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    Tuesday, October 30, 2007

    tell you all something damn shocking oh

    Just now nikki and i were at Far east so i thought i shall go check out the price of an original BAPE jacket of the same design. Guess how much?

    FRICKING $698!!!

    can buy 6 adidas jackets or 2 mp4 lo!! Try imagining how much their cap cost..damn oh-my-godly!

    Anyways i was thinking those people working in shops lik BAPE or anything of the likes ;obey, surrender etc like damn shiok lo. Cause it's like at least u handled the original stock. And if no one is looking, you wear the cap awhile also shiok [mayb can try wearing shoe but pity the next person who buys the shoe]

    But come to think of it, may be quite a torment, everyday see but no money buy. Even if heng heng got 50% staff discount also cannot save you cos the shoes will still cost you bout $200 [usual price is $399]

    Still, you can mock at the people who come in just to look around, and laugh at them when you see them walking out of the shop with jaws dropped and eyes popped out after seeing the prices. But if there's really anyone who comes in and buy something, one can try hooking up with him/her cause they're 75% comfirm rich kids

    Anyways, have you cross your mind since the products are priced so high, the designers are like earning big bucks! No wonder everybody wants to be designers.

    okok, i know deep inside every designers treat their designs as their art and not doing it for the money..right?

    i think my goal in life for now is to land a job in BAPE or Stussy. hahaha

    bread spoke at Tuesday, October 30, 2007

    Day one; first day in 1 year 5 month plus we both have to lead a different life with different routine. Still pondering if i made the right choice. 1 week to reconsider my decision..-sigh-

    went to sch today with one eye bigger than the other..from all that tearing..damn-
    It's coming to the end of October..it means 3 things

    - Funka is drawing nearer day by day
    - term exams are coming soon too
    - my bdae is coming! [27th ]

    think this year i wouldn't put a wish list up. Like so thick skin lo to ask for presents haha!!! i mean it's the thought that counts =D

    so if u guys wanna be sweet but really budget..u can jus get me a stalk of red daisy i'll b like damn happy *wide grins*. But if u wanna splurge on a wonderful like me..i don't mind the new Samsung mp4 [model: P2] !! *even wider grin* or a BAPE hoodie. if ya getting the hoodie must order fast k. Cause closing date for order is lik on wed. I know it's replicate but it's still an expensive replicate man ~[actual price is lik $999!] my adidas vintage original BRONX jacket cost $85 cost it was ordered in bulk.

    but really i think i'm not worth splurgin on. I'm mean to my friends, i suan them, bully them..ya u get the picture..just ask people lik joel la..lol.

    Dance in the night. Yes! night! not evening. I use to have dance lesson at 7.30pm rite..now my class starts at 9.30! which is like tard late! but for dance; all is worth it.

    Ann continued the choreo for the song "Fantasy" today. It's lik she taught super a lot last week! i practically stunned there! At 1st Ann thought a new set for the front part which links to the chorus. It's damn nice~ LOooOOoooooooooooVE the choreo !

    In case which song ya thinking about..it's Fantasy by Timbaland, which is not sang by him o.O

    Things were the same like every monday..just a little different, a bit different, very different...

    bread spoke at Tuesday, October 30, 2007

    Sunday, October 28, 2007

    What Happened To Us?

    I thought it was too good to be true
    I found somebody who understands me
    Someone who would help me to get through
    And fill an emptiness i had inside me
    But you kept inside and I just denied
    Some things that we should have both said
    I knew it was too good to be true
    Cause i'm the only one who understands me

    What happened to us
    We used to be so perfect, now we're lost and lonely
    What happened to us
    And deep inside I wonder, did i lose my only?

    Remember they thought we were too young
    To really know what it takes to make it
    But we had survived off what we have done
    So we could show them all that they're mistaken
    But who could have known the lies that would grow
    Until we could see right through them
    Remember they knew we were too young
    We still don't know what it takes to make it

    What happened to us
    We used to be so perfect, now we're lost and lonely
    What happened to us
    And deep inside I wonder, did i lose my only?

    We could have made it work, we could have found a way,
    We should have done our best to see another day
    But we kept it all inside until it was too late
    And now we're both alone, the consequence we pay
    For throwing it all away, for throwing it all away...

    What happened to us
    We used to be so perfect, now we're lost and lonely
    What happened to us
    And deep inside I wonder, did i lose my only?

    did i made the right decision? if i did why am i crying so hard
    will i ever regret? i probably would

    it'll probably too late already...to change my mind..

    bread spoke at Sunday, October 28, 2007


    MOre mice pictures; Was cleaning out my class's mice cages and donald and wenxin happen to be on their duty too.

    my mice is kicking and alive!yes i'm damn positive it's the mice that i poked thrice! it doesn't hate me! lol

    Donald and his Darneil.

    Chin koon trying to look lik he's gonna eat it..good thing it din poop while he's doing that lol

    i'm not gonna name it cos it's only gonna make it very attached to it and it will last for this sem so it's jus called my mice


    've already made up my mind, it's just about speaking up now..

    bread spoke at Sunday, October 28, 2007

    Thursday, October 25, 2007


    I just realise i haven blogged for 4 days..rather..i din even on my laptop for 4 days la! Cos for the past few days i'm always homed late, ended up too tired to blog. OH~ the weekends were nicole and ronnie's bdaes. Gave nicole her necklance; a necklance with her name pendant...which i twisted out of wire! twist untill my fingers pain la. But heng my hard work paid off cos she liked it =) thing is i've forgot to take photo of it...rahh!!!

    Anyways school has okok...the only interesting thing that ever happened this week has to be Immunology lab practical. For your info, the mice are used to test chemicals that makes your antibiotics! in fact most rodents are used for such experiements. Eg. rabbit, rats, hamsters, mice. So next time be kind to rodents!!! because the rodents went through loads of pain for us.

    On that faithful wednesday, my class went into a state thats similar to that when a whole cinema of people are watching SAW. Girls squealing and traumatized...guys also almost there.

    For that day, we had to extract blood samples from the 8 swiss albino mouse for our class.
    Before i move on...

    see so cute la!!!

    they're only as big as my index finger!
    and they sure do shat a lot


    As i was saying earlier, we had to extract blood from the mice right. the process is as follow.

    1. Scruff the poor mice
    2. wipe the cheek area with alchol
    3. Prepare the needle. [the needle is bloody ass big for the mice la! it's lik the diameter of the small screwdrivers]
    4. Yes at this time you can guess what's gonna happen
    5. Aim somewhere diagionally below the mice's eyes and poke!
    6. yes collect the blood now.

    here's a pic while blood is collected.. taken secretly cos by right cannot take..so u all ownself see don't leak out ah as i sure die.

    not clear??

    close up

    Before you faint...

    the amount of blood collected from one mice. One mice one tube

    Now you see the reason why most people freaked out including the guys. Suppose to be us doing the blood extraction. End up is Dr chai do 6 mice for us. One was done by one of the guys from our class. Then the last one right...is i try to extract. But the mice damn poor thing la!!!!!!


    i was lik so guilt-riden man. in the end we spared the mice cos kena poked too many times le.
    It's a scary scene lo! cos as we get the blood from the mice, they eyes will lik slowly go lik pop-out lik that lo. So fricking scary man! they eyes turn from blood red to orange!

    i scare the mice will reconigze me then will hate me for the rest of the sem =(

    That's not all, all the mice were given ear piercing and injections on that day too

    Injections to make them sedated so they will b less active during extraction
    ear piercing to identify them

    lik damn ke lian lo!! is lik most when kena injection will squeak then use they paws cover their eyes or mouth..lik human reaction when one is frightened. Then when kena ear pierecing, even though they're sedated, they'll still struggle and squeak damn loud. See already damn xin tong lo!!!

    it's gonna be a long semester

    bread spoke at Thursday, October 25, 2007

    Sunday, October 21, 2007


    After dance pract on wed, Ann told me to go to D class from next week onwards.
    Yes it may pretty much of a happy thing because i've moved up but i'd rather stayed in C class.
    D class is filled with seniors man! would be lik super stress i guess...

    aiya, i also can't dance for one week because of my ankle..shall see aft next week.

    anyways thurs would be the most boring day of the week. Screw "starting a business" module. The teacher was late and the lesson was boring..oh gosh..save me~~~

    bread spoke at Sunday, October 21, 2007

    Tuesday, October 16, 2007

    1st day of school

    was damn lay back. Cosmonday is lecture day and basically most of the lecturers wouldn't go into details of the lecture cos

    1. the bookshop is so packed with people all the time u wouldn't be able to get your notes and the qeues are so damn long all the time
    2. They just do introduction of the module

    All but one lecturer quite slack. The sole lecturer is my bioinfo lecturer. She practically went into the lecture. But well i couldn't print the notes cause i don't have a printer and the emart is too crowded to photocopy the notes. So i just spend the whole lect doodling on my scheduler.

    Anyway most of the people thought abe's hair is not bad! so proud of my work..lol!

    During immunology lect, i learnt we're gonna work with white mice! lik swiss albinos!! whoopee! but the thing is each group is given one mouse and we're suppose to take care of it and not let it die. At the end of all the experiments. We'll have to skin them [after they're slaughtered by the lab people.] and use the _skin spleen in another module.

    pls remind me not to get too attached to my mice...

    feeling bored, joel drew this during Imm [immuno] lect...

    *can't really see properly eh...*

    ya it suppose to be abe la. He jus added in the dog and the mummy to add in the egyptian-feel

    oh then during dance today, Ann continued the choreo for "the way i are"
    i super love that song can! and it's my dream to do a dance to that song. Then last wednesday i didn't go cos my ankle was injured so this week i was lik hoping she wouldn't change choreo and jus continue it. Heng heng she did lo! woo hoo~ and i managed to catch the steps from last week cos she went through again!

    but for that, think i kindda paid a price cos my right ankle was pretty strained lik after the lesson =(

    Gonna turn in...tmr will be the day with killer break...4 hrs! omg...

    bread spoke at Tuesday, October 16, 2007

    Monday, October 15, 2007

    Last day of holiday

    and all i did was work. So loser..damn.

    it's like 1am+ now i'm suppose to sleep cause i'm meeting abe and nikki later to go school together.

    can't believe my holiday jus went by like that -sigh-

    anyway i just saw my timetable and i jus realise i could had possibly gotten the worse time table ever

    on mondays i'll have lect full day, but if it's an odd week, i'll have 3 hr break between lect...fricking 3 hrs!

    on tuesday i'll have 4 hr break on even weeks. 4HRS! what the hell am i suppose to do in this 4 Hrs! rot to death i think.

    Wednesday is pretty mad cos i'll have 5 whole hours of immunology

    thursday is IS day...boring

    Friday is dooms day for me. Imagine being stuck in a lab for 3 hrs, break 1 hr, back to the lab again for another 3 hrs. YES! IT's CCTA and INAC PRACT TOGETHER ON THE SAME DAY.

    dear guan ying ma please give me strength to survive my timetable and this semester.

    anyways, both abe and nikki came to find me at the last hour of work. Then after that went to the shop nikki's friend work at and got a scheduler! and it's damn pretty! becos...

    It's red!

    damn cute layout

    Nice empty pages with pretty pictures and words on coffee!
    Ok it may seem uninteresting but only pretty nice notebooks will get me started writing in them.
    After that went to buy bubble tea. While we were at it. It struck me and nikki that abe's hair is very off..lik way off. Cos she rebonded her hair again..and her hair is lik super hella thick..so it became just lik a lion's mare all over again. So then i just told her

    "hey abe..i think you should cut your fringe short "

    upon hearing this
    nikki join in too

    nik: ya i think if u've got shorter fringe will look
    better la
    abe: hmmmm.....
    me: Aiya later go my house i cut for you la

    at this point of time i bet everyone thinks abe rejected my offer right? lo and behold ya all wrong! abe decided immediately cos after much psycho-ing from me and nikki she was somehow convinced that she'll look better with short fringe. And no..she didn't doubt my hairdressing skill...i'm so touched *sheds a ear*

    but alas! we forgot to take a before photo but it looked something like this...

    *photo credits to davin*

    but much worse cos the rebonding effect doesn't work very well on her. She looked somewhat lik a straight-haired afro..i think.

    after much effort from me and nikki...now abe looks lik this..

    it's lik so ke ai can if u see rea life. But in the pic she looks like Cleopatra [is that how you spell it?] the egyptian princess/queen.

    hmm....i seriously think she looks better now...at least she looks more refreshed =DD

    we're beautiful it's true =DD
    [not being thick skin. but the Dove campaign says girls should have more self confidence..lalala]

    yes i'm aware my highlighted patch has turn into a shade of ah-lian-kind of gold. I nearly wanted to kill myself when i saw a bunch of full pledge ah lians [the dressing, the way they walk,talk...hard to miss] walk past the shop and one of them with the same hair work as me. Think i'll go colour it back to ash again during the weekend.[or should i turn it white?]

    bread spoke at Monday, October 15, 2007

    Sunday, October 14, 2007


    Lik so ridiculous can! Just now gene and i went to the hawker center near my old place for dinner. Being rather poor [i had $5 and he $12] we ordered a plate of char kway teow and $3 worth of oyster omelette.

    The noodles came and we started diggin in 1st. THen when the same aunty came back with the plate of omelette. both of us were practically stunned in our seat.

    now here's the question, usually when u order oyster omelette at $3 u should expect a lot right? like half the plate and stack a lot right?

    This is what we've got...

    it's damn super pathetic! the amount is equivalent to 2 portion of scrambled egg from Mac big breakfast! with only 5 miserable pieces of oyster in it too. Naturally both us jus pretty much stunned and uttered ..

    HUH? this is $3!?

    and the auntie still have the cheek to say

    what..you order $3 only ma"

    lik seriously man..i wouldn't even expect a lot more if we've order the $4 one.
    so be warned! if u ever go to the market blk 600+ at amk/yck..the one near the CC, don't go to this chai tao kueh/oyster omelette stall that's along the damn nice wan ton noodle stall least u get scammed

    suddenly i feel damn auntie after writing that chunk *shuddens*

    anyways yesterday i cooked fried rice for gene's lunch! lik wake up early in the morning jus to cook the rice and prepare the ingredients..then have to take mrt and walk the super xtra Citylink to reach marina sq. See what a wonderful girlfriend i am =))

    I know it doesn't look really appealing but gene said it's nice! See the spoon he's holding? damn cute right..bought from daiso..spoon/fork set with box at only $6
    [auntie instincts coming back again..damn]

    anyway..gene changed uniform already! now he look lik SIA's air steward!

    on the topic of air steward, you guys know the chinese of air stewardess is 空姐 right?

    that time a few nra friends and i were slacking at cheers after dance and one of the senior, peiying..jus grad from SIA. So now she's a full pledge air stewardess! and she gets to fly around oh so often *envys*

    but anyway, i asked her

    me: hey..if air stewardess in chinese is 空姐,
    then air steward is what? 空哥ah?
    py: lik no! is 空少 la!

    well it's not exactly a stupid mistake what! i bet most of you didn't know also right. Cos after that i went to ask a lot ppl lik gene, joel, davin, donald, denyse and lendl [whom chinese is quite zai], they all said 空哥 also lo! someone else..i can't remembered who..said is 空弟 !!

    After reaching home from ritz, qian hui suddenly called me to go for funka dance pract at 5pm..super last min and at that time was 3pm+ going 4pm and i was busy waxing my leg [what! it's normal ok]. So happenly i was supposed to meet weng n jess at 7pm at bugis for makeover session; cos jean yip gave all nra performers at amk hub a voucher for a free session.

    so i though sure can make it in time so i agreed. skarly when i called jess she told me she not going for the pract!! so in the end i took cab to sch and then the pract ended late and i have to chiong cab down to bugis while changing on the cab; not forgetting the peak hour charge.. feel damn broke after that..sigh

    oh ya, I AM IN THE SAME FUNKAMANIA GROUP AS JESS!! along with jefferson, qian hui, xuan feng, michelle and fariad =D

    So by the time i reach there, weng and jess were already done! turns out the "makeover" was only make up and a photoshoot of 12 photos. suppose to include one outfit but their outfits also cannot make it..lol.

    Right after the photo shoot, the 3 of us proceed to watson to get make up remover wipes. super over lo the make up. and can u belive it..the person used pink eyeshadown on me!!!! lik wth! freaking pink!!! if that wasn't enough, i was wearing green..how "matchin"

    while in the toilet took super loads of pics. unfortunately all the photos are either with jess or weng so i have to wait for them to upload the pix 1st.

    i realise i'm super not photogenic . out of the 12 shots, i only look good in 4 -_-" but fear not, i am in fact, a da mei nu! ahahaha. There are pretty girls who are not photogenic too but look gorgeous in person lol

    Went to look for geraldine at bugis street where she is working after we had dinner cause weng was considering to get shoes from her shop. Turns out the shoe that weng wanted was sold!

    moral of the story: sometimes shopping is not an impluse, you just have to get it else you'll never know if you'll b able to get it the next time

    Then hong kai came to fetch us home. Not all of us though, cos he dropped weng at a bus stop. Anyway that fella jus got his license not too long ago and he's driving for the 3rd day. Funny thing is he kept losing his way around haha. Sad thing is, he's driving a van and i had to endure the bumpy ride all the way to ang mo kio.

    Shucks...tmr i have to work. SO gonna be freaking bored then..rah!!

    bread spoke at Sunday, October 14, 2007

    Thursday, October 11, 2007

    Bad timing

    OMG! i so gonna pull out my still-cramming-genitals and die now. The timing is so bad!

    Jessica just told me i am in a funkamaina group and guess wad...preliminaries are in dec/jan

    Steffi jus msg me if i wanted to do an event on the 21st of dec. It's a 8ppl group affair and each group is paid $800 bucks! but i reject it..why?

    i'm bloody hell flying to taiwan on the 21st!
    omfg...someone kill me pls

    i pray damn hard that funka prelims would b in mid-jan..everybody pray with me man!!!

    bread spoke at Thursday, October 11, 2007

    Wednesday, October 10, 2007


    and i'm suppose to be in school for gl training and following that would be dance practise. Guess what..i'm marooned at home! What is worse than staying at home on a supposedly-activity-packed wednesday? HAVING MENSES CRAMPS AND A TWISTED ANKLE!


    i'm feel so crippled man!!! 1st i had my left ankle sprained bout half a yr ago and on monday i fricking twisted my right ankle..not a very bad one, still can walk/jump/run but still..i'd injured both ankles..damn.

    and along came my menses which has no time managment. It suppose to come on the 12th! not on the 10th! If it had came on the 12th, i would have time to eat my anti-menses-cramp-chinese-medicine thingy so i wouldn't but in such dire state now. And no, i can't eat the medicine now because not suppose to. Maybe ur fallopian tube would be confused by the medicine and loses control of the streaming of blood+disintergrated tissue+egg mixture and then i would be be in greater pain. I don't even trust panadol anymore because it had proved ineffective on me and i was told eating too much panadol makes one retarted

    Rahh! why must we have menses!

    speaking of that, to all the ladies out there, here's a question for you.

    would you rather

    1] have your menses as it is now, once a month
    affair for bout 30+ yrs


    2] Have your menses all at one for 6

    i use to think i would rather choose choice 2 becausei wouldn't have to endure such pain every month. Then it occur to me i would probably die from boredom because i cannot do a lot activity lik swimming, go camping or i'll jus die from excessive lose of blood.


    I'M SO BORED!!!

    should i jus go for dance anyway?

    bread spoke at Wednesday, October 10, 2007

    Tuesday, October 09, 2007


    YES! I'M FINALLY BACK IN SINGAPORE! no more swapping of flies and other giantic insects while sleeping/eating/briefing/slacking at night! Can use toilet in peace and comfort [i hate to squat when using toilet..super no feel and they only hav squat toilet], COCA COLA in singapore! [and other cabornated drinks] and of course..MY BED! on top of that..i must say i din really come back in one piece becos of this...


    Damn horrible lo! now i wun b able to wear skirts or anything of the like becos of the big ugly bruise...rahh!

    but well i muz say i learnt a lot from this camp. Learn more things bout myself that i have to change. really feeling apologetic to those i have offended..hope my fellow sgls will forgive while i improve myself and change my bad points..

    ok now let's not set the mood to heavy. Going to kota tinggi again as and sgl is diff. I mean the feel is jus diff la. We had our share of memories and craps and now it's the current gls turn. Though they had improved since the 1st day we saw them..they could still do better and improve more. But still, i'm very proud of my group's gl. Apollo gls were all from different clinques but they still bonded well and even the most quiet girls speaked up in the end. Was stunned by their campfire performance..totally unexpected becos none of us went to see them plan and rehearse..they wanted to surprise us anyway =)

    Good job Apollo! [yes we are the Sun god as well as the cheap(s$0.30) malaysia biscuit that comes in chocolate and strawberry flavours] hope all of you will come back for training!
    i'll blog more bout the camp once i get hold of the pictures! bring camera there but neva use..HAHA!

    and during aft-dance-hanging-out-at-cheers session...i got myself addicted to this!

    Zenya Lemon+green tes! 2 for $1.80 =P

    it's lik damn nice!! also got other flavours lik cranberry and original..means only green tea la..but i think the lemon is the only one that seems drinkable..the original one too bitter and cranberry has a funny taste. THink it'sonly available in cheera cos din see it in 7-11 la.

    before i go..check out geraldine's blogshop! geraldine is a friend of mine in nra la. She designs shoes and also sells assorted accessories so do check out and support her shop!


    bread spoke at Tuesday, October 09, 2007

    Wednesday, October 03, 2007

    *during dance class on monday*

    guy: so Ann is slide out the leg or step out?
    Ann: ok..you slide out your ball

    the ball mention here is actually the ball of your feet la...but it jus sound funny! when she said that some of us started aum chio-ing [laughing disceretly] but i think she din realise la

    apprantly..i'm supposed to be asleep now!! bcos there's gl training tmr..have no idea hw am i gonna drag my ass out of bed ltr...bah!

    just a quick update

    -i'm going tokota tinggi this wkend for camp!

    -mum and i just went to book tickets to go taiwan in dec!! but i wun b bck on 'mas =( so ya frenz of mine..anything u need from taiwan and i'll jus buy for x'mas present. of course price hav to b reasonable !!

    -school's gonna reopen soon! [f***]

    and now im off to bed..i'm dead tired!

    bread spoke at Wednesday, October 03, 2007