let me take my pick n eat all i want! sad thign there wasn't any chocolate pralines left. Later aft that, gene bought kinder buneo for me so i went to his office to get it. On my way up..the auntie was bringin the pastry shelf up again so more sweet treats for me. Ya ya...i'm pretty slack la..hostessing is a rather slack job but mentally straining ok.

    I got OT pay today too..muhahahahaha! That was bcoz all of the full timers n managers had to attend a meeting so i was the only hostess left at the podium. Seriously..whenever the phone rings it freaks me out. Cos aft Elly left, calls came coming in regarding reservations and cake orders so they really sucked the life out of me. So whenever i hear a fone ring, i'll get all jumpy but actually it was some other people's fone la. I was suppose to knock off at 4 anyway but they came bck at lik 4.15 thus my 1/2 extra pay..lmao!

    Damn shagged aft work but i hav ta meet gene later to catch Narnia. Couldn't slp when i got home either hence that gene gave me a wake up call for nth.

    Seriously..NARNIA WAS DISAPPOINTING ! more than half the show was talking boring crap. I sweared i nearly dozed off halfway through the show. They were ony some funny scenes to me but gene said i was sadistic cos i found the fawn looked damn funny when he was stoned. The show was freaking 2hrs+ so imagine hw i tried to stay awake throughout the whole thing..bleahz

    Since it was still early, we walked to mcafe at Istean. The ice chocolate was nice! damn chocolatey with laods of whipped cream. But the cheese cake sucked..cheesy...ew. Aft that, it was still early ! so we walked all the way till RGS b4 taking a cab..haha! and that was lik 20 mins walk i think.

    1 more day to 2006 ppl! so happy new year!

    bread spoke at Saturday, December 31, 2005

    Wednesday, December 28, 2005

    HEY!!! is it me or is my counter jumping lik snails!?!?! i dun care!!! u guys shld keep refreshing the page n make it jump till hundred!! For the guys...if u refresh once i'll [lemme think if i gt any chio gal frenz..ah~] jus get my chioest gf to giv u a peck on the cheek n for the girls..i'll intro u to any of my good looking guy frens *winks*

    [no gene...i'm not talking bout u la..but if gt gals think u damn good looking i also bo bian la...haha. Not that i dun ahve chio gal frenz..they're all chio n i can't make a decision..haha!!]

    -damn..i sound so evil...again!!! i'll b so toasted if ppl eat my words *gulps*-

    bread spoke at Wednesday, December 28, 2005

    25th Dec, X'mas!!

    while u guys are probably celebrating somewhere out dere, my fellow frenz, managers and i were slogging at ritz carlton's Greenhouse. LUCKY ME! my shift starts at 4pm, meaning i dun have to do champange brunch. As u can see, every sunday, Greenhouse has Brunch buffet with free flow of champange. And of course, it's not cheap la [adult: $108+++]

    Anyway, when i arrived for work, brunch hasn't end yet so can tell it was a very busy afternoon. Turnover was damn sian cos some guest eat lik...i dunno..chicken? Cos crumbs n pieces of food were found on the table n floor. Not jus one or 2 smll pieces but big peices of food which u can see without even walking near it. Floor ditry nvm..not our biz..but table dirty..sian la! so next time ppl, when u go to a buffet, pls b considerate to the servers at the restaurants. U expect gd services frm us n we expect u too have basic table manners n cleanliness too.

    While i was clearing one of the tables [heng that table was quite clean sia], kok ching came along n said

    Steph ah..next wk monday to friday 7.30am. And take hostess uniform.

    i was lik...WAD!? so fast!? and for the remaining time i was lik in a daze ...cos well..i not really happy bout it la..i jus gt the hang of server..so fun n all then all my colleauges all so good to me; suddenly ask me go b hostesss..sian lo! [usully only 2 hostess needed. 2 ppl only..so sian!!]

    Dinner wasn't so bad la. Still managable. Ong mre thing...we DISLIKE long tables!! because it's dman tedious to clear. Once we had tis guest who booked tables for 20. when they left, my frenz and i looked at each other and went "HAIZ!!" worst thing is, they order so many wine n jucies..which are all served in tall glasses ..meaning it's damn suay if u break them while carrying the utensils in for stewarding..

    Finally..knock off..phew! sad thing is, i din take of myself wearing the Greenhouse uniform T_T. Well..was suppose to go out with gene again but being the considerate me, i figured he wud b damn tired aft workign on x'mas eve n if he go out late again..sure beng kui. so i fricking took the transport home..sian. tried to slp but can't la.

    Reached home damn bloody shagged. And i have less than 4 hrs to slp!!!

    bread spoke at Wednesday, December 28, 2005

    Monday, December 26, 2005

    work work work!!

    I jus realised i haven blogged for almost a week! well, i was busy busy BUSY with work and too tired to blog la. Anyway..aft working 4 days as a server, i'm working as a hostess and today's my 1st day! hey...why am i getting all excited..i miss being a server!!! hostess is B-O-R-I-N-G~~~ nvm..i shall jus rite bout my days at work~

    1st day, wednesday, 21th Dec

    mind you..it was morning shift!! and i found my way to ritz myself without being told..ahahaha. I hate my shoes!! it fricking got me a big giant blister on my right heel...i took a pic of it. dun look at it if ya eating...it'll prolly disgust u to the extent of u puking ur intestines out =X. And the uniform is ok lo! i dun get why gene say it's sucky..lol. Learnt tons of stuff n i love all my colleauges! cos they're all nice n friendly ppl. Ppl lik Aphy, Ida, Adrain, Stephen, Christina..all were patient with me ok despite the fact i'm a fucked up novice...haha. Server was fun but damn tiring! i got aches all over at the end of the day. BUT..
    It's Cheryl's bdae today! so aft wrk met up with jazreel 1st. B4 that..gene was goddamn good cos he went all the way to chef's kitchen to get me a plaster and then walk all the way out to outside marina sq to pass it to me..haha...great fren rite [happy now gene! i did mention u ok]. Jaz and i intended to get cheryl her present budden who couldn't find anything for her..zzz. so we thot we'll jus meet cheryl at taka where she'll blanjar us seoul garden -evil laughs- At the mrt station, i saw smth that amazed me..

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    tis fella has boobs! it's prolly a D-cup or smth..lik woah! I was gloating at his bludging muscles. seriously.. i hate body builders!! i mean those intensive kind. It's freakish when u see a man with bigger boobs then u u noe. Seriously i was tempted to approach the guy and ask

    "sir..do u nid a bra? i think marina sq has shops that sells bra that fits ur boobs"

    but jazreel gave m a disgusted look so i abandoned the idea..haha!

    Decided to surprise cheryl with a cake so we went to take basement to the confectionery where wlny gang gt my bdae cake..hehe. next to that was a donut confectionery and i saw this bun thats damn cute!

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    custard cheese bun! cute ain't it!? white sugar icing face with chocolate icing to form the eyes n smile and the filling was soft, creamy custard cheese...yum! i'll b so addicted to it. Bdae gal came! poor gal, she's running a temperature and she till insist on treating us seoul garden...i'm touched T_T

    I was famished cos i was working on an empty stomach and when u're hungry, u dun care wad u eat cos everything taste nice..hahz thats why though jazreel was the chef..everything tasted nice..haha!!.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Halfway, i sneaked down to get cheryl her cake but we gt her a creme burlee instead. Due to unplanned timing..the surprise failed horribly and chery l was not the least interested...sad ah!!

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    anyway...the creme burlee looks tasty ain't it? but aft serious tasting, jazreel commented that

    " tasted lik the person wanted to make custard pudding but changed hteir mind half way"

    cos it was custard with rum chocolate inside so it tasted werid. see..cheryl was fucked up with the damn pudding

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    have ta go home aft dat cos cheryl's temperature was raising lik mad. well..mother nature sure gave her a "great" present =X

    2nd day, Thursday, 22th Dec

    LUCKY ME! i was working nite shift so i reported at 6! hehe. All my mates frm ystd were not ard ..meaning i have to meet new ppl. well..the new grp of ppl are mre sian lei. but i still managed to crap with them becoz as u can see...i'm a friendly person..haha!

    One thing bout waitressing, u learnt to withstand hunger very well. Reason being imagine u scout ard the tables while refilling globets of water, u see the guest enjoying mouth watering dishes [lobster, black pepepr crab, fresh sashimi, tons of sweet dessert!!] yet u can't eat so u can only see n and eat. As time goes by, ur stomach will complaining cos mr brain has sent msg down to say

    " damn u fat piece of organ. see no touch so nth's going down dere..stop whining u pig or u'll get steph into trouble!"

    Dinner was busier than meals in the day so i have mre stuffs to do and not sian-ed. and..i learnt' hw to sneak up on food frm delvin..hehe. well, i managed to sneak on kuey lapis today, wasn't that good though. I wan chocolates!!!

    and again, i went home with aching legs..bleahz

    3rd day, Friday, 23th Dec

    Dammit! it's lik my suay-est day ever ok! i was up at Greenhouse at 5.55, dats 5 mins b4 i actually start work. I was suppsoe to report to captain but can't find any so i was prentending to look busy while crapping with my frenz at the back when suddenly

    *dramatic horror classic music plays*

    a stern, mean looking hag walked towards me

    hag: what's ur name
    me: steph..

    -hag goes into kitchen to check schedule-

    hag: i'll have to dock 1/2 hr of ur pay
    me: huh!?
    hag: look at the time...what time is it?
    me: 6.05
    hag: so u're late
    me: i was up here at 5.50 already
    hag; then u shld hve reported to the captains!
    me: i coudn't find anyone
    hag: ok..nvm..

    and so i was traumatized and went crying looking for Ida who was working. [if u really thot i cried u muz b a real idiot..haah!] Ida being the kind n friendly her gave me task to do and i'm working working working.

    Btw..here's the series of fucking suay events that happned to me while dinner was in progress

    1] i was filling the hot water flask when hot water spluttered onto my bare hands...twice!! knn
    2] i was arranging stuff on the oval tray [it's the tray where we put ur left over plates n cutleries stupid] when the metal serving tray slipped off the counter, dropped onto my bare feet and clashed onto the floor. that was damn suay cos the crashing tray made a din n my leg gt a blue black aft dat *sobs*
    3] this is the suay-est of the suay-est. I was refilling water for one of the guest and when i was returnign her glass, she nudges her elbow n *classic horror music plays* the glass tipped off the saucer and water spilled...dammit!! the luckiest thing about it..not a single drop spilled onto the guest and not a single captain or manager was ard...PHEW!!
    4] last of the suay things. I was setting up cutleries when one of the big knives slipped off my tray and dropped on the carpeted floor..THANK GOD THE FLOOR WAS CARPETED!!!

    i gt fed up and went to look for napkins to fold. That way i wun ever encounter mre suay thing, i can msg gene without being caught by managers or captains, sneak food to eat and spend 2 hrs away jus lik dat..wee hee~
    so aft wrk...i still hve to drag my tired body to meet gene for supper. That fella's really fricking patient cos the difference b/w his knock off time n my knock off time is 2 hrs. 2 hrs!!! well..it's good to have a fren lik dat ain't it..hehe. He had to suffer too while i whined bout my suay events for the day. seriously.. i was so tired..i didn't eat much so gene..stop telling me i'm wasting food!

    After chow..we went slacking ard and here comes' gene's evil side. I told him my arms are aching lik fuck [both of them mind u!! cos the cutlery tray is frigging heavy] and guess what he did. he attempted to torture me by trying to nudge my aching arms umpteen times!!! k..n...n...

    anyway..tml's x'mas eve and i have to meet him again to get presents for jacky n melody and i'm gonna wrk for jacky tml selling sprays..ahahaah!

    24th Dec, no working day at ritz

    weeee~ finally a break n gene can no longer attempt to torture me cos my aches have subsided. Muahaha! crapped all the way to far east and aft a gazilion secs, we finally decide to have waffle ice cream for chow..ahahaahha! but dammit..Gelare serves irkcy waffles n yucky ice creams...bleahz.

    We bought a zippo for jacky and may jacky [if ya reading this] ...








    i suggested getting him a set of boxers la. I tink gene was lik stunned at wad i said for a moment b4 he added that if we were to get him boxers, we'll hve to get free size. I wanted to buy a set of hot bikini for melody !!! so when i told gene he was lik


    haha! well..not lik she will wear rite. i intended to devise a plan to trick her to wearing it la but aft gene said smth, i dropped the idea cos i was traumatized n disgusted. Well..i can disclose what he said cos he'll definitly kill me becoz i'll b ruining his "innocent" image. so if u wanna noe..jus ask me on msn..it's not a big deal actually la..muhahahahaha!

    Aft getting melody's gift, gene went to work while i have to go search for his jacket. Damn gene u better b touched cos i search the whole orchard ok!! i even intended to go all the way to city link but heng i was smart to ask the staff to call up that branch. Lucky you!!! i found one last piece at far east ok!!

    Sad to say..it poured when i got out of far east...goddammit! so i took a bus to jean's house. 1st thing that happened to me when i reached dere, ppl grabbed my limbs, i dropped my stuff and next moment, i was thrown into the pool..CRAP!! and i still have to go meet jacky n gang to sell sprays ltr on. So i whined at jean n she lent me her jeans n gave me a halter top [she looked fat in it and neva wore it since her pruchase..well..she's rich wad.] slacked at her house, muching on log cakes [hazelnut n tiramisu...ahahahaha!] b4 heading to town to meet with jacky.

    Seriously..i felt werid la..cos i'm the only gal there..the rest of the gals haven reached...zzz. crapped awhile b4 ah de, wei siang [both gene's n jacky's fren] and i started selling. felt damn werid la cos u noe..standing in the middle of orchard and urging ppl to buy..well..u get the picture. Then..miracle happened! Ryan walked past our terrioty..muhahahaha! and i fricking made him buy zhe me shou ye shi 2 yrs clsmate 4 yrs sch mate wad..lol.

    Sales was bad cos it was stil learly. So we ended up playing with the sprays instead. Competitions were along the way but orchard was bloody hell crowded so nvm...sure gt business. Soon other gals came n nitefall. BIsness stll not picking up so we went mobile..haha! i was damn damn damn suay la! shldn't have borrow halter top frm jean cos wei siang n ah de kept attacking my hair n bck. Aft the gazllion-th time of being attack..i surrendered n was covered in faux snow n sticky ribbon. Btw..the faux snow does makes a good hair wax..haha...but its stinks though.

    nite fell officially and biz was booming...yay yay yay! i suppose to knock off at 10 la but because i have to wait for mr eugene teo zhen hong..i have stay till 11 plus n submit to mre faux snow attacks..lol. twice i choke on the faux snow cos they have lousy aiming n i gt attacked in the face so breathed in at the same time so..conclusion..faux snow stinks lik shit. n lik finally gene arrived..zzz.

    That was one time i found gene damn scary n made me neva wanna piss him off ok! when i say scary..it's really scary. It's worse than sitting next to Osama, worse than swallowing a 100 fat slimy icky maggots, worse than a stained white skirt [or pants]...wadeva that's ur worst horror la. Cos he jus went very quiet...look damn murderous n u can actually sense the murderous aura in the atmosphere.

    Wad happened was..while i sprayed gene at the bck..his fren attacked him in front. Aft sensing the terrifying aura..i wipedthe damn snow off his bck la..but she jus keep giving murderous stares [fucking scary!!!] so when he finally spoke..HENG IT"S BLOODY NORMAL SPEAKING N NOT SHOUTING!! then he went off to toilet. From now on i shall neva ever attempt to piss that fella off T_T. BUt aft he came bck he was quite ok la..so..lalalala.

    Gene left with me cos he ahd to go bishan park anyway. I OFFICIALY HATE ORCHARD ON X'MAS. It's damn bloody crowded then the took that took us to wonder into the mrt station was fricking long lo. not 4getting hw squeezy it was...zzz. and same idiots were spraying the faux snow..which i breatehd in moronically thus choking again...zzz. Gd thing the mrt wasn't crowded else i'l &^%)#&%#(*%&%&#*%&

    reached home all stinky n tired..ew. And gene's present for me was a pink/white adidas old sch style jacket..nice nice..but i still lik my green 77th st wan..muhahahahaha!


    crap..tis entry is getting fricking long so i'm gonan contniue x'mas n hostessing on another entry la..lol

    bread spoke at Monday, December 26, 2005

    Sunday, December 25, 2005

    Here's a reason why u might not be getting your gift from Santa..

    bread spoke at Sunday, December 25, 2005

    Tuesday, December 20, 2005

    For once in many months i wished i had a bf. To b more specific, a bf who has his own private transport! argh! the though of having to wake up at 5am had been haunting me since lik ystd. The reason why i have to wake up so early is because i have take an mrt all the way to city hall aft which i have to walk [maybe i'll jus grab a cab] to ritz..zzz! if i have a bf with his own transport, i can probably wake up at 6 because the nite b4 i will whine n whine to make him pick me up...muhahahahahaha!!! just kiddin...i'm not the whiney kind n i'm very considerate..HAHA! From now on..i demand all my future bfs to have their own transport. I dun care whether if it's a car, bike [not bicycle mind u!!] or even a ricksaw la!!

    i shall stop thinking about it and try to think of something good about it. Maybe like i can spend my time better while waiting for Yakitake! Japan to complete download so when i come home i can watch the full 12 episodes...haha!

    -a little too demanding i think...-

    bread spoke at Tuesday, December 20, 2005

    Monday, December 19, 2005

    My craps are appreciated

    I spent the whole afternoon hogging my com coz i'm fricking bored. I think i should jus marry my com but on the other hand, i wouldn't becoz my com will probably be a female. But if it's a male..well..it's not fuckable isn't it. I think if there's ever a person who shags a computer/monitor/notebook, he's probably really sick in the mind or he's a huge geek and really intends to marry his com.

    That reminds me. Was crap-sms-ing gene ystd n here comes he's following reply

    haha.. I think i'll die on thursday when your working haha..die of boredom

    well..at least my craps are appreciated..haha! I pictured a scenario in the future where Gene becomes a CEO of some major company ...


    *Meeting in progress*

    Manager of Marketing Department yaks on about the sales for the month

    MOMD: yadda yadda sales are declining steadily yadda yadda yadda come up with new products yadda yadda

    and here we have Mr Teo CEO of major company..let's just call it Burex [don't ask me why..the name jus came to my mind. What it manufactures..well..use your imagination] Ok Mr Teo, CEO of Burex is getting bored listening to balding old man "preaching" and he annouced


    As the excuetives leaves the meeting room, he pick up his handphone n scroll down looking for

    "PBD.co" [pbd=potential boredom drivers] and dials the number

    operator: For english, press '1'. Shi yong zhong wen, qing an '2' [and so on so fore for other languages like french, japanese, norwegian which will take up about 2 mins. I expect my company to go international ok!]

    gene: *tinks* so~ long~ [press '1']

    operator: Please choose a catogery. For male-normal-line, press '1'. For female-normal-line, press '2'. For male-crappy-line, press '3'. For female-crappy-line, press '4'. For Tranversite-line, press "5". For *operators vocie goes into a husky, sexy tone" exlcusive line, press "6". For change of language, press " * "

    [with that, another 5 mins gone]

    gene: damn...wads with wai see..open so many lines. But exclusive line sounds gd *thinks for awhile* nvm -press the key '4'-

    operator: please hold while we connect your call

    [2 mins later....]

    operator: sorry. our operators are busy at the current moment.

    gene: WTF! nvm..call her direct line *dials my number*

    -phones rings for a long time-

    me: WAD!?
    gene: aye..i very sian at meeting la
    me: so? my biz ah?
    gene: of course your biz la! u're my personal boredom driver!
    me: so? i still nidda do my stuff ok. I'm currently at pilaga..can't talk to u
    gene: hey!! wads pilaga?
    me: stupid...it's a combination of pilaga!
    gene: oh..
    me: ok..bye!
    gene: oi wait!

    *clicks* toot~

    at the precise moment, the executives were entering the room to continue the meeting so dear Mr Teo have to listen n rot in boredom.


    yea man! i shall b indispensible! *dreams on while gene sneaks up behind n whack my head with a huge stick of celery*

    Ouch! well, of course that will never happen because gene will not b a CEO of a company, but probaby busy getting fat in the Airforce as a senior technician [or smth else] while i'll probably be working in HSA as a Laboratory officer / Staff nurse in Mount Elizabeth Hospital.

    damn...i'll b so dead when he sees the imaginary [but i asked him to see it anyway. haha!]

    bread spoke at Monday, December 19, 2005

    I'm so bored from rotting at home that i took 2 emode testes and the results are lik fantastic [well..i'm easily contented ok]

    The Super IQ Test

    Steph, your Super IQ score is 117

    Your overall intelligence quotient is the result of a scientifically-tested formula based on how many questions you answered correctly. But it's only part of what we learned about you from your answers on the test. We also determined the way you process information.

    The way you think about things makes you an Intuitive Interpreter. This means you are a highly conceptual thinker. Rather than focusing on facts and figures, you look at the big picture. You are less inclined to need to walk through something step by step to understand the logic behind it. This also lets you make connections between something you learned three weeks ago and something you are learning today. While other people need those types of connections pointed out for them, you just naturally make them.

    How did we determine that your thinking style is that of an Intuitive Interpreter? When we examined your test results further, we analyzed how you scored on 8 dimensions of intelligence: spatial, organizational, abstract reasoning, logical, mechanical, verbal, visual and numerical. The 3 dimensions you scored highest on combine to make you an Intuitive Interpreter. Only 6 out of 1,000 people have this rare combination of abilities.

    LMAO! I'm happy bout the Intuitive Interpreter and the rare-combination-of-abilities part..haha! but seriously..is my IQ jus that lvl ? zzzz


    The Brain Teaser Quiz

    Steph, you answered 24 out of 30 questions correctly!

    Congratulations! Your score is in the 91st percentile. This means that if one hundred people took the test with you, your score would rank higher than 90 of them on average.

    When we analyzed your test, we also discovered that when it comes to linguistic-mathematical ability, you measure in the 100th percentile. This score indicates you have unusually strong abilities when it comes to understanding numerical representation in words or "word problems." You're highly proficient at translating words into numbers. This can be very useful when solving a problem in real life. When people are discussing a vague problem that needs a specific solution, you're able to cut through the extraneous information to a clear answer.

    This is wicked! but seem a bit sacrastic cos i sucked in maths, especially algebra...nvm..

    Think i'm a bimbo? then go fricking take the 2 testes and prove that u're smarter than me..bleahz!!

    go to Http://www.emode.com and click on The Super IQ Test! U'll have to search for the Brainteaser one though.

    Anyway i'm starting work on Wednesday n surprise surprise [for me la], i'm working the morning shift..starting at 7.30am. IT's AM OK!!!! so i have to wake up at like..say...5 plus? ARGH! i have neva woke up ard that time since o lvls..zzz. i'll possibly die or smth on snooze the remaining hours of the day at all aft work but...IT'S CHERYL'S BDAE THAT DAY! well...possibly she'll b going out with her other frenz i suppose...

    -damn...my comment page seem to b only for display. use it people!!-

    bread spoke at Monday, December 19, 2005

    Saturday, December 17, 2005

    I wrote like crap last time...ew...

    Spend the whole afternoon outside and i'm bushed..argh! Went to Ritz again this afternoon coz i'm unfamiliar with the place so KC ask me to go bck today. Anyway he asked one of the fellow waitress to bring me ard. Her name's mable...pretty cute though..haha! Initially i thought they[already-working-waitress] would b quite dao and stuff but they wun! i see a "good" life ahead of me [right...]

    After that, it was still ages b4 the time to meet gene for dinner la so i went to suntec to disturb my fren..haha! He's working at carrefour as warehouse thingythingthing n i tink becoz of his job, he slimmed down..lik finally! I was still crappin ard at suntec when at 5, gene called me saying he's getting out for break and it's impossible for me to be punctual in meeting him la [to walk frm suntec to marina sq is a freaking long way!] So in the end he had to postpone his break to 5.30...becoz of me...muahhahahahaha!

    so i took lik 20 mins to walk bck. On the way, 4 or 5 cabs wheezed past me and they seriously tested my temptation to take a cab instead of walking but i have to treat gene cos he's completely broke, having to buy his new phone and i have less than 20 bucks so i ignored the choice of taking a cab. Tedious journey back for a lazy ass like me but i still managed to reach there ealier than him.

    When i met gene, he totally "disappointed" me. So for the N.th time i felt lik slapping him...argh! Because:

    -he din make up his mind on what to eat and i was suppose to treat him
    -he made me walk back and forth the route b/w 7-11 n the escalator, which is easily 200m
    -In the end he decide to eat the puny sandwich frm 7-11

    Because of him, i forgo dinner at home [my mum made salmon-mushroom baked rice!] and instead i ate lik wad? a few sticks of pocky! I could have taken a cab back to Marina then /&^@#&^# !!! but nevertheless, i prolly lost some grams. oh well, maybe i'll drag him to Balcony at heeren next thurs or smth

    Did i mentioned he gt a new phone? it's the sony erricsson w550i i think. Damn it does look cool but i think it's pretty big [it's small for you gene because the size of ur hand n my hand is a lot of difference] DAMN!! i still want my motorola V3 [gene i seriously don't mind exchanging my E730 for ur V3 temporarily..haha!]

    Oh...and i finally finished tranferring my old entries from blogdrive to my current blog. Seriously, i'm so disappointed in the old-blogger me! i wrote like crap! as in i wrote in a bimbotic-lianish style with all the 'lorx", umpteen amount of spelling errors and lousy language. [not that my language is gd now but compared to last time, it's a lot of difference] I seriously laughed at myself for writing in such a lame ass way...it still gives me the shivers to read them..sheeshz

    That's all for today. i just lost my battle with Fatigue and i nidda S-L-E-E-P~ OH! forgot to add.

    PEOPLE! PRETTY PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT OR AT LEAST LEAVE A TAG AT THE TAGBOARD B4 YOU LEAVE! i wanna if there's really different people reading my blog . The counters only tell me how many times my blog is viewed by not the different people who viewed it.

    -the best x'mas gift for me would b a brand new Motorola V3 in pink!-

    bread spoke at Saturday, December 17, 2005

    Friday, December 16, 2005

    Campus Superstar

    Now that Project Superstar is over, along came Campus Superstar. Damn! i actually wanted to join but in the end..i din...DAMMIT!! i shld have joined. Oh well, no point whining now. Anyway Ystd stan gave me the webby where they featured an article about the finalist. Aft looking at the finalist, i'm very positive they didn't choose the contestant by looks because i only see 2 cute male contestants [yy and sam.] and all the rest is really...well...cannot make it.

    Seriously, for the female contestants, i think only the twins is quite ok la but the rest are so plain looking. They're plain till the extent u would want to put er...strawberry jam on them. Ya...they're bloody fair. Except for a couple of gals but they cannot make it either cause they look like guys. [slam me for all u wan i don't care becoz it's facts]

    WAIT! i realise there's 2 yy inside. the cute one i'm talking about is yi yuan

    and not yu yang

    he looked lik one of my tuition classmate who's very dao. Also, he's the fella who was squriming and trying to hide when the dj interviewed him. Like acting though he's very lousy but he fricking got into top 20..wth. I 4got what he sang but in my opinion, i din find it good. actually, he doesn't look that good either..haha...yea..i'm mean.

    So the show starts on school re-open for all pri n sec students at 8pm [no superfunkies!] to see all the contestants see here. i'm not gonna chase this time! Though it's easier for me coz i know one of them..i'm still not going to!

    -don't ask me who i know coz i wun reveal-

    bread spoke at Friday, December 16, 2005

    New layout~

    joy to the world i shall never have to face html codes till i feel lik changing blogskin! Still some stuffs missing here and there. The wishlist is not complete yet, so is the manquee. Those who had gone to haoz blog, u've realised the manquee comes from his blog. B4 anyone [including haoz] wanna comment, thats only temporary ok!! i'm still owrking on my manquee and that is only used as a guide.

    The colours combi are kindda weird ain't it...CJ!! FRICKING HELP ME IF U CAN!!!! well, days will b pretty dead now since i have nth else to do and i haven start work yet la. I'm gonna start rotting again..ew...imagine all the maggots...

    oh yea...jacky is mr-shallow #2..argh!

    wo oi nie..w: u seem like slowly grew to like eugene abit ah
    wo oi nie..w: wishes u good luck
    wo oi nie..w: hahahaha

    someone pass me a chainsaw and rolls of masking tape pls....

    bread spoke at Friday, December 16, 2005

    Wednesday, December 14, 2005

    Argh! i think i'll b driven to insanity by html codes. It's the 3rd day i'm facing them..argh! i tink i can tear my hair off the scalp. oh ya...i'm attempting to change my blogskin coz i find this black one too dark and looks rather compressed doesn't it?

    Anyway i can't really write long coz i'm going outwith family later for dinner. Damn...i'm famished, haven't ate since i woke up. Thats my routine i suppose. As long i sit in front of the monitor, i forget my hunger. hmm...good way to lose weight. Seriously, going without food is way bad, at least drink milk.

    It's lik 3+ in the afternoon and mr gastric is acting lik a rebel and making loads of noise so eventually i dragged myself to the kitchen. Opened the fringe, ready to be disappointed when i saw....

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    YES! MILK! MEIJI'S MILK! i no longer have to starve! Meiji milk is my life! see...it even shines out among the other stuff on the kitchen table top...it actually outshined a billabong waterbottle!

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    As i was leaving the kitchen, rather satisfied with my find, i realised my N6020 is laying on the kitchen top. Seriously on 2nd glance, it does look rather class

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    nvm, i just blabbered nonsense. It still has the pathetic i'm-a-useless-piece-of-plastic look. So anyway, while i was designing my header image. a friend of mine pm-ed me in msn and kindda pissed me off but really amuses me hw words affect ppl. Let's call him SmellyTuna [I'm trying to make it sound as far as possible frm Yong Jing so his name will b protected. Oh dear, did i jus revealed his name]

    SmellyTune: Hey
    Me: sup?
    SmellyTuna: how's life
    Me: Fine [i hate it when ppl ask stupid questions like that]
    Me: anyway, anything else? cause i'm pretty busy....
    SmellyTuna: oh..wanted to tell ya ur smile really sweet
    Me: WAD!!? u pm-ed me jus to tell me this!?
    SmellyTuna: No la...
    Me: Then? [i was getting rather irritated at this point of time...]
    SmellyTuna: wanted to ask u if that eugene guy is ur stead...
    Me: huh? eugene?
    SmellyTuna: The guy u mentioned in your blog lik pass few days
    Me: wah~ u read my blog..i see..
    SmellyTuna: ya..
    Me: WAIT! what did u jus asked? eugene...my stead?
    SmellyTuna: ya..
    Me: no...just a gd fren of mine. what made u tink that way anyway...?
    SmellyTuna: cos u kept mentioning him lik in every recent entries wad
    Me: dortz...dun b so shallow
    Me: Coz he's lik the only fren who bothered to msg me when i'm bored or get me out of the house when i'm
    Me: also...he help me got a job mind you...

    SmellyTuna: kk...sry...so ji dong for wad...u like him is it..
    Me: lik no
    Me: i get ji dong-ed cos i can't stand shallow ppl like you

    and with that i blocked him. Mean ah ain't i...haha! But seriously it's really stupid. I thought only traditional ppl like my parents think that way. Never have i expected teens to think that way either. Isn't it normal for friends to hang out...bleahz. Well...SmellyTuna msg-ed me lik 15 mins aft i blocked to apologise. Actually the real reason i blocked him is not because i'm angry but because i was afraid he'll start slamming me on msn...haha! So Yong Jing, I'm nt angry with u la..and i know u aren't angry with me blocking you rite..haha.

    And i jus realised something on the milk bottle...

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Pasteurized and Homogenized...isn't it the same thing!? For those who have studied F&N, u'll know what i mean. For those who doesn't, here's the definition of Pasteurized and Homogenized...

    Pasteurized milk: Milk which has given mild heat treament to destroy most disease-carrying germs

    Homogenized milk: Homogenized milk is Pasteurized milk processed to disperse the fat globules n distribute them evenly throughout the milk

    i think japanese thinks homogenizing n pasteurising is 2 diff things cause of the fats part. Or am i the only one who thinks it's funny?

    -i only drink meiji mind you-

    bread spoke at Wednesday, December 14, 2005

    Tuesday, December 13, 2005

    I Shall no Longer Rot!

    Remember I wrote about how evil n scheming eugene is? well...i wanted to take bck my words for that but that will make my blog entry shorter so i shall make this longer by featuring him in it. Dun b touched gene...i noe u wud..haha! Actually that day he paid for almost everything; movie tix, cab fare home etc. i only paid fer supper. okok..i'm evil..so? i thought thats a universal fact already -evil laughs-

    Gene is a bloody nice bitch!...wait..i mean chap! why? cos he fricking helped me get a job...wahahahahhaahhaha!

    To start off, he was supposed to give me morning call but i woked up relatively early. Of course i didn't woke up on my own accord. I was woke up by this certain disturbance. Can u believe it? i wasn't awaken by noise but by a strong, horrible stench.

    reason: my bro jus came out of the showers

    jus in case u dunno hw my room looks lik [actually mos of u don't cos my house seldom has visitors]...a picture speaks a thousand words...

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    of course my room, or rather, my bro n my room is not that plain. I'm jus lazy to add in the tiny details. Btw, my bro's bed is not that short. What's wrong with sharing room with your younger bro..at least i have a toilet in the room! do u have one huh? muhahahahahaha

    So when my bro came out of the showers, the toilet stinked big time. It always do when he comes out of the shower. I have no idea why. We use the same shampoo, same body wash, same toothpaste but diff facical foam [that doesn't affect the smell] but my bro stinks while i don't. Maybe guys are all like that or is it coz my bro is not compatible to Shokubutsu body wash. Hmm...i shall ask my mum to buy johnson n johnson's baby wash next time..haha!

    As you can see, my bed is closest to the toilet. Diffusion took place n it was the foul smelling particles that woke me up. I tried to slack in but it was unbearable so i decided to go bathe.
    At the precise moment when i gt into the toilet, gene called. Well, i'm not the kind who will wrap themselves up in a towel n get out of the toilet to ans the call so i let the phone ring while i showered..wahahahahaha! i bet he thot i was sleeping lik a log. Oh well...my dad walked passed by the room and heard "WORK" playing [thats the ringtone] n he told gene i was awake le. I've gt this bad feeling my dad is assuming smth again...hmmm...

    my mum was fussing over my dressing. It's jus an interview!!! but she was fussing bout things lik "u can't wear pants to interview" or "your skirt is too short". So while she was busying with other things...i changed out what she thinks is the best thing to wear to an interview n sneaked out of the house b4 she can start fussing and because of that...i was late -____-"

    However, gene is a self-proclaimed-patient person so he didn't fussed over the fact i was late fer 15 mins [he was early by 15 mins so he waited fer lik 1/2 hr...yea...i'm the evil one..haha] come to tink of it...i don't tink i was ever earlier than any of my wlny frenz when i meet up with them...except fer haoz...haha

    Ramen Ramen Ramen! thats wad i had fer brunch [breakfast+lunch] seriously..Ajisen's standard dropped lik coconut. The soup is no longer thick n nice but rather dilute n horribly saltish. I gt to make fun of Jacky's elephant trotter today..cos he met up with us for makan. Tupical thing bout Jacky; the moment he stepped into the restaurant, he started complaining and yakking away non-stop. Seriously i wondered when will he ever shut up...even if it's jus for 1 min but well..the said party claimed that it's hard -___-"

    gene was late fer work but we still kindda took our own sweet time. Anyway, what so nice bout wearing heels!? u can't balacne well n walking for with heels tires your legs. I dun really care bout being short but sneakers are still in for me..haha!

    Finally reached Ritz and frankly..gene looks damn smart in suit..he might even pass off as a pilot [don't get too happy gene. your hair still looks funny] So he led me to Greenhouse where i had my interview. The asst manager [i suppose], Cheryl, started interviewing me. By then, i seriously dunno where my voice went to coz i wasn't speaking in my user volume but very soft...i'm surprised she actually managed to hear me though. She started asking me questions and then suddenly i've gt a mental block...dammit!!!

    After the interview, gene walked bck to marina sq with me [btw...i'm hired] where we crapped for a while. I think i was really shakened aft the interview..damn..wads over is over. He was kind enuff to tell me i can consult him anything...muhahahahahahaha...he'll soon b buried by the mountainous amount of questions...lol [i noe it's not the rite way to use the wrd but i jus like it..bleahz]

    i jus realised...tis entry doesn't feature gene much...ah well...too bad then..muhahahahahahaha!

    -i get all sick when i talk to new ppl-

    bread spoke at Tuesday, December 13, 2005

    Monday, December 12, 2005

    I'm a typical singaporean....dortz...

    Fer the #n time i can't imagine hw stupid i was...argh!!! As the saying goes...yi fen qian yi fen huo [the quality=amount u pay] to hell fer the crappy, stingy, me! As u can see, it's officially 12th Dec today, meaning my phone bill comes in 2 days time. Therefore...being desperate to get a spare fone so it will help me tide thru my days without my precious E730, i went out to AMK central in this hot, burning weather..argh!

    It was only 2 days bck when i saw tis shop thats offering a D500 fer 48 bucks with signing up a 2yr plan and when i went to patronize the shop today...the shop had already closed dwn...dammit...lik wth! nt ready to give up, i walked ard and saw this m1 shops having offers. Here's the part where i shld really kick myself in the ass for my stupidity...but if u lik...u can slap me too..argh!

    N6020= $64.25
    Moto V3= $178
    *both with signing up of a 2 yr plan*

    Well..the stingy me took over my mind n i chose the N6020 and also..the V3 will cost my entire current asset. Trust me...i know nuts bout the fuctions of N6020. So i went home...quite hapyp with my purchase.

    When i gt home...surprise suprise..i realised the horror of my purchase. The phone is a loser because

    -it has no bluetooth
    -no mp3 fuctions
    -it's camera functions is prolly the worse in the world
    -despite the fact it looks lik a Venturan, [
    or wadeva u spell it...it's a fricking branded fone that can b found in Paragon..going at about $4000] it's neither sleek nor shiny
    -Typically a useless piece of metal. On the other hand, Gene reminded me it's not even a piece of metal so it's a useless piece of plastic
    -it's a candy-bar model

    damn! can someone pass me a smelly piece of rotting tuna which i can slap myself stupid with. I shld have overpowered the Stingy me and spend my entire asset on the V3. Though it has only a puny memory of 5mb [yes..gene proved it to me], at least it's

    -has mp3 functions so i dun get embarassed with lousy polyphonic cords provided by nokia fones
    -has much better camera functions
    -black/pink...nt fricking graphite grey
    -a gd piece of metal
    -a flip phone

    did i mention i'm totally in love with flip phones? no i didn't? well, now u know...


    wadeva! when i ever have enuff money, i'm gonna get either..

    a] Motorola's V3 [PINK! i neva owned a fone thats in a diff colour other than black n silvery]

    b] Panasonic's Vs2 [yes..pink again...i tink tis pink is nicer than V3. Maybe the brown one too]

    3] Panasonic's Vs3 [shujia bought it n said it's better than Vs2 but if it's not pink or other colours other than black n sliver...i wun get it]

    BUT! if u have the following phones and u too tink that the N6020 is a friggin lame,pathetic phone and wants to give me a x'mas present, i don't mind a 2nd-hand one.haha! but wadeva u do..don't frigging throw away the fone when u get a new one...lent it to me or smth!!

    -i'm much of a novice in buying phones-

    bread spoke at Monday, December 12, 2005

    Sunday, December 11, 2005

    Chicken little...cute only....

    darn...i'm still "piss" over the fact neither mel nor jacky came along..Wet blankets..bleahz. Ah well..at least i get to gloat at jacky's elephant's trotter now...muhahahahahahhaha!

    It poured the whole day n the nite gt fricking cold...ya..tis is irrlevant...jus typing crap. k..so i met up eugene the tekko . I tink he's really in fer the movie cos his hair looks somewhat lik chicken little. On our way to cine...i 4gt hw but our conversation lead up to FHM...of course it was eugene who started the whole FHM issue...attempting to pollute my already-polluted mind..

    eugene: yadda yadda yadda FHM blah blah blah
    me: wait..u read FHM ?
    eugene: *yaks on, oblivious to my question* singapore's FHM is lik really nth lo..american's one is really totally nude

    i started at him in horror..cars in the vicinty crashed, girls shrieked lik banshees, trees stop uprooting. [CUT!! that was stupid] nah..it's not a big deal..since my mind is already polluted by him and it's common that guys tis days are interested in such topic...i shall welcome opinions as such. anyway he realised wad was going on n changed the topic..hahz.

    Having starved the whole day aft eating 2 puny pieces of roti prata, we went fer chow. Gene intended fer pasta but i insisted BK! cos i'm currently starchophobic [phobia to starch] haha! sight of starchy food makes me wanna puke...but that doesn't include ramen though.

    Despite being a self-proclaimed-great-fren-of-mine, he plotted to murder me, attempting to make me choke on my own accord so he'll look lik the innocent party...hw evil!! 1st off...he tried to make me luff while i bite into my mushroom swiss double [weeeeee! my fave my fave my fave...wahahahahaha] having to see thru his evil plan i controlled but alas..he still suceeded while i was glupping dwn coke...evil bitch!! but he's also coughing lik fuck so well....too bad! i din die too! muhahahahahahaha!

    I tink cine is rather lame. their so call "couple" seat is actually jus moving up the armrest b/w 2 chairs. nvm if u dun get it cos here's a poorly illustrated picture dat depicts the situation

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    ok...i tink it's nt much of help either ..zZzz

    anyway...if u're intending to watch chicken little...maybe reconsider again...especially when

    -u're not into cute stuff
    -expect the movie to b long
    -expect to hear the techno song dats featured in macdonald's
    -u tink cartoons are lame

    the only thing thats appealing bout chicken little is its cute characters...the plots kindda lame [perhaps very lame] and it ended in lik 1hr 15mins...dortz...tink eugene wasted his 19 bucks..which may have been better spent on Saw 2..haha

    Since it's so fricking early [It wasn't even 12.30 when the movie ended] i'm not gonna waste my precious chance to stay out late..muhahahahahaha! So we bought Ribena [wads wrong with drinking ribena? no it's not a baby drink] and crapped near taka. and here's wad i digged out frm eugene...muhahahahahahaha

    - we're both losers in bgr -_____-"

    dats the only thing i can reveal cos if i reveal other crap...he'll prolly slaughter me by skinning me alive, sell my organs in black market, feed my flesh to tigers in the zoo, do smth to my bone which i can't think of n here's the best part...donate my blood! nt dat he has a gd heart but dat cause i doubt anybody will drink my blood and B bloodtype is not really common in singapore.

    And lik finally we left town, i was late fer home la...hackit! haha. Gene gave me a "preaching" on the cab. though it's zhong yan ning er [great advice are usually not soothing to the ear] ...i still appreciate it cos i neva realise hw fortunate i was...i'm lik shen zai fu zhong bu zhi fu [living in comfort but neva realise it]

    Here's a reason why u shld neva turn dwn ur frens' invitation to go out. as u see my dear fren jacky..muhahahahahaha..did not turn up fer the movie cos he was working. However..on the way homeo nthe cab..gene's fren caleld him to say jacky's hospitalised.

    reason: a warmer, bigger than ur normal fridge fell on his leg

    initially i was taken bck by the news but now...muhahahahaha!
    i'm gloating away at his elephant foot n clutches....haha!

    -damn...i jus love my evil side-

    bread spoke at Sunday, December 11, 2005

    Saturday, December 10, 2005

    boredomness is killing me...argh~

    i'm BORED TO DEATH!!! argh! one thing is...my network card broke dwn again...n my dad dun seem to care...though he always saying "i really dunno wad to do with ur com" pi...i tink he doesn't care la. argh! bad news jus crashed dwn on me...once again...cos the fone bill 's coming and my dad is gonna confiscate my fone if the bill burst..which is bound to happen [i've been deleting msg-es everyday...meaning i send 100+ msges everyday]

    anyway...thks to kai xin...she suggested dat i shld jus sign up an alternative foen n get a lousy fone..but the other day i saw m1 offering a samsung d500 at 48 bucks with 2 yr plan...so i'm jus gonna sign up the student plan. oh ya!!!!!!!!!!! i've gone crazy over a fone...i'm gonna get it when i have enuff money...n the fone i'm talking bout is
    motorola's razr v3...pink!

    actually i lik the black...but i've already gt a black fone [E730] n when i sign up my alternative plan...it's another black fone i'm getting [D500] . as gene said...razr sux cos no external memory n has only 5mb worth of memory
    [5mb! nt even enuff to put one song inside..sure not?] the pink one is nice wad..but dat crapper-who's-always-pot-calling-kettle-black....said i was crappy when he tink its cls so he took it....STUPID!!!!!

    next....BGR issue~

    nah...i'm nt interested in getting into one..i'm still lovin' singlehood..n also the fact dat i usually li kmy clinques but none of clinques appeals to me..haha...okok...i'll b honest...i'm not wanted cos i'm fat...SHORT..possibly ugly
    [dats when i'm wearing my specs...real geeky] ok..bck to the topic.

    why is it dat ppl are so retarted to assume dat when a gal n a guy walk on the st...they're a pair of couples. ok...cj admit he doesn't do such stuff ...cos he dun assume but...he said the following ..

    - xlazy.blogspot.com- http://www.lgf.be/cilent_popup.cfmfileURL=clients/prox/tv/prox26.flv
    hmmm i still remember last time when my fren got this stupid idea when we see a couple together

    - xlazy.blogspot.com-
    if the guys ugly, the gal chio, we whack the guy n take the gal

    -*`____Brattified-*' blahz____x.' -hibernating fer me fer the time being..zZzZzz..-says:

    http://www.lgf.be/cilent_popup.cfm?fileURL=clients/prox/tv/prox26.flv says:
    if the gal ugly, the guy handsome , we whack the gal n tell the guy "lucky we save u ar"

    http://www.lgf.be/cilent_popup.cfm?fileURL=clients/prox/tv/prox26.flv says:

    see how evil guys can get -______-". bck to my statement....the reason why i said dat is bcos of the stupid incident that happened few days bck...

    my fren, yong jian and i were out looking fer jobs as we are pathetically still jobless. we were crapping while walking when suddenly this lady pop out frm nowhere n ask if i wanna try freelance moddeling [for god sake are u blind!? i'm fricking short!!] i jus refused politely but she kept buzzing me n i gt pretty pissed n gave her my no. then she turned to yj n said the following...

    "blind" lady: ur gf join le u wanna try ma?

    for nano seconds i thot i heard wrongly but seeing yj's reaction...i knew i heard correctly. we started at her n said diff things along the same line "we...are...not...bgf...." n all she did was smile bimbotically n say sry. later that day when she called me i jus hang up the fone.

    2nd incident...my parents...typical la tis incident. i'm sure mos girls with traditional parents will experience the similar scenario..

    daughter: dad/mum i'm gonna watch movie with my fren
    traditional dad/mom/both: who?
    daughter: *example* ben
    t d/m/b: who's dat? ur bf? hw cum we dunno?

    aft the incident with cj...i have to cook up smth to tell my parents lik i'm going out with one whole bunch of frenz...consisting of guys n gals...with the dang shi ren inside also. actually tonite i dun have to cook up any story cos i'm suppose to go with wlny gang watch chicken lil but...

    melody: cannot go out at nite...meeting other ppl
    jacky: work i tink

    so dat lefts eugene. i was still bend on going la cos i already told my parents i AM going out n hao bu rong yi they agree so u tink i'll so stupid say i'm not going? NO!!

    knn....off issue..again..

    pt no2...when ppl say they dun care bout looks...it can seriously b goddamn true.

    was out eating with my fren when suddenly one of my fren oi-ed us so we all looked outside and saw..

    guy: bloody tall, skinny, quite cute
    gal: short, plump, not very kawaii nor chio

    we stared at the pair...obviously couples cos they were holding hands budden...the gal took her hand away n hold the guy's waist..

    .LIK OMG! upon seeing dat...we lost our appitite -___________- [ya ya..i'm mean...i thot thats known]

    on the other hand...prolly the guy feel mre secured with a pleasantly plump gal!? ah well..enuff bout that. i shall b frank...i do care bout looks! but not care to the extent that the guy muz b damn shuai/cute cos i'm not lik some da mei nu...i can't really choose..haha. so long the guy is

    -taller than me..at least 1.7m...kakakakakaz [lik obviously..if guy shorter than me is really cmi]
    -not too fat not too thin
    -looks pleasant
    -good character disposition
    -crappy enuff
    -quick witted
    -non game-addict..lol

    -most imptly...can withstand my stupid crazy attitute..haha!

    -apprantly most of my guys frenz are lik dat but i'm not interested..haha!-

    bread spoke at Saturday, December 10, 2005