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    Wednesday, June 27, 2007

    year one telematch!

    Fast update? yes i realise i tink i shall open blogger in a window everyday as soon as i get home so i'll rmb to blog =)

    Anyway the day passed damn fast, fast lik speed of sound or something. I pon=ed smurf's lect despite the fact i fail his paper for common test cos i was really too tired so in the end i headed to sch to help out for year one telematch only.

    Seriously man! last nite was raining lik heavily..lik raining elephants n giraffes and today was so fricking bright, sunny..BURNING. i'm so i jus gt a shade tanner..damn.

    One day bout being a gl is..u hav fun..but u do all the sai kang [shit work]. It's lik me, davin, augustine, vanessa, yanlin n cheryl were in the same station for the telematch. And boy we sure had fun preparing our game. There was this part we has to make flour+water mixture...we found dat add flour to water wasn't eeky enuff...we decided to add biscuits inside! lik the biscuits will turn all soggy n disintergrate into smaller pieces. To us is lik nth but i think it's fear factor for mos.

    in the end..we pour out mos of the water n added a whole lot flour. so much thicker that i'm we can play play-doh out of it..seriously. The thing is..the year ones hav to retrive something from the pail of flour-play-doh and carppily..the splatter the mixture everywhere..so the whole carpark..or rather jus the 40m length looked lik a swarm of crow was crowding n shitting all over it.

    we only realised our horror during clean up...scrubbing the damn floor! IS LIKE ALL THE FLOUR BLOBS HARDENED AND OMG! in the end lik all the other gls came to help aft they finished cleaning their station. There was fighting over the bristle scrubs..ppl running ard wiv pails of water/soap water..using rocks to scratch out the flour. Damn high lo. Then jeremiah came wiv all the gatsby facial scrub in clubhouse n we use it to scrub the floor...works better than body soap...guess guy's face are really more cui than gal's. Then lik damn funny la..when jeremiah came wiv the gatsby..donald alvin n i starting singing the gatsby song n everybody started singing.

    i mean it always happenes la! lik one person start singing or it's ringtone rings ah..everybody starts singing..during nra camp last day also..sound lik chior man.

    We took lik fricking 1 hr plus to clean the 40m stretch of road. frankly i think we even better than bangalas...we scrub the carpark..bangalas use powerjet...estate shld love us =X

    Aft the whole thing my bck was aching so badly i din go for dance rehearsal..bah~

    before i end off...this is one gatsby ad that during it's time..

    ps: seriously man...there's a lot of spoof video of the gatsby moving rubber ad. But so far i think NRA's one is still the funniest!

    bread spoke at Wednesday, June 27, 2007

    Tuesday, June 26, 2007

    dammit! the past few days had been burning now not a single drop of rain reached earth
    and now! at the time of 12.55pm when everybody is indoor...it's bloody hell raining damn heavily! so noisy can! my door wun stop shaking...gah

    anyway i xiang tong le. if it doesn't matter to them There's no point for me being upset n miserable cos i would jus b lik an idiot. so if things are lik dat now then jus leave it be. i tried but i failed so ya...and i'll have to tink hw to get my $$ bck though..so hard to approach..zz

    bread spoke at Tuesday, June 26, 2007

    Monday, June 25, 2007

    Yea im bck! for the past wk i was busy playing neopets, dancing n hanging wiv gene. Lik so many things to update but can't rmb =.="

    Dance camp was great! I mean all the freshies loved so it's a success. Highlight for 1st day i guess was the nitewalk. Really appreciated everybody's effort that day. Alex n Ronnie for being the sadako twins

    -photo grabbed from nicole's blog-

    That's shane between the both of them. Then also ore for running along the route as patroller..think we stink lik shit from all the sweat. I mean we can't bloody hell use the lifts! stairs all the way man! oh n bloody hell! i machiam every nitewalk sure kena "something" la

    2006- LSCT FOC [as freshie]
    blk 80 stairways: black shadowy figure

    2007- LSCT FOC [as gl]
    blk 50 lvl 4 corridor hallway.
    This one chua sai la! Cos i was lying at the doorway so i giv cue to my fren behind me whose hiding behind a wall so freshies walking near wun see him. So there was this one time he went to direct directions to freshie aand i was still lying dere then suddenly at the very spot whr my fren was..there was "somebody" there keep "oie..oie...oie" from damn long la!

    & and now dance camp...cos end of nite walk, ore n i were clearing the stairway off lightstick paper at blk 52. I had a torch so i was removing the papers from the wall on along the stairs then suddenly i felt something on my left. I turned and i saw a pair of white shoes. U may think it's ore but no! ore was lik in fornt of me n dat shoe was lik those old school girl type of sch shoe..then slip on pattern one. I totally freaked out man!

    Anyway the following nite we had bond nite. Everybody was so high n nra seriously has a whole bunch of freaks..dislocation n relocation of limbs..butt walking..etc. David's reggae showcase..simply hilarious but he's lik super daring..respect dude. Following day was showcase b4 break camp. will upload the vids soon!

    Then i gt promoted to C class. Dunno if it's a gd thing. Is lik so used to b in B cls already...rahh~
    Performance coming up this fri at whitely sec [is dat hw u spell it? oh nvm] Then last sat had pract n i fricking pulled a few muscle. Jus realise i can't split properly today without feeling pain..zzz. Lik so much time in dance, hardly hav time for other things..not that im complaining though..

    Anyway my hols was jus gone lik dat...practically lik danced thru the whole 2 weeks n when sch re-opened today i realised i kindda forgot loads of things. And i fricking got bck my biochem paper n i did "damn well"


    yes...jus kill me if u nid to. dammit la it's lik so argh! and i had biochem pract to make things worse. Is lik every biochem pract..nobody fails to breakdwn mentally. Stuck in a stupid lab plotting stupid graphs doing stupid calculations...don't understand why my lecturer can't let us bring the report home n complete it...we din even complete it in sch la.

    and damn im lik fricking suay today. For dunno wad reason my lappy laggs lik f...nvm..during dance pract i accidentally kicked fariad in the eye..goddamn 'm feeling so guilty now...gah!! hope it gets better by friday for the performance.

    I forgot to mention recently my table is lik infested wiv ants la!!!! is not lik those rather big ground ants but those small weent ones and it's pretty gross. Imagine ya doing ur work halfway n u realise an ant is crawling across the screen n next moment u realise a whole crowd of them on the table as if some party is going on. I seriously dunno wads attracting the ants man. I can leave a cup of plain water on my table n next moment i see ants crawling up n in the cup. I was dead sure i wash the cup already..argh! So lik eveyrday b4 i go out i hav to wipe my table wiv alcohol wipes..lik something a clean freak would do. Can't even eat ice cream in my room...RAHHHH!

    And damn i hav a project to rush for now..godbless it's molecular bio

    bread spoke at Monday, June 25, 2007

    Wednesday, June 13, 2007


    rRAHHHHH! blogger's auto-save died on me! dammit! i almost finished blogging n my browser died on me n blogger neva save my entry!!! RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    so anyway i guess i've been pretty much lazy to blog recently haha! i've gt good news btw. I WUN GET SCREWED BY THE EMU OF A MATHS LECTURER OF MINE!!! cos im dead confident i can pass her paper this time!! lol! And while the others had their paper all thru till fri last wk, mine had already end on wed! muahahaha! n i was busy wastching south park n playing neopets..super old sch rite haha

    anyway got the best wkend man! not as best as wkend with dear but its the best non-dear wkend! cos for this yr's BIG GROOVE, WRECKING CREW ORCHESTRA from japan came to singapore! frankly i din noe them b4 big groove but when i saw them dance i was lik O_O!!!! omg!!! they're lik fricking dope la!

    went for both workshop n concert. for workshop, ryan from O school, dominique; shohei; take n bon were teaching. dominique's choreo was killer la! damn loads of footwork lo!the rest were all managable. N i tink TAKE IS DAMN CUTE!!! he was teaching house n i think house is damn fun..haha! take~~

    and the concert was dope of the dopest man! seriously mouth gapping! thn aft the concert took fotos wiv 7/8 of wco, dominique was missing. can't get the pix till jessica gets bck...and dance camp's this fri! guess i wun b blogging for a long time again oh well! here's a wco vid!


    bread spoke at Wednesday, June 13, 2007

    Wednesday, June 06, 2007


    Screw stupid emo post! I'm loving biostats!!!!

    I had my biostats paper today n for the 1st time in my years in ngee ann [actually 1 n a half so far] i finished a paper n damn confident i will pass the paper!!!! wah so happy can! Then ystd i saw something pretty lame while i was watching a video on youtube cos i dunno wad a cumulative frequency curve look lik..

    in the end the poster of the video also neva reply...

    Btw, i started playing neopets recently! nth to do n lacking of games to play online ma n dance gonna start soon! finally! maybe aft dance camp ba. Been thinking, wad would it b lik if i'd really gt into the main comm for lsct. Initially i was lik quite happy i din get in rite but come to think of it, lik very sian cos i sure go bck as instructor now then instructor every wed MUZ go bck training then main comm is not compulsory.....okok i'm not minding bcos of that. I LOVE LSCT GLS K!!! jus feel lik im missing out on action but i've agreed to help lendl to look out for D&D spots. DENYSE GOT THE POST I WANTED LA!!!! haha...she's the event corresponder for main comm n jeremiah is her asst. N very expectly donald is the vp. Can't wait for gl training to start..lol!
    And gene n i are gonna b together for 1yr 1mth together!!! yes i noe i neva do posting for that day but nvm i'll put up a few pix =XXX

    ate at spagaddies at marina sq =))

    our new rings!

    i gave gene a puzzle n he completed it at mac

    its gonna b my last paper for the term. MATHS!!! knn i super hate maths! shall conquer it tmr....i kena warning letter from sch to remind me i MUZ MUZ MUZ pass my maths...super sian. Aft dat im free~ then gonna go shopping wiv denyse they all on fri n makan wiv the rest of the available of the gls then big groove on sat~

    i so nidda slp now ...fricking tired man

    bread spoke at Wednesday, June 06, 2007

    Monday, June 04, 2007

    i dun get why am i trying so hard and others dun giv a damn
    im doing wad i love but im getting upset abt it..screwed~
    it's common test season
    and thks to those who tagged =)
    im fine now..quite fine
    more updates aft my exams and dance camp
    and hopefully a change in blogskin.






    what is the mos fragile thing in the world?

    bread spoke at Monday, June 04, 2007