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血型: B+
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    Sunday, February 27, 2005

    ystd was so bored..stay at home the whole fricking dayactually can go out ystd budden nobody ask me go out then i stay at home sianlet my mom scream at me all these...sick of all these liao la..argh!today also gt tuition..sian arhz..hack.aft tuition go j8 buy wristbands..jus realise my wristband collection had shrinked a lot

    lost 3 of them n 2 hang at my bag..left one blue wan..quite ugly de>crappy bro..dun wanna go wiv me..oh well..go dere myself ye hao..wahahhahaha

    oh well..if there's any idiot who use my nick to scold moi frenz on the tagboard..it's definitely not me..i wun be so wu liao rite..wanna scold also scold in my entries wad..super dortz...

    aNyway..if anyone noes any good job lobangs..lemme noe..cos i dread going home nown i dun hav dance practises everyday so i nid to do smth to delay my arrival homeso as to aviod less screaming frm my mom n less critisim by my dad

    bread spoke at Sunday, February 27, 2005

    Thursday, February 17, 2005

    everyday i always put on a smile..but t00 many things are happening around me and i have no one to turn to to talk about them. friendship, studies, syf, F&N coursework, dance thingsi'm too stressed up and now..i gt another "great" news...my granny's going for a very risky operation tmlwent to visit her at hospital jus nw..i dunno but i jus cried..i'm afraid to lose her n when i see the doc taking blood frm her..the pain on her face..haiz....

    anyway nobody come to my blog n read so no point trying to hide anymore things.i feel very lost nw ...everyday i try to make other unhappy ppl try to luff but well...no one everreally put a real smile on my face

    i know many ppl out ther see me as a rebel..serve me rite for getting tis kind of treatment riteoh well..muybe really dats wad happening..well..wad goes ard comes ard...anyway..smtimes i feel made used of..well..since pri sch already lik dat...i'm used to itto summarise eerything..i think die liao no one wud care..everyone will open champange n celebratei know i'm better off than orphans but wads the point of having parents when they also treat u lik shit..wthmaybe im much lucky than a lot ppl but well...i jus feel lik dat..wiv tis kind of attention..i rather not have iti'm jus invisible in everyone's eyes unless they need my help or wadeva crap...aft dat..i'm jus thrash...

    other ppl...they even hav ppl whom are not really close to them caring for them..me...4gt..it..dun wanna talk bout it..cos it jus suckz..

    well..i'm off going to pray for my grnny's success to the op n may my fricking life tun better,,,,.

    bread spoke at Thursday, February 17, 2005

    Wednesday, February 09, 2005

    today woke up late..then in the end rush out..nearly 4gt to pai nian wiv my parents..lolwent to see my god-grandma 1st..nth much there..jus ate, watch tv n collect ang bao..lolgrandma still as naggy as b4..hehez..but her leg still swollen la..hope she get well soon niaznext went to my 7th uncle's house..step into the house only..saw my cousins n my uncles gambling..lolme n my bro slacked n collect ang bao then my 6th uncle came to tempt me n my bro to gamble so we went lo..but i gamble 1st. tis time gamble very worth it..cos we dun play blackjack or dai ti..played "in between"

    it's lik everyone has 2 cards la then start wiv 1 person..eg. XX gt card 2 n king so everyone can chosoe to bet on it or not la. then XX draws a card frm the deck..if the card is in between the values of the two cards..everyone earn money lo but if the card is not in between the values of the card or same value..everyone lsoe $$ la.b4 the game..everyone have to pay a standard sum of money into the pool. if u get the bet rite..u get double of wad u bet..if u lose..money goes to the pool.eg1: i gt 4 n Queen..ppl put bets on it..i draw a card..5. so it's in between so everyone earn moneyeg2: XX gt 2 n king..ppl put bets..XX draws a card..2. so everyone lose $$

    so we were playing lo..at 1st everyone lose money then aft a while start to get better. there was ocne..my cousin gt ace n king lo..so sure kena de ma..everyone bet big then $$ in the pool all finish..have to start again..lol. aft dat..my mom n bro keep getting gt hoep de cards..when they draw card frm deck..disappointment..either same value or over short de lo. but in the end i only earn 4 bucks cos i bet all small. my cousin finalyl came then he so cute can..but very naughty and noisy la.he kept going ard make noise..very aa la..lol. then dinenr time came..our nephew came..so cute also lo. but he very guai so we use him to spite jovin...my cousin la..then jovin jealous then kindda unfriendly to keith [my nephew la]. when my programme fix liao..i'll upload their fotos..so cute lo

    today's income was not bad..a lto of ang baos..but dunno hw much inside la..lol

    bread spoke at Wednesday, February 09, 2005

    Thursday, February 03, 2005

    lol..todae principal gopal the "great" black one finnaly did a good deedhe started by syaing O lvl results blah blah blah..everyone wasn't listeningand i was doing my F&N thing then the whole sch heard tis

    " TML WILL BE HALF DAY! lesson only to 10.40"

    all rise for the black..i mean mr gopal..lol
    then jus now smth happen.. i was really shocked at 1st ki shan't blog bout the thing at all..but the thign jus happenedtoo quickly n its kindda funny la
    ok..i'm such in a good mood now >.<

    bread spoke at Thursday, February 03, 2005


    hey..it's huai en..nick's bdae today..happy bdae! anyway..my grandma had a opertation today..went to visit her. i jus came bck a little late from sch..my dad kao bei so much but he himself also haven get ready yet..n he tried to be sacarstic..so irritating ok. my grandma was telling us wad happen during the op cos she kindda felt everything reason is the surgeon only gave her a bit of ma quai yao lo..so she can feel the surgeon operating on her a bit. we left bout 9 lik dat to let her rest.

    ok..frankly speaking..i'm damn pissed at my dad ok! he wasn't lik wad he used to be..he's so sensetive n paranoid now lo. i wanted to burn cd then smth wrong wiv programme..i callrd him so many times..he din come to the computer so i figured out another solution liao..then he come him..then he ask me wad..then i say nvm liao..i figured out le then he not happy lo he said

    "u call me so many times then now tell me nvm..wadeva..i'm gonna disconnet ur modem" then he did..i was so PISSED then and i nearly want to scream a whole string of vulgarites at him ok..but i controleld myself..wo ren. anyway..i expected him to use my com so he can use the internet to check some crappy things so i put pass on my com la.


    it was a fast day today..time passed pretty quickly today. well..i got my F&N coursework paper..was kindda shocked when i saw the question then frankly..i nearly cried in cls..cos negative thots poured into my mind la budden controlled my self then me n norain were discussing bout wad question to do..we were given 2 question la

    for those who are curious..here are the question....

    1. High fibre foods form an essential part of a balanced diet. However, such foods may not always seem to be appetising. Reseacrh the effects of a lack of dietary fibre on healt. Explore ways of increasing the fibre content in everyday meals


    2. some weight watchers believe that a high-protein diet helps to reduce weight. Investigate the possible effect of being overweight. Demonstrate how a healthy and interesting meal can be served to help an overweight teenager reduce weight.

    i gt a new name today..BENSON! lol..cos my papa is ben ma then i'm his son so i'm known as BENSON lo. then desiree is BENDAUGH n cheryl is BENTER. gerald mama..is known as benwiv..lol..kindda lame la..cheryl started it!! haha.

    haiz..had headache again today but not as bad as last time. hav ta go buzz to do my hmwrk liso..so much sia..haiz...

    bread spoke at Thursday, February 03, 2005