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    Monday, March 31, 2008

    No particular title

    Guess what, I'm currently at attachment now. Was suppose to update some redundent thing but i decided i should blog cos i close to falling asleep and i haven't update my blog for days!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway Song and dance- Fantazia is coming soon! lik in fricking 2 weeks! Usually most of us will be getting all jittery and excited at this point of time but well everybody seem pretty sian-ed. Because of stupid fricking NPSU!

    Initially the concert was suppose to be open to public but lik jus 2 weeks ago we were told it's a closed event and only opened to NP's freshmen coming in in April.

    W T F

    I knew nothing good is gonna come out of the fact that NPSU sponsored us 10k for costumes. zzz

    not forgetting the fact the tickets are givin to them for free

    FRICKING FREE TIX! wth la!

    we dance our ass off everyday, literally shed blood and sweat [some of us a spotting injuries from the back,leg,knee,neck etc ], rushing down from work and going home late and having insufficient sleep, developing hideous eye bags, seniors basting their brains thinking of choreo and for wad?

    A bunch of freshmen whom we don't even know if they'll appreciate the effort.
    Most probably not i believe

    But well, we all have to accept the fact that this is happen and we ought to b grateful all of us are given 3 tix each =.=

    So future NP freshmen if u do manage to get the tix, make sure u stick ya butt to the seat for the full concert! its very demoralising when u see empty seats[previously occupied] or people leaving when u''re stage. If you don't think u'll be interested, don't even bother go take the tix, give others a chance.

    Anyway we'll b getting our costumes real soon, though some of the costumes is ownself source but still there's a few Ming li's getting for us

    i'll post photo of them so people who are going will know what item im in! [haha so thick skin lik that]

    Past few weeks ago, i was having thoughts bout dying my hair black [had been having the gold patch lik since dunno when] then my dad starting objecting, when i ask why, he merely said

    if u dye black, look lik everybody else. Cannot differetiate if its you not. Got
    gold patch one look can see liao


    coem to think of it its true, im the only one in nra that has a gold patch, some have highlights but im the ONLY ONE with a gold patch. BAH

    but i've already made up my mind to dye my hair jet black after the production

    Production aside, Cheryl and i are getting this super chio phone!

    it's damn simple but chio! and it's damn thin!

    comes in different colours too

    but the thing is, the guy that was dealing with the phone went mia-ed so cheryl was saying she may ask her's fren's parent who always goes to hong kong to get it for us


    Have a whole lot of photos to upload but apprantly my attachment place blocks out most sites so i can't access photobucket.

    jus have to wait when i have the time to blog at home then

    17 more days to Fantazia!

    bread spoke at Monday, March 31, 2008

    Tuesday, March 25, 2008


    I can't believe i forgot to blog bout it! my results were out for 2 wks already and i totally forgot to blog bout it!!!

    I PASSED EVERYTHING!!!! and did not bad too hur! hur! hur!







    LIK OMG-NESS!!! my immuno gt a fricking B!!!!!!!!!!!!! heng i gt B lo...helped to pull up my gpa a lil. Cell culture damn disappointing though..bah. oh well...MY JAP A+!!!!!!!!!!!! haha but it's not really a very impt subject cos only 2 credit unit [immuno is lik 6.5!] but according to seniors language very diff to ace one so im proud of my jap results..ahaha!

    ok i seriously nidda slp..it's already 2am!! nidda wake up at 7..oh man...hate attachment!

    bread spoke at Tuesday, March 25, 2008

    Sunday, March 23, 2008

    Ching a ling

    Change my blog sound vid! Ching a ling by missy elliot

    but zhong dian is the dancers

    U-min and Uniqlo are frickin dope!!!

    bread spoke at Sunday, March 23, 2008

    Sunday, March 16, 2008

    Who's your eye candy?

    Just when u people had thot i had disappear in an event of misfortune lik mayb murdered by Mas selemat on the loose...im back! In case u all were wondering why i've been, i've actually flew to japan and gt hooked up with a really cute guy but sadly we broke up so now im back

    okok i know none of that sounded convincing but anyway i was busy with attachment and dance everyday for the past week so by the time i reach home eveyrday would b lik 11pm then next day nidda wake up at 7am!! its an unearthly time to wake up!! usually during the hols i only wake up at lik 1pm and sleep at 3am. And when im free during the weekend i would rather sleep. On normal days i have less than 10 hrs of slp!! super tiring !

    oh and i have a sucky supervisor on attachment! she literally the kind of person who cannot make up her mind and assumes a lot. good thing the full timers are a nice bunch of ppl.

    and on Mas selemat. i seriously think he'd already fled to elsewhere but anyway did anyone received an email with such photo?

    no offence to the malay community but the harry potter version of mas [3rd on the 2nd row] looks lik any regular mudd

    ok enough of mas. Anyway girls have ever considered how your ideal dream guy should look like? i mean its jus a thought not necessary u'll end up with a guy lik dat...unless ya like super duper heng la! Cos so far i hardly see my ideal eye candy. Must be the genes in singaporeans that there are hardly any guys with thin sexy lips but well at least most had nice defined eyes. But if some random guy were to pass me n make me take a 2nd glance, most probably he has..

    - defined eyes
    - thin sexy lips
    - firm jawline
    - nice hair
    - nicely shaped brows, those lik broader at one end then its gets thinner.

    something lik..



    Haruma Miura 三浦春马!!! *faints*

    he's not looking his best in this photo but if u've watched Koizora, he's actually a lot cuter!!

    ok i admit i 've literally gone crazy over him!!!! i even watched koizora twice! but not jus to see him..i do think the storyline is nice. Still i think Haruma Miura is lik the perfect eye candy to me!!! If i have to really b very specific, my eye candy would look like that cause while we were watching the movie, jaz was pointing out that the other guy also has big eyes n thin lips but i don't think he's good looking..

    think must be his face shape, cos i think i like guys with cheekbones too.

    Other thn haruma there's also Takeshi Kaneshiro (金城武 )

    perfect example of nice brows

    and Leeteuk from super juniors
    and mayb my younger bro, but he lacks the thin lips

    so anyway when cher, jaz n i went to watch Koizora on fri, i started talking bout my ideal eye candy la cos i was rattering away non-stop how cute Haruma is. So after the movie cher commented..

    "He (haruma) look lik regular beng lo"

    NO wad! most bengs i see are lik cmi. I think she meant bad-boy la...

    mayb in some way la...

    anyway i was telling nyse bout it she concluded i just lik pretty boys.

    sad thing is, there's no eye candies in Np; most Np guys are the sunshiny kind. But i know nyp does *sniggles* cos i saw one when i was at the TPDE concert ystd..wearing a black cap with blings..think he's from fbodz i figured.

    before anyone accuse that im a beoster (someone who looks out for guys/gals), you wouldn't look at good looking ppl de meh? if a good looking guy/gal walk pass, whether you have a bf/gf a not u sure will glance a 2nd time de ma.

    so in conclusion, i prefer pretty boys. hahaha

    anyway i did mentioned ideal dream guy only so i know it wouldn't happen to me..u know.literally dream only. In reality some far the guys i ever liked has only either of the features lik big eye but no thin lips or thin lips but not very big eyes. forgot to mention, i don't lik overly tanned guys =XX

    Now im wondering if mos gals share the same thinking as me..hmm

    ok enough bout eye candy, im gonna watch Akihabara @ Deep now cos haruma is one of the cast

    some photo update

    denyse's bdae at the clubhouse

    at intercontinetal hotel's toilet

    and before i end


    bread spoke at Sunday, March 16, 2008