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    Thursday, April 26, 2007

    Im bck, from a long time of absence. Tink it was lik eons ago since i last blogged. Damn i was suppose to blog bout emu [not literally the bird but one of my lecturers] but so many going ons has seriously kill the mood.

    you know, everybody loves surprises, i recently jus started disliking them cos all the surprises i met were neva pleasant. Birds been flying, earth is revolving n things are happening n boom! one day they all come crashing down on u lik u're an ant n someone jus dropped a 15 pounds bowling ball on u.

    I kept asking myself recently, hw long can a frenship last? all my frenships have diff life spans, longest possible was lik 3 yrs? wad yours? Have anyone ever encounter a situation whereby u really wanna salvage a frenship but all u gt were disappoinments aft disappointments though u've put so much hope in that person? and it so much as to come to a point whereby u can no longer trust was he says?

    seriously i'm at lost of what to do. each day i get more n more disappointed wiv the surprises i meet. Im sick...literally sick, wiv all the flu n cough n now i jus happen to find out bout loads of things at the same time n more are coming....damn damn damn!

    bread spoke at Thursday, April 26, 2007

    Wednesday, April 18, 2007


    anyway biostats is so infotech...mayb slightly better...but still....gah!

    bread spoke at Wednesday, April 18, 2007

    Sch reopens!

    Yes i know im suppose to blog bout FOC bout seriously im still waiting for more photos!! it'll b a photologe i tell ya. But anyway sch has started ystd!! n i pon-ed my 1st lesson of the sem..lol! But i pon it for a gd reason ok. I WENT TO SUPPORT MY CHI DANCE JUNIOR FOR SYF!!!

    wah seriously man, the kids hav improved a lot since the last time i saw them, which was lik almost one mth ago. Its lik last time mos of them the timing were off, no expression, 4get steps...but now, everything damn nice!!! kindda miss the times in chi dance, i miss gymnastics!!! i also miss all my bao bei juniors, adorable bunch of kids, especially my 2 god sis, both uber hyper man. Mos importantly i miss syf practises. All the bruises we get, all the tears we shed, n the feeling of getting gold award...damn shuang!! Well, my time is over, its time to pass on. AND my junior was telling me

    "wai see jie, u so totally not chi dance now lo,u are too hip hop liao"

    i hav no idea whether to b sad or happy...gah!!!

    yup i hav a pair of twins for god sis =) the gal on the xtreme left is another of my juniors

    i love my juniors n the teachers!! actually ms teo n mdm tan la...the rest are new teachers. Sad, mdm zhang wei left the sch T_T

    SYF was held in NUS' UCC. So proud of my juniors man!!! cos while performing, i could hear ppl ard me giving comments lik

    "omg, their dance damn nice la!"


    "wah, so neat n gt stunts sia"

    so happy for them!!! i haven noe the results yet...suppose to get today i tink, nvm guess i'll msg my juniors tmr

    And straight aft their item was over, i rushed cab down to sch cos afternoon still got Biochem practical. Wah i tell u, karen n i damn pek chek during biochem pract. Our teacher was dr forday

    ok b4 i con't, i decide to call forday smurf in future post. Cos he was telling us today during lect that he will go read student's blog one. He even googled it, but come out one whole list of porn site...damn funny. but so anyway, from this moment onwards, dr forday wud b known as smurf so he wun b able to google to my blog. Reason of him being smurf becoshe looks lik one. Small lil man. The only difference between him n a smurf is a smurf is blue n smurf dun speak wiv a strong australian accent.

    ok bck to it. Cos karen n i were teamed together for pract grp, n for our experiment, we hav to plot graph. Halfway doing the experiment, we accidentally done something to our diluted chemicals then hav to re do a few test tube. Then cos the graph is not best fit so me n karen decide to b lazy n change numbers so they will fit. Skarly, kena caught by smurf, then he nag at us then ask us re-do everything again....super sian can!!! Then in the end "manage" to get the stupid graph.

    Oh today had wong yet ling lesson. Actually i wanna pon de lo!!!! then AGLs keep say say say, psycho psycho me then in the end i decide to go. Go dere sian only lo. N wong yet ling talk funnily, cos even gt freshie complain dunno wad the hell she saying sometimes...lol!!! gd news is...I DUN HAV TO RE-DO ALL MOL!!!so shiok!!! lol

    n i missed nra!!! today jus had my 1st lesson in 2 wks due to FOC. 2 wks enuff to weaken me, my stamina kindda dropped. N my ankle have recover. I kena owed somemore, ann din noe my leg injured then she put me in a technical-based item...damn high lo! cos i can't even turn properly on my left side...gah!!! overall dance pract was fun la!! lol

    man im so gonna slp, i kept dozing off n type funny irrelavant stuff...tmr start at 8...uber sian!!!

    bread spoke at Wednesday, April 18, 2007

    Sunday, April 15, 2007

    woot~ loads of pix coming up!!!!

    FOC was great!!!! mos of the freshies loved it!!! lol!

    and everybody great job for the performance!!!!

    sch is so gonna start later n my sec sch chi dance gals are having syf tmr also!

    im damn hyper now~~~~ lol

    bread spoke at Sunday, April 15, 2007

    Sunday, April 08, 2007

    FOC IS NEXT WK!!!! ok mos of the things are done over at my side. I'm done with our grp identity!!! finally man! very proud of it cos it's damn nice!

    and our flag is almost done too!!

    before we added the paint

    and aft painting

    not a good look of the flag but when we tie it to the pole already i'll take another photo

    and rmb i sprain my leg...i fricking gt accupunctured twice!!!

    is lik he poked the needles in the 2nd time is whr pain then he put the needle there...damn high man...then there's some electric current to it...keep having tingling sensation..sheeshz. and hor...my calf is not that thick hor!!! jus that the angle i take frm is damn sucky

    then today when we went to army market to order pants for everyone...we saw smth while eating...

    ok bck to packing!

    bread spoke at Sunday, April 08, 2007

    Saturday, April 07, 2007

    neva hav i felt so stressed up b4..If foc performance item wasn't enuff to kill me, my kins hav to join in too. yes i noe they are being concern but they just tink i've put in too much commitment to gls that i've neglected everybody else ard. I wish i could take a break for even a day but pressure to put up the best performance we can give is preventing that.

    During pract not everybody is putting in effort to practise. I knew they could hav done better, its not fair to those who put in so much effort to cover up for those who dun giv a damn at all. It's lik one dancer hav to put in double effort to cover up for the dancer that gives a hack care attitude, imagine dere's more than one such person in one item, everybody else in the grp prolly die from exhaustion.

    worse thing is...i fricking sprain my ankle at the wrong point of time, and i can't join everybody while dancing, only to see that things are going fine. And i can even kena shoot for sitting down due to tired ankle but hack it. I gt cranky, stressed up and said harsh things, i wun use stress as an excuse cos everyone else are stress...ok at least for those who do care a lot bout foc, can't say much for those who dun commit much. That offended a few n i dunno if thats the reason, but some start taking things into their own hand lik not coming on time, giving themselves breaks once donald n my backs are turned, n not taking practise seriously anymore. Is lik now say untill dunno wad to say liao cos say them then not happy. That don't apply to everyone of course. I really appreciated those who gave their understanding n putting in effort to make the performance a gd one, its jus a few thats pulling everyone dwn....

    is lik i brokedown twice already, i seriously dunno wad to do anymore. Tmr will b the last pract, jus hope everybody makes the best out of it.

    bread spoke at Saturday, April 07, 2007

    Monday, April 02, 2007

    one of the worst thing in live is u work so hard for smth that will happen only once in ur lifetime n becos of a stupid accident on your part u'll lose that chance forever

    fuck goddmmit i sprain my ankle n it's FOC next wk....

    bread spoke at Monday, April 02, 2007

    Sunday, April 01, 2007


    LOADS OF THINGS TO UPDATE!!! gene went to thailand last fri n he's back already on fri nite! dats lik bout 7-8 days. Anyway my wk was packed wiv gl foc preparation. Seriously, preparaing a camp is not easy!!! I'm lik only in charge of the FOC performance item! compare to the other com heads lik welfare head, games head, food head n log head! yes log head! i kept making fun of wei san n kai hua because of that title well cos they're the log heads. Actually it meant logistic head la.

    anyway it's lik dance is doing fine, except sometimes is very irritating when ppl don't turn up for pract wiv lousy excuse. and lik wad donald said, when u've put in so much effort to do the choreographing n foc is so near n ppl are not turning up...totally shitty.

    That aside, the last training of gl was totally crazy man!!! ok if u see lik 3 grp of ppl wearing white tees n shorts doing crazy things....thats us alright! Actually the whole event is call hit-and-run. The whole grp of us were split into 3 diff grp n given a list of things to get/to do. B4 that, we were told to wear our shirt n shorts inside out. Then lik so lol!!! U noe sport shorts always hav this lining inside n if u turn it inside out, u'll look lik superman? thats exactly wad happen to joel n someone else...haha. and beside that we had to wear a sock on our right hand, good thing i was wearing toe sock dat day...lol!

    some of the crazy thing we did was lie down in a circle in front of ngee ann city n do peace by the river, 15 ppl squeezing in a phone booth. Wah i tell, while we were squeezing, there were ppl taking foto la!!!! even a security guard was standing nearby watching, din even bother to stop us...lol

    Then there's one task whereby we hav to stare n point at the sky n 5 passerby muz stop n see...that is lik easy...cos typical singaporean being kaypo by nature is sure will look de lo..then u see the ppl reaction also will laugh. Then another one was whole grp scream n run together then passerby muz run too...then wah so ps can!!!!! dun wan talk bout it man....funniest thing ever.

    oh then we hav to find a 3210....which is totally impossible!!! cos one of the hp seller guy at lucky plaza said that phone lik almost can find at musuem liao. Apprantly, mos of the agls' house is a musuem cos they hav the killer phone! [killer becos its so big that if u whack someone with it he'll prolly pass out]

    There's lik a lot other task but i can't rmb all except the ones above. In the end we ended up lik crazy all the way from suntec to esplanade! totally madness!!! And when all the grps reach esplande we were comparing who has the mos stuff blah blah blah...my grp owned the other 2 for having the biggest toilet roll k! haha. cos the other 2 grps i tink is kop from dispenser de...our's is beg cleaner auntie give one...LOL!

    And untill that day then i realise hw a ribbed condom look lik! lol. cos one of the task was to get 2 ribbed condom. The other 2 grps bought it...my grp only take photo of wrapping nia..haha. OH !! and okomoto condom kindda suck cos it breaks kindda easily. Alvin tan tried to put the condom over the mouth of a mineral water bottle then it tore liao..so much for being thin la..lol.

    wad else...nth much i can rmb already but i tell u...that is the day i did the mos crazy stuff ever ok. AND I GOT MY HARD GAY TOY!!! ok...not exactly hard gay version la...its the pirate version. So fun man. Cos aft we were dismissed, the whole grp of us went to marina sq food court makan then abe,donald, alvin n i went to action city n i bought the toy...7 bucks nia! lol. Then we start playing with it aft makan.

    Frankly, throughout the whole wk im lik slping aft 2 except for dat day, i was so tired...i kindda knocked out straight aft i bathe. it is fricking tired....imagine running ard town lik whole day


    bread spoke at Sunday, April 01, 2007