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    Wednesday, February 28, 2007

    Twit vs Bimbo

    GOD DAMMIT! i was done typing then i accidentally exited the page b4 i could publish it and now i have to retype everything!

    Twits vs Bimbo..who is the dumbest of them all

    Bimbo: Pretty but stupid
    Twit: new age ah lians

    i'll go for twit. Cos at least bimbos speak human language and are pleasant to the eye. twits are..sheeshz..

    The Chronicles of a twit

    today i saw the biggest example of a twit in action. Right here in amk. Gene n i were waiting for our crispy chicken at KFC becos KFC crispy chicken is too good so they gt sold out n they hav to fry a new batch. The whole place was rather quiet cos not many ppl then suddenly


    a batch of secondary sch students came in and they were fricking noisy cos the instant they came in, the whole place was filled with their noises and yes they are tard annoying. anyway, i tink none of the gals look appealing at all. Only one gal look slightly ok but she'll probabaly look less than wad she is without her make up [well i overheard she puts blusher n gene noticed she's gt eyeliner one]

    So while gene and i were waiting for our chicken [a good 20 mins], we started talking bout their sch, [which happened to be gene's bro sec sch]. According to gene that sch has a reputation..not a good one though.

    Finally our chicken came. At least that wad i thot as 1st becos when the the aunty came out with a tray with 2 sets of chicken, the bunch of gals were lik

    "oh thats our chicken"
    and making a lot noise lik 1st time see kfc chicken -____-" then when the aunty pass gene one of the set. They gt so outraged

    "what isn't that ours!" in chinese

    cos twits speak less than half-standard english which i presume from their "ii lurbe euu" or smth worse.

    never heard of 1st come 1st serve eh? And when i jus told the aunty we ordered 2 sets instead of one and almost within nano sec the ok-looking gal..whom i assume is the "head" of the group, said to the aunty "we ordered 4sets eh"

    er..wads the big deal with ordering more? So anyway the aunty jus gave them the other set n went into kitchen to get more. The same auntie came out with more and she was about to pass me my order, the whole grp of them jus interuppted her again. I guess either they are brought up this way or they were jus starved for months. Who cares, gene n i jus tucked in.

    There she was, going on n going, complaining n telling her frenz she's so gonna complain to KFC's managment. All that for a few pieces of chicken. Then...here comes the funny part, i nearly lol-ed but i had to control least i invite unwanted trouble. I dunno if wad she did will make the twits community proud or disgrace them further.

    what happened was, the head gal was grumbling away when a waitress, carrying a tray with 4 sets of chicken on it, approached them n asked

    " u ordered 4 sets of chicken rite?"

    lik lol man! ok, u may not find it funny if ya reading it but if u were there, u'll b sniggering right away. I mean, she was lik vying for the chickens so desperately, making such a big hooha n making obnorxious comments, only to end up having getting her own order wrong. Stupidity is in the air.

    I guessed she sensed i was laughing my heads off mentally so she tried to cover up her mistake.
    Really, are ah lians these days so auntie?

    To complete the whole twit package, she even started telling her frenz somethings bout a gal in their sch i tink. things lik "wah lao, her make up is lik damn wad la" [talk about pot calling kettle black] and "i see her i sure beat her up" smth lik that. Well i can't help listening, she was speaking so loudly i bet the whole place heard her conversation. If that wasn't enough, while eating, she started singing "True Colours", the song from the True Beauty ad. You know what, if i were to b put into competition with her, i wouldn't b able to contain my own indifferences. She was almost monotonous n even sang off key then she stopped singing n said

    " i know why she jealous of us liao. cos she cannot sing as good as us"

    Twit factor #3-b shamless

    for more information on twits, visit MOT
    they haven't update for a long time but their archives are certainly most worth reading. Being the sole founder of anti-twit society, they sure are the TOP the anti-twit-ers. check 'em out
    (other anti-twit webs are jus following their footsteps, no fresh ideas or anything at all so in my true humble opinion, they're not worth visiting)

    thats all for today, i off watching south park

    send D2 to 32623 or call 1900-112-5502!

    bread spoke at Wednesday, February 28, 2007

    Tuesday, February 27, 2007

    Dance screwed me

    I jus didn't dance for a mth n the break totally fei(4) diao my one year effort in training. While peggy n i were doing warm-ups. i can no longer stretch as far as i did as my muscle will tear apart. Then i also cannot support my weight anymore, i can't even survive 14 gal-style push ups *sigh*

    The worse thing is i think i gt more retarted. Is lik during normal dance lessons, ann will teach i will stun there awhile when we suppose to do but i jus catch up the 2nd time. Then today, when wang qin was teaching, i totally screwed la! i tink i stunned for lik more than a couple of times...fricking retard man ! Last time, we can go on for lik half an hour b4 we go out of breath; today aft 5 mins n doing 1 eights, all of us were out of breath. And the choreo has a lot of ups n downs so my leg totally went soft by the end of the training...shit man. But it was good sweat out..i can feel my fat going away...HAHAHHAAH!

    Aft lesson i still have to make my way to blk 16 studio wiv peggy..i tink i nearly died on the way. Ican't feel my legs, they seem to giv way anytime. It's not jus my ankle muscle man, its my calf n even my thighs la T_T Even aft gene help me massage , i can still my legs aching.

    oh man. i'm so dead tmr during ann's lesson X_X

    bread spoke at Tuesday, February 27, 2007

    Friday, February 23, 2007

    seriously i dunno wad to blog about but CNY is over n holidays are in for me!!! 9 wks of holiday for me!!! i can gloat at my bro..muhahahahaa! but i guess holidays wun b much of holiday for me. *sigh* my hopes of going to hokkaido are dashed! cos my bro is taking Os this yr n it'll totally b immoral of me to

    1] make him go japan with the whole family n skip 2 days of sch


    2] make him jealous cos i'm making it more obvious that i'm on holiday

    so i decide to b a gd jie-jie n stay in singapore n wait till next yr's march hols T_T (no i'm not going to japan in nov/dec because it'll b winter season n i wun b able to buy nice clothes...clothes design kinda suck during the winter season if u notice)

    anyway...i'm $210 bucks richer!! considerthe fact i din work for a month, that quite a sum earned. i love CNY. the biggest ang bao i gt was $20. It wasn't really ang bao cos it was given to me by my unmarried aunt n she jus gave my bro n i the $20 as it is. oh n my dad's fren gave a $20 ang bao. JUS MY DAD'S FREN LEI! NOT BLOOD-RELATED! SUPER GENEROUS CAN!! Next biggest prolly from one of my cousin from my mum side which is $12.

    AND I'M GODDAMN HAPPY! COS I'M RESUMING DANCE PRACTISE NEXT WK!!!! i miss dance! i miss eighties! i miss ann! i miss everyone! monday wang qin's gonna start funka practise with us. I'm kinda excited cos i'm wondering what genre or style wud she do. Actually Nra would b sending 9 teams for funka n only our team wud b coached by wang qin so kinda anticipating for funka practise.

    It's lik today i went bck to see my juniors practising for syf, n i kindda realise really hw much effort i commited to dance last time. Compared to present, wad i practise for in nra was nth. Those were the days where tears, sweat n even blood were shed. Work so hard for 1 and half years jus for one bloody competition that goes on every once in 2 yrs. Kindda crappy la for the fact my last yr i din even gt gold for honours (ya lik so unfair can! chi n malay dance worked the hardest and we only get lik wad...GOLD!? then the other fricking dance slacked all the way n gt the honours! lik wtf! dats one thing i'll neva 4get since i grad) but frankly when i see the juniors, i dun see myself in them. The spirit is diff n if u ask me, i'm kindda pissed la. Cos in my opinion, they dun really take things seriously, they are jus doing it for the sake of doing it n not for themselves. Then it's lik u dun see the energy in the dance...totally kindda sucked but i can't really say dat in front of them, bet that'll kill them off. not much i can go anyway.

    Guess i'll jus work hard on my part n get my spirit into dance for the competition. More importantly...getting in shape! god dammit, despite some relatives saying i seemed to hav slim down again. i thought diff. i felt i weigh a whale now...crap! my firm tummy kindda gone. the shape is dere but it'd gone soft...bah~

    sigh~ think i'm jus gonna stop here cos im damn tired.

    you know...mian bao chao ren has her stormy days too.

    dance dance dance~

    bread spoke at Friday, February 23, 2007

    Sunday, February 18, 2007

    HAPPY CNY ppl! you know wad~? i'm free!!!! i'm finally free from the clutches of stupid exams!!! but *sigh* i only hav high confidence for my mbio paper..the rest are lik bua bua bua~ Anyway i can't wait for dance practs to start!! aching from all the non-dance days man...jus begin with a few updates too btw.

    Valentine's day-

    Wah damn pai seh can! Early in the morning, i woke up jus to go down to gene's house n put post-its on his bike. Of course i wrote sweet stuff on the post-its la. It's lik 6+am so there're ppl ard whn they see me put the post-its ...so zzz! Then i waited for gene; cos day b4 say he 7am come fetch me then we go hav breakfast n he 7am plus then left the house k. The ultimate pai seh thing is, he came down with his older bro! then then his bro ji siao or smth...super fricking embrassing! Neva will i do anything lik dat anymore! Gene gt me a bracelet n he made a keychain for both of us

    it's 2-sided btw.

    yup~ i sure did hav my IPC paper n i'm sure i wun pass it. So anyway aft the paper rushed home to bathe n change to meet gene. In the end had dinner at Swensen's at ps. and lik Swensen super into the valentine mood la. They hav this menu for valentine's day and everything is love-smth smth.

    Drink: love potion
    salad: love toss
    finger bites: love smth *dunno cos i din see the menu*
    baked rice: love rice
    ice cream cake: love smth

    the worst part is gene n i gt kindda full even before the main course was served..haha. The pic above is the chocolate ice cream cake...cute rite. Budden gene n i ended up mutilating it cos the chocolate case was a lot so we ended up jus digging the ice cream cake inside..haha.

    yup...and we sure din take photos together that day, not even neos cos aft the dinner was quite late...8+ and gene wanted to go bugis street to buy cny clothes . Well he din buy anything in the end while i bought my fren's bdae present. In the end reached home lik 11+ cos gene was tired from day's work n i hav to study for physio next day too...which i gt fricking careless..*sigh*

    Movie review- Epic Movie

    aft mbio paper on friday, a whole bunch of us went to watch epic movie. N it's really..REALLY a whole big bunch of us

    Ta da! 1st time buy more than 10 tix..haha!

    anyway for the movie, if u don't lik Scary movie u wun lik Epic at all. I mean wad can u expect from the same producers of Scary movie..haha! but if u really nid a good laugh do watch it. U'll probably laugh form the beginning till the end. Some impersonation includes characters from x-men, narnia, pirates of the caribbean, willy wonka, da vinci, nacho libre, snakes on the plane etc. n if u watch it in the theaters, do stay back as they air the credits cos they're still some clips behind.

    Anyway on our way to the mrt station...

    u sure this guy works is California!?

    anyway jus now i was reading the article at dance floor "third degree burn". God dammit! i tink the editor is damn biased can and really really shallow. Whats with the ah lians n masked dancers being scared of critics. 1st of all, ah lians can't dance...AT ALL. All ah lians do is pump n shake their booty; actually they can't pump nor do they really shake their booty..their idea of dance is probably jus as same as jewelry [ya seriously wad happen to the 2 yr experience of dance man]everybody knows this vlogger [my impression of her is an ah lian anyway] but i dun tink she can dance n she doesn't admit it..bleahz

    gold costume jewellery hanged over black halter tops is so like

    i'm not sure bout the 80s lians but modern day ah lians wear black leggings with skirts n cardigans/puremilk/newbie

    a few merits of masking yourself, like shaming yourself and knowing
    you can get away with it

    if there're a bad pt bout wearing mask then why's there lik 2 grps following their idea already. 1 grp during the 2nd auditions n 1 grp during the shuffle. So what if it's 1st impression...so typical singaporean thinking man

    second conclusion right after they took off the jackets and feathers from
    themselves, that’s just how shallow we are

    yup..they ARE shallow all right. white jacket muz b taufik meh..zzz.

    seriously, other than the judges, is there anyone else in the production crew of dancefloor that knows anything about dance? *rolls eyes*

    bah think i'm gonna spend the days aft cny watching battle royale [recommended by cheryl] n hana kimi...im wasting my life away..gah!

    bread spoke at Sunday, February 18, 2007

    Tuesday, February 13, 2007

    damn it! i'm suppose to b studying...guess i ain't in the mood. Tmr's IPC paper...but more importantly...IT"S VALENTINE"S DAY

    *rotten vegs n eggs start flying towards me*

    okokok! i noe exam more importantly....sigh...WHY! WHY! WHY do i hav a bloody paper on v-day! why isn't ipc on mon! kns!

    bread spoke at Tuesday, February 13, 2007

    Monday, February 12, 2007

    The memoirs of mian bao's hair...
    *point of view ffrom my hair duhz*

    nah beh! mian bao went to her cousin salon today n i gt abused! i was cut n
    now i'm blue-black!

    -that bout summarised what i did to my hair today...woke up early morning to go to square 2 cos i made the earliest appointment with my cousin! i nearly overslept too la...was damn tired cos i slept at 2am . And when i reached dere, my cousin haven reach la~ so i slacked at the salon, STUDYING. So it's lik one of the hairstylist called my cousin then my cousin told them to dye my hair 1st...then when she asked wad colour i wanna dye....everybody was lik "HUH!?" then all trying to psycho me dye other stuff

    Cos wad happens when u dye ur hair blue black, u can't dye other colours without bleaching ur hair 1st, which will then dry up your hair n ur hair will look lik dried grass for bout 3 mths b4 u can dye another colour...but still the damage is there la.

    but hack la...last time i dyed violet black come out lik brownish so blue black is better! but probably the next time i dye my hair will b lik when i grad from poly where my hair are all grown.

    And now my hair looks almost jet black -____________-" ok...at least that a lot better than brown-lifeless hair. My hair looks fuller too! my hair used to look lik mousy strands here n there. wee i love my new hair! and the shape is nicer now too! lalalalalalala~ but i'm lazy to take picture so prolly have to wait till lik friday, if i blog bout valentine's day or aft cny which i'll blog bout v-day n cny....CNY IS COMING!!!!!!

    Ang bao lai...deng deng deng deng deng deng!

    bread spoke at Monday, February 12, 2007

    Friday, February 09, 2007

    today was my maths paper! and my conclusion for the paper is......

    yes!! the paper is inhuman! Btw, Emu is our maths lecturer. Cos she's jus lik one; yak non-stop n well, she jus look lik one!

    is lik other than those "die-die lik that" kind of questions eg. simplfying algebra n intergration graph, the rest of the questions don't make sense!!! Don't think i'm saying this because my maths is bad, even ppl lik alvin n donald can say the paper is not easy. Compare to last sem, last sem's ppl are way lucky because their paper was easy can!! argh~

    It's like something is wrong with that emu's english la! the way she phrase question...damn wrong, we even suspect one of the questions had typo error. Then we even had to solve something with a set of unknowns. HOW CAN U SOLVE SOMETHING WITH UNKNOWNS!?!? u can't possibly get a value for x from a+b without giving at least a value of one! SO KUKU CAN!

    THE EMU IS EVIL! she gave us such a hard paper cos she's bloody hell retiring! is lik joel n the others said since she retiring she sure set okok paper but i told them she'll kill us n nobody believed me...see now! women are vicious! denyse n i wanted to go to the director's office to complain bout the paper...i even thot of suggesting that Emu shall not b allowed to retire till each n everyone of us pass maths. GRR~ dammit! i hope that emu drains her CPF b4 she dies...RAWR!

    Enuff of that stupid paper...I GT A B for IPC!!! hahahahaha! i guess presentation n practical pulled me up a lot since i jus passed my common test. Guess i'll have to maintain in my EOY to maintain dat B else my GPA sure cmi. Went to KAP for lunch+dinner with alvin,charmaine, donald, nadj n joel. Crapped the whole time over there so least my mood was lifted...but still..SCREW MATHS! oh...n outside Mac...


    *double wrong*
    it looks lik nadj is giving hamburglar head...gross!

    Anyway awhile back, my mum did the most amazing thing! she threw away my right contact lens -____________- shuo lai hua chang so i'm kindda half-blind frm last week so i had to survive on specs =_____________=" So today i went down to vivo to get a new pair but darn it! i wun get it till CNY! so i'll b half blind thru CNY? no! my optometrist said he'll get me a trial pair of lens closest to my eyesight but it'll still b quite blur....oh fuck it...i'm still gonna b 3/4 blind for CNY!

    V-day is round the corner but i'll b busy studying...sian..the sch acadamic board sure knows how to ruin valentine's day but since the paper aft v-day is physio...i'm still going out with gene..HAHA! Gene managed to change shift on that day with shady cos her bf works aftnoon...lik so heng!!! hmmm....i tink im missing Gene...sigh~

    Gene Made this for me! could have been nicer but it lao hong n shrunk T_T but still, how many guys out there makes balloon flowers for their gf? hahahahahahahahaha! and gene came all the way down aft work jus to pass me this last nite ! *touched*


    bread spoke at Friday, February 09, 2007

    Wednesday, February 07, 2007


    In times where recent events as gal getting robbed often [i saw one article in teletext where a gal literally gt punched in the face by a robber when she put up a fight..] we shld pick up some self-defence measures...


    bread spoke at Wednesday, February 07, 2007

    Tuesday, February 06, 2007

    weee~ things are settle between abe n i already...talked things n everything's cool..back to muggin season. Did MOL n by golly i manage to solve most questions without looking at example..looking bck...screw maths..i jus nid more practise..lalala.

    Through the talk with abe..think both of us realise lik sometimes not too good to know too many things and ppl are subjective to their own opinions. If don't lik what they say then jus treat it as nth. Well i thot too if i'm gonna b bother by comment from ppl who dunno me well enough...i'm prolly an idiot. For I'M AM SUBJECTED TO MY OWN IDEAS N IF PPL ARE NOT HAPPY BOUT I SAID...IF IT'S ADVICE FROM FRENZ, I'LL LISTEN BUT IF IT'S JUS RANDOM SENSELESS CRAP FROM ANY TOM DICK OR HARRY WHOM KNOW NUTS..YEA I'LL PRETTY MUCH HACK WHAT THEY SAY BECAUSE THEY ARE JUS RANDOM TOM DICK OR HARRY!

    lalala...back to studying.

    -ps: yes i'm done studying physio cos poor baby was done with allergy rashes n i went over and accompany him to the doc. While he's aslp i studied physio...a piece of cake...lalalalala~ n baby gene is recovering ^_^

    -p/ps: Ppl watch channel 8 at 9pm! mum said kindda insulting to our buddhist religion...i wonder why..

    bread spoke at Tuesday, February 06, 2007

    Monday, February 05, 2007

    A bomb

    I've been meaning to blog bout this for a long long time but i jus didn't have the time or rather i jus felt a tinge of conscious but at this stage i doubt i'm the one without a conscious. Apprantly this post is "dedicated" to this specific person and i'll make it so goddamn obvious i'm talking bout her cos most of the time when i'm "shooting" her she jus dun get my hint and jus go on n on repeating her wad she does

    1. I hate ppl delibrately talking bout a secret which they don't want me to know

    OH fuck goddammit! if u dun wan ppl ard you know about the secret ya sharing with your clinque. Why discuss it infront of others? Lik wads your motive? Show off to others that many trusted you telling them your secrets or trying to make us jealous because u know a lot. Frankly, I'm not jealous, i'm jus pissed off n disgusted everytime you do that. It's jus goes to show hw insensetive you are.

    It jus sets me thinking you enjoy seeing ppl begging you to share the secret, thus giving you the feeling ya in the upperhand. If u do find joy in that..i'm grossed out..pui! yes i used to ask u wad about but i've smarten up, no point asking u cos u'll neva tell. And mind you, i'm not the only who's pissed off bout this already. The worse thing is, when i've told you if u don't want me to know anything, don't discuss it in front of me with your friend, do it behind closed doors or something. And wads your response? U did nth! in fact you continue ranting on n on lik you didn't hear wad i said at all.

    I don't even think my existence matters to you anymore. Yes u may say that somethings others or i cannot know then lemme say..wads the point of u discussing in front of us to spark our curiousity n make us ask u wads going on? if anyone is gonna side her for this, put yourself in me or anyone's shoe n ask yourself, will u feel gd? i can seriously tell u the feeling is so fucking great that u wished u either kill yourself or cut away your ears =)

    2. I hate ppl to talk with codes

    Same applied to wads on top. If u don't other to know, FUCKING TALK BOUT IT IN PRIVATE.

    3. I hate unappreciative people [and this, i hate to the core]

    i marvel at myself for wad extraordinary lvl of tolerance i had for u for ur unappreciativeness. For others i may hav jus showed them the middle finger n walk away. Maybe it's because i was stupid enough to think our friendship will go back wad it used to b during sem 1. But i was proven wrong again n again. Multiple times i've help you, the last one was completing your maths assignment vonluntarily for u when u couldn't finish so u will get dat 5%, i jus dun wan to see u repeat the whole module and wad i gt in return? Not a word of thks and when we're walking bck aft dinner u jus neglected me n chatted happily with your friends. Wad do u take me for seriously? A tool u can make sure of ? a "friend" whom u go to when ur friends are not ard ? A few times i jus asked you to help me write my student number for IPC. For that time, i mentioned to u b4 i was at the risk of getting debar for IPC but surprise surprise! You 4gt bout it n when i told ya i gt a 2nd warning letter...or u can say is "huh". I kindda suspect if u even felt a tinge of remorse at all or u jus dun giv a damn whether i can take my exam a not.

    4. Spare a thought for others

    Maybe i've been paranoid but i jus feel ya turning to a self-center glob.U think the world revolve ard u n when u get the attention, nth matters to u anymore. Seriously, have u ever thot about the amt of stress ur bf may b under trying to make u happy? I kinda hate myself for this because all the time i'm listening to ur side of the story n neva heard of his. I may not know the full story but well, ur bf is probably stressing everyday hw to be a better bf. Then all u do is complain that his not initiative enuff etc. Ever considered his a vrigin in a BGR n ya not? And wad did u do to help him, hanging out with other guys. I'm not saying it's wrong to hang out with guy frenz when u have a bf but behaving too closely, don't u tink ya bf will b jealous? U may say ur fren is ur ah gong or kor but still u gotta b more INITIATIVE n automatic. Ur bf may appear lik he doesn't care but deep inside, he's probably raging already...any normal guy would feel jealous if their gal behave too closely to other guys. Seriously i think he's the one without a sense of security thats why he's lacking in confidence.

    secondly, when u haven even work out ur own relationship, why bother bout other's relationship? u tink ya protecting ya fren but ya wrong. U jus added stress for her. U may not lik the guy she's with but there's a reason why she chose him for a bf. As u know from the day we know her, she neva wanted to go into a relationship because she dun trust men. There muz b smth in that guy that made her trust him so jus trust her judgement. You said our fren is vulnerable but haven u 4get she's a very smart gal too? So jus do her a favour n don't b so hostile to him.

    Thirdly, if u don't lik/hate somebody, don't try to force others to hate them too. I mean ppl who are ignorant or neutral to the situation. It's lik if u don't lik then don't like la why pull other neutral parties into ur anti-association? So everybody will hate her n she'll feel left out? That not wad GL is about ain't it? ultimately u'll have to work with her in GL so why make an enemy when u can jus b a neutral party. Yea yea u can say i dunno anything thats why i can put things this way. Ya i admit i dunno anything because u din even tell me in the 1st place! I so "appreciated" you for doing that..thks..ya such a GREAT pal. For now i'm neither taking side with u nor the gal u dislike in this situation because i don't even know who to believe in the 1st place. U can even maling her of copying my bloggin style which she didn't at all. Face it, ya jus trying to find fault so u can make me hate her too. Lik i told u umpteen times, if u dun lik wad she writes they why go read her blog?

    5. It all sums up to..

    Frankly, i felt the frienship was going weaker day by day since the semester holidays. You changed for the worse. You used to b considerate, sensetive, caring and all but now...i tink ya kinda childish n blunt nowadays. Last time when i seemed unhappy or pissed off, u'll always coem n give me a word of concern, now..i dunno if u are really unaware or purposely dismiss about hw i feel. i'm not being over-sensetive..ask yourself hw would u feel if i'd treated u lik dat. And u if wan everyone's attention so b it, i jus hope u don't 4get bout ur frenz who nid ur concern cos i think mos of us are left in the dark when ya in the limelight. U can feel hurt reading this post but the amt of hurt u feel is only the peak of the iceberg of hw i felt. There's more i would wan to say but i dunno hw to put in the right so thats all for now. I seriously wish the frienship could still b maintain but now it's lik a ticking time bomb, sooner or later i'll bth n poof there goes everything.

    bread spoke at Monday, February 05, 2007

    Sunday, February 04, 2007

    YES! i finished my MOL! finally! ok i admit, i cheated for MOL, copy n pasted the ans..muhahahaha but no time, bo bian, but everyone cheats too, every normal student i meant.

    Went shopping ystd with cheryl. Frankly, i'm neva gonna wear heels again. My feets nearly died! hw can other women stand wearing heels for so long man! i meet cher at 11 then we startshopping bout 12..n by 5, my feets are already dying, lik numb already but still pain...damn jialat. gt blister too T_T and i can' find any pumps dat are nice till i reach marina sq..nearly died walking through city-link..gah! n when i found the suitable pumps i wan, i was lik so relieved...but feet still hurts

    and today when i woke up, my whole sole ached. I swear i'll neva wear heels more than 2 inch. Sneaks for me! Anyway i tink i'll betray Greenhouse and work at cheryl's working place, which is pasta cafe at taka. Though the pay not as good as GH [lik half of GH] but lik the welfare is better. GH sucks becausethe full timers sux...managment sucky too...grr. cheryl's workplace lik more slack too as in attire wise. That time when i was working in GH i had my hair dyed in a damn nice shade of auburn, then they complain...nvm, i spray black but lik somehow aft dat my hair seemed black all the way..shit! jian bu de they say this full timer who has brown hair...kns. Then full timer chao keng and part timer do the work...crap la! ya so actually Greenhouse isvery sucky. nvm maybe i jus two-time both...work Gh n pasta cafe...muhahahahaha! hav to go thru interview at pasta cafe 1st though..bah!

    Can't believe i've gt IPC paper on valentine's day...wad a way to ruin a valetine but makes no diff anyway cos gene is workin but hey...i've gt surprise planned for him...AHAHAHAHA! have to rush on valentine's day ...exam, prepare surprise for gene, study for my physio paper the next day. But i dun nidda worry so much bout my physio paper cos physio is oneof my stronger sub...unlike maths..haiz

    i guess i'll b mugging the whole of next wk doing maths...MATHS!! why is it such a complicated subject...why do we have to learn algebra differentiation n intergration in the 1st place...DUMB!
    and my only stress reliever is gone. Youtube banned south park due to copyright issues...sian so now i've resort to dl-ing...bleahz

    exams...i wan them gone soon!!!!

    bread spoke at Sunday, February 04, 2007

    Thursday, February 01, 2007

    one of the best thing in life is to be satisfied with the small things in life...

    i'm so done with my maths!!! 4m ore revision, meaning 12more sets of questions, meaning 10 more questions n i'm through with maths! and south park is my best stress reliever! i nearly die this morning trying to do a few questions but aft i watched south park...muhahahhahaah! i could do my maths! n u know the joy of being able to solve a question? oh god...

    ok i'm talking trash..jus watch south park ppl =)

    bread spoke at Thursday, February 01, 2007