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    Tuesday, August 31, 2004

    I was so "lucky" todae manz. cos i end up having to dance the retro part cos wan everything original mahz so ok lo. during the performance the scarecrow part was ok..but when i change into the retro part den one of the strap broke lo! den the head band lik wanna drop lik dat so i was dancing very werid lik dat. i cud see goldie they all luffing lo..prob. they gonna luff at me n say i bitch or wad on thrusday but i already gt counter attack speech le. when we went to 2nd story of the hall, zarina ran up n told us teachers wanted an encore so we change into scarecrow n ran down again, tis time the dropping strap already fix le [by stuffing it into my costume] when we were dancing sum ppl were sort of chanting smth, dunno wad the hell they saying la. but it was okok lo the 2nd time. during zarina's performance, she sort of 4gt her steps den she finish le ran backstage n nearly cry so we all comforted her...but really, i din even noe she made a mistake niaz. oh ya..made sum 7 rabbits fer: mrs choong, mr rumi, mrs wee, mdm tan, ms teo, mdm zhang n ms chung fer teachers' day present den the female teachers see le say very cute etc. [of course la..i make de ma >.<] newayz, 2dae me, carina, sam n joyce went bck to st nicks den evan n shewon came along wiv us. joyce went wiv her 6 faith frenz so the rest of us eat la toured the sch den we play at the playground..wahhahaha. den tok bout a lot of crap la. tok untill lik 6 plus we left. oh manz...really missed st nicks. today we go every part of the sch gt smth to say de..wahahahaha! ahhh~ i wanna watch AVP again larz..ne1 wanna go cos if i ask my dad go wiv me again he will kill me lol. AVP chao nice manz...the side i chosen won..woohoo~

    bread spoke at Tuesday, August 31, 2004

    Sunday, August 29, 2004

    oh yay oh yay...i'm not gonna dance the retro part fer the next performance cos zarina's gonna replace me! cos ystd i told her if she wants to dance the retro part i let her dance then i dance the hip hop part only..so cool manz. tok about dance..i'm inovlved in the fusion dance fer the next performance cos bada nid 2 more ppl so serene n i are in. actually bada wanted to put pei huan inside cos no choice but serina dun wan den jus nice serene appeared! den we all recommened serene in front of pei huan, 1 thing is to let bada make serene dance instead of pei huan n 2nd sort of indirectly say pei huan can't even beat a junior in dance..wahahahaha!


    bread spoke at Sunday, August 29, 2004

    Saturday, August 28, 2004

    kk...i tink i owe sum of the ppl ard me sum apologies. 1st to frenz who i might had neglect. its not dat i've forgotten u guys jus dat i've ben bz lately n not in the rite mood. 2nd..to my clsmates. i noe lately i've sum sort of unreasonable and stuffs lik dat. cos i was really stressed up lately n gets pissed very eaily so sort of vented my anger on u guys but seriously i din mean it...jus nid time fer me to calm down n stuff. but if tis is still not enuff fer u guys n u guys are going to continue to hate me or anything...i've gt nth to say..not as if i can do anything rite.

    current mood: ...

    bread spoke at Saturday, August 28, 2004

    Thursday, August 26, 2004

    u noe why i hate adults? cos they are so...argh! no comments. jus becos they are older n more mature than us they tink they are very clever but they are not! as the saying frm the book <<little price>> says "Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them." THIS IS SO TRUE.

    2dae i encountered 2 cases where adults tink they are making the rite desicion.

    case 1: Mr Gopal wants 31/9 to follow timetable as per normal

    i was already planning to go bck to st nick this teachers' day cos is lik..tis year i din go bck plus i wanted to see my pals dere. den Papa told me today at recess that we had to follow tuesday timetable as per normal on dat time. wth lor. smmore we still hav perr tutoring lehz. very unreasonable lor. stupid gopal..dun u noe teachers nid to  take as break. oh ya..i 4gt, of course u dun understand becos all u do is jus sit in the office n i tink mos of ur mwork u push it to VP. its not lik we can go bck

    case 2: my father who is doing everything "fer my own good"

    kaoz eh..jus because i did my F&N hmwrk slow he tinks i'm wasting time on the com. wth lo. den curse my com to die faster ..pls la...u curse my com bck den then ur com kena 1st lo. tmd..jus becos u're my dad doesn't mean u can make every desicion fer me. i hav my own way of thinkin and i thot u knew dat...maybe i was wrong..too wrong..totally wrong!

    bread spoke at Thursday, August 26, 2004

    Wednesday, August 25, 2004

    seriously i tink i a bit siao liaoz...everytime moodswing de lor..whether a not my dat wan cum a not. today i wake up..1st i felt very "haiz" den when i reached sch..start to a bit ok le. maths lesson dat time lik very furstrated. Physics nth wrong. recess super ki siao. F&N so-so den chemistry...too bz wiv the experiments so neva notice my mood..lol. finally to day we gt to do experiments...QA fer cations. i was kindda lucky cos when the cls testing fer ammonia my nose was block so i carn smell the ammonia [[ammonia has tis pungent choking smell and cheryl's teach say if u not careful the smell will stay in ur nose 4eva]] shit manz..i lost the bet wiv danny. his R1R5 14 n 17 den mine is 17 n 20. newayz i doubt he will do anything to me la..wahahaha. peertutoring maths today. i neva do lor..i jus copy the ans cos i hav the ans sheet...tutor here [ stupid teach..amde me the tutor] aft dat me n cheryl went to fan's hub to buy the 56 snack. cheryl bought the zi jing zhi dian de ji...very nice sia. a lot of pix. aft dat we went to eat..cheryl order mushroom pasta n its really mushroom. alot sia..covered lik almost the surface of the plate. n i order fish n chip..2 small pieces only but its super nice sia. came home super tired. din even bother to do my F&N n chi hmwrk..


    bread spoke at Wednesday, August 25, 2004

    Tuesday, August 24, 2004

    frankly speaking, if sum ppl tink i'm some flirt or b**ch den tink bout urself then. if toking to guys meant i'm flirting den even u are flirting lo. siao ehz. if u guys dun lik me in anyway jus tell me straight la..dun nid to say behind my bck. jus acting lik some losers only. Cheryl Pan u beta watch ur mouth bout wad u say. in fact, i din even do anything to u gals n u gals go against me..wth lo..its plain stupid. cheryl pan..if i'm action rite, den u're sum arrogant-action queen. tink u councillor hen liao bu qi ma. only lik to act slang n classy when u are not..lousy poser. if u guys wanna make life diff fer me. go ahead. i'm not gonna giv a damn. the mos when u guys go too overboard i will probably make it even bigger so how's dat. so wanna go against me den try me. welcum you ANYTIME...

    current mood: trying very hard to calm down...

    bread spoke at Tuesday, August 24, 2004

    Monday, August 23, 2004

    2dae nearly statred war wiv ryan they all niaz. cos drama dat time i fell down den dey all keep saying so i was so damn not in good mood i threw my shoe at them >.<hit adli n jk by accident cos i was aiming at desmond XP den the bloody drama gay instructor threw it out of the room...tmd. i took out my the other shoe cos 1 shoe wear then the other dun wear very werid den i went out to take the other shoe. cum back the shoe gone...den jamuna say is ryan throw in de...tmd. den i so damn angry. see the guys in my cls keep diao tham lorz. english lesson only i neva get back my paper so its lik wendy n i suspect is ryan they all take de. i was so damn angry lo. aft sch i came back, ryan;s nick put "wanna see tml den dun mess wit us". iwas so damn pissed off so i put " yao re wo ma fan jiu fang ma guo lai, wo feng pei dao di"

    den papa knew bout the matter nearly ask his frenz help me "settle" the prob. lucky wendy was the peacemaker. she kept talking 2 ryan to dun start war wiv me etc. [ wendy! i'm so touched T_T] finally the thing settled. i apologised to jk and ryan apologised to me so ..PEACE!! lol. frankly speaking i dunno y i threw my shoe..maybe too flared up le ba. die niaz..lately keep having moodswings. at 1st can be very happy next moment lik wanna kill ppl lik dat. tink i beta drink more liang chai eat less choco. my huo qi too big liao >.<. tution dat time i shld not hav told bee siew sumthing la..now i scare she tink toom uch..haiz. tok bout haiz. eric keep saying haiz and stuff den say he faliure etc. actually..wadeva happens rite..ppl shld owaes look on the bright side. shld not be put down by a little set back. learn to be cheerful so ur life will not be so dull n miserable mahz. tink negative of course life will be negative la. so owaes tink positive and be happy mahz. shoots sia..why am i saying all tis crap..lol!

    current mood: no up no down...jus fed up wiv the bloody drama teach.

    bread spoke at Monday, August 23, 2004

    Grp foto no.1~ taken at frontier danceroom

    From left: [top] Syarif, andrew, zhen han

    [bottom]me,ragha n eunice

    Us and kay..the lady behind the show who made it happen!

    Special thks to [from top left] eric, iskandar, iskandar's fren *sorry..din noe ur name >.<* jacky,

    [bottom} zarina!!! And big thankiez to those who went to support us!!

    bread spoke at Monday, August 23, 2004

    Sunday, August 22, 2004

    2dae was the dance competition!! at 1st we all gather at frontier danceland  jacky and eric oso dere. aft practice awhile then the guys hav to gel their hair make untill lik very nerd lik dat. at 1st kay help me make up so i neva see anything. aft ok liaoz   i saw andrew's hair super funny. is lik his hair is painted on his head de..lol. den syarif's hair hav to put alot of gel cos his hair very curly. we changed into our retro costume aft dat den went to suntec. siao manz..we 27th item den hav to wait super long. in the meantime i was lik daydreaming cos super sian. when the competition start liaoz we went out to look  at the grps dance...oso gt solo. mos of their steps all the same de den all follow same style de when we perform dat time. we ran up stage in our scarecrow costume den everyone was lik huh?   den i dance faster than the others but lucky not obvious and alot ppl screaming when we perform>.< when enuice, andrew n i ran up stage for the retro part. all the audience lik surprised lik dat den all   started luffing. me n eunice dunno why suddenly dance untill so kiao lik dat lo. oh ya..even the judge luffing oso...lol. when we finish performing..so damn happy manz...now hav to wait for results only...cuming  out tml..damn nervous bout the result. oh ya..stupid manz..eric hit my arm den lucky no blue black if not he sure die..lol. later me n enucie went to change and we went bck  wit her frenz. on the mrt journey we all saying lame jokes den super siao lik dat now super tired manz...*yawnz*

    current mood: super tired

    ps: oh gosh.,.today i din eat much again...lol. only had 2 slice of bread and oatmeal drink. 

    a bit of big gulp den a glass of milk >.<

    bread spoke at Sunday, August 22, 2004

    Friday, August 20, 2004

    Stupid manz...the bag i bring 2 sch wiv my costume inside broke.. i mean 1 side of the handle broke den i end up carrying it in my arms. Chem lesson actually gt test den teach left the papers at home and we so happy but teacher gt buck up papers so we happy fer nth [-_-"]..but newayz..i finish the paper quite fast den slept untill the paper end aft dat put the stupid bag in the dance room cupboard. English lesson dat time den funny. Cos i ask Radha n Jamuna teach me tamil so they wrote 1 whole list down:-

    [1] Nandri Pandri

    [2]Ongi serupalea adipan

    [3]Dadi Maadu

    [4] Mutal valudai

    [5]Adi muttual

    [6] serupu pingirum

    [7] vayai moodu

    Den i spoke with the tamil slang den radha they all luff lik siao lik dat and end up we neva do what the machine gan tell us to do. When gan collecting the paper frm us i said "nandri pandri" to her den radha they all luff again..lol. if u wanna noe wad the above 7 pharse means go ask ur tamil frenz la..now my fave wan is Ongi serupalea adiapan...cos dats wad i always say b4 i wanna beat up guys..wahahahahahaha! During hip-hop dat time andrew joker again niaz. he wanna make the "gao ling feng" effect den he wore his basketball short very high den tuck in his shirt, pull his socks very high and wore the big sunglasses so me and enuice were lik luffing lik siao lik dat den Kay saw he facial expression oso luff. aft dat cai si n stephanie came in to see den of  course they luffed lik siao oso. Had to bring bck our costume oso T.T..tml competition le...kindda jing zhang niaz. scare dance wrongly or 4get bring thing *touch wood* summore quite late at nite. 6pm start at suntec n i tink our performance lik 8+. sure go home very late de...

    current mood; jing zhang and tired~

    bread spoke at Friday, August 20, 2004

    Thursday, August 19, 2004

    drama again today...sianz manz. den i told scott i'm out of the drama thing  den dunno why aft drama i super bu shuang lik dat...moodswing..lol. fianlly aft so many dance pract, i finally gt to rest today. radha oso siao already today. my bdae only in nov, she gave me present now..siao niaz~so aft lesson 2dae me n cheryl went to orchard to buy bag n radha's present.   1st we went to fan hub and we bought the mei guai hong chai, mai lai yang yu pian, zhi shi ba kaka...n cheryl bought the dong gua xian chao chai empty bottle. we stay dere eat finish the snack liao den we go. the yang yu pain very tasteless and the bao kaka still not bad. best is the mei guai hong chai. at 1st drink very sour aft awhile very ncie liaoz.   aft we buy things liao..we frm heeren walk bck to the bus-stop opp. Far east to take bus take untill novena sq dat side we drop cos we change idea...wanna take mrt. reach home super tired...still nid to touch up my costume..lucky no hmwrk niaz.

    current mood: tired~

    bread spoke at Thursday, August 19, 2004

    Monday, August 16, 2004

    kaoz eh. i kena booked sum bloody councillor cos i wear below-ankle socks!   wth lor! smmore i dunno who's dat clown who booked me lehz! TMD! stupid lor. if i find out who's dat then he/she wear ankle socks themselves smack their bloody face manz. den lin mei threaten call my parents. lik i scare lik dat

    in the end she really call den mum bought me new socks...wth. so suay lo..i cut my finger today cos i opening can food den kena...fark manz. 2dae mama n mervey super siao they perform magic trick..super lamez man. co J tan gt put biskit in his cupboard so 01  ppl can eat ma den nw he only gt the big big kind. den mama n mervey they jus put the whole thing in their mouth...stupid lor. den mr mah saw liao he say he's 1st reaction was "wah...wad big mouths" lol...den cheryl, desiree, papa n i luff lik siao lik dat.

    current mood: dun let me find out who is dat stupid coucillor who book me

                               cos i'm gonna kill dat person.

    bread spoke at Monday, August 16, 2004

    2dae during drama they wanna choose ppl fer the musical den i kena chosen...sux manz~ den tis thursday gt drama again cos follow monday's timetable.."to repay the many monday we loss"..hip hop today kay brought our scarecrow costume but is not done la she jus gave us the long john and the straws to stick on the costume hav to let her see on wednesday lehz!!! where gt time! den hav to go fer tution smmore...so much hmwrk..sianz!

    current mood: sianz

    bread spoke at Monday, August 16, 2004

    Friday, August 13, 2004

    aft wad happen ysd...really dunno hw to face him todae...

      so awakard lo...den he damn stupid lehz...so straight forward..

    den 2dae we gt ta stay bck fer peer tutoring fer maths...sux manz

      dunno yongde is purposly or wad..cos his tutees is azlina n him

    den yongde chose to sit at the table next to our's [me, wendy n radha]

      wads more the he is jus sitting next to ours..lucky i sitting opposite

    den wendy wanna make me sit next to her...indirectly next to him

      den jus now evening i msg him den ask him why he ask me dat Q ystd

    den he say "wad Q?" dunno he act blur or wad lorz den aft dat hack care le la

      so we start crapping again..lol. ask him all the lame Qs...lol

    frankly speaking...i dun really knw him dat well...

      jus gt to knw he more recently ba so when he

    asked dat Q ystd i was kindda stuck

    current mood: no comments

    bread spoke at Friday, August 13, 2004

    Thursday, August 12, 2004


    WTF LOR! den i carn stand dat bloody gan liaoz

    we discussing the topic when she teaching she scold me n my grp lor!

    when she gave me bck my paper i was lik so angry dat i nearly cried ok

    so i faster go toilet, punched the wall den cry awhile den go bck to cls

    den the cut on my knuckles split open again den a bit red

    den aft dat aft lunch i walking to mtl room she call me den i no choice

    wa;lk up to her in my mos bu shuang manner den u noe wtf she say

    "wai see..i believe u can do very well. even mei hua can get 21/50

    and she's a china nationality...i believe u can do beta than her"

    kaoz eh...when she say dat my blood was boiling lo..i cud hav jus

    punch her face manz. so when walked untill mtl room outside, i jus

    punched the whole damn hard den nw my knuckles blue black liaoz

    kaoz eh...i hate ms gan lor smmore she gave us hmwrk and i

    carn stand her lesson lo..keep repeating the same thing

    so boring, i of course slp la den i tink she purposly fail me

    cos my attitude not good + i slp in her cls..hate her manz

    i miss mdm raj lesson, so fun de..den mdm raj teach me

    i get As all the way den ms gan teach..aft CT 1 i slack alot lo

    den is frm A drop to C5 lehz...tmd!

    current mood: very angry..trying 2 cool down

    bread spoke at Thursday, August 12, 2004

    Wednesday, August 11, 2004

    2dae so damn sianz..only until dance pract den gt funny things

    during maths lesson 2dae, mrs choong abit ki siao liaoz

    cos we all dunno hw 2 do the graph hmwrk cos

    she din really teach properly in the 1st place den ryan

    dey all hand in, she tore their hmwrk, saying dat it's crap

    den aft dat none of us dare to hand in. During recess time i drew mama's

    hand den her ang kong super nice..thks to my "artistic" talent"...lol

    den dat stupid mervey made me look lik idiot!! but newayz i bashed him up,

    the violent side of me...muhahahahahaha!

    2dae's assembly oso super lame, tok bout porn. addiction thingy de

    but frankly speaking, dat serial killer-cum-raper really good-lookin

    too bad his's a sicko freak..sheehz. and we had extra english lesson..

    super lame lorz...dunno wtf dat gan wanna do. den the stupid betsy

    bao to us cos sum of us came in late den she told rumi...tmd..

    bully my bro n wanna bully my cls is it...tmd.

    Dance pract dat time damn funny. cos zhen han brought

    the retro sunglasses fer andrew...the big big kind de

    so at 1st we dance the 1st part nth wrong de lehz.

    2nd part andrew, eunice n i came on stage again..i was

    controlling not 2 luff den the stupid zhen han suddenly jus

    "WAHAHAHAHAHHA!" den i oso end up luffing, in fact every1 luffing

    kay oso luffing den the netball gals watching oso luffing. den andrew

    the way he dance oso siapala...i stand behind him keep on luffing

    cos the way he dance damn funny. den i oso use mervery's trick on him

    den he was doing quite long untill he heard me n raha luffing den he stop.

    den he was going -_-"

    Raha made us sound lik the bad kids

    cos he learnt all the steps 2dae lor! den kay was lik going

    " see..ppl only use less than 1 day learn the whole thing den u all lehz?"

    i oso kindda qian ta 2dae cos i tok bck to kay >_<

    me n eunice were jus running thru the 2nd part to memorise den i din

    do whole so kay was lik saying me den i say " ltr wil ldo hao hao de la"

    den she say " u dun only say sya den later nv do"

    n i used my fave pharse "wanna bet?" >_<

    n she jus say " u dun argue bck hor"...lol

    frankly speaking, i carn imagine hw e audience will react when

    they see our performance...lol

    current mood: verrrrrrrrry tired~

    bread spoke at Wednesday, August 11, 2004

    Monday, August 09, 2004

    2dae gt training  n i was suppose 2 go out wiv cheyrl n desiree de!!

    newayz..aft meeting every1, we head down to chinatown to meet kay

    den bought the costumes fer the dance. when the guys buying their pants,

    zhen han damn joker. he wear the pants super high n tuck in his shirt,

    carry his bag high high den the cap wear backwards, lik those pri. sch kids.

    den aft dat went to tis fashion to buy eunice n mine's costume. frankly speaking

    i din lik it cos the skirt is damn short lor. den zhen han try to sabo e both of us by

    taking other clothes let kay see. lucky kay din giv him a damn...lol

    aft dat, we went to bugis fer our practice. practice untill so xin ku manz

    we all 4gt to bring knee guard den our knees suffer...super painz

    sariv sort of screw up the thing so we had to re-do n re-do. but nvm...

    every1 makes mistakes...even me! gt 1 part the steps so easy i oso

    screwed it up...but aft awhile jiu ok le. and andrew full of crap oso

    dere's tis part we hav to move to a straight line  frm a formation

    n andrew was rite at the front n he hav to walk all the way bck

    *i damn lucky...all the walkin parts i only walk a bit..lol*

    den he din make it he say "my shoe slippery" n stuffs.

    fiNally finished the front part den kay was playing the song

    fer the 2nd part den the 2 seniors lik siao gina lik dat start dancing crap

    den me n eunice luff untill pengz. Training finally over le! den

    the whole grp of us walked to BJ den walk ard b4 me n sariv go hm cos

    the other 3 wanna eat. when i  reached home i damn tired manz.

    Bath le nw feel lik slping...*yawnz*

    current mood: very tired...

    today i only had 1 cup of mai pain, a cup of sugar cane

    and half of a cup noodles..lol


    bread spoke at Monday, August 09, 2004

    wOohOo!!! sO damN hIgh mANz!!! jus CaMe bCk Frm th qiAO JIe lI coNCert by thE bAy!! tiS mOrnING mE n CheryL ard 6 lik dat reach marina promenade then the Q consider short le nehz. so we both Q dere untill Evon dere all cum there we were crappin dere aft dat had breakfast. Aft eating me n cheryljus fell asleep. 10.45am woke up, faster call my bro whether the national day observacne over already a not den faster run bck to amk cos i bluff my dad i went 2 the thing but actually i went to Q fer the conert..lol. aft tution i rushed bck down again, by dat time ppl already start standing liaoz when we moved in, we were damn close to the stage, 5-6 rows away frm stage den hv ta sit dere until the concert begin. There was a fireworks display but we carn see it cos of the stupid plam trees!!. Meanwhile waitin fer the conert to start, the organiser started showing mvs n stuffs. dere was 1 clip is the fei yu qing wan n every1 was screaming when his clip was displed..lol. FINALLY! 9.30 the concert strat le! oh man...Anthony frm R&B so shuai, new member of R&B cos mengru n aj left le. aft dat was toro n every1 was telling him to take off his coat n when he did, every1 so high. Toro so shuai nehz! den yan xin shu...nth much

    K _ONE was up next!!! GINO SO SHUAI!!! OMG!!! when k1 came out gt 1 grp call tai ji oso came out...kindda lame nehz. cyndi appeared next den last of all...5566!!!! shaowei quite shuai oso. den K1 , R&B n 56 they were dancing chuanshou so damn ncie manz!!! gino so shuai!!! so cooL!!! den finale they sing ying wei ai!!!

    thru out the whole thing i was lik scareming my head off lor so now gt sore thoart. haiz~ later suppose to go out wiv cheryl n desiree de but last min say gt dance pract so i hav ta go lo. later i speak to my senior sure no voice wan cos thoart pain niaz

    current mood: HIGH!!!  

    bread spoke at Monday, August 09, 2004

    early in the morning...i woke up at 5 30 to meet wendy n frenz to go 2

    yck stadium fer our sch's sports day. I dun hav mars shirt so i ended up

    wearing jupiter...made me felt lik a traitor niaz...nvm. den reach dere

    lik so little lik dat...bet a lot ppl pon the event. Den mama betray "her" house cos

    she wore my house shirt...which is mars...funny thing is, i wore his house tee

    and he wore my hse tee...lol. the whole thing was damn boring. cos student not sportin de mars house most dead wan...our house members running neva cheer de den so quiet lo still st nicks sports day best. Gt cheer routine n we cheer as a house...more live la.

    aft the thing went to J8 wiv cheryl, desiree and pei^2. we were walking ard n saw

    serina alone. We ran up to her den desiree ask the wrong Q..."li yan leh?" den serina

    started crying n walking away. actually the matter was very small de but serina treated things a bit too seriously. In the end i went wiv li yan, yvonne n colleen n the 4 of us walked ard lor. Cheryl they all pei serina and they luff n stuffs aft dat we saw serina, she lik dun care li yan den desiree, cheryl n pei^2 jus walk out of the shop lik nv see us lik dat lor. Oso dunno la

    4pm gt dance pract again n tis time the teach taught us new steps n she chose ppl oso

    1 gal n 1 fella joined us jus 2dae. In the end, Eunice, Iskandar's bro, his fren n me kena chosen! so happy manz. but zarina ...she can make it de but the teach say she only wan 2 gals...so..lik dat lor. practices gonna b tough cos we only gt 2 wks left b4 the hits. its on 21st Aug at suntec. 2dae also lian untill very  pain.


    frankly speaking. tink i kindda left out. Cheryl n desiree 301 ppl of course they hang out with 01 ppl beta la n they can 4get a fren from 302 who helped them a few times. suan le lor. but i felt very wad lo. Cos dat time the sch informed cheryl n a few other gals in 301 dat they might drop into my cls next year so they cry lo. I mean its lik its not dat bad lo. if u carn cope wiv pure sci might as well take sub sci. Den desiree said smth dat i not happy bout. she say cheryl cry is bcoz lik u frm a cls respected by many ppl tink is the best cls by ppl den u drop to sub cls. So she trying to say my cls lag la!? i noe 301 very li hai la! go do ur own stuffs la! if u all dun lik a 302 hanging out wiv u 301 ppl jus speak up! open ur mouth n say. i noe wad to do.  301 hen liao bu qi meh. I tink my cls ppl beta lo. We hav a rojak of subjects they dun hav. all they ever do is maths. But my cls, a maths, F&N, D&T, POA. We learn more stuffs lo. u all the pure sci almost same as sub de lor jus dat chem only more topics but wad u all noe i oso noe so make no diff. take F&N n D&T very lack is it. Tis 2 sub cum to O lvl more complicated than A maths lo. All u guys hav to do is the main paper. We hav to do 2 coursework, 1 practical and the main paper. so a maths hai liao bu qi ma? So if anymore 301 ppl tink they dun wanna hang out with 302 ppl jus voice it out. keepin quiet is getting on my nerves

    current: tired frm dance pract, kindda fed up wiv sum FREAKING  ppl.

    bread spoke at Monday, August 09, 2004

    Thursday, August 05, 2004

    2dae aft sch hav dance practice...is the hip hop de la.

    den start at 4 so aft chi went to art center do a bit hmwrk den

    go music room den its lik nobody dere so wait awhile

    den Iskandar's bro came...still dunno his name niaz

    so we were lik waited den andrew jus ran up n told us is at dance room

    when reach dere, zarina n eunice already dere le. Our dance "instructor"

    zhen han n andrew taught us the steps lo. 1 more thing! it's lik...ystd

    audition rite...12 ppl must go fer pract 2dae. end up only

    eunice, zarina, iskandar's bro n me go...4 only lor

    so we learn learn learn aft dat went fer break. The 3 of us gals went to

    practice the steps at the other end of the dance room den we saw the reflection..

    WTH were the dance "instructors" doing lor! Iskandar was already dere by

    dat time so we saw zhen han n andrew were fighitng...more of locking each other

    on the floor. the worse thing is...the dance room door-windows all open

    so teachers cuming out frm HOD room sure can see de lo. Aft much time of locking

    we went bck to "serious" business. Continue to learn the steps..chop chop..finish

    and tml we hav to dance n let the teacher see so she can select dancers fer the dance

    summore sports day tml!!! frankly speaking..the dance pract damn tiring

    plus aft dat whole body ache...but not as bad as chi dance de.

    hmmm...hope Mars will win tml!!!

    current mood: tired~

    bread spoke at Thursday, August 05, 2004

    Wednesday, August 04, 2004

    2dae get bck chem n phy. paper

    my phy improve a lot...lol

    budden my chem slack manz...can get 38 de nehz..

    buta lot of stupid carless mistakes!!!

    den the dance audition thins...kaoz eh

    the player carn read the cd so in the end i ran hm n take

    the original n run bck to sch.

    den dancing dat time...i 4gt sum of my steps cos jing zhang

    plus a bit tired frm the running but i jus cover up wiv other steps

    but they din say who gt into the ting cos only 10+ ppl

    so they jus take all in...aft a few practises den they wil choose best 6

    for the competition at suntec...

    oso dere was tis gal..she dance untill super funny manz..

    den me n serina keep on luffing dere...

    b4 the audition, mama n glen asked desiree, serina n i tis logic Q

    the ans was damn easy but tink untill so complicated

    but i gt the ans de den mama say wrong *arbish*

    n desiree so scary manz...nv do anything...she tink of the Q tink

    untill cryz...kong bu nehz...

    tml the dance practice start le..

    den friday oso hav...scare i carn make it niaz...

    Common test 2 results!!!

    subjects              marks

         maths                20/40  

            chemistry            29/40      

        physics             30/40   

     chinese          65.5/100

    POA                 35/50

    F&N                 30/50

    english n social studie haven noe yet...stupid teachers...mark so slow

    bread spoke at Wednesday, August 04, 2004

    Tuesday, August 03, 2004

    oh man...dere's tis dance audition tml

    to choose students fer a dance competition at suntec

    and i decided to sign up...only today i started making the steps..

    using energy song..."wu xie ke ji"

    dman fast but best niaz...

    but i dun tink i might get in cos there are a lot of

    hidden dancing talents ard the sch

    so maybe i will not get in but wish me luck!



    i so damn happy manz..1st time i passed manz...woohoo~

    tml get back physics paper...sure very cham

    cos 2dae ms teo say she "wanna chop up the 302 gals"

    die le la...but at least i did my best!!!

    current mood: happy n excited bout tml!!!

    bread spoke at Tuesday, August 03, 2004

    Monday, August 02, 2004

    2dae so damn wad manz...aft my chem paper is drama le ma

    deN the teach say nid masssage ur frenz n every1 standing in circle

    so at 1st i stand next to gals de lehz...in the end push here push

    there end up at the teacher dere...smmore male de lehz!

    den of course i dun wanna let him massage me den i keep wan to move in front

    he pull me bck den make untill my collar bone...super painz manz

    den later turn ard...my turn!!! so at 1st

    i squeeze his shoulders very hard...no effect...so i start slapping

    his shoulder damn hard n he turn ard n hit me back...kp manz!!!

    aft dat we learn dance thingy fer end of year musical. carn believe it man...the musical we doing is "grease" lor...i tink i wanna be backstage ppl liao...dun wanna be cast.

    Maths lesson...si bei suay. teach wanna choose tutor fer peer tutoring n i zhong lor..

    smmore my maths is very lousy that kind de lehz..den i keep begging her she dun wanna

    take me down the list angryzz manz! den she teach new topic 2dae...i take very long to understand...die le la...wendy, radha n jamuna...dun depend on me to do well in maths...i carn help u all de!!!

    aft lunch break is POA paper..last paper of CT!!!

    quite ok la...but icarn balance the trial balance then my trading, P n L acc did many times

    the trial balance Q 12 mrks!!! den TPL Q 22 mrks!!

    i tink i bao fail de la...cos my trial balance wrong liao den i tink my TPL acc oso do wrongly

    current mood: HAPPY!! CT OVER LIAOZ!!!

    bread spoke at Monday, August 02, 2004