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    Monday, May 30, 2005

    chi Os

    today had my chi Os..it was so wad man!!! paper 1 i did si han and one narrative writing.at 1st i go into the hall..really beng-kuied..hahaz. but aft writing awhile jiu ok le. then we hav to stick this barcode thingy on the ans booklet..so dumb k!! it'slike they say it's very fragile..can't believe it was so fragile man..bend a bit..half the thing drop off..argh! then in the end hav to rite the barcode down..diaoz!! then the ans bookelt fer paper 1 so damn thick..lik i'll rite so many lik dat. then paper 2 is lik at 1st so ez ..suddenly see the compre..lik all hopes gone. i hope i get at least A2..lol. aft dat went j8 wiv wendy..bought hair dye..suppose to be violet..in the end i dye come out..my hair orginally brownish black..become completely black..super dortz. [gonna get a shade more obivous..but not bleaching..lol] wanted to wait fer andrew they all come budden aft so long they haven reach..me n wendy left..in the end they say they were at KFC..so crap..we walked past twice somemore..lol. went fer follow up wiv the doc..@ mths!! 2mths no alcohol!! argh!. decied to b guai kia..went fer tuition [actually cos drew go work la..hahaz]. then aft tuition look er drew they all..slacked untill 10 plus then andrew pei me waitunder my blk fer my parents cos i din bring key -__________-" heng my parents din see andrew..else wonder wad they'll say..hurhurz ..gtg slp..super tiredz of da day..tml stil lgot sch..bloody hell

    bread spoke at Monday, May 30, 2005

    Saturday, May 28, 2005


    when ya missing someone..2 days..feels lik 2 mths..another 2 more days of missin..haiz..sian sian sian..
    but when Os here..2 days feel lik 2 hrs..argh! stress stress stress..haiz...

    bread spoke at Saturday, May 28, 2005

    results=total shit

    argh! got back my ppr2 results ystd..total crap man..i was seriously disappointed in my results..fark..all thks to the lazy me not studying..wonder when i'm gonna stop slacking..argh!

    english: 64.0-B4
    chinese: 69.0-B3 [crap! one more pathetic mark to A2]
    E-maths: 53.0- C6 [bloody hell disappointed..al lmy tet hastons of careless mistakes]
    Chemistry: 86.0-A1 [ok..i noe tis is gd but i wanted a 90 at least..argh!]
    physics: 66.0- B3 [haiz..it's owaes pulling my sci results down]
    Humanities: 47-D7 [woah! at least i improved..by 2 grades -___-"
    accounts: 44-E8 [ i seriously dun giv a damn bout tis]
    F&N: 68.0- B3 [greatest disappointment..anyway..i din study fer the commont test la..hahaz]

    L1R5: 24

    oh well...at least with tis results i still can go nursing..wahahahahahahaz. but i tink i better buck up on my eng [A2] E maths [B3/B4] Physics [A2] Humanities [C5/B4] F&N [A1]
    gtg study chin...2 more daes!!

    bread spoke at Saturday, May 28, 2005

    Friday, May 27, 2005


    jus realized i haven been bloggin since lik last sat. things were pretty dead..had whole week of chinese lessons..doing nth but chi fer the whole of 4 pathetics days, 28 hrs..sianz. then some werido freakass teach came in to relief us..totally pissed of by her..fucking cb fat ass bytch..anyone interested to noe wads wiv dat fat ass can o check out hui wen's blog. anyway..ystd heard news dat drew's sis wanna sabo us to break up..been thinking all nite n day wad if dat really happen..wud he believe his sis or me at dat time. maybe i think too much..haiz. the thing i was mos pissed of bout wad one of the female shoot kia said is..aft i stead wiv drew i'm using him..fuck! since when i've did dat..i hate it when ppl malign me fer things i din do..besides..i'm not as schemeing as any of those shoot kias..kb. anyway..3 more days to chi Os n i dun feel stress at all..wonder why. crappy..my rash still not ok yet..fuck..argH! my life's total shit except fer the few ppl who made it better..hahaz

    bread spoke at Friday, May 27, 2005

    Saturday, May 21, 2005

    split personality

    jus realise i have terrible moodswings with the principle of split personalities..wadeva..jus can't change it over a short time. one moment i'll b some siao char bo the next i'll be all fiery n dao..wth. anywya..had my phy common test ystd..think it's ez but i sure flunk de..cos i wrote crap..lol. lucky not much electrostatic crap else i'mma so dead. PE was fun..but playing with sum gals in my cls gets pretty boring cos they only noe hw to short pass [as in captain's ball] so dumb and lame man. chatted wiv moi maths tr. ystd..find her quite ok la..but still a bit ki siao..dun behave her age..hahaz. well..the hols are coming but it's not a hols fer me..loads of extra lessons n dance practs during the hols. wanna go escape..long time din go niaz...maybe wanna go sentosa too cos i'm getting too fair le! lol..but the mid-yr monsoon is here..so suck man..use to b everyday burning..now is everyday raining..diaoz..gotta go study chi..9 more days to my Os ne..haiz

    bread spoke at Saturday, May 21, 2005

    Thursday, May 19, 2005


    finally back home again. went down jus now to "celebrate" drew's bdae. mother nature gave him the best present man..hahaz..cold n rashes. the gang wanted to go swing la so he meet me under my blk then both of us walk until lwendy's blk wait fer her then 3 of us walk to the swing together..passed him his present too..hahaz then weisheng so curious to know wad is it lo..hahaz. aft awhile went bck to 180 then slacked there. some stupid things happened but i dun wanna mention..lol. untill lik 9.30 then all the gals go home then he walked back with me..saw junkai..suay. then junkai still ask him fer lighter..omg. wendy n melissa keep ji-siaoing us then make us so pai seh manz. haiz..now nidda study fer tml's phy..sianz.

    bread spoke at Thursday, May 19, 2005


    imma childish, insensetive, trouble maker brat -end of story-

    bread spoke at Thursday, May 19, 2005

    Wednesday, May 18, 2005


    i'm utterly pissed off and disgusted by wad some peeps in my cls said..it happened ystd la. were playing true or dare with some girls then they somehow found out bout me n drew then everytime i kena they keep asking things bout him. when asked bout wad sch is he frm..i jus said he working la then one of them said "wah..lik dat also one"..i was upset by that ok. i mean wads wrong wiv dat..at least he has a good character..unlike them..have higher edu but sucky attitutes. anyway..today was feeling giddy the whole day..felt lik fainting in da morning. Then aft sch went to 180 then let them do the psycho test..hehez. then drew was so lame..all put moi name..diaoz. THen me n wendy doing maths..he noes hw to do some q too..hahaz. They knew one new biker..dat fella damn pro lo. drew show me da video of d new guy doing stunts..i was lik omg..then aft dat my giddiness went off..hahaz. he accompany walk home..took the long route cos scare my mum look out of the kitchen window see us then i die. then one car approaching n he thot i wanted to cross then got so jing zhang..hahaz. "argued" all the way bck..haiz..can tell he's still limping frm his injury but put up strong front -___-" hahaz. tml's his dae..hope my mum let me go out fer awhile at nite to celebrate his bdae..hehez

    bread spoke at Wednesday, May 18, 2005

    Monday, May 16, 2005


    hahaz..thursday's his bdae le and i already got ready his present le la..hahaz. made friendship band fer him too then i make until abit siao cos his hand so damn big then the strings were a bit short..lolz. anyway..he's owing me a b'dae bash tis thursday..muhahahahahaha!

    Replies to taggiez!

    -ccheryl: okok..lend u tml la..hahaz..thot u say u wanna buy..lolz

    jo jei's mei: ya budden long time neva use le..anyway..u are?
    weekok: okok..stop talking rot la..hahaz..your xiao huan mei mei waiting fer ya..lol!

    bread spoke at Monday, May 16, 2005

    Sunday, May 15, 2005

    kaoz..so ps manz

    okiez..let's juz say..a&w is official now..all thks to alvin's crap [the a&w de A is not alvin..hahaz] coz last nite i was already slping then wendy msg me smth then i thot comfirm smth wrong..so msg-ed andrew ask him y she lik dat..then we talk on fone..alvin was tlaking wiv wendy on the fone b4 dat so i wanna question alvin ma..so we say3, say untill me n andrew thing lo..then he pop up the question..i was damn shocked can..dunno hw to ans so i keep acting blur n say "tml then say" budden alvin keep forcing me fer ans n the background can hear ppl saying "da shao shao!" kaoz..so i jus gave my ans la..and everyone was lik "woo~" then today went out wendy drag andrew n his sis along then me him lik very ps lik dat..hahaz. tml gotta hand in evaluation n i still haven do yet..crapz!!!

    bread spoke at Sunday, May 15, 2005

    Friday, May 13, 2005

    oh man..stop callign me da shao!!

    omg! da peeps @ 18o is really driving me mad. everytime they see me..they call me "da shao!" then see andrew call him "da ge!" then both of us will b lik so pai seh..wads more..we're not official yet k. anyway..friday the 13!! nth bad really happened to me today but i guess it was bad luck fer someone..wahahaha..serve him rite anyway..hope he stays dere as long as possible >.<
    so sucky..din get ta bike today cos when i reach andrew's hse 1st..all the guys not ard..only da gals so no bike. then when they return..i nidda go central with wendy..when we're bck..the guys went to fix their bikes..when they came bck..i nidda go hm le...haiz..nvm..tml then i bike..hehez
    [C]hange: dun scold him la..cos #1: u dunno him. #2: is i make him teach me de and he was against me learning stunts at 1st de lo..hehezb3n: lol..i will de la..stunt bike so fun lo..hahazdaphne: thankiez!
    Rain: yup..i noe yanot referring to me..cos i seldom talk to u ma..hehez ^^

    bread spoke at Friday, May 13, 2005

    Wednesday, May 11, 2005


    aft sch went to andrew's house with wendy..did hmwrk while the guys were crapping then aft went down to bike. some ppl frm sch were palying at the soccer court..but mos frm my cls went home..those i noe de only jali, rozaidi only ba. anyway. started pratising hook then can kkep doing liao...wahahahaha..continue practising can make higher..haha. then tried hop jack. wendy said have..then sometimes i do is have but some no..so counted half successful ba..lol. was doing hook when my sch ppl walk out of the court..they said smth..but dunno wad..can't b anything good anyway. started skateboarding when andrew ain't looking..heng neva fall down. then andrew try..can only skate but cannot change direction..hehez. then i can change only abit..but not stable de..lol. then now my arm muscle quite pain la. wendy's wrist muscle tear..then she can't do stunts le..haiz. hope she recover soon..lol.
    19 more days to chi Os!!
    - hook
    - hop jack
    - bunny hop
    - kangaroo
    - roll back / 90 / azubaka

    bread spoke at Wednesday, May 11, 2005

    Tuesday, May 10, 2005


    yay! finallt managed [hook] today..lol. anyway..had my F&N O Lvl practical today..all turned out well...hahaz and my food all tasted ok la overall. then had remedial..so sian..then someone damn guai lan lo..cb. went home batehd then went t0 180 to carry on bike practise. Andrew also there n everyone there started the [da ge da shao] thing again..wadeva la..tehn me n him wear same colour also..diaoz..lol. at 1st tried hooking but still cannot..so pek chek..play dai di instead. kept winning mos rounds today..but i think is they lemme win de lo..especially andrew lo..kaoz..diaoz. anyway aft dat..i wanted to play skateboard then today no balance..fell down big time but i din care..wanted to play somemore. andrew ask me dun play budden i dun wan..then he say he rather i do bike stunts than skateboard then i say "u dun wanna teach hw i learn..might as well skateboard" then we keep saying la..in the end he decide to teach me liao..haha..but i feel damn bad la. anyway, he teach damn good lo..lik teach me hw to move the legs n exerting force on the bike and finally..i manage 3 times..lol. wanted to continue budden he make me stop la..cos i lik din stop..stop to adjust peddle only..hahaz. oh ya..alvin keep ji siaoing me n andrew..nvm.. then wendy come..we ji siao them..cos there wear exactly same colour lo..wahahahahaz. sad thing wendy injured her hand ystd else today she can contimue learn le..hahaz. maybe tml continue practise again..hehez

    bread spoke at Tuesday, May 10, 2005

    Monday, May 09, 2005

    trick biking--omg

    woot~ today aft sch went to meet up with 18o gang. 1st thing me n wendy did when we see bikes is..take and cycle..lol. then aft wendy wanted toteach me [hook] budden she can't do today. then she wanted to show me [hop jack] also cannot..so in the end..i learn [hook] myself la. kaoz..see the guys do sho ez..but when u do it..so difficult. i learn whole day liao..stil lcan't get it..then my shin gt a few bruises n cuts. then at nite..aft tuition went to meet up with them then andrew was ard la. then aft i try a few times again..cannot..so play skateboard..manage to stay on it fer quite long..still learning hw to change direction..lol. then aft dat went biking again..i think i managed [hook] a few times cos i felt the back wheel coming up but aft dat dun hav le. alvin n wei sheng hav to ji siao me lo..assholes..keep calling andrew [da ge] then call me [da shao] then i was so paiseh can [-___-]" then andrew lent me his bike..his bike the frame so long lo..then my back become more pain. n myshin officially gt cut..bleed was flowing..then weisheng made so much noise..andrew come n look..argh! but he gt plaster fer me even when i said no la..hehez. then 9.45 went home..so tired [-__-]zZz. gonna try [hook] again tml then maybe try to learn [hop jack] also..lol

    bread spoke at Monday, May 09, 2005

    Sunday, May 08, 2005


    woohoo..today pon tuition again..well..cos the weather was so good and i overslept so in the end went out wiv A..who is andrew and wendy to j8..lucky wendy's ard else it'll be very werid and quiet sia..hahaz. bought wendy her cd then went to take neoprint..sabo by wendy la..idiot..lol. then went to mos burger..saw jinjuan then jinjuan also ji siao..diaoz [-___-]". then went bck to 18o there then wendy started to learn her trick biking la..i wanna learn also budden wearing skirt..so bu fang bian. went home lik 5 lik dat then. now baking cake fer moi mum..lol. to all mums..happy mum's day!!!

    bread spoke at Sunday, May 08, 2005


    i've officially lost my bet wiv wendy..A already say then he kept saying n saying..make me so pai seh lo. and now me n wendy wanna learn trick- biking..though there's many pros dere..at least we stil lcan burn one fella la..hahaz. 22 more days to chinese Os!!

    bread spoke at Sunday, May 08, 2005

    Thursday, May 05, 2005


    ystd had my chi prelim..think i shld be able to get a B ba..lol. the listening was stupid lo..lik all the chioces can fit into the ans de..wadeva la. then aft sch went to J8 with cheryl and desiree..was long time ago since we went out together le..lol. Finally bought the [ai de qi ji] cd..the songs all very nice la..lol. Then we took neoprint and stuff..aft dat went to 180 to meet up wendy. haiz...A wasn't dere today la..lol. later at night..some crappy things happened then wendy say she neva gonna go down to 180 anymore le. then i msg A tell him la. then aft dat he call me then we talk untill quite late la..hahaz. i think i lost my bet with wendy le ba..haiz. shan't blog anymore..gotta go sch..hehez.

    *imma sick..argH!*

    bread spoke at Thursday, May 05, 2005

    Monday, May 02, 2005


    somehow..i think i might have been rather ..i dunno wad to say la. haiz..if i were to accept a...i feel i'm being unfiar to d..but seriously..i have no more feelings fer d. in mos cases..a is better than d..jus dat a..din go to sec sch..argH! wth m i saying. anyway..having chi prelims next week..then end of the mth..chi O lvl!! omg..time passes real quick man. 28 more days!!

    bread spoke at Monday, May 02, 2005