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    Sunday, October 30, 2005

    HEY PPL!!! i wun b bloggin till 24th nov cos my com's getting dismantled untill O lvl finished..but i'll started bloggin only aft prom nite. so if u really nid to get me...get me on my hp. dun have the no.? it's on my msn nick. but dun bombard me with calls or sms-es..haha

    bread spoke at Sunday, October 30, 2005

    Saturday, October 29, 2005

    weeeee~ i can see a tag conflict over at my tagboard...nt dat i'm happy bout it but i'm taking it easy...but anyway..i shld reply the tags..cos the tag board is damn small!!!

    unknown: ai seh..play mysterious. anyway...mayb i will! i'll take ur comment in acc but i'll need a dip. in IT and aft dat..make a name in the web design world..get blogger to notice me, then send them a proposal, and if blogger agree to it..TADA! a new site is up. but the reason why friendster run the blog thingy...is becos they hope ppl will get the payable blogs as they are low on cash [imagine hosting a site catering to MILLIONS of ppl] so if i ever create such side...support and donate ah!
    *k k...i'm talking crap la..i'm more interested in the sci industry*

    STOP THAT!!!: may i noe why can't i blog bout friendster's blog? u're "stepping" in MY blog...and leaving comments in MY blog..since it's MY blog..MY pte property..MY own space to spill MY thots. anyway..controversy will not start if u dun start it. well..controversy works in a cycle..

    u come to my blog..u see..wah..angry...so u start flaming...then aft dat..arguments occur...then u start telling ppl "dat brat's writing crap!" so being humans' nature..they get curious..so they come see..then more flaming..then the argument turns to war! things get big and by then the whole controversy will become as big as micheal jackson!
    anyway..if u dun lik it..u can always delete my erase my blog's url frm ur history n neva come bck cos the blog is staying! unless u're really psychotic to come here to well...flame over smth frm someone that doesn't concerns u =)

    wen, dragonfly n haoz: WEEEE~ i lurve u guys!! but anyway..can stop defending me le la..cos aft tis post..i'm washing my hands of it le. by flaming with them will only make them mre interested to come my blog and flame..tis hw blog war starts. let them tag all they want la cos eventually they will lose interest when no one argue with them then tis senseless thing will come to an end. but...i still lurve u guys!! haha


    ok! enuff with the friendster-blog-issue..i'm gonna blog bout today's happenings!

    JIA HAO!!! stupid shit..how can u make a gal wait huh!! then aft dat make it sound lik my fault neva giv u morning call! *BISH*

    haha..i can see readers going huh!? cos i sound lik i'm scolding someone innocent. ok..wad happened is..today..haoz n i were suppose to go esplanade's lib to mug and SUPPOSE to meet at 11.30 am! but!! haoz only came at....11.50!! 20 mins!! haha..i dun mind waiting la..but by the time we reach the lib..there was no proper desk available! so we end up sitting on the couch. dammit! we only studied till letter 'C' when both of us went "brain-dead" so we headed town. i nearly went insane cos haoz kept bugging me to take video of him doing some break-stuff. hence i reluctantly took it..but b4 hand..i told him

    "if later my fone spoil aft taking the video u're dead"

    bought street jack fer rifleman..and we went to eat LJS. knn..in the end we neva study...haoz actually wanted to learn hw to make straw-stars so being the patient n wonderful me [nah..jus kiddin..i'm mean n crazy..lol] i started teaching him. in the end~~ here's the outcome

    *pix currently unavailable..pls wait*

    hao'z look lik...i dunno..lol..but he jus keep saying it's style..blah blah blah..haha. then we went far east. along the way...saw a few style ppl. and we saw 1! some guy dressed lik jap student or smth la...i see the dressing..still ok..see the face...cannot make it..typical beng look..guai lan face[i shld really stop being mean..haha] and haoz say...he's dressing ok..but the tie very awful..somemore lik not in style le..but he say smth lik respect the guy cos the guy dare to wear lik dat
    [ya..so far haven seen haoz dress nearly jap b4]

    anyway..haoz brought me ard far east see those designer shop...feel so zi bei n aware that i shld learn to save money n make money...all the stuff...take a bag fer example..looks simple..but when u look at the price *jaws drops* ok..i'm not into branded stuff..cos i noe i dun really noe hw to appreciate them..when u buy branded stuff..jus to show off...it's the wrong concept..when u buy branded stuff..is becos of the designer's design, the quality and such.

    ok..anyway..getting late and i have an "unsaid curfew" so we decided to take bus ba. guess wad haoz was doing..? aft we left the LJS...we took more straws..why? cos haoz wanna "practice" haha..so while waiting fer the bus..he was stuggling with the 2 feeble straws..finally bus came..as soon as i sat dwn..i saw someone who jus came up the stairway [double decker bus..we at the upper deck]..it was stan
    [some fren i haven seen a long time -__-" ]

    he dun look him la..so when i 1st saw him..i jus turned..then i turned again..he was squirting la..then he went "hey!?"..i also "hey!?" then he went to the bck with his frenz. stupid haoz..made me pai seh on the bus..he kept singing with gay voice..better known as jia ying..and poor me..my hair all standing. oh...he also managed to fold a nicer star...with my help of course..haha. in the end both of us ended up singing...which is siao lo. hack la..we both sound good [lighting jus struck..ok! sry big fella up dere! i din mean to lie..haha...]
    got home pretty tired but i'm still here bloggin'. oh ya. i was trying to upload haoz's-zi-lian-video..but! dammit! cannot upload!


    but since he was so kind to tag my board..i shld be kind too and save his video..although i died luffing at it..

    -the end-

    bread spoke at Saturday, October 29, 2005

    in order to convince someone dat friendster is a copycat, wil n i were on msn...listing the stuff that wun original ideas of friendster

    1] Groupings [the fan of .....]
    Originated from: www.hi5.com

    2] BLogs
    Originated from: www.blogger.com / www.blogdrive.com

    3] Shoutbox
    Originated from: www.wholivesnearyou.com

    4] search engines
    originated from:
    www.yahoo.com / www.google.com / www.msn.com

    now...CAN SOMEONE NAME ME ON OF FRIENDSTER FUNCTIONS THATS ORIGINAL!? [other than they started tis fren linking thing and their bulletin boards:which was rather bo liao]
    and the whoever "STOP IT" [sounds stupid, lame and pathetic fer a nick] is..i dunno u..not even acquaintance..who are u to tell me wad to do? it's either u're one of friendster management [i doubt so cos friendster would rather email me...besides..they wun use lame nicks n rite stupid stuff], or u have nth better to do n intend to start a blog war [which is such a pathetic usage of time and only show ppl how low ur mentality lvl is to argue over matters that doesn't concern u]
    so why not u jus run along n do some constructive things instead of fooling ard lik some 10-yr-old-delinquent [unless u're really 10 yr old..i dun blame ya fer ur bo liao-ness =) ]

    bread spoke at Saturday, October 29, 2005

    Friday, October 28, 2005

    Man..i'm fricking bored. monday's fricking chi paper and i haven even looked at anything dats chi [other than tv]. I decided to design new blogskin cos ppl are complaining that my blogskin too dark [switch on the lites then]. anyway..it'll only b up aft my bdae i tink.

    speaking of blogs. i tink blogs are lik the most common thing..i tink it wud even be included in oxford dicitonary in future

    Blog /ber-log
    1] a blog is a digital space where u crap
    2] it's a cross b/w a book n a log

    ..but..i tink friendster's blog is fucking lame la! if u wan a blog..go get real blogs frm blogger or blogdrive. friendster blogs are lik..poser blogs? well i dunno...i tink friendster's management have nth better to do and in order to encourage more ppl to use friendsters they're putting up blogs. Worse thing bout friendsters' blog is u can't even costumize ur own template..unless u pay fer it..which is stupid..obviously friendster is running out of cash i tink. i noe i noe..i have loads of friends who uses blogs on friendster so here i am jus telling them too...get a REAL blog at blogger. and with the REAL blog..u will learn things lik html, web hosting [it's uploading file on the web so u get the url..which u can add to ur blog with html codes], image editing blah blah blah. not that they will teach u but u'll b curious and u start asking ppl, play with the html. in short...friendster blog sux!

    anyway..was reading thru some blogs [both friendster-poser-blogs n real blogs]...it pretty dumb to see things lik :

    "something happened..but i wun say it else later ppl come hack me"


    "knn! some fucked up bitch -blah blah blah- but i shan't talk bout it"

    if u aren't gonna talk abt it..wad fer rite it..lame! wad do ppl gain by riting lik dat..cheap attention? *rolls eyes* blog's a personal space..u spill all kinds of crap u wan. rite bout hw sucky ur teach is [forget bout dat...u'll get sued if ur teachers are touchy] , ppl u bitched abt, hw fat u are [or hw bitchy u are] blah blah blah. wad for wry bout offending ppl..if they are so easily offened by words...fucking no feng du la! i dun care wad ppl tink..lik it or not still my blog wad..my hands my fingers..i type wonderful stuff..u read wonderful stuf..i type shit u read shit..not happy with the shit..either u tell me or go play hide n fuck yourself ..haha!

    -i'm not here to pls anyone so i speak wad i wan..wahahahahahahaha-

    bread spoke at Friday, October 28, 2005

    Tuesday, October 25, 2005

    argh! can't stand myself cos i've picked up the bad habit of procrisinating...bleahz. i was suppose to do ss studies tis morning but i'm off to the net reading XX's blog.

    seriously..i pity her..cos she blogs wad normal ppl blog but she gets flamed...dat the price fer being famous ba?

    anyway..aftnoon went town to collect my lens...weee...i lurve my lens! n i went to beach rd to look fer cj's gas mask. dammit!! all the shops doesn't sells..ok..1 does sells but the uncle says he wun b restocking till lik next yr..wth. so i came home..went to ebay n dammit..in s'pore nobody sells gas mask..oh well...internationally yes. so i was lik..."weee~ i found it" but when i clicked on "buy it"..."credit card number is required.".

    WTH!!! so hve to tell cj... i can't get him the mask le...argh! imagine all the funny crap he can do with the mask *thinks-terrorise ppl as orchard road by wearing dat mask n carrying a haversack..ppl will think he's a suicide bomber..haha* and we were still crapping bout the functions of a gas mask..situations in which a gas mask comes in handy..bahz...wasted..

    When and where a gas mask comes in handy...
    o1. your bdae parties- cakes fights are inevitable..gas mask protects u from getting oily face cause by cream cakes
    o2. qing ming festival- all the smoke frm incense, joss sticks are making u all teary..no fear! a gas mask prevents the smoke from getting into ur eyes
    o3. mass scale graffiti project- choking frm odour of spray paints..wear a gas mask!
    o4. x'mas at orchard rd- spray can snow are getting into ur eyes..fer protection..wear gas mask..breath freely with no forms getting into u
    o5. crap..i 4gt wad is it..CJ!! IF U SEE TIS..UPDFATE ME!!!

    bread spoke at Tuesday, October 25, 2005

    Monday, October 24, 2005

    last nite..i had the whackiest dream ever. actually i had more than 1 dream but i rmb-ed dat very clearly cos it concerned my frenz. 1 scene is i quarrelled with my 2 best gal frenz...but it's rather small-scale so aft awhile we were ok. next scene...i was in a relationship with my fren..i shan't go into details. kindda freaky. but anyway..dreams are always the opposite of reality ain't it. so it'll prolly b

    -i wun quarrel with my 2 best gal frenz


    - we'll quarrel n neva patch up
    - my fren and i remain as very good pals


    - we fall out with each other

    however..wad happens if the events turn out to b deja vus? 75% of my dreams happens..exact scene..exact ppl..exact words...kaoz. [if only i have a dream of O lvl maths n humanities..and prolly i can predict the questions..dammit]


    dammit...american's next top model ended n kahlen din win..naima deserved it anyway but kahlen's great in her photos...oh well...bleahz...

    bread spoke at Monday, October 24, 2005

    Sunday, October 23, 2005

    BEHOLD!! the fatty bom bom me 5 yrs bck!! hahahahah [i nearly died luffing looking at it lo..haha]

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    [knn...sibeh buay lo...wah kaoz..dats my niece btw..]


    [not chio..but better than last time rite..haha]

    i can see almost everyone's expression going lik tis

    tis is real ok..my pri sch frenz can vouch fer my past look n my present frenz can b witness to my present look..haha. i'm serious ok!! dat was really me 5 yrs bck la...so plump gals dun b sad...u can jian fei de...jus eat less..excerise more..practise more will power..sure can achieve it de..haha [best have some motivation eg. guys, thin frenz..blah blah blah]

    bread spoke at Sunday, October 23, 2005

    i jus realise most of my blog entries are flaming bout hw pathetic my life is..come to tink of it..i shld stop doing it..instead..i shall blog bout stuff dats good. instead of whining and wanting attention, being childish n wilful..i shall make ppl happy...cheer 'em up..haha..maybe dat way i'll feel happier too..haha

    -am i crapping or is tis fer real?-

    bread spoke at Sunday, October 23, 2005

    [haoz made me sound lik i'm trying to act jap hence the reason of this post...bahz]

    ok...i'll make it clear...else guys in sg will flame me blah blah blah.

    ok...if u put a jap guy in front of me n a sg guy in front of me..i'll choose the jap guy..but in terms of character dats another thing ok. i WUN choose a good looking fella but he's some bian tai or has some intorelatable points . ok..not all sg guys are not good looking..there are some who are good looking n has good attitude la ok..i can't post their pix else thse fellas will hunt me down..chop me up n put me in diff areas of sg..cos i din get their permission blah blah blah..but maybe i shall post already famous..good looking [in my opinion la k] guys

    superstar contestants..sebas n derrick

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    [i din bother to copyright..so take all u wan..but it's delibrately blurred..wakakakakaka]

    Joshua Ang [ok..he's dao la...]

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    [i tink tis pic sux...saw him live b4..dao fella...bleahz]

    Ben Yeo from channel U
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    [i tink he look better when he jus chu dao]

    ok..dats all fer now...cos i still nidda study chi...to sum up..SG GUYS ARE OK SO LONG THEY ARE NOT BENGS OR ACT [i admit..i dun lik bengs..farking noisy n irritating..only a minority of them are ok. anyway..if u're shuai, ur'e shuai..if u're cool, u're cool..if u're cute..u're cute..if u're average..u're average..if u wanna act..go mediacorp] 8 more days to chi paper..dammit..i hate chi now..i still haven study fer it anyway so i doubt i'll get an A2 fer it unless miracle strikes.

    -my bro sux n i dun get why gals go ga ga over him...speaking of love is blind..sheeshz-

    bread spoke at Sunday, October 23, 2005

    Saturday, October 22, 2005

    i tink i'm obsessed with jap guys..again...bleahz..it's time i drop bck to earth cos the probility of having a singaporean guy to look jap is lik

    [ben frm channel u looks jap though..lol]

    i'll scream if i ever get a guy lik dis...he's cool n he's cute...

    dats Hyde frm larc en ciel la k..lol [looks a bit lik toro...hmmm]

    it'll b good if all guys in s'pore noes hw to syle their hair..cos dats the 1st / 2nd thing gals look at a guy fer the 1st time.

    -dats hyde as well-

    anyway..i was watching tis vid at haoz' blog [go check it out..it's darn funny..the link redirects to his blgo anyway] and the guy did smth really sweet fer the gal [personally..the gal is too good fer the guy..haha] and now i have one more idea for friend bdae surprises..lol. ok..i shall spill it...

    [or at least make a memorable..haha]

    nvm bout dat...jus a bit ku ku today..especially aft reading a fan fic dat has no ending [that author's urging ppl to buy the book...knn] but dat fan fic was really very nice..but..haha..i've seen better ones at winglin.net. there was one dat drove me to tears [frenz of mine noes i dun cry easily] dat was superb i muz say but i've lost the link *!*&$^%@*#!!!

    dammit..gonna b a geek fer 2 days..tml n monday cos i'm gonna send my lens fer servicing so peeps..dun ask me out on this 2 days!!!

    -suddenly..i feel lik singing..screaming..crying...-

    I'm not okay- My chemical romance

    bread spoke at Saturday, October 22, 2005

    Friday, October 21, 2005

    mum's bck frm HK...oh well..i'm prepared fer her nagging le. was watching the 9pm show b4 going airport last nite. i itnk it's "yong bao ming tian" rite. anyway..bck to the subject..

    i tink wei' an's bro is so sweet..as in character..in the show [he looks funny..thick brows n lips..super big eyes..sheeshz] if only i have an elder bro lik dat...i only have a bratty younger bro. n outside i only have 2 meis..n 3..correction..2 disciples [i officially disowned lex] actually ben papa's been pretty much of an older bro to me..haha..but he's my dad la..lol.

    ok..dad came home then we went to the airport. now airport has 2 BKs! wee..1 at each terminals but i personally lik the one at T2...too bad i din take a pic of it...bleahz.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    my bro shares the same taste as me..haha

    btw..maybe some gals are lik going "wah...ur bro so cute" ...but my bro has a disgusting bad habit..he doesn't flush...haha

    aft eating..we were waiting fer the sky train to T1. nad dere's tis trolley thingy n both my bro n dad start playing with it...totally embarassed

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    i was being lame so i edited the pix la k...

    then saw tis fella...cross b/w sly n jay..can't get a clear pic though...haha

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    today's poa lesson sux la k..ntm only taught fer 1 hr n ran off fer meeting so we dismissed ourselves..came home n pigged out..slp slp slp

    currently watching moon child...HYDE IS DAMN SHUAI LO!!!!!!!!!
    gackt looks gay...wahahahahahahha [who cares bout lee hom..jap guys are the best...too bad mos of 'em are really bian tai..haiz..]

    bread spoke at Friday, October 21, 2005

    Thursday, October 20, 2005

    CRAP ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    i tink i screwed up my practical la!! fer ur info. it's o lvl sci practical!!!

    so whoever took practical today..tag at my board regarding the following issues

    - wad was ur graph gradient [phy]
    - wads the salt [chem]

    i was complaining on the fone to haoz jus now then he was telling me if the gradient ard 9 / 10 / 8 / 7 shld b ok...but crap...why gt so big a range! and my graph...mos of the points were out.

    i kept asking fer xtra chemicals...fer retest..lol [i have 1/2 free wad]

    btw..i wrote lead (II) nitrate fer the chemistry la...other ans i heard are zinc nitrate n aluminium nitrate..so it's one of this 3 la..funny tink is..some ppl their white ppt can dissolve some cannot lo!! [i'm one of the latter] wtf! ok..wads over is over..i dun wan say liao...else sure kena heart attack or smth. nw is mugging season fer other subs le!!!

    tis yr...mos of the pte candidates not very good looking la..haha. so far only saw 2 quite ok..the rest lik..nvm...=X

    bread spoke at Thursday, October 20, 2005

    Wednesday, October 19, 2005

    weee~ was disturbing wil to lik 1+ am tis morning till dat poor fella annouced dat he have to go fer some crappy full-day job training..haha. and piggy me slept all the way till 11!

    woke up n started studying..on an empty stomach! but jus 15 mins of looking at transformations [not magic! e-maths transformation] and i'm playing with my com again. and i started doodling on my graph papers n when i got so bored..i decided to blog...bahahahahaz

    i was telling wil bout my disciple case n dat wise fella said smth n made me come to my senses

    "u actually getting angry over uncomfirmed thing!?"

    come to tink of it...i was too rash...haha. so i decided to drop the matter..can't imagined hw childish i've got ...hehez. anyway my disciple n i haven been talking fer days...who cares..haha.

    today's my bro's art exam n dat freak didn't do his research so we end up looking thru old childhood pictures n i jus realise wad an adorable kid i was...untill pri sch when i started expanding sideways -______-" but now i'm slim n have curves ok..haha.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    see see see...nth but innocence..*bleahz* haha

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    kaoz! i'm thin as a toddler but i'm fricking fat in pri sch..knn!

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    childhood playmates...cute cute cute cute cute

    rmb i once said i grew up with boys rite..heres the evid

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    ratio of boys to gals..exlcuding me


    check the guy at the xtreme left..my cousin..same age as me..but he's fricking tall already! wtf! [yea...i noe i look lik shit!! but i'm not now..haha]

    i realised i changed bloody lot during 4 years in sec sch. i totally slimed down.

    my fashion sense is MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better.
    i no longer wear specs [cos i'm wearing lenses..haha] and...
    i'm no longer so tomboy le!! haha...nu da shi ba bian [gal grow up..18 changes...poor translation la..haha]at least my changes are significant. i tink i'll post my boom-period photos..if i find one..haha.

    any slimming centers lacking in before-after pix can somehow appoarch..bet the costumers will b damn convince hw good their slimming courses are because of my pix! but of course..I NEVA WENT FOR SLIMMING COURSES LA! i'm a poor kid ok so i have to slim down the natural n rather xin ku way

    - chinese dance-cum-gymnastics training
    - eat less [not a good way to slim down..cos we're at puberty..unless u wan a pathetic height lik mine -____-"]

    tml's practical...goddammit...may god bless me..but i tink he'll blast me instead [i'm swearing n cursing all the time] i'm more worried fer phy practical la!! chem is either u correct or u wrong..unless we're doing titration-dropping method...where ans varies.

    knn! it's been raining fer days...i nid the sun!!! stupid monsoon seasons...argh. anyway..as the monsoon is appoarching...frenz bdae are also appoarching...n i'm fricking broke...*curses*

    chee jian's [a.k.a mascara...it's time to reveal his real name anyway.haha] bdae is 1st on the list...3rd nov. dat tek ko...if i gt the money i'll blanjar him loads of fattening food so he'll get fatter...muhahahahhaha

    super fattening food includes
    o1- shi lin chicken
    o2- hot fugde sundaes frm swensens
    03- KFC hot n crispy chicken
    o4- triple fudge brownie from mrs field

    o5- old chang kee food [sibeh fattening lo!!! all fried...but nice..haha]

    speaking of food...i'm bloody hungry...craving fer baked pasta...haha..i shall go food hunting! [wad do u expect..i skipped dinner n breakfast!]

    bread spoke at Wednesday, October 19, 2005

    Tuesday, October 18, 2005


    parents are funny ppl...tell 'em the truth they dun believe..tell 'em lies they also don't believe...wtf! my dad sucks la..since he dun trusts me..wad for question me...fuck! wadeva la..he only believes in wad he tinks is rite..nobody is in his circle of trust..only himself...fucking lectured me jus now..

    "i believe u tis once"

    KNN! say untill so mian qiang..if not happy dun fake it. those words dun make me feel better..in fact it made my blood boil. he tinks he's the only one doubting his trust fer me...crap..i having doubts bout words i tell him...maybe i shall b mute in his pressence so he'll hear neither truth nor lies...contardiciting! argh! i'm getting stressed up..not from studying..but frm my dad! i'm gonna develope a phobia to studying soon if he's still gonna try reverse psychology on me...i seriously wonder if he has any idea he suck in reverse psychology...sheeshz...

    another thing..i'm so gonna disown my tu di...i'm still considering it. aft disownation...frenz ye mei de dang! frenz b untill lik dat..i might as well break the friendship. maybe i'm too angry to see the truth but judging from his testimonials..he prolly did the same to other gals...bastard..i hate tis kind of ppl..what they trying to do lo. happy happy talk to dat person..dun feel lik it avoid dat person...tis type of ppl dun deserve to live! may they die the worst or ridiculous death imagined

    o1. kena run down n run over by cars, trucks n gabbage trucks

    o2. drink water choke to death
    o3. play soccer kena lightning strike
    04. sing untill breathless then die
    o5. die frm STDs..caused by fucking with gays [ok..i have nth against gays ok!]
    o6. die from carbon monoxide poisoning
    o7. die frm depression
    o8. die frm stupidity [i dunno hw tis works..but i tink it's does happens rite]
    o9. drown in shallow waters
    1o. die frm sneezing [cos i'll b cursing dat bastard lik hell]
    11. die from overdose of drugs [ both legal n illegal ]
    12. gang raped by bisexuals
    13. Kena torture in NS [carry 30kg load n run ard in jungle fer days..hopefully run into pontinak]
    14. die frm body fluid drowning [mountaineers will somehow noe wad i mean]
    15. get bitten by thousands of aedes mosquitoes..die frm dengue

    many more ways la...if i were to list all...tis entry will b fricking long. and btw...if my tu di ever happen to chance upon tis...SOMEBODY"S GONNA GET THE HURT REAL BAD!! i'm not telling who..but u might noe the person very very very well.

    dammit...i off to studying...argh!

    bread spoke at Tuesday, October 18, 2005

    ok world..i wanna protest...i don't feel my existence! i dun feel part of my family..everywhere i go i tink someone in the crowd hates me fer every lil thing i do..maybe i'm jus being paranoid..haha.

    bread spoke at Tuesday, October 18, 2005

    was looking thru my neoprints [got really bored doing revision] and i realise..within one year i've changed lik 4 hairstyles. i rmb very clearly in sec 2...my fringe was still long but when i look at my neos taken last year..changed to short fringe..then no change..then when i look at the recent neos..lik whenever i take with diff ppl diff hairstyle de lo.

    *note* the blue patches are copyright statements..i noe it's dumb la but i tink some anti-waisee ppl might take it and edit it so if they ever do...they can't remove the copyright unless they are fuckign pro in photoshop...haha

    1st neoprint of the yr taken with cher n des..

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    [rebonded hair with slanting fringe]

    2nd neo taken with cher n des aft chi o lvl part 1

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    [still rebonded hair but rather leveled-fringe]

    taken with sebas [cos no nice neos fer that period]

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    clearer pic of my curled hair...

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    [i already curled my hair]

    taken with buddy gang..

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    [ half curl half straight hair]

    with bu3bu4 on 1/9..

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    [can't really tell the hair style but i tink my hair got straighter le]

    and i neva did realise hw long my hair was untill i saw tis...

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    i miss my old hair length la!! my hair fricking short now lo!! wah kaoz!!! maybe i shall use the pantene thingy and maybe b4 o lvl ends my hair will get to the original length..haha
    and now my hair is lik so wild! but i dun have any pix to support dat statement yet..haha. and as predicted..i'm gonna change my hair again aft o lvl...maybe rebond it again and highlight it..haha i seriously pity my hair >_<

    bread spoke at Tuesday, October 18, 2005

    Saturday, October 15, 2005

    knn...i dunnid a disciple lik dat..fuck! i tink he tinks that i lik him or smth..bullshit lo! and then he starts avoiding me -____-" fucking lame lo! it's not lik he doesn't noe i'm too hectic to think bout bgr stuff..FUCK!FUCK!FUCK!FUCK! anyway..can someone tell me..if u have more frenz of the opposite sex does that makes u a flirt..no rite! fucking childish metality of some ppl. i hang out with guys means i'm flirt..then doesn't that make me a total lesbian when i hang out with gals..fer fuck sake! grow up! argh! maybe i shall stop being nice to guys la..to avoid more misuderstandings. more n more ppl are getting the wrong idea me n papa [not my biological dad] are together lo..*smacks forehead* how shallow can ppl get...dortz!!!

    my mum's been making a din since the whole morning..good thing she's working today and i'll b mum-free till next thursday and fer some days i'll b fucking free..ok..i'll b doing fucking revisions. went to joanne's fer tuition..my partnership accs are doing great..weee~ haha. while eating..jo start telling me bout her poor p6 neighbour. that kid's bloody hell of smart butthe mum kept stresing him. so our aftnoon entertainment is listening to the mom scolding the kid. why the kid is smart? tell me...how many p6 students can pick a lock with a wire!? omfg! i tried that b4 but was only half successful..i manage to catch the lock but not unlock it. anyway..aft tuition i was suppose to go home but only went home lik 1hr later cos was crapping at jo's house..haha. she was these 3 lil's cute+awesome robot thingy..kawaii desu!! here's two of 'em ...

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    the other one's a mickey..but i tink these 2..especially the cat is kawaii-est..haha. the mickey n the rodent thingy can b bought at popular then the cat one can be bought at toys'r'us..i wan!!! haha..the cat one la...i'm a total feline fanatic i tink..lol

    i tink women aft 40 yrs old are the scariest. why? cos it's menopause stage!! menopause is much much much much much much MUCH WORSE than pms ok. at least pms is predictable plus milk is proven to reduce symptoms of pms. menopuase!? fucking hell no way u can stop it!! and it's totally unpredictable plus ocne they erupt it's totally...wad can i say..omg! look at my mum n u'll noe...she can start scolding ppl the 1st thing in the morning...peak of menopause ba!? haha. if anyone noes of a way to reduce symptoms of menopause..lemme noe!!! i nidda use it on my mum..fucking driving me crazy sia...

    bread spoke at Saturday, October 15, 2005

    Friday, October 14, 2005

    I hate my family...i dun feel part of it..-the end-

    shan't talk bout such stuff...jus make my blood boil...FUCKGODDAMMIT!

    got back my result slip today...my r4 results are jus enuff to go fer biomed sci...shld work harder fer a lower grade in o lvl.
    prom nite is annouced to be at york hotel [dunno hw to spell..no idea where's dat but near far east] and the theme is saturday night fever!?

    wad the...

    high waist pants....

    crap!! i wud rather die than wear dat.. itink i rather go fer retro...

    wad a theme man!!! knn...good thing i haven got my gown yet..haha.

    went to play badminton with 01 peeps. and i learnt to play table tennis today..kakakakakka...i tink glen nearly vomit blood trying to teach me...but i manage to grab the concept in the end ok..hahaz. my standard in badminton slacken too la..my arm got cramped aft a few moments of playing n my reactions are slower...dammit. found out frm danny dat the cls tee design was finalised..lik finally..but i'm not really sure wad design they chosed la...but the guys who remained seemed rather supportive to mei hua's design [goldie claimed it looked orbiang..and i agreeed secretly..haha]

    came home..fucking tired and have to get my own dinner..some fuck up things happened. next thursday's my practical...wtf..i'm getting all tensed up..i'm afraid the following things will happen..

    1. i overslept
    2. 4get to bring the essential stuffs lik ic and entry proof
    3. breakdown in the lab
    4. small explosion happen or chemical spill
    5. i'm given the wrong chemicals.

    i fucking petrified now...my god....

    bread spoke at Friday, October 14, 2005

    Thursday, October 13, 2005

    Finally! a break today!! ahahahahaha! went kbox-ing with my tu di and dat fella was damn damn damn worried he'll run into tu xi fu but i shan't luff at him. so i told him either jus tell her the truth :i'm his fren a.k.a shi fu / i'm lesbian >_<>

    damn kbox...air -con so fucking cold lo! only took me 15 mins fer my hands to be numb from the cold so when i was singing..i dun have to make dou ying..it automatically comes out..lol.

    poor tu di..got hell of du lan cos his voice sucked initially. but after singing wu ke qun..he high liao..then kept singing and singing. i see a bright future in dat brat...haha

    my voice sucked today too..cos of the cold n i was damn hungry!!! [din eat much from the day b4's lunch] and sometimes..i dunno why ..i can jus 4get the lyrics when i'm looking at it..bahz -_____-" and my voice getting weaker le..man...argh!

    we finally left the place aft 3 hrs + of freezing...brrrrz. and bck into the sunshine..despite of the burning sun n my rather thick jacket..i was still freezing all the way to J8. [dat brat went home fer soccer]
    went j8 jus to buy shi lin..wahahahaha..cos damn hungry n i was craving fer the chicken fer ages..hahaha. one more thing...


    it's lik every week i'm topping up the bloody card...kaoz! good thing my allowance not bad..can cover up else i dunno hw am i gonna survive with a penniless prepaid card.

    came home..damn tired and sleepy but i finished a chem paper n a compo!! mum's going HK fer shopping again this sunday..ENVIES!!! i wanna go too! but dat fuck exam at the end of my sec sch life..argh! i'm starting to get nervous already...next week's practical!! i suck in practical ok!!! i jus hope i pass my practical papers can le! i dun mind getting a low pass but jus dun fail!!!! else my target of an A2 will be GONE!!!

    i shall come out with a study plan tml so i can divide my time among the 7 subs. haiz..one of the days of my papers is a geog-POA paper 2 ...hw to study!!!

    time table fer O lvl....

    20th - Sci practical
    31st - Chi papers

    - November -
    7th - Social Studies
    Maths Paper 1
    [crap..also my bro's bdae]

    8th - Chemistry
    9th - English Papers

    11th- Maths Paper 2
    16th- Geography
    Poa paper 2
    [good thing deres 5 day break else i'm goner]

    17th- F&N
    Poa paper 1
    22th- Science MCQ

    and 5 days later is my bdae...time passed fast tis year..haiz....

    bread spoke at Thursday, October 13, 2005

    Monday, October 10, 2005

    i decided to b good n went to sch today! but sch so unappreciative..made my life boring. the only time things were fun were eng..where i made fun of papa's hair and recess..where ben family crapped as usual. wooo~ and the sch expect us to tell lies!! cos u see...we're suppose to do a survey bout the sch today and some of the following questions are....

    "the sch offers many CCAs fer students to choose from"

    KNN! hw can u have many CCAs when u only have 3 uniform groups, 3 sports, and a few clubs n societies! get a life! if u mean many CCAs..pls have at least 2 page full of CCAs

    "the sch listen to students' opinion b4 making new sch rules"

    fer fuck sake! since when tis happened?

    anyway..i ans wad i truly tink it is and i took less than 5 mins..haha.

    came home and my bro was telling me he's gonna work in mac. i was telling him parents sure wun approve cos ME...already gonna finish secodary edu also cannot work...hw can he!! only gonna start upper sec work! but anyway..my bro went to ask my dad in an indirect way..guess wad my dad said..

    "aft o lvl! i dun even noe whether u going to take it not. at least u say aft exam still ok"

    FUCKGODDAMMIT!!! example of biasness!! KNN! if my parents approve my bro to work..i'll go work anyway..whether they agree or not!! bleahz.

    " u concentrate on your studies"

    damn it...lame excuse!

    "i dunnid u to support me"

    fuck! who say i working fer ya..i working fer my own income so i have $$ to buy my stuff..argh!

    oh ya..some old geezer added me in msn long time ago but i din care much la. then as u guys in my msn list noes i posted my no so u ppl can contact me rite. dat old geezer called me -____-"
    ok..initially i thot he's ard my age untill he said he's double my age!



    i totally freaked out. so i gave him my worse than normal attitude and he finally din reply me on msn...wahahahaha..the evil one strikes again!!

    woooO~ i finally too a photo of kapo monkey products...kekekekeke~

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    it's blur though..but can see rite..haha and woooooooo~ i found tis on hao's blog...so cute !!!!

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    kawaii desu!

    speak bout jap...ok..i dun speak perfect or good jap..but simple words shld noe hw to spell rite! so if ya dun even noe hw to spell simple jap words...stop using it...it's a joke ...

    i tink my bro's a bit naive la. stan is only my fren a.k.a tu di and dat retarted brat thot me n him has smth on..wtf! i already gt tu xi fu [tu di de lao po call tu xi fu rite? haha] so i have no idea wads going on in dat pea brain of his..haha.

    bread spoke at Monday, October 10, 2005

    Sunday, October 09, 2005

    i gt fucking pissed and sad today!! few mths back..i realised i lost my SHE album...i was lik..ok..nvm..SHE only ma. then today! i was looking fer my Elva 5th avenue album...

    FUCKGODDAMMIT! it's missing too! i looked high and low fer it and still nuts...saddens.

    so i decided to make a trip to orchard station de sembawang cd shop [dun ask me y i went all the way dere..i lik cannot is it..haha] and bought the 5th avenue album. so crappy...its wasn't the same cover. the cover of the album i gt now is suppose to b the limited edition one but funny thing is..the 1st version one was nowhere to be seen! argh! so i jus dat version anyway..better than nth rite..haha

    also bought landy's album...weeee~ she's now my fave idol 2nd to Elva..hahaz. both of 'em has style and their songs are so nice!!!

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    [yaya..i was doing my work when i took tis..haha]

    bread spoke at Sunday, October 09, 2005

    Saturday, October 08, 2005

    today..i ended up wearing shades the whole day! cos of my swollen..maybe sore eye..haha. so went to joanne's fer tuition. she taught me till she nearly vomitted blood..haha. but anyway..it was quite ok till towards the end when i nearly beng kui-ed cos i did current a/c all by myself but jo told me some ans here n dere la.

    told her i wanted to go NP..other than fer biomed / health sci. but also fer the cca la. i wanna join the cheerleading squad! ain't sure if i'll make it though..muz make sure i get into NP 1st..haha. i jus feel really attracted to cheerleading. i mean..i've been watching the sec gals in my pri sch doing it fer 6 yrs and it seemed fun. and ppl lik me is lik..die also wanna try if i'm interested in it. jo was lik telling me bout how tough cheerleading practise can get and by the time i get home it'll b lik so late.. [NP is way far frm amk] well..i'm kindda ready fer it [chinese dance practs are killer sometimes] and despite reading the newletter [one of the cheerleader kena concussion] i'm still determined !!! ok..even i dun make it fer cheerleading i'm going fer dance society..dance is still my life..hahaz

    as i was saying..i was wearing shaded the whole day rite...including at nite. so while i was walking on the st..ppl looked at me puzzled-ly..i'm lik

    "fine..i look cool..dun b jealous"

    haha..jus kiddin..i jus feel weird anyway. and i tink wearing shaded helps!! my eyelids are coming back n hopefully by monday...my right eye will b normal..haha! really sian from studying...i wanna go out tml! but i'll b lik cyclopes in x-men [wearing shades the whole day] hahaz.

    hmmm...jus thot bout my tertiary edu. maybe other than life sci n health sci..i shld also put some attention to other courses in poly cos not lik i'm the only one who's interested in biomed..prolly thousands of students out dere are too. [business n life sci courses are damn popular] maybe IT...i'm not sure bout media studies..find out more info 1st. but i lurve sci lik hell! so i shall work really really hard and score the most 15 pts fer r4!!! so i can secure a place in almost every course [other than optometry n business courses]

    my targets fer o lvl are

    eng: A2 / B3

    sci: A1 / A2..the least is B3

    maths: B3 / B4

    humans: B4

    Chi: A2 / B3

    Poa: B3/ B4

    F&N: A2 / B3

    so if i were to add the least of my targets...

    eng: B3 + sci A2 + maths / poa B4 + chi B3 + F&N B3= 15 pts!

    and if i were to get the best of the results...

    eng: A2 + sci A1 + maths / poa B3 + Chi A2 + F&N A2= 10 pts!

    10 pts!!!!!!!!!!!!! with dat results i can easily apply fer biomed!! from now on i shall mug lik mad..improve on my phy, maths n poa. study fer chem [my chem shld get at least 85 so it'll pull up my phy..which shld be at least 65] and F&N [i really hope to get A1] and as fer my languages...newspapers! haha

    bread spoke at Saturday, October 08, 2005

    Friday, October 07, 2005

    BEHOLD !!! the evil habits of the evil brat~

    hmmm...was reading thru hui wen's entry n she was ranting bout her bad habits..maybe i shld too! so ppl who wanna noe me will reconsider their decision..haha

    #1 - i speak evil naturally without knowing

    ya man! i jus talk thru my skin without thinking sometimes. but being the optimistic me..i always take things too lightly and tinks ppl also tink the same way as i do...WHICH IS WRONG! dats why i LURVE my frenz who actually were able to withstand my crap, my crude language, my straight forwardness. nvm bout those who can't..haha. so if u dun wanna be offended..jus fuck off..haha

    #2- despite my control over PMS..i'm very temperate

    gentlmen! it's proven milk can reduce the syndromes of pms..so get ur gal frenz, sisters, wives milk and u'll have a more peaceful life..haha. yah! i drink my milk..haha. HOWEVER! one moment i can be damn hyperactive and the next..i can be sitting solemnly at a side lost in my own world. dats cause i'm reminded of some unhappy events or i jus thot of smth unhappy. Close frenz who speak to me during my slump-period..i will reply em' but not in a good tone sometimes..ppl i'm not really close with..i'll jus brush em' off sometimes. but it'll only take me the most 1 day to get over it..hehez

    #3- Physically n mentally i'm a 100% female but well..i jus dun behave lik a gal..haha

    wad do u expect from a gal who grows up ard guys! i always have a liking fer action movies..so cool...cos i'm pretty violent la. but hey..i get pretty girlish at times ... being a tom boy doesn't mean i dun lik the attention of a girl and girly stuffs ok. i just can't stand mushy stuff and being too girlish dats all

    #4- I lurve to bite my stationeries

    tis muz the grossest habit of mine so if u mind..dun bother borrowing my pens and pencils. cos u noe the pilot pens and pencils have the clip thingy..as in the pix....

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    click pic fer enlarged version

    i always bite 'em while i'm doing my work..hehe...dats why i end up with xiao tu ya [small rabbit tooth] maybe i shld stop tis habit soon. i rmb-ed once in sec 1 i was biting on a pen then suddenly the clip thingy broke..nearly cut my lips..hahaz

    #5- i'm a bit mad at times but ki siao almost 95% of the time [5%=slump period]

    so if ya those serious serious..cannot even take light jokes..or take things too seriously..FUCK OFF MAN! hahaha cos u'll neva be able to withstand the power of ki siao-ness -EVIL LAUGHS-

    -i can't stand ppl who claims they're ki siao when they are not..posers!-

    ki siao= talk crap..able to take things rather lightly..si beh lame...etc

    yayaya..i'm taunting someone now..hahaha

    bread spoke at Friday, October 07, 2005

    come on' spell with me B-O-R-I-N-G

    i tink i have no life man!! it's always home, sch, study, sleep, eat, crap...NO LIFE!! i nidda get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! argh! i swear i'm so gonna get a life aft Os. anyway..sch was BORING today cos can't crap with BF [nah...not boy friend...Ben Family...haha].

    Was doing some maths pass year papers...actually it's pretty easy! i tink i can get at least 75 ba [ sad to say...75 is only b3 in o lvl..]. During humans...i din have the worksheet so i ended up drawing anime again...sucked anyway..haha.

    came home and totally pigged out. ate and slept all the way till dinner...and i only ate plain porridge..haha. went to see the doc regarding my eye. FUCKING CRAP MAN! i look lik some fucking camel [my right eye has triple eyelid thnks to the stupid tiny swelling at the corner] anyway the doc gave me some ointment n medicine. n my bro hav to scare me. he said the ointment is so sticky that when u try to open ur eyes aft closing with the oinment..it's darn painful. oh well..i hope it's ok by monday. i wonder how come i can recover so fast from other illness but when it comes to skin problems..it seem to take forever..wtf! i nid more vit c! [F&N-ilisim exploded again]

    woo ya..stan. was telling me ystd ite guys are well...very despo cos ite consist mainly of boys and usually...according to his calculations..it's

    8 or 7 boy : 2 gals...

    PATHETIC! but however..ximei [dun say i din hint hor..haha] has more gals..but the ratio still sucks i tink. SO GUYS! if u wanna get the babes..work hard and get into JC or poly..haha. so secondary sch gals..especially those sec 1 sec 2 xiao mei mei bu yao bei ta men pian hor! [i tink any ite guys reading these will hunt me dwn..to murder me..bahz..who cares -evil laughs-]

    hmmmm....i nid a break! i nid to go to the beach..any takers? haha..

    bread spoke at Friday, October 07, 2005

    Thursday, October 06, 2005

    weee~ i lurve my buddies

    with regards to my last post..i shall 4get bout it! HAHAHAH! why the sudden change? cos my buds tink i'm a really good fren. haha. besides.. 3 days off sch and i'm missed...haha..jus kidding...ppl jus missed my craps la...ahahahaha. today cheryl n des. watched ruselle peters on my mp3 and des' feedback was...

    "i addicted to it..actually wan go toilet but watch until dun wan liao.."

    POA LESSON! i realised if i put my heart into it i actually understand NTM's language..lol. oh ya..NTM asked me to teach well..someone..wad we've learnt today [amagalmation...rather easy] but hw the hell am i gonna teach her when we aren't on talking terms and she prolly hates me. nah..wuin blame that poor old man..he doesn't noe wad goes on..haha. NTM still din giv up on her...so..if u are whom i'm referring to..i tink u would rather ask other clsmates ba [ya...i noe u read my blog...] do learn dat chap cos that chap is really ez to score if it comes up for o lvl..

    [i sensed someone is tauting me...prolly thinking i fake..blah blah blah.. cos i've sneezed..well..i dun care cos i'm not..bahz! ]

    gt a scare today..aft des n cheryl watched RP ...my mp3 hanged when on-ed! i was panicking throughout the day aft recess...thnk god nth big bout it..phew..

    Sam din come to sch so eng lessons were pretty bored..hahaz. Ms Tan sure has high expectations of me...she expects me to get A2 or B3 for O lvl!!!! well..B3 is my target but since she kan hao me..i shall work for the A2!! from now i shall read newspapers everyday so i can score in my essays..lol.

    dad wans me to go to sch tml!! bahz..i dun wan! maybe i'll go to some wu lu wu lu place study..wth! morning till 1 plus!! omg!! ok..i shall plan my escape tml...i wun rite it here..cos i'll neva noe if my teachers are reading it...wahahahahaha!

    -growing up growing up i'm growing up..haha..-

    wait a min...tis kid is way too grown up...haha

    bread spoke at Thursday, October 06, 2005

    Wednesday, October 05, 2005

    i wonder...

    nah..wad i'm riting has no regards to the song..jus the same title.

    day in day out..life goes on. but my life's pretty bad-assed. i dunno hw to put it. well..i only know how to comfort others but when same situation happens to me..i can't solve it..wth.

    couple of weeks n recently, a couple of my frenz [nah..i wun disclose their identity] gt really really down. but me! the one who always says the wrong things at the wrong time..managed to cheer 'em up! maybe my "healing powers" are bck...nah~ haha. cos if it's really bck..i would be the bubbly and even crazier gal i used to be.

    the enviroment i grow jus changed me...not so much of the enviroment..but the elements of it..u'll get wad i mean if u noe my language. i'm really really REALLY tired of tis bad ass life of mine...

    i swear aft O lvl..i'll go fer an escape..as in travel ard..do all the things i always wanted to do as a kid..dun wry..i dun intend to die or wad la...haha [but does anyone bothers bout my life or deatH? oh well..lalala~"] the biggest question that's troubling me now..

    do i make a lousy fren?

    can soemone...anyone..giv me an ans with reasons. too many things happened and i'm really doubting myself...

    [bahz...jus another useless entry...sheeshz]

    bread spoke at Wednesday, October 05, 2005


    hmmmmm...many things happened the past few days..

    1 thing is down from my wishlist...I've GOT A NEW MP3!!! it's the samsung one. the one in the ad.. "u bring ur camcorder to the company curise party then next day show it to ur boss on the mp3..u get the company's car" dat one..haha. so now i can watch videos, listen to music and play games with it..wahahahahahaha

    then some shitty thing happened..partly but not entirely my fault [in my opinion]. dun wanna be buzzed by it... i have better things to care about..anyway it's a long time since i can be myself truely cos i'm no longer bounded by comments frm ppl! [cos i dun care la] frenz lik ben family, hui wen n chien yu n joanne managed to put up with my loud, crazy, rough attitude [i wonder hw they do it] but i tink they'll go crazy soon...especially chien yu so i shan't b so chor ..haha...it's time i grow up anyway..hmmm...

    started procrisinating myself..din go to sch fer 3 days but i'm going tml cos of acc lessons..i tink i'll only go fer lessons with acc..go look fer teach aft sch kind of thing.

    stupid stan was supposed to watch corpse bride with me today lo! but dat bakeiru decided to go kbox-ing with his frenz in the end -_________________-" that fella's really crazy over singing man. nvm..he will die in the hands of his singing teacher..someone whom i know damn damn damn well! muhahaahhahahahahaha!

    15 more days to O lvl practical...
    26 more days to chi o Lvl
    33 more days to start of O lvl

    so many things to do..so little time...argh!!

    bread spoke at Wednesday, October 05, 2005