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    Why am i call mianbao?

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    Monday, July 28, 2008

    Question of the year

    Ok frankly its not really a question-of-the-year question but it just something people always


    ask me when they meet me


    Then i so tired of repeating the story over n over again that i decided to blog it so everytime someone ask i'll jus refer them to my blog. haha!

    im not lik gonna make this as interesting as what you thought it may be so if u think it's gonna bore u, u can jus skip this page and move on with wadeva (project, friendster, research, porn etc wadeva)ya doing on the net

    moving on

    everytime after someone ask that question it will always be followed by

    - cause you like to eat bread?
    - cause you like mian bao chao ren (anpanman)?
    - cause you look like anpanman?

    and to all the questions above


    i only eat bread with toppings or fillings
    i don't like anpanman...AT ALL. so ugly n un-cute
    and i don't think i look like anpanman and u better agree with me even though u think i look like. at least im not bald n my head's not filled with bean jam

    that aside, the reason why i'm call mianbao is simple and kindda stupid to begin with


    when i was still a kid in secondary school i'm always up to mischief and pretty rebellious but note, I'M NOT AN AH LIAN

    then i thought it would be cool to call myself "brat". But to my disgust came a new series of dollz call "bratz" which are totally sluttish in my opinion and barbie is so much better. So anyway i was totally into jap back then so i translated "brat" to japanese and used it as my friendster nick

    a year later when i came into poly, one of the gl seniors asked me whats gakini (brat in jap..which i assumed)

    senior: she me shi gakini
    me: oh brat lo
    senior: orh..bread? as in mian bao ah?

    cos he heard wrongly so he's been making fun of me since then. Then when i got into NRA and went for the camp, i realise NRA has lik 5 stephs, including one who has the same surname as me. Then during a game of ice-breakers..there were lik 3 stephs in the game

    so in the end i introduced myself as "mian bao" cause i couldn't come up with anything else and only that came to my mind since it happened lik recently.

    so my nick mian bao is born!

    ya i think the roots of it really damn stupid but oh well at least now everybody knows and i save myself some trouble

    and i realise i'm not theo nly one with the nick. I technorati-ed mian bao before and there were at least 5 others who are call mianbao...all males

    so that makes me the only female mian bao..muahhahahaha!
    so seriously if the other mianbaos read this ..i wanna know why ya called mianbao too!

    ok now im going back to watching gossip girl
    jus remember


    bread spoke at Monday, July 28, 2008

    Wednesday, July 23, 2008

    Go Girls! Go By2! 加油!!!

    went to the airport this morning send ling and fen off to taiwan.

    didn't had much time with them but enough for us to cam-whore and talk quite a fair bit while they had their brunch. lik so weird!! bck in sch we always talk in english then suddenly now they speak purely chinese..with taiwan accent somemore..super 不习惯! heard from their mum they actually have to learn taiwan's 国语..meaning taiwan's chi..chim man.

    gonna miss them a lot. But their mum was saying most prob they will come back during yr end or during cny next year.

    and talk bout coincidence in the world, their friend happens to

    -be in O-sch/fbodz?/LCL
    -used to know jazreel
    -Is a friend to one of the member in Hey! say! jump!


    anyway had dance again..what's new haha. My hand is recovering quite a fair bit..no dance tmr! im off! a break..phew!

    bread spoke at Wednesday, July 23, 2008

    Tuesday, July 22, 2008

    Injured thumb, botak mascara, By2 and shokudo

    Wah Damn sian la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I injured my thumb on sat during bboy rehearsal! dunno is sprain or vein/nerve problem..went to the sinseh also dun understand what she say. But damn cui lo got internal bleeding ten the sinseh have to pucture my skin to extract the blood clot. Walked past my sec sch today while looking for a chi sinseh..super huai nian lo

    level one of this part of my sch use to be chi dance studio. Its like so many sec sch memories there lo and the table outside staff room etc...ah i miss sec sch days T_T


    it sucks to have hand injury...super bu fang bian lo..sucks

    anyway i finally met mascara last saturday! lik so omg lo he botak head!! but felt quite bad that i laugh at him but his head damn nice to touch lo! u know those botak head or guys the hair cut untill dman short then the soft soft prickly damn nice to touch =XXXX watched hancock with him then he fetched me back. Bloody hell 1st time he ride so fast lo...and i super feel damn insecure la cos i wasn't sitting lik very close to him n i only hanging my dear life on a piece of plastic. Super scary then he just tell me

    "why gt fast..always lik that de ma..u'll get used to it"
    some kind of bro!!!!

    On sunday went to support my juniors at their event

    fricking piss off lei!! it's lik By2 event but so many JJ lin and lin yu zhong's fans go somemore all stand in front waste space only bloody hell! somemore they all keep grumbling bout by2 lik wtf! argh!

    anyway during the event there was one part they gt 2 ppl to go one stage to dance one of their mtv dance then the winner can get a N78..and i got it muahahah! but my point to go on stage jus to talk to them la..lik so ass rite..somemore i'm gonna sell the phone la haha

    so proud of them! to accomplish that much for 16 yr old ain't that easy. just hope they'll make it bigger . I know how to differentiate them..can u? lol!

    met my other dance juniors also..looking at them made me realise im getting old..sian

    Met cher and jaz after that for dinner at cine..SHOKUDO!!! wah the meatball pasta..been craving so long la!!

    cher has the bacon cream pasta n jaz had some chicken asparagus tomato cream pasta..which taste pretty sucky after it turn cold haha. then i ordered the ume soda (in pink) fricking sucky lo!! it's drinkable but just taste funny..shld had jus ordered the apple vinegar.

    Then sun i machiam dress lik butch lik dat so..

    jaz is my gf hahahah! gt look lik les couple bo haha

    then went BK to chill and had the chocolate pie for dessert..super budget but well it's nice! then kept cam-whoring also..mainly cher n me though haha

    the dope chocolate pie!
    oh note the 2 lens on the table? i helped cher break the lens out from her geek specs

    Cher's a wizard!

    ahh another week is starting..my parents are in japan

    so muhahahahhaah! ask me out ppl! i have no curfew!!! lol!!!!!!!!!!!

    bread spoke at Tuesday, July 22, 2008

    Saturday, July 19, 2008

    Kah kit is stupid!!!

    Say "master bedroom" 10 times

    master bedroom
    master bedroom
    master bedroom
    master bedroom
    master bedroom
    master bedroom
    master bedroom
    master bedroom
    master bedroom
    master bedroom

    What did u do a few moments ago?

    i bet u said "masturbate" rite

    kah kit aka kit kat came up with this stupid thing just now when we eating bar cho mee.
    arh! damn sian my frontwlak kept failing...dammit

    bread spoke at Saturday, July 19, 2008

    Friday, July 18, 2008

    Dawn Yang was actually a guy!

    YAY! i jus satisfied another craving of mine...

    Bread beard papa's DOPE cream puffs!

    I was too lazy to go all the way dwn to bugis to get them then today while i was walking to the studio, i saw someone selling them as their I&E proj in sch! wah gt happy dao lo!!

    i super like cream puffs la! and bread beard papa's one is like the best i've eaten.

    now im left with shokudo cream pasta *hungry*

    anyway when i entered the studio today i kena stunned by this...

    apprantly alex was too bored during his 5 hours break and he made this thing. vic n baowen claims its our mascot haha

    it's damn tall!

    and i look fricking short n fat in this pic -___-"

    oh !!! recently suddenly i realise a lot people (mainly nra juniors) actually thot mian bao is my name..lik literally steph leong mian bao!!!!!


    but everytime they ask me why i have that nick then i have to repeat the same old story so i think i shall write an exclusive entry on "why am i call mianbao" so next time anybody ask me i'll just refer them to that entry. Saves me the trouble of repeating it over n over again!

    ok i'm off to sleep. it's 4.56am and i was done with my safety report (finally) before i decided to update my blog

    yes i bet u realise i haven talk bout dawn yang being a guy before. Well the title was jus to catch ya attention for a boring entry. Talk bout cheap thrill ...beh!

    -stupid! i kept spelling beard as bread...5.15am when i finished posting this entry-

    bread spoke at Friday, July 18, 2008

    Wednesday, July 16, 2008


    YAY! Nicold ko krunch finally uploaded the camp pix! so here they are!

    -Day 1-


    catered dope food which i didn't eat cos i ate before reporting la! cos i din even know bout it

    -Project runway
    -100 seconds no NG
    -Pockey Cow

    Project runway: each group given a character, with given materials, we have to dress a group member up as look alike to the character as possible. Fortunately my group got Jack sparrow, unfortunately i was the one who was dressed up -__-"

    the characters list as follow..

    Lara Croft(tomb raider)



    Jack sparrow


    KungFu Panda

    Incredible Hulk

    Ash Ketchum and L from death note

    It all started with baowen saying "must find a girl be easier cos long hair"
    then yvonne straightaway point at me...i lead a hard life T_T

    apparantly their group also hav trouble deciding who to be lara croft

    who's the hulk?

    what's joel doing!?

    i refused to turn cos i was doing my make up...

    Presenting (left to right)!
    Xiangtian the transformer;
    Joel the sailormoon with boob implant;
    Yew Seng as L but super pale so lik ju-on;
    Lavanya as naruto;
    Kit kat the spider man who is endorsed by Nike;
    Wilbert the not-so-incredible hulk who plays mahjong,
    Cash the Pokemon master ash;
    Mianbao (me) the short and fat Jack Sparrow;
    Sinyang the KungFu Panda from Ethopia.

    Then we have to act out the character so..

    actually joel damn suay always kena gay shit de

    shi min is ash's pikachu

    Jon is marboro LIGHT

    in clearer view..

    dammit i think i look more lik chow yun fatt here lo

    100 seconds no NG: each group required to complete a set of task along with script within 100seconds without any mistakes. My group was the fastest! 38 sec haah!

    Pockey Cow: 1 member is blindfolded, another member has to guide the blind to complete a set of task then put a magnet on a part of the cow. Loads of noisy distractions. Wah seriously..gt ppl lik wilbert, alex, weijie...all damn loud!!!

    The cow

    the blinds


    chin trying very hard

    look at the right..thats whr i am..so many ppl!

    yay! cow!


    i still rmb the thing end at 2 plus by the time we sleep is lik 3 i think..super knock out.

    ok stay tune for part 2!!!

    bread spoke at Wednesday, July 16, 2008