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    Friday, November 20, 2009

    i'm lik damn happy now cos one of the thing on my wishlist has come through!



    bread spoke at Friday, November 20, 2009

    Sunday, November 15, 2009

    The #? Wishlist

    Woah it's lik 2plus am now and i gotta wake up for jap class later! Mad~

    anyway jus came back from jere's 21st bdae celeb. Totally regretted going wild wild wet today! i swear i'm lik 2 tones tanner now T_T anyway 21st bdaes are lik so tiring man! i mean we basically help jere set up n clean up but still its mad tiring~

    i finally learnt to play majong today but i still haven grasp it at all yet -____-

    anyways i decided to put up my bdae wishlist...again!

    actually i kindda din feel lik putting it up cos for the past years i've been doing it...i never gotten anything from the list! (except for the swatch watch last year) so is lik kindda pointless rite

    but i'm still pinning on this tiny hope that i'll get everything i want this year! (yup no harm trying rite)



    Im seriously majorly praying hard that my dad gets me the blackberry!! then i can bbm caryn n nyse n bev n many many many people! and i can also finally be contactab
    le 24/7 haha!


    YES! im still madly in love with this shoe!! I'm not very sure whats my size but my nike SB is US7/ UK4.5/ Euro 38. you can order from drjays.com or shoes.com. SIZE 7.5!! cos the site says the shoe is smaller cut so better to get 0.5 bigger =))

    3. NEW DUNKS

    My pink nike sb is lik really really dying already so i need a new pair of fashion dunks. Lik i only wear for going out..cos i'm wearing my DADAs for dance

    i'm considering

    - Adidas originals honey mid sneaker (white/red/blue or purple/white)

    This is lik f-ing rare already. as in dun have size US7/7.5 but its lik chio lei!

    - Nike air jordan force fusion AJF 25 high Womens

    lik i dun even know if it's authentic nike but the design is like not bad...considering for air jordan(click on pic for order link)
    yes im pretty despo for new shoe haha!

    and and and!!

    this is like the chio-est SB i've seen lo! if someone give me this...i will treat the person super nice for like 3 years lo!

    this one is quite cute too~

    actually i realise i still can't pull away from nike sb designs hahahaha! so actually can jus get me a SB that's not white or black base (meaning more white/black)


    5. Puff nation King penguin lanyard and cap

    i know you all sure thinking like "i thought u have liao~"
    ya but it's lik super cui already~ and i super like the lanyard~
    well can always buy all the colours! hohoho!


    really miss the girls~


    i know like quite what the hell but like quite fun lei like everybody squeeze inside one machine then go anyhow decorate haha! then will have different set of neos. Poly friends, dance friends, sec sch friends, boyfriend (im gonna drag him in no matter how unwilling he is =DDD )

    ok basically thats all
    but well thats not exactly the whole point of birthday right. Lik receive present and all. I mean if people even remembers my bdae i'll b like happy enough. And it's times like people u don't expect to remember come wish you happy birthday is like "WOAH!"

    other than that it's jus a normal day i guess. Except that this year my bdae happens to be a public holiday -____-
    and i'm joining spotlight boogie with baby and ck
    (fenyi was lik "...is popping comp or locking comp?" LOL!)

    oh well i'll jus be happy if i can manage to spend the day with like all my friends and family (but how to split myself sia~)

    p/s: actually like really no feel to celebrate lei. I think cos i'm turning 20. i rmb last year i still like quite excited its my bdae lei. and i don't host bdae party cos i dun like to plan things for myself cos it's like damn sian. I rather plan smth for someone else and make the person feel happy or special. and for the past 3 years i've been planning for my friends bdae and my bdae is pretty dead...except last year cos of nra =))

    p/p/s: there's other stuff on my wishlist but jeremiah reminded me that "skarly your bdae you rcv lik 10 sets of the same thing cos its like the most budget thing on your list" which is true to certain extent hahaa!

    bread spoke at Sunday, November 15, 2009

    Tuesday, November 10, 2009

    YAY!!! my com finally stopped chee bonging !!

    but sucks cos i lost all my msn emoticons =((

    and it's NOV already!! woohoo!
    it means a lot good stuffs are coming along the way!
    caryn's coming back too!! yay! (i kindda wish nikki will come back too =( )

    wooooooooooo~ im so fricking tired i nidda work tmr!

    bread spoke at Tuesday, November 10, 2009

    Wednesday, November 04, 2009

    Gianormous Monitor

    The reason why i have a gianormous monitor is because...

    i'm using the computer in the living room...which my dad connected to my dunno-how-many-inch tv...seriously damn big =P

    anyways i hate using the living room tv though...the keyboard sucks and the mouse sucks. and looking at the tv for too long gives me headache...tmd. I'm gonna end the cold war with my dad and ask him to fix my laptop like seriously (and im seriously wondering if he would finally decide to give me a blackberry ...oh man)

    I jus realised that my previous post was lik damn rubbish la! hahaha!! like the topics got no link and i literally jus type randomly...oh god. and ystd and today were my off days but i totally nua-ed the days away by jus staying at home n watch videos non-stop (no life~)

    and tmr's gonna be work again...bah

    anyways gonna post night safari halloween pix and other random pix also...else my blog is gonna b so wordy wordy

    Cinderalla killed by her own glass slipper

    fong's brother kept hitting ken the whole night lol

    Lim Kah Sing: this pic looks much happier compared to the one during fong's
    MianBao Steph: ya agree but he got smug face now haha!

    anyway the picture in qns is this~

    *note* ks and gina did have any physical contact to obtain the same angle

    ks replaced me for 5 mins...lol

    I dun need a wig =X

    The animated pinocchio
    (ya we all took pic with him and did popping poses)

    Anan's birthday
    (she mentioned she received 5 cakes on that day...dope)

    My baby niece~ she's like ultimately super cute can!!

    and she's 100% carriable!

    i mean like u know most babies don't like peopel to carry them and if u attempt too they will wail non-stop till you put them down....she's the opposite ! she wouldn't stop wailing till someone pick her up...damn cute!!

    I jus found this in my fb then i realised i could had gone to a halloween party in that get up...or i wear a tattered dress and i'll look 95% like the witch in L4D

    awhile back a friend made this for me and i think it's really really nice. But somehow i lost contact with that friend already...oh wells...*shrugs*

    and after much consideration...i decided to....

    reveal a picture with my gianormous forehead (tell y'all its damn high)
    this was taken during denyse bdae haha
    and i remembered we had this dope strawberry shortcake birthday cake for her

    Even though it's like from commercial cake shop (smth Season ...it's everywhere) but it's damn nice! Look at the amount of cream! woots! super lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve the cake!!!

    Wah shit lo! i was looking thru my old photos then i realise i miss my normal hair T_T

    how how how! shit man shit!

    should like attempt to rebond it? but my hair will just fry up

    i was contemplating to cut off some and do extensions...should i should i? then like that i have to wait quite long so i can have money...argh~

    really retarted man. last time my hair the structure already damn nice liao lo~

    dammit why i itchy hand go do my hair T_T

    awww man now i feel shitty

    bad hair and lousy com...bah

    i shall go prepare to go out for dance now.

    bread spoke at Wednesday, November 04, 2009

    Sunday, November 01, 2009

    Woooo~ it's lik ages since i last blog. mainly cos

    - my lappy is being a cheebong now -___- it keeps hanging and refuses to shut down properly..argh! stupid fricking virus....i miss using my com T_T
    (yes im using the com in my living room now but its damn gao wei cos the monitor is my tv which is fricking huge and the keyboard is damn hard to type n the fast is very far away)

    - work work work...everyday 6am wake up how to have time to blog.

    oh man i fricking suay at work. I lost my fricking punchcard which is like my fricking pay means i would probably work for free this oct...damn. I hope my supervisor signs my new punch card
    other than that working at zoo seems pretty ok...i jus hate the traveling though

    OHYA! sucks to be the people who went for the Halloween night safari last Fri/Sat cos it was raining buckets! i wondered if they cancelled the horror tram or anything else the scarers have to stand in the rain man...poor people. good thing we all went like 2 weeks ago haha...and i haven post pictures yets...oh well~

    mom and dad went china for a wk! so practically i think my bro and i jus run wild cos we've been either going home late or jus sleeping over...come to think of it i think this wkend i've seen baby non-stop for lik 36 hours or smth lol

    i still miss baby~ heh ^^

    anyways jus now we were talking bout 2012. Lik it;s assumingly the end of the world right in that year cos this race who had been very accurate in their predictions predicted the earth will end in 2012. Or rather whatever they were writing stop at the year 2012.

    So to look on the bright side we were like saying mayb cause the person write untill very pek cek (furstrated) so he stop writing one day and went on strike. Or the person writing the thing happened to past away and nobody to take over him to write the predictions

    they predicted that Obama would be the 1st Black president and last for US..so we just said ya lo..1st and last black president..after that all white president.

    etc etc etc

    but seriously if the 2012 thing is really true what will you do? The guys jokingly said they can't die a vrigin -___________- But what would you do when the 2012 hits? lik would you jus gorge yourself with ben and jerry's / hug n cry with ya love one / grab a random guy/girl and jus do it cos u don't wanna die a vrigin/ sleep your day away...


    you wouldn't really know right until lthe day comes. But it's also not confirm it will happen right..

    baby was saying "skarly the guys grab random girls to have sex cos dun wan die a vrigin then kena STD then they realise it's not the end of the world yet"

    ya it's quite retarted haha!
    kindda like i dunno...why care so much for smth which may/may not happen when yo ucan care for things that are happening now.

    later most people jus think 2012 coming so whats the point of living for the future that don't exist then they jus waste on themself and when the day comes they realise it's another regular day...think they'd better kick themself in the ass then.

    that aside

    L4D 2 coming out!! (haha random!) but it's like damn funny cos got 2 new weapons...chainsaw and saucepan! like so kuku!!! imagine a zombie come attack u then u zham it with the saucepan then it ges "pong! pong! pong!" then the zombie will not faint cause it wouldn't feel anything or u bitchslap the witch with it while it's attacking ya buddy or smth but not muc heffect on her..then like whats the point of the saucepan sia! hahahaha!

    i wanna play 4 vs 4 L4D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! major urge to!!

    ok im feeling sleepy already and tmr work again...oh man~

    bread spoke at Sunday, November 01, 2009