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    Sunday, July 30, 2006

    Grr~ im having a test lik tmr and i din study over the weekend...bah! and lo and behold, its a fricking Bio PAPER! been out aft work during the weekends...but i studied during break at work! but i've only covered lik meiosis and mitosis only..bah!

    AND I GOT A COMMENT CARD FROM A GUEST TODAY! that makes the 2nd comment card so far for me..hehe. Praised for excellent service..muhahaha!

    watched Dragon Tiger Gate today. oh man, i think shawn yue is damn cool la. gals probably drool over nicholas tse but i tink shawn looks cooler...haha. well..this show is really impressive for it's fighting scene so if ya not the kind who goes for action movies, 4get abt it...but it's lik goddamn nice, the computer effects and stunts cheoreography..sweet.

    And, i saw a few pants from revoltage at cine. actually there's another outlet at Far east but i went to cine today anyway so jus went into the shop. The pants there are roughly the same price as S&K but their design is much better! i think after i earn enough i'll start spending money on clothes. Intend to buy 2 pants and a couple of tops from NUM. Oh and i guess i may b able to get an mp3 at a rather affordable price. iPod nano at 1gb is going at $248...lik woah~ muhahahahahaha~ Jus a few more weeks and im free for dance practs, money earning and hanging out..lalala

    bread spoke at Sunday, July 30, 2006

    Friday, July 28, 2006

    I need a digicam!

    fuck i'm dard pissed cos my dad took back my digicam, in a very stupid way. He claimed i've scratch the camera badly and showed me the scratches, which were not even there when i last used it that day. i jus hav this feeling that he delibrately scratch it when i passed it to him and blame it on me, make a big fuss and all but ah well~ my dad and i haven been talking since then. I'm still pissed with him..grr

    and so now i have to bloody hell save my own money to buy a digicam. Probably get back the Casio Ex-S600 but black this time or Casio Ex-Z60. Both cost ard $550++ though T_T. I think i really have to chiong work during my vacations to earn that money. N i jus realise i can't live without a real mp3. so i have to save money to get one too. Anykind souls out there would lik to sell their iPods or Creatives to me ! im willing to pay...provided the condition of the mp3 is still good and warranty is still on...gah~ im so broke...zzz

    bread spoke at Friday, July 28, 2006

    AH Beng Hons

    was at my old house clinic then i saw this poster...

    beng honours in uni! lik woah...i wonder wad they do =P ok...but seriously...wad has Bachelors in Engineering got to do with clinical studies!?

    bread spoke at Friday, July 28, 2006

    Tuesday, July 25, 2006

    Karen jus told me eating cucumbers can help ya hair grow longer faster! so from now on i shall munch on cucumbers. normal rabbits nibble on carrots but brattified bunnies munch on cucumbers and cereals...ahahahah! [yea...recently i gt addicted to cereals, corn flakes, trix, cocoa pops...grr]

    oh yea! ystd watched hoodwinked with gene. stupid show la..ended very early and finally we took neos lah! it's was a long time ago since i've suggested it...hehe

    yes! i lvoe flattening his hair! but they always still remain the same, spiked and all. Yet he still fusses everytime i mess with his hair...wad a narcissist...haha!

    cute rite! the mrt background. oh ya..these 2 days go out with gene i'll end up falling asleep awhile and his shoulder hai man hao tang de..haha

    yea~ i sitll love him, coming out from toilet bowl or not...lol!

    the machine is damn good; damn spacious with platforms of diff height, cute backgrounds but rather simple + common decor. andit's fricking 11 bucks! zz

    anyway, when abe saw the neos she was commentingthat gene's damn tall, looks lik giraffe haha. so gene, nth wrong with me saying u giraffe...lalala

    bread spoke at Tuesday, July 25, 2006

    Saturday, July 22, 2006

    FINALLY!! All my projs for this sem has been completed! i tink it's lik 8 projs with the -oh-so-many presntations, now im through with 'em while next sem i'll only have lik 3 projs! [according to peeps from module 1.1, freaky they still have to do proj for maths though]

    and gene's finally back from m'sia aft a series of unfortuante events eg. bike accident caused by dear friend jia le...grr~ Jia le even tried to lie to me ystd that they couldn't get the bus bck and would b delayed for a day. Good thing i dreamt bout it and din fall into his lie. Talk bout deja vus, i kept having them recently and goddamn efficient ones! as in, last time when i have deja vu, they only occur months later, the fastest record was lik 1mth aft i dreamt and it happened. But now they jus happen the next day. Come to think of it, maybe i'll dream of a winning no. for sunday's 4D then i'll b rich! [rite...i dun gamble. I only bet on sure things =X]

    Anyway went bck to work today. Was lik fricking long since i've saw desiree! cos mos of the time i work i'll b working with a full timer, which is damn sian, unlike working with yo and des, time flies faster at work with them ard. Des is damn xing fu la, she only have to learn bio in her course in yr 2...crap...grr~ I was so fricking tired today dat i went to the toilet jus to slp for 3 mins. Frankly, 3 mins feels awfully long for me cos i felt lik i've slept for 1 hour..which was a good thing though.

    Went to catch Nacho libre with gene aft work. I t was a damn lame show la! not the waste-$$ kind of lame but the funny lame la. It's about this monk [or wadva u call 'em] aspire to b a wrestler since young but he din hav proper training and all. when he grew up, he got so fed up with how he was treated hence he came a wrestler. In the meantime, a nun has arrived to church as new teach and nacho fell for her. It was the process of his trainingthat was funny and Jack Black has loads of expressions la..damn gao xue..haha

    aft dat hav to meet jacky and their friend to celebrate jia le's bdae. hav to leave early though cos gene n i hav work the nxt day...grrr

    bread spoke at Saturday, July 22, 2006

    Friday, July 21, 2006

    "i love johnny depp"...my foot!

    you know, ever since pirate of the caribbean and the dead man's chest started showing in cinemas, i've been seeing girls' msn nicks going "i love johnny depp!" or "nobody's gonna snatch my johnny depp cos he's mine!"

    oh pls, someone call an ambulance pls, i tink im gonna foam in the mouth and drop dead now from all the poser-ness. For fuck sake! smarten up ladies, i'm gonna make a few points now

    1] u only lik CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW THIS YEAR and NOT Johnny Depp since his debut movie.

    ok..i dun expect all mr Depp fans to watch his flims dated bck to Nightmare on Elm st era but they shld all noe Edward Scissorhands. So "johnny depp lovers" hav u watched Edward Scissorhands? or have u ever even heard or read bout nightmare on Elm St? Do u know bout Freddy? no...johnny wasn't acting as Freddy, he was one of the teens.

    2] Pot calling kettle blacks

    It's lik so irritating to see the "JDL" going gaga over him jus becos of POC tis yr. HELLO! wake up! we're not stupid, we all know u guys loved Orlando Bloom in POC- curse of the black pearl. *rolls eyes* it's lik my sec sch mates were calling me "no taste" for liking johnny depp whn POC- curse of the black pearl came out while they drool over Orlando Bloom and the same old ppl are calling me COPYCATS for idolising Johnny? FUCK YOU! maybe u'll love keira knightly in the nxt POC rite..zz

    3] He's old enuff to b ur father

    actually, he is a father of 2 already anyway.

    so "JDL", u dun love johnny depp, u jus love captain jack =) and stop acting lik u really lik the actor cos we all know it's jus infatuation.

    bread spoke at Friday, July 21, 2006

    Tuesday, July 18, 2006

    Tag replies and digression

    Darz...gene's in m'sia and within 2 days 2 very suay things had happened to him, 1st gt molested then got into accident. i jus hope the next 3 days he'll b safe from all elements of dangers. Anyway...i decided i can't live without a real mp3 aft all so im gonna get an iPod shuffle! but dats when i have enuff money to get one...1gb is enuff...ahahahahha!


    medi: mos prob u did, i was on the way home from sch aft dance. hw come u din say hi! zzz!!

    wen: diao...it's still one mrt stop away. Maybe 8 bustops away. Cos he has direct bus home

    annoymous: i dunno, but i noe the Gls + bms and bio yr1s doing 1.2 module all knows
    her..including nra ppl too..haha

    bread spoke at Tuesday, July 18, 2006

    Sunday, July 16, 2006

    New home sweet home!

    i officially annouced i've moved! yes! from amk ave 4 to amk central! wad lame! it's still shifting ok! dere are ppl who only moved one story up or down...now dats lame

    and of course, there's house warming! but it'll b in Aug i tink since we haven finish unpacking! so in case u guys are willing to get me house warming gifts, here's a list!


    [1] i'm nyctophobic since lik the age of 3 so i always nid a light when i slp so....get me nite lites!
    lava lamps!
    but actually, gene gt dat covered...ahaha! HE's getting me a lave

    [2] dustbin! i dun wan those short and fat kind! i wan those tall and thin kind ala metal
    dustbin. i tink aciton city sells 'em. PLS! get me a dustbin dat fits the colour of my
    room...which is...sweet pink...grr

    [3] Pirates of Caribben posters!!! i wan the original movie poster for curse of the black pearl
    n dead man's chest as well as johnny depp's solo poster! i itnk available at cathay cineplex,
    the douby gaut one

    [4] the sticky bulletin pad! it's lik those normal bulletin but instead of pining ur things to the
    pad it jus sticks on and easy remove. also, it's not a hook on but it jus stick on the wall, i tink
    it's 3M's product

    [5] COmforters! pls dun get me a pink one though! get a yellow or orange one will do =D

    [6] AN OSIM iDesire Massage chair ! ok, my dad made me type dat


    ok...enuff of presents, i seriously hate shifting house though its my 1st time, unpacking is sadistic...grrr~ then still have to get loads of new stuffs lik pillows, bedsheets so and son...argh! was suppose to meet gene for dinner but disappointed him cos my mum din allow me to! i wun see / msg him for bout 1 wk la! sigh~ but gene was so sweet cos he bought me Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince to keep me entertained in the 5 days..hee

    but..GENE! i can rmb very well wad u said in the forum last yr k!!

    melody: u get her the book la

    gene: no, i dun wan her turn into bookworm

    ring a bell now? bish!!

    will miss ya gene!!

    -ps: oh fuck, my lappy went bonks, something wrong with the audio output...crap~-

    bread spoke at Sunday, July 16, 2006

    Friday, July 14, 2006

    Pirates mania

    Gene and i are 2 months together already! but we din hang out on the actual day cos he's working and i've gt gl meeting. YES! i 4got to mention i went through the GL audition and i passed it..muhahahahahaha! however, very unfortunately, this person who is not very popular among the lsct is also in gl too! argh! mos of us can't stand her cos she has no self-conscious. As in, her dress sense damn "power".

    E.g. pink crumple dress, black stocking and gold heels. Thick thick make up ala xiaxue's make up [fake eyelash, thick eyeliner, thick foundation, everything thick la]

    did i mention her figure is damn solid too.............san chen bak; lotus legs and super flabby arms. and she's in nra too...damn she can't dance -_______-

    okok...enuff of her...the last thing i would let u guys know she can eat non stop during 2 hrs lecture from start till end...=X

    Bck to the anniversary..we decided that we'll jus have dinner and catch a movie...since i end sch at 5 and i've an unsaid curfew to b home early. Gene ended work at 3 so he practically rotted for 2 hrs. but in that 2 hrs, he bought me the flesh imp jacket i wanted for ages! the white and gold de one! ok, i'm quite glad he got me the jacket but deep down i rather buy the jacket myself 'cos i dun wan him to spend too much, since he's planning to get a bike and he's supporting himself [pay for daily expenses, bills] plus he doesn't get any allowance while i do. SO usually we hang out, one pays for meals and one pays for movies.

    Ate at pepper lunch again! it's lik coincidentally both of us have craving for it..haha! oh ya~ here's a warning to all unsuspecting victim! Eat the curry beef rice at ya own risk! it's not spicy but the smell of the curry lingers on u so u'll smell lik curry. well, i took that and later gene claim dat i smell lik....nvm...it's racist. So i was showered with pink adidas perfume...bahz.

    we went to catch PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN! i was so eager to watch it la! its like dunno how many eons since the 1st pirates of caribbean was out. oh god~ Johnny Depp my new love....jus kiddin...i have no interest in ppl who are old enuff to be my dad, i jus admire his acting skills. So far, i tink he's the only actor who acts characters that are totally different in style

    - constable in Sleepy hollow
    - gentlemen in Finding Neverland
    - crazy confectionery wizard in charlie and the chocolate factory
    - voice-over in Corpse's Bride and
    - notorious pirate in pirates of the caribbean

    all in all he has flimed 41 films with 5 more upcoming ones to 2008.

    Among the roles he took up, i tink the pirate role was best...haha. I tink i watched him act since childhood la! starting from Edward Scissorhands since i dun watch horror [nitemare on elm's st] i watched dat show for dunno how many time and i din realise i was watching him act then...too young and his variation in characters are very big, Talk bout trying something new...i tink he's my fave actor apart from Tom Hanks..TeeHee~
    but gee i only come to my senses to idolise him during sleepy hollow.

    The rest of the entry contains spoilers so if u haven catch the movie, it's advisable that u don't go any further

    OVerall it was a great movie except for the stupid abrupt ending! the main plot of the story revolves around Captain Jack having a blood debt with Davy JOnes so he hope to find the dead man's chest, which contain jones' living and beating heart to threaten him with it.

    BUt the EIC were after it too and Will turner decided to destory it in order to free his dad whom he eventually met in the show. oh oh~ davy jones's crew are made up of phantom with barnucles, corals and sea creatures growing on them...gross!

    And and and! my dear fellow kraken members in camp, we're in the show!! yes, there was a big ugly kraken in it! But we're Davy jones' deadly weapon so nth much to b proud about...bahz. Frankly, the sucklers on our tentacles and damn disgusting, u can see them pulsing in one of the scene...sheeshz. Towards the end of the show, everyone had to evacuate the black pearl cos the kraken was coming back to destroy 'em so while the crew was getting on the lifeboat, jack sparrow stayed on the ship to look about...lik huai jiu the times he spend on the ship.

    Then elizabeth showed her bitchy side! GRRR~ she french kissed with Captain Jack and at the same time handcuff him to the mast of the ship, bounding him to the ship. i tink she attempt to murder him though she appeared so sad. But well, jack freed himself frm the cuffs but too late, the kraken was already on him so he might as well fight it....he went into the kraken's opened mouth and lalala~ the ship was destroyed as the kraken dragged it down to sea. BAH!

    eliz so slutty!! cos the crew went to look for the creepy witch again andthe witch said it's possible to bring Jack back to life and she was going "who will go bring him bck" so everyone said yes...including the slut! i mean in the 1st place if u intended to kill someonethen why bother to save him aft dat...BAH! then then then, the witch brought in Captain Barbossa as their new captain + navigator then...THE MOVIE ENDED! jus lik dat! They ended showing the ugly pirate! sheeshz! So crappy!!!

    i was lik damn sad la! the next Pirates of the caribbean; at world's end, will only come out next yr and dats the final episode already T_T im crazy over the whole pirate thing so any kind soul....GET ME THE PIRATES OF CARRIBEAN POSTER AND THE CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW POSTER! i wan! giv it to me! sell it to me! donate it to me! im so obsessed with the poster i even came up with the idead of breaking the billboards at the underpass and grab the posters! and i wan the ORIGINAL dvds for "curse of the black pearl" and "dead man's chest"!!!!!!!!

    okok...enuff of pirate mania. ON the way back, gene n i exchanged our gifts for each other. i made him this anklet band..actually can wear at wrist too but i doubt he'll wear it..lalala~ and a clay keychain...very cute de. And my card was damn fragile. Cos i stick macaroni letters on the ice cream sticks to form my letter but the ice cream stick keep falling apart...shld have used UHU glue instead of double-sides tape...grrr! and some of the letters cracked..but not obvious de. Gene got me the jacket and he card was simple but nice, it's more of the effort and the content of the card dat made it nice =)

    sigh sigh sigh~ he's going off the m'sia for one week la! guess i would miss him a lot while fitting in into my new house...bah!

    bread spoke at Friday, July 14, 2006

    Friday, July 07, 2006

    cool blog!

    thks to ken i stumble upon this wonderful blog, full of sacarsm but it's amusing bout things they right cos it's jus how true things are. i particularly liked this entry

    what an ah lian?

    every single point mentioned is so true la. but i would lik to add on that ah lians

    - dye their hair every single hols even if it's jus one wk jus for the sake of showing off

    **- dye-ing striking colours lik gold, hot pink, u know the usual colours

    - divorce several times [haven u notice that their marital status shows "married" even though they'll eventually break up within say ..a month?]

    - apart from twit language [all the z,x,s] they go "haben", "ish", "tu", "moi" or "sho" etc

    - and apparantly they're all jus movers, not dancers, not even groovers

    - super teh voice. actually i dunno hw to spell but u know those super high pitch voice going "wah lao eh"

    - great! their engrish had improved and they started using "detest" instead of hate...do they really know the meaning of it? haha

    - this is the latest i've notice, they all seem to have excessive amount of accessories hanging from their phones

    ***- and more prominently, it seemed lik all ah lians have a fetish for mickey mouse...

    [it's in pink cos dat's lians' favourite colour..haha]

    there's more but i can't really think of 'em now cos i'm so goddamn tired, kept sub-consciousing [in other words, half awake] in sch n i can't sleep in lect cos i've pormised gene i wun...argh~

    ps: check out MOT

    **i mean all ah lians dye striking colours but not everyone who dye such colour is an ah lian...get wad i mean...there's a diff.

    ***not all micky fan is a ah lian but all ah lian seem to lik mickey...note there's a diff too

    bread spoke at Friday, July 07, 2006

    Thursday, July 06, 2006

    Political and crappy issues

    don't just happen in the government. ever since we gt back our class, abe and i decided we would target a few muggers in cls to motivate ourselves in other words...kindda lik wanna beat their results. Kai said we are damn political n it's not healthy to go "political" especially among friends. maybe we are but shldn't it b best if u have a certain expectation to meet to motivate yourself to work harder.

    Aside abe and i, we both know who are the ones who are going political...kindda dumb. And as mentioned b4 dere's this dance production coming on real soon and a selected grp of juniors are chosen to join the seniors in certain items rite. Obviously there were some who weren't happy about it and claimed that ann was showing favourtism to those who were selected. but apparantly we dunno who's the one who claimed that issue because he's nick doesn't give a single hint of who he is la. I mean what's with all this, ok maybe ppl will say i wun understand hw they feel bout not getting selected but i've gone thru these phase b4 and of course i dun feel good la but by making remarks as such are pretty childish, jus show others u're not optimistic to decisions others make.

    oh well~ when that had subsided, some other tards wants to start trouble again. Because there's this song and dance segment in the production and nra is holding an audition among the members for singers and the songs available are in chi and hokkien so the tards made remarks that we're being racist as only chi ppl can sing those songs...

    lik wtf!!

    can't ppl jus make sure they have their facts rite b4 making ruthless remarks. daphne has already taken 4 songs in english so of course we need the balance of chi songs ain't it. why does she hav 4 songs u ask...ello ppl! daphne was top 4 in singapore idol last season hence of course her talent is reconigsed. Aside that, haven ppl been watching super band? look at juz-b, look at shinobi, they're MALAY ppl in the bands singing CHINESE songs. and the said tard mentioned that loads of non-chi members are quittingnra becoz of that...lik rubbish. I see more chi leaving the club than non-chis mind u...zz

    and and and! this has been driving me mad! i know we can't expect a person to change within a short period of time but what if the person thinks that he/she is flawless and perfect? bet that'll get ya blood boiling..argh! apparantly that happened recently. i shan't name the person but i'm pissed wiv the person dat she refused to believe anything was wrong with her and made us look lik we're so evil by driving her to hell's gates. yes...that person cut her wrist...maybe not for that issue but there is a high possibility. i dunno why she did dat for but on past experience the person..

    - is trying to seek attention
    - gain sympathy
    - jus feel stupid and think seeing blood drip will make her feel better

    enuff said! shan't b bother bout ppl lik dat aft i blogged my piece...jus gonna go for dance pract now...bah!

    bread spoke at Thursday, July 06, 2006

    Monday, July 03, 2006

    NRA steamboating

    weeee~ finally....i hate projs!! bah...living hell for me la! anyway...we had nra steamboat outing on sun. there was sun tanning too but i din go cos i was fricking at work. gene pei-ed me awhile b4 going home...felt rather guilty dat i ps-ed him though..bah.

    those who went to sentosa were fricking late la so those of us who din go waited for 'em for super long. we're damn zai too...7 tables for us...haha

    Lye huat trying to act cute..well...mayb he is...i dunno..haha

    our spread..muhahahahaha! we took loads of food but i ate damn lil' i tink..had to "look aft" xiao guo so have to cook for him too. both jaei and xiao guo were sick..zz

    man tous!

    and presenting the man tou ambassordor...

    vanessa! the senior vanessa...cos nra has loads of vanessas n stephs...so i'm actually known as mian bao in the club now...lalala

    i kept getting butter splattered at me..a drop got me on my cheek...FRICKING PAIN! so hav to use ice to cool dat spot..for a moment i thot i'll get a burn mark la...if i did i tink i'll die! scar eh! but i din..so lalala

    wth is huat n wei jie doing...

    gross! they tried to make omelette...looks gross but frm their reaction...i tink it turned out good? ah well~

    *warning* overload of zi lian-ess

    audrey, the one who eats potatoes

    nicole n jaei; the cute one and the anime one

    xuan feng; "chef de cuisine"

    the healthy and the sick; xiao guo n jaei are the sick ones....darn i look werid...bleahz

    freak! bucktooth !! sheeshz

    we're kissable...only to selected few haha

    siao char bo mei jun, breaddy me, matty matt and jia kangtang audrey

    i got rather bo liao aft dat and went ard taking candid shots of other ppl..


    big jess ...dunno posing wad...lol

    wynne aka king...i find this pic machiam classic..the bckgrd blurred on its own...i swear i din make adjustment at all

    this muz had been the grossiest thing we did la..audrey n i licked mei jun's face...ew...saltish saltish de lo...pui~

    eddiwin edwin

    mouse and i. anyway mouse eyes are usually veyr small but this photo look damn big la..lol

    beer gal mei jun

    david [beckham] and i...dats ice cream in my mouth la...n the ice cream kept dripping...zzz

    haha! i did tried to salvage the photo but edwin still look kabuki-ish...rofl

    no photoshop here even though it did looked lik i cropped mei jun frm another pic n put her here..lol

    roar~ we're rude..lalala...btw dats edwin's cancer hat i kop-ed...muhahahaha

    part of the big dance grp

    audrey and i gt so bored and we started being cute..hehe

    left pretty early cos parents were lik rushing me home n mos of us were leaving la. the few of us went to the arcade to play while waiting for the bus. Justin's damn good on the para para la..he dun do the ah beng ah lian bo chap style...hip hop elements eh...then mouse n edwin lik siao lik dat la...keep patronizing justin...sacrastic la! thn weillie, mouse n i saw this machine look kindda fun...with 9 buttons so we took 3 each....it's thosemusic htingy u have to get the beat de...thn edwin join in also...in the end we still get poor la! 4 ppl ehz! lol. On the mrt...mos of us gt confuse wiv the stupid track thn kept gg in n out of the train...lol

    darn i feel damn bad bout hanging out late all the time...i reached home lik 12 plus la...zzz . i'm lacking slp n all...argh~

    bread spoke at Monday, July 03, 2006