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    Friday, November 30, 2007


    though i've said it was i'm gonna say it again...THKS EVERYONE!

    went to have steamboat with the sgls on monday! 1st time eating Ma La steamboat..super spicy! But anyway was eating halfway then needed go toilet ma. So i went like damn long cos some occupant in the toilet took damn long la.

    ANyway when i got back, the whole bunch of them were laughing their heads off while serene was doing something. So being curious, i went over to see. THEN..i saw a candle!! haha!

    it was a failed attempt to surprise me but nevertheless..i AM surprised! haha!

    the super nice cake! The birthday tag is actually edible and it's made of sugar...nice!

    it's the candied birthday tag in my mouth

    caught unprepared..seems lik denyse is the potential cam whore..
    cos she' still looking at the camera haha

    stupid jeremiah spoil the picture!

    last attempt of a clear photo but abe moved!

    oh ya..before gene and i set off to bugis..he gave me a carton box, but refused to tell me wad it was, only can open at midnight..


    Next day went to school and everybody wished me...feel so blessed haha! Was outside the lecture theaters after instru lect when felicia and wei san appeared with a bouquet of pink daisies! was so kan dong-ed!

    then abe and lendl super kuku. They talk bout a planned surprised ...IN FRONT OF ME! haha but i only knew what time but now exactly what.

    so anyway i had 4 hrs break...damn sian. Then denyse and everybody else passed me their presents at 1+ haha

    went to Changing Appetide in the evening with my family and gene. For one period, my bro and gene went toilet go damn long, turns out they din go to the toilet...cos aft the meal, gene went toilet again. After her came back and moments later, a waiter appeared with oreo cheesecake!! my fave.

    Yuan lai that 2 din go toilet but went to secret recipe to get me the cake. My bro will actually bother to surprise me lo! a bit touched...but my bro doesn't know me well cos he told i love eating cakes with loads of toppings..aha

    gene and i

    FOOD! i super love their calamari!! uber nice!

    caught mum and dad unprepared =P

    i think my parent bao yang untill very good...'cause they're in early 50's lei!

    my bro...

    trying to act cute...ahaha

    i think i look damn happy!

    me, my family

    and gene!


    My presents!!!

    1. Mice micro-bead plushie from LAZY.
    That kuku is really kuku lo! i told him i wanted a beanie..but the snow cap kind. THen he misinterpreted and bought me that haha! somemore the mice got the "hum sup" look lo haha

    2. X'mas santa hat from sgls
    totally random. When asked why, lendl said "oh because it's red" haha. Damn smeely but i sitll like it, Cause i've always wanted neva bought it.

    3. Red earphones from sgls
    -refer to #4-

    4. white earphones from Jess and Jeff
    haha! damn kuku lo! Cos apparantly i told bought lendl and jess i nidda new earphones cos my ear phones cui-ed. And both of them bought me earphones..haha!

    5. Birthday postcard from felicia
    it's actually the SPCA postcard. But she put in pictures of red daisies inside!

    6. Wooden merry-go-round thing form denyse and abe
    It's actualy in serparted part and you have to assemble it on your own. But denyse mentioned that the package doesn't come with the manual so she had to trial and error to come up with the whole thing. Now it's sitting on my table =)

    7. Keychain from donald and jehanne

    8. Carton full of strawberry chupa-chup from GENE!
    there are 60 chupa-chups inside to e exact...i'm so gonna get diabetes! haha

    9. Bouquet of pink daisies from Felicia, Wei San and Wen Xin

    not forgetting mum bought me a $230 white gold bracelet and dad bought my new phone!

    and now x'mas...i'm still dreaming of an iTouch! haha

    bread spoke at Friday, November 30, 2007

    Wednesday, November 28, 2007


    i'm finally 18!

    thks for all the wishes and present

    for the rest who forgot bout it ...pls go and die

    jus kiddin =)

    shall blog my bdae entry tonight
    but before that...

    last friday i jus mashed up a chick embryo!

    - cut a hole in the egg shell
    - extract the living embryo
    - look at it's bloody red form
    - cut of it's head with super enlarged eyes
    - mince it up by cutting it

    it was pretty sick la! but Mark's grp was worse. WHen they pick up the embryo form the egg...the body auto detach from the head and drop back into the egg..gah!!!

    bread spoke at Wednesday, November 28, 2007

    Sunday, November 25, 2007

    wooo~ now thisis like my fave chi song...for now. Ann was teaching the choreo for the chorus on friday. Super groovy..i like haha

    Irwin's gonna sing it for some performance and i'm not involved in it...cos i'm going to taiwan!! damn

    cos of the taiwan trip i'm missing out a lot. I jus blew a chance to earn $100 bucks lo!! gek sim.

    but anyway, if anybody wanna buy shoes/stage products/anything from taiwan, i dun mind help you buy...but pls place ya order and gimme the $$ ...i'm not a rich fart..ahaha

    2 more days and i'm 18...woohoo!

    bread spoke at Sunday, November 25, 2007

    Saturday, November 24, 2007


    and that will be my aim

    and this is jus funny dope

    bread spoke at Saturday, November 24, 2007

    Tuesday, November 20, 2007


    before i go do my lab report, i shall update some pictures
    -pics from halogen foundation performance-

    If you think the girls from lyrical item are gentle and demure..

    think again!

    with ore

    now you've seen it *bish!!!*



    anyways i'm starting to have the craving for ben&jerry's ice cream...or rather..crave for super long le!!! DUBLIN MUDSLIDE!!! bah!! i could eat so much ice cream i'll look lik this!

    ok i ought to b gone doing my report now...bah

    bread spoke at Tuesday, November 20, 2007

    What the farKIK

    Miss NAFA got into top 3 for Hey! gorgoeous. LIK WTF! I was watching the finals just now and you know...i seriously thought she shouldn't even had won Miss NAFA in the 1st place.

    when i was watching that episode...i swear to god there were at least 4 gals more pleasant looking than her. The 1st though that cam to my mind was

    " if they ever were to hav a no-make-up segment...she's probably flunk lik hell"

    you've got to agree with me.

    any of ya who watched that show should know she's don't even look close to the photo. I'm not like saying she's not worthy and all because i'm jealous..but the fact is there were other more gorgeous gals ard in NAFA can!

    ok nvm. at the quanter finals...there are all together 20 contestants...lik 2 from each institutes la. So when they annouce top 10, i was lik "WTF! she got in!"along with Miss NTU, SP, TP, SIM.

    so oh well...lalala...con't watch. Then neh neh-ly...SHE GOT INTO TOP 3!!!
    LIK WAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i was expecting lik either SP or TP to take NAFA's position cos SP n TP are lik much prettier!!!

    GOOD THING IS! MISS NTU WON! so it wasn't so bad...i was telling myself if she got the title..i'll go kill myself or something.

    anyways enough of all that...

    I've changed my phone! lik finally! after 1 full year! my sony erricsson actually survived for 1 year with me!!!

    Samsung U600 in red!

    Fricking 10.9 mm! as thin as my iPOd nano.

    it's pretty much of a desing phone though..pretty and all..but kindda regretted it..cos the camera super LAG!!!!! cos the camera takes forever to get into focus..lik omg!!

    Now i'm in the mood to complain. I've officially abandon my photobucket account cos the thing died on me...it refuse to upload my pictures! So now i'll hav to use shuttefly.

    and..what's the point of blogger giving us the option to remember our username at the login page when even though we checked the option..we still have to type our e-mail add in because apparantly our login user were not remembered!

    i miss the old blogger before it was bought over by google..cos google force to hav google accounts jus so we can sign in...


    bread spoke at Tuesday, November 20, 2007

    Monday, November 19, 2007

    Linkin Park And halogen

    Linkin Park concert is FRICKING DOPE!!!!!!

    there's a Halogen foundation perf. this morning too

    shall blog bout this 2 when i get back from dance!!


    *edited on 19th NOV*

    yes i know i'm suppose to blog bout the concert 5 days ago but well...i'm just lazy~~~
    and though i super no feel to blog now...i think i should beore i start to forget about it.

    The was dope beyond words i tell ya!
    a huge mass of people at the stadium to watch 5 old man perform!
    ok they're not really old...there older people out there lik U2 and Rod steward.

    look at the crowd!!!

    The only bad thing was the concert started lik 1hr later then expected. Ziwei and i could have gone to candy empire to get jellybeans.

    And lik super dammit!!! while the rules says that photography is not allowed...once ya in the stadium..people are whipping out cameras and snapping away..SUPER WASTED LA!!!!!!!!!
    and the view from our seats pretty sucked cos for the whole concert we only saw their profiles..occassionally will see full face.

    from the opening act..now you get what i mean by at the sideo of the stage right.

    Singing "puching me away" and another song in slow aucoustic(however u spell it) style..super nice~

    For the whole night, they performed most of their new songs from Minutes to Minight, a few numbers were from the old albums. well, i thot Meteora was still their best album ever.

    CHESTER IS DAMN ZAI!!!everyone knows a while back he has some problem with his throat right. He's up and screaming his lungs out during the concert!! Scream as in u know..the scream-sing kind of scream. Jumping around the stage with a broken arm and screaming and he still sang perfectly well, doesn't even sounded like he was tired or what!!!

    The atmosphere was damn high, from where i was seating, once in a while, you can see people being passed overhead in the moshpit ahaha.

    Chester is in red.

    during finale. super a lot people who bought $148 and $128 to stand.

    but...they din perform "MY DECEMBER"!! bah~ Shinoda did a bit of rap from "Petrified"(Fort Minor) before the band enters into "Numb"...i think.

    bought a t-shirt, some lanyard thingy and the concert audio cd
    where i have to go to their site and download the file.



    Halogen performance on 15th Nov

    The best thing that came out of it was...i didn't go for lesson for the whole day!!! haha. So after the performance i jus went to meet up with jaz and cher to do up jaz's make up and hair for her prom.

    the crappy thing of the performance is....THE SAME CHOREO DO UNTILL SO MANY TIMES DO UNTILL CAN VOMIT LIAO MAN!! ok i'm not complaining...but really...the choreo really do lik hundreds of times since the last HALOGEN performance...which was lik half a year ago! Lik almost every event also dance la!

    Heng after the next perfomance...which is on 29th Nov...and after that i'm probably free from it..woohoo~

    and the thing is...since the next performance is on 29th NOV...skarly got rehearsal on my birthday 27th nov, i'll be damn sian....


    bread spoke at Monday, November 19, 2007

    Sunday, November 11, 2007

    Slacking and Deathly Hallows

    Great god~ the week has been so slack, i'm back into holiday mood again..bah!
    i merely studied for alternate weeks this week bcause Tuesday was e-learning day for my school and thursday was Deepavali. Spend the week obsessed with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.


    borrowed the book when i went to cher's house on monday with jaz. Though I've finish the book, i think i'll go buy it anyways. Because i want to complete my collection of all 7 books and i bet that i'll want to read it again. It's so..i dunno hw to describe man. Harry potter series just ended after so many years. my 1st potter was lik from p5 untill now when im 18 im reading the last book! HARRY POTTER GOES THROUGH ALMOST THE WHOLE OF MY TEENAGE LIFE!

    all was well.
    i think i'll get the book

    anyway i've been slacking for this whole wk.like serious slack.din even dance for the whole wk untill friday. Was suppose to go dance on monday but i ended up staying at cher's house till midnight and i'd to walk all the way home from castle green; which is horrendously far, quiet and dark.


    Monday, 5th nov

    wad was suppose to be jus a xiao long bao lunch became a visit to cher's house cos she nidda do her proj and i was lazy to go for dance. Was watching some korean boyband stuff till we were hungry and went to get dinner. Ended up cooking...

    huge pot of instant noodles

    jaz the chef in making

    Ealier on we were watching a korean variety show and there was this guy who stuff a whole mouthful of noodles into his mouth..

    compare and constrast

    cher and jaz doing the washing while i took pictures =)


    Tuesday; 6th Nov

    Meet Cheejian aka xlazy at early afternoon to pass him his present and have lunch. anyway i think i'll jus call him LAZY in future post if i ever do mention bout him again. We were suppose to meet at 12 but turns out he skipped school in the morning and only woke up at our meeting time -___-"

    guys should never let girls wait.
    good thing we were meeting under my block so i did my e-learning stuff till he called when he arrived.

    that bummer never ate pepper lunch before..LOL!
    and i didn't have to pay for lunch cos he treat me =D

    went to school after that to do some project stuff before meetin the sgls to overlook the gls rehearsal. Well i can't say much about them, they still have to improve. Yea sure they claim they put in a lot of effort but i don't see it...not when they always fool around during rehearsal andturn a deaf ear to our advices.

    Anyway went to canteen 1 with a bunch of ther sgls and end up discussing some issues while some of them ate. Went home for dinner after that. MOM BOUGH DONUTS FROM DONUT FACTORY!!! i'm still in love with the strawberry&white chocolate, actually i think i jus lik the strawberry jam...YUM!!!!! pity that the branch at velocity don't have strawberry hearts.


    Wednesday,7th nov

    Was my brother's and joel's birthday! Gave my bro a shirt..which i regretted later cos i thought i shld have given him a watch instead. But since they say giving clocks and anything of the like like watches brings bad luck. so better safe than sry.

    As for joel. we gt him a "cake" that is rich in vitamin c.....18 oranges!!

    was suppose to giv him his "BAPE" jacket [that 16 ppl shared] too but it hasn't arrive yet so only gonna give him on monday the following week.


    Thursday went out with cher and jaz again to get jaz's prom dress. It pays to be thin even though ya flat chested! jaz look damn nice in the tube dress she bought!! only thing is it was a bit loose atthe chest so she went to alter it.

    Fri was pretty flat too. i finally danced!!! but got kindda furstrated. I just hope that person put in more effort and heart into this thing...the whole group wants to go to the finals! I don't wish that the whole group's effort and hardwork goes to waste because of one person that drag the team down. If we don't get into finals *touch wood* working hard then that's it. But if it's because of one person who lack commitment and pull the group down, i guess i'll get pretty pissed.

    i'm not being mean, i just hope that person be more committed to this.

    69 more days to the 1st heats. It's not a very long time you know.

    bread spoke at Sunday, November 11, 2007

    Sunday, November 04, 2007

    my November

    You know linkin' park has this song "My december" ? Why didn't they jus used november; then it'll be lik all november babies birthday song.

    ok totally random

    Wednesday; 31st oct'07

    One of my class mice died in my hands. NO! i didn't killed it. It merely lie in my hand jerking before it's last breath was drawn. It wasn't my mouse but i just cried; maybe cause i could do nothing to save it except to see it died in my hands.

    lab animals are probably the most pitiful beings on earth. With a wrong move in the experiment or part of the procedure, humans can just end their lifes just like that...

    Did the choreo for "Circle" during dance. i kept wondering why Ann moved me up when i clearly still have bad coordination problem and i catch steps real slow.

    Thursday; 1st Nov'07

    Suppose to have IS but somehow got scammed so in the end didn't go. Slacked at home the whole day before going to TAO's for dinner with my mom. Super miss their mushroom & cheese gratin that's served with thick toast *slurps*

    Mom had pork ribs and i had flounder baked in cheese [yums!]
    Went to daiso to get gift paper bags and laptop cover, ended up shopping with my mom for her stuff. FRICKING ONE HOUR IN DAISO! lik omg~

    it'sgood to go out with mum cause she pays for everything =DD
    Anyway..the calender of November birthday celebrits.

    3: xlazy[c.j]
    4: Jessica
    7: Wai yeong my bro, Joel
    8: ryuta[gl]
    15: Jeremiah
    26: Kit kat [nra]
    27: ME ME ME!!!
    30: Jaei

    Thats all i know so far or maybe i've forgotten some. But november seriously has a lot birthday...people will go broke so i shall be good and not ask for much. A stalk of red daisy; a birthday greeting; strawberry/raspberry flavoured chupa chup i'm happy enough *wide grins*

    Friday; 2 Nov

    Lab day is sian. I always get so tired and drained from friday,especially during instru lab. Shucks. On top of that i still have funka training aft that. Talking bout funka, I guess i'll pretty much b dancing in school almost every weekday; class on Mon & Wed, Thurs & Fri funka training. -sigh- for funka...must work damn hard


    wasted the whole of day off, the only thing i did that seems meaningful is making jessica's present...

    i seriously need sleep already man. Tomorrow will be a better day

    that kinder buneo is still sitting on my table..

    bread spoke at Sunday, November 04, 2007