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    Tuesday, September 30, 2008


    With so much that has been going on around me these few days,

    they made me realise how fortunate i am and how i've take things for granted..

    bread spoke at Tuesday, September 30, 2008

    Monday, September 29, 2008

    恋空 Koizora

    the serial is finally out!!
    My favourite japanese movie of all time is out in serial!!

    Although the male lead is not Haruma Miura, i'm still watching it cos it's koizora!
    *sadly the male lead is far from Haruma*

    i've only watch the 1st episode only. Must slowly watch lo cause lik all japanese serial, it's damn short. This only has 6 episodes!!! wth!

    Watching this kind of shows make u wanna fall in love....

    ok i'm talking crap
    but the story is like..even the worse guy can be the sweetest bf..the irony~ but in the end we all know what happens..think i'll cry lik crap again watching the serial..

    i still haven get the movie DVD yet!!!
    i want! i want! i want! i want! i want! i want! i want! i want! i want! i want! i want! i want! i want! i want! i want! i want!

    anyways i think guys should seriously watch this lo. If u find watching serial too 麻烦..go watch the movie!

    along with that also go watch Absolute boyfriend!!!

    i'm gonna put the links down...go watch k!!!

    koizora: http://www.mysoju.com/koizora-drama/
    koizora movie: http://www.mysoju.com/koizora/
    Absolute boyfriend: http://www.crunchyroll.com/library/Absolute_Boyfriend

    bread spoke at Monday, September 29, 2008


    it was damn draggy then i thot i sat in the cinema for like damn long..in the end it was only lik 1hr 15 mins only lik wth!!!

    could have watch better movie but my bro is not even 17 -_____________-

    i wanna watch Mirrors!
    i wanna watch house bunny!
    i wanna watch like a lot movie!!!

    but so little time! omg!!

    anyways school officially starts on 13th October

    so that means i have 2 more tuesdays, 2 more saturday evenings and 2 more sundays available!
    ask me out ppl!! else school reopen don't complain i never make time
    cause i can't!!!

    alternatively, my monday's time table ends at 12pm =))

    oh i realise all my brothers are Nov babies too!!

    CJ aka masacara my god brother : 3rd nov
    Waiyeong my blood brother: 7th nov
    Kit kat my "legitimate" brother: 25th nov

    talk bout coincidence

    *my stomach is feeling funny after dinner and i keep having the urge to vomit..*

    * i'm depleted of watermelon lollipops for days x____x*

    bread spoke at Monday, September 29, 2008

    Sunday, September 28, 2008

    F1 accident

    I read from mel's blog
    sound damn serious la
    she even has a picture of it!


    i've shorten my tagboard! cos it's kindda irritating me too =XX

    bread spoke at Sunday, September 28, 2008

    Saturday, September 27, 2008

    crying senselessly till my eyes become -.-
    steph just died on 27 Sep'08 6:55pm

    細心一點﹐ 主動一點﹐機靈一點

    u'll never try to understand do u?
    -i jus wanna dance till i feel alright now -


    Mel: What does it means when someone say "my heart is doing 6 steps?"
    Me: very happy/excited?
    Mel: No. It means "my heart is breaking"


    Mel: then what does it mean when someone say "my heart doing windmill"
    Me: Ultimate breakage?
    Mel: No. It means i lying! how can heart do windmill!


    Me: Hey Chin eileen lei?
    Chin: *points to heart*
    Me: hey don't cheesy la...leen lei?
    Chin: *takes off cap and points to head*
    Me: seriously don't cheesy la...leen lei?
    Chin: *points to eyes*
    Me: hey!! seriously la!
    Chin: There *actually she only a few foot away from me *

    actually its not cheesy..i think damn sweet la haha

    *updated at 2330pm*

    黃志建 sprained his leg while riding bike !
    See! stupid kor! must be do something then fall off
    take care! get well soon!


    maybe not so soon! so u will be more free then u can meet me cause school reopen i no time liao!

    bread spoke at Saturday, September 27, 2008

    Friday, September 26, 2008

    Drink till you Puke

    I'm suppose to blog bout this but i totally forgot bout it..though its kindda hard to miss

    last week.....

    my household received 1 YEAR SUPPLY OF



    madness right!?!?

    *from my bro's blog*


    my 1 year supply of GREEN TEA is here!

    hahahas.sadly..they are in
    cans.. =.=NOT IN BOTTLES. T_T

    15 cartons of it la!hahahahas..i am gonna go GREEN TEA madness!

    seriously can drink untill sick la! and up till now, we only drank 3 cans!!

    Don't believe?

    just stacking there next to my fish tanks

    at least now i got drinks to give people when they come my house lo! usually people come my house only gt water to drink. If heng then mayb gt yakult/vitagen or fruit juice.

    so pathetic rite? hahahah!

    if u love jasmine/chrysanthemum green tea you can come my house hahah!
    i'm gonna finish the osmanthus one cos its so damn nice! HAHAHAHA!


    Yesterday caryn, linette and i were hanging around Taka then we went to this shop The Better Toy Store. The shop sells ridiculously priced toys lo seriously! but anyway you all there's this series of soft toys call the Ty Beanie Buddies?

    if dunno nvm, now i tell you u know le ahaha!
    anyways the beanies have different birthdates *seriously* then lik since sec 1 i've been searching for my birthdate but then i gave up in sec 4 cause when i check the website it says "retired"

    my birthdate falls during holiday season what thats why turkey lo

    you can check and see if your birthdate happens to be an ugly animal not here

    main point is, i saw a whole shelf of TY beanies at the shop so i was thinking jus look through for the fun of it then...

    i thought its like extinct then i saw it at the shop la!!!
    but i didn't buy it
    which i totally regret now cause when there's only 2 left on the shelf and i just let the chance slip away *stabs myself*
    please help me pray it's still there when it's my birthday *hints*


    Alex bought 2 hamsters today and they're gianormous lo! lik baby ginuea pig la!

    eveyrbody keep playing with the black one cos it's super active. All the beige one did was curl up into a fat ball of fur and sleep...li kthe whole day la! the beige one is lik damn lazy lo! then i think they wouldn't breed cos the male beige one really too lazy liao haha!

    it stayed in that position for like damn long! then hui ting and i jus keep taking photo of it then it totally don't care..just standing there PRAYING

    KitKat: If u put a compass in front of it, the compass will point north one

    *trying to say the hamster is muslim*

    i don't like big fat hamsters.
    I WANT PUDDING HAMSTERS!! cos they're yellow fluffy balls of fur!! u gt see yellow hamster before? no right! its damn cute lo seriously! i saw it before at Pet Safari at Vivo but when i went back again, they're no longer there



    i'm feeling damn wanna-vomit-tired again
    what's wrong with me la....shucks.

    Nikki is going JAPAN!!


    T_T i....wanna...go...too....!!!

    bread spoke at Friday, September 26, 2008

    Thursday, September 25, 2008

    Lose weight effectively!

    before i go into my actual topic..

    Now i understand why i value friends more than anything else =)
    as long my friends are around, i'll always b happy, no matter how fucked up i feel.
    and even with only a few i can count on, i'm contented

    but melise is so disappointing!!!!!

    Me: given this situation, ya fav popper come singapore give workshop and u rcv a call saying i fainted for half an hour and still unconscious..which will u go ?

    Mel: *thinks* actually i think i will go the popper one

    its ok! melise is always nice to me hahah! and i think if it really happens, i think she will still come find me de lo *i hope*

    now i don't want to expect anything because

    希望越高﹐ 失望越大

    so if i have no hopes/expectations i wouldn't be disappointed rite? haha

    anyway i discovered a new type of tiredness today..it called
    seriously i today tired to the max untill i feel lik puking
    mayb too strained..
    mentally, physically, emotionally..

    do you care?

    OK!!! here's the 重點 of this post
    cause jus now kit kat was telling me he told one freshie how to 減肥 using my method
    then i think i should share with everybody because it's a really dope diet

    let me introduce...

    Hibernation diet!

    the word hibernation means to sleep right?
    but this diet is not ask u to sleep and just lose weight la! it's just part of it

    basically this diet requires u to do something that every other diet ask you not to..

    all you have to do is

    eat 5 small meals a day

    before 6pm

    these 5 meals include ya 3 basic meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and 2 snack period

    for your basic meals, go for food that are basically low-fat. You still need your energy so make sure u eat your rice/bread. best before each meal take in a serving of fruit
    there is a difference when u eat your fruit before or after food

    before food: starts your gastric working and activates gastric juice more effectively hence digestion more effective
    after food: mainly the sugar are absorbed. sugar = energy and if the energy is not used= stored as fats

    as for amount, just eat enough will do. Don't gorge and then eat untill super bloated.

    for snacks, pick healthy snacks like fruits, nuts,yoghurt. Or if u really hungry, eat bread that kind of small small thing lo. just don't indulge in potato chips, chocolate, sweets etc.

    then each night before you sleep, consume 2 teaspoon of honey.
    a chemical compound in honey activated the liver in metabolism. So as you sleep, your body is more effective in utilising energy for repirational processes in your body (cell renewal etc)

    on top of all the eating, exercise regularly! if u don't have the discipline to, then seriously don't eat after 6pm because you will not use the energy le ma. But if u have a more active life, u still have a choice of eating late la hahaha!

    the main objective of this diet is to improve your metabolism rate.
    higher metabolism = higher energy usage = lose weight

    ok that's all!

    anymore enquiries tag at my long long long long long long long......long tagboard =DD

    and check out this lol video

    bread spoke at Thursday, September 25, 2008

    Wednesday, September 24, 2008

    One Wish


    i jus wish...

    you will put in more effort...
    i can have more faith in you...
    mayb its true..people don't treasure things they get easily...

    that's all for today =)

    bread spoke at Wednesday, September 24, 2008

    Sunday, September 21, 2008

    Par der der

    is that how u spell it? par der der? contemp jazz partner work? aiya dunno la
    (原來 its pas de deux lol! but i too lazy to change everything else in the entry lalalala)

    I'm damn happy la!
    i'm doing par der der for bleeding love and my partner is xiang tian lol!
    thks JJ!!!

    then JJ said smth today i gt high dao

    xiangtian: *said smth which i can't rmb*
    JJ: thats why i giv u the one with the best core ma

    ok i not head big k! its jus 1st time..lik FIRST TIME in my whole entire dance life someone say that bout me lo!
    but of course i still must work damn hard la =))

    but seriously he turn damn fast la! i still have motion sickness when i gt home lo!

    I kept calling xiangtian fatty....guess what's his response?

    me: hey fatty!
    xiangtian: not fatty hor! is FITTY k!


    anyways all the items links up to a storyline
    then when u relate the choreo to the song to the storyline..its lik super emotional
    especially allegra's choreo for "Almost"

    must come danzation!!!
    dec 18/19 !!!
    it's a thu/fri

    -less than 100 days to danzation-

    Tagboard Replies

    hannah: is impossible de lo! cos u think if we go U aft poly,
    come out already 22/23 then still nidda work lei! need a lot planning la haha

    fenyi: im jus doing my job as a very nice senior hahah!jia you!

    limin: *refer to ya tagboard*

    bread spoke at Sunday, September 21, 2008

    Saturday, September 20, 2008

    1st 3,5 in 5 sems!!!!

    i totally forgot to blog about it lo!!!
    my results for last sem came out on 15th and i got a freaking


    is lik 1st time in poly i get so high lo! my highest gpa is lik 2.36 (damn sad rite)
    so now my average is 2.4 plus already =))
    but still quite disappointing lei cos a lot people their attachment sem all get 4.0 lei!!

    oh well i shld b happy =D

    bread spoke at Saturday, September 20, 2008


    its 4.01am now and i can't seem to sleep~
    dammit! anymore days like these i will look lik a drug addict
    (no sleep=eyebags>dark circles=drug addict look)

    I bought the dope cookie from candy empire@ airport today. Its the 2 for $5.80 one. Taste lik famous amos..for the caramel flavoured one. Seriously, i can't seem to find the popping candy cadbury anymore! crap~

    i wanna eat popeye!
    waiting for next mth~~~~

    i wanna eat ben&jerry's dublin mudslide!
    but neither the NTUC nor the 7-11 near my house sells it. only cheers in sch does..but by the time i bring home become irish cream milkshake liao!

    have you thought of what u wanna do after graduation?
    it's a tough question to answer for me. I can't make up my mind on what to do!

    psychology at james cook?
    hotel management?
    digitial media design?

    i'm only left till aug'09 to think. *sigh*
    i wanna stay in poly forever! as in i dun wanna grow anymore!
    the thought of having to think and act lik an aduit is scaring me

    can u imagine? me? mianbao? being all mature?
    cannot imagine rite!

    我要去台湾!! 我要去香港!! 私は日本行きたいと思う!!
    all that after graduation or 2mths holiday in feb'09! and i only have 1.12k to spare..o..m..g
    money pls fall down from the sky!

    maybe i wanna take up japanese language course. then again, i haven't got my license.
    but then again..is it important to get a license?
    when everybody hit 18, they super excited to get license. but i totally no feel! i only damn happy cause i can officially buy alcoholic drinks.

    i'm turning 19 soon (27 nov!!)
    then 20...
    then 21.... ! *oh shit adulthood*

    when i was 16, i dream to hav kids at 25
    but now when i think bout it, its not exactly possible
    because i have to work! unless i marry a rich and doting husband
    i have to get married at 24 to b able to do so but its kindda too young
    will i even b attached/wanted at 24?

    the pains of growing up

    it 4.18am
    i'm been typing random no link things for 17 mins
    ok i nidda slp

    dance dance dance!
    bleeding love~

    stay happy ppl!

    bread spoke at Saturday, September 20, 2008

    Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    金田一is more dope than his ah gong!

    what the hell lo!

    anybody who watched 金田一少年事件部 (the files of young kindaichi) before should know that he is always living up to his ah gong's reputation then everybody else will be lik

    "oh! ya the grandson of the great detective kindaichi kosuke!"

    so main thing is say untill the ah gong is like damn amazing right....

    ya wrong!!!
    so wrong!!!

    oh my god la!

    jus now nic and i went to watch "The murder of Inugami Clan". It is some movie talking bout how kindaichi ah gong solve this supposedly very complicated case.


    its lik so disappointing lo! cos the case is not really very complicated then ALOT of talking scenes! seriously a lot!

    and its lik kindda sian...gt ppl fall asleep in the theater la!

    but then again there were a lot of funny scenes in the movie lik the extreme expression of the actors and actresses ; i like the chief! his signature move damn lol!
    the old-school movie making method; they use acrylic paint for the blood lo! then gt one scene is show the woman stabbing the man, then each time she stab, the "blood" will spray back at her..damn lol lo!

    its not a bad movie lo!! but not worth watching in cinema.
    it's not as bad as babylon A.D lo...the ending was lik wtf? what the hell jus happen?

    anyways today nra ppl went to see ken off at the airport cos he flying to UK for 2 years!!
    bon voyage ken!

    Its my mom's birthday today! and shit lo i haven get her anything!!!!!!!! crap!!!!!


    i hope my fyp 1st stage end soon! it seems lik its ending soon.
    then i will have more time for you..
    you and you!

    bread spoke at Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    Tuesday, September 16, 2008


    I love them!

    Melise for being ever caring, supportive and everything good!;
    seriously if ya a guy i will 爱死你 lo! or if i'm a guy i sure 追 you one.
    so in any case don't stupid k =)

    Kit kat for being my "legitimate" brother;
    thinking alike is good but sometimes its scary lo! cannot hide things from u dammit!
    but thks for all the advices, crappy times and interrupting me when i talk haha

    Jon JangKaHwi for being my buddy;
    all the advices, giving me opportunity in bboy, though i know i seriously suck in it and many things!
    well, there're many other choices ard! at least u have a long lasting relationship with yaself of 21 yrs!

    and the many others who made my life wonderful =)

    seriously i super sian-ed by fyp!!! i hate fyp omgwtf la!!
    today i spend the whole day peeling green bean skin so we can autoclave it then germinate the beans for our project

    for ya info for non-science students, An autoclave is a pressurized device designed to heat aqueous solutions above their boiling point at normal atmospheric pressure to achieve sterilization.

    so basically aft i peel the green beans, i put them in flaskes to autoclave at 121 degrees for 30 min!

    before that everybody having doubts lik the green bean later become lik green bean paste or tau suan how. But karen n i damn determine that it will work cos all the scientific journals we read say it can work so we try lo...in the end...

    -right- peeled green bean
    -left- the beans that really turn into bean paste

    lik wasted one whole day lo! nabei! oh well at least i not how to use the autoclave machine -__-
    seriously lo now i hav phobia against green bean and tau kay. u put the 2 in front of me i sure vomit let u see..sick of them!

    then jus now dinner with jon, huiting, joel. Then joel fucking lame lo!!
    cos jon and i were having this conversation

    Jon: ya ya i stupid ma that's why i single for 21 yrs
    me: aiya u not stupid la! it's ok i can be ya part-time gf
    Jon: eee! dun wan...buddy can liao
    me: ok lo..then joel be your gf la!

    guess what joel said?

    joel: cannot ah i very busy one, always patrol the moon de

    *because joel is sailormoon -__________-*

    if joel mans up, i think a lot girls will like him

    ok before i end off

    i hope my kuku face made u smile =D

    bread spoke at Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    Monday, September 15, 2008

    Time sucks when

    when u can't let it out
    when u can't tell anybody cos u can't
    when u only can count on yourself

    i wish i dun hav to feel this way...dammit

    bread spoke at Monday, September 15, 2008

    Sunday, September 14, 2008

    As Promised!

    NRA freshie camp'08

    who: nra freshies and seniors
    what: dance dance dance! play play play!
    when: 28th-30th Aug'08
    where: Ngee Ann
    how: lik how you camp..except more dance
    why: mingle with freshies haha!

    Camp was a blast! thumbs to the camp comm!!! G double O d Job!
    and good job to jamie and xiubei for choreographing and teaching for cd group D!!!

    Nra freshie camp cd group D

    choreogrpahers for cd group D!

    Kit kat is officially my bro!
    stop thinking like me! its scary! haha!

    and here's group D choreo. Its a very basic routine anyways.
    Song: Get lik me by David Banner

    KO Night

    who: a lot people!
    what: watch finals of ko night
    when: 5th sep'08
    where: Singapore post center
    how: buy ticket go in watch
    why: support freqance! and see hilty and bosch!!!!

    wah seriously that day damn suay!! cos ko night semi finals that day, melise and i pass money to marcus to help us buy.


    in the day itself we dun hav tix!
    cos marcus thot he passed to us on that the semi finals dat day but actually we didn't

    so melise n i lik ke lian de xiao hai zi...we not xin tong we cannot go in watch...we xin tong the 25 bucks!!!! =XX

    but anyway while waiting for miracle to happen, we saw some nra freshie, then they manage to help us get 1 ticket then melise made me go in 1st then she herself stay outside..lik wth!! but in the end she also gt a ticket cos miracle happen haha!

    anyways. it's ok freqance didn't win..u guys are still dope to me!! jia you for FTL!

    i can die a happy death liao..cos i've met hilty and bosch *faints*

    with karen

    dope poppers =D *excluding me..i can't pop for nuts*

    he sells hokkien mee too ...nah..its jus the hat
    *quotes yz* nic hole -lol-

    anyways it's aft i gt home then i realise i never take pic with yz haha! its ok i always take photo with him never take with nic b4 so to b fair lol

    freqance with my art
    smth bout yz make him look lik mrt bomber..i think its the cap =X

    this is the close up of the post-its

    why pandas?
    Nic had serious eyebags
    yz has serious dark circles + eye bags

    can thats all for now! the major events that has been going other than dance rehearsals aft rehearsals. Gt other major events but i will talk bout it when the time is right

    before i end the entry...i wanna make a tribute to myself

    *scroll down and be stunned/amazed/traumatized

    this is me when i was pri 6!
    standing at 1.44m/44kg

    i'm currently 1.58m/46kg =)

    bread spoke at Sunday, September 14, 2008

    i'm BLOGGIN on sunshine! 我在太陽上面blogging

    i too tempted to blog already! cos my blogskin too dope liao! *zi high*
    and i realise the last time i really blogged was lik....OMGWTF! 3 weeks ago! *self stunned*
    doing myself some justice i'm bloggin...actually jus updating pictures but well a lot has been going on..A LOT! shall talk bout it later =)

    Melise の誕生日

    who: melise karen kitkat summer yutong shawn me
    what: cake, photos, talk cock
    when: 21st Aug' 08
    where: Mac drive
    how: birthday surprise!
    why: surpise melise becos she thot nobody will celebrate due to exams

    the birthday girl

    we love you melise!

    her present..which was in the adidas original paper bag
    hoodie printed with her name

    melise and the chipmunks


    from karen's shirt..
    how true!

    other than the hoodie, we also gt her a notebook which a lot ppl signed in it and i designed the cover for it

    don't deny..its dope lo!

    Caryn の誕生日

    who: caryn nikki denyse jeremiah linette jean me
    what: eat, australia univeristy convention, eat, neoprints
    when: 23rd Aug' 08
    where: Shokudo marche, town, cine neoprint shop
    how: go out lo
    why: pre-celebrate because caryn is busy on her bdae

    actually the day started fine till we went for the australia universities convention. Then we super emo aft dat cos we realise, given our results, wanna go australia study also cui...and its damn expensive!!!

    but oh well...food makes the world go ard. I love shokudo marche! everything is so jappy and nice! woots~! and it wasn't really ex cos average each of us spend 15 bucks nia

    and they place have their own neoprint machine inside can!! lik wth !!! but the machine sucks cos no place for movement then 5 people squeeze inside is already quite squeezy and th e decor also not very nice haha

    no pictures of food cause we were too hungry already =P

    jeremiah spastic face!!

    see the neoprint machine behind us

    before we left cityhall, denyse linette jeremiah n i sneak off to breadtalk to buy a slice of cake for caryn then we bring all the way to cine. Then when she change money, we try to prepare the cake but she change money change damn fast! haven stick the candle in she come back liao haha

    before i reveal our neoprints..

    what is wrong with this picture?

    ok here's our pretty faces!

    here's something you shld know. I don't anyhow take neoprints..i only take with ppl that matters to me! so if i ask u take neoprint with me don't run k cos u matter to me =DD

    ok i seriously nidda stop here else i dunnid do my lit review liao.
    i will update more tonight! stay tune!

    YES!!! i really will update one!!!!!

    bread spoke at Sunday, September 14, 2008

    Saturday, September 13, 2008

    NewSKIN! 新皮! 新しい皮!

    i change my blogskin le!!!
    lik finally rite!
    ok now gt feel blog liao budden gt no time!! nidda chiong report and fyp
    till then!


    and i can finally link ppl liao! so everybody jus tag at the tagboard with ya link ok then i'll everybody!

    and there's a new poll somewhere down there..go do it k!

    -i'm a very happy gal =D

    bread spoke at Saturday, September 13, 2008

    Wednesday, September 10, 2008

    I'm Happy!

    i love my dada supreme !!!!

    bread spoke at Wednesday, September 10, 2008

    Tuesday, September 02, 2008


    I jus very lazy to blog hahaha

    so many pix to edit n must type u noe

    soon la soon la when i gt feel to blog i will blog

    there's gonna be mel's bday, caryn's bdae n dance camp to blog about.

    come back soon!

    and i seriously hate the high-speed centrifuge machine in LSCT lvl 6 because it always refuses to balance! na bei~~~~~~~~~~~~

    bread spoke at Tuesday, September 02, 2008