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    Thursday, March 30, 2006

    Clumsiness is the root of destruction

    Damn i'm so gonna kill myself. . . .

    I 've






    oh crap...someone throw me into a geyser pls. That bracelet can b considered as one of the most valuable assets i possess..as in the jing nian jia zhi! imagine a bunch of ppl u haven even known for 3 mths [i rmb-ed very well the 1st time i chatted with them was lik 1 mth b4 Os..cos gene used to disturb me while i was studying] aniticipated to pre-celebrate ur bdae and even surprised u... nobody has done dat for me for yrs already...prehaps 1decade or so...

    *bangs wall*

    well...i rmb-ed very well i put it in my bag in the locker rm b4 shower n mos prob i dropped it while i was taking my keys out of the bag. Meaning the dumb keys hooked the bracelet out n dropped it. n i din notice it till i alighted at AMK STATION! arh!!!!!!! damn i was so on the verge of crying...now my wrist feels damn empty..i noe i used to complain that the bracelet was damn loose but now i feel werid without it...argh!!!!

    oh well...when i told gene n jacky bout it..their reaction were

    gene: u go tell jacky n melody lo..

    jacky: [can't really rmb the exact words but smth lik...] nvm...the memories is in ur mind n blog wad so it's alright even if the bracelet is missing

    but the point is..i fucking upset it's missing becoz....nvm...only a handful of ppl will noe why i'm feeling fucked up...BAHZ!!!

    well...at least tis has finally taught the lesson to b goddamn careful with my stuff...*sniffs*

    bread spoke at Thursday, March 30, 2006

    Wednesday, March 29, 2006


    MY NEW FONE!!!


    my dad was lik best! he sponsored the full price for my fone...which is 255 bucks..cos my old E730 fetched a price of $260..which i used to pay for the new fone as well...i'm so missing my old fone now...sobs

    It's goddamn flat i tell ya!

    See! only the thickness of my pinky!!

    and when it opens up...phew~

    but well...it's still bigger than my old fone...not that user-friendly either...oh well...i'm a fashion fone user so i go for pretty looking fonez...hehehehe!

    not forgetting i'm gonna gmask it too..too plain. N the money? wahahahahahaha~ i'm gonna ask gerald mummy to do it...cos she owed me a present n she said the adidas jacket is too ex so i'll have to think of smth else to get...a fone revamp wud b good...muhahahahahahaha. BUT! there goes to say i nidda getthe jacket myself! argh! i'll have toget it soon...cos according to cheryl..season's gonna end..man..at least 3 days of salary...n i still have to get gifts for Apr Bdaers...BLAH!

    so much things to get but...finanicially i'm rather pathetic now...BAHZ!!!

    bread spoke at Wednesday, March 29, 2006

    Sunday, March 26, 2006

    Jiu de bu ju xin de bu lai

    Jus ystd while i was singing k with stan at kbox, i saw tis fone on Lee Hom's "kiss goodbye" mv n it's damn chio! pure white! and today my dad intended to get me a new fone [since mine is dying soon]so i started describing it to him...cos i dinno the fricking model no. n when we arrived at the shop...i squeal with joy! cos it's jus right there on display! jus dat it was a dummy fone though...

    SO PRETTY! comes in black as well...

    but white still stands out!!

    So the sales person took it out of display n to my disgust....the fone is bloody ass big! ew...i hate big fat fones...though they make very good weapons. I was so disappointed...cso it looked damn small and slim on the mv...crap...cheat my feelings...haiz!!! so i ended up in between razr v3i n w900i in white [the said fone]

    oh my god...hw shld i choose!!! bahz!!!! razr has a sucky camera [but i'm gonna get a 6.0 megapix digicam anyway] n msg-ing wud b tedious! but it looks cool though n definitely much cheaper than w900i. But w900i is so fat! n i wun b using the 3G fuctions [who can i video call when nobody i noe owns a 3G fone!? zzz]

    but anyway...the gd part is...my dad is gonna sponsor....FULL PRICE FOR MY FONE!!! WEEEE~ however if i'm getting the w900i, i'll feel damn guilty making my dad pay full price [he's paying for my lappy too!]..so i volunteered 500 bucks T_T. SO now.....I HAVE OT CHOOSE B/W THE 2 FONES! ARGH!!!

    bread spoke at Sunday, March 26, 2006

    Thursday, March 23, 2006

    The greatest joy while working

    When ya working in the F&B line, The greatest joy u can get is


    see my name in the black mass! cos it was highlighted b4 being photocopied. Well my manager needed a copy of every comment cardthat has our staffs name on it so i gt hold of one photocopied version n scanned it! woohoo~ trust me...i was damn high aft dat...hahahahaha!

    The wordings on the card are as follow:

    " Steph on Breafast Reception. This is a wonderful experience. *wordings from the arrow down* wonderful smile & good service"

    Haha! ok..i'm getting high now...woohoo~

    bread spoke at Thursday, March 23, 2006

    Wednesday, March 22, 2006

    i look lik Boa k!

    73% alike...muhahahaha! but seriously...i dun see whr the similarity is la. was playing myHeritage n wah la...here's my results. if i use normal photo, i gt ayumi hamasaki but that's too flattering so i used the neoprint version instead. hey cher...no match for ya in this pic but u noe our "campus superstar" neo? ur 1st match was Zhang zi yi...not bad ah! haha!

    Gene's result classic la. he said mos of his matches were girls! so when i quoted he was sissified last time..i wasn't wrong. Well...one of his matches was Takayu Kimura....er....in some sense...prolly only the eye area...lol!

    gosh~ i'm finally hanging out with non-gene frenz! sat k-ing with stan n movie aft tht with CJ! hmmm....movie's not comfirm yet but 'm definitly k-ing! i seriously nidda tune bck my voice...getting to high...*shuddens*

    bread spoke at Wednesday, March 22, 2006

    Tuesday, March 21, 2006

    jus realise it was eons since i last blogged! working seriously ate up most of my time n i hardly hanged out with my other frenz except for my colleagues n gene. CJ!!! whr r u my horror movie bud!?!?!? i wanna watch dorm! n stan!! let's go sing k!!

    come to think of it...i seriously let working get over me that i no longer hve time for my frenz [except for some...] Few weeks bck or 2 mths bck, there was this pri-sch-cls gathering but i din fricking go...cos of work...argh! it's lik 4 yrs sicne i've seen them not i couldn't make it. argh!

    ah well..met up with cheryl n jaz...at cher's hse today! damn i miz her room la...so big! ok..though dimension wise my room is bigger than hers but it's fact i'm sharing with my bro n my room is plain...so i lurve her room la...wahahahaha!

    well..cher tried to bluff me cos i was asking her "jaz go home le is it" n she was lik "ya...she go home already"

    then, we were walking towards her room when jaz run out of her room n went to cher's room to use the com -____________-" seriously, it was a stupid moment...haha!

    1st thing is did when i enter her room, dump my bag on the floor n slumped onto her bed...i was damn tired! n by golly! she has a new bear plushie n it was damn soft...so i kept hugging it all the way till we left ...except when we were eating n cutting jaz's hair.

    anyway...here's the reason why jaz was running b/w cher's n her bro's room

    in case u can't soo wad's on the screen...jaz was playing maple story...otherwaise known as mapling. can someone tell me wad's so nice bout the game!?!?! i tink it's a bit...well...dortz...can't find a word to fit in but i tink dortz do jus fine.

    So i was getting bored n nearly dozed off when finally we decided to watch some taiwan drama! ER MO ZAI SHEN BIAN is a fricking nice show! i seriously wish my relationship work out smth lik dat....on 2nd thot...nvm...cos it's a jie-di relationship n the guy is goddamn dao. i prefer guys who are hmmm...mre humourous n nvm...it's always the 6th sense for me but bengs n dao guys are totally not for me!

    We gt pretty bored watching the show then jaz hair was getting far too thick so she decided to lemme snap her hair! well...i did but her hair was in such a mass...i only snapped off some n it still looks lik a lion's mare. In the end i gt sick n cher's mum gt home, we headed to a real salon to get her hair done..as well as cher's.

    While cher was using the toilet near the gym....gt pretty bored n started snapping pix. N i was wearing the nerd specs then...so here's a nerd moment of me! with jaz in the bg grinning from ear to ear...

    nerd jiu shi nerd...thats why i hate wearing specs...hahahahahahahaha! but oh well...i kept wearing it for fun..hehe.

    Arrive atthis salon in amk central n at the end of everything...we have 2 new babes..cher babe n jaz babe! cher look damn cute with short fringe..see cher! wo mei you cuo de ok...muhahahah! as for jaz...she looked much fresher n her head feels much much much lighter according to her. we actually took screenshot from er mo zai shen bian so we can show the hairstylist the fringe to give jaz but it din really end up lik it...oh well...maybe i shall do some trimming...muhahahahahaha!

    wells dats for now. can't believe i'm working 6am shift for practically the whle week of my schedule. save money on transport though...hehehehe! but i still got lesser money compared to 7.30 shift! zzzz....i'm desperate for money! cos my acc finally hit 1k!! but...

    - i still owe my mum $300 ...the money i suppose to giv her [crap..she asked for $200 bucks at 1st! lik why she nid dat much money for! so we argued to $100 n i'm still not happy with it...shld ahv bargained to $80..zzz]

    - i nidda save for my new fone [pda or regular fone? wad models?]

    - save money for shopping for poly stuff [clothes , accesories, bags]

    - get gifts for the Apr babies [YES! n some KUKU BUNNY asked for a blazer from G2000 costing $199! sadistic isn't it...so will that kuku bunny pls stand up...haha]

    i wanna b rich T_T

    bread spoke at Tuesday, March 21, 2006

    Sunday, March 12, 2006

    Dumb and Dumber....

    This is what happens when things happens at the "perfect" timing. Anyway, for the missing entries of the past days....BLOGGER WAS LAG! dammit...i wrote a damn long entry bout the days i was in agony but...ta-dah! blogger lagged b4 i saved...zzz

    Well..for the past days, i was dying in agony due to intestinal pain...bleahz....but i'm kicking and alive now! hahahahaha!

    Ok...bck to the topic. Gene n i were walking out of Pastamania aft makan and he was walking behind me. But all along i thot he was standing diagonally behind. So i started having this stupid idea n told him ....

    "hey...imagine u jus standing behind me n i jus *hop* "
    -which of course the aftermath is nth but pain pian n more...guess wad....PAIN! cos i'll kena pain in the head n the taller fella will kena an uppercut-

    next thing i knew...i gt really dazed with a sharp pain on the top of my head n gene was dying from pain in his chin.

    YES! timing was so good...gene was standing behind me when i said the statement n hopped so we were lik...o...m...g~ DAMN PAIN K! Who cares bout the public eye...we were in pain!!!!

    But anyway...mine was short term pain. Cos aft bathing, the pain was gone n i din get any bump...as for gene...sad to say his chin still hurts ....HAHA!

    so if ya ever gonna make a statement n put it in action, make sure the coast is clear...zzz

    bread spoke at Sunday, March 12, 2006

    Tuesday, March 07, 2006

    Weeeee~ i'm finally gonna move house! but i'm still stuck in amk...lik wth. b4 dat my parents were telling me we might move to somewhere near bishan park..zz. oh well...as long i get my own room with ceiling-to-floor wardrobe, new study table with my com [or preferably, new desktop lappy] in it...i'm fine with it. NOt forgetting i get to decorate my own room..haha!

    ps: the diff b/w ur regular lappy n a destop lappy is..The desktop lappy works lik ur desktop la...meaning u can on it for long hours without damaging the battery...unlike the normal lappies...which i'm still gonna get too!

    [damn..sometimes i tink i'm a lil spoilt..haha!]

    bread spoke at Tuesday, March 07, 2006

    Sunday, March 05, 2006

    Typical singaporean auntie

    Finally went out with cher n jaz again. Well...non of us was on time though..haha! jaz was latest n we ended up meeting her at J8. and we had chocolate Fondue for brunch! Weee~ . 30+ bucks for a few balls of ice cream, few selection of biscuite n fruits...but it was still nice...well...expected of haagen daz wad [reminds me of the time gene n i had ice cream n costed me 30 bucks..dammit]

    For now..i shall make u salivate at the sight of the fondue...aww~

    yes yes..i was getting bo liao...but anyway..other than chocolate..there's also strawberry dipping as well

    balls of ice cream! chocolate, strawberry, cookies n cream aNnNnNnD MACADAMIA NUT~ aw~

    and and and..the chocolate hardens upon touching the ice cream

    sponge cake, sugared butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies n chocolate egg rolls

    wooo~ strawberries! but i felt so cheated...cos it looked so nice n sweet but when i sank my teeth into it...ew...SOUR!

    oh yea...i nearly 4got bout th subject of this entry. Jus b4 the fondue came, a family of 3 came in n was seated next to us. The auntie [note..i dun use lady here] was lik complaining non stop to the manager going lik

    "She jus walked pass us n din bother to attend to us!"

    [stupid..can't u see they were bz *rolls eyes*]

    and things lik "i dun expect service lik that..the last time i was at the other branch...blah blah blah..."

    and so the manager kept apologising n said "we're so sorry bout that so why not we offer u 3 scoops of complimentary ice cream..." and almost immediately n uncooly, the auntie jus said
    "if thats the case it's alright then"

    I KNEW IT! b4 she said that i was telling the gals "i bet thats wad she's aft" . cos i've seen many of such cases in greenhouse. well, aft dat she still didn't keep her mouth shut so we had to listen to her blaring...zzz

    btw..jazreel totally screw up today.It's either her mouth has a hole or smth else happen..haha! Look at the mess she made!

    1] she dropped a ball of macadamia nut ice cream..thus the small puddle of melted ice cream dere

    2 and 3] drops of melted chocolate

    4] she was biting into the strawberry when the other half dropped onto the table

    not forgetting she kept dripping chocolate sauce n strawberry sauce on herself..maybe she tinks she's not sweet enuff >_<

    aft dat..NEos!

    i jus realise i hav good hair day today..and my hair is brown..haha!

    dun b jealous..my eyes or rather..the pupils ARE big...haha! so i do not have to wear special contact lens to make my pupils big..lalalala~

    we gt sicked of J8 n headed for town instead. Finally ordered my customized shoes...costing me $39 bucks...but i tink it's rather cute...with the cows on it..haha! saw laods of stuff i wanted to buy...but i nidda save...dammit...my acc has not hit a k yet...zzz

    oh well..i shall list down the stuffs i wanted to buy...b4 poly starts!

    - V3i !! yes..i wanna change fone b4 poly! maybe i shall psycho my dad to help me pay 1/4 of the price..muahhaha
    - pink shades from some shop in cine [jaz said i look pop-starish with it...crap..but i lik it..haha!]
    - sling-cum-shoulder bag
    - Tees n tops!
    - white overall skirt
    - velvet beret / artist hat from heeren

    and the grand total comes up to ard 700+...with the fone in the lead as the most costly. $598 for just the fone, $398 with upgrade...but i can only..upgrade my plan in MAY! dammit!

    oh...i missed out something...i wanna highlight my fringe ash blonde too! i tink it's damn cool. but i have to pay for it cos i can no logner go to my cousin's for free colour treament without my mum flaring at me..zzz. ya ya...stop telling me that's a boy's colour or i'll look lianish. It doens't matter if it's boy's or gals colour n who cares bout lianish...i'm not lian n ppl are telling me i look lik one...hw can i b when i'm so goddamn innocent..haha!

    bread spoke at Sunday, March 05, 2006

    Saturday, March 04, 2006

    I hate...

    i hate movie ratings! finally aft 16 long yrs, i can finally watch NC16 movies...but guess wad....Underworld evolution is fucking M18....shit.....

    n i hate those one-pointer freaks in poly! damn them...prolly they are the ones who deprived my chance for a palce in SP $%^&$(%&($ as well as deprived other ppl's chance of getting into poly...may they rot n die!!!

    bread spoke at Saturday, March 04, 2006

    Friday, March 03, 2006

    And my future lies in...

    tis morning...i woke up to find 4 msges on my hp...out of which 2 is asking me whr i'm posted too!

    [the other was from my cousin n from gene..telling me he's gonna b bunny mascot for gh on easter! haha!!]

    so i jumped out of bed n switched on my com, log in to my acc n..
    be patient

    yes! my dream poly~ actually i rather sp more..oh well...MOS OF MY FRENZ ARE GOING NP! weee~ but ben family cannot stick together ..haiz. Ben papa n gerald mama are in SP [aeronautical n digital media respectively] n desiree kena chemical n pharmacuetical in NYP, as for cheryl...I'm praying hard for her to get into NP. des trying to appeal for NP as well..if the both of them are successful..then the Ben Kids will all b in NP! weee~

    OH YA! to all future NYP-ians from yckss..my batch...GHOST IS IN NYP!!! ghost as in u guys noe..pei huan. Damn..i'll miss her...as in.. i can't gossip or play pranks on her anymore. She totally haunted my sec sch life la...haha! maybe i shall ask mascara to zhen her...hehe!

    as for my other pals, melody i wish her luck too for her appeal n stupid gene still haven checked his! but he's so not coming the same poly as me...stupid rabbit. [haha! i tink he will regret telling me now]

    lala..finally..i can shong yi kou qi le. So...anyone who's gonna b my course-mate or xue zhang/jie...DO TELL ME!!!! n yay! mama say she's gonna get me the blue adidas jacket if not the roxy wallet as she owed me bdae presents. I'm in good mood today..lalala!

    bread spoke at Friday, March 03, 2006

    Sianzational Thot...

    I was on my way home frm work when i went to 7-11 to get smth. Then i saw a headline on NEWPAPER saying

    -Boy missing for 7 years but parents still page him "son, pls call home"-

    well..it's worth sympathizing but...


    bread spoke at Friday, March 03, 2006