名前: steph.waisee.mianbao
誕生日: 27 Nov'89
血型: B+
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    Wednesday, October 20, 2004

    i failed poa...i'm not going to 4E..T_T. THis morning i walking to canteen then saw Ms Chung then i ask her how i fare for my poa..she say i fail my poa..paper 2 did very badly then paper 1 not very good. listening today super dumb less than 1 hr finish le then come home and dl naruto [again..lol] then my bro's toopid frenz came to our house. so damn freaking noisy lo..kaoz seh...super irritating. especially this retatrted freak call eugene i think...super noisy..cannot ta han. Shi gong did my quiz..scary seh..u gotthe highest...kong bu nehx..lol..his his results..

    Quiz statistics

    Statistics for: terence
    Oct 20, 12:37 am [nvm bout the time..it's in USA]

    1. What is my personality that is the most well known?
    terence said: Tomboyish

    2. What is my 3 favourites from naruto
    terence said: Kakashi, Neji, Akamaru & Kiba

    3. What's my favourite food
    terence said: Ramen

    4. My Best Subject?
    terence said: Chemistry

    5. What I can't Stand the most
    terence said: Hypocrites

    6. What do i do when i'm flaming mad?
    terence said: Punch the wall

    7. Who are my current "dar-dars"
    terence said: Kakashi, Gino

    8. Prized Possesion?
    terence said: Handphone

    9. Whats my kakashi clan's name
    terence said: Aishiteiru Kakashi

    10. Last of all...simple Q..when is my bdae?
    terence said: 27 Nov

    he beat cheyrl's record some more..scary seh. but he as usual..bhb..so he high IQ -___-". mama at his house dunno wth they doing [maybe gaying..LMAO] then keep typingcrap at msn...super fan..then they fighitng -___-" haiz...oh ya..tml going to watch singapore idol with cheryl..hmmm..dunno what to say..lol. Pei pei n peggy super li hai seh..their cosplay costume is they ownself make de..li hai seh

    bread spoke at Wednesday, October 20, 2004

    Monday, October 18, 2004

    wOoHoO~ 2dae is physics paper..quite easy..i don't think i'll fail it.  Physics paper mark the end of the exams and that means...RELAX AND WATCH NARUTO!!! Like finally i don't have to wake up at 4am in the morning to study le and i can just slack and home and rot untill my results come out..ok..i can't slack, i have to worry about my results. At 1+ like dat went to wendy's house to burn the naruto manga into disc. her bro's computer super slow seh and a lot of drives, dunno hw he do that. Came home and started drawing manga..lol. Only the head n hair looks nice but i haven draw the body yet..lol. Next friday have dance pract le..woohoo..missed dance seh..dunno why also..lol. Crapped on the naruto -kun forum and now i have 389 post! only 261 post to be promoted to jounin..lol. Kindda wu liao so dunno what to post le..buaiz..i'll be back tml to write summore

    bread spoke at Monday, October 18, 2004

    Monday, October 11, 2004

    ARGH! my social studies paper was crap 2dae. i was lik learning chap 6 n 7 so din really giv a damn to 2 n 3. god hells know *sry to christians*..the SBQs were on chap 3 [ countires divided ] den SEQ was 3 Qs, choose one. the Questions are frm chap 2 [merger n seperation of signapore], 6 [diplomacy n deterrence] and 7 [singapore industrail growth] so i decided to do question the wan on chap 2. part [a] i rote very long..2 pages den i went to do SBQs. when i came bck to do part [b], i made a wrong move. i shld hav rote agree instead of "agree to a certain extend" shuk man. den when i needed paper..the 2 damn f**king teachers din see my hand up n the room we were in was not very big lo. so they wasted my precious 2 mins..argh! neway, aft social studies i still hav my F&N paper..so end up staying in the room studying my F&N. When i received the paper...wahahahahahaha...msot of the Qs i din go thru much bt i rmb the ans...wahahahahaha. i tink i'll pass F&N. i was 15 mins free when i finish my paper so i hav tis spare paper n i doodle on it again..wrote alot japanese words n naruto things...lol. tml's geog..i tink i'm dead. tis year i bet i'll flunk humans. so i hav to relie on maths le..hope mrs choong not killing us off by giving us a damn diff paper.

    bread spoke at Monday, October 11, 2004

    Saturday, October 09, 2004

    Chinese paper was quite easy. the paper 1 i did the si han n fer compo i did the article wan. si han is rite reply letter to fren toking bout singapore student chase aft ou xiang de things den the article compo is they ask to express ur view about teenagers wasting money den go work fer extra income..leading to giving up on sch de. so qi manz. the paper 2 tian xie hand zi..6 of the words i neva learn properly lehz! cos only on book B den i tink most of the words will come out in 2nd half of book B so i only study behind de ..den 3 words came out frm in front..only 2 words frm behind chapters..so i only gt 4/10 fer dat section. but my zhao ju n compre shld be able to score..all my compre answer super long de so shld be able to get rather high marks. aft i finish paper 2 still hav 1/2 hr left so i drew kakashi's face on my question paper. den kept drawing n re-drawing untill going to over i draw 1 nice wan on the paper..lol! monday is socai studies n F&N paper. die le manz..wendy told me her teacher say source base very diff so do essay 1st..so i hav to rmb facts lik siao..diez  X_X [dead...lol

    bread spoke at Saturday, October 09, 2004

    Wednesday, October 06, 2004

    I finally decided 2dae dat i will not speak to her in anyway untill she stop slashing herself. Jus wanna see wud she rather kill herself then treasure frenship. The old 'her' i know is sum1 who stands up fer her frenzz n frenz cums 1st in her list but nw...probably she changed. I din wanna make tis desicion actually..but really dunno wad to do. I hav no1 to talk to bout problems now..usually whn i hav problems i will tell her but now she is in tis state...hw can i talk to her. the biggest problem she has nw is herself. Tis might not be the best way to help her.. i've thot of using reverse physcology but i doubt it will work. i'm really at a loss nw. it's the 1st time i failed to help a fren. I really wanna help her get over tis thing , especially now...exams are round the corner..it's jus tis friday. i noe she can cope wiv it but when u're in a foul modd n doing ur paper...it will affect ur results. the worse thing is...my mei saw her cutting herself n my fren did it in front of her yet my mei din stop her! when my mei told me i was lik tinking " why din u stop her" but maybe she's too meek so i din care bout it. i thot it might be smth happened in herfamily dats why she's indirectly killing herself. she carn b doing it fer fun..she's more sensible than me. even if she's doing it fer fun, she wun hav slash so many times n say things lik " aiya..why neva bleed".
    Frankly speaking...i dunno wad to do now! can sum1 tell me wad to do!? shld i leave her to rot n die or shld i continue trying to help her...which might be jus fruitless labour?

    bread spoke at Wednesday, October 06, 2004

    Tuesday, October 05, 2004

    well...my suspicious was comfirmed but noe wad? dat fren practically does not nid any help. 2dae in sch i took her pen knife away aft she showed me the scars n i din wanna return to her but she has a buck up wan. she insist dat i return it to her but i din wan to den she started to threaten me. ok..i return den she say "later i smack ur face den u noe" so i thot she was joking as usual n i dare her to hit . well..she really did hit n she hit my eye. i was taken bck cos she had neva hit me tis way b4 so i was lik tinking"Fine! Wadeva!". she din even say sorry lo..okok..i dun care la. den i din wanna care bout it la..jus buried my face into my bag...to hide the anger  n she asked me " wan me to help u slash ur wirst?" i jus look up n gave her the cold stare n said "i'm not dat wu liao". actually...i did dat b4. dere's tis whole month i gave 30 slashes to my wrist every week or maybe more. untill my dad found out i stopped. carn believe it lo..she make it sound as if i dunno wad she is going thru..ok...maybe i dun but slashing ur wrist or urself is stupid. she's more mature tinking than me lo. frankly speaking..aft recess go CME lesson dat time i was so angry i went to toilet n cry. imagine u're in my shoes..hw wud u feel if one of ur frenz is self-abusing herself / himself. If i wan to i can jus leave her alone n let her slash herself all she want de lo..let her die of either [a] excessive loss of blood bcoz cut the vital veins. [b] blood poisoning cos the balde might be rusty. [c] going crazy.

    to dat fren: if i din treat u as a fren i wud not hav even bothered bout u. u can tink i'm sum busybody or sumthing but i'm jus advicing u as fren..stop slashing urself! if u tink slashing urself is sum good way to relieve ur sorrows, depression or stress..dats stupid. i rather be ur punching bag than u cutting uself. cutting urself is not a relieve, it jus brings u more pains...trust me...i noe it. not only do u bring pain to urself..u'll also hurt others ard u. even if u tink it does not pain ur family to see u lik dat..in fact they are. who wud wanna see their own kids abusing themself. no matter hw bad the child is..the parents will still love them. by doing tis u are putting guilt into them. do u think it's fair? if u tink...fine..i dun wanna say liao..whther u wanna listen a not dat's ur problem but i do really hope dat u stopping abusing urself...haiz...

    bread spoke at Tuesday, October 05, 2004