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    Tuesday, June 30, 2009

    Sch reopen

    So no feel...i din go sch today cos i coughing...see so considerate
    in the end i only mc for today..damn!

    anyway i got 84% for proteomics! woohoo!
    and i just realised today...

    everyone watched my WTF video and i jus watched only today...WHY U ALL NEVER TELL ME OMG! HAHA!!
    and oh my tian so cui...i keep rolling! hahahahahahahahaha!

    zhichao call me rolly polly...wth!

    will post pix soon~

    bread spoke at Tuesday, June 30, 2009

    Saturday, June 27, 2009

    Bling Bling


    bread spoke at Saturday, June 27, 2009

    Michael Jackson

    It's all over the news...King of Pop has passed away.
    frankly i idolise him since i was a kid..

    ok got break in between cos when i was young i kept listening to his music. Then when i started dancing i went to back to watch his videos again to see him dance

    i think jus a few days back i was talking to dunno who saying..

    Me: Hey MJ how old ah?
    The person: I dunno lei...i think got 50+ ba..
    Me: So old meh! but hor you think he can pop, lock...or dance lik last time not ah
    The person: Siao he so old liao how to dance haha


    Seriously he damn black last time...try spotting him haha

    He glides a lot lei. Oh ya anyway people...MJ's signature move the MOONWALK is not moonwalk...is back slide...moonwalk is smth else

    MY FAVOURITE SONG! since i was a kid. My bro and i always laugh at the face changing part hahahah!
    ok i shld really sleeap liao...so tired omg!!!!

    bread spoke at Saturday, June 27, 2009



    This week is seriously dance week!
    Tuesday popping class, michael made us freestyle. i still got tendency to wanna do rolls...rahh!

    Wednesday was madness but it was all worth it man! Yokoi's class he just went through basic, i guess most people can't catch even basic...i also can't really catch. I mean lik yokoi is controlled groove la omg...

    Take's class!!!!! TAKE SAN!!!!!!!!
    at first i thot i will just die in his class cause super long never do house and i thought he will do very difficult shit but in the end it was really ok and i realised i got lazy legs when shuffling -.-

    SHOHEI! oh my tian...i literally dance next to him =PP But thats because the class was crowded then no space then i have to keep moving in front. But anyways, i super long like never do accent-style liao but heng still can catch la. WOOO~ shohei is lik accent but he still got groove...i like =DDD

    But i still prefer Bon!! but don't have hi master class =(


    Thursday....waacking class with Lee. Lee is damn cute n nice la!! On the photo she look lik damn dao and fierce but she's really super nice! I kindda died in her class cause also never really learn waacking before...arms flying everyway only haha

    oh ya anyway i got to know this group of teenage dancers, who are students of WCO. And its so funny cos me n yimin trying to communicate with them with our limited knowledge or japanese and they also trying to communicate in limited language haha! but we survived lunch together. AND AND AND!! Because the whole lik all girls...so i assume all girls..untill later i realise one of them actually is a guy..lik omg la! then he kept making fun of me after that. Today at Ko night he tease me for being short..RAH!!

    OH yes...Ko night...

    ks is super rich now cos he won in 2 genres..rich kid siol~
    Funky ziggy was guest performance and oh my god they super clean can. Even though is lik they do different poses or waack different lines..they still look synchro cause they really damn clean and precise. And i seriously think they got really strong arms! When they waack the arms lik really damn chillax...not those zua energy..omg...LEE SAN~

    anyways i finally clubbed! first time in my entire 19 years life! They was a jim beam competition...congrats to shut up boys ! jia you for finals! But anyways also never drink...jus cypher in the club dance floor untill some ppl come and crush the cypher. And seriously smth damn fucked up happen and im quit tramuatized now but like Lukeman said..really bo bian..it is a club...but still..argh!


    Photos will b up soon! After TBG woohoo!
    School's starting soon...sian..no feel ...

    Caryn and Nikki are leaving for australia tomorrow. I dunno how to feel...i'm happy for them cause they can go australia and study but at the same time, i really cannot bear not seeing them for long period of time..
    i guess i'll seriously miss them a lot........

    bread spoke at Saturday, June 27, 2009

    Saturday, June 20, 2009



    I'm finall on holiday! but one week has gone left one more week =( in anyways it will b the best holiday ever in my poly life cos 1st time i can go for SO MANY TBG MASTER CLASSES!! YAY!!


    anyways as you guys know SEXY DIAMOND SINGAPORE is opened at HEEREN! do go down and have a look see and if u see something you like jus buy. Cause one thing bout SD is most of their stocks are already limited in taiwan..so if Singapore got the stock is super limited so u can be quite sure not many people will have the same stuff as ya. And if ya into loud colours you should really really really check out SD =DD Of course other than loud designs there're also simpler stuff under sexy diamond BASIC APPAREL. The designs are more simple so if u don't like something too loud u still may find smth you like

    basically SD caters fro majority =))

    here again

    By the way, SD opening day was insane. As in the people who went to Q were insane.
    Guess wad time zhichao and i reach the place

    Yes i know! crazy right! zhichao la! kiasu lik siao...die also wanna b the 1st to get singapore membership. Then the next person who came were yimin n ian who came at 5. Next was Sinyang n justin who came at 7!!

    The siao one lo

    Din wanna have tired eyes so i wore my specs

    anyways kudos to the SD crew. They only left Heeren at 4 plus after preparation.

    Grumpy cause never sleep

    Zhi chao= SD shirt, cap, jeans lanyard
    Yimin= SD shirt
    Me= SD shirt , cap
    Ian= SD cap
    Justin= SD shirt, jeans

    AHAH! see andy's face!

    #2 in the Q

    #1 and #2..seriously see the eyebags damn kns..all cause never sleep

    Crazy one, came down after clubbing de haha

    A lot yellow people that day

    The yellow bananas

    The line at 11am..which is not say very long haha

    Yimin say they smile very fake so i ask them take don't smile...

    now they look lik someone owes them 1,000,000 bucks

    With aaron

    Ben's the man

    So yellow haha


    Ya looking at $800 worth of SD

    I realised on that day only we two wear the babylon milk shirt..woohoo!

    i like promoting jacky's neh


    JIA YOU!!!!!!

    i went to change...lik totally different..so yo-ed haha

    He was the one who issued my SD membership card when i went taiwan


    After that go ko night hor...seriously cannot take it, I fell asleep while waiting fot the thing to start. Then rachael said i kept twitching haha (practise popping when i sleeping also lo haha)

    COngrats to all finalist! and everybody did a good job..really =)
    was quite sian-ed though cos of ...nvm...

    After the thing suppose to go with some osch poppers eat but then i went to find fb people instead but in the end i was so tired i din bother to stay and eat then cabbed home...SO TIRED LA! I WILL NEVER TON OUTSIDE AGAIN!!

    Justin sudddenly very tall. But in actual fact is do-re-mi one

    To not single out melise, i lend her my SD bag...now all SD!!

    Ok thats bout it
    Actually currently i'm at a slumber at nikki's place with caryn n denyse also. But apprantly all 3 of them had knocked out at lik 1am haha! and i'm awake blogging here and i'm hungry =(

    anyway we took like a crazy load of pictures with my webcam...lik 262 pix!! here's some

    This is not act cute...naturlly cute no need act =PP

    Dunno wth denyse doing hahaha! already so big stil squeeze

    i zhng-ed my ds too! lik finally..i spend 90+ on the blings la omg...wanna kill myself..so fricking broke now T_T

    Left one more week of hols...enjoy ppl!
    -i don't like people who are overly sensitive. I admit i am at fault but really no feel...sorry...-

    bread spoke at Saturday, June 20, 2009

    Tuesday, June 16, 2009

    Absolute boyfriend


    i jus finish watching the special episode of zettai kareshi. the ending is lik...wah lao..cried lik shit la T_T
    ya anyways go watch.

    im kindda lazy to blog long entries now...mayb tmr or smth
    i'm officially using my new laptop le! woohoo

    and jus being random

    This is so old school lo. I jus suddenly feel like listening to the song. Then it occured to me...V6 is bloody old already haha! they're around for like 14 years la!
    my bro says J-pop is boring...buth doesn't rmb he used to like V6 too

    and he's getting all "OH MY GOD" cos miyavi is getting married


    ok it's quite big news considering the fact i always thot miyavi may had been a bit gay.

    ya actually this is jus a random post
    go watch zettai kareshi people! but anyways it will air on TV every friday at 11.30 pm on channel U anyways

    bread spoke at Tuesday, June 16, 2009

    Thursday, June 11, 2009


    Today went for gathering dinner for Davin, Xiang Ling and Alvin because they are enlisting this month! in fact Davin's going Tekong tmr =( Anyway stupid jeremiah's idea say wad must wear nice nice lik guys wear shirt then girls wear dress...which i did la. Then in the end they do all kinds of stupid thing...so xia suay haha!


    Davin take care! and enjoy NS haha

    actually looking back comparing to last time, most of us changed over the 3 years, in both appearance n character la. Like lendl, before overseas camp he still lik so shy, cos of the PiLiPaLa shit he is forever known to do crazy stuff. Jeremiah jus got fatter over the years haha

    i think gl really made up part of our lifes. And 3 years jus passed like that and everybody's moving on to the next stage in life. We were still discussing what will happen when we meet up 20 years later..

    will we last that long?

    I dunno but now is like i see all my guy friends are enlisting, my 2 best girl friends are flying to australis for study in 2 weeks time, i can't help but feel dejected and i really cannot imagine how life's gonna b like without them. Jus talking bout poly friends, i only left with denyse and jeremiah, but denyse will b busy with work n studies and jeremiah is working, studying n dating

    life's gonna kindda suck =(

    ok anyways i jus hope we last enough to invite and attend each other's wedding haha

    Congrats joel on removing ya braces!

    the photo is kindda blur but u see the thing in the blue bowl? It suppose to b fried salmon but its cold n soaked in some sour sauce. Joel and nikki claimed that its nice but when the rest of us tried it we were lik...

    caryn's reaction -> *silence then said with disgusted face* u know i really likes salmon u know...but this doesn't taste lik salmon!

    I think i cannot put too much make up, i look werid with fake lashes on..lik so much difference..hmm...

    This is some dope complimentary strawberry dessert! it's lik the one at mos burger! damn nice!!

    yea! my sexy diamond millitary cap is here ^^

    went to chill at mac near lido. And i took loads of unglam shots of the guys haha

    Actually i always thought Joel looks lik Zhou Chu Ming from mediacorp

    they really do in some ways what

    I think if they see they sure say me for taking their unglam shots but if u think bout it, its unglam shots when their hair is still around!

    oh and lo and behold! the wisma underpass from mrt is finally open!!!!!!! we no longer have to walk a big round by going up, walk past the dusty construction site in the hot weather and down again just to get to wisma!
    ok mayb it's not a big deal to you but it is to me!
    don't have to walk in the sun! don't have to squeeze with ppl! don't have to breath in the dusty hair! AIR CON! shorter walking distance! woohoo!

    oh man~ Friday common test....i hate common test....i hate exams =(

    YES caramel corn is officially my favourite snack and proteo is mad to study T_T

    bread spoke at Thursday, June 11, 2009