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    Monday, September 25, 2006

    Camp Day 2: Pwned Mt. Panti

    Day 2 woke up lik damn early in the morning [7am]and washed up. The day b4 our senior told us to bathe in the morning..sort of like wash away the bad luck so we'll b blessed on our way up the mountain. But in the end some, or rtaher most of us din bathe cause the water was fricking cold; I think u'll become instant ice pops once u touch the water. Had some morning exercises then we had b'fast. Seriously i was having a bad throat n plus all the shouting n all...my throat gt worse but i had milo anyway..hehe.

    We started dividing our load [the instant noodles, baked beans, saugages, jerry cans, mass tins etc.] among our self then woohoo~ we set off for Mt Panti. We were the last grp in the line as in Aero, Hydra were the 1st 2 grp to set off then Pyro n Terra set off together with Pyro walking ahead of us. Actually b4 setting off for the trek, all of us simply bathed ourselves in insect repellent...a bit kiasu but who wants to b covered in mosquito bites!? Pyro's Instructor was biten so badly, his whole arm was covered in lumps! totally gross! Jeff was carrying a mosquito coil ard so he was mosquito free..zz.

    Is lik walk all the way up...quite tiring cos we walk lik 2 hr plus b4 we reach the summit. On our way up, i was walking lik 2nd in the line [SGL jin jie was walking in front of me] then caryn, sufri were walking behind me then they saw smth at my ankle. Initially we all thot it was some insect or snail then sufri suggested it may b a leech. So Ervia sprayed insect repellent on it and the grossiest thing happen la. Blood jus gush out of the wound ! So eriva kept flooding the blood sucker with insect repellent b4 she flicked it away. So for the rest of the journey up i was wasting blood cos blood from leech wounds wun clog easily. It's amazing hw come i din feel the leech bit me [i wasn't the worst case, heard Nisa gt 6 leech bites! n some of them've gt leech bites on their backs.]

    Jus b4 reachign the summit we came to this rock phase so we have to climb up the 50m of rocks with no safety equipments attached to us so if we're not careful n slip, we'll mos probably break our neck while falling n die. While waiting for others to get onthe rock phase, some of us were playing with dog. It was a male dog n everytime Eriva or jessica pet it [as in sa-yang hor], the dog gt high n erect...damn sick ! din noe dogs get aroused so easily..haha.

    So we reached the summit n started cooking our noodles! n sauages! There was stupid irritating bee dat kept hovering around me n caryn...crappy. Outdoor cooking was quite fun la..mos of us n eat together..though some jus sit ard..but its ok we had fun anyway. Went down the rock phase aft dat. it was more challenging than getting up and dere were lik flies flying everywhr. Once in a while we have to sit on rocks to wait for the others in front to get down so we spend dat time spraying insect repellent n doing leech-chk. ON the way down my legs were lik wobbly so sometimes i keep tripping...machiam drunk lik dat.

    Coming to the end of the trek we were resting then we saw another giant millipede ! It's tard big n gross...EW! Jeff let it crawl on a stick n it starting coiling n then he removed the milipede n put on hong kai n wei jie! According to them, the grip of the millipede was so strong it felt lik valco when jeff pull the milipede of their shirt n pants.

    When everybody reach the base...it's lik super shack la! so we jus went to bathe but cannot rest cos have to prepare for campfire. In the end i think our item quite zai cos lendl acted as a trans. but is our "fashion designer" n we gave him boobs by putting pears from dinner >_<>THE STARS WERE DAMN NICE!!! Is lik the whole sky is filled with stars.. n seemed lik hardly any of them is a satellite! U can see the different constellations...is lik woah...u wun see this kind of thingy in singapore or those urban jungle city lik the NY.

    Aft all the items ended had some mini disco nite n all the nra members kena sabo-ed to dance #*^#*^$*#^$*#!!

    At nite i went to slp in abe's tent cos we wanted to talk...u noe...girl's talk n we fell aslp talking..haha

    Day 3 we jus cleaned up the place. Terra was in cahnge of logistics so our job wasn't that tough so we ended up helping others..hehe. Took the bus bck to singapore n aft debrief the whole bunch of us went to kap for chow

    well...I JUS MISS CAMP! i though miss the insects though...bah

    bread spoke at Monday, September 25, 2006

    Friday, September 22, 2006


    i noe im suppose to blog bout the 2nd half of camp but im too tired. Anyway went out with gene today. Was walking to suntec to get bck my fone from nokia [seriously this fone is getting on my nerve] and we a bunch of guys walked pass us. Then one of them called out "steph!"

    i turn and this guy was lik smiling so i said hi bck. BUt actually.....I DON'T REMEMBER I KNOW THAT GUYS...AT ALL! it's mos probably someone who knew me this year cos my sec sch frenz all call me by my registered name "wai see" n not steph. SO HOW THE HELL I KNOW HIM!?

    now im really puzzled...grr

    bread spoke at Friday, September 22, 2006

    Thursday, September 21, 2006

    I'M BACK!!

    FINALLY ! HOME SWEET HOME!! camp was kindda hell-ish but hey it was fun! At least we were cleaner than FOC camp n GL trainings because we were planta-flour-ketchup free; only a bit of mud though. And KOTA TINGGI was beautiful i tell ya. It's lik we're so close to nature..it's wasn't anything lik bck in singapore..u really breathe in oxygen n not air polluted by carbon dioxide; u see nth but plants n vegetation; u hear nth but sound of insects [n us making noises ..haha!] it was cool...Except for the fact that mutated insects seem to b everywhere.

    The ants dere are so big, i think they can eat Singapore ants n still feel hungry and the biggest lizard i saw was as big as a chameleon! The winner was the millipede! i tell ya! it was so big, it's about the length of ur lower arm and as thick as 3 pens tied together! the mosquitoes dere are horrendous too! Singapore mosquitoes are so small, u can't really see 'em but the mosquitoes there are tard visible; Aft they bite u, u can actually see the holes they made in ur skin...great god i only got bitten 4 times...all during the hike.

    First day we gathered in sch n were divided into 4 diff grps mainly Terra, Hydra, Pryo n Aeroand i was assigned to join Terra along with Caryn, Sufri, Darren, Terrence, Lendl, Khai Ying, Charmaine, Felicia, Hui Xian, Ding Feng, Eddy n Esmine. Then we set off for m'sia! i practically slept all the way there to Kota Tinggi apart from the times we have to get down the bus to have our passports checked n change of buses. When we reached dere, have to settle down n Pitched our own tent too! I'm proud to say i think our tent looks the best cos we really pulled the strings till damn taut so our tent was less saggy. Even Caryn thinks our tent's the best too. Went for abseiling aft lunch. It was fun but crappy thing is..instead of "walking" down the wall lik wad the boys n tall girls did, mos of us girls of average height ended up sliding down because our legs not long enough to touch the wall! Our toes jus touched the wall only so we jus maintained in the abseiling position and slided down while releasing the rope. Only Sufri jumped down the wall lik wad u see in the movies; how the special unit abseil down a building. That's because he's damn tall with long legs! grrr~~ We didn't get to do rock climbing though due to time constraint...i missed rock climbing!!!

    There were some team dynamics n low elements. Jeff our instructor talked to us bout team building and how as leaders we shld lead our grp that kind of thing. Next we came to this game called "Indians Jones". Nah~ it was an obstacle course. It was jus 5 simple floating platform tied together in a straight line. the competition involves 2 grps. Objective of the activity is to get as many ppl across to the opposite bank. The tricky part is balancing. The floating bridge was really unstable so mos of us fell into the muddy water below and hv to restart again. I think some of us gt bruised n scratched by the wooden platform as we tried to stay on 'em. It was fun while trying to make the other team members fall into the muddy water but it was quite argh~ when we fall into the water when we got so far. Later aft that we dragged our tired bodies to the enormous pond for rafting competition. Our grp completed the course 1st so we gt to shower 1st way b4 the other 3 grps! Well i can say that aft the Indiana Jones n Rafting competiitons Terra gt pretty bonded though we somehow disputed a bit during theraft competition..hah. Anyway, the toilet was kindda gross la! It's lik u bathe halfway u can see spiders n ants crawling ard.

    Aft dinner we had a briefing from the camp chief n instructors about the hike up Mount Panti. The chief was talking halfway when suddenly fell from the ceiling n landed on the canteen floor with a "piak". It was the chameleon-sized lizard and it totally freaked all the girls out la...so gross...ew~

    Went to slp aft dat. The bad part of our tent is, as nite falls, the surroundings gets cold so water condenses on the inner surface of our tent n it's damn disgusting cos u'll slping suddenly water drip on ur slping bag or ur face. At least the walls of our tent was wide enuff so we din really touched the surface. Another thing is, we really damn kiasi! we sort of showered the tent with insect repellent to prevent mosquitoes from coming into our tent. It was ahlf effective i think because caryn n i think gt bitten but Hui xian n charmaine got bitten a few times..haha

    Second day...i'll continue tmr because im damn tired n sleepy now plus im sick! yes im still coughing badly due to all the cheering which probably worsened the condition of my cough...i think my voice will end up lik hong kai's one soon...BAH~

    bread spoke at Thursday, September 21, 2006

    Monday, September 18, 2006

    I decided that i shall blog abt smth b4 i go away for 3 days n come bck with stories of giant blood sucking monsters.

    So during this few periods im working, Ritz seem to b a center of attraction of almost everything. Quite a while bck we had the ppl from Clinique Research center down here having meetings for about a wk or so. Frankly, the koreans' skin were ala flawless. Trust me, they dun have a singlespeck of make up on them. The thais n indonesian were a diff story though...i mean well...their skin looks pretty roughen up. But so anyway, they may b the saviours to ur dying skin but seriously, they kill us off at the serivce line. The meeting planners were very fussy n picky, jus made our lives a nitemare. Once i was down at the excuetive office doing some paper work, some ladies were having this coversation

    lady A : hey i bought the new estee launder nite moisturizer!

    lady B: oh god! pls don't remind me or talk to me bout Estee Launder n

    well...guess they affected almost all the deparments in ritz

    Nxt, Ritz welcomed a oouple of korean stars. 1st it was kwon sang woon [or wadeva the spelling is] Tell u the fans are crazy. Kindda remind me of the days when i was foolish, wasting money on chasing 5566 n sylvester sim. Whats more, it wasn't even xiao mei mei chasing the korean guy. If it's xiao mei mei still understanable that they're naive n all but almost 90% ofthe fans were AUNTIES!! YES! AUNTIES!! ladies old enuff to be your mom. SOme korean even flew all the way to singapore just to see him...what the hell!

    Aft mrKwon left, along came SHINWA. yes..shinwa was staying at ritz alright. But when they came down for breakfast jus that once, i din know it was them. THey look lik regular normal korean tourist. In fact they look plainer than that. They're so plain u feel lik splashing paint on them. And i rmb-ed seeing them with reasonably big eyes but well...their eyes jus looked lik this -_____- then..serious! I seriously din know it was shinwa themselves till some fans who camped at the hotel lobby started crowding ard them n having photograph session.

    Yolanda n i were working on the day they check out and gene was doing their check out. So while both of us were looking at gene busy arranging the lauggages on the trolley

    yoyo: i think gene look better than shinwa lo
    me: yea...can't help agreeing.

    REALLY! im not saying that because gene is my bf. Shld try asking him hw often i say he's cute or handsome...actually it's zero...maybe jus a little more. So i were to say gene looks better than shinwa...it's really smth...bleahz!

    And wah la~ IMF started! knn the freaking delegates...who bothers bout them when 1/2 of the major roads in n out of marina area are block out, causing traffic discomfort...i mean it's jus super ma fan to get into that area. Due to this ma fan-ess, business was affected. Do u noe greenhouse's average daily breakfast covers used to b lik 300 plus? NOw with IMF, it's lik 110 a day...CRAPPY~ Lunch was worse, there are some days that the lunch n dinner reservation sheet remains empty.

    Oh, due to security reason, all staff have to be check b4 getting in n i seriously think the police force aren't that efficient n mindful of their work. Because everyday, the department head will submit a hard n soft copy of the staff working in the deparment so the police at the staff entrance can check us. But CRAPPY! sometimes the police jus can't find our name in the system n refuse us entry but we jus sneaked in from other entrance of the hotel anyway..stupid. The lamest thing is u have to scanned eveyrtime u enter the hotel. Once Cory [ greenhouse's cook aka bamboo] finished changing to his uniform n went out to smoke, when he came bck, he had to get scanned again. SO TROUBLESOME!

    Anyway, it wasn't jus the police staff on duty. Coast guards n cisco ppl are involved too. Yo, ida n i were sometimes on the look out for cute uniform-ed guys to talk bout but there isn't a single one! once yo n i thot we saw not bad; NUM figure, nice tan n blush. but as he walked closer, we realise his complexion was so bua bua bua so we gave up the hope of seeing chi uniform-ed hunks. Only the malays can make it

    *note: we were jus bored n needed to find a topic to gossip abt, we stiill love our bfs ok n our bfs will always be the best =) *

    The funniest thing yo n i saw n talked bout were fat police! When i say fat..i mean bout the size of moses lim. ok i lied...they're jus slightly smaller...but still ROUND. So on this particular day yo n i saw a fair amount of fat polise [ lik 5] i told her

    me: u know when police see criminals they'll ask them to freeze but the
    criminal jus runaway anyway

    yo: ya

    me: then the police will run aft them rite...for the fat police, they dun
    run but roll aft 'em

    omg...slap me i tink im evil but sarah, yo n i hada good laugh bout it. Not forgetting, in my opinion, mos cops are despo. THe hostess stand is visible from the side entrance n a few police are always dere to assist the bellmen to use the scanning machine. So sometimes for no reason they'll look in, point at you n nudge each other n discuss bout u...irritating! N once, a bold enough cop asked me for my number while i was out to get newspaper from the bell store..EW~ they're old enuff to b my uncle la!

    Oh well, al lthis would b over by the time im back from camp...Weeeee~ n i think i shall turn in now else i'll b damn shack tmr at camp. be back in 3 days!!!

    b4 i forget...


    bread spoke at Monday, September 18, 2006

    Saturday, September 16, 2006

    Off feeding leeches!

    i jus realise hw many gazillion ages it is since i last blogged...hardly gt time cos hols has been dance, work, gene and gl training. but anyway...i fell sick...grr. Gotten fever lik 3 days bck...recovered then gt sore throat which has evolved to it's present status of cold n cough. lik wth...jus b4 i go for camp

    Yes! nxt wk mon to wed im off for gl camp at KOTA TINGGI. Dad told me that during some intervention, a whole section of singapore army was massacred over there...reminds me of ghost game; so EW! ANd Kota Tinggi is famous for their stupid bloody bloodsucker leeches n ridiculously big millipedes. The worse thing is my period came today...wad if all the leeches attack me cos they sense a huge output flow of blood from me...the thot about it is enuff to groos me out. Then i kept scaring myself dat by telling ida that skarly trekking halfway the giant squirming icky millipede drop down from the tree...i tell ya...i'll scream my head off..

    OH OH OH!!! i gt back my results for my exams!! I FRICKING PASSED ALL MY MODULES!! YAY YAY YAY! but the gpa was pathetic...only 2.36!!! GRR

    anyway i shall stop cos im dozing off in fornt of my lappy n my eyes were killing me since morning...gah

    bread spoke at Saturday, September 16, 2006

    Saturday, September 09, 2006

    u know...there's bound to b a day in ppl's life that they feel lik shit..'

    i think i'm feeling lik crap...think it's all the stress n lack of sleep ...possibly pms...gah~ im getting moody, restless...n sick i guess...i hate stress....i hate my hols...

    bread spoke at Saturday, September 09, 2006

    Tuesday, September 05, 2006

    i dunno....i jus feel damn grief-stricken now. He was my childhood idol. He has a funny aussia accent. HE is....STEVE IRWIN. Pity he gt killed by a stingray....


    bread spoke at Tuesday, September 05, 2006

    Monday, September 04, 2006

    What happened to the movies

    stupid"scary scenes", almost meaningless plots n half fuck endings...wads up with the recent movies! seriously, i've wasted lik 20 bucks on 2 dumb movies which i thot would have been very nice...1st An American Haunting then Frostbite.

    THe common thing bout these 2 movies are their posters jus made everything lik scary n appealing n lo n behold...the movie was a disappoinment!

    For american haunting, they only had sudden scaring scenes...actually not even scary, i was laughing my way thru the scenes n luffing at a couple of gals who were so goddamn frighten i think they might had even peed in their pants. The show was jus basically bout a poltergist disturbing a family, the daughter gets beaten up n there were some moments it seemed lik the poltergist was raping her. Then aft dat the poltergist stopped attacking the daughter n killed the father, aft that there hasn't been any events at all. All this happened in a letter the daughter [grown n a mother] was reading [apprantly someone jolted it down n she read it]. The event took place in 1818 or 19th century so how can a freaking modern car exist in that era! the modern car came into the movie when the daughter's husband came to fetch her child away. Then the poltergist chased aft the daughter's child, movie ended with the daughter screaming aft her husband's car. SUPER DUMB MOVIE~~

    mascara commented that the whole movie was jus a dictionary explaining what is a poltergist. Excorsim of Emily Rose was jus lik American Haunting, they both talk bout real life events but dun seem to have arite ending.

    Frostbite was slightly better but the ending was tard stupid! wad happened to the comatose vampire experiment of the doctor? wad happened to sebastian who turned into a vampire n got locked up. Is Annakin gonna turn her mortal daughter [saga] into a vampire too since she is one already? Will the teenage vampires defeat the police n end up taking over the town by making eveyrbody vampires? see! so many questions left unanswered!

    dun give me the "let ur imagination run wild" crap; the producers are jus lazy. imagine they have this idea that goes

    "wah sian~ have to think of how the police defeat the vampires / how the vampires turn everyone in town vampire. Aiya nvm, jus end at the part teenage vampire n police wan start fighting n saga n mum drove off away can liao. AUdience can slowly think"

    slowly imagine my ass~ i dun pay $9.50 to watch a movie n think of an ending myself. If thats the case, i rather save the money, stone at home n come up with my own movie in my mind. And there they are complaining bout piracy. Come on, if what u produce is a quality movie, go ahead n kick a big fat fuss bout the pirates. but if ya movies gonna b of half fuck effort, its somehow rite that ppl buy pirated dvd from some fold-table stall n watch or betetr still, download. If u are not putting ur best into making a movie, what is the whole point of wasting money n resources to make one...grr~

    It's a good thing i watched "the devil wears prada" n ultra good thing is the overall plot n all made sense else i would have been watching 3 stupid movies consecutively. And it's good to watch some fashion movies, i kindda missed project runway! [yes yes yes! santino's collection wasn't even taken into consideration. I'd rather daniel to win though] Gene wanted to watch Snakes on a Plane initially but on 2nd thot 50% of the movie would b dumb n a game of scissor-paper-stone, we sticked onto Prada.

    oh oh oh!! i've got my BLACK iPOD NANO!!! THKS TO GENE! weeeeeeee~ but b4 u go "woah ur bf so good / wah he damn spoiling u", i'm getting him a psp + 2gb memory. But since he's always been so sweet n treated me well...i guess 400+ bucks is nth =XX

    bread spoke at Monday, September 04, 2006