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    Monday, March 19, 2007

    jus for laugh

    damn...i ought to make a tribute bout this, nobody believe it was me till i told them..lol

    yup! that was me! in dat ugly pink cheena top!! that was when i was p6!!! look at me now!

    mei nu!!!!

    wah damn funny lo! cos i was showing joel they all the fatty-bom-bom-me photo today then alvin came along then saw the pic and he was lik

    "why are u looking at some auntie's picture"

    wah lao...i was dat pathetic bck then man...lol. actually i made this post in lik 2005 oct budden cos 2 days bck alvin chia n i were having an msn conversation n it somehow linked to fatness. Then he wanted to see the photo. So i searched high n low for it till i finally found it! cos now for easier reference, i made another post.

    i love seeing everybodies' reaction. Cos it's only one word written on their face "unbelievable"
    man so proud of myself...muahahhahahahahaha! i tink i'm gonna make that as my forum signature..lol!

    anyway here's a dumb vid i watched today...laughed lik crap watching it

    bread spoke at Monday, March 19, 2007

    Saturday, March 17, 2007

    ok ppl~ i'm fine...oh so fine cos i already expected myself to fail maths...hahaha..
    and i also expected that my gpa would b lik shit [1.67, can round up to 1.7 lei!]
    cos only the mbio paper was easy~! thk gd i dun hav to repeat IPC man, then it would b dr kueh all over again! At least i dun hav to see that stupid emu anymore cos she fricking retired! haha!!
    oh well, it's MOL all over again~ dammit!

    Ystd had the very 1st dance pract session for FOC item and we went through sexy love. Damn proud of myself cos i finished the choreo and teaching the couples ystd! but the sad thing is other than donald and me, 4 other ppl turned up -_________-" but at least im done so next pract would b easier! lalalalala~ Now i hav to tink of the choreo for hip hop, using the song bo jian dai. Trying my best not to use ann's step la..haha!!

    oh went to eat at pasta cafe wiv cheryl. it's ik so weird to hav ur own colleagues serve you. Anyway, i ordered the sambal minara n cher order the dory fish gratin, which she regretted cos aft orderign she realised she wanted to eat the japanese curry pasta more haha. I tell ya, the sambal marinara damn nice!!! It's actually linguine stir fry in sambal i tink and there're seafood as well. The smell is enough to make your mouth water.

    Went to shop aft eating and i bought a new pair of slips from charles and keith

    you hav to tie up the string thingy. Actually there a grey pair but i tink black is nicer, who cares bout commonity, i find nice can liao. Cher say look lik monk shoe zzzz. then went to far east out of the blue cos nth to buy in particular n i jus end up buying these!

    damn cute pens ok!!!! n one is lik bout 2 bucks...muahhahahahahaha
    and back then there was this one time i wanted to make a name necklance but it was too expensive rite [fricking 100+ bucks!]
    cher found a damn good lobang online!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeee!


    scroll down, it's somewhere in the middle

    sian, ltr hav to go work -___________- but dat will b all for me this mth!! muhahahahhaa, aftnext wk shift at ritz, i doubt i'll work till foc n dance camp is over. but by then sch already open liao....double sianess~

    bread spoke at Saturday, March 17, 2007

    Thursday, March 15, 2007

    na bei

    i failed maths!!!!!!!!!!!!! argh!!!!

    bread spoke at Thursday, March 15, 2007

    Tuesday, March 13, 2007

    Trial Camp

    I'm back from camp! actually i was back already on sunday but i was so tired aft the camp i din blog haha. Anyway trial camp wasn't that bad aft all. It was lik going thru FOC all over again except this time we hav to behave lik gls n not freshies.. sense of urgency, discipline blah blah blah.

    I wouldn't talk much bout the camp but i've gotta say smth bout the night walk. surash scared the shit out of me! Suraj is an AGL who is reknowned for his "special" power which is to scream lik a banshee! Serious! Last yr FOC he managed to scare the shit out of me but i was still ok cos i was walking with one of my grp mate. But this time i have to walk alone...

    ALONE LEI!!! and i'm reminded constantly i'm nyctophobic [phobia to darkness]. Even taking the lift has shaken me cos

    1. im in total darknes in the lift
    2. there was tis stupid mask ala phantom of opera kind planted right at the top of the lift lvl display thing. U noe the thing u look at to see which floor u're ascending to

    and due to point 2, i kept looking down on the lift floor n rushed out of the lift to make sure i exit at the right lvl. And that was the point whr suraj took his action. I was suppose to go pass this door to go into a corridor leading to classroom when suddenly a high pitched, blood curling scream sounded the air. When he started screaming i also started screaming. N i even had this thought i kena some paranormal thing already cos when i turned ard i din see anybody. So i jus stood there stunned, shivering and very pai-seh-ly, crying. Then suraj n jeremy hav to run out to comfort me. i tink i took lik rather long to stablise. Good thing is, suraj n jeremy walked with me thru the scary parts of nite walk..muahahahah! well at least i wasn't the only gl who cried during night walk cos nikki did too..lol

    for the rest of the nite walk rite, it wasn't as creepy as FOC cos all the staircase were lit!! thank god!!!! And when i reached the end point, everybody said they could hear me screaming loud n clear

    Jus b4 breaking camp, our camp coms were annouched. I FRICKING GOT INTO WELFARE!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ the best part is, joel n i are in the same grp!!!! our grp is known as nerwin. Nerwin, btw, is a submarine! DAMN COOL! i mean it's lik better than stardust, as depicted by donald..

    "how is space rock-picker part of warfare"

    the rest of the modern grps include sniper n veltro. Man, im lik so excited for FOC!! oh then donald n i were made ICs for the FOC item...though kindda expected la -__________- but i already gt the concept n choreo out already! weeeeeeeee~

    and b4 breaking camp, all of us rcv-ed our gl tees!

    lik machiam grad liao cos we no longer hav to wear black tees to training but the yellow tee! shuagn! but we ain't consider grad yet cos haven't foc yet, when we get the foc shirts, dats really grad for gl..haha

    guess i'll b so busy during hols; foc preparations n funka practise...there goes my hols T_T

    bread spoke at Tuesday, March 13, 2007

    Thursday, March 08, 2007

    no life-ness

    basically wad i've been doing for the whole wk is work, dance, gl...no life...sigh

    but i shall talk bout dance 1st. Wah tues choreo was by far the mos relac choreo. Cos it's only locking. budden warm u pwas shitty. Imagine if u are going thru basic pop-lock training...by the end of 1 mth u do that warm up, i can guarantee ur triceps will b toned till damn zai. Cos 1] for popping, u hav to lik flip ur hand up, pivoting on ur wrist, pushing from the base of ur hand. At 1st do qutie ok, but the time u reach 14th-count of 8...u'll start looking lik chicken. 2] u noe locking u kindda hav to twirl ur hands up, pivoting on ur elbow n twirl down again n point...if u keep doing dat...ur arm also will go soft one. but still, i like pop-lock..HAHAHAAHAH!

    Now work. Actually nth much really happened at work. i mean im new..so nth much really happen. Except tis evening i made quite a big mistake but i din get scolded. Is lik usually if u pay by credit card, u'll get 2 receipts rite. And aft u sign, the person will return ur card with the pink credit receipt n actual receipt. Then behind this 2 receipts, there is one blue n one yellow copy which is kept by the restaurant for acc purpose..the blue copy behind the pink very impt...cos the acc can then claim frm the credit card co. But wad happen was, i tink i gave both blue n pink to the guest...lik damn crap! Well boss din scold me, only told me b more careful cos this kind of thing happen a few times b4 too. Oh and also, when serving, i can get damn hungry, cos the pasta look so gd n smell so nice! plus i dun get a break as im working only 5 hrs. Seriously if i work day-hours n for 5 hrs...i can jian fei. haha. At nite aft work supper is provided so cannot jian.

    Lemme tink anything else happened at work. Oh, there's this dish-washing auntie, i 1st day meet her i thot she ok ok, but i saw her true side aft the 2 more days of work. Some old ppl lik speak not clear at all, it's either they're too soft or they're problem lies with the diction. So happen the auntie gt both problems, then everytime she talk to me, i can't really hear so i kept "huh-ing" la, then she kept give the zzz-face. wth, i mean ok im wrong since i din hear properly but u initiated a conversation than give this kind of face...nvm..old ppl. Then also, this evening i 1st time do closing, then i din noe which is the mos seng-nang duty, so i chose to clean table n seats...turns out dats the most sian wan cos have to clean a lot n if guest haven go have to wait for the to finished n go b4 can clean. According to cheryl, vaccum is best...&#^%&#^%

    Now Gls. This morning when we reached the place, everybody wanted to go bck already cos too few ppl but in the end we still went n the total turn up was only a miserable 27. B4 i con't, i'll dedicate this part of the post to SU of NP becos i jus feel sry for them that LSCT GLs is jus too zai for them to even challenge us [no im not being big-head or guai lan, im jus stating a universal fact] and apparantly i heard my other fellow Gls, one of our own gl, who is in SU gls as well went over to them n told them not to do anything silly [lik wad...out-cheer them?] so much for loyalty.

    anyway, tis morning donald n i were leading PT n the SU were already at grand stand. So when doing PT, the PTI leadn the rest shout the counts. N well, throughout the whole PT i could only hear either my voice/ donald's voice / the other lsct gls voices. According to our other gls who didn't do PT, SU started jeering at us by shouting "what?" when we were shouting counts. But being gay, we jus couldn't hear them, given that they were 40+ of them n only 27 of us. We even out-cheer them while we were running ard the track..n they're in the comfort of the shade.

    And becos of the running n doing exercise in the sun, i gt minor sun burnt ...roar! in fact i tink all of us gt sun burnt..bleahz.

    So when we finished PT, SU were gone. Anyway i tink my vocals cord enlarged or smth, cos aft cheering the whole day, i felt my throat expanding or rather my thoar felt more hollow. weird.
    Aft lunch, cheer again then captain's ball. Wah damn wasted. At 1st my group were leading for 2.5 quaters then donald's team caught up n won us by one or 2 pts...BAH! Before end of cheering, battle of the gls began again. Lik aft we finished our cheer at the track n return to the grandstand, SU started their cheer which was well...very gd..but not as gd as us >_< Funniest part is, when they were leaving, they shouted a cheer to jeer at us..budden the whole cheer all we heard was "LSCT" then the rest were muffled. "great" job "great" job.

    COme to think of it, i tink we were quite guai lan to out-cheer them, becos we ought to be humble as that we are dope n let 'em enjoy the thot they are better cheer-ers than us, though they compensated by having double our no. But i still can't stand the fact one of our OWN gls, came n tell us not to to do anything silly when they started it..lik zzzz!

    ok...SU may not b as loud as us but whether they can lead a not im not sure
    [though i heard sometimes they dun even know whr their freshies went] but till
    FOC we shall see..still, i dun really lik the ppl from SU

    Kindda sian-ed cos tis whole wk i din really see gene much! except the time he comes over to sch to fetch me home frm dance. But last nite we went to watch "Just follow law" [although gene wasn't supportive of local flims initially but we ran out of movies to watch]. It turns out pretty good, better than the rest other than I not Stupid. Lik gurmit n fann switched souls then all kinds of things happened. Fann scolded "Na Bei" can...twice somemore! Then also loads of funny scenes in the show. The thing is, lik eveyrbody is minor-racist la...cos everytime the indian security speak in tamil,they whole theater started laughing..i admit, i was one of them, but the indian man was cute wad..haha. Then all the ah-pek directors in the office damn fan jian..i can't imagine my future workplace to b lik that, but i doubt i hav to imagine cos i'll face it anyway one day.

    *sigh* sat i'll b away on camp, death camp of tolerance man! the AGLs n SGLs put it in such a way that it will b the worse days of our lives. i only rmb my worse days of my live were the days when my menstrual cycle starts..the immense pain...BAH! n i doubt i've enuff rest cos tmr im having dance practise...double BAH!!!!

    bread spoke at Thursday, March 08, 2007

    Sunday, March 04, 2007

    *edited at 1050pm* haha joel ya wrong! cos i noe i'll update at night ma..haha!

    Tmr im gonna start work. I scare i cannot wake up cos since hols start i've been waking up at lik in between 1-3pm. And my shift starts at 12...which is much later than the timing at ritz so i guess i'll b able to pull myself out of bed

    My bro...or rather my bro's sch, which was my sec sch ...damn "pro" can! is lik Mar hols is jus 1 wk away and then they jus gave notice that there weren't b any remedials during the vacation! WTF! i could have gone to japan! Is lik my dad needs to appeal for leave 2 wks in advance n probably all the travel packages are fully booked...JAPAN! all the clothes, bag, shoes, facial n hair products...BAH!!!

    and basically i had a no-life-day today. Cos when i woke up [2.45pm] , i started watching hana kimi till 3 plus then i chatted online with gene n i read harry potter 6th book again out of boredom. Bathed n i was suppose to meet gene but the meeting was cancelled....BAH! so i spent the rest of my evening watching tv...sad.

    and nicole if ya reading this...i found ya watch! but the seller hasn't get bck to me yet so don't hold too much hope yet =)

    damn i off to slp, mum's is nagging away...bleahz


    CHEY! turns out my locker key can open other lockers. Gene opened the wrong locker ystd n gave me a fright...DOO!

    bread spoke at Sunday, March 04, 2007

    Saturday, March 03, 2007

    A Damn short entry

    maybe my shortest entries ever.cos im too tired n too lazy to write in a long whiny naggy manner

    - 2 fat ass gt through into dancefloor semifinals
    i'm not being jealous bcos neither groove nor snaap gt in. I jus felt if E-sq din get thru, just the
    2 of us
    would n another better team would b granted place in wildcard for a chance in finals.
    But alas i've concluded..ang mohs are really rich. Rich enough to "buy support"

    - My new lens are ready

    - I'm officially a staff at Pasta Cafe
    and i'll b starting work next wk. cheryl told me why they chose me over peggy...seriously
    dumb man! chose by looks...zzz..lame

    - I think someone hacked into the locker that belongs to me n aphy over at Ritz
    Cos gene told me he couldn't find my stuff in it n aphy told me she's missing her eyeshadow
    If there's really such an asshole person...he/she is gonna b so dead

    - Lastly, i'm dead tired from dance
    dance for 4 hours can! my back's aching again

    see i told ya...short! off to bed!

    bread spoke at Saturday, March 03, 2007

    Friday, March 02, 2007

    Serious WTF-ness

    Rmb i ever complained about this stupid subject that all NP students hav to go thru in their 1st yr call CATS? And i rant on hw much i hated the subject?

    The thing is....

    i can't fucking believe my grp's project gt selected for some Idea Buzz Competition!
    this is exact thing the admin sent me

    Dear Steph & Team


    We are pleased to inform you that your team has qualified for the final
    round of the NP Ideas Buzz Competition. You therefore stand a chance to be among the top 10 teams to win prizes worth more than S$300 per team sponsored by ASME (Association of Small and Medium Enterprises).

    The NP Ideas Buzz Competition aims at encouraging NP students like you to offer ideas for innovative and exciting products and services.The winners of the competition could then apply for NP EnterpriZe! Scheme funding (co-funding of 70% up to a maximum of S$3,000 per project) orETDF (Entrepreneurial Talent Development Fund administered by SPRING Singapore) to start-up your promising business ideas.

    In collaboration with IS CATS (Creative and Applied Thinking Skills)
    module, your team's project "MOTILE S" is among the
    18 projects
    short listed out of about 400 projects
    by an internal panel of judges to qualify for the final round. At this final round, a panel of judges who could include experts from industry will then select the top 10 teams.

    Below are details of the judging for the final selection of the top 10

    and throughout the whole sem, our lecturer hated our grp, cos nth gd seem to come out from his mouth n he's fricking biased to the BA students. And then, our lecturer actually presented our work to other classes for them to vote their preferred choice n my group was the least welcomed one becoz we ended up with only 3 pathetic votes

    talk about unexpectations...this seriously kick ass~

    We still have to go through another round of interview for final selection.actually i don't feel lik joining but i hav no say in it because Claudia did the most work so i tink she should decide. Damn i hope she wouldn't continue. It's jus $300 bucks! Thats lik only $50 per person for our group. Somemore if it's not cash prize but some lame products..it will b some dumb la! Bu ke neng giv mp3 this kind of thing too ain't it. The best they can possibly do is giving away book vouchers or smth. Gah, at least thats a sign i know i gt an A for CATS.

    bread spoke at Friday, March 02, 2007