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    Friday, July 29, 2005

    todae did my chi. paper...din really lik the sit i was sitting at

    bcoz of sum1 nearby...newayz, notice sumthings very funny

    when sum1 in the hall start sniffing or coughing or er-hem-ing

    den aft dt sure gt ppl start to lik dat oso

    newayz...the chi paper i damn scare...cos compre

    all the Q the marks very high but ans. all very short

    n i passed my maths!!!

    jus passed...i cud hav done better if i din have careless mistakes..wasted

    den mrs choong hold us bck fer 10 mins aft her lesson ended

    and the way she put it is lik we suffering but we so damn happy

    cos dat means we will miss 10 mins of gun's lesson...beta than nth

    den ryan n li jiong...ok...mostly ryan, keep saying me during english lesson

    den i "zhi pi zhen" again, rite their names on paper den slash it wiv my penknife

    den ryan really believed i was angry...

    he was saying " can see the blaze thru ur eyez...looks angry"

    lol...i was trying to get dat effect for years...probably nw it happens

    cos i hav sum problems n stress bahz..

    Back to the main subject, i offcially announce dat i'm bck in reality

    no more "shaowei lao gong" or "gino lao gong" fer me liao

    but dat doesn't mean u can insult them!!

    but being bck into reality really hurtz..still hav ta get over sum matters...haiz..

    but being bck into reality is beta i tink...living too long in the unrealistic world

    fer too long oso not good, too pampered wiv the non-problematic world...

    i tink dere's sumthing wrong wiv me too, i keep getting giddy spells

    den sumtimes even wanna faint so now dun close my eyes when i feel giddY

    cos gt once i giddy i close my eyes, next moment i fainted den my dad

    was lik so jing zhang...lol...haiz...frankly speaking, i tink my dad is pretty

    great sumtimes, though he's really very wad at times...

    well...tml will be the 2nd last day i'm having my CT2

    F&N paper, haven revise yet...lol

    bread spoke at Friday, July 29, 2005

    Thursday, July 28, 2005

    i hate my parents..my mum!

    i hate my parents!! especially that f**king old hag in the house. all she do is nag all day..f**king irritating..F**KER LA! now i dun wish dat she try to show concern or wadeva f**king care to me..i just want her to leave me alone n get her big fat ass out of my already f**ked up life. F**King bitch..just trying to find fault with me so she can start smth which i get the blame while she's dere acting blur when she's gloating lik hell inside..bitch! F**King old hag bitch..only know hw to act cute n act sexy when she's not cos she's lik reaching 50 n her figure sux lik hell. and her singing is the worse thing you would ever listen..sing lik killing chicken stil lthink she sing very nice..hell man! seeing her dance wil lcause you to have your eyes sored..actually all you have to do is imagine a female version of william hung dancing can le. i shan't trust any of my parents cos the hag has a big fat mouth going ard spreading bullshit n nagging n ordering me n my bro about while the old man at home go bck on his words and uses he "o so powerful" english to threaten me..F**K! hw i wish i wasn't born or maybe they disowning not also not too late. i swear once aft my O lvl, i'll work to earn enuff $$ to rent an apartment or smth which i will stay from my tertiary education onwards or aft my tertiary educatioN!

    bread spoke at Thursday, July 28, 2005

    fucked up!

    i hate my fucked up life..i hate my parents..argh..i tink i jus prolly hate myself. F**k the parents..tryign to understand a child only at 16 is far too late! cos by that age..our minds n lifes are too complicated for parents to try to understand. f**k hell! i hate my parents..hate them hate them hate them!! no wait..i shall say.. I HATE MYSELF! i'm f**king loser wiv a f**ked up life..wth...argh!!

    bread spoke at Thursday, July 28, 2005

    Wednesday, July 27, 2005


    today was sports heats and i'm runing 4x100m. came in 3rd..lol. actually b4 the race started..yuwan, mei hua, melanie, hannah n i hav not much confidence we will get top 3 cos mars n venus are very stong then jupiter n neptune runners also quite strong but in the end, we gt 3rd!! haha! then go bck sch..leg cramp..lol. played badminton untill arm cramp..wahahahaha...not enuff sodium dats why cramp everywhere..lol. anyway, ystd saw sebast..took his multi-shots..damn gao xiao lo..then i ask him the "leon" question then he was lik -____-" and he din style his hair cos he wearing cap..when he took out the cap..all of us luff lik hell cos really very toot lo..but cute la..haha. dats all to blog..

    bread spoke at Wednesday, July 27, 2005

    Saturday, July 23, 2005

    IMH maidens!! lol!

    today have to wake up damn early fer the dumb performance at sentosa..thot it'll b a sian+lame day but well..thigns turned out diff. cos of the IMH maidens [serene, audrey, pinting, jia yi, i]..haha! aft tying our hair..put foundation ma..then audrey using liquid foundation the n she spread untill ddamn funny..in the end ping ting help her..ok. then aft dat dunno wad heppen liao la..went to eat snacks..the 5 of us lik pinic lik dat lo..lol. then we were attacked! by one pathetic been -_____-".

    oh ya..took fotos of us b4 make-up n aft make up..not much diff actually. then reach sentosa..damn pai seh lo..lik so manyy ppl staring at us but haiz..we sacrifice fer arts..lol. then go fer rehersals..tourist saw us then start taking fotos..lame. then at the rehersals. the floor damn slippery and istarted laming when we walking the stage..hur hurz..even my clsmate frm malay dance also say i jus came out of imh..lol. on our way bck, ping ting, anudrey n serene stopepd by some tourist then jia yi nearly kena but i help drag her away..hahaz. back tothe holding area..eating BK. the nwe started gossiping bout some sch ppl n luffing lik siao. went down to toilet..on our way bck..we were outside the shop looking at some things then someone approached us then ask in chi "u all frm tibet arh?" then we reply in eng "no..we are singaporeans..performing later" then the auntie lik pai seh..hahaz! we went bck up to holding area..then put li stick all tis then go down to musical fountain le ma. then taking grp foto wiv the malay dance also *racial harmorny..lol* then we went down take foto again..then gt one tourist damn xtra lo..we taking foto then she xtra xtra jump into the picute lo -____-"

    oh ya..the stupid photographer..UNPROFESSIONAL!!! take foto dunno hw to say get ready dat kind of thing de lo..say take de lei..i tell u..all the fotos sure appear funny de..then we short ppl hav to squat a bit cos if sit..the dress wil lget wet then stand..cannot see ppl behind n the lousy photographer make us squat so long..stupid. oh ya!! jus realise all of us dislike tis junior in dance cos she's damn bloody xtra n act cute lo!! nvm..lik sister lik sister..hahaz. while waiting fer our performance..gt one audience siao de lo..keep on taking foto then show us i mean..lik we interested..diao. finally! performance finished..on our way bck..some tourist take fotos wiv us again..LAME!!!

    on our way bck to sch..also crapped a bit..made up mispronounced words dat kind of thing then when reac hsch..i made a "classic" move. i was walking then fer dunno wad reason..i fell then i was lik..hack la..might as well lay on the floor then i was luffing lik mad woman..my juniors all luffing n asking me "ok not" dat kind of thing then ms teo also xia dao..thot i fainted..lol. onoly my dance teach went diao cos during dance i also fal ldown many times then sit or lay dere luffing lik siao..hahaz

    damn tired..sian..still gt 2 more performance then i can step down..shld hav step down long ago but hack la..lol

    bread spoke at Saturday, July 23, 2005

    Thursday, July 21, 2005

    upside down inside out..my life's chaotic

    went to find sebast jus now n the sucky thing is..my giddy spell worked up again..then me and eileen lik wanna faint sia. then sebast help me sign..i ask him rite smth then he wrote "no crying! gee!" then i was thinking..why he said dat..can he predict the future and yes he did..in fact..even hagen n leon also noe their fate liao..i hate the show..it's stupid..money making gimmick...f**k.

    anyway..the fren-ship is sinking in my case. a fren of mine backstabbed me while the other one..maybe i really did smth wrong to deserve smth lik dat. i hate myself..why have i not realise when i do things wrong untill ppl tell me..nvm..i'm stupid la. and i also..i'm bloody hell gullible..tend to believe n trust ppl to easily. close peeps used to warn me bout my gullible-ness but well..wadeva..i always dun heed advices. somehow i wish the o lvl will arrive soon so i can get away from all this mess then start a new life in a new sch...throw away the bratty, childish n stupid self away...argH! wadeva

    back to sebast..no matter wad..i noe he has done his best n i neva regret supporting him..u guys can say i'm stupid [it's a fact anyway] but sebast has changed my ideaology of idols..idols are usually quite arrogant n care less bout their fans..in sebast's case..he always care for his fans n thks them fer their support...really wanan thnk him fer giving me the best experience in chasing idols...

    bread spoke at Thursday, July 21, 2005


    yay! finally prelim 1's over but!!!! tonight result show!!!!!!!! oh man..i cried watchin the show ystd lo..argH! nvm..muz hav fate in sebast..lol. kaoz..i wanna go the rsult show but my toopid parents..haiz..no comments...wadeva..then dat eileen..msg her neva reply..wth..diao.

    bread spoke at Thursday, July 21, 2005

    Tuesday, July 19, 2005

    poa was killer

    woo` quite long din blog le. anyway..was bz wiv prelims..hahaz.

    -18 july-
    chem paper n f&n practical..din study fer chem so i dun expect to get a full marks..but A1 is good enuff le la. f&n practical quite ok..in the end the product..the damn lot sugar one damn nice..hahaz. went to meet eileen 1st then go her house. din wanna wear blouse so borrow her shirt wear..in the end the baggiest shirt i can find is her pe-shirt so i'm lik wearing deyi shirt n yckss skirt..lol. then we took bus to mdc. got kindda cold so wear my blouse over the shirt but din button the blouse la..lol. then crapped ard mdc n according to dunno who..they were rotting b4 i came n crap..lol. wentingthey all went to buy bread then ystd i was fainting then wenting scare i faint again then lemme eat a bit of her bread hehez. then aft dat sebast came out then he wearing the same specs n billabong shirt again .__." then pass him my cd-letter. also took foto then he made his hair until very toot lo..hahaz. then aft dat he went in le. lijun[not the contestant] n her frenz came then we told lijun wad song sebast gonna sing lik dat la..then keep talking bout sebast then lijun n her fren lik weijian lo!! hw can! hahaz. then i wanna go le then lijun at 1st thot i gt watch the show then she n eileen keep asking me to stay but cannot so i left le lo. went home early frm tuition cos i nidda study poa..sianz. oh ya..i tink i lost my dad's cam!! how!!! T_T

    -19 july-
    oh man..i tink i'll flunk my dat bloody poa paper la..sh*t man. i was slping n doing the paper at the same time [dun ask me hw i do it..it's a talent..wahahahahaz] then i only rmb some of the formats lo..diez..oh well..tml's physics paper..i hav to do my best to attain A1 fer sci..can't concentrate on chem only..targeting A2 fer physics!! hur hurz

    bread spoke at Tuesday, July 19, 2005

    Saturday, July 16, 2005


    woo~ things settled..i was too "boom!" liao..hahaz. anyway..had chi listening ystd..stupid lo..ask us to go to sch at 2.30 in the end listen to classcial music fer 1/2 hr..took the time to slp..hahaz.
    then the listening hor..a least 2 ans can fit in de lo..diao -____-" then i so slacker man..slept the whole day. today also..slept..in the end late fer joanne's tutoring ..hur hurz. at 1st it was serious business then at 3 plus..we styarted crapping le lo..then she stopped teaching at 5 plus i tink the nwe started crapping again..lol. so tired..tink i'm gonna slp again..lol.

    bread spoke at Saturday, July 16, 2005

    Friday, July 15, 2005


    ystd results...quite sucky cos sebast..was eliminated..but well..wei lian and wei choong did deserve to go in sucessfully anyway. jus pray dat sebast do well in his revival round..which is on monday -________________-". i bet that gay fart cried lik hell ystd..hahaz!!

    bread spoke at Friday, July 15, 2005

    Thursday, July 14, 2005


    FINE! i'm pissed! i had it! u want sebastian all to urself and not wanting other fans to be near him go ahead. wad i hate most is being backstab! i always trusted my frenz, ask me ba kak wiv em' bluff parents i also help..now tis dear mei of mine jus backstabbed me! how cool is it! i can comfirm it's her cos she's the only person dere who noes my mom's no!! ever since we are chasing idols in 2 diff grps..i noe something amissed le. anyway..it's not me who started the grp thingy..it was you! though i haven know eileen nor am i close to wendy fer long..at least i dun feel extra or rather am i not made xtra within the grp! i trusted you and now you lik that...i have nothing to say. and mbro jsu told me..u try to sabo me on monday too..wad u trying to do!? i offended u in anyway?! ask yourself la!? i tell ya...ya no longer the gal i noe..u've change...

    -add on-
    hmmm...wendy told me to take it eazy as it might not b her la but realyl very ke yi lo cos only she has my mum's no and noes dat i'm at mdc..haiz..i jus pray it's not her..if she really did it..i also lan lan..cannot do anything..argH!

    bread spoke at Thursday, July 14, 2005

    Tuesday, July 12, 2005


    -11th june--
    1st day of prelims..had ss paper in the morning..sbq write untill very good..seq..wrote crap..hahaz...4gt everything i studied..lol. then had F&N planning ..actually everyone finished le lo but still dun wanna release us..argH! then aft dat..eileen told me sebast went in le then coming out later so i went bank, develope fotos n buy makan..hur hurz. when i went down, eileen say they can't come out le cos wei lian msg her say they late le so cannot go out. in the end, i sit there less than 1/2 hr i go home liao.

    went out again at 5..then i reach dere damn chaotic lo then finally saw his sistaz..chio!! lol. then in the end..dunno why..our grp..only i go in wiv 1st batch..then i very lost..kena tio ta at the door dere cos i dunno hw to go in so i wait dere fer the 2nd batch..then funny thing happen liao. wei jian n jun yang came in..i jus stand dere..neva care lei! nvm..somemore they stand dere very long..diao! then leon came in..i look at him, he look at me then we both smile smile then nth liao..then i tink i siao liao..nv take foto wiv any of them b4..hahaz. anyway..finally got in then wendy drag me go find sebast's sis then saw sebast's stead..call li jun..very cute..lol. then i so lost again..cos none of my frenz dere..then i so quiet dere..lol. finally eileen came in then i call her...sebast's fren ying wo cos she also call eileen so now sebast's camp gt 3 eileen..lol. but diff spelling la. then start to go in le..m1 n m2 fans go in 1st then we all sebast..m3 fans tio ta..then the organiser told us gt non-m1 m2 fans anyhow sit then me n eileen noe who are the few ppl la..then sebast's sis heard liao she was lik "zhe me ke yi zhe yang!"

    then they say later can go up de le all chiong la..lol. then me n eileen start laming then they all luff. then when we went in..dman angry!! hagen ppl occupy mos seat..kaoz! then the organiser start moving the ppl who came in early but anyhow seat de. then a lot of confusion then the emcee looking fer cheer leaders so sebast's er jie ask us go la..then the person asking our name, eileen go say "liang ge yi qi" so frm then on..eileen is known as liang ge, i'm knows as yi qi..lol. then we gt to sit in the 1st row..lol. me, eileen n 2 of sebast's fren represent as sebast's camp cheer leaders. then the show start le..then sebast came out so me n eileen keep screaming then he look at our side then we show him our boards. eileen's one is "chi xin ai wei" mine is "jue dui ai qiang" so it's "chi xin jue dui ai wei qiang" then he saw then smile..lol. then the show start le la. choong n hagen came out 1st. i tell u lo..hagen walk macham cat walk sia..so gay. then choong damn ke lian cos the song is hagen chosoe then choong cannot really sing dat kind of song..fark! then hagen's solo..only hagen's fans hyper..the rest of us stoning lo. then we can see hw much the judges giv then we keep see then pass among our row..lol.
    wei choong highest lo!! omg!!! sebast n wei lian sing de duet very nice. then sebast was at backstage then he kept peeping out then me n eileen keep pointing our board then he did the "luffing" action then me n eileen do the buddy buddy sign then he did bck also ..lol. then aft dat he keep peeping out..think wanna see his stead la..lol. then sebast improved a lot!!! though he's lowest again..we stil lcheered on fer him cos he's improvement was the biggest. wei lian also improved too! aft the show hafta, they all came out then me n eileen call sebast again then we keep doing the buddy-cum-good sign then he keep smiling again..lol hafta go ma..then on the way saw li jun saw we walk out together we accidentally slip our tougue but nv say much then li jun keep asking us wad thing..lol. then we dun wanna say then she say if u all say i giv ya sebast no. then we were lik "actually we wan but cannot lik dat..very bad" hahaz...muz have integrity u noe. then in the end we still neva tell her but eileen gave lijun her no. i went hoime..din get scolded..lol.

    -12th july--
    english paper today. paper 1 quite difficult but paper 2 quite ez...and crap..i lost the sim card fer voting so tml going paragon to get a new one..sad sia...

    bread spoke at Tuesday, July 12, 2005

    Sunday, July 10, 2005

    the universal question! why!

    the great universal question..WHY? WHY did i chose to close one eye about things happening around me and WHY do i always take things lightly -_________-" wadeva..if wadeva i read is referring to me OR my frenz..i'll scream at her in public..i dun care who's dere..i dun care if the idol is dere..i dun care herfrenz are dere..i dun care. dun ever take kindness for weakness!

    bread spoke at Sunday, July 10, 2005


    woo~ ystd gt to see sebast again..haha. met wendy and eileen at amk central the nwe went to mediacorp. saw weilian so we went to sit wiv him. then once n a while talk to him lik dat lo. rui ling n ke jing already dere le so we asked them move place to our table dere la. then jun yang came 1st.. then i saw jun yang.1st thing i said is "ni chang jie kou hen hao ting" thne he keep saying 10q 10q..hahaz .he reminded me of my chi oral..then i told rui ling they all then they start luffing. then jun yang change pass le then came over to our table help us sign thingy. then i told jun yang bout the chi oral thingy then he also luff -___-" too hyper le..so i kept talking crap..made they all luff. then jason came..1st oine to spot him wor..hehez. then jason went to disturb wei lian..keep smelling him lik dat la..then me n wei lian say he very gay..hahaz. then i said "jason chow keng liao" then he a bit blurred so he went to change pass 1st then i say "jason neva wear bra..dats wear chow keng" the reason is..jason was wearing tis tight fitting shirt so u can see 2 dots. then jun yang n the gals al lluff again..then ask jun yang help me sign my book and he wrote- thankd fer your support!- you're very cute! i will continue to work hard!" -hehez- then jason came to our table then i keep making fun of him bout him chow-keng-ing then he said " hui kan dao wo de nipple meh" then i jus say ya..then he pull his jacket together and asked fer double-sided tape so he can stick...lol.jason sat down help sign things then i saw hagen came then i ask them "guess who sing lik dat..jie tou-ou-ou-ou" then jason looked up ..an jio then say 'u ah..very bad ehz" then i luff..lol. asked rui ling n ke jing buy the bread frm the wending machine cos we rmb sebast has gastritis. so when they came bck then me n eileen took the packet then started being lame again. finally..sebast came then i 1st to spot him again..lol. he went to another grp 1st so we continue crapping wiv jun yang n jason. then wei choong came then wendy hyper liao..hahaz. she very li hai lo..made tis mickey mouse board fer choong cos he lik ma. aft dat..all of us took grp foto wiv choong, jason, junyang n wei lian. we asked wei lian to sit down then all of us stand then jason say wei lian lik "wang ah ma" lik dat..hahaz. then when i see the foto..a bit hao xiao..cos wei lian lik the grand dad then we all are lik the zi xun..lol. then sebast done wiv the other grp then came over to our side. at 1st i was helping wendy take foto ma..so when i went bck to the table ..i jus said "wo laaaaaaaiiiiiiii yeeeeeeee!" then sebast lik shocked dao then he an jio- then he said "hor..dat day lost dat one come liao " then i went -_________-" hahaz then started crapping wiv sebast. cos dat day he had gastritis ma so when he sign his hand shiver until very jia lat. eileen brought up the matter then i imitate sebast signing wiv his hand shaking then his turn to -____-" tink someone tickled him then he lik no feeling li kdat then he said "wo bu pai yang..bu bai lao po" then i thot i heard wrongly then he said again..then i "or hor!!" then he an-jio again. hahaz. aft dat we wanted to take foto wiv sebast n wei choong but choong going in liao then eileen they all damn li hai lo..stil slowly taking foto then me n wendy cal lthem fast then they.."oh ya!" -___-" so FINALLY! buddy-gang took pic wiv the buddys..lol. and took the liang cha ad also..hahaz. then took self shot wiv sebast..1st time take until lso nice..hahaz. aft dat all of us left mediacorp go amk see clothes. we damn buay pai she..sang on the bus then made a lot noise..lol. then the driver emergency brake..eileen nearly rolled cos she sitting last row..facing the centre aisle..heng we stop her fall in time..hahaz. aft seeing clothes, they al lwent bck to ps while i went home. went to my uncle's house aft dat n realised my uncle also support sebast! hahaz..then he started talking bout it and soon all my relatives also lik gonna support him..lol
    at nite caleld eileen then she told me wad happen at ps then they saw sebast's lao po..heard she's damn chio lO! nvm..monday she'll prolly b going so i can see..hur hurz. then eileen say she sian 1/2 liao then i told her "jun nan of course pei mei nu wad so the most we only treat him as buddy..dun go too ki siao..untill say love him.." then she started luffing..dunno why..hahaz. so stupid..haven finish my notes fer ss then i stil gt F&N research..diao.

    bread spoke at Sunday, July 10, 2005

    Thursday, July 07, 2005

    blur kiaz..lol

    today..muz b the day i appeared the mos blur..hahaz. mixed up my timetable..but the subs still ok then ppl jiang hua.. i catch no ball de..mos funny one jus happened 15 mins ago..lol. Eileen asked me to call her fone cos sebast is dere..so at 1st..me n sebas talk on handset..then 1st thing..i went -hur hurz -ing then sebast siao..he went -hehehehe- then background can hear all the gals luffing lik siao..very luan. then he ask me "why u luff lik dat !?" then i was lik.."er..i dunno wad to say ma..so luff lo" then i tell him muz jia you fer next wk then muz read my letter..cos i dunno wad to tell him ma..lol. then aft dat haven put down fone ma..then sebast they all at the table so eileen on loudspeaker then i can hear wad they saying ma. then dunno why they keep luffing lo then i can't hear anything! then only can hear a bit so i keep -huh-ing- then fer some moments..eileen mei you li wo..so i entertain myself..lol. then was watching superstar..ending le...then i said "li jun..look werid" then eileen was lik "hey..nw loudspeaker..can hear wad u syaing ehz" then i was lik "no la..cos every one wearing jeans then only she wear dress" then she oh..then watch you fu ma..then i said "eileen..i tell u smth..wo bu shi ben dan..wo shi you fu..lol" then can hear ppl luffing again..diao. the fone was in the middle of the table..then eileen told me wei choong bei bao wei le..so i told her "shoput over..zhu yi! qing zhu yi! ni yi jing bei bao wei le!" then everyone luff again..then can hear sebast luffing also..think he heard it. then i went huh-ing again so sebast say i very lost..then i wanted to say.."ya..so next time the show missing will feature me.." but too long..lazy to say..lol. then sebast say sing song la..then i was lik "HUH!?" then he started singing "london bridge" lol! lame man! eileen said smth..but dunno wad then i made the crow sound..means very lame la..then hear ppl luffing again..so in the end ..really too noisy liao! then i damn blur bout the situation so eileen suggested use sms so in the end use sms..i send "la la la la la la la la sebast world..*elmo world tune* once again i'm lostand talking crap =P" then sebast reply bck with eileen's fone"i feel tat we both r v lost..haha..From sebas.." then i went diao..reply bck but he haven reply.
    anyway..my dad came in ask me dl lao shu ai da mi..cos my lil cousin learning..so cute!! so i ask my dad muz record hw my cousin sing then i let wei-some n sebast listen..hur hurz..miss my cousin sia..lol

    bread spoke at Thursday, July 07, 2005

    Wednesday, July 06, 2005

    jus realise hw long i din blog le..hahaz..cos kindda lazy to blog. hmmm..monday was the last time i saw sebast la..lol.

    - 4th july-
    in the morning went to meet eileen, wendy and joyce then daphne came along also la. morning a lot idols came so gt siggys frm em'..lol. then jason also very gao xiao..hahaz, then i showed Ruth the pic i drew of her then she screamed..i xia dao..then i say "hen nan kan?" she say.."no la! hen nice ehz!"then i gt nth let her sign then she keep saying "hen nice ehz" lol. then we siao liao..cos reception cannot eat but guess wad..we order pizza eat..lol. then we hide behidn the charity board n eat. in fornt of the board gt one table..lik autograph session dat kind then we keep playing wiv the table..act idols li kdat..but hav to do hmwrk all tis la. went home ard 2+ bathe then go out again. bought this big voda2 bottle of water then went to reception again. then it's lik we were crapping then suddenly got one actor coem out..so we go try to take foto of him then suddenly eileen received a msg..then we high liao..cos we noe who's it from. then we saw the reply..we "orh~" very loud..lol then we told ppl within our grp..all "orh" very loud also..hahaz. then sly came..to support leon..but my grp neva go over..so we went taxi stand dere wait. me n eileen keep singing "shou fang kai" in diff version lo..then took grp foto..then!!! sebast lai le..1st time he actually walked in lei..then he lik very chuan so the lame me asked him "u walked frm jurong to here mei" then he was lik "diao" lol. then me n eileen gave him a frenship band then he was saying "skarly giv me a lot then wear untill my whole arm all have then cannot bend" then me n eileen say "cannot..later..*ahem* angry..we die" then sebast went diao. then decide to go rception so me n eileen walking in front..i nearly tripeed..lol. anyway..lead sebast tothe "autograph session" table..lol. then a lot ppl crowd ard. then dunn owhere sly went la..then sebast very bz..lol. well..some things happened la..anyway..sebast came bck n 1st thing is apologise to us..then i was lik "diao..nvm la" then he continue signing. asked him a question..it's lik frm dere can tell he care 4 his fans..cos dun wana us to have internal conflict dat kind of thing la. then i have to leave early cos gt tuition. well..though i dun really lik him..i though sly was very ke lian dat day..xiang dang nian..used to have so many fans wiv him..

    - 5th july-
    had my sci prelim practical today..spilled some chemical but bo tai ji bo tai ji..lol. guess wad..also had my chi O lvl oral today..i 4gt bout it untill wendy told me..lol. then i saw tis guy..not my sch teacher..look lik a cross b/w wei jian n jun yang..lol..then i was telling wendy if later he testing me fer oral..i sure do very well..cos motivated..skarly is 2 female teachers..lol. at 1st i was reading the passge..stil lok..whne i look up..i beng kui..then conversation part.. iwas saying then suddenly..my mind went blanK! but the teachers very gd..ask me to relax then continue say..lol. aft dat whne i go into quarantine room..isaac, desmond and i were discussing then we thot sure die but Mrs Ong lik an wei us li kdat lo..aft dta went home bathe then meet up wiv eileen to make board. making halfway..cai fen call us .. then me n eileen damn angry cos kena accused ma. at nite conference..then we all noe who's the peng wei kia liao..to tink i so hao xin let her join us ystd..next time neva hear properly dun anyhow spread..get the facts rite then say ok..diaoz

    -6th july-
    aft school went to meet eileen make board..finally finishing le!! lol..but quite sian la today..nth much happen...vote fer your faves tonite!!! jun yang, jason, wei jian n leon's up...

    bread spoke at Wednesday, July 06, 2005