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    Wednesday, August 31, 2005

    lame shit

    today's superstar finals eve..sch had some record breaking thing..biggest tyre rolling grp..was lame but well..we broke d record..haha. aft d event, went 2 j8 wiv cheryl n desiree..took neos. themachine totally sucked man..argh!! anyway..2 of em head hm n i went to meet bu3bu4. so wad lo!!!! i waited fer em fer an hr..wth -______________-" aft eating..went shopping fer blue shirts.. but i dun nid la..lol. shop fer so long..in the end rui ling n ke jing buy only. stupid mdc managment..wear blue jiu suan le..still cannot sky blue or navy blue..wth...

    anyway..i'm tired..jus wan everything to end nw so i can concentrate on studies..but isn't dat a lame excuse. I feel it's nt fair somehow. frenz alrdy told me jus end it...dunno wad to do...haiz...y did i agree in the 1st place -___-"

    bread spoke at Wednesday, August 31, 2005

    Tuesday, August 30, 2005

    random crap

    Hmm..can't be bloggin regularly cos i'm totally mugging fer my prelims n O lvls. anyway..was free n dun feel lik studying so made a simple layout. i noe the music totally un match wiv the layout but if ya have any suggestions..leave it at the tag. anyway..today was teacher's day celebration cos tml our sch gonna break some stupid record to make it into the guiness world records..kindda lame task..rolling tyres..lol. The concert was not bad..slightly better than last yr jus dat the dance grps nt enuff groove niaz..but the bands were darn gd! Had lessons..was totally uncool but guess wad..our cls ordered pizza! but well...it was the gals [8 of us only] made 1 order, ryan's grp made one order n li jiong grp made another order..lol. Li jiong did smth unexpected today..lol. cos me n wendy gone to collect our pizza[2 large] n li jiong oso collecting then both of us intend to leave it wiv our frenz who aren't having mother tougue lessons so..while i was settling the bill, li jiong volunteered to help us carry the pizzas..woah! for ur info..this is a very rare act of our cls boys cos our cls is lik boys are one grp n the grps one grp...battle of the sexes? wadeva. anyway..all the pizza eaters wanted to eat in our 1st TC's homeroom but that lame hag dun allow so li jiong went ot canteen while the gals n ryan's grp went to the humanities stairway. anyway..nt dat i'm being racist..i jus dun li kthe 3 malay gers in my cls. n guess wad..i tink they knew i was ordering pizza but it's lik only payers get to eat la. so whileeating, one of em' called yu wan n asked "gt cls party is it" obviously hinting to us ba..then yu wan jus told her dun hav..lol. supposed to hav phy remedial fer the whole cls today but no one went i tink..wahahahaha..who cares..our 2nd TC-cum-physics teach shld b thankful cos we're giving her a break..lol. Suppose to coem home n continue making boards fer jun yang n sebas but i haven started yet..lol. shall start end..oh yea..tml's bck to st nicks [actually our main motive is to eat la..lol]

    2 mre days to superstar finals...Vote fer kelly ppl!!! Happy bdae stanley..scare i 4get tml..lol

    bread spoke at Tuesday, August 30, 2005

    Thursday, August 25, 2005

    10 reasons to go prom

    PAPA! here are 10 reasons why u shld go prom...

    1. 1/5 of the fun'll b gone if u dun go
    2. no chance to see ys in formal dressing!
    3. mama will b very lonely if u dun go..haha
    4. 1/5 of the crap gone
    5. Once in a life time thing...u can't hav 2 secondary prom nite
    6. Last time the Ben family can crap at the same table
    7. the only time in ya life whereby u can talk crap in formal dressing without disgracing
    8. Imagine all the stuff ya'll b missing
    9. one less person to ji siao
    10. most importantly...THE WHOLE BEN FAMILY WANTS U TO GO!!!

    ok.i'm done..msn me 10 reasosn why u dun wanna go prom..whahahahahahhahahaha

    bread spoke at Thursday, August 25, 2005

    Wednesday, August 24, 2005

    to papa!

    shit..i fucking hell din cut my hair cos my cousin hasn't gt a fucking sisscors imported yet..lol...btw..wiv the "f" language..it's a new slang b/w me n my "great" fucking kor..haoz [not jia hao la..lol] anyway..today recess pa said he's not going prom! he can! the whole ben family is going n he..the "yi jia zhi zhu" is not going! we kept phyco-ing him today but he's still as a mt..lame. Then he was saying he gt doc's appointment and [cheryl] doc's dun open till nite. then i was checking the date..thot it might be on 27.nov...hich is a sunday..then i told papa 'doc dun open on sunday..no excuses! go!!!" then cheryl reminded me" 27th nov her bdae lei..muz go" blur me actually 4gt my bdae..wahahahahaha [so touched by cheryl..lol] nvm..the 4/5 of ben family will continue to psycho him..wahahahahhahahahaha

    8 days to superstar finals...PAPA!!! GO PROM NITE LA!!!

    bread spoke at Wednesday, August 24, 2005

    Tuesday, August 23, 2005

    the verdict is down

    i've decided! i shall cut my hair..TML! i'm really getting sick of my hair n their curling end..stupid man..arghz! anyway..i think i rpolly flunk my poa test again..wtf..study but no use..maybe get format correct ne la..haiz. 've been fer smth fer a long time n i can't make up my bloody mind..wadeva..my life's totally screwed..i jsu wanan concentrate on studying nw..my future lies in it!! anyway..bought kelly's album ystd. kelly's only left one aft me n cheryl made our purchase and there's weilian's..one big stack..lol. n today rui ling told me a gd news..at hougang mall..kelly's sold out while wei lian's left 2 huge stacks at counter while there's still mre of his at the display. so currently, kelly's album sold out at AMK, Bishan and hougang..maybe as kmy cousin check out yishun..wahahahhahahahaha!

    9 more days to superstar finals..KELLY!

    bread spoke at Tuesday, August 23, 2005

    Sunday, August 21, 2005


    oh man..1st time imma so pissed at dance...fuck! ystd..A SATURDAY! a day which i was suppose to b at home studying...i have to go bck fer dance performance. So i went wiv a good mood at 12. Help audrey and ping ting tye hair..change into costume, went fer rehearsals. come bck..eat then make up. Therice was sick ok...the veg was lik some cheapo type and dun look appetising at all!! the nice things was the gravy and fish la..and dessert was best la..ice cream puff..wahahahahha. Then make up time..did my own make up except fer eye lienr..drew my own brows cos teach sure draw untill lik la bi xiao xing de lo. So finally..teach wanna check our hair..then she shun bian wanna draw my brows! i was lik..wth! and went out of the dance room. audrey, jia yi n ping ting were also..so the 4 of us slacked outside then al lthe dancers came out cos prepare go hall ma. guess wad..teh fuckin dance teach came out, saw us n started screaming at us lik fuck lo! wah kaoz..damn pissed ok. Then audrey gt freaked out cos teach scold until lvery loud then she cried la. jia yi, ping ting n i started cursing our dance teach. Then ms teo say jia yi lo..then jia yi mum walk pass n i tink ms teo lik dun dare continue say jia yi liao. at the canteen, we keep saying our dance teach la..jia yi n ping ting still came up wiv a song lo. We're lik damn pissed lo. It's our saturday and we hav to go bck fer soem fuckin fuction dat seriously has nth to do wiv us cos gopal wanted face. Then i tell ya lo..i seriously wanted to go home straight aft dat bitch screamed at us..but dance room lock cannot get my stuff..wtf. Anyway i'm gonan step down liao..no nid to go fer dance anymore..i sitll dun understand why i was so commited to dance anyway lo..shld hav jus stepped down aft syf. anywya..it's lik none of the teachers appreciate lo..wtf! anyway..aft jia yi's batch go..yckss chinese dance might fall cos i dun see much promising dancers ard..prolly only 8 the mos..anyway..i've already predicted dat the next syf sure cannot get gold le..hope dat bloody fish get sack then..bleachz!!

    bread spoke at Sunday, August 21, 2005

    Friday, August 19, 2005

    sad la!!!

    i practically miss lessons this whole wk cos of dance rehearsals..damn fuckin tired..lol..anyway..updates fer the days.

    -17th Aug, wednesday-
    Kallang Art fest.."biggest" event in yckss history i tink. din go fer lesso nthe whole day..was at kallang. So frickin tired cos not enuff slp the nite b4. !st, everyone went to respective dressing rooms or holding areas to get ready. so sad man..cos modern dance wasl ik not very successful during rehearsals..haiz. then make-up time. serene, audrey, ping ting, jia yi n i sort of walked away cos many ppl gettign make up from teach then have ta wait very long so we crapped with the wushu ppl along the corridor. In the end. the 5 of us did our own make up..lol. not bad fer the 1st time ok..lol. Then we were sitting at the corridor. the dressing rooms are jus behind the backstage so we can hear the music outside. when we heard the modern dance music..we were praying lik siao hopeing it will b successful but it was corked up..mos of the junior cried. b4 chi dance was wushu. i tink they muz've felt very paiseh cos their coach sang lo..and it's damn stupid..we standing at side stage luffing lo. then can hear audience luffing too. next was our performance. qutie successful except fer some minor minor mistakes la. stayed at backstage fer rehearsals then crapped wiv wushu ppl again. counsillor bought it puffs n ecliars, finished it within a flash..lol. Chen2 was fed up with the audience cos they were luffing during our perofrmance then she claim she wanted to throw the "weaving machine" down..lol. Moulin Rouge i only lik bada part. i tell ya..dat fella damn feminie lo. He has the figure to wear a cheongsam *besides the fake boobs la* he really damn chio man..and he's leg damn slim..any gals see will get jealous..lol. Reached hm lik 12 lik dat.

    -18th Aug, thursday-
    sch starts at 9.40 today but i din go cos i was damn tired from the performance so i woke up at 11+. went to bank b4 going for dance practise..lol. oh ya..my mum came bck frm taiwan today and she bought loads of clothes fer me..finally her fashion sense improved lo..lol.

    -19th Aug, friday-
    SUPERSTAR MALE FINALIST RESULTS DAMN FUCKED LA!!! hw can they allow a visually-handicap fella thru. i'm sure the whole blind association voted fer him + many more sympathy votes..wth. jun yang was obviously a betetr cadidate but nevertheless the results is out..nvm..at the finals..i'll vote fer kelly lik siao! anyway 97% of the dance club likes jun yang rather than wei lian..and all of them said the same thing "wei lian at 1st sing next but as time goes his voice starts to get irrtating" oh well...we'll all [the 97%] gonna vote fer kelly! Kelly..wo men yckss wu dao duan ding ni!!! haiz..damn sad lo..i lik jun yang when he sang jie kou..then i was crying lik shit last nite and when he sang jie kou..i cried worse..haiz. Anyway..gt bck my report bk..my results was total shit man. L1R4= 21!!! wtf! i was targetting 13 and less fer Os and nw i see these kind of results..fuck!!! and worse thing is..my sci was damn disappointing..from A2 drop to C6! and my maths failed..but well..my humanities improved..so did my F&N...i'm so gonna mug fer prelim2..haiz. tml dere's another performance..sian. wanna go fer superstar event on sunday..but no news frm buddy gang..msg all of em'..all neva reply...or when i msg bout the topic..neva reply..wth....

    bread spoke at Friday, August 19, 2005

    Friday, August 12, 2005

    chi results and eng oral

    gt back my chi results today and i've really gt a b3..kindda happy i've met my expectation plus i've gt a distinction for oral but guess wad..have to retake lo!!! wth!! nvm..quite cool bout it. mos of my chi cls ppl gt B3s..well..prolly dats the ave. grade in my cls ba. actually suppose to know only during recess but during PE..they put my cls ppl n some 01 ppl who are taking oral in the aftnoon in a classroom. at 1st we were still luffing n lame-ing then mrs john came in and said "since u all are having your oral later..we are letting u noe your MTL results now..." the whole cls had the same reaction.."HUH!?" anyway..mos of the As scholar are indians n malay..out of the 16 A1s in sch i tink only 7 is chi de ba..sad sia. then had my eng oral in the aftnoon. The passage quite easy except fer this bloody name i dunno hw to pronouce lo!!! then in the end dat name i used 4 diff pronouciation i tink..wth. then the conversation part bluffed a bit..used wad ms teo and mdm zhang told me as reference..wahahahahahaha. There's 2 examiners..one is middle-aged then look damn fierce then the other is quite young n very friendly lo. Then while the oral was taking place..the old teacher keep having tis buay song expression lo..then i thot i would hav done badly but the other teach kept saying "good" and stuff. oh ya..i think i off-topic too cos the examiners could not prompt me to talk more..cos usually if ans along the prompt questions..shld be quite safe..oh man..prolly i'll be dead. if my oral dun get distinction..i tink i can go kill myself cos oral is my best component in both language lo..*prays*

    bread spoke at Friday, August 12, 2005

    Thursday, August 11, 2005

    honki sebast..lol!

    i'm like supposed to rush my coursework part b but i'm here updating and i was crapping on the fone wiv buddy gang and sebast jus now while watching superstar [KELLY AND JUN YANG ROX!!!!!] Then i started ji-siaoing sebast by conversing in cantonese [leong is a cantonese family name] then he's slang a bit funny, some diction prob but still ok la...aft awhile he change to shanghai slang then both of us started conversing wiv the shanghai-slang..a bit dumb la. then soemtimes sebast go entertain other fans..i self-entertain myself by either watching superstar or making ghostly sound ..lmao! anyway..tml i'm tkaing my eng Os oral!!! + getting bck my chi Os result!!! WTF!!! and i'm praying mdan bloody hard fer 2 stuffs. [1] My chi results = at least a B3 cos i dun fucking hell wanna re-take the dumb subject which i dun really have to use in poly [oh..my futute in poly in so darn brigth..man..i'm crazy bout poly life..lol] [2] tml's oral conversation topic touches on idols-chasing cos i can speak of anything on that topic lo!! plus kena interviewed once..i know hw the public sees us idol-chasers so i can add em' in the conversation..oh man..i'm getting all jumpy..wahahahahaha!

    bread spoke at Thursday, August 11, 2005

    Monday, August 08, 2005

    stupid reasonings

    FCUK! my dad n his stupid reasonings..i know his english is more powerful than mine but his chi sux ok..sentence said in chi n eng hav diff meanings but he insisted dat he's right..lik fcuk man. ok..maybe i was wrong but 1 thing i hate bout my dad is..he's not flexible and only see things from his POV..wth..wadeva..wad can i do..he's my dad

    anyway..here's a stupid-but-true defination of father
    Father: a banker provided but nature...

    bread spoke at Monday, August 08, 2005


    woohoo~ today kindda lame la..haha. sch was having n'day celebration but i din go..jus a waste of time..lol. wanted to go find andrew but dat pig haven wake up -___-" haha..so in the end went eileen's house slack. She showed me one of sebas's fan's blog.
    When u read her entries..u'll prolly luff your asses out. cos she's the craziest fan i've ever seen ok..more crazy then sbza and buddy gang wor. cos she's lik treating sebas's as her bf..hw lame is dat. dat's not all..she even mentioned bout li jun [sebas's babe la] as quoted from her blog "her looks only okok lo..if she cute n pretty i bwg" ..hw lame is dat -____-" anyway..the girl dun look too good herself anyway..haha..bie ti ta le..haha.
    anyway...went mdc wiv eileen cos she wanna see wei lian ma..then while she's wiv wei lian, i pass liang cah to jun yang then i realised smth..jun yang speak in monotone form..wahahahahaha. Rui ling and ke jing arrive shortly aft dat then the 4/5 of buddy gang [cos wendy's not ard] went to j8 to get a gift for sebas's sis..cos today's her b'dae. then slacked at j8..went to Fox to look at clothes. When exiting the shop..saw someone wearing soem blazer i think..i was lik "who wud wear a blazer come j8 lo" then ke jing exclaimed "JASON!" then i was lik "haha". Then he saw us too n said hi to us..his fren was wiv him also..were crappin' when he was mobbed..then my god-nephew came along to ask for autograph..wahahahaha. Then guess wad..took neoprints wiv jason too..haha! but his fren very poor thing..cos dun wanan take wiv us so stayed outside the shop and inside the shop..jason gt mobbed again..lol. so 2 kind jie jies let us use the machine 1st cos jason lik kena mob untill very jia lat..haha. When cutting the neos..jason msg-ed eileen "help! i'm mobbed again" then all of us rushed out of the shop..guess wad..he was standing dere qutie alone lo -___-" so gave him his portion of the neos then his fren say i'm very photogenic then jason said my facial features very nice..when i grow up muz make good use of em' and i was lik "wahahahahaha" [dun get it nvm..lol] in the end jason n his fren continue to shop while 4/5 buddy gang went to mrt station..i went home while the rest went bck to mdc..hahaz

    bread spoke at Monday, August 08, 2005

    Saturday, August 06, 2005


    erased the last post cos if dat person misread it..things will become worse. but jus crappy things happen la. shall blog bout events dat happened past few days la

    -4th august, Thursday-
    Waswatching Project superstar with the family when my mum and i had a debate over xin hui and kelly. The host were introducing the contestants. F1: Xin hui. and my mum was lik saying "tis one sure can get in..sure sing the best" and kelly-supporter me said" no..kelly's the best lo. she's record holder untill jun yang beat her ystd ok" and when they show kelly..my mom said "ee..look at her face also noe she cannot sing" at this point of time..both me n my dad stared at her..glad my dad supports kelly too! haha. in the end kelly highest and my mum gt kindda embrassesed..lol. at night..i was slping lik log cos of the medicine i took and cai fen called me..i was really damn slpy lo. and the conversation went lik tis...

    *all tis time..i am half aslp*
    caifen: ello..wai see ma
    me: ya..wad!?
    caifen: zhe shi waisee xiao jie ma?
    me: yayaya
    *a lot of noises*

    me: wad thing? i jus woke up leis 8going to yawn*
    sebas: huh!? u jus woke up!! i tink u better go bck to slp la
    me: oh..nvm la..er..sebas rite
    sebas: no...i am..sebastain
    me: diao..
    sebas: diao..haha
    me: u shaved your hair?
    sebas: u tink i will?
    me: no..haha
    sebas: haha..jus dyed my hair another colour la
    me: chey...
    sebas: hehez...i tink u better go bck slp la
    me: ok..bye
    sebas: bye bye

    *aft dat i was bck in lala land*

    - 5th august, friday-
    Had dance today and i can't feel more welcomed in dance than anywhere else..at least there's my juniors to crap wiv me..lol. Gymnastics was quite sadistic today but it was fun. Warm up was scary cos we suppose to split and our coach forced one junior to split and she was so in pain cos she cried aft dat. Then a small grp of us learn [huo ruan fan] and i suceeded wiv the coach helping me only once! wee~ but when it's dancing time..my legs were damn weak lo..nearly cannot stand..very tired. later at nite..went j8 watch "qi jian" wiv my family...it's damn bloody hell nice lo!! and it's really very bloody..haha. The 1st scene was a grp of really ghotic killers carrying out a massacre..and it's damn violent but behind de scenes the killing was very clean. One of the qi jian damn cute..think it's the 3rd shi xiong..very cute la. It was much more better than"shi mian mai fu" lo..i tink it can even beat "huo hu chang long" for it's fighting scenes. Everything was well choreographed and no special effects at all. I giv this movie 4/5 =))

    -6th August, Saturday-
    Today had account tuition with joanne again. She went through my Prelim paper 1 with me and after going through..i can't help saying myself stupid cos i could have gotten 22/30 instead of 16 lo!! nvm..i've learnt my lesson..hahaz. nth much happened today actually..but i gt bck my connection! woo hoo~ oh ya..saw andrew today. guess what..he change hair colour again *pengz* lol. seems lik every month he's changing hair colour..hur hurz..come to think of it..long time since i've drop by le..hmmm..see 1st. k-one auto session tml..guess i'm not going la..but nw kido very shuai *kicks gino aside* lol

    bread spoke at Saturday, August 06, 2005

    Thursday, August 04, 2005


    yo ppl! guess i will not updating my blog untill O lvl cos my dad took out the modem. currently bloggin in sch now when i suppose to b doing my courswork..haha anywya, here are the updates fer the past few days..

    -29th July, Friday-

    My suay-esy day! 1st my dad disconnected my modem..nvm..my bao bie handphone spoil lo! the LCD SOMEMORE LEH!! so i hav go in search to look for the lowest price to fix my fone cos i doubt i'll get a new fone aft fighting wiv my parents. anyway, when i told sebast wad happen he was lik "HUH! why?" lol..very cute la

    -30th July, Saturday-

    Went to centrepoint to samsung to get my fone checked..so ex lo..27 bucks!! anyway, aft dat met up wiv buddy gang and slacked around orchard. bought a bag for sebast too. then went to makan b4 going to take neoprints.

    -31th July, Sunday-

    didn't go for tuition, went to collect my fone then went ard in search for shops to fix my fone..no valid..sian.

    - 1st august, Monday-

    Aft sch, Jaz treat cheyrl, desiree and i to pizza..woo hoo~ lol. At tuition, dat gay came bck for tuiton ..haha..but shaozhi kept crapping all the way thru tuition lo..lol.

    - 3rd August, Wednesday-

    Was sick so neva go sch..lol. stayed at home whole day to study and my dad bought me a new phone!! E730!! that fone damn cool man..lurve it..haha

    oh well..dats all..nidda do coursework la..hahz

    bread spoke at Thursday, August 04, 2005