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    Wednesday, March 30, 2005

    moi results

    monday took bck my report book...my results was ok..but i tink it will be crap if neva add assignment all tis lo..i so slack..dortz

    EL 60.0 [B4]
    CL 68.0 [B3]
    E Maths 63.0 [B4]
    Sci[Chem] 82.0 [A1]
    Sci[Phy] 72.0 [A2]
    Humanities 36.0 [F9]
    Accounts 73 [A2]
    F&N 79 [A1]

    R5: 14

    bread spoke at Wednesday, March 30, 2005

    Monday, March 28, 2005

    fuck off!

    wah seh! i damn farking pissed. a fren told me my tis particular close fren..din lik me..nvm ...but behind my bck say all kinds of f**ing crap lo! chee bye la..i hate ppl to backstab me lo..nabei! still act close wiv me..chee bye la. i'm not her only victim lo..still gt her other frenz also kena can..she can infront of A say she dun lik b n in front b say dun lik a...kao bei la. think a lot ppl lik ya also..go die la. i closer to junior cannot is it..jealous arh? kannina..say i act clsoe to junior..fark off lo..lik u also neva..i talk to juniors ne u also come n crap..even if i did act close to juniors..much better than u flirting wiv guys lo. say i action in dance..pls la..i dance lik dat cannot is it..action action..u are no better..next time dun ever talk to me sucker! best is u walk on the st kena car bang..i'll lmao!

    bread spoke at Monday, March 28, 2005

    Saturday, March 26, 2005


    damn bth lo..i dun understand hw come prents dun respect basic privacy of their teens..damn ch** by* lo..anyway...my neice manage to get backstage passes for avril's concert!! i was lik omg-ing ok. but she has 3 extras la so we're plannign to sell them...$80/pass...interested parties pls message me at 96281589. wun be able to blog on weekdays cos my dad's gonna disconnect it..so irritating manz. still have my english hmwrk haven do..damn crappy...argh. after another 2 weeks 2 days..i'm gonna change my hairstyle..woohoo...it lik16 more days to my syf..damn stress..aft dat i'm so gonna start revision fer chi Os and practise my maths n accs..which i totally dumb..argh. oh well...NEXT WK"S AVRIL CONERT!! WAHAHHAHAHA!

    bread spoke at Saturday, March 26, 2005

    Friday, March 25, 2005

    x country

    finally can blog le..my dumb dad disconnected the modem..made me so bored. anyway..had cross country ystd. actually i can't run cos of syf but i hacked..in the end ran fer competition..lol..kai xin n hui wen also encourage me to run la..haha..in the end came in 11th! wahahahha! top 10 mos were netballers then a couple of npcc de. aft cross country, the ben family n jazreel went to j8..cos mama was damn hungry..went to mac. i din eat haha. mama finished her mcspicy double meal..she say "ok..now i go buy my main course" piangz..no wonder mama still..ahem..lol. then me n papa dun wanan wait fer her to finish eating..so we went to walk ard..aft lik 5 mins rest of them came up. papa n mama went home then we went to watch spongebob squarepants..stupid movie sia! lol. came home damn frickin' tired...today so sian also...woke up ard noon then went makan b4 go visting my grandmama at hospital..now i'm gonna slp again..lol

    bread spoke at Friday, March 25, 2005

    Tuesday, March 22, 2005


    today i was damn moody ok..only my close juniors n jie noe wad happened la. argh! dance was damn tiring..at least i was kindda hyper >.< budden during dance i still hav tis guilty feeling ok. haiz..i jus hope SYF will be over soon..i'm tired and stressed up then becos of syf i cannot run fer cross country lo..argh..wadeva...

    bread spoke at Tuesday, March 22, 2005

    Monday, March 21, 2005


    ok..i'm not dat straight forward mos of the time..only to ppl whom i really hate lik f**k..anyway..i dun lik to be straight forward to ppl i dun hate or wad. wadeva it is..i feel evil, guilty and everything now ..argh!!! 1st day of sch was ok..finally meet my frenz ..aft one week..hahaz. eng was relief budden ms tan still gave us work -___-". oh ya..lin mei seriously hav a very werid hair now...wahahha..looks lik she was doign a chemical experiment then went BOOM!..lol. aft sch gave xinying her tuition..crappy me bought her the wrong notes..argh..jus taught everything i can rmb bout the stupid topic...gtg tuition...damn sianz...

    bread spoke at Monday, March 21, 2005

    Saturday, March 19, 2005

    new fone

    i wanna change fone le la..lik finally..lol. maybe change to 6230..same as my bro..lol. aft syf i'm so gonna change my hairstyle..it's so plain n dead now..i everyday see also sian..maybe some jap cut ba. today is Sat le n my hols hmwrk still piling..hahaz...only manage to do some of the work..tml still have tuition..sianz. at least monday sch re-open..more things to do...oh ya..i'm still suppose to prepare notez fer my tutee..argh! nidda manage my time better liaoz..lol. i feel lik changin my blogskin..AGAIN! hahaz..seems lik every week i'm chaniging skin >.<

    bread spoke at Saturday, March 19, 2005

    Wednesday, March 16, 2005

    dance is torturous now

    crap seh..once again i woke up at 5+ tis morning cos habit le...then so diff. to get back to slp. in the end i 8+ woke up..faster bathe n everythign then rush to dance..and obviously not enuff slp. everybody very slack la..n i din warm up properly..my back damn pain can and dat stupid bruise on my knee still haven disperse..argh! dance was psycho today ok..pratically danced non-stop..worse thing is..i 4gt to eat smth b4 dance..once i nearly fainted..cos really bth..lay on one of the boxes..lay there fer li konly 2 mins then teach call me..argh. then i hav to dance tis tiny part let her see..somemore is the most mai li part. chen2 stil lsurprised i still have energy to do. me n joyce. were lik half dead can. then teachers kept asking me teach juniors al ltis..i damn sian lo. then dance end..sec1 juniors stil lwanna jus go off..kaoz lo..i mean it's lik we seniors here put in endless effort n they al lslack n go..mos of us bu shuang..shoutedat all the juniors..but frankly..sum of the sec 1s really very qian ta. came hoem damn tired..i tink i'm so gonna skip inner n slp till tml morning then go dance again..sianz..

    bread spoke at Wednesday, March 16, 2005


    woohoo~ nth better to do n gt tis frm evan's blog..lol

    Your other half
    Name: lalala` hehez
    Colour: skin- tanned. hair-black...
    Hair Style (long, short, bowl cut, cornrows, etc) :short..lol .
    Eye colour: black.
    Age: sama sama aku.
    Height: he's taller than me ofcourse!
    Size: normal
    Body build: huh!
    Ethnicity: chinese
    Glasses?: sometimes then wear..lol
    peircings?: no.
    Chest hair?: no!
    labels?: huh!?

    His Mindin
    school?:stil lschooling
    what does he want be/do when he grows up?: nba player..hehez..
    Can he speak another language, if yes what?: dunno
    Can he read music?: hmmm...
    Can he read guitar tabs?: dun matter
    Can he play the guitar?: mayb not
    The piano?: -
    The drums?: -
    Some other instrument?: probably.
    Can he write music? dunno
    Will he write songs about you? i rather not..so mushy..lol
    Will he write poems about you? no..cos i dun wan...lol.
    Will he be artistic in some way?: -
    Will he "blind you with science?": maybe

    His Style
    Party hopper or stay at home? thinks he's the homer guy..lol
    Straight A student or Drop out?: in between
    Does he have a best friend? definately.
    Is it you? mayb not
    Is he straight or bi? Straight. duh
    Religion? what type?: sama sama aku.
    Virgin?: till marriage
    Should he be able to bake or cook?: lol!
    Is it okay for him to have a lot of gal pals? yeah. does it matter?
    Out-going or shy?: both!
    Would he be a smoker?: NO!!!
    Drinking?: nope
    Cursing?: NO!
    Does he play football(US)? no
    -soccer?: dunno
    -baseball?: PE
    -basketball? YESH! fanatic over it in fact..lol
    -rugby? dortz..
    golf? -dosent matter la.
    -Would he have an accent?: ! this is really really dumb!
    What would u name your kids? hmmm..ashlee n jean if they're both gals..lol.

    bread spoke at Wednesday, March 16, 2005

    Tuesday, March 15, 2005


    went visiting grandma wiv my mum jus nw then decide to go PS de Secret Recipe fer cakes >.< in the end we went dere n shop 1st instead..lol. we spent the longest time at The Face Shop..n we spent lik 130+ bucks dere ok..all on facial produx..omg..lol. aft dat we went up to Secret Recipe n so suay can..seems lik i'm not fated wiv chocolate cakes..n i ordered tis really digusting mocha walnut...so yucky..ew..wasted moi $$ [yea..i foot the bill ok] came home n saw the sly-look alike-look alike..creepy. tml's dance..my bruise haven recover frm ystd's rehearsal man..n thursday also hav..god bless me..phew. oh ya..GOD bless rain's recovery!

    bread spoke at Tuesday, March 15, 2005

    Monday, March 14, 2005


    i'm serioualy too pale..i nidda get a tan! or soon i'll be too fair..ew....

    bread spoke at Monday, March 14, 2005

    syf rehearsal!!

    crappiez..woke up damn early today fer dance rehearsal..well..sacrifice fer art la..lol. i 4gt nid to do warm up all this n i wore this damn short tights then feel very uncomfortable. then the guys helper came to practice to move the props and he was dere also la. aft dat...all the dance grps had lunch, prepare to go kallang theater. i manage to escape frm make up..wahahahahha. jie din take same bus as moi..she went wiv the helpers..when reach kallang. jie see me..1st thing she say is "tell u one bad news.." i was lik "huh" then she told me he gt injured while moving the pros..i was lik "omg" xin tong *maybe..wahahahha*. when i saw him backstage ask him hw's his leg he was "er..ya" then i went out to dance liao. wore our costume again..whole set..Headdress n all. while dancing..my crappy headdress slipped! then i danced lik shit..argh! then hav to run to the other side of the stage ..where he is..cos ending hav to run frm dere..he saw me say "jia you" i was going..ok..budden turn ard ne i was go ing crazy cos my headress damn loose la. damn tired n fell aslp fer while there. watched malay n indian's dance..very nice..hope they get gold too! went bck had tis dance bonding party thingy..a bit wu liao..now came home..damn tired..tml can slp until lik pig liaoz..hehez. oh ya..days without my bro is sho peaceful..lol..he went 4day 3nite chalet wiv his frenz so i have the whole house to myself if nobody's home..wahahahha..sad thing is..his coming back tml..haiz..havoc wil lstrike again -___-"

    bread spoke at Monday, March 14, 2005

    Sunday, March 13, 2005

    new blogskin

    yo..changed my blog skin..edited part of the original version. anyway..may god bless Rain n wish her luck! tml having syf rehersal at kallang..woot~ i'm performing on the same stage as dick lee..lol. i wonder will it be as impressive as ACSi de..i miss ACS la..so nice sia. loads of hols hmwrk. think i hav physics, chem, english letter writing..social studies. hav ta pratice on my maths n poa le..O lvl days are inching closer n closer..may god bless me !

    bread spoke at Sunday, March 13, 2005

    Friday, March 11, 2005


    today gopal wanted to talk to all the syf grp n he talk damn big can. he say if syf grps get gold..band go japan, drama go england, dance go australia..pi lo..lik her will..anyway..so sad..i was selected to run fer cross-country budden becoz of syf i cannot run..haiz. my humans paper was ok..jus dat i 4gt some things. some idiot frm another dance grp stole my shoe net..idiot..i hope at person kena car bang..humph! we gt our dance costume today..very nice cos the dress is damn long..but my costume a bit funny but overall hai ok...i think i look kindda fat in it but my juniors all say nice..dunno la..lol. dancin with the costuem feels diff cos the costume quite heavy la..then sometimes will step on it cos it's damn long..lol. aft dance went home then went out wiv family to j8..toeat n watch movie..went to secret recipe..damn nice lo the food there. reached home quite..but i'm still hyper..lol

    bread spoke at Friday, March 11, 2005

    Thursday, March 10, 2005


    bought the howl's moving castle ost n spirited away de vcd le..30+ on them..wallet diez..lol
    also bought cd-r to burn my naruto episodes cos my c:/ no space le!! oh ya..saw my L1R5 during chinese today..11..not bad la..then my r4 was 8 or 9 i think..can go life sci stream liao..haha. anyway..today walekd to sch..think he saw my cut cos he walking behind me only..n i din noe..-___-". watch spirited away liao..haku n howl look damn alike can..Mayasaki better start making his guys look more lik guys ..cos howl n haku look kindda girlish but very shuai!! ok..i changed my mind..HOwl's moving castle is niceer!!!lol..tml humans common test..sian..my humans F9 lo...n my r5 still so low..unbelievable..lol

    bread spoke at Thursday, March 10, 2005

    Wednesday, March 09, 2005


    i din blog last nite cos i was really angry wiv my family..my family's treatin me lik so crap. my mum thrashed me n sided wiv my bro then my dad came home n lectured me..ello..have they ever tried to understand me? have they ever made an effort to think why i'm lik dat..it's not lik i wanna b rebellious..the home i grew in neva gave me encouragement, neva gave me the comfort i nid..hw do u expect me to b the way u wan me to. n my dad said this stupid remark "my fren once told me teens arel i kdat but i chose not to believe dat" well..i muz say..my dad's fren was smarter..my dad's getting too demanding now can..now i noe wads my source of depression..my family...think i cut my wrist is for fun? no..i rather take the pain physically then emotionally but my parents neva understand dat..they neva understand me. at least my frenz in sch treat me better than my family..everyday i try to delay my arrival home..running away is not a solution i noe but at least it reduces the pain i feel when i go to dat place call "home"..everyday i go to sch trying to be cheerful..not wanting my frenz to see the weak side of me..but somehow one day it will surface. sometimes i jus hope my parents come online n read my blog..read bout my life..at least from here they get to understand me better but well..they chose not to...

    bread spoke at Wednesday, March 09, 2005

    Tuesday, March 08, 2005


    i was so dumb can..aft sch today i walk pass dat person dunno hw to at least say bye b4 walk to dance room..argh! dance was ok..exchange with northland sec..their dance quite nice. then we dancing dat item..ru hua kept looking at us..me in particualr wiv tis sickening look can..yucks! and all my juniors hates her..wahahahha. APRIL 11 MY SYF! OMG!so jing zhang..5th item of the day then tuesday noon can noe results liao...damn scared lo...even if i hav on-stage-experience..it's very scary ok..i still rmb i cried rite aft performing..MUZ GET GOLD!! else i see the results not gold..i'll cry..i swear i'll do that

    bread spoke at Tuesday, March 08, 2005


    ystd pa told me smth dat i shld consider..i'm kindda doubtful of recent things now but i trust dat person but if dat person shall lemme down..it's not lik i can do anything..maybe jus hate him 4ever..but i have so much hatred in me dat i shld stop hating ppl n things. well..if dat fateful day comes..i'm quite prepared...haiz..my depresssions coming bck sooner or later...

    bread spoke at Tuesday, March 08, 2005

    Monday, March 07, 2005

    i hate it...

    ok...reason why i hate dat him...cos i treat him lik a fren..he btray me..not really btray..but dat dart promise to help me then in the end back out..i hate it when ppl cheat me ok. haiz..since he's a fren..i wun hold up against him..anyway..i realise i'm always being too frank..neva think b4 i say n i say burtful things so peepz..if i did say anything n hurt ya guys i'm sry..i'm so going to change my crappy attidude..oh ya..tis applies to everyone except 4 ru hua of 402 la. my dad's really getting on my nerves can..he said "one day i'm so gonna hate myself" ello..u can hate urself anything cos ur daughter here is already hating herself since last yr..frankly..i'm disappointed to some ppl ard me..they keep thinking their are always rite n neva spare a thot 4 me..i hate being control n bossed ard..wadeva..lik anyone wud care. oh ya..changed my blog song..actually wanted to put another song but the opening's not really nice anyway..if ya interested..here's the link

    song: He wasn't

    bread spoke at Monday, March 07, 2005


    ihatehimihatehimihatehiM! humph!!

    bread spoke at Monday, March 07, 2005

    Sunday, March 06, 2005


    hw cum it seems lik everyone ard me has major loss of control over their lifez. i mean..everyone will meet up wiv obstacles in life but wivout tis obstacles we will neva grow up or learn any lesson. some of these might hurt u emotionally or physically but it's unavoidable. somethings we can't happening..anyway..if u hav ppl ard u being hurt..no harm giving them the comfort they nid or lending them ur shoulder...lol. hmm..but if we can't help them deal wiv their probs..it's better to stay out least u get them pissed off at u >.<
    hey! why the hell am i riting tis..i'm getting crazy..lol

    bread spoke at Sunday, March 06, 2005

    Saturday, March 05, 2005



    bread spoke at Saturday, March 05, 2005


    imma t0tally bored..2dae stay at h0me da h0le dae..did moi hmwrk..guai kia >.< pei huan [RU HUA of 402]. kaoz.her pr0file ish s0 damn fake ok. she dun lik ta t0k 2 guys c0s n0ne 0f the guys wanna talk 2 her l0rz..dortz ehz..she damn wannabe l0r..so sad..no1 wanna help her rite testimonial..lol. and my tagboard sux man...fonts so damn big..dunno how to change la..hav ta go figure out -____-"

    bread spoke at Saturday, March 05, 2005

    Friday, March 04, 2005


    ok..decided to use blogspot instead of blogdrive liaoscos blogdrive very diff to change layout la..especially fer ahtml idiot lik me..anywya..today will be my last entry here

    sch until l10.50 today..so shiok! then aft dat went fer dance meetingb4 meeting cheryl n desiree at ramen ten. ate lunch then watch


    that movie i long ago wanna watch liao but nobody watch wiv me untill todayanyway..the movie is so damn nice okhowl is a wizard la..he very shuai wan k n very sweet to the galthen some part lik a bit sad but very nice!!the sub plot is stupid...anyway..to compare howl's n spirited away...i think spirited away is nicerin sense of plot labut graphic will be howl's

    i wanna watch again!! it's so nice!!!!who wanna go watch ask me..then i go watch wiv u..lol!anyway..to access my new blog..CLICK HERE!

    bread spoke at Friday, March 04, 2005

    howl's moving castle!

    okiez...i n0e i r0te tish is m0i 0ld bl0g bud imma g0nna rite it again..
    al lrise for Miyasaki-san for producing such nice anime movies..his previous product was spirited away. another chao nice de anime. howl's de plot is a bit stupid but it really very nice and i higly recommend it ok. sum parts r quite sad n sum r rather funny..hehez. can't wait fer the dvd to come out..i'll sure g0nna get it okiez..n also spirited away. ok..the weekend's here..dun tiink i haf ani planz..goin' 2 visit m0i grandmama tml..ampultated her leg t0dae..may g0d be wif her. 0h ya..aft wad happened ystd..2dae lik kindda awakard..dunn0 wad 2 do >.< ok..shan't blog nemore..g0tta settle sum dance crap 2o..lol

    bread spoke at Friday, March 04, 2005