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    Monday, December 27, 2004

    watashi-wa xxxxx-ga i nai node taihen sabishii

    met cher, jo and soifa..headed down to j8 to wash pic. dat bitch was at yck station la..then damn f**kin liar la..go po arina they all la..eh no..now she po-ing shiok pink la. saw leandra when reached mediacorp then aftdat daphney came. me n jo ran towards her la then she say chinese very cute. cos jo say
    "i call steph now"
    then daphney jiu ask
    "wei shen meng steph mei you lai" cos steph is her mei2 ma. then daphney saw me n saw "hey..hi! u're new..din see u b4..lol" daphney n leadra left n we sat at the reception for awhile. me n jo decided to go down to wait for maia at the taxi stand dere. maia told jo dat she wud be dere soon la. but still haven come. neway waited for n saw beverly..took pic and her siggy too. she can speak chinese lo..somemore very fluat lo..she also noe hw to speak cantonese..power sia.
    leandra came down so beverly ask wad they gonna wear for the countdown and
    "i hope it's not wad bikini shit." then leandra show her a foto..really is bikini then beverly went omg-ing..lol
    soon steph arrived..long time din talk to her cos diff grp ma. neway me n jo kept walking up n down the place. then sharon n co. came. everyone order mac cos very hungry..i only ordered coke >.<

    the stupid mac came very late then me n jo were sitting at the stairs suddenly saw someone coming in a cab..was wearing a white hood..then suddenly ppl in fornt of me n jo scream lo..heard wad "sly!' but when the person step out..it maia! then me n jo. screamed lik siao lo. then maia say sry to jo cos she was late. i ask maia if she rmb me ma n she did..AHH! gave her a foto of me n her then she was going "hey..thank you" . then maia sat on one of the chair at the taxi-stand..wiv me n jo sitting on either side. gt her to sign our things. n cheryl finally get to take pic wiv maia. then maia's asst came down to bring her up so me n jo follow la then on the way up..david came. so the 3 of us waited for maia's asst at the stairs. maia was listenin to her discman then she let jo listen la. n said "actually i dun lik tis kind of music" then i as kwad music..then jo pass me her earpiece then i listen..yuan lai is techno..lol..i also dun lik techno >.<
    then in the end maia going into mediacorp dat time, she already slide her pass liao la and the gate open le la..then me n jo request to hug her. aft she hug us le..she turn to walk thru the gate..the gate close so she have to slide her pass again..>.<

    time passed rather slwoly then david n jerry came out to the reception. then i wanted to take foto wiv david again cos the previous one we took at the taxi stand there not nice then use my cam self-shot la. then he very crappy lo. he say
    "aiya...you hand too short le"
    and jus take my fone lo. n the foto came out..his expression very funny. kept crapping wiv david..gt take foto wiv jerry also la. then david very diao ehz..cos sofia keep luffing ma so when he sign autograph for her at 1st he rite "watever la" then the other one was "don't luff so much"
    he help meilissa sign..he rite in chinese then he read out wad he rite..very funny. then dynna they ask him wad sch him frm..then he say VS..then! he kept saying "dun lik u all la..RGS gals always lik Ri boys one. always lik Maria stella boys one. always lik st andrew boy sone" then we kept luffing again.

    aft dat everyone went down except for me. joanna and cheryl then suddenly i saw someone wearing white..then it's maia! in the end she gotta rush so gt her to sign my new wallet. aft dat i went off for tuition le.

    bread spoke at Monday, December 27, 2004

    Tuesday, December 21, 2004

    wOohOo~ cHeryl's bdae today..lol. me n cheyrl went to heeren to do x'mas shoppin..went into mini toons n saw the sylvester jr. plushie..gt small, medium n large de. cheryl bought me the medium one for x'mas present then she bought
    herself the small one. went to mini bits to buy smth for jie..bought her necklance then melissa came liao. went up to action city n bought cheryl her big pooh n mel her slping eeyoh. went to take neoprint wiv our plushies..lol. went to eat at graffiti cafe. so crappy lo. os the thing was self service de ma. then hav ta go counter there take ur food de..then i hav to go take the 2 bowls of wan ton noodles n this fat kid was blocking my way la. so i ask him to excuse..he only move a bit lo..nvm lo.
    so i pull the tray then wanna lift it up..the 2 bowl of wan ton slide off the tray..spill on the floor..then now the fat kid move very far..wth!so pai seh lo..then hack care la..the lady boss very good..re fill 2 fresh bowls of soup for me. we ate already then cheryl n melissa started drawing la. gt nth to do so decided to go to mediacorp cos cheryl wished to see sly.crapped at the reception there 4 lik one hr. the idols were dere cos we heard someone say they gt rehersals..budden dincome out so we went off. went to shell n bought ice-cream, biscuits n milk n sat outside there n eat. the 3 of us finished the whole tub of ice-cream..me n cheryl kept digging for the cookie-dough then mel only gt to eat 3 cookie dough..then me n cheryl ate lik dunno hw many..lol. so tired when came out n my bro hav to disturb me wiv the kung fu hustle axe..so i'm off to fight wiv him liao..WA TA!



    click here for larger pic..

    our plushies..
    the sylvester wiv the red wristband is mine.
    the pooh n small sylvester is cheryl de
    n the slping eeyoh is melissa de..

    bread spoke at Tuesday, December 21, 2004

    Monday, December 20, 2004

    so happy today manz!! cos at 12+ lik dat serene suddenly call me say sly at heeren wiv oli n taufik then i faster call cheryl le then rush down dere. then saw sly!! gt this gal kept interviewing him la n finally i get to get him sign my mp3! when i pas him my mp3 he say "hey! same!" then i was going "huh?" then he "i use the same mp3 also" and then i became very high..tell every1 to buy that mp3..lol. aft dat we follow him walk to the traffic lite outside heeren. then i heard dunno wad stephen chow thing n i said "huH!? sly look lik stephen chow!?" his manager was there also then she turn n look at me then luff..so pai seh niaz. went all the way to youth park there then ask sly to sign mine n cheryl's poloraid fotos..and he say "zhong yu zhong yu" cos actually at heeren wanna take pic wiv him de budden his manager kept saying late later. he wrote happy bday for cheryl. guess wad?
    maia came too!!! run to her then hug her n told her i'm wai see then she say" oh..so u're wai see"
    cos i talk to her on fone b4 ma. then she n sly kena interview. half way during the interview..gt one girl she was skating then she slided down the ramp n fell down la. then sly turn n was luffing lo..then we fans only jus say omg only..he say "hey..u all don luff" but he was the one luffing -___-". then i say him "i bet u can't do it [as in skate la]" then he say" i can skate up then do a filp only" frankly speaking..i din believe it..lol.
     aft the interview ended.. i gt maia to sign my book la. sly going off le budden i din chase..lo...continue to stay wiv maia. we went to LJS at cine wiv maia aft dat..gt her to sign our stuffs n took pic wiv her. she was very friendly n patient wiv us la. very funny also. talk to her for lik 3 hrs. she show us tyrese, her son's foto. very cute sia. oh ya..then she show us one card..is SAF de!..dat means she's in SAF de lo!! kan bu chu sia. maia also told us she HATE tis particular grp of sly fans..say they very scary cos stalk sly all the way to sembawang park till 2am+ lik dat. then say sly very stupid..shld not be so close to them or wad lo. maia's handwriting also very nice..both english n chinese. her handphone de ringtone very funny..she put the hokkien song she recorded.
    lik 4 plus lik dat me n joanna went to see any1 q-ing at the kung fu hustle dere budden dun hav so we walk bck to LJS then saw leandra so we both ran n shouted "LEANDRA!" then she smile at us then i hug her..she hug me bck very hard..u shld hav seen me n joanna ..lik siao lik dat..lol. melissa also come liao then i borrow her lime mag to read..taufik on the cover. there's tis page put sly's pic..chao funny..is his head wiv  allan wu's body..lol. thne let maia see then she saw
    she was going "omg.!" then luffed.
    5 plus lik dat me, cheryl n joanna went to Q for the kung fu hustle thingy..stephen chow wud be there! lol..stephen chow was my childhood idol..his funny chao funny de. then went to peirce 2nd hole on my rite ear..i can use one song to describe my feelign aft i peirce my ear ..numb by linkin park [i've becum so numb..i can't  feel u[my ear] dere" walk bck to cine aft dat. the event kindda started liao then they giving out kung fu hustle thingys then i gt the inflatable axe..very cute. but very irritating cos the mic on very loud then very fan lo. aft sly n taufik came liao..we went to eat at KFC then i went home..din chase them cos very later
    liao then super tired..zZz

    bread spoke at Monday, December 20, 2004

    Friday, December 10, 2004

    2dae wasn't my day sia. morning woke up..gt mild sore throat. then at dance still ok..haiz..jus dat jia yi kena shoot by teach then she gt kindda pissed off..lol. actually teach was already very soft on her liao..last year..joyce, pamela jie n pei shan jie kena shoot by teach untill very jia lat. n i got switched place for the finale part so i dun hav to do 8 counts..jus 4 counts..lol. but i kept luffing at the last part cos kindda lik zombie lik dat >.<

    went to meet cheryl they all at padang aft dat then mel went to fetch me from the mrt station...lol. when we were reaching the field..caifen was shouting my name n was running towards me..telling me this gal was sitting at a place reserved for me..so i jus go dere jus say "wat the f**king hell is going on?" then i see the gal's face already not happy liao. so i jus put my bag in front of her n dat brat threw my bag lo! then caifen not happy..took her bag wanted to throw n guess wad..that brat's ah gong came along say us lo -____-" then din kind dat stupid brat..but cai fen was lik indirectly saying her all this la.

    caifen n 3 other gals went to collect cake for taufik cos his bdae ma then the brat went away..only her ah gong looking ft her bag. so me, cheyrl, alvina, sofia n melissa stood up n stand at the barrier...cheyrl was standing over tht brat's space la then alvina n sofia were saving space for caifen n the 3 other gals. tht brat's ah gong kindda sense smth wrong then lik keep wanting to push cheryl away then cheryl say "uncle..ni bu yao rang dong lehz." .somemore gt police dere los..lol. then brat came back then she saw us standing there la then we all dun wan giv her space cos we hav to save space for 4 ppl lo. then tht brat so li hai lo..she drag her grandma in..super diaoz lo! Her ah ma keep saying we all lo then we told her "auntie..wo men shi bang peng you ba wei zi." then her grandma nth to say so she walk away. then tht brat...she push sofia away lo! kp lorz! then she step on sofia's bag somemore lo..so crappy lo. in the end me n sofia chagne place then i squeeze in b/w mel n dat brat. dat brat!! super cb sia. so small size so much strength n u noe wad she did!? she elbowed my rib cage lo! kp..then her grandma see lo..jus say her grand-gal a few words then go liao..not even a sry lo. still nvm leh..cos i jus try to squeeze a few spaces..that brat keep pushing me bck nvm lo..she gt violent! she slammed my elbow all this lo! then mel they all keep saying she siao char bo then wanted to tell the police but i say nvm. actually i was fed up dat time..if her grandparents not there..i'll giv her one tight slap liao... when cai fen they came back..caifen squeeze b/w me n mel then hav to push dat brat..manage to push her but dat brat..she elbowed my ribcage again n kick my leg..kaoz. anyway..din care bout her. when sly n taufik came..we kept screaming lo..screaming very high pitch..she gt pissed off n went away..LMAO!

    we wait super long lo..still gt time to walk ard to buy food etc..lol. i nearly fainted standing there cos i whole day din eat >.< we were self-entertaining ourselves..by trying out diff ways to scream for sly..then the bunch of lion-dancers there lik keep luffing at us lo [then jealous no one scream for them say la..lol] finally sly came on stage and the 1st place he looks is our direction then i kept holding the board n jumping ard..lol.

    rushed to mediacorp aft dat..maybe can see taufik den celebrate bdae wiv him..budden i nid to go home liao cos mum din noe i was chasing idols again..she'll kill me when she find out..lol

    bread spoke at Friday, December 10, 2004

    Wednesday, December 08, 2004

    woke up at 1pm today..was so super tired from ystd dance. neway..was so bored at home..nth to do..no anime to watch..dun  wanna study. HOLS SUX MAN! nth to do..
    anyway..went to grandma hse aft dat..dinner ate a lot..lol. din care if i'll get fat then..lol. grandma wasn't dere..in china so dad fixed my aunt's com n the rest of us were watching tv. then steph msg me and say

    "i saw maia..she jus now shoppin wiv us lei..hahaz. you wanna chat wiv her ?"

    kaoz..when i see tis was going "oh my god liao" so steph called my hp then she talked to me awhile then she pass the fone to maia. i was lik so dumb on the fone lo.

    Maia: ello..er..who's tis
    me: wai see here..
    maia: huh *then steph told her my name*
    me: er..are u really maia?
    maia: ya
    me: oh my god.. *then both of us started luffing
    maia: u neva come out wiv ur girlfriends today
    me: nah..at my grandma hse now
    maia: ok..
    me: er...*started luffing again*
    maia: lol..lik dunno wad to say lik dat..lol
    me: ya
    maia: u're still studying rite
    me: yup.
    maia: so muz study hard ..i din study last time so regretting now
    me: lol..ok..i noe
    maia: good
    me: i'm a big fan of yours and u're really cool
    maia: really..lol..ok..thks
    me: ya
    maia: er..u hold on..pass the fone bck to ur fren
    me: ok

    oh man! thks sTeph man!! they so lucky lo..shop wiv maia leiz! take neoprint wiv her somemore lo *faints*

    think i'll stop here...feeling so slpy again..though i din do much today..lol

    bread spoke at Wednesday, December 08, 2004

    Sunday, December 05, 2004

    sneak out to meet up with cheryl, melissa, cai fen, alvina n sofia at heeren..feel so bad making them wait. anyway they din go mediacorp cos mediacorp recep. say sly not dere so they go orchard instead..hoping to bump into him or other idols cos the idols lik always hang out there.
    Went to Cine for lunch. actually quite peaceful de..but joanne kept luffing then sofia started crapping n cai fen started crapping too and so for 20 mins all of us kept luffing instead of eating. and as we walk down orcahrd road..we kept ki-siaoing lo. then this fella came up to us dunno sell wad teddy bear de..joanne went "hey yo hey yo" siao one lo..lol. Met dynna they all then exchange no..in case see sly can contact each other ma.
    went to paragon dunno fer wad then went toilet n met this italian-singaporean. joanne started luffing n the lady looked at us..then sofia said smth then the lady said : it's ok..she's jus showing her expressions then i dunno why..i started luffing..then everyone lik looking at me..think i siao budden the lady say: no no.she's jus showing her expression..lol. oh ya..heard from her that leandra's mum..her ex-classmate..is Ms Singapore!! wah seh..li hai sia.
    anyway..we went wisma aft dat..me, cheyrl, mel n caifen were walking behind..cos sian ma..then at TOPSHOP..suddenly joanne they all started screaming then we all thot is sly..then jog there..yuan lai is jus the shirt he wore at wildcard -___-" then me n mel were lik going :hengz..lucky we dun hav heart problems..if not sure die..lol. aft dat..i called 100 asked them where's BMG so it's at forum so we went there,,in the end..they not there cos BMG only do records. anyway..we left n were pondering whether to go HYPES not then joanna receive info that sly is in town but dunno where n we were all thinking all the possible places but in the end we din go..jus stand there n talk bout the PINK PIGS and the "true friend" who made use of cheryl n cast her aside when she dun nid cheyrl and join the PINK PIGS cos the PINK PIGS are close to sandra. frankly..i pity sandra they all..they kena made use of by the PINK PIGS to get info. bout sly they also dunno.
    anyway..on the mrt we were crapping then time pass so fast...reach amk le..so me, cheyrl, mel n joanne alighted. oh ya..mel at 1st din believe dat joanne stay hou gang cos we keep saying joanna run out from IMH..lol. thne i took bus back..so f**king suay lo..see that arsehole from my tuition..haiz..wadeva la..that fella..guy not lik guy..gal not lik gal..dunno wad is he la then everytime nid help from u then very good to u then dun nid that time..he dun care wan..hate these kind of ppl man.

    bread spoke at Sunday, December 05, 2004

    One end of the island to another

    wOoHoo~ went to expo today to see the idols. met cheryl and mel there at 12 cos i can't go out so early then cheryl was on the train at 5.30 lo..then met cai fen, alvina, sophia also. The 3 of them plus cheryl n mel were the 1st group to be dere. there wasn't much ppl dere...i mean compare to other auto session by the SIs la.
    While waiting..we were thinking if sly will go back mediacorp not so since my board is fold into 2..lik card lik dat...we wrote inside

    "Sly, are u going mediacorp later?"

    Oli was 1st to perform..not many ppl scream for her..so sad. Then sly came on stage..we all so high..oh ya..we were standing 1st row. so we were screaming lik siao budden he kpt walking left n rite on the stage so can't get a good shot. anyway..shook his hand then he smile n winked at me. then i dunno wad gt into me but i jus gave him my most baobei wristband..now i'm still hating myself fer it..lol. but when he took it le he smile at me then he wore it n of course..i scream la. THen we show him my board then he bend down to read then he shake his head. Aft dat..he went downstage then he n oli were behind this curtain thingy so when they looked out rite..nobody there screaming..only i..standing behind the crowd..screaming n jumping lik crazy gal..then he lik keep looking..so embrassing..but i hope he din see la..maybe he jus looking into the cameras. then he went up stage again lehz..so we ran to side of stage then i started jumping n screaming again..lol.

    They left in van so everyone were lik running aft cabs n i gt the last one n the best one. The uncle so good lo!! we actually cannot see the car de leh..then he lik speed n went a few ways..we caught up with their car! but sly din look out..only oli. then we follow all the way to marine parade then we got down..ONE BIG MISTAKE! cos only oli came out then we gt into another cab to chase their car but we lost them..lucky cai fen they all never left their cab so we kept contacting cai fen they all lik asking where are they. Then the stupid uncle keep nagging say: no nid walk this way de ma. / why walk tis way  etc. then he kept nagging throughout the whole journey then from marine parade all the way to Henderson lo. then he cheated us of 5 bucks ok. his spd was lik 60km/h only leh then he went dunno hw many round ard Henderson cos he dunno hw to go to henderson building ..asshole..when we got down of his cab..we jus slam the door. THen we receive news that they are leaving le..so we ran out to get cab..then tis time we contact Sharon [THKS SHARON!] then lik very bad lik dat..but she very hao xin tell us where they are..then we also told cai fen where are they cos cai fen they din get a cab at Henderson building dere. THe 3rd taxi driver was good..he din complain at all..jus drove us to IMM.

    At IMM..saw Sly n taufik outside mac. then sly was signing for ppl so we [me,cheryl, mel, jasmine, cai fen, alvina n sophia] jus stood behind him lik dat lo. THen i saw his left wrist dun have my wristband le then i was lik saying he crappy all this but when he turn ard..it was on his rite wrist >.< so i ask him: erm sly..u noe who gave u the wristband maz? then he lik look at me awhile then say: u la. then i hold the board to my face then i kept giggling there..then he sorta smile or smth la. passed him my marker then he sign on my 2 flashcards! then i gt out of the crowd n i rmb-ed my marker. saw him using it then ok..nvm lo. Guess wad he did..HE BITE MY MARKER! EWwWwW!!! Then i was lik.." oh man..dun bite leh..my marker leh..somemore u use untill lik ur own de..keep using to sign" then finally my marker lik no ink le..then i  take back from him. Asked him: er..can i take foto with u? then he say..later..i sign finish 1st. so i wait lo. then he sign quite long liao he told someone: wait..i wanna take foto with tis gurl. budden ppl keep pushing to him things to sign then he look at me lik saying: er..how? then i jus smile back at him then shake my head..lik say nvm lo. so he smile back n continue signing.
    Then tis grp of PINK PIGS so er xin lo. they drink the macdonald coke liao..then they pass to sly to drink then aft dat they drink again..super wad lo..so bhb n one of them have stead de lo. then sly went into IMM then they kept making a human barricace near him then jasmine jus broke it n stand next to him, one of them shout at her ch** b** lo. in the end i din take foto wiv sly cos he went back in cab. so the whle grp of us [me,cheryl, mel, jasmine, cai fen, alvina n sophia] walked to MRT station. So suay..saw glenn there. When he came up the escalator he looked at me n cheryl n went : hey? n when he saw our board he lik going :diaoz.. lik dat lo. seriously..his tan lik very funny..his eyes there is white then his skin is brown..lol!

    Went to J8 to develope fotos n place order fro wristbands..lol. gt home feeling super tired..

    Oh ya..i offcially hate PINK now..cos the PINK PIGS are always wearing PINK..arGH!

    bread spoke at Sunday, December 05, 2004

    Saturday, December 04, 2004

    argH! dun blame me fer flying into a rage but my dad was threatening me lo. argh! i very pissed off man. i noe his my dad n i shld giv him respect but somethings lemme do it my whole way la..argH!!! though he's not ruling my life but it's still to overboard le!

    bread spoke at Saturday, December 04, 2004