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    Thursday, June 29, 2006

    bRead Kai~

    It's time i update...it's lik a wk since i updated! anyway. only had one chambermaid dance session so far...it was quite ok but could not catch up wiv some parts..so bah!

    Was over at DXO for Iller's "in your face" event. The beatboxers were so cool la, i secretly thinks dat darhni is cute hehez...opps! Dere was mc-ing battle too but dere was only one mc so in the end the prize n money goes to him..sheehz. Btw, mc-ing = freestyle rapping. Dere were also bboy-battle b/w 2 crew as well...one prestigeous n one neva hear b4 de and in the end it was the unknown grp who won the battle. So crappy...cos we're underage ppl, we couldn't hang out at DXO anymore and ended up at gas huas at bugis...wasn't much fun la..lalala

    Sch started for me and i totally screwed my common test!! my bio was flunk n chem passed but result wasn't wad i used to get....grrr~

    i failed my bio so badly i was the last in the whole lvl and for chem i only scored lik 52/100...crappy rite. i din put much effort to study anyway..i only studied 1 out of 5 chaps for chem n chiong 2 days for 7 chaps in bio...n i borderline failed...imagine if i'd worked harder...zz

    Im so gonna pia chiong for my studies....fricking motivated by my downfall. 've so slack during the1st term...argh! im targetting my bio a B+ and my chem at least a A+ but hopefully i can score a AD....grrr~

    some crappy shit happen in sch but i've no time to blog 'em now...lesson time! shall update more tonite!

    bread spoke at Thursday, June 29, 2006

    Wednesday, June 21, 2006


    im so happy! so happy that i can smile to all the ppl i dislike, so happy that if i smile, i tink my smile would b more famous than mona lisa's...weeeeeee~ im overjoyed because of this!

    i managed a baby freeze! my 1st baby step to breakin! in 1 whole hour...which is damn long la. I noe pro-breakers this is nth to u but but but...ah u wun understand. HEHE! yay! yay! yay! im so gonna pester farid to teach me more!

    oh oh oh! i totally scared myself thanks to anudrey's miscommunication la! Cos rmb ystd i was lik quite er...sad...over the production thing thing rite. Cos i did asked audrey ann chosing ONLY 3 ppl meh n she said ya! but but but! ann is really choosing a few! so it's still quite a number of ppl.....AND I GT INTO ONE!!! alalalalalal!

    was chatting on the fone with abe then an unknown no. called me so i picked up the phone

    stephanie: steph is it? stephanie here

    me: steph...as in nra de?

    steph: ya

    me: oh ok

    steph: ya..er did i tell u the other time ya in one of the item...chambermaids?

    me: huh!? erm..no..

    steph: oh ok...well ya in chambermaids and there's pract tml at 3..

    weee~ dat got me one heaven..haah! but anyway steph mentioned smth which i din really catch cos she said very fast but i heard the end was smth lik "not very good la" ...hmm...maybe it's smth i wrote in the last entry. Well..maybe jus my attitude in future so i'll have to make sure i eat the humble pie all along....actually throughout the years in nra la.

    and my parents were lik so pms la! they were hollering at each other ystd n today they are lik talking more than jus normal...still laughing and stuff...all good things comes ard together i guess

    oh ya! other than me there are 5 other freshies who are in it too...i wonder who!!! oh well...i'll see 'em tmr anyway. long long day for me tml! projs in the morning, dance in the aftnoon n meeting gene in the evening!

    bread spoke at Wednesday, June 21, 2006

    mixed feelings

    jus gt bck frm dance pract n hanging out wiv my bro n seriously im feeling all ...lik mixed up? bahz!

    it's lik b4 power jazz started, audrey, xiao tian, vivian and i were talking then suddenly audrey bought up the subject of the production

    audrey: hey i heard ann choose the freshie for the productiong liao..as in dance with seniors de

    me: who !?

    audrey: she only chose 3 and it's jaei nicole n oreo

    me: oh....

    i dunno to b happy or sad la. cos the fact is ann only chose 3 and it's only gonna b dat 3 so i din kena la. Feeling quite disappointed cos dat means i'm not that good enuff and all but on the other hand, it means slightly more time for apart from practise. But i feel more disappointment than happy.

    Surely anyone has been in this situation rite. U really hoped for smth n u hope to get it but in the end u don't. Ah well, i jus have to work hard n do well for my production item then. Justin my senior also told me as long i persevere, work hard n become good ann will take notice..so ya. Whats more...justin said he'll teach me breakin! n maybe i'll convince mouse to teach me a bit of popping...i tink i hav to beg him though...alalalalala


    was out wiv my bro later then at dinner we started talking bout our parents. i dunno, i jus feel that my dad has changed. It's lik he had turned rather unreasonable, oversensitive n grouchy. I dun feel that i can talk to him anymore. As in, i used to talk to him about anything, even my friendship problems but now i dun even tink i can talk to him bout my sch stuff. It's jus my dad is not lik wad he used to be. even my bro tinks dat he has changed. according to him, dad changed since his narrow escape from a car accident...

    i also feel that the reason why we're getting rather distanced from my dad apart frm sch n work, is dat my dad spends majority of his time on fixing computers for others. Can u believe it...my dad even talks bout computer at dinner time. *sigh*

    and dad n mum has been quarelling quite a lot. bro n i talked bout the few we heard, each of diff sides; as in my bro heard one dat the quarrel was started by my mum n mine was started by my dad.

    Jus tis morning, mum n dad quarrelled again...over a very trival matter n dad kindda started it. Mum was jus asking dad if there were enough boxes to pack our stuff then dad said smth which i din hear then suddenly dad exploded and shouted at mum. Could tell mum was stunned from the way she argued back then they quarrelled for almost half an hour or so b4 mum stomped out for work.

    was in my room then and the quarrel was making me feel sick. Dad n mum has been quarreling so much over trival matters so often recently that i can't help thinking they may eventually get a divorce...
    The only time mum n dad seem to be fine talking was when dad is lecturing me. Dad lectures, mum adds oil to it. well at least that will b once they do get along...

    very much felt lik breakin down aft dat but i think i shouldn't. I've grown pretty soft recently n cried quite often..unlike last time, no matter hw hard the blow is im still one crazy brat blowing my top only n do fine aft dat. I dun mention such things often to ppl i noe. i get worried that i may jus break dwn in front of 'em talking bout it and i dun lik 'em to see me crying..that may jus set 'em worrying for me which i don't wish to see happening.

    ah wadeva, i have dance n projs to keep things off my mind. speaking of projs...so gonna start tml..meeting karen in the morning b4 nra....argh!

    bread spoke at Wednesday, June 21, 2006

    Tuesday, June 20, 2006

    Yes it's the hols for me and it's the 2nd wk already! Well...i haven started on a single proj though! so gonna chiong 'em lik this wk..argh! i hate projs

    and i haven even packed my stuffs for moving...lik wadeva...been spending the hols dancing, working, slacking n hanging out wiv gene la.

    Ann said she had already picked some of the freshies to dance wiv the seniors. I wished i did get chosen. if i din, maybe im jus not gd enuff n i'll jus have to train harder for future performance....BUT I REALLY WANNA KENA CHOSEN even if it's means more training n less time for studies n gene...sry but my love for dance is slightly stronger...jus a tiny wee bit ok

    Anyway jus 2 days back i saw smth dat totally gross me out. Was on the train aft work n getting really sleepy. so i was lik dozing off when this indian teenage couple sitting oppo me snuggling on each other. Oh well lik fuck care...i have my gene jus dat he's not ard la...so lalalala. But apprantly they wun jus snuggling ard. The guy proceed to giv his gf a love bite..not on the neck but on the chest. Dun ask me how i noe dat he's giving a love bite n not jus leaning on the gal. It's fricking obvious n beside the gal was lik commenting abt it out loud in tamil n english...*shuddens*

    ok...i noe PDA is lik damn common nowadays, u can see couples smooching on the escalators, pecking each other on the train, practically all couples do. OK..YOUNG couples though..cos i can't imagine uncle-auntie couple smooching each other...kindda gross if u think abt it. who cares if we're gonna turn uncles n aunties in future...wad matters is now...ahahaha! if u ask whether gene n i do pda...er...i'll keep dat p&c b/w both of us..lalala

    so smooching n pecking is lik damn common but love biting...on the chest!? quite obsence ! wad if some cute lil innocent kid happens to b ard and saw wad they're doing

    the kid'll prolly get curious n wanna find out wad the hell they're doing n parents hav to rack their brains for lies to cover up the obscenity the kid jus saw. In fact, there was this really cute toddler ard when i saw the indian couple n he was asking his mum wad they were doing..see!
    Or worse...wad if the kids finds out wad it really is n wanna try it out....wooo i can't imagine that.

    besides...gene claims dat love biting is a sign of posessiveness n violence.. which reminded me of a certain fren who gt a huge love bite frm his gf some ages ago. When i say huge....it really is HUGE! cos the "love bite" was a giant bruise on the neck! i still recall hw i made fun of him saying he hasa sucker fish for a gf...i thot he was quite offended cos he din talk to me for some time but we're back to normal aft dat

    so kids....love biting is evil~...muahhahahahahahaha

    bread spoke at Tuesday, June 20, 2006

    Monday, June 19, 2006

    i feel slightly richer now...my acc has 200+ bucks now =)

    bread spoke at Monday, June 19, 2006

    Saturday, June 17, 2006

    went shopping wiv wen today. ok actually i asked her to go with me cos i nidda get gene's prezzie n a cropped jacket for myself


    well well well...i bought mre than jus those! i can hear my bank acc starving from the scrampy amount of money left in it. bought a belt n a racer bck top as well as a head gear..lalalala. And i went head over heels over this jacket i saw at flesh imp! it's white with gold details. But the man's cutting looks better than the gal's cutting however it's also more ex than female cutting.

    female: 65+

    male: 79+

    T_T damn i feel so broke but i din buy it la..gonna save for it. No i dun wan anybody to buy it for me. i wear size S though n i wan the crown motif one...ah crap wad am i saying....yes...i'll get it myself!

    goddamn fricking tired...so gonna catch some sleep cos im working 6am shift tml...tired tired tired...bahz....zzzz

    -ps: im craving for fattening food lik KFC, LJS and mos burger...argh!-

    bread spoke at Saturday, June 17, 2006

    Thursday, June 15, 2006

    Dance dance dance camp new fone

    ok...it's been lik one week since i blogged cos i've been busy busy....ok ok...the truth is i'm a big time procristinator so ya. But i've decided to blog cos someone has been bugging me too!! so here i am lalala-ing. Anyway if u've noticed, the "levis 599" is striked off. that cos gene gave me that for 1-month anni and besides dat, he also gave....

    can see the elmo at the corner...cute rite! and at the bck ...

    oh ya gene...not a lot words la cos doesn't meet minium essay standard...jus 225 words only...hahahahaha! [ya i actually counted...bleahz]

    and wad i gt him? haven prepare finish yet! actually half done...mine mre chim ok...we will see very soon la...haha!

    and and and! let's all welcome the new member of my life...NOKIA 8350 3250!

    Whr did my razr go to u ask. Well, it has a new owner and dats my mom. i seriously felt lik removing the diamnates n allb4 giving her but im jus lazy...haha! come to think of it, i dun my razr was even 3 mths old but hack, i love my new fone now! i've been wanting to get it for ages then gene gt it 1st! and now we're using the same fone...ahahahahaha!!

    And as mentioned b4, i was away for 3 days of dance camp and during that 3 days, 3/4 of the time we were dancing and hence i gt bck my abs! ok...not really abs. i jsu a gt a flat n firm tummy...haha

    Day 1....

    Met up wiv david n had mac for b'fast b4 heading to sch. was having a cough but hack...l missed sausage egg mcmuffin! There was a lot waiting b4 we were serperated into diff grps. So sad i din get into Luping's grp but David n i ended up in the same grp la! joining us were jaei [J.E.], kai feng, ying wei and xiao tian[tian] and our GL's zi xiang n wei zhong. Moved to bunks aft that whr we slacked a lil b4 ice breakers. Oh yea...i 4gt to mention our grp name's Funk Soulz [zi xiang's grp name during competition]. Meanwhile, zixiang left halfway for work, leavinf us wiv wilbert, who's goddamn funny, made us luffed lik crap

    Funk SOulz jr.s. David looks lik monkey with small eyes! but to convince us he doesn't have small eyes...

    ok...quite big la...haha

    the gurls~

    and the guy~

    then aft photo hogging we were rushed down to the tae-kwan-do area for ice breakers. During this game, some catching or stuff, quite sian for me cosi din get to run much while others were lik running lik mad n screaming ard., Wilbert screams made everyone more kan jiong cos everybody luffing thn get distracted...lol

    think we had lunch aft dat thn ice breaker again. Later aft dat was some talk conducted by Ann, our instructor, bout dance. Had to surrender our unwanted clothes and ranking our top 3 fave artists among 10 for performance b4 having dinner . Funk soulz damn sian la...as in it's lik only a few of us are in our own world...din really talk bout wiv our seniors though...unlike lsct camp.

    went bck to the lect theater whr we had our talk thn Ann started her make up n hair course..teaching us hw to do our hair 4 performancese. aft dat we gt seperated into our dancing grp. Jaei n i gt into BEP [fergie]'s grp. David was rather disappointed cos he wanted to get into Rain's grp rather than JJ Lin's. oh, we gt bck unwanted clothes, which were cut, shredded, mutilated in short n we hav to make our costumes out of 'em...bah!

    went bck to our bunks in our dance grps to discuss our dance steps...till very very very late b4 we went to bathe....WATER FRICKING COLD!!!!!! i missed hot steamy water!!! fell aslp straight aft dat cos damn tired. BUT BUT BUT! the air con was fricking cold n i had to get up in the middle of the morning to put on track pants. Why dun slp in the slping bag u ask. Cos we are not selfish ppl so we opened up our slping bags so all of us can lie on the spread-slping bags...floor very stinko u noe...haha

    Day 2.....

    aft only 4 hrs of slp, we had to wake up and go for campus run...bah! and i lost my voice! so irritating can cos my voice was li kso disgusting...damn sexy...very manly....ew~ but as we were in reporting, we were punished, 30 push ups....bleahz! then we ran ard blk 16 n the track. tink my stamina dropped a whole lot cos i gt stitches pretty soon which wasn't very painful though. Had b'fast n i ate myself. Ok actually we ate bread la but everyone in NRA calls me mian bao [bread] now...haha

    we went to change b4 practising our dance agn. Spend the whole aftnoon chereographing n practising our steps b4 we had to prepare for rehearsals.

    Did our own make up. Which i sucked in cos i look lik a squirrel....

    SHUT UP! i jus suck in stage make up k! casual make up i'm ok can....ROAR~~~

    The alumni seniors came and they danced...damn nice k!!!

    *warning* take bloody long to load..but it's worth the wait

    see...told ya. And in case u guys dunno, daphne khoo of "idol on demand" is also frm NRA so she's my senior...muhahahhahaha! btw, nra's gonna hav a production on 5th nov and daphne will b dancing n singing for dat day so if u wanna watch the production...stay tune to my blog ya

    started rehearsals. Ok...we totally sucked...cos we 4gt our steps n we din try stage so kindda congested and stuff. Pei ying was lik damn disappointed, i tink she was kindda pissed too cos she made us a dance 2 by 2 to make sure we rmb-ed our steps. Jaei n i jus passed la...n we con't to practise on our own. 2nd time rehearsals...not dat bad...but still bad la. Got kindda pissed myself so we ended up practising to the wee hrs aft rehearsals was over n bathed late agn....cold icy water....bahz!

    was goddamn tired but still stayed up n talk cock wiv other freshies n zi xiang too b4 all of us bth wanna knock out and despite my voice, i kop-ed kai feng's fries cos she ordered mac..haha!. All the funk souls jrs being gd kids brushed our teeths b4 we slept...all of us went to the gals toilet...when i say all...i do mean ALL...including david...haha! our senior terrence pass by the toilet and was kindda stunned to see david in the toilet..hahahahaha

    air con broke dwn but we din suffer frm heat stroke either cos it was a cooling nite plus we were too tired to bother bout whether it's warm a not.

    Day 3.....

    PRactised dance steps again n had b'fast. Then yoga session. Mos of us fell aslp during the session...hahahhaha! then lunch n preparation for performance...i sitll look lik a darn squirrel....wadeva.

    3+ performance. If u wanna see our performance, jus type "NRA camp" in the youTube search bar. THe winning team was Boa's but i personally think dat Rain's is nicer.

    Loads of pictures cos all of us cam whored

    All 100+ of us! bet ya can't find me...hahaha

    Ken n i...oh shut up...i noe i have screwed up face..lik so...lalalalala

    Funk soulz without wei zhong

    FUnk souls with wei zhong


    did i mention taufik's is NRA too? jus kiddin...dats jus shafik who looks lik taufik

    dats ivan...i tink if he get fitter..he'll look lik rain! so gals...i tink he's single n available...maybe~ doesn't concern me anyway cos i hav gene...ahahahahaha

    wei zhong, ivan, me n rino

    ying wei, kai feng, me. Kai feng wonbest female make up award...hahahaha

    dunno ehz...but i foundthis candid shot very nice...hahahahah. i tink ivan is doing the "ssssss~ ah~~~" thing in rain's dance..lol

    qian yan n wei zhong..qian yan quite cute...n she's tall *looks at myself...sigh*

    zi xiang, ying wei n i

    ben looks lik korean boy here but im jus making fun of his small eyes here though...lalala

    went home 1st to put dwn the ever heavy camp stuff take a shower then went ta meet gene. suppose to b our 1 mth anni but i was lik fricking tired n sian-ed so we ended up going home pretty early...lalalala

    bread spoke at Thursday, June 15, 2006

    Monday, June 12, 2006

    we started as accquintance, our friendship grew n to unexpectation......WE'RE TOGETHER and it's a month already! love ya gene! more words to come but it's in the card...lalala

    ps: darn i feel so guilty cos my gift is not ready yet...argh

    bread spoke at Monday, June 12, 2006

    Friday, June 09, 2006

    Evil uncles and stupid Bimbos

    Weee~ I've finished my Common Test so i can slack slack slack...muhahahahaha! but sad to say i'll b away for NRA camp over the weekends so i thought i'll blog b4 i go camping [3 days without wireless! unless any kind souls decided to bring their lappy...haha!]

    anyway, abe; karen and i went to queensway shopping center ystd cos karen n i both hav oncoming camps [her's starts on mon while mind ends on mon...lalala~]. We decided to have lunch at this stall in the shopping center. It really is a stall cos unlike ur regular cafeterias with spacious seats, the STALL has chairs stituated along it's counter cos there's only lik 10 seats in total.


    now, we came to this side of the stall with 5 seats, 2 were empty while 3 were occuipied by 3 uncles. the 3 of us were lik "oh well..jus take dat 2 seats 1st since the uncles are finishing" so abe n i went to order our then when we went bck the uncles were still dere! oh well, they're already finishing their coffee anyway. But wan wan mei xiang dao...the stupid uncles din leave...in fact two of 'em were lik talking softly to each other then one of them. the fattest, ugliest and smelliest of 'em all exclaimed to the xtra uncle "hey...u wan a teh tarik?"

    the xtra uncle was lik huh? n the lard ass continued " or u wan teh halia...teh tarik la k" but i guess the xtra uncle thot the lard ass was gonna treat him so he said yes anyway. lik wth! wad kind of man are they....freaking mcp! i actually saw the lard ass smirking away....BAHZ! i hate ppl lik dat!

    oh well...since we're all thin ppl n abe is the tallest, she took a short chair frm the other side of the stall n sat b/w karen n i. while eating...i saw one of the uncle sipping on nth but ice water n the lard ass was jus staring in blank space. It was only when we were finishing our food then the evil uncles gt their lazy bum off the seat...n the xtra uncle din even finish his teh tarik! FRICKING CHILDISH PPL!

    trust me! if the situation permits me, i'll borrow the laksa man's coconut hask ladle and stuff it up their ass so they wun b able to seat long in future n other ppl will thank me for my act


    aft our lunch we went shopping ard the shopping center. We came to this shop selling girly clothes but there were nobody in it at all! serious! not a single soul at all! but we went in anyway n i saw this skirt dat was really nice and wanted to try but the shop owner ain't ard. we hovered for lik 5 mins then karen n abe told me jus go try the skirt as it seemed lik the shop owner is not coming bck anyway.

    so i went in to try n when i draw the blinds n ask the gals their opinion, it seemed lik the shop owner returned wiv her fren. i draw the curtains again n changed then i heard the owner's fren saying

    "hai yo....mei li mao!"

    oh for fuck sake! maybe we're partly wrong too but as a shop owner, can't expect to let ur costumers wait rite. Whats more, by leaving the shop unattended...anyone can just go in grab an item n go....stupid bimbos..argh! oh well...we left the shop buying nth anyway


    On a happier note, i bought a new bag frm kappa! damn nice...can use as sch bag, camp bag n all....haha. and and and i found theadidas fragrance which i find untill very ku....yay yay yay!

    on another happier note...watched The Omen with gene...we din meet for a week too. anyway...the omen wasn't scary...more of shocking scenes. it's lik theyi'll jus pop smth scary out...damn lame. oh...dere was this stupid scene...quite shocking n one fella in the theater shouted damn loud n the whole theater luff-ed...lol

    bah...so gonna b dancing for 3 days...having NRA camp over the weekends...oh well...camp camp camp n i'll b missing hot water, my bed n gene bleahz

    bread spoke at Friday, June 09, 2006

    Wednesday, June 07, 2006

    im so getting bored by organic chem that i quit studying it since i've learnt half of the stuff in sec sch. N more importantly i was doing bo liao stuff ala reading xiaxue.com [nt really bo liao] n dat really gt me distracted.

    aside frm all the negative thots, liang was telling me today that singapore's 3rd richest man's son is studying in NP SOE and he drives expensive cars to sch and that reminded me once jiong n i had tis conversation bout ppl getting involved in car accidents.

    He thinks dat if u were to get banged dwn by vehicles, it's better to get banged dwn by reputable brands, at least dats worth dying. If u get banged dwn by stupid brands lik volvo or peugeot, its a waste. Even Mercs are nt worthy too

    come to tink of it, i do agree somehow. Imagine if heaven really exist and all good ppl lik me go to heaven. This poor man died in an accident and arrived at the Pearly Gates...

    Dead man: weee~ im in heaven! lalalal!

    st peters: er hem! *in a not so booming voice*

    dead man: opps, guess i gt a little high

    st peters: cut the crap, how did u die?

    - let's jus say the souls travel to heaven on their own without angels guiding 'em -

    dead man: OH, i die in a fatal car accident

    st peters: ok go thru the gates, walk straight, turn left, turn right, turn right, turn left, walk thur this big white door, walk striaght, turn left, turn right, turn left, turn left again, turn right, walk straight n u'll arrive at the accident department

    dead man: oh my...the directions are confusing

    st peters: oh really, oh well, jus walk thur the big gold door over dere turn left n dats it *vanish*

    dead man: -_____________-" wads with telling me the long way then

    *dead man arrives at accident department*

    Pa system: new arrival!

    died long ago man: woah! u die in an accident too..by wad?

    dead man: huh?

    died long ago man: i mean wad u gt banged dwn by

    dead man: oh....by a ferrari lo

    dlam: wad!? ferrari! oh my! u're the 1st! hey guys! chk out this dude! he gt banged dwn by ferrari lei!

    dlam 2: so gd! i only gt banged by mercs cab eh

    died super long ago man: shut up...nth beat a trishaw

    and so the fresh dead man enjoys the fame of being knocked down and of course, that attracted a lot of sluts who wanted to have hot sex with him thus he died a very happy man

    so ppl, if u were to get involved in accident, pls pray for a perfect timing...i tink dying aft a bang by a lambogini is rather sauve too...haha!

    bread spoke at Wednesday, June 07, 2006


    Bah~ all the stress is getting onto me n i nidda digress a lil [actually is a lot] else i'll burst lik a cell in hypotonic solution.

    Sometimes i wish i wasn't that cheerful n loud. I wish i was mre sensitive. Well, come to think of it, i always have this impression that sensitive ppl are ppl who talk an average amount of words n are semi-pessimistic-cum-semi-paranoid ppl. Well, abe kinda change my opinion but i tink she still gets a lil paranoid sometimes.

    anyway, bck to the subject. Im too cheerful and i sound childish. Reason why im cheerful cos im happy. Why am i happy? cos i seldom give shit bout things happening ard me eg. who bitch about me, who hates me. In short i've gt Hack care attitude. hack care hack care untill there were times i get oblivious to other ppl's feeling. seriously i wonder hw ben family, my clsmates, my dance ppl in yckss, mack and especially gene can stand me sometimes. Whn ppl are down, I HAVE FRICKING PROBLEMS ON HOW TO COMFORT 'EM cos eventually i'll try to make a joke out of it which is not funny and sometimes, worsen the situation. i talk without using my kidney [yes...kidney] n i don't even know if i've hurt somebody till the signs are so obvious but usually by then the person had already blown his/her top n probably ignore me for the rest of their lives. and thats really bad since i'm suppose to b rather lovable =X

    not forgetting i tink my mum probably took in too much sugar while she was expecting me hence explaining my constant outburst of energy. I tried being quiet but it's goddamn hard for me. The only time i can really shut up is when i'm in immense pain, when i'm chiong-mugging n slping. BAH! i tink i nidda hang out wiv a hyper-pessimistic person for a month....maybe mre then perhaps i'll tone dwn a tiny bit. But who noes, i can b so infectious dat the hyper-pessimistic person turns slightly optimistic...lalalala.

    worse shit bout me is, i think i don't or hardly show care n concern to others. ppl fuss over me whn i had a minor fall while i luff my ass off when guys get their members kicked during magnum training [but hey if u really think about it, it's quite funny =x]

    oh bother, imma a bad ass

    bread spoke at Wednesday, June 07, 2006

    Tuesday, June 06, 2006

    Devil's day

    060606...ala devil's day or rather...i thot armageddon was suppose to happen? jus kiddin...i dun wan it to happen cos i'm so satisfied wiv everything now. I've gt wonderful frenz, wonderful boyfriend, wonderful sch...ok....gd sch....cos common test sucked n wonderful cca...lalala. oh well....im so gonna catch The Omen

    ps: ya so gonna freak out...this post is posted at exactly 06:06pm!

    bread spoke at Tuesday, June 06, 2006

    Monday, June 05, 2006

    I tink if i dun blog about this i'll be letting myself down more......I FRICKING SCREWED MY BIO PAPER!

    anyway it seemed lik all the Curse god decided to crash on me cos i keep meeting wiv unfortunate events. 1st the day started wiv abe n i heading to amk lib to study in the morning since our paper's in the afternoon. We were forced to use the couches since ALL the table in the lib are occupied [shldn't they consider putting mre tables in the lib or smth....zz] so we took out our stuff n started studying

    Suay case no.1: indirect flasher

    sitting behind us was this indian man n he was sitting on the couch so i was studying when i wanted to ask abe smth so i turned towards her. Out of the corner of my eyes, i saw smth b/w the man's legs..i thot saw wrongly...then skarly...is really the.....EW!!!! he was showing his "asset" lik nothing la. Freaking disgusting!

    i was signalling to abe bout it n she was likshe knows so we moved to a far corner of the area. OH MAN! i so wanted to wash my eyes wiv 10 bottles of dettol


    that aside, i had wonderful meatball spagetti for lunch at pizza hut. and that reminds me, once i moved, i'll b so near to mac, pizza hut n kfc...im so gonna get fat...bah. oh n then gene wun hav to take cab hm in future aft he sent me hm cos dere's direct bus to his hse. But somehow i tink he'll still take a cab...lazy bummer. More importantly, it'll b easier for me to go to sch since the 74 bus stop is so so so near my hse...lalala

    well. abe n i arrived at sch ard 1.30 n met up wiv karen n headed to lib. Everywhere seem to b crowded la cos everybody is chionging...including me! [i compressed 7 chaps of notes within 2 days!] i was lik getting kindda freaked out remembering the sequence of process of all the organells n protein. Bah! why are we made up of cells which are so complicated. In fact...why is everything made of cells..argh! stupid biological processes.

    rest of the cls came along to the lib n we went to the exam venue together. I gt so freaked out, i tink i hyperventilated while trying to memorise my stuff

    Suay case 3:

    ew! the freaking GL i dislikes, detest, discriminate n diss wore green..n most coincidentally i was wearing green too....argh! ok...that wasn't very suay cos i dun giv a damn bout him

    Suay case 4:

    fuck! i threw away 29 marks in my paper! argh! i was so devastated cos i dunno a whole lot of shit.

    What's "hydrophobic reaction" !? Did we even went through about Paracrine and Endocrine signalling !? What does a freaking centrosome do !? Can someone enlighten me on the buffer system.!?

    bah! i was so demoralised that i jus submitted the paper once i finished and left the sch. I swear i could hav broke dwn in the hall in i was more emotional..too bad, i'm a hard nut to crack. Not forgetting i left abe and mei qi behind struggling with the paper. sry gals that i ps-ed ya


    well...i had to drop by ritz cos i nidda get some stuff frm the locker. Boring way dwn but dere's gene entertaining me so it's alright. I tink smth's wrong wiv me btw. I keep getting bus sick and thats very serious since i take bus to and fro sch. Bah it sucks being bus sick.

    Bought press powder frm skin food. It has lemon essence in it so it smells damn nice! but kindda ex. oh well, jus for NRA camp n future use. Come to tink of it...i only use concealer, blusher n eyeshadows for my make up...I WAN ANNA SUI'S EYESHADOW! btw, Za's eyeshadow is kindda sucky, colours are funny n they run easily.

    Came home did nth but slack. eg: msn, photoshop....anything but study for chem. I hate common test [it's wun do better even if it's only 2 papers...lalala]

    bread spoke at Monday, June 05, 2006

    Saturday, June 03, 2006

    bck to the good old days

    bah i noe i'm not suppose to b bloggin nw since common test is only 2 days away frm me. but im so bored i nidda distress!

    It's been ages since i've chiong-study...the last time was o Lvl [waking up at 3am to study...phew~] n nw i'm kindda chionging cos being a bio noob, i have to gather my notes by tonite n read thur them all the wayy till monday 2.45pm. Damn why does bio have to b the 1st paper! bah! chem is lik on thurs.

    and lik yay! I'm so gonna change fone...yes...again...haha! thurs gene n i went to suntec to chk out mp3s n then he suggested to me that i might as well ask my dad to change my fone since i wanted the nokia 3250 so much. anyway my dad...or ratherto my horror....parents...came to the pc fair as well for

    1. to meet me rgd mp3

    2. buy a new hse fone

    so erm...indirectly..or rather directlymy parents met gene...but i din told 'em anything bout us...but i'm dead sure nw they know bout the relationship...oh well...lalala!

    so gene was convinicing my dad to get me the fone by advertising he's...hahaha! n so i'm gonna change fone soon...lalalalala! hopefully i can get it b4 nra camp so i'll hav music entertainment plus during the camp we hav to choreograph our own dance so the fone will come in handy...

    ok...enuff of crap...i shall go bck to mugging now...

    bread spoke at Saturday, June 03, 2006