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    Monday, August 27, 2007

    Suntec Dance

    all the NRA teams plus solo all got into finals!!!

    ALL THE BEST 8 steps, poshbites, in bass, rough addicts, F-beatx, terrence, ken n big alex

    Ystd was almost lik all the NRA items showdown. cos only 8 steps was in the 1st hits n terrence in the 2nd hits. And we mao zhe feng yu support them! lol.

    and of course there are other great groups out there too not also some ahaha ones that yvonne say is commercial break But one thing that is damn noticable is, other than ken n alex, the rest of the soloist did popping..is lik super a lot ppl do popping la! And there was this really cool popping grp..i thot they were good till plagarism stepped in..sian diao...but they gt into finals too..haha.

    other than that..YAYNESS! cos dance pract resumes on monday..which is later [cos im lik typing this at 3am plus so consider monday liao la] YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! i super miss dance! guess i'll have to treasure this few lessons b4 this sem's results are out. Cos we hav this new rule is that if u fail a single module ya gonna b dismissed frm nra...LIK WTH!!!!!! so now hav to pray lik hell n dance lik hell...who noes if i ever get to dance again..-sigh-

    bread spoke at Monday, August 27, 2007

    Saturday, August 25, 2007

    DONUTS my love!

    shit man! i think i spend lik a lot today..rawr! no$$$!!!
    these are wad i bought today....

    from the following:

    - the pink tee
    - the checkered shirt
    - the denim shorts
    - the calvin klein boxers
    - the gold plated necklance

    guess which is the most expensive.

    some guess the shorts rite..no!

    the checkered shirt? no...how expensive can 77th st clothes get

    the calvin klein boxers? 3 for $18 at far east

    all down to the necklance and the pink tee....

    and the winner goes to..

    the pink tee dat cost 46bucks from topshop!

    frankly i tink it's quite expensive for a t shirt. but i really liked the motifs so aft much consideration [actually only 3 mins] i decided to buy the shirt...cheryl also bought it..lol! actually i saw another top at topshop too but it's lik superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ex! it's lik this grey long sleeve top with super loose collar..going at $89 bucks!! sad..super no $$...nidda work man!

    anyway..today went out with cheryl n met with jaz also. Cheryl was lik drilling us the whole time at sakae. becos jaz n i ate very lil. lil lik the 3 of us combine plates also not even 30..lol. Met gene awhile cos he came to sakae to find me..then lik less than 5 mins he chao liao..super miss him!

    aft makan cheryl n i went to town to shop while jazreel goes for tuition. aft shopping ard town we went to suntec jus to buy donuts...siao rite haha...but it's lik when u carry the big orange box..walk also gt wind..lol. which is true!! Try someday. U go buy lik 1 dozen then u walk ard..ppl will stop n stare..not u but the box of course..lol


    the treasures within this orange box!

    12 orgasm-inducing donuts!!!

    U noe the one in all white then gt one red dot. thats the strawberry heart. taste the same as the strawberry with white chocolate. im lik totally in love with 'em!!! the strawberry jam taste so real! i mean ya lik really eating real strawberries! doesn't have the artificial taste get wad i mean. the blueberry jam one is very nice!! im so addicted to jam donuts now! haven tried the others yet. [double chocolate, lotus mocha and min chocolate] shall gobble them up for breakfast later..wee!!

    last pic of the day =)

    bread spoke at Saturday, August 25, 2007

    Friday, August 24, 2007

    Super Dope Kids!

    looking back when i was young and kids this days in singapore...-sigh-

    i swear i'll make my kids! i mean they shld inherite my genes....rite?

    bread spoke at Friday, August 24, 2007

    Thursday, August 23, 2007


    YES YES YES! i qi dai yi jiu de yi tian...is finally here! from today on i won't have to do anything bout study for 2 mths! weeeeeeeeee~ My exams are so over! all i do now is to pray that i pass everything.

    anyways, rite aft my Bchem paper ystd, went to colour my hair with cheryl at my cousin's shop. I wun say dye cos i highlighted my hair too.
    so it's lik from this..

    all-dark coloured hair to...

    * BYE BYE Dark coloured hair!*

    -bad quality pic becos of my hp =.=" -

    can't really see it form this pic but i've patch-highlighted my hair ash. lik something i wanted to do since aft o lvl but bcos of working at ritz carlton so i din do it. FINALLY! oh and becos of that..that part of my hair gt bleached. THEN I CHUA TIO LO WHEN I SAW THE BLEACHED EFFECT!!! i thot i look lik one of the street fighter character la!

    can see can see?

    walked ard with cheryl ard square 2 aft we're done and i bought 2 pair of ear studs..

    i think the umbrella damn cute lei

    speaking of umbrella. You know the song umbrella by Rihanna. Lik everybody is listening to it that one? I think the song quite irritating la! u know the chorus keeps going

    "under my umbrella ella ella eh eh under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh eh..."

    in a monotonous tone somemore! kindda makes one thing the song writer was either high on marijuana or jus being lame..but the other parts of the song pretty ok though..

    so now with hols...it's gonna be DANCE, GL Trainings, and slacking all the way! aft all i've work so hard this sem!

    hey hey i know wad u guys thinking. Comfirm think "whr gt! ya lik super slack!". not true..trust me..i worked very hard =)


    ps: i am not an ah lian

    bread spoke at Thursday, August 23, 2007

    Monday, August 20, 2007

    Stay out of the sun!

    *mobio revision in progress*

    UV-induced DNA Damage
    -cause the formation of pyrmidine dimers in DNA
    -distorts the DNA conformation and block replication
    -Replication block is responsible for the UV killing effect on cells

    there goes ur explanation for premature aging skin with prolonged tanning. =)
    i wonder wad about the cancer part

    WE NID MORE TIME FOR BIOSTATS PAPER! -that summarises bout the paper-

    bread spoke at Monday, August 20, 2007

    How does it feel..

    - when ya at a lost and there's no one there to support you
    - when you start losing faith in what you've been holding on for so long
    - when you so fucking stressed and shit still happens
    - when you get so tired you wanna giv up

    it's all jus makes you wanna break dwn n cry....

    bread spoke at Monday, August 20, 2007

    Sunday, August 19, 2007

    An all 華語 entry



    你微微的笑 溫暖我心 讓我有了 衝勁動力
    於是我又鼓起了 勇氣 決定要瘋狂愛上你

    千千萬萬的愛意 等不及
    涼風徐徐的提醒 我和你

    *只欠一句 我愛你 沒膽 親口告訴你 想要照顧你 好好疼你
    只差一句 你答應 點頭說你 願意 和我在一起 手牽著你 緊緊抱著你

    盛夏的回憶 在偷偷想起 你就是剩下的唯一
    我站在這裡 用最真的心 請相信 我們之間的距離

    bread spoke at Sunday, August 19, 2007

    Saturday, August 18, 2007

    Screw maths

    this picture sums up my opinions of the paper

    its lik so different from all her previous papers lo!!! it's a killer paper becos there's loads of intergration shit....rawr! forget it..its over...i pray she'll b kind *prays real hard**
    went to gene's house aft sch and took loads of pic but this my fave!

    he look damn spastic..lol =PPP

    i think this is ownage,,,would u dance in those?

    bread spoke at Saturday, August 18, 2007

    Thursday, August 16, 2007

    For the whole of study week i think i haven't been really productive. I HAVEN"T EVEN START ON STATS!!! lik gg. At home cannot study cos my laptop is my biggest distraction. Study in sch also..keep crapping ard then in the end study very lil...argh! im so died.

    ON tuesday was suppose to go sch to study stats but i decided to do mobio instead...rahh lik so bored. Then nadj sneak a shot of me n lik woot!

    i look so skinny la!! buaahahahahahaha! =PP
    jus the matter of the big head though. bleahz

    aft studying gt denyse to go with me to far east to get craft to improvise abe's bdae present. Cos i gt her a customized necklance online budden it was super plain so i decided to try wiring..muahahaha! and lik craft wires are damn ex la!! i tink...cos i bought coloured ones and its 3bucks for a 10m roll! hmm....ok mayb not dat ex =X but im sure mayb some other places sell cheaper ba..lalala. Then went to gelare to get cheescake n bought fried mars bars


    but those contributed to the fats in my adipose tissue =.=" think seriously if i stop dancing i'll get real fat la!! my arms are getting quite flabby already...dammit. went window shopping ard far east when me n nyse came across this shop that sells real chic accessories. Both of us eyed on a becklance each but super no $$ liao but the uncle damn kind la! he let us put dwn $10 deposit for both piece n each piece cost 32bucks!! super nice uncle i muz say!

    went home that nite to wired up abe's present...quite impress with my effort! haha!

    next day bought abe 18 donuts for her bdae...muahahahah!

    pics are with denyse n she haven send me~

    now i have to go bck studying for maths! lik omg its tmr!!!

    bread spoke at Thursday, August 16, 2007

    Tuesday, August 14, 2007

    Clever Italian

    Nadj told us this joke awhile bck n i only rmb-ed about it now..ahaha! For this joke, Say it out instead of jus reading it then u'll get it


    An italian man was looking for a job at this company so he went to look for the foremen. The foremen was relunctant to hire the Italian and decided to set a test for him so he could fail n not hired him on that reason so..

    Foremen: I'm going state a number and u'll to use something to
    represent the number. However u cannot use the number it self or even spell it out. ok?

    Italian: sure..no problemo!

    Foremen: I want the number 9!

    so the Italian took a piece of paper and proceed to draw on and when he was done..

    Foremen: how is those 3 trees representing 9?
    Italian: precisely! tree + tree + tree gives u 9!

    the foreman was stunned but presevere on n tested the italian again
    foreman: now i want the number 99

    So with the same picture, the italian proceed on to dirty the tree drawing

    foremen: What are u doing!?
    Italian: u see sir. dirty tree (thirty three) + dirty tree + dirty tree give u 99!

    This time the foremen was amazed but decide to test the
    italian further.

    foreman: i want the number 100

    so the italian took the picture back n drew a piece of turd [shit] next to each tree

    foremen: hey! are u trying to insult me..wad is that suppose to mean!?
    italian: relax relax. You see, dirty tree & a turd (thirty three & 1/3) + dirty tree & a turd + dirty tree & a turd gives u 100

    and so the italian gt the job =)

    4 more days to maths paper!! rahh!

    bread spoke at Tuesday, August 14, 2007

    Sunday, August 12, 2007

    Dear Guan yi ma..
    u've bestowed upon me

    a big packet of showtime skittles

    -poured into small glass shots.
    Bought at candy empire at millenia walk-

    My 2gb ipod

    -packed with r&b tracks-

    and my cousin's maths textbook
    -my nightmare-

    now please give me the strength to survive maths revision..amen

    bread spoke at Sunday, August 12, 2007

    out of boredomness

    List out your top 5 birthday presents that you wish for:

    ONE - Gene and i will last till we die
    TWO - better relation with my family
    THREE - To be able to keep dancing till body don't allow me to [u noe injuries n all]
    FOUR - Friendship with all my current pals last till we grow old [wun it b fun if we can help each other jagar the children! hahahaha]
    FIVE - everyone i noe show some love on my birthday! [i'll b happy even if it's jus a birthday tag on my tagboard or an sms but i love surprises too!]

    Answer the following questions.
    1.(the person who tag you is ...)
    Donald; alvin

    2.(your relationship with him/her is ...)

    3.(your 5 impressions of him/her ..)
    Donald: Gentleman; tian zhen wu xia..ahaha; smart!; a great fren to have; "scandalous"
    Alvin: Quite hot-headed; loves charmaine; ah beng [use to la]; quite smart; temperant

    4.(the most memorable thing he/she had done for you)
    haha!hmm..nth much i can rmb of..see donald and alvin..wad great frenz u guys are..tsk..ahaha

    5.(the most memorable words he/she had said to you)
    donald:"alamak! send wrong person la!"

    6.(if he/she becomes your lover, you will..)
    i will die...cos I LOVE EUGENE! besides, one is physically n mentally attached, the other one is may mentally attached

    7.(if he/she becomes your lover, things he/she has to improve on will be)
    donald: don't b wishy washy; be more optimistic;
    alvin: b more cool-headed;

    8.(if he/she becomes your enemy, you will...)
    dunno..slice their stomach pull out their gut n tearing them apart...all this while they're alive! nah jus kiddin! if they really become my enemy...singapore will snow! haha

    9. (if he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be ...)
    three of us are being assholes to each other

    10.(the most desire thing you want to do for him/her now is ...)
    donald: be his consultant in courting girls..since his 5th wish is to find love..ahahaha
    alvin: work hand in hand [not literally ah] to b donald's consultants..ahaha

    11.(your overall impression of him/her is ...)
    great pals!

    12.(how you think people around you will feel about you?)
    thats a tough question
    good: bring joy to ppl! [mayb la]
    bad: insensitive

    13.(the character you love of yourself are ...)
    bubbly; fun-loving

    14.(on the contrary, the characters you hate of yourself are ...)
    Lazy; can't always express hw i feel; hurting ppl i love unintentionally

    15.(the most ideal person you want to be is ...)
    My dance instructor Ann! she's smart; great passion for dance and is really good in it

    16.(for people that care and like you, say something to them ..)
    Im sorry if i ever hurt u guys

    17.(pass this quiz to 10 persons that you wish to know how they feel about you)
    1. Eugene [i dunno hw is he gonna do it cos he dun hav blog]
    2. Donald [since he made me do this quiz]
    3. Joel
    4. Abelina
    5. Denyse
    6. Alvin
    7. Nadj
    8. waiyeong my bro
    9. Cheryl Xu

    11.(who is no.6 having relationship with?)

    12.(Is no.9 a male or female?)

    13.(If no.7 and 10 are together, will it be a good thing?)
    no..they dunno each other

    14.(How about no.8 and 5?)
    jie di lian! butthey dunno each other too!

    15.(What is no.2 studying about?)
    Biomedical Sciences

    16.(When was the last time you had a chat with no.3?)
    2 days bck

    17.(What kind of music band does no.8 like?)

    18.(Does no.1 has any siblings?)
    an elder bro

    19.(Will you woo no.3?)
    no way...joel is gay! nah jus kiddin haha

    20.(How about no.7?)
    no! he's black!

    21.(Is no.4 single?)
    nope..she's so in love too

    22.(What's the surname of no.5?)

    23.(What's the hobby of no.4?)
    Piano,soccer...i tink she loves studying la...always study can haha

    24.(Do no.5 and 9 get along well?)
    they dunno each other!

    25.(Where is no.2 studying at?)
    ngee ann poly

    26.(Talk something casually about no.1)
    The best boyfriend in the world

    27.(Have you try developing feelings for no.8?)
    yes..so feeling for him sicne the day he was born..my younger bro wad

    28.(Where does no.9 live at?)
    Castle green

    29.(What color does no.4 like?)
    turqoise and green!

    30.(Are no.5 and 1 best friends?)
    met once or twice but no

    31.(Does no.7 likes no.2?)
    i hope he does...then i can make fun of them for being gay ahaha!

    32.(How do you get to know no.2?)
    orientation camp when he still look lik muthu

    33.(Does no.1 have any pets?):

    34.(Is no.7 the sexiest person in the world?)

    bread spoke at Sunday, August 12, 2007

    Thursday, August 09, 2007

    screwed up phone

    Im so pissed off! my phone is fricking lag la!!!! or to b more specific....its the msg-ing function! lik omg! for the past week, i've kept my msg as minimum cos it's so irritating to text a msg.
    it's lik lag in the sense that u know sometimes ur com lag then when u type sometime it wun appear till lik few seconds ltr? my phone prob is jus as dat la!

    *types msg* -wait 20 secs
    *realise type wrongly hav to scroll bck*- 30 secs
    *cannot press n hold to get num, so hav to pres the corresponding button wait for the phone to generate the list then select num* - 30 secs
    *finally type finish wan load to send page* - 20 secs

    1min plus to send a short msg k!! heng sending function still ok...if not msg-ing will b hell for me. Sian lo, dunno whn can bring for servicing. Actually i heard from many, sony ericsson way of servicing for such things is jus reformat the whole phone..lik zzz! i wan change phone also cannot cos no nice looking good function phones on the market. -sigh-

    missed nra's performance ystd. must had been interesting from the pix i saw on their blog, wonder if anyone vid-ed dwn. This sat is suntec competition for mos of them; 1st competition not really aided by ann. as in they hav to come up with their own choreo n all. Hope they'll all get thru to finals!

    Today aft mobio lect is super nth to do so went IKEA with denyse, alvin, donald n jehanne. Actually we went dere to buy some stuff for upcoming event la but i tink we lik slack there machiam our home la. We were lik damn lame can. Cos denyse's foot was hurting badly from her heels so i suggested we jus sit on the sofas in IKEA. So for lik 1hr plus we testing sofas , mostly all the soft ones. I LOVE SOFT SOFAS! u noe the kind u bouce-seat u will bouce a bit n indulge in full comfort of the soft farbric n texture of the sofa. THen took loads of photos with denyse's camera haha. will post them up when denyse send me the photos ahaha.

    oh ya! i fricking passed my mobio pract test la...damn relieved man!!! jus pray i pass the bchem as well..rahh! super no time liao next fri is my maths paper! NEXT FRIDAY!!! lik omg!!!!
    i've better pass the damn module else my face wun appear in ngee ann anymore ...rahh!

    bread spoke at Thursday, August 09, 2007

    Monday, August 06, 2007

    Brain dead

    this is exactly how im feeling now. brain dead untill gone!

    I gt so dead i decide not to study amino acid since Dr.smurf din really hit much bout it, concentrate more on carbo since almost everything links to it....stupid. Why can't we jus survive on air then we dun hav to go thru metabolism thn sci students wun hav to student 'em!!!

    was reading thru the notes on Fats when i saw ..

    "fat are found in the adipose tissue (try pinching ur waist to feel them)"

    super lame-ness! i bet Smurf was feeling fat he was typing the notes. Then he unknowingly pinched his buldging waist n realise hw fat he wad. OK actually he's not fat, u now jus lik men's-early-mid-life-crisis kind of fat.

    Speaking of smurf, i heard from another lecturer that he told everybody during STAFF MEETING that a particular student [ie me] said he look lik smurf....zzzz!

    anyway i was thinking bout my bdae wishlist. Its never too early to think bout ur present ok!!! and i even dreamt bout wad im getting so its a sign! 2 wks back i dreamt that someone/some grp of ppl gave me a big bunch of this!

    i went to look up on it and it's called TANACETUM niveum 'Jackpot'. Hmm...think my feminie side is going strong that my brain decides i shld gt flowers on my bdae. so...Get me a whole bunch of this tie with a yellow ribbon for my bdae!! -super randomness-

    i mean it's really cute flower, i dun care if it tarnish damn easily becos its cute! lalalala!

    nw dat my brain is not so dead...guess im bck to studying...rahh!

    bread spoke at Monday, August 06, 2007

    Metabolism n my miserable life

    ARGH! i dying from all the ATP , pyruvate, NAD n NADH! for your info, those are chemical u get when u breakdwn carbo, meaning aft u eat. Of all metabolism topics, metabolisim of carbo is lik the nightmare ultimatinum! 2 sets of notes n im only thru 1! not forgetting i've still gt fats n proteins to go thur...goddammit!

    amist the horrible text, joel n i entertained ourself with a new word. which came about when joel gt a typo got the word "bitch". the words is "botch" !

    i mean if u tink of it it's quite funny. Imagine..

    "shut up u stupid botch!"
    "stop kicking up a botch fit"
    "stop botching ard u botchy botch"

    this is wad happenes when u get brain dead.

    anyway to sum up for the wk, Tuesday was the performance for CCA excellence. Dammit la!!! i screwed up Evanesence.

    [1] starting i was too ahead of beat
    [2] i lost my balance aft the turns.

    i kindda expected it to happen cos from recent rehearsals i suddenly cannot balance la! lik wth! sian! and it's lik my last performance b4 i stop dancing for a mth becos of exams..shucks!

    wed was mobio pract test. A commotion came about becos of the date of the paper but since it's already over, i wun talk bout it. I tink i only have the slightest chance to pass la! cos aft the performance the previous nite i was super tired already n only managed to read up the lil bit i could. Gl training in the evening. Seriously i tink our performance was laxed compared to gl days. I rmb we used to stare in awe when we see the senior get in line in a flash. But i dun get wad made the freshies laugh when we did it...shucks...screwed up man.

    Thursday morning went to visit gene aft dunno hw long since i've seen him. The cuts on his face are getting better thanks to the aloe vera gel he has =) Then went to watch simpsons with i&e grp. so fricking funny la!!!!! simple plot but it's all the funny factors is old-sch-simpson-style dat made it so simpsonly funny! was suppsoe to hav nra meeting but the meeting start lik way late, end up joel, denyse n i slacked in the clubhouse b4 heading home. When we came out of the clubhouse, we jus realise the meeting's over haha!

    Went to visit gene again on fri aft lesson. Man i was lik so tired, tink i slept at his house mos of the time la! haha! stupid lo! aft dinner, gene jus abandon me n went to slp...zzzzz. im so pissed off....not! heh

    of course, my wkend sucked so much, im getting sick i tink, i sneezed out blood jus now! the whole wkend had been maths n metabolism for me. SO NO LIFE!!! but well, i seek a better life aft exams! yibin found me a job for the upcoming comex, $6.50 per hour selling mp3s for 4 days! but not sure i'll get it not la. I was thinking of working at summerhouse donuts near my house..HAHA! for now it's lik mugging all the way...

    -sigh- my life is so miserable

    ps: anyway thks to everyone who showed concern...really appreciated it =)

    bread spoke at Monday, August 06, 2007

    Thursday, August 02, 2007

    emo shat

    -never hold ur hopes too high cause the higher your hopes are, the harder you fall; but when u fall, always learn to stand up-
    easier said than done...sometimes i think i fail in life. i don't have a particular strength lik most ppl ard me do. Peeps in nra can dance lik damn well but im still lik stepping on the spot. Frenz in gls are all lik smart ppl and im lik jus an average student. Frenz i noe are ideal gfs in the eyes of their bf but i tink i sucked as one....
    RAHH! dammit.....

    bread spoke at Thursday, August 02, 2007