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    Friday, January 30, 2009


    Today is daddy's bdae
    after school i went down to town to search for a present for him
    then i realise..

    i dun really know wad my dad likes....
    and i also realise

    i had the same problem last year, as well as for my mum's bdae also...

    in the end i jus bought my dad a red rambo tee from NUM, a can of Kilkeny and a packet of his favourite chips.

    Happy birthday dad!

    *note* the cashier still checks my IC when i bought the beer; and one of the chef at restaurant went to for dinner said i look more like the younger sibling than my bro ^^ (ya i jus trying to say i look young lol)

    bread spoke at Friday, January 30, 2009

    Thursday, January 29, 2009


    First off...a rather shocking picture
    Fenyi kena shocked dao
    then si jia was lik o.o

    cos well...

    i dun usually wear a dress ma..ahah!

    ok mayb not that shocking to general public but ppl who know me mayb ba
    ya i wore that on chu yi haha

    anyways...ultimate cuteness!!

    My 2 month old niece!! damn cute lo!!!

    My dad sat her on his lap then she jus lean back and fell aslp on my dad's stomach. then she hipccups in her slp..ultimate cute!

    then she's lik the best kind of baby lo!! other kids dun like ppl to carry them right..she's the exact opposite...if u put her down she will keep wailing untill someone carrys her.

    Her eyes damn big, eyelash damn long and she's damn chubby!!!
    when i carried her once, she kept staring at me then suddenly she sneeze..damn cute!

    my cousin's and i were predicting that when she grow up she will be a tall chio bu lol
    i can't wait for her to b likes 6 months lo..dats lik the age u can really play with her...ah!! too cute liao!!

    *maternal instincts falling in*

    oh and this year cny i won $1 !!
    it's not a big deal for y'all but u know everytime i gamble during cny..I ALWAYS LOSE MONEY!
    so can win $1 is a big deal! =DD
    nth much happened on cny for me..pretty boring n quiet cny
    its seriously nobody has the feel for cny

    Reminisce 2008*

    Yes i know a bit too late for that liao ah since january is lik ending but i still have to say my piece haha

    2008 was the year

    - i took part in my 1st funka: though never get into finals but it's still good exposure

    - had like ultimate exposure to dance..like ko night,ftl and all: i think i was really a very jing di zhi wa person before all this. Is like dance is not jus bought production. I feel that if a dancer can't freestyle..then the person can't really be called a dancer. no offence but ya

    - i finally felt more welcomed in the club: seriously and frankly, i wasn't really happy in the club but it's ppl like melise, kit kat and jon who made my life in the club happier.

    - i break/patch 3 times and in the end still get back with eugene =P..well im sure there wun b a 4th because..u value wads good aft u noe wad sucks..which brings me to the next point

    - i realised how fucked up a guy can get. well if he so happens to read...then oh well haha
    i'm not feeling fucked that we broke up, i jus feel kindda pissed with myself hw stupid i can get. good thing i din give in much else i think i'll be like the biggest dumbass in the world. and of course there are other things that i know and i guess he assumed that i dunno anything. A word of advice, singapore is not very big, and of course the dance scene is pretty small in singapore so it's no surprise ppl know each other. Of course as a fren, i think he's ok but as a bf...I jus hope he learns to treat girls better and be more respectful to us and don't be so self-centered =)

    *i still haven eat the dua leng gong lollipops lo! wah lao it's a bit siao if u realise*

    - i finally got to do lyrical jazz partner work. THANKS JJ! for the opportunity and of course my partner xiang tian =)

    - i know a lot great people and really open my perception to the dance industry

    - i had my first bdae surprise in poly years: yes its pretty sad that usually i have to make plans for my own bdae. But ya..thks to those who contributed to the surprise =) i'll never forget i ever celebrated my bdae in nra studio 73 =DD

    - i did my fyp. Nanibeibiez! FYP is bitch lo! seriously! but really thks to karen who is very kan chiong else i thin kthe fyp will never finish. YES WE ARE FINISHING!!!!

    thess are the few memorable events that i rmb-ed from 2008. i'm sure 2009 will be a better year..i'll jus b very sian after i grad though..*sigh*

    bread spoke at Thursday, January 29, 2009

    Wednesday, January 28, 2009

    bread spoke at Wednesday, January 28, 2009

    Monday, January 26, 2009


    it's true when u gain smth u lose smth right?

    it's like werid
    i read ya blogs...
    then i realised how much i've distanted from y'all


    i dun wanna lose a bro
    and a great fren now thats for sure...
    cos afterall they're still and probably the only reason why i stayed on in the club..

    -no feel for cny

    bread spoke at Monday, January 26, 2009

    Saturday, January 24, 2009

    Unshared love is..

    what is unshared love?


    everybody...jia you ba..

    ...for dance..
    ...for studies..
    ...for love...

    明天會更好 =))

    bread spoke at Saturday, January 24, 2009

    Friday, January 23, 2009




    i 2 days never slp properly liao!
    every morning i wake up my eyes damn swollen

    and i think my eyebags can compete with yi zheng's T_T

    i think i look lik this now
    machiam drug addict la...zzz

    aft 16 feb!!!!!! free from fyp! rahh!


    bread spoke at Friday, January 23, 2009

    Monday, January 19, 2009


    it's never too late..

    1. Not fail any mods/get debarred so i can really be freed from studying in Aug

    2. Join dance battles

    3. Dance

    4. work and save munnies~

    5. grow up

    bread spoke at Monday, January 19, 2009

    Thursday, January 15, 2009


    I was blog hopping then keep hopping to poly year 3 people's blog and everybody's all talks bout

    - yes gonna graduate!!
    - gonna chiong work aft graduate!!
    - yay!! aft graduate can dance lik no tmr
    - etc.

    then i read le i'm like...

    fucking sian!!!!!

    cos i graduate next year apr !! Na ni beibeizzzzzzzzzzzz!~
    althought my sch terms end in aug...i only officially grad from poly in APR 2010

    If only i din fail maths in year one...cheesebunz *rahh*

    SO now y'all know when i grad...stop asking me! it's very depressing cos it's painfully reminding me that i can't enjoy yet T_T

    bread spoke at Thursday, January 15, 2009

    Wednesday, January 14, 2009




    *karen say i too vulgar so oh my god is the best expression i can use now...but actually is more than oh my god*

    i think most people aware bout this gatsby styling contest right..
    singapore finals this sat

    but let's take a look at the japanese finalist

    -shinji from 7down8upper-

    -kato from D'oam-

    - one of the member from xyon -

    -some random group-

    own liao ...
    seriously own liao !!!

    and don't forget, asia's best bboys are in korea
    and also all the dope poppers in korea also which i'm sure a few would had joined
    and the dope popping grp from m'sia is the m'sia champion hor

    singapore..jia you ba...a lot of you

    bread spoke at Wednesday, January 14, 2009

    Sunday, January 11, 2009



    WAH LAO!! i took out all my extentions

    ALL OF EM'!!!

    BIG BOO-HOO! i totally regret la! now my hair lik so short and so little and the layer lik sheeeeeat!

    bread spoke at Sunday, January 11, 2009

    Friday, January 09, 2009

    History of house music

    omg i was watching the documentary on youtube from 1+am
    it's already 2.55am and im still at part 8!!
    i think i'll save the rest for tmr...else i confirm cannot wake up for sch...oh god~

    yay! i passed my microbio paper!

    bread spoke at Friday, January 09, 2009

    Thursday, January 08, 2009


    I'm only dropping by for a short post cos i still have a lot assignments to rush but when im back i will do a photo log for all the events dat happen in dec!

    -kit kat's dae
    -my bdae
    -x'mas party at yu xin's place
    -new year eve

    wah i jus realise a lot thing! die!
    ok anyway back to zhong dian


    when my friend told me bout it at 1st i was lik "oh what's new"
    then i jus randomly say "skarly they ______ le lo" (no nth r21)
    then today my friend msg me say "omg! seriously as u predicted lo! they _______"
    THEN jus now when i read the person's blog i was like...totally feel the person la!
    but only difference is the person is only at the starting point now

    frankly speaking, i believe the person is smart la hor...smarter than me at least
    and i seriously hope the person wouldn't go into the race
    cos the same shit sure happen one
    it can happen once it can happen twice...what more my case was lik the dunno-how-many time
    later fall down get 皮外伤 still ok eh
    i just scare the person inccur more damage than 皮外伤

    tmd i cannot do anything bout it cos i'm not suppose to know y'all know
    and the feeling sucks!
    u know like this person is going die somehow yet u can't do anything cos u have to act like u dunno and ya totally unrelated to the person..y'all feel me?

    ya but anyway
    if the same shit happens
    i will seriously cannot take it de lo
    my case i already close one eye liao
    but if shit continues and i find out bout it...
    i dunno what i'll do la
    but it may involve a clinic...mayb a hospital....

    ok jus kiddin



    bread spoke at Thursday, January 08, 2009

    Friday, January 02, 2009


    to start off the new year! have a good laugh!!

    i wanna dance!!!!!! argh!!!

    bread spoke at Friday, January 02, 2009