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    Wednesday, May 31, 2006


    May i present to u...

    tix to MOS underage party on 30th may. gene paid for my tix. but but but...in the end we din go in cos the Q was goddamn bloody long...it seemed lik every single underage teen + overage teen in singapore was dere. We hang ard dat area b4 gene sent me home pretty early while he frenz stayed...mayb they did went in

    but feedback frm my frenz who managed to went in was...the whole place was damn crowded...not very gd...HAHA! oh well...i'll hav my chances...lalalalala~ but it's kindda sucky since my bdae is in NOV! ARGH!

    bread spoke at Wednesday, May 31, 2006

    Tuesday, May 30, 2006

    FOC bbq on 260506

    Oh man! this is the day i so wanna kill myself. my hair was ruined! 6 mths worth of growth n now i'm back to sq 1....someone stab me pls...argh!

    ok..it started out wiv me going to my cousin's b4 meeting abe at j8 n i told my cousin's asst dat i "want my fringe cut flat but some layers, leaving the side fringe long" n i specifically told her "i DUN wanna SPIKE my hair". then lo n behold, she cut away my beautiful rite side fringe n my fringe was lik fricking short n still slant...WTF! good thing she din cut my long mare or i'll shave her bald...ROAR~

    So b4 i left the salon i borrowed their wax n spiked my hair b4 proceeding to j8 to meet abe. for the 1st time, she's late! weee~ but anyway we went to get our "birkenstocks" b4 getting some chow n then go meet kai at amk station. Kai was fricking late la then when we met up wiv the other Gls he pushed the responsibility of being late to us....zzz.

    NOt many freshie went though...it's lik only a few from the grps went. Anyway, lao de was leading the way to the pits but he fricking went the wrong way so we hav to walk the oppo. aka correct direction to the pits. On our way dere, we saw smth dat made us all tink the wrong way....

    according to donald, it looked lik the guy penetrated the gal....ew~~~

    we went on walking then abe n i was so hooked up on the visa ad [ 5 birds] that we decideded to go bollywoodish

    bah...shi bai...can see abe's feet!

    see..better! ok...we were hiding behind trees to ambush on birds....no choice since we only havew enuff money to buy one bird and there's no Richard Gere to sponsor us money to buy 10 000 stupid birds [chk out mrBrown's podcast]

    as we were walking towards the pit, kai came along wiv a bike [he mia-ed halfway to help carry stuff] so i made him tong bang me all the way to the pits....MUHAHHAHAHAHA!

    It's lik krakenz, abe n joel were lik on a photo frenzy....we took so many pictures!!

    the remains of kraken...pathetic..only dat few of us went la!! excluding the GLs...BAHZ!

    B3...bread basket bitch...nid i specify who is who?

    oh oh...joel shares bdae as my bro n their attitude is almost exactly the same. N joel says im jus lik his sis....slightly better though...haha

    i love my bytch...haha

    woo...and this is our lao de playing the guitar...not eactly playing it right now though

    wad is joel thinking?...

    oh nvm him...

    kraken we rule!

    we the monkeys on krakens pledge ourselves to f**k no evil, show no evil, speak no evil, smell no evil, hear no evil, see no evil n think no evil =)

    while i was on photo frenzy mode...others were starting the fire...haha...im a bummer =P left: GL welfare - right: Freshie welfare

    lao ben desu! n his erm...sucky hair...opps

    bytch backet agn

    the last of the photo frenzy b4 i decide to help out wiv the fire as they dun seem to make much progress...bleahz

    bbqs i rather be the cooker than the eater...see...i really did help ok! photo credits to abe. oh oh! n abe took this really cool pic of me while i was looking very bahz starting the fire...u noe the heat n all

    i lurve this pic...lalalal!

    u may have noticed...i was wearing a cap...lik duhz! lik why wud i wanna display my sucky hair so i kop-ed wayne aka eyeliner's cap [i always kop his cap..haha!] while he had to face bad hair day..muhahahahhahaha .

    anyway, we were sorta competing wiv the GLs see who's fire came on 1st...and of course its us! *smirking non stop* but i tink the GLs' pit lasted longer than us cos we were using small charcoal bits while they used the big bits

    as time passed...mre krakenz came!......but only two -_________-" karen n ck!

    i thot i wun b kind n help other cook their food n then i was labelled as the butter gal cos i was buttering the food while denise n another gal were turning the food. So annoying! i honey coated some wings meant for denise, abe n i but so kus took it away!! bleahz! then the heat was killing n i decided to take a break frm the pit...only eat a few crabsticks, n 2 wings...bahz! so....photo frenzy agn~

    the eaters n the cookers

    the seniors~

    jeremy aka jialormee

    anyway...that nite was quite breezy...not very cold but lormee wore his track singlet, tee n a jacket.....cos he scare get raped..haha! but in the end he really did gt raped...as in "rape" by the other male GLs. He was jus the warm up...they raped the outcast GL aft dat. well...lor mee very ke lian though...haha

    we din get to see the rape scene but hearing the contents is sick enuff

    things la "hey! where's the corn..go get it!" it doesn't take a genius to noe whr they put it...n the corn was eaten b4 la. there's other lik "put sour cream!!"


    my bud cum nite-walk partner during camp!

    so bah...only SAK of SMACK came..BLEAHZ!!

    i noe u're getting bored by b3 but.....we lurve taking pix!

    since the wind was quite strong...we decided to take a wind swept pic but....smth freaky turned up in the pic.....

    WTF!!! ghostly orb....abe n karen freaked out totally whn i told 'em bout it...bahz! pasir ris is orby....

    then lao de was telling us ghost stories in ngee ann dat nite too...i wanna go nite walk agn...especially blk 50! =X cos other than me sighting smth at blk 80, blk 50's sighting were mre frequent...BAHZ!

    abe n i had to leave earlier...actually it's her dat has to leave early...i jus pei her...haha

    b4 i end...here's smth for gene...though he has seen it. not as impressive as wad he did....but the meaning is dere k...humph!

    bread spoke at Tuesday, May 30, 2006

    Monday, May 29, 2006

    bah...i'm bored...my lappy's nt wiv me...i feel dat dere's a nid to blog but my stuff are in my laptop...so this entry would b rather pointless but it's filled wiv l.o.v.e....lalalala

    . i love dance aka nra
    . i love my boyfriend aka eugene
    . i love my bytch aka abe
    . i love SMACK aka steph, mei qi, abelina, charmine, karen
    . i love B3 aka bread basket bytch aka me, joel, abe
    . i love my bro aka an efficient messenger
    . i love my GLs [ except for the outcast]
    . i love ben family aka ben, gerald, cheryl, desiree
    . i love 1F07
    . i love myself
    . i love NP
    . i love practical sessions in sch
    . i love lectures as much as i love tomatoes [ew~]
    . i love projects as much as celeries [double ew!!!]
    . i love canteen 1's jap curry rice
    . i love canteen 2's fried fish mee sua
    . i love atrium's sandwiches
    . i love megabite's strawberry milkshake
    . i love sim canteen's grilled fish
    . i love only mac's milkshake n ice chocolate
    . i love my elmo plushie
    . i love my bed
    . i love [maybe] my bling bling hp [but i wan a nokia 3250! in pink!]
    . i love my hair but it was ruin T_T
    . i love my laptop!

    bahz....tis is lame...lalalala

    bread spoke at Monday, May 29, 2006

    Thursday, May 25, 2006

    Uniform day

    We've been talking bout it for lik wks n finally...today...SMACK all wore uniform to sch! but qi went hm halfway to change...bahz!!!

    Seriously speaking, though my sec sch uniform looks lik SBS bus drivers' uni...i sitll missed it! haha!. anyway, met abe n went sch together. Ppl were lik stunned as in why are we wearing uniform but who cares...jus for the fun of it...lol!

    When we went into the lecture hall, Teh yu ling was lik "hw come gt sec sch student come today...lol" post lecture we started photohogging!

    dun b fooled! karen's not frm CHIJ at all...she's frm woodlands ring but she's wearing charmaine's! lol

    my fave bytch abe n i! we're proud of our uni =P

    candid shots ....

    SMAK n Teh yu ling [yckss, gyss, wrss, scgs]

    charmaine was missing cos she pon-ed the lect...lol

    oh! today was hell for me! my period came today n the cramp was so bad i wanted to go home! but it soon gt better aft 1 panadol n some rest...it sux being woman...bleahz

    the GLs saw us n they called us ocpycats cos they wore on monday...crappy! we planned it for wks already k! so we aren't copycats...lalala And we started calling karen Da Chang Jing...4gt why though. anyway...i dun understand why aunties are crazy over dat show...bah

    aft bio lect, i gt very sian-ed n borrowed adrian's specs and frankly...i look damn toot!

    see the resemblence? dats mark my clsmate by the way...

    wah bth! damn fugly!! i mean me in specs...nt abe of course =X i shan't wear specs!! to get over fugly-ness...nw a display of chio bus...yes! we are ALL CHIO BUS! WHAHAHAHA!

    and i love this pix! it's individual but i grp 'em up n made a simple wallpaper...

    and so we spelt

    LOVE! lalalala!

    bread spoke at Thursday, May 25, 2006

    Tuesday, May 23, 2006

    under pressure

    bahz i'm so fricking stuffed...by pressure. N the worse thing bout me when i'm pressurized, i jus snap at everyone. Lik wad happened today during pract...haiz

    anyway...i din turn up for bio tutorial tis morning cos i was goddamn late so i end up hoarding at Emart doing proj while waitng for MACK.

    pract started late today cos they was this tea party session wiv the director of lsct. we weren't really sure wad happened cos we went pretty late. so at pract things were quite rush as the extraction takes loads of steps n time consuming [wait for the samples to heat, cool, callibrating melting points...]c towaRds the end was very hectic cos its ways passed our dismissal time n our sample are still drying n we hav to get the melting points agn...very annoying la. Thn i gt pretty worked up. Qi happen to come by n kept asking me bout project...which i was really sick of so i snapped bck at her. That pretty much shocked her while abe somehow guessed wads wrong with me n ask me not to get so stress up.

    wasn't really in gt mood since i din hav enuff slp n projs are getting on my nerves. howver i felt damn guilty...having to snap at my best pals in cls. sry gals..din mean to.

    - i jus hate it when i get stressed up...-

    bread spoke at Tuesday, May 23, 2006


    Here are the pix Gene sent me bout the 190506 event [edited via photoshop by ME !! ]

    the 3-story long stairway lined with candles on every alternating steps...fricking nice!

    The "i ♥ steph" candles looks lik this when lighted...

    *pic extracted frm video. Due to improper verbal contents...i decided not to post the vid up =P*

    and lik this when melted...

    i tried my best to improve the picture but sad to say...it was taken by my fone's lousy camera in the dark hours of morning while i was going to work! so if u love camera fones...dun get Motorola V3i =)

    anyway when i came bck frm work, some stupid kid ruin the wax by pulling 'em out so only lik 50% of it is left...stupid kids~

    according to him...while he was arranging the candles, loads of ppl were looking at him [my blk has a lot of kpos...bahz] n he used a total of 179 candles. hmmm....i feel so xing fu now =X

    ps: qi was lik gonna kill me when i told her cos her guy din do such stuffs for her. I hope her guy reads my blog n think of smth else special for her. Come to think of it...all guys shld learn to do special meaningful things for their gals. Gals love to b pampered [i'm exceptional! i'm independent!!!!]


    Now..to the main objective of this entry.

    Gene n i went to watch The Da Vinci Code ystd...lik finally! b4 that, we intended to catch it at cine but the next available show is at 9+pm so we turned to Shaw house. Come to tink of it...I've not been watching movies dere eons...prolly 1st time in 2 yrs. We managed to get tix but its lik the 1st few front row but hack...at least we get to catch the show!

    Had dinner at Pepper Lunch. i had the salmon pepper rice while gene had the hamburger steak. It's lik so fricking nice! all ur stuff are placed on this hot plate n u have to mix the ingredients n cooked them urself..some condiments on the side to add to ur wadevaUordered. i cooked mine so well...i tink it's better than my mum's cooking!

    rite~ i was jus crapping la...my mum's cooking is still superior. Gene's hamburger steak was not bad too.

    NOw now now...i'm really getting to the point why am i annoyed la!

    in the theater, dere was tis grp of "foreign talents" [i thot so..guessing frm their cheena accent] sitting nxt to me. frankly speaking, i tink they're here for a pinic rather than a movie. They were lik eating non stop! frm the ads till the last min of the movie! imagine all the noise they made...rustling of plastic bags, sucking on the food they're consuming, cracking of gua zi [ya! the lady right nxt to me was actually eating gua zi la *pengz*] That's not all! She din set her fone to silent and she started talking on her fone lik nobody's business. As in she was talking damn loud. Even her normal conversation with her fren was so loud, i'm sure ppl sitting 4 rows in front n behind her can hear every word she's saying.

    Gene suggested that she grew up eating microphones...haha. It gt so bad, this fella in front shhh-ed her too. Ltr in the movie, she started eating again..i jus turned n glanced at her while she glared at me with a "u got a problem" look...EVIL! she seriously oblivious to the annoyance she's causing n she's ruining her country's reputation [hmmm...i doubt the country has a reputation for good, considerate ppl anyway].

    I'm not trying to generalise though but working in the hospitality line has exposed me to diff gst-es n gst-es frm China hav the same characteristics

    - snobbish
    - arrogant
    - expects a lot but gives very little
    - rude

    there's even cases where my frenz tell me hw rude the China ppl were. Self-centered ppl...hw annoying. It's lik, i dunno hw things work in their country but since they're here in singapore, can't at least show some courtesy instead of keeping their attidude. I'm not saying all china ppl are lik dat. I'm sure dere's definitely a few exceptions...i hope...

    oh well...anyway...Da Vinci wasn't really what i expected. Reading the book is better...that's my advice. The only good things that comes out of it was Tom Hanks n the albino who looked pretty cute in certain angles. haha

    enuff of that already. Today's NRA was so fun! we did locking! Then aft Nra, ivan; david and i stayed bck n practise our moves. A senior by the name of ken came along n tutored us a bit b4 his lesson started. The guys tried to teach me baby freeze but! i was afraid i may sprain my left wrist while i lifted my legs so i gave up...bahz! went home rather late [my fone's batt went flat! so sian-ed]. Coming home to good news to! aft bathing and working on my scientific presentation while waiting for TLS grp ppl to come online, abe told me xxx had repent n is now helping us with the powerpoint presentation! yay! ok...i'm no longer that pissed wiv her anymore! well now i hav to chiong to prepare the speech for TLS...bahz!

    sidenote: my fricking msn wasn't wrking well n i gt disconnected frm my grp...crap crap crap! n i'm vry vry vry vry hungry now...i'm craving for famous amos cookies n instant noodles...

    bread spoke at Tuesday, May 23, 2006

    Friday, May 19, 2006

    What mre can i ask for...

    when i have the sweetest and most sincere boyfriend in the world but before i continue....

    daddy i noe u read my blog!! but if u ever do happen to read this..dun fricking kill me yet cos u haven meet gene yet...haha

    ok bck to story. Met gene aft sch today at PS to catch Over the Hedge. We were suppose to catch Da Vinci la! but tix were sold out so bua bua bua. While waiting for him at ps bus stop [i'm finally ealier than him! haha] i saw Heru!!! turns out dat dude's studying at NY. it's good to meet old frenz unexpectedly....lol. anyway gene came shortly aft dat then we went to ps to get our tix.
    oh then ltr, we went to some quiet part of ps n talked crap b4 he said he's gonna get smth but...nxt he appeared wiv a bunch of roses! lik so "oh man" la. Then he said some stuff....which i wun disclose...he noe i noe can le...haha

    Then anyway...we went into the cinema. FRICKING COLD~ my nose went icy cold in lik less than half an hour. oh ya! the baby hedgehodges in the movie are so so so good la!!! but as u watch further...they seem to hav puffy eyes n they dun seem dat cute anymore...bleahz. Besides that, i'm not sure is it jus me or is the tibits in the movie making me hungry. I tink it's me la...since i din at anything since i woke up except 2 mousey piece of sandwich. and so we went to mac.

    frankly i'm suppose to b sick of mac cos the only fast food that seemed to exist is mac...at KAP. N bout KAP...qi told me it's one of the most happening place among NP student. HOwever...i dun see why is it happening when there's only 1 mac n 1 cold storage o.O i tink bukit timah plaza wud hav been better...

    ok...i shall jus fast forward...aft makan...walk to somerset mrt...take cab to my hse....nearby de 7-11 then we alight cos i was afraid my dad will see us on his way dwn to work. ok here's the well er...climax. Ok...there's 2 way to get to my blk, either u

    - walk the long way dwn the slope


    - the short way: up the blks -> dwn a 3 story long flight of stairs -> ta da! my blk's lift lobby!

    so we went by the short cut way.

    b4 that i nidda clarify smth. GENE i already notice smth was amissed when we were walking to somerset mrt la!

    As we walk dwn the fricking long flight of stairs...it took me split second to realise the stairs was brighter than usual....a lot brighter. Turns out on every alternating step there was lited candles la.And And And...dats not all. at the bottom of the stair dere's this multi purpose stage and dere jia le n gene's clsmate , wei jie were busy litting candle. sou yi lei...i gt fricking shocked la! ying wei nobody has ever done anything lik this for me [plus i noe the furstration to arrange n lit candles....]

    anyway...cos they haven finish lighting the candles n gene already bought me to the scene...jia le kept cursing gene...damn ji dong...haha! budden the final product was damn nice la! due to my fone's extremely lousy resolution n i din bring my bao bei digi cam, the photos are wiv gene n he's gonna send them to me soon.

    Wads mre...dat sua SHA gua bought rings la. The rings we saw at bits n pieces while purchasing mum's day present. It's unique cos it's not pure silver but a bit blackish...i tink it's steel lo! haha. But anyway..mine was wee bit small so i have to wear mine on the ring finger...bleahz.

    Now, i jus hav one tiny prob. Aft gene send me up, i realise i din hav a bag to the roses in n my mum wud surely see it...so i attempted to shield it wiv my lappy n slipped out of my mum's sight b4 she can say anything...phew.

    ok...zhong dian shi, i was taken bck, shocked, damn gan donged [although i din tear...haha!] n speechless...thks so much jia le n wei jie n of course most importantly gene dear. Merci and je amours vous ~

    ps: when i told abe...she suggested he shld hav tried the lsct hill....SIAO! we die climbing it everyday la!

    bread spoke at Friday, May 19, 2006

    Thursday, May 18, 2006

    TooT the TooTing shu nus

    i know i haven been bloggin for a long long time. was tied down by stupid projs la! speaking of proj. i was nearly killed by one, so did qi n abe..lol. Qi especially cos she was sick but the 3 of us stayed up late [2am] to complete the damn thing...at least we did a wonderful job! haha!

    anyway...the grp din consist of jus us la. the others contributed a bit...wee bit. ok...i shall jus go straight to the point. Qi, me and abe are damn pissed wiv someone [names are arranged according to piss-lvl. Frm most pissed to least pissed] cos while the 3 of us are working lik cows for the stupid proj, fighting fatigue lik nth to summaries a 8 page long report to 1 page. Work suppose to b divided among the grp members but aiya...we did majority except one of the members did a wee part. And then!! she said smth! smth dat caused me to hyperventilate, qi's fever to go up n abe's specs' lens to crack

    me: jus do this part of the report can le
    xxx: huh...but i nidda study eh

    oh great! qi, abe n i dunnid to study...we are fricking free to handle all the projects. FREAK NO! among us i'm the slackiest, slp during lect, neva do tutorial...bahz! i din even complain n dere xxx is...mugging since 2nd wk of sch complaining. Anyway she did her part but according to qi, she didn't do a good job.

    well...abe n i had this conver...frm projs we can see the real side of ppl...great lesson i learnt frm poly so far! zhi ren zhi mian bu zhi xin ah!

    *happier sidenote* i finally met my fren [whom i knew for 3 yrs but neva met face to face] today in sch! lik woah. but the 1st thing dat ass said to me was "fat ass" crap! go look at the mirror stupid fat ass! bahz!!

    ps: am i seriously fat!?

    bread spoke at Thursday, May 18, 2006

    Sunday, May 14, 2006

    an entry for xxxx

    *note* title adapted from ayumi's song "a song for xx"

    someone said i wasn't praising him enuff so now this WHOLE entry would b on praising him. if ya not interested [actually i doubt anyone would...opps] u can click the red box at the top right hand corner of the window n u'll b automactically b exited from this window. Thn u can go do ur project, surf ur net, watch ur anime, watch ur porn, play ur wadeva online games...bahz

    er-hem *clears throat*

    1. for one...he's sweet

    2. he's fricking creative
    - whoever will tink of the dart board thingy la

    3. sometimes [maybe most of the time] he can b mre than jus cute

    - cine touch screen case: lame dao ke ai

    4. incredibily high level of tolerance
    - having to put up wiv my er....abuse...lalalala

    5. attentive

    6. last of all...everything bout him is special (=

    so mr ETZH is that enuff? or u still wan me to add on?

    [ps. one muz not b greedy...good things comes in small dose! BAHZ!]

    bread spoke at Sunday, May 14, 2006

    Friday, May 12, 2006

    yes! soon i'll be receiving wireless broadband connection! hw cool is dat! i no longer hav to sit in the stuffy computer room to use the net but i can now lie in the comfort of my bed n use my lappy...wahahahaha! beside...my mum wun b able to blare at me aft dat...i pity my bro though, he doesn't hav a lappy...HAHA!

    anyway sch today was rather typical. OBC lecture in the morning. Btw...OBC lecture hall is damn annoying [other than the fact its seat are of GV grand standard] because there is no reception! in fact the basement of the convention center[whr my lecture hall is] has no reception. Annoying la! cos i can't reply my sms-es...bahz! so if u msg me from between 11.50-1pm on monday and 7.50am to 10am on thursday, i wun b able to reply u so u dun hav to waste a msg asking "did i reply ya?"

    During break, qi's grp suppose to do this lame library thingy but only her grp went to do while S.M.A.C.K were lazing ard at the 1st story of the library. Qi was so tired dat she feel aslp on the chair in the lib [in fact both qi n i fell aslp during OBC lecture] Abe n i were busy photohogging but we only produced one nice photo.

    see our sparkling white teeth! can go pai darlie toothpaste ad le =P

    Info clss was damn boring...in fact, ALL info cls are boring. I suspect the teach is a fraud. He was suppose to teach us hw to use microsoft office n stuff but lo n behold...he doesn't even noe his materials n the basics of Excel [wad were are using] eg. he doesn't know dere's a shortcut for highlighting function. So while the rest ofthe cls were being gd kids n following him, i spend the whole 3 hrs surfing the net, playing games n sms-ing

    oh!! i muz recommend the game site i went. Qi was the 1st one playing it. actually it's a site dat features many games n the game characters are damn cute!!! chk out Ferry haliM!

    Bio lecture was the slackiest. i slept for 1 whole hour [half of the lecture] then i woke up n gt mre jing shen to listen to Matthew Mak. Damn chim! DNA, RNA, protein structure...lik wtf! i shan't hav slept for 1st half of the lecture cos 1st half was so complicated while 2nd half emphasising on this big-scale scientific project on genomes...bahz! i nid a bio whiz to help me! n a mp3 to keep me awake. my current mp3 is officially dead..so sick...life's so empty without music on my way to sch [lng lng lng lng lng lng journey!] and during lectures [music keeps me awake]....i wan a replacement! either i get bck the same model or the YT-D1 [looks exactly the same but has camera]

    oh pls do remind me i hav dance pract on monday...i keep getting paranoid i may 4get to wear proper attire to sch [eg...skirts...]

    bread spoke at Friday, May 12, 2006

    Wednesday, May 10, 2006

    BAHZ! i fricking stressed cos i'm too slack. I noe it sounds contradicting but it is wad it is. Because i slack too much...i have been slping in lectures, have not been doing my tutorial hmwrk! argH! the only thing i seriously did for my module was practical! [very fun you know] damn i better stop procrisinatiing....even my best sub [chemistry] is killing me...common test is in wk 7 too...ARGH! and there's so many thing i wanna do eg..i wanna change my blogskin

    maybe i shld change it aft common test...2 wks of hols...loads of time to

    -change blogskin [or at least come up with design]
    -change blogskin for kraken blog
    -chalet wiv kraken
    -get tanned [i can't stand being fair n ppl lik gene will appear very dark standing nxt to me *chuckles*]
    -hang out wiv all my buddies [ben family, hui wen] and gene
    -start packing my stuff...i'm mooooving

    -revamp my lappy [it's so plain u can put nutella on it]

    ok...2 wks is not really enuff but bolded in red ones are mre impt...lol

    *side note* time seem to pass goddamn slow...zzz. NRA PRACTISE NEXT MONDAY!

    bread spoke at Wednesday, May 10, 2006

    Monday, May 08, 2006

    while i blog....here's some vids to entertain ya...ENJOY!

    seriously these guys are amazing

    beat box rulez!

    and a dose of south park

    brings me dark memories of pokemon...SHEESHZ

    bread spoke at Monday, May 08, 2006

    Friday, May 05, 2006


    AH~ chao high! i fricking gt into NRA!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh~ is lik 40+ ppl auditioned today n 1 gt thru! yes yes yes! i screwed up the freestyle part but wadeva...i'm in NRA! weeeeeeeee~ It's lik at 5+ i went to register...n guess wad's my register no.?

    #13! n today it's friday...so it's lik friday the 13...suay suay suay. but nvm...i jus learnt the 4 sets of 8 n went practising wiv my new found frenz. there was tis malay dude...can't rmb his name =X but he's damn funny la...n malay gal too..she dance cool la! n tis fella ..ivan...wah..sexy..lol. i was sweating lik crap la...looked lik i jus came out of showers...haha.

    anyway when they were annoucing results, eveyrbody crowd into a grp n i was standing wiv jessica n benjamin [both nra seniors as well as GLs]...not 4getting mei qi who came dwn during her magnum break. so as the gal annouced..


    then i was lik "wad! i din get in!" ...jess looked damn shocked...so did ben n qi then while in our state of shock, we heard the annoucers go


    so we were lik relaxed a lil cos they were skipping no. la. but i was getting mre n mre tense then when we heard "13" the 4 of us screamed la...then everyone stared at us...so embrassing...haha

    all ended well...all the pals i knew during the audition gt thru!! wahh~ so beside the jess n ben i have 5 mre pals...lalalala.

    other than the fact i got into NRA...i was happy over smth else. But...because of that i finally understand what all my gal frenz meant by

    "guys are all slow"

    okok...wad happened was...history din repeat itself this time...sry for the false alarm ppl!


    bread spoke at Friday, May 05, 2006

    Happy Birthday Karen!

    My fellow calamarian, my fellow SMACK gal...HAPPY BDAE!!

    ystd we gave her a small surprise..hehe. without her knowlegde...i've already spread the date of her bdae to everyone n active calamarians were already planning her surprise for lik a wk le...jus last wk..donald, gabby, vin, ck n i went to get her prezzie...a bear from Cool Bear!

    Presenting ...

    name: Karen.jR
    id no. oh dammit..i 4gt but it's karen's student id
    breed: calamari
    bdae: 5th may'06 ..same as karen

    isn't it cute...guess how much it costed [note-medium sized bear]? 59.80! kai kept saying we are damn rich...well..are we? =X anyway the bear comes wiv a birth cert...so cute!

    anyway we made ck bring the bear home cos gab was going out aft dat + vin, donald n i are having same lecture with karen on dat day.

    b4 the surprise..i jus acted normal...the crazy me way. then during info cls...the teach was using the projector so i gt bo liao n made char help us take the pic

    me kissing the bdae gal! haha...jus kiddin...we were standing quite apart la. but i tink i shld really stop taking lesbianic pic else someone mite jus get paranoid...haha.

    last period was bio lecture n i was dozing off when kai msg-ed me wad cake we wanna buy for her. then i turn to vin [sitting on my left...karen on my rite] n mouth to him kai haven get the cake! anyway kai was at Jurong point getting the cake n when we msg-ed us...lecture jus started.

    when lecture ended ...i dragged karen to the toilet to stall time but when we went to Emart...gab dragged her to toilet again...lik wth! but anyway i went to the connecting stairway tofind ck, donald, vin n kai already inside with the cake n present

    the present was not frm puma of course..i bought a jacket dat day n lend ck the bag to put the box in...

    mango cake! we bought it according to sharon's info...cos she suggested getting a mango cake. but later that day karen told us she preferred a chocolate cake...bahz!

    when gab finally bought the sotong back...we emerged from our hiding place...i dun rmb if she looked shocked or wad la cos i was kindda zi-highing...lalalala. i made donald pass the present to karen n i did smth quite mean...i pushed donald towards karen >_<

    i dunno la...we all thought she was staring at the cake but she blew the candle out b4 we can snap a shot so we made her wish again

    she was lik kindda shocked la but she did it anyway..

    yay! but according to iforgotwho...she say karen looks lik she's praying to the cake...lik wadeva la *chuckles*

    and she cuts the cake ...kai is fricking xtra! he n his stupid face! BAHZ!!!!!

    pls note hw pretty the cake looks now...cos u wun have the cahnce to ltr on. as we lack of plates n napkins...donald n alvin have to run all the way to canteen 2 to get it [mine u....frm sci blk to canteen 2 is a super long way...canteen 2 is at the opposite end!] in the meantime...


    i was trying to get her holding the box but she started turning n there we having...some star advertising for cool bear...lol! sharon n i made her take the bear out n take foto wiv it but...

    BOO~ lousy...retake!

    well...slightly better la...lalalala

    while some of us were crapping while waiting for the napkins, some ppl gt very bored....i tink jia jun fell aslp...gabby was close to dat

    oh ya...kai was picking the strawberries out n giving out to us. however in the midst of it he mutilated the cake...

    but soon the guys reutrned wiv a big packet of napkin n kai staretd givng us cakes..i only took a few bites off my cake..ate the mango n then....

    muhahahahhahahahaha! i started everything by dotting cream from mycake onto karen's face then she started squealing. Soon donald n alvin joined in....caking me! bahz! however some ppl ..eg kai, angie were too clean..so i creamed them too...haha

    buttery karen n creamy me! i looked lik i've gt hlaf a moustache....hahaz

    aside frm creaming. there were few mango slice left so i took one n was about to gobble it up but b4 dat

    i present to u a retared ghost with mango tougue! vin is the unfortunate victim..lol

    soon some of the krakenz left. gabby mum came to fetch her n guess wad...her mum damn siao on! gabby creamed her mum n then her mum grabbed some cake n ran aft gabby. Her mum's lik so cool la! well...i'm glad to see them so cheerful...despite wad happened to them recently.

    i stopped creaming ppl for a while n was taking a break when karen sneak attack me! so i grabbed a handful of cake n cahsed aft her...mei xiang dao..i ran my 1st step n fell flat on the floor...zzz! so pai seh...but as usual...i jus lie flat then n left-ed lik crap la b4 getting up n chase karen

    Creamed me!

    blah...n mre ppl left..pc, qian yi n joe came aft their lesson but they din get caked...lik unfair! they even left withotu eating the cake la...bahz. i missed my camp buddy pc la! i started whacking him when i saw him...haha. lik 6+ almost everybody left so we cleared up the mess we made n went to change [yes...it was planned so we have to bring xtra clothes..except for karen who doesn't know so i had to bring a top for her]

    i got bored while waiting for the guys aft changing so i took karen's box again n doodled

    *not the final product..which was much cuter*


    **side note- ya...she likes green...in fact everyone in smack likes green more except me who likes yellow mre...so we are totally brazil...haha. btw...SMACK = steph . mei qi . abelina . charmaine . karen-

    *** side side note- aft we got her gift...gab n i gt crazy over cool bear and now..I WAN A YELLOW ONE! but they din have yellow skin *sulks* only pale yellow. oh well...i wan a medium [large very ex la] yellow cool bear in pink baby outfit on my bdae or any other day u feel lik spending money >_<>

    bread spoke at Friday, May 05, 2006