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    Tuesday, February 28, 2006

    As said in the previous post, today is the last day for william as manager of greenhouse...can 1 cry!

    the full timers were having a "meeting" for william in the garden room, leaving all the task force in the restaurant. Guess wad...we totally took charge, we ate the ala-crate bread, drank the milk and slacked big time cos there wasn't much gst coming in for light fare. Then for one moment, i was stoning at the podium when yy came bck . So i started whining bout what time can we go blah blah blah n she told me

    "jus go garden room let them sign lo"

    i was lik "wad bout the others"

    "aiya...they already in garden room eating liao lo...not as hardworking as u"

    TMD!! heartless ppl! so i storm my way to garden room, on the way, I met william! so i let him signed my voucher...woo hoo~ but very sad la..william left alone, nobody accompany him to office or whatsoever.

    then aft dta, i stormed into garden room n stare at my colleaugues..

    "wah lao! u guys very gd lo!!"

    then Sam was lik "k la k la...na na na...eat lo...a lot leh"

    So i only ate lik 2 siew mai n help the rest clean up the food n bring to the kitchen.

    And heaven has justice! when i told the rest of them my voucher was signed by william, they were looking ar for him frantically but of course, william has left! so i'm the only taskforce whose voucher was signed by william. too bad i can't keep it else i can't get my 57 bucks so i took pix of it..

    the one in the center block...william's signature lei..haha

    yes yes...i'm getting bo liao

    so anyway, aft work met up with gene. He waited for 1/2 an hour k! so touched..haha. i was never that late b4 la...at most 15 mins. come to tink of it...i'm always late meeting gene...zzz. We actually wanted to go lau pat sat...BUT! the blur giraffe 4got the way to go...so we wondered ard b4 we finally found the way dere..zzzz

    n aft dat...i treated gene haagen daz ....xin tong...57 bucks n i'm left with 27 T_T oh well...nth compared to him paying al lthe cab fares home which included midnight charges...haha!

    well..tml's gonna b cheryl's 1st day as manager...wonder hw things will turn out...

    bread spoke at Tuesday, February 28, 2006

    Monday, February 27, 2006

    It's monday today...to more days b4 William transfer over to banquet. Damn sad la! Btw..william is the manager of greenhouse. i'll miss that big fella. A certain supervisor said that he lacks in leadership compared to Cheryl [current AM] but hey...at least he can relate to us taskforce ok. I've never seen william gt angry b4 or throw his anger ard or vent his furstrations on any of us. Ever seen a manager that actually craps with u Damn...i still tink william's a great manager..who cares if he's inferior in leadership, i tink what makes a gd manager besides leadership is a fair character. In my opinion...william was never bias. sigh...yo, mel n i are so gonna miss that guy...i tink the rest of the taskforce will too [taskforce = part-timers].

    Oh well..tml wil lb my last day seeing him hanging ard in greenhouse...zzz

    anyway...i'm currently so addicted to tis song. It's Gei wo ni de ai by Tank. Oh man..initially cheryl sent it to me...i thot it sounded lik Lee Hom. The lyrics is so..ah...sweet. So i decided to post it up so u guys can test listen it [i tink it's aired on the radio severals times anyway]

    there...nice rite. i tink it's a lot better than my previous fave song, Li Xiang Qing Ren by Rainie. I tink i shall make my future bf learn this song n sing it...muhahahahahaha. anyone interested in me can also try singing...HAHA! Wait a min...lik there's any guy who wans me...bleahz! oh well.. -__________- zZz

    bread spoke at Monday, February 27, 2006

    Thursday, February 23, 2006

    The truth is out...

    who said god created earth huh? See for yourself !


    bread spoke at Thursday, February 23, 2006

    Wednesday, February 22, 2006

    The disgrace of men

    Ew...i feel so disgusted...pui pui pui PUI! well..this very fucked up wlny user pm-ed me n said

    "can i noe u plsss...u're gorgeous"

    but of ocurse i reject him la..cos he's fucking old n i generalise the fact that all older men are tikos by nature.

    n so aft i rejected him...he started sending mean stuff...totally insulting a woman ok! what does he see women as? jus sex-inducing / sex-satisfying creatures? DISGUSTING! we women have our own pride n honour k! i jus hate it when men see women so cheaply..and it's always the older men who do. Bet they watched too much porn n gt brainwashed.

    i dun really wanna reveal who is HE but gals playing with wlny n friendster shld b careful of such ppl. They / their profile may appear to describe them innocently and as "homely" guys..but they're jus wolf in sheep's clothings...ok...n gals shld neva let guys take advantage of us! but if the guy's ur bf he wanna kiss /hug /touch u u willing also can't help..but if he goes too far n u're unwilling..jus freaking slap him or if u can...hurt him real badly...MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    bread spoke at Wednesday, February 22, 2006

    Tuesday, February 21, 2006

    The pain of being broke n fat

    Dammit! today went shopping with cheryl..actually..i only window shopped. This the 1st time i actually spent less than 10 bucks when going out k....miracle! saw loads of things i wanted to buy; berms, dress, shoes...argh! but i din buy cos i nidda save $$...damn..sometimes i hate my spending power.

    2nd thing..ever since i joined greenhouse..i've been getting fat! I still maintained my waistline but guess where the fats go? my thighs,butt n cheeks! my thighs are big enuff already n all the fat jus happily go dwn..argh! so i went runnign this morning..4km k! n ltr at nite when i met with gene n cun xi..guess wad kuku-gene said when i told him i went running..

    "u still look fat"

    crap! never heard of the chinese saying "Bing Dong San Chi Fei Yi Ye Zhi Han"? [Ice dun jus freeze 3m deep overnight] it's not lik he gt his 4/6 packs overnight either...stupidity is drowning me...sheeshz. So anyway...i decided! i shall go bck to crash diet..i dun care! dun stop me! n run everyday..see my wishlist..4kgs to lose...argh!!

    bread spoke at Tuesday, February 21, 2006

    New Blog

    I decided to set up another blog! This will b known as my happy rubbish blog and the 2nd one will b known as my Darth vadar blog cos it's the dark side..nah..jus kiddin. It will the blog where i write stuff that i wun write here to spoil the happy mood of this blog..though it's abit too dark to b fill with hapyp thots here...well..who cares..lalalala

    interested parties can ask me for the url but only to exclusive individuals...hehez

    bread spoke at Tuesday, February 21, 2006

    Wads the big deal bout jc?

    Can someone pls enlighten me on the above question!? damn..the lamest shit jus happen to me ystd [n it seemed lik i always kena lame shit].

    This gentleman [i'm dying to use the word CREEP but i shan't b rude in case he happens to stumble upon my blog] called greenhouse n i was the one [THE SUAY ONE!!] who picked it up so he started asking me stuff lik do we have dessert buffet then he stucked me wiv a qns with regards to snappers which i know nuts about..except they serve 4 course set dinner. So i tried to transfer him to snappers but they were engaged..so no choice..have to entertain the gentleman but uess wad he said?

    "oh it's ok..we're going to another hotel instead"

    CRAP! u shld neva say that..but i jus talk to him in a nice n polite tone [obviously is act de la] when he asked

    "are u an A lvl student"

    damn! i felt so flattered...i sound A lvl...weee~

    me: no sir..i jus got my o lvl cert actually

    uncle: oh..then where u intend to go next

    me: singapore poly

    uncle: WHAT!? poly! u shld have gone to jc! why did u choose poly

    me: ??? i prefer poly life n it's more flexible than jc life

    uncle: but if u go poly there'll b loads of ah bengs there n how are u going to study

    at this point of time..i felt lik screaming at him "fuck u..it's poly..not ite u bodor!"

    me: yes yes sir..but wad i chose was biotech so it's notthat bad

    uncle: dun believe all the government bullshit bout working as lab asst la..hw much u get?

    me: 20

    uncle: can go jc

    me: yes

    uncle: i tell u u better go jc or your future will b ruin because u cannot go U

    [pls..my dad dun even advise me lik dat...]

    me: no..i can still go U aft my poly

    uncle: then u better study hard k

    me: yes yes..i will sir..thnks for the advice

    [advice my ass la!]

    uncle: ok bye


    see! crazy rite...jolin was lik asking me aft dat why gh suddenly have poly, university..blah blah blah...toots! yaya..yes..going to U from Jc is easier but hey...at least when i grad from poly..i still gt a diploma n for JC...i'll only b armed with a A lvl cert..which is as gd as facing ur enemy who has a bazooka with a water gun.

    But the lamest part is..isn't it too late to "advise" me since i've submitted my JAE lik last wk...zzz. Typical older generation of singaporeans...KPO!

    bread spoke at Tuesday, February 21, 2006

    Sunday, February 19, 2006

    Shawn Shawn Shawn

    Can't believe hw fucking lucky i am today. Some guy made a reservation under the name "Eugene Ng" n when he arrived with 2 other fellas, i looked at the guy in yellow tee in shocked


    okok...i dun really idolise him...i jus prefer him to joshua..lol. and and and! they're staying in hosue in ritz carlton! hw come i noe? cos instead of turning to the carpark lift, they went to the room lifts instead. All staff in ritz shld noe..only in house gst with the key can have access to the lift..damn i'm getting crazy....

    bread spoke at Sunday, February 19, 2006

    Friday, February 17, 2006

    The World is Weird


    I'm still upset i didn't celebrate with Lj n now i can't celebrate with mama..why? cos of wrk..dammit!

    anyway, if u guys had been out on the street lik almost everyday, especially on v-day, u'll prolly notice the combination of

    1] Gd looking guys with not-up-to-standard girls


    2] gd looking gals with not-up-to-standard guys

    perhaps ppl thesedays are getting tired of looking superficially. But seriously..does those not-up-to-standard guys/gals make gd gf/bf? i jus have the impression they may jus end up being rather possessive. Well..it's not easy for them to hook up a gd-looking guy/gal n u tink they'll let go that easily?

    well..jolin n i were discussing over this issue cos one of our in house gst was jus lik dat

    gal: fat, pimply, totally no style
    guy: skinny, has mre style but too bad he's bengish

    wait! ah bengs lik fat gals.!? all the while i kept thinking ah bengs only lik chio gers..they dun care whether they're fake a not...HAHA!

    so jolin was telling me..if 2 gd looking come together..sure no sense of security cos they'll start suspecting each other having affair. well.. i tink that will only b in the case of good looking-ugly combi ba

    and and and...why is dat some gals are pleasant looking with gd disposition do not get attached!?! Coincidentally...i fall into that category...LMAO! Maybe cos we make better buddies than gf...WTH! and usualyl we meet with those touch-and-go cases whereby guys jus wanna noe u for fun n not for frenship jus because u're pleasant looking. Seriously..GUYS LIK THESE SHLD B CONDEMNED!!! reason being i jus hate despo freaks..hahahahahahahah!

    bread spoke at Friday, February 17, 2006

    Thursday, February 16, 2006

    Bdae / suay day?

    I can't believe hw suay i was today can! i was suppose to wrk morning shift [7.30am] n guess what time i woke up?

    8.30am! lik wth! i was lik blurred..1st thing that came to my mind was "hey crap..today wad day..pls tell me i'm not wrking"

    and when i realise i was wrking..die! but anyway i jus called GH n told marcus i'm sick. Damn i spent $19 on MC n medicine which i hav no use for..zzz. So in the end..i went to meet up with gene [wah lao..again!] for makan n get his advice for the wallet to get for Li jiong. Damn xin tong..lj's gift was way off my budget..haiz.

    I felt really guilty btw..cos gene blan jar me makan again. wah..ad it's lik i neva finish the food he treat de k [except ystd cos it was swensen's..haha!] so i'm feeling guilty now.

    Had to meet lj earlier to get gerald mama present..though his bdae is lik tml but being a "fillal" son..i decide to get it for him in advance..haha! Lj was late la..so i stoned at orchard mrt for lik 15 mins b4 he came. Getting mama's present was ez case...cos lj knew wad bag he wanted so i din have to put in much pain to choose..hehe. LJ gt mama a cap n a wallet too...n the cap look damn cool!

    since still early b4 meeting gerald n co..i went to blan jar lj ice cream. Mind u..we were at far east. N as far as u may concern..far east has a famous turkish restaurant that sells ice cream n what is turkish ice cream famous 4? yea..u get the picture..haha! So lj got real ps cos they were other ppl there watching him too la..lol. Went to bk..n LJ started gossiping. For the 1st time..i realise lj was such a great gossiper k! haha

    Sad thing..i can't join the guys for makan la! cos my mum made me go home for dinner...zzz~

    bread spoke at Thursday, February 16, 2006

    Wednesday, February 15, 2006

    Match point my ass

    Put "the Dark" aside..it wasn't the suckiest movie i ever watch. The suckiest movie award cos to



    and guess who's stupid idea was it to watch the stupid movie ..may i present to u...Gene! -__________-"
    the whole entry will b dedicated to gene cos i'm so gonna sour him on his taste on movie..HAHA!

    initially when he told me he wanted to watch the movie..i was lik "gt such movie meh" so i went online see..the plot looks ok so i also hack. Mei xiang dao...the start of the movie was damn boring..the music of the moviewas nothing but opera. To tink gene has the cheek to say "now i know london ppl are so boring"

    Seriously..it was so boring..i fell aslp for a split moment..though i told gene i din bcos i hafta giv him face + he sacrificed his shoulder as pillow...haha!!

    The movie was lik talking mre bout the affair the guy had so kindda loads of sexual scene..not very exposed becoz it's nc16!

    oh well...i wud had rather watch casanova! oh well...wads gone is gone. However..b4 that i was blan jar-ed swensen's so still not so bad..lol.

    btw..did i mentioned my mp3 went for a "swim" n gt water logged b4? well..i went to collect it today [my dad sent for service 2 days bck] without anything done ot it becos it takes a fricking 500 bucks to fix it! it's totally dumb cos i bought it at only 498 bucks..zzz. Nvm..my dad so gonna help me fix it..hehe!

    oh ya! it's Li jiong's bdae tml! HAPPY BDAE LI JIONG! well..i was suppose to get his present today...but the movie ended so alte..i guess i've to get it tml..zzz

    bread spoke at Wednesday, February 15, 2006

    And Once again...

    The day has come n gone. Valentine's day...


    Let's see, On the way to work, everywhere i turn, i see flowers, pink n red everywhere. N the next moment, when i open the doors to the Human Resource district, Pink-red-heart-shaped balloons floating everywhere...wad an eyesore. Jus when i got the bumps from all that, i was welcomed by more at the accounts room when i gt my pay from ystd..WTH! seriously, i thot if i saw mre of those, i wud faint on the floor, frote in my mouth n die. but...

    surprise surprise! when i gt up to greenhouse, i saw more of them..EW!! well, i haven died yet anyway. Since i was in such a good mood, i went out during break to buy chocolates n started giving them out..haha. I was so honoured..y? cos Sam said i gave her the 1st chocolate on v-day n everyone was smiling aft dat..see..ain't i sweet..haha!

    however! when the gst started coming in, all the horror started. The 1st gst i bought i in was a young couple. When i say young, it's really very young..ard my age i suppose. And the freaking gf was so so so SO fussy k. The table assigned to them was a booth seat already but she still wanted to change to another booth seat..lik wtf! well, she wasn't the last la. Mos of the time, it's the gal who fuss n not the guys so i had to run bck n forth to the podium to check for available tables to change..fuck the fucking attached gals. I swear if i ever get attached, i'll neva follow their stupid footsteps.

    And and and! Things started to go wrong for everybody. Stupid dog [well..one of our superiors] came n asked why we turned dwn gst. Can't he use his kidney..lik there's any space available n doesn't he noe hw the restaurant runs? one side of the restaurants wud b close ealier so aft the gst on that side left , the servers can turnover for the next morning more quickly. He was lik

    "oh...but i see a lot of empty tables"

    so yy n i jus told him those are under reservations already. Btw..some guys n gals are really so insincere! I mean, if u really thot thru bout creating the best valentine memoir for ur mate, u shld have made reservations ages ago n not call in at the last minute where everywhere seem to b packed. use ur brains ppl..it's valentine's day..everywhere will b packed. Worse come to worse, do ur own cooking..it's even mre sincere than eating at a restaurant mind u. And if can't get a table at the last minute...dun fucking curse n swear or try all attempts to frighten us so we'll get u a table cos well we dun care whether a not u get a nice place for diiner when u're rude to us. Well..yy n i made good liars..haha! we jus had fun turning down gst..it mite jus b a good way to ruin others' valentine's...HAHA!

    oh ya..Marcus was such an ass k. He was saying if u wanna make a couple break up on the very day, jus flirt with the pretty babes..haha! however...i only saw 2 gals who are really pretty n cute.

    Later part of the nite..mre unfortunate events happened. Cheryl gt so fucked up she actually told a gst..who's her fren off..i was lik fricking shocked. i mean, even if it's ur fren, he/she is stil la gst..any pte matters shld b settle aft wrk rite. N as for jun da..haha..initally he dropped a cup on the floor but it didn't break..BUT!! bad luck for him, while our attn was diverted on the cup that has fallen, another cup jumped off the tray itself


    n jun da broke his 1st cup of the day n the dunno-how-many in his life span in greenhouse..haha! As or desiree...she jus felt she's unlucky enuff having to work with surash..the official fucker-tiko of greenhouse. the only person who seemed to b lucky was Kristine. She has 3 comment cards complimentaring her ok! 3!! that's lik a lot already n she's not satisfied!

    As for me..i gt damn irritated with ppl saying "how come u neva go dating" n when i said for what..i have no bf n my frenz are working..guess what's their next line.

    "u noe bf meh? i thot is that tall tall fella"

    and nid i say who's the tall tall fella. well..in case u dunno...they're referring to gene la. FUCK! can't frenz go out together meh..these days, ppl are getting more n more shallow. However there are some fella who din say that la. Lik Najib frm lpd, he was joking to date me aft wrk..lol.

    gt fricking tired with all the rushing ard but i only slept at 4 tis morning and then i have go collect my mp3, get jiong's present...argh! i wish sch starts soon~

    bread spoke at Wednesday, February 15, 2006

    Sunday, February 12, 2006

    argh! my brains gonna burst! i can't make my decision! somebody kill me pls if not give me advice! ystd i talked to vincent bout work in hotel line and the 1st thing he said is

    "If u wan a no life job, F&B in hotel is good for u"

    thnk goodness...wad "great" advice that was. Working as a hostess had made me learnt that ages ago. HOwever if i were to work in human resource or sales and marketing, it wun b that bad cos their wrking 9-5.

    Maybe i shld really try working in a lab in future. But they say if i do very well in that course, i'll b sent to overseas for attachment! but hey...look at me! do i look lik the kind that can sit still in a fricking lab n work with nobody but myself, possibly other scientist but they're all boring / crazy ppl? argh!

    How bout health sci! CRAP! it's lik when i told noid bout it, he said

    "blah blah blah..results lik that go nursing wasted la!"

    and gene said smth else more demoralising


    well...i can't rmb exactly wad he said but it has smth gotta do with me being rough n blahz.
    anyway..joanne, who's in nursing, told me nursing is fricking ez to get in but equally hard to stay on [cos of the shit u have to clear, anything happens to patient is u die etc]

    Maybe my future lies in opening n closing valves...or playing with..well..paus? wth! seriously, i itnk i can make it for sci-based or tech-based course. Biz-based or so not for me..much less for design coruses. btw..if anyone were to take design coruses..isn't it better to go NAFA or Laselle'? That reminds me..2 yrs bck i wanted to get a dip in dance but coem to tink of it..i have to b very good in dance or i'll die miserably in singapore.

    Froget it! i jus realise i shld jus take the mdical coures and do friking well so i can get a degree in medicine..that's it!

    -anyone in the biomed industry pls gimme some advice pls-

    bread spoke at Sunday, February 12, 2006

    Friday, February 10, 2006

    I'm not dead!

    I've neva been so happy in my life b4..not even when chi dance gt gold..not even when..nvm..i'm jus overjoyed! why? cos today is the release of O lvl results . Meaning i receive this!

    b4 i elaborate on that, There's some other stuff i wanna update la. Last nite i received this from gene.

    haha! and it's lik 30 inch! meaning this big!

    seriously it's really very ugly cos it's bought from mini toons instead of the shop in cine. See! the leg so long nthe body not fat enuff!! Crap! well, gene did make an effort to find it so it's ok...haha. Gene..it's not a wasted trip to cine or heeren cos in the 1st place..the one in cine is much cuter than mini toons'

    so i was carrying the elmo ard town while we went to watch fun with dick n jane [funny n lame show]. woo! i got praise by a stranger ok!

    *gene n i enters the lift aft the show with loads of other ppl as well*

    me: ok..i'm the shortest in the lift

    gene: and i'm the tallest

    i started giggling then lady near me

    lady: *points to elmo..gesturing that i'm not the shortest but elmo is"

    gene: u look damn dumb with it

    me: ello..u suppose to carry home for me de lo *punches gene*

    [lift reaches lvl 1 n ppl starts exiting]

    lady: *touches my arm* but nvm..u're the cutest here

    ahahahahaha! for no reason i got praised by a STRANGER that i'm cute..hehe. gene..this kind of fu u get to enjoy not? cos cannot say i'm thick skin if i say i'm cute..lalalala

    but anyway. This morning met up with cheryl n des to head out to J8 1st. I missed my sch u so much and i feel so small in it..hehe! [meaning i somehow shrinked i suppose]. I finally bought ayumi's miss[understood] at J8. Cheryl wanted her Shows's cd but dun have the version she wans so we went to take neos instead. Say we'll crazy or wad we dun care. but we spent 30 bucks on neos..haha. Considering the fact that the 3 of us haven't been takign neos together in uniform..why not!

    Presenting our 1st set of neos of the trio for the year 2006!

    Nvm bout the word. Cos it so suit the mood la. Maybe i shld have asked cheryl to put "yckss superstar" rather than "campus superstar" haha

    i've gt a classy moustache hence i priced des' specs at 50% off the original price she bought n cheryl isn't happy bout that idea..haha

    Cheryl n i suppose to hold on the handles on the bus la..but look so fake!

    See see see! the afro below cute rite! Na hai yong shou. is i decorate de ma

    well, it's either we're too late or too early but tis neo is so x'mas mood. [i look fricking werid in here]

    another pic of me looking screwed up so i censored away..haha

    This machine is damn cooL! it has monkey bars ard where u can hang from. if only i wasn't wearing skirt la..zzz...

    Yes..this pic is meant to b upside-down. Don't u know wad is design huh?

    I lov this pic..though it only show lik half of my face as well as des'

    There! cheryl doesn't lik u..shoo! my hair is messed up in the wrong way anyway...ew...

    but anyway, aft that i went to pierce my ear again! damn i'm so dead tml cos i'm wrking n i pierced 2 new ones on the rite ear..die die die..

    Took bus bck to sch. N it was lik "perfect" weather to take result. Gloomy mood with gloomy weather. CAN'T THE BIG GUY UP THERE SHOW SOME SUN WHICH WILL AT LEAST MAKE US FEEL BETETR!!! *%^$%^#&%

    Frankly speaking, I was all relaxed till i sat in the stupid sch hall and they were screening the top scoreres. Tension began to build up n by the time i was to collect my result slip n sign the paper..my hands was shaking real badly.

    When i took a glance at my paper. Lo n Behold! tears flooded out of my eyes!! I GT A FRICKING B3 FOR MATHS!!!!! crap it! it's been a long time since i've seen a B for maths *faints*

    so i jus kept crying n crying cos too happy but the way i cried was lik very jia lat so mos ppl thot i did badly..haha! I'M SO HAPPY! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! OVERJOYED! LALALA! i can enrolled into biomed sci n MANY other courses..weeeeeeeeeeeee~

    my grades? see for urself.!

    FUCK! F&N was a disappointment! B4!!!! lik wth!! but hey..at least i passed humans n poa. Joanne was lik so happy to learnt that i passed poa..hehe.

    SCIENCE!! it's so WO DE JIAO AO ok!!! i dun care! i wanna boast! My sci gt A1..lalala..A1 A1 A1..lalala. Oh man...i can't stop..haha

    r4=15!!!! n i only nid 17 pts to get into biomed! lucky!

    i still couldn't stop crying la. That muz had been the 1st n last time i cried lik a river in sch. Stupid gene n he's shoulder was still in kcpss lo...zzz..haha [nvm nvm! i was jus jk la gene]

    my dad was so argh!! Due to the reason i didn't call or sms him my results, he sent me a msg saying

    "disappointed? its ok..."

    HELLO! hw can he kan bu qi wo! so disappointed with my dad..haha. but anyway when i called to tell him i was stil lcrying so i sounded gibberish according to him..lol. I tink i sounded moz gibberish to mel. Cos when she called, i jus started crying..haha!

    Oh man..now i'm fricking fan! i dunno wad course i wan. I really like biomed but i can't imagine myself sittign in a lab all day in future. i seriously dun wanna face poa anymore but thats the 1st sub in tourism n resort mangement..zzz. argh!!!! someone give me a pearching on career guidance pls!

    bread spoke at Friday, February 10, 2006

    Thursday, February 09, 2006

    The ans to the mystery photo is...

    Adidas Originals Digital Vintage Classic 80's Watch in white...and as according to its future owner..gene..it's limited edition..haha!

    i still rmb the sales person told me b4 i came, a person called to ask bout the watch but din reserve it..i bet he/she prolyl feels lik killing him/herself now..too bad!! in case u're the very person who called city chain-amk branch onTuesday...pls let me noe...so i can fuckign lmao at u...lalalala!

    weeee..i'm lik so fuckign mean..haha

    bread spoke at Thursday, February 09, 2006

    Monday, February 06, 2006

    Yo! U may not noe me but i'm actually brat's fav huggy at nite ..yuan yuan. Isn't it simple to see why i've gt that name ain't it..cos i'm simply round. She bought me last yr at action city in bishan. Initially she seemed interested in the stupid lion but alas, i'm made to b cute n she bought me instead. anyway..she's so fricking tired from work today that i've gt to do it for her...zzz

    Today she came home exceptionally happy. She start raving bout hw lucky she was today. 1st of all, she had a good hair day at work. everyone praised that her hair was nice..too bad..no pix. She felt sad cos good hair days at wrk are hard to come by..especially when u tie ur hair on the mrt where the glass produce lousy reflection.

    Today everything went smoothly at work for her as well so she pretty much nuar-ed. i swear she wud have died from boredom i tink. Knock off time and very heng heng, she gt her 3 day worth of pay! $156 bucks! and she was lik so broke for the past few days cos the general cashier wasn't in...crap!

    dinner was at Changing Appetites [next to cafe cartel] with her kuku-tall fren gene. according to her..he's dman zi lian, always snapping pix of himself at wrk. i'm seriously wondering when he's fone will die on him becoz of that..hahahaha!! anyway, it wasn't really dinner for her so she ordered a mudpie n some lychee ice blended. Oh..the mud pie was as it name goes [heaven in your mouth] Sweet cold tiramusu flavoured ice fills the mouth and the crust is sugar coated...simply sweet! as for the lychee drink, it was jus lik ur regular lychee ice blended from bubble tea shop.

    oh ...did i mention her tall-kukuish fren order this funny dish call "cut the crap crab". Oh..u gotta try it cos the soft shell crab was really...aw...much much much much mre than jus nice. too bad gene hates pizza chilli, which was sprinkled all over the crap crab and pasta.

    Reminding all of ya..it's either brat's thin-skinned or that marina sq's air con is really solid cos she neva fails to shiver with the chill to the extent her teeth chatter! but too bad for her..she has to go in search for the stupid white adidas watch. Oh gene..she mentioned that if she ever finds it...u better get her the elmo..cute n all..plus u muz carry home for her...haha!!!!

    marina sq was drained of stock so she went to bishan instead..also no stock n the stupid person told her singapore is drained of stock..ah well. Here's where she gt real lucky.

    see..ain't i cute? jus in case u're wondering wad i'm sitting in...

    It's her new fila tote bag! she's lik damn lagi lucky. Cos while she yan jiu-ign the bag, another gal was yan jiu-ing the bag too. then on impluse, brat took dwn the bag n ask the sales asst if dere's a black one, however, dere's only white, yucky blue n disgusting beige. so brat jus say she would take it..but it new one...guess wad?


    damn! i bet that gal muz have felt lik slappign herself stupid..hahahahahaha! anyway..back in amk, some lucky shit happened to her as well. here's some clues of wad happened


    it'll take some time b4 she reveals it but if ya really smart enuff u wud actually find the full nice picture of it

    i'm so gonna stop now cos brat's gonna slp and she can't slp without snuggling with me..lalalala

    bread spoke at Monday, February 06, 2006