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    Thursday, December 25, 2008

    merry x'mas n happy new year!

    will blog when i have more feel, more time and when i get better

    Danzation was a blast seriously
    post-production syndrome

    had quite a sucky x'mas eve

    somehow have this werid feel...er kindda disappointed? i think half of me actually wished u came down...

    merry x'mas and happy holidays =)
    if u think i'm nice and u wanna get me a x'mas present u have 3 choices

    -orange carebear with star on the tummy
    -original gloomy bear plushie (both can get from the collector's toy shop at top level of PS)
    -full dvd set of pirates of caribbean trilogy


    bread spoke at Thursday, December 25, 2008

    Friday, December 19, 2008



    today n sat is the day!!

    let's do it!
    jia you all!!

    and rmb must take photo with me ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    tag replies

    stacey: aiya u sexier can!! haha jia you!
    karen: ya!! im dying omg!!
    xuan: thks!! but who are u !?!?!
    limin: haha! old joke liao lo seriously
    louis: yea man partner jia you ok!!!

    bread spoke at Friday, December 19, 2008

    Thursday, December 18, 2008

    truthfully speaking...

    i have 5 lovers..
    no family..
    only 1 friend..
    and 3 external affairs...


    haiyo wad y'all thinking!?
    i talking bout the items i have in danzation la! hahah ><
    its ok if y'all dun get it...inside joke =PPP
    anyway can sit anywhere u like...it's not difficult to spot me


    how can u miss someone with shock pink hair!? hahah =XXX

    bread spoke at Thursday, December 18, 2008

    1 !!!

    OH MY 天!!!

    1st show of Danzation'08 is gonna in approx. 28 hrs time!!!
    let's do it ppl! all the sweat, blood, tears (yes! all 3 literally!) we shed jus for these days!


    VIDEO TEAM!!! 辛苦你们了!!! i noe u guys went thru hella of shits just to make the videos for danzation but your efforts paid off! the videos are really dope!!

    jus 1 more day! 多一天!!!

    bread spoke at Thursday, December 18, 2008

    Tuesday, December 16, 2008

    One Love

    YAY! i finally change my blog song. i was getting kind of bored of "rock with you" although i really lik the song but hmmm..ya lo..

    ONE LOVE is a super addictive song!! i bet when u leave this page...out of random u will suddenly "one love...nanananana...one love...nanananana...one love" then u dunno the lyrics between the One love-s then u'll end up adding your own stuff like..

    fenyi version: one love..for the evil twin

    my version: one love ..for the mother's pride...one love..for the father's pride...one love..for the sister's pride .....


    It's kinda funny how life can change
    Can flip 180 in a matter of days
    Sometimes love works in mysterious ways
    One day you wake up gone without a trace

    I refused to give up
    I refused to give in
    You're my everything
    I don't wanna give up
    I don't wanna give in, oh no
    Everybody sings

    One love - for the mother's pride
    One love - for the times we cried
    One love - gotta stay alive
    I will survive
    One love - for the city streets
    One love - for the hip-hop beats
    One love, Oh I do believe
    One love is all we need

    Late at night I'm still wide awake
    Feel this is far more than I can take
    I thought my heart could never break
    Now I know that's one big mistake

    Baby, just love me love me love me
    Baby, just hold me hold me hold me
    Oh, love me love me love me, Oooh


    really...one love for the hip hop beats yo!
    show love ppl =))

    bread spoke at Tuesday, December 16, 2008


    jus 3 more days ppl!

    feeling the anxiety!

    full out steps! full out emotions! full out formations!

    anyway those who are coming to support and u wanna be nice and get me flowers...DON'T!!!!
    unless ya gonna get this!!

    actually i dunno wad is it called but i like small dainty white flowers in a bundle!

    its cute wad haha!

    alternatively jus get me bottled ribena (the purple bottle damn gao damn sweet)
    or strawberry/watermelon lollipops!


    haha say untill lik ppl will buy lik dat hahah!
    aiya anyway those who already bought their tix...THNKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we're all doing our best to giv u your money's worth =))

    bread spoke at Tuesday, December 16, 2008

    Monday, December 15, 2008


    with just four more days to DANZATION...
    everybody let's make the best out of it!
    everything we worked for these few months just for the 19th and 20th dec
    Please take care of your body!
    nowadays rain a lot...careful when u walk don't slip and fall
    Drink loads of water and eat loads of vit c!!!! so u wun fall sick!!
    SLEEP EARLY!! although i noe its impossible! but ya sleep early! and get more rest!

    today jus gt our costumes..
    Thank you costume team for searching high and low for all our costumes
    Thank you Shufang for distributing costumes to each and everyone of us and not jus pack according to items. Xin ku ni le!

    jus 4 more days! jia you everybody!

    bread spoke at Monday, December 15, 2008

    Tuesday, December 09, 2008

    yes i'm bloggin again just to say i'm alive. i'm having microbio paper in 14 hrs time so i'm gonna blog really quick then go back and study

    anyway o sch recital was good! but at the same time...watching it is stressing me...danzation is fricking next wk!

    ok anyway bout recital. The duet ryan n jessica did is super got feel! and the item he choreoed also damn gt feel compared to the other lyrical items. Not saying the rest are bad, is jus dat 2 item really reach out..watch already will mao zhan kind.

    all the production i watched so far...every bboy item i see...i get more stress. I seriously nidda keep practising to make it good...i can't afford to crash on stage..dammit!!!

    FBP this wkend...jia you fb!


    my bro is crazy! guess wad he gt for me for belated bdae?


    i seriously dunno where he get the money from lo!!! crazy!! but its damn chio~ hahaha

    bread spoke at Tuesday, December 09, 2008

    Saturday, December 06, 2008


    It 3.14am in the morning and i'm sitll up studying though i'm seriously tired lik ____

    My whole body is aching like crazy even though i went to see robert today..my neck problem is back right after FUYO training. i can't tilt my neck back without feeling pain...

    sucks man! i dunno since when i have such problem lo..i think since 1st Sep or smth...the unnecessary stress. ....
    SERIOUSLY IT WAS UNNECESSARY STRESS! knn i hated that period..

    anyways i dunno how am i gonna die because its 3.17am and i have training later at 9am in sch..argh dammit!

    i seriously no time to study; i'm only halfway through microbio and i haven even start on aquaculture..and i still nidda do FYP poster...

    I wanna skip 1 of the wkend training...
    but i can't...its lik super irresponsible...

    fuck la i'm so screwed
    i dunno how long more before i'll break
    can i jus die now...

    bread spoke at Saturday, December 06, 2008

    Friday, December 05, 2008


    Jus when i thot my avanlanche of projects/presentations were over, a new wave is starting to hit

    - FYP poster due next week cos karen going overseas so have to complete
    everything before holiday. And poster presentation is the wk after danzation

    - LSS journal report on chromatin structure and dynamics

    - LSS journal report on tuberculosis due 9th Jan

    - Genome assigment on sequencing of extinct species

    - Human communication assigment 3 due 9th Jan

    - Human communication assignment 2 due 9th Jan

    - WISP conflicts in france

    WTF! i just realise 95% of my assignments due on the wk of sch reopen...CRAZY LO!

    and i don't understand why we have to do so much project for IS modules. Only worth 1 credit only can! then seriously this year's IS modules are crazy...i never kena so much assignments from an IS module other than CATS la!


    *NP students sure agree with me on this*

    bread spoke at Friday, December 05, 2008

    Thursday, December 04, 2008


    This is some serious funny lo!

    imagine if next time our kids really learn abc lik dat...haiyo!

    Tag Replies

    fenyi: aiya o sch so much publicity no need de la haha! next wk only also
    ks: no its not u la! haha\
    stacey: yes finally hahha! n i also finalyl link a lot ppl also
    beckie: =PPPPP
    kk: kkkskkkskkkskkkskkks...ok random

    bread spoke at Thursday, December 04, 2008

    Wednesday, December 03, 2008



    my brother damn cock jus now!!
    cos we were friendster surfing then we came across this profile of someone we know. Then we start looking thru the photos and the 1st thing my bro said is...

    " KAO! his nose DAMN BIG la!!! like one socket lik dat! "


    then we continue see other pictures

    *the other pictures can kindda see the nostrils*

    " YA LA! see! i can lik plug in my sony erricsson phone and charge can!"

    WTH!!! damn funny lo! i mean where gt ppl describe untill like that one!
    seriously man!

    yes nra freshies...dun see my bro lik quiet quiet one..he very crap one haha!

    anyways still no pix of me yet haha! but today while at town i kena diao by twits and when i reach sch everyone jus stare

    oh well! i like can le! if u think its nice good for ya =) if u dun like it..fuck off i dun care lalalala!

    -now..nth else matters but dance.and it will for maybe 2 years down the road...-

    bread spoke at Wednesday, December 03, 2008

    Tuesday, December 02, 2008

    2008 is ending in 29 days

    IT'S FINALLY DECEMBER!! means 2008 is ending! its a long year though...so eventful...seriously

    anyways i dyed my hair pink liao!! lik shock pink!!
    so whoever in nra wanna dye pink ah...DON'T HOR!
    i will b very piss off when ppl bite me one.
    ya i very selfish one! whole nra only i can have shock pink hair! you wan dye bubblegum pink i also dun care...but no shock pinK!!!!!

    no pictures up yet..soon i think if i vain enuff to zi lian


    seriously. it is damn disheartening when only 8 ppl turn up for a 17-ppl-item practise


    and so expectedly majority of those who din come are ALUMNIS.
    i'm not afraid to say lo seriously. I'm not guilty wad. I noe i skipped practises before but at least out of 10 practises i can safely say i made it for 9. and at least i noe my stuff can.

    wth! 1st u dun come for practise, so ya expected to noe ya stuff...if u dunno pls go ask ard..dun expect ppl to come to u. 2nd u dun come for practise we cannot practise traffic. then during run anyhow bang into ppl or worse..dunno formation.

    i seriously dunno what y'all thinking de lo. You dun find u skip so many trainings a bit guo fen meh? if u can't commit why say u wanna participate in the 1st place? jus gonna pull the rest of the item down only lo. Yes we of course get better in every practise but it's because of these ppl the item will never be perfect because dunno steps/dunno formation/screw up traffic during formation change.

    Got work or school is not a good enough excuse lo. If u working full time, u shld b able to predict u can't come for a lot practise wad..why participate? and now schedules are up very early i dun see a reason why u shld say u dunno gt practise etc..its bullshit lo. Got a lot projs to rush, got assignments to do, got common test to study...WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF US!?!?

    u think the others dun have a full time work? ppl lik ore n allegra are still coming down almost EVERYDAY
    u think the others no proj or assigments? ALL OF US DO
    u think others no need study for common test? FUCK you! ya not the only one lo. Shu fang can still go buy our costumes and come for steffi's pract today despite having a paper TOMORROW!
    u think others not tired meh? everyone of us hav less then 6 hours of sleep ok! some dun even slp lo

    i jus feel its very unfair and disrespectful lo
    unfair: because of ya irresponsiblity others get pull down
    disrespectful: choreographers put in so much effort for their item and yet u can jus fuck care n not come for practises. and the choreographers even went the extra mile to msg everybody to remind them gt item practise.

    i'm not afraid if the alumni read this lo. I hope they do! and if they do i hope they really think through all this lo.

    i kindda can foresee that jj's pract this sat morning sure a lot ppl cmi again or late.

    right now i'm hungry, i'm sleepy and i haven start revision

    i think i shall sleep 1st..sleep more impt
    if i eat i'll get fat
    if i study now i can't absord anything

    so good night ppl! enjoy december and rmb to come watch danzation! and support FB's FBP!!

    bread spoke at Tuesday, December 02, 2008