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    Saturday, May 26, 2007

    First of all, i'll like to congratulate all 15 people who got into LSCT main comm

    1)Benjamin Lim
    3)Wei San
    5)Hui xian
    6)Bee Sim
    9)Xiang Ling

    don't worry...im more than happy not to b in the main comm...at least i can concentrate on dance and studies. on top of that...im actually gloating away; awhile bck when the main comm thingy came abt...somebody told this someone is gonna tell others not to vote for me...n on the voting day the someone was pulling votes lik crazy...in the end...also neva get in! haha! talk bout retribution. At least i wun emo over it..lalala

    anyway there was suppose to b a whole load of happy things to blog abt budden a gigantic pile of bullcrap jus exploded on me jus now n im in a lousy mood. All i can say is i hate my dad because

    - i kena a fucking curfew at 11pm....which NORMALpoly student sleeps at 11 man!?
    - lik all man...he always thinks he's right...but will neva admit it
    - he doesn't lik gene n only told me lik recently [lik 1mth ago n today]
    - he fricking treats me lik an 8 yr old...
    - i fucking gt 0 for my mbio quiz becos he made me off my lappy in the midst my quiz and once u attempted it is consider sttempted...whether u submit the marks not also dun care...cb!
    - he threatens to make me quit nra. n i tink i mentioned b4...i'll hate anybody who trys to do dat. if dat day comes...i'll leave home for sure. Since he dun mind me hating him cos he made me quit dance so i guess he wun mind if i leave home too.
    [yes u may consider this as a threat but thats becos im taking dance seriously, jus lik man taking football seriously]
    - and fuck it! screw the part bout "when u sick or injured is not lik i neva care". i had to go see the doc myself when i bloody hell sprain my ankle n the doc was all the way at serangoon n im living at ang mo kio.

    argh! im fucking pissed! at times lik these...is very hard to think abt the gd stuff he did...but i seriously cannot rmb la other than the fact he supported me financially. Tell me la...hw can anybody think of any good...imagine ur parents tries to ruin ur passion, impose curfew on u...u sure too pissed to tink bout anything else except hw asshole they are la. Im so pissed that i can;t slp n here i am typing at 4.13am.

    bread spoke at Saturday, May 26, 2007

    Wednesday, May 23, 2007

    bah am i really an idealist? i wun deny i do hav a competitive nature but is that gonna cos me my eq? i feel lik an arsehole these days..bleahz

    ps: damn i haven done anything for e-learning week..

    bread spoke at Wednesday, May 23, 2007

    Tuesday, May 22, 2007

    WOAH!!! i tink i've seriously abandoned this blog for a long long long time!!! i mean my updates also not proper updates lo..lol. Things are settled and im so happy! lol!! anyway as promised...my foc photos...i'll upload a few though cos lazy to resize n all..lol

    our flag! all done n proper!

    joel,charn i with the flag. so sad lo!! char is in australia studying !!! -sigh-

    me n the flag..lol

    we made dummies for nite walk!! lik so funny..everybody gathered in the logistic room tearing newspaper, taking out the orbiturary section frm newspaper..stuffing newspaper..14 dummies were done! not forgetting the overpowering smell of newspaper. =.="

    the following sets of pictures quite lol

    1st there were 3 ...

    then 4..

    then a whole bunch of us!

    cam whore sia!

    jin hao, joel n i doing our grp cheer for all to see. so pathetic lo! other groups have at least 5 gls in their grp doing their cheers...we only gt 3 cos char went home n the other 2 haven arrived yet.

    those were taken during prep camp la...sian lo...dun hav my "graduation" photo...rawr~!

    half of the modern warfare gls doing registration; cheryl[lee], lendl, wen xin n me!
    nerwin consist of a grand total of 17 freshies....if i not wrong..lol Zi wei is a freshie wannabe! every year he neva fails to act freshie when he's in fact 24 yrs old now!! and im considered lucky ba...cos the eye candy of the camp was in my grp...i present to u..PUN!

    and the rest of my freshies in the background..haha

    Eugene Lao De [the old one] and his water bomb bag...or rather his padding..cos he has man boobs! =XX

    me n my fellow welfare! n together we are

    STEPH LEONG WAI SEE JIAN LIANG JOEL! [xiang liang came up wiv the stupid combi. cos joel's surname is See n my last name is see

    2nd day happens to b alvin[tan]'s bdae so....

    and alvin is one happy man~

    my nerwin babies!

    all the ex-krakenian! only 4 out of 14 krakenians joined gls though..haha!

    preparing for night walk

    my super unglam moment! tired from camp k! anyway i only dozed off lik 5 mins..i already finished al lmy nite walk stuff then k..lol

    next...do not look at the following photos at nite n alone!

    behold!!! me!! n im not fat! its the stupid costume!

    i jus realised hw unconvincing i am! ghost carrying handphone, ziplock bag n pouch...HAHAHAHAAH!

    i dunno but everybody says im super scary if i smile wiv my ghostly make up

    total no. of freshies who remained

    nerwinians unite!

    super informal

    flag signing~

    uber completed flag wiv siggys!

    NERWIN !!



    yes!!! the damn reason why im so black now!! i spend the whole day in the water n i fricking gt burnt...big time!! till the extend when i went bck to work at Ritz everybody asked me why iso black. Then Cory..one of GH chef said "now u black black not pretty liao"


    Met mos of the gls at habourfront market for breakfast.

    joel n donald with their beach boy nonsense..haha

    denyse and i with joel being xtra behind. I love my shades.cos nobody can see hw small my eyes are..lol

    alvin[chai] drove both denyse n i into sentosa..haha

    sentosa has change their tix to nice pretty ones!

    donald n i..kaya roti since foc camp..lol

    joel's masterpiece; sand turtle...can u see it?

    Thats all for today. More photos coming up frm the recent nra performance at convention center for dunno wad youth award thingy. We performed the FOC item frm danzation n lyrical hip hop item to the song "bridging the gap". i super love the choreo! n im doing the lyrical part so mre technical but still i love it! i hav my graceful side...wahahahahahahaha!

    its e-learning wk this wk but i guess i will go dwn to sch to do my stuff else i'll b wasting time at home. i woke up at lik 1pm this morning lo!! n only did one maths assigment the whole day...which is lik 8 log questions only...super pathetic. Gotta start studying since common test is round the corner. I'll sure miss dance though its only 2 wks bt since i've committed so much time to dance during normal sch dance..its high time i really start studying. Gotta work real hard to pull up my GPA else i'll die a horrible death in my 3rd yr.

    Damn i still have to go sch tmr for maths quiz...stupid emu~


    ps: dammit! there's a baby lizard running in my rm n i tink my rm is attracting ants for some reason....GROSS!

    bread spoke at Tuesday, May 22, 2007

    Friday, May 11, 2007

    Friendship: deal or no deal; whats the value?

    -sigh- *woah i actually sighed at more blog...since eons i did dat* yes i noe im suppose to upload my foc photo but im so not in the mood to blog bout happy things

    *woohoo!!! i passed my 1st maths quiz! 23/35*

    nvm bout that. See the title up there? What do you tink is the value of frenship?

    to me i tink the value of frenship is time which=priceless. Over the past few weeks then i realised hw time play such a big role in friendships.

    is lik one moment u can b eac other sidekicks then while ya away busy with smth, the rest jus had their fun, and when u come bck, u end up lik a lost sheep. Worse thing is, when u try to pull bck into the crowd, the distance jus get larger n larger.

    I did try getting bck, but im getting real tired. Each time i tink im lik talking to walls when i tried to strike a conversation. NOw is lik i dunno wads going on; when they dun look really happy, i tried showing concern, they hardly breath a word. Then when they start doing new stuffs that u neva know of cos u're away...u get more demoralised. Its even more demoralising to hear them talk bout outings that u dun even know of. That sucked the mos.

    I joined the club, main purpose is to dance, but without them i probably wun survive in the club till now. SO its lik now things has changed so much i really dunno what to do. Today during pract i din really talk to them. Cos i jus dunno wad to talk bout then i'll get another disappointment becos i out diao. And since they all look so happy together why shld i go ruin the atmosphere or smth . Seriously im not thinking too much; things jus seem wad they seem in my view. I tried to see things in a brighter light but no, things wun change.

    now i say untill nth to say le, i wun force them cos it'll jus cause more unhappiness. Cry also cry b4 liao, wad more can i do. Mayb they neva notice anything, jus its seems quieter. who doesn't lik the peace rite. Guess i jus hav to see on next sat..

    bread spoke at Friday, May 11, 2007

    Thursday, May 03, 2007


    im officially no longer fair skinned!!! god dammit!!! T_T

    one afternoon at sentosa in the waters has caused my skin to burn n char...heart pain lo...i used to b so fair -sigh-

    when i went bck to work ystd...everybody were lik "huh why u so dark!?"
    then Cory say i black liao not pretty le. Do i have to b reminded again *wails away*
    i even gt called "black gal"...lik wth! its not dat bad rite...GAH!!

    speaking of work...yoke kuan was promoted to supervisor!!! goddammit! n i freaking gt screwd by her ystd at work. 1st i was late by a few min, she kao bei so much...ask me report at 8 instead of 7.30.! lik nvm...since its jus 3 dollars diff. THen aftnoon i kena dua by gst. Gst ordered takeaway then neva leave contact or anything thn in the end neva come pick up order...i kena nag by her also...lik wth! n mofo+alvin are gonna work at gh..haha! mofo's hair damn funny!

    very soon i'll update the photos for both foc n sentosa outing...rite now im feeling damn lazy n slpy...haha!

    bread spoke at Thursday, May 03, 2007