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    Tuesday, August 19, 2008


    1st day
    -everybody wear white top except kit
    - went to eat at popeye's at changi
    - go candy empire and saw this poppin' candy chocolate
    (eat already can pop lol)

    3rd day
    - we all wore NRA shirt
    - camwhored on the train
    - kit did a short locking showcase at cityhall mrt lol

    4th day (happy national day!)
    - only worked 2nd show, lesser pay
    - went town met with some nra ppl
    - baowen's bdae!
    - catch a lot naruto character plush toys at lvl 9 untill the uncle quite pissed haha

    ok i 'll post up last day's picture soon cos i realise some pix missing!!! have to recover them.

    anyway anybody walk thru somerset mrt underpass recently? did u see the wall of mix n match ppl. of all the designs i find this 5 very funny lei

    1. super niang policeman
    2. ultimate isolation of legs
    3. muthu with woman's body
    4. ah gong with boobs
    5. woman with chest hair!!!
    lik mix n match untill so zzz la!!!
    ok now my new phone. actually its ok..except for bad reception and function a bit complicated but still...its damn pretty!!!!

    i bought it in baby pink cos lik among all the colours its like the nicest. i realise recently i lik taken a fancy for pink..omg. but i only lik shock pink!!
    anyways the phone also can take super clear self-shots with the internal camera as u can see jus abovethe strawberry. n ya the camera is damn clear lo!!! the phone is lik super flat somemore! woots! then there's also jap characters on the keypad so can type jap messages (lik duh..jap phone...) best thing is the twinkle lights at the front is damn chio la. Its redundant but its damn nice then can change different colour and pattern display also lol

    oh!!!!!!!!! and ko night!!!!!!!

    so going to watch the finals man!!! hilty and bosch!!! i think i can die a happy death if i meet them haha!

    damn sad la, blackjack and ron jon sliver din get into the finals but good job guys.
    but!! frequance gt into finals for popping! *happy lik omg*

    taken with my phone while waiting to watch ko night

    anyways more pix coming up once i get from fenyi woohoo!

    yes! next wk dance resume!!!! then dance camp!!!! can't wait man!!!!!

    bread spoke at Tuesday, August 19, 2008

    Thursday, August 14, 2008


    no it's not an entry bout guys.

    no eye candies how to blog bout guys...and i also not so hua chi lo

    anyways if u notice theres this nuffnagg poll on the side on my blog...

    YES! its a poll for guys!
    its not stupid questions lo. i think gals will be curious how guys think bout this kind of situation what right.

    i'm jus gonna put this up for a month and see the response.
    so ppl, if u have 2 nuts n a dick jus do the poll la...its not lik anyone will know ya identity

    ya actually the poll was up earlier b4 n 2 ppl did do the poll but erm well i missed out smth so i restarted it =XXX u can re-do it if u wan

    ok now i promise my next entry will have pictures

    bread spoke at Thursday, August 14, 2008

    Tuesday, August 12, 2008

    HSM and NEW PHONE!

    haha u all think i going to blog bout my work at HSM on ice n my new jap phone rite

    ya wrong!!!!

    too lazy to blog but few things to note

    -i watched 8 HSM shows in 6 consecutive days
    -all the stupid HSM songs are stuck in my head now
    -worse thing is they are playing on loop in my head

    -my new phone is here!
    -damn chio
    -damn complicated

    ok when i have the mood i will upload the thousands of pic i took at work n my phone hahaha

    bread spoke at Tuesday, August 12, 2008

    Tuesday, August 05, 2008


    bread spoke at Tuesday, August 05, 2008

    As much as...

    As much as i wanna put braces (yes i finally think my bucktooth very toot)...
    my mum don't allow

    As much as i'm working for high school musical on ice...
    i seriously HATE high school musical..i think its retarded...

    As much as i wanna be more feminine in dance...
    i think i becoming more and more man T_T

    As much as i wanna do up my blogskin...
    i hav every limited html knowledge (and im lazy)

    As much as i wanna revamp my room..
    I have no time (seriously! its not cos im lazy)

    and here's the part that really pissed me off today..

    As much as i wanna have dinner with my parents..
    my parents jus have to ruin by saying hurtful things

    As much as i want to talk to my parents..
    i can't bring myself to do it..

    ahhh!! no emo-ing
    anyway here's the vid for A&A night! good job everyone!

    bread spoke at Tuesday, August 05, 2008

    Monday, August 04, 2008

    A&A night n reggae

    NO A&A is jus awards n appreciation night.

    Finally its over now can rest more n start on fyp le.


    but before that...

    I had reggae class today.

    i sweared i nearly died from constant stitches n backaches. It's lik from the beginning of time if i do hip isolations lik a lot i'll get stitches that are worse than 2.4 ones. Imagine today cls..lik constantly pain la!!! 1st the right, then then left..then the whole stretch of stitches fricking omg! but reggae is really fun la. And xue hui is really a good instructor lo cos she super detailed n patient! then when she do the actions lik omg damn nice lo!!

    ok but seriously after today's cls i think people who do reggae are lik damn dope lo!

    now pictures

    caryn n nikki came to see us!

    me= spastic.
    in the end i never wear the scarf for performance anyway

    oh and icrimmed my hair for the perfomance lik make ya hair zig zag then super big damn nice!! now i considering to make it permanant


    kit kat say he gt alien eyes in this photo

    i ulti fat face here lo!

    mia: wa mia si mia (my name is mia)

    yes then david borrowed my scarf then he considering to wear

    nicoldko krunch

    i think that day gt crim craze...lik everyone crimmed their hair ahahha

    with nyse

    kok sheng is not a loser

    joel still look gay =XXX

    ya! i made chee cheng act gay hahahah

    vicks..her eye make up damn power!

    proud to b nra

    the 2 kuku pose locker never tell me lo &^*^#^$&^#$&#$R#&

    yang yang

    wynne. and she damn nice cos i think she help a lot ppl crim their hair

    xiubei bei bie, my co-choreopgraher for camp. he zou yu kuai!


    both dancesport n yckss juniors

    bboy jangkhahwi who shld b a locker cos his knee always lock..
    ok not funny =XXX

    in the end xiangtian wore my scarf for the performance hahah

    bboys n bgirls

    ok no more!!! stay tune


    bread spoke at Monday, August 04, 2008