名前: steph.waisee.mianbao
誕生日: 27 Nov'89
血型: B+
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    Why am i call mianbao?

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    Wednesday, July 29, 2009

    i'm a happy happy パン (^.^)

    and it's funny how we ended up together considering how much i hated u last time =X

    bread spoke at Wednesday, July 29, 2009

    Monday, July 20, 2009

    Random sunday

    Thanks kenenth n ck! ahaha!

    YES! after 2 weeks of mindless struggle, I'M FINALLY DONE WITH THE INSANE 10 PAGE BUSINESS PLAN! now i have to work on a 2000 work report on biomarkers -___-
    it's neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnndddding~

    Anyways i think it's time i should change away my bimbotic-almost-functionless phone.
    It is seriously almost-functionless because

    1. no bluetooth
    2. Sometimes the phone cannot charge properly. And when it doesn't, It jus shut off. Or when it's fully charged it shut off too
    3. Receptionless when underground

    And another thing my phone is kindda pissing me off is the fact it keep hanging up my calls. Once my phone hanged up on my lecturer 6 times! good thing he wasn't pissed. And other times it also hang up on my friends. Actually it's not only receptionless underground. Sometimes i go into the lift the reception also cut off. So i'll probably die if the lift gets stuck cause i can't call for help. Most of the time if i get out of the train and go up to the station, will have reception le but then jus so happen most of the stations i alight at..i have to walk all the way to ground level before i can get a signel (e.g. orchard, somerset, bugis, lavender, city hall)


    my phone is retarted!
    i'm considering these 2 phones though. Not very pretty but till decent enough anf fuctionally smart. They make my phone look like a retart next to them...

    1) Samsung B7320 Omnia

    it seemed lik there's a pinkish hue to it.

    2) Samsung B7610 Omnia

    i jus got feel to it

    aiya but no point, no money and my dad wouldn't let me change my phone -___-
    i should make my dad call me more often so he will know how retarted my phone is ..bah~

    bread spoke at Monday, July 20, 2009

    Wednesday, July 15, 2009


    Finally met up with daphne today. Was suppose to meet both her n jon last sat but couldn't make it. Then we keep pushing untill eventually meet up this afternoon.

    We were meeting at Hk cafe then i was late. so when i reached she was talking to one of the waiter. then aft he siam ..

    dee: the guy keep talking to me la
    me: huh? ya fren?
    dee: no!
    dee: ahh dunno

    then the waiter like damn irritating. He keep interrupting us whe nwe talking then i sworn if he comes again i sure scold him one. But too bad he din %*&*(#%&

    then went to take neoprint cos never bring camera ma. Then it reminded me...i no more neoprint buds liao cos caryn n nikki go australia le =(

    ok i decided this year my birthday wish i wanna take neoprints with all my friends! ahah

    ok but anyway dee is already on her way back to australia (2 hrs journey...6 more to go) already

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh TAKE CARE BABE! don't let those bastard bully u again

    ok i nidda sleep now

    i seriously think i may get h1n1 cos i've been feeling feverish since after popping class jus now


    bread spoke at Wednesday, July 15, 2009

    Monday, July 13, 2009

    Bling dao siao

    First it's my phone and DS...now check out my thumbdrive =P

    yes actually i also think i quite mad haha! ok i'll talk bout the rabbit later.
    you see 2 xtra thing on the cover right..thats actually gingerbreadman and its damn cute lei

    the brown gingerbread man is really damn black...i up-ed my flash so end up my pink gingerbread turned out lik that -__________-

    actually the gingerbread men were ear studs. Then i cut off the back to stick it on.
    So is the rabbit.

    i really stupid to max lo. Cos after i remove the stud from the rabbit, there's lik some metal poking out so i was thinking i can hammer it down. So i hammered it. Not only did the pokey metal not get flatten...my rabbit cracked . Then i refuse to use the other one cos it's too cute...here's the full set of the ear studs

    cute right! but it's madly expensive for ear studs. I think $16.90 or something. But then again ,it's a set of 10 cute studs. Hmmmm... not that bad afterall.

    yes this is yet another random post. Bah~
    Next friday harry potter with cheryl n jazreel
    then sat steamboat with jeremiah denyse and the rest!

    bread spoke at Monday, July 13, 2009


    i need a new pair of dunks!! mine is cui-ing like mad! but it's so difficult to find a nice pair of dunks or hi-cut that is colorful =(

    and i need a pair of red sneakers

    ok this is jus random btu if anyone come across a chio pair of kicks tell me k!!

    bread spoke at Monday, July 13, 2009

    Sunday, July 12, 2009


    seriously i think i got psychological barrier when i HAVE-TO-freestyle (eg. during class or battle) i get so nervous i totally don't feel what i'm doing. But when i freestyle for fun i do better.


    anyways i feel lik jus f-ing the 15% for BSM....i dunno how to write the stupid business plan and its sunday already! how am i going to chiong a 10 page report sia. ARGH~

    i nidda get my feel back for school~

    ps: facebook quiz say i'll get attached again in 3mths.. BULLSHIT! not that i believed any of the results of the FB quiz...*random*

    bread spoke at Sunday, July 12, 2009

    Friday, July 10, 2009

    Its time

    2 weeks ago thing..haha

    the overseas instructors that taught me a lot..

    Yokoi..i think he quite fan by our class cos we like damn slow haha but he's still very very nice =)

    TAKE!!! still my hose ou xiang but 2nd to Tatsuo and Hiro haha. his class choreo wasn't killer...is the techniques drill damn tiring! imagine keep doing farmer and shuffle~

    Shohei~ he damn shuai when he dance la *melts*

    LEE!! omg she's damn cute la!!! and her waacking too zai le seriously

    Lee's class

    EH!! seriously...the person in purple next to me look like guy meh!? cos initially all along i thought the person is a girl..then after that i realise he's a guy!! Anyway thats Mabo kun. And the whole bunch of them are BASE, student crew of wco (omg!) a then Mabo keep making fun of me for mistaking him as a girl but he's damn cute la. We always have half-baked english-japanese conversations

    That week my camera like super bu ding hua...lik keep bluring (tsk)

    I SWEAR ZHIMING GOT B CUP LO!!!! his neh is lik damn big!!!!

    me and justin keep saying sinyang is very chio haha

    Fenyi spastic

    TBG was dope~ =DDD

    Kenneth still make me eat cookie aft TBG when i already no voice -___-

    Jacky (fatty) Lam =XXX

    ok thats bout all for TBG photos

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh~ i seriously no feel for schooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooL!!
    how am i suppose to write a business plan when i know nuts bout how to write one!ARGH!
    July is here...a few more weeks i don't have to study anymore! woohoo!
    i think i'll jus dun do anything but dance for lik 3 months before i go find a job. But then again i nidda save up for Japan next year~ one month~ killer savings

    Its the month of july~ so many people's bdae!
    Happy Bdae people!

    anyway sinyang showed me this...ahhhhh too dope le!

    bread spoke at Friday, July 10, 2009

    Sunday, July 05, 2009


    I know i'm suppose to blog bout TBG stuff but i seirously no mood =(

    cos i lost my voice.
    i lost my voice since tbg...but at least i was audible..lik people still can hear wad i say but ystd at jb my voice totally gone lo!

    it's painful to talk or swallow and i'm barely audible =((
    so people dun call me on my phone for the next week cos i'll jus reject ya calls cos no point..u can't even hear me properly haha

    oh then a random thought came to my mind.
    i'm sure most of ya sure come across this question like; sight, hearing, speech and limbs...which one are u most willing to lose?

    i think most people say speech cos it doesn't really affect u that much right. But what if given the circumstances like

    - would u wanna lose your speech when you're a singer?
    - would u wanna lose ya sight as an artist?
    - would u wanna lose ya hearing when you're a musician?
    - would u wanna lose ya limbs when your a dancer?

    aiya jus a very random thought
    anyway i really hope i get my voice back soon! i can't even scold or swear now cos when i tried to do it yesterday, sinyang and justin kept laughing at me cos they can't take me seriously when i sound too cute trying to swear (i sounded lik a xiao hai zi lo)

    bah =(

    on a lighter note
    after yesterday's impromtu battle, i'm glad i slightly improve in freestyle! yay!
    but still got long long way to go~~~~~~~~~

    and ya for both pop/lock n hip hop cat, the top 3 winners were all singaporean teams haha!

    bread spoke at Sunday, July 05, 2009