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    Tuesday, November 30, 2004

    received news dat sly fans try to wear hot pink coloured shirt and the major prob is...we dun hav! so me n cheryl went to heeren to buy..look up n down in heeren..cannot fins a nice one..so jus anyhow bought a piece eac. fianlly bought black plain bandana n red lightsticks too. took a cab back to sch cos kindda late le. today practice in hall..as usual...the hall is super dirty n super stuffy. dat crappy fatass tried to aggitate me today but oh well..she's jus acting lik some kid. hmmm...if she really goes overboard one day..i'll kill her or smth. well..dance time passed quickly today.

    can't believe it..it's few more hours to the final showdown b/w sly n taufik. frankly..now its real diff to tell who wun win. kept having tis feeling sly wud win but on the other hand..facts showing dat taufik wun win...jus hav to wait for tml. 50% of me hope dat sly wun win..cos he isn't really a good choice to reprresent singapore for world idol. 50% of me hope dta he wins cos the taufik fans are really cocky. i really can't stand them being so crappy..every sly fan they see they will keep critising sly and soon a verbal fight b/w the 2 grps of fans will start. it's so dumb lo.

    anywya...went to J8 aft dance to buy a visor..my last one has siggys all over it..lol. the new shops at J8 are so cool and there were so many nice hot pink shirt dere lo..wasted our $$ at heeren la..basket. din eat dinner today..i nid to shed calories man..thks to ystd's super heavy lunch..now i see food also scare already man. nobody's home when i reach home..haiz..sian. so went out to J8 again to buy clothes. bought a hot pink one from Ice lemon tee n a black one from New Project World...new shop..very cute n cheap tees.

    watching art central now..showing "the 2nd singapore short film project" ..saw my last year's darma teach. Miss her lotz cos she's really very fun and she really let us enjoy drama..not lik tis year's drama teach..ben n scott..2 stupid arse who has crappy attidude...sheesez.

    bread spoke at Tuesday, November 30, 2004

    Monday, November 29, 2004

    met cheryl at yck station b4 meeting wendy at amk station to pass her her bdae present. then me n cheryl went out to the bus stop to take bus to mediacorp..collect the Finals tix. guess wad..we took the correct bus..but wrong direction..so we ended up somewhere in hougang -___-. so we hav to look for a cab..which seemed almost impossible cos dat place lik very wu lu la. but in the end gt a cab..jus b4 it rained.

    gt to mediacorp and saw a few grps of sly fans there [waitingfor him obviously] collected the tix. we're sitting at north entrance! row 13 sommore! oh god..quite close nehz! since it was still early..we went to PS to grab a chow. went to carrefour ...wanted to buy lgihtsticks so we went in with an empty basket n guess wad? we came out..with a empty basket too..lol. cos can't find the lightsticks. slack around palce..looking for black plain bandanas but dun have seh. soon..cheryl felt hungry so we went to summerspoon again n this is wad we ordered...

    Set a..

     Soup Main.Course    Drink 
     WaiSeecream.of.mushroomSeafood.baked.rice coke
     Cherylcream.of.mushroom Fish and chips coke

    Dessert set [waffle].

     Ice cream Sauce   Drink 
     WaiSeemacadamia nutschocolate.sauce Ice.Lemon.Tea
     CherylBlueberry           chocolate sauceSprite

    worse thing is..the bake rice n fish n chips..serving size very big..i haven eat half of the rice alrady 3/4 full le then thewaffle is one big block somemore..cheryl manage to finish all her food but she din finish her drink. i finish the ric n 1 cup of ice lemon tea only. so damn full aft dat n i felt so damn fat. indigestion sia..lol. when i gt home..i jus lay on ym bed lik dead fish lik dat then my dad made chiense tea for me..hehe. 61.5..hav ta drag my self out of bed to bathe n prepare for tuition. felt betetr aft bathing n drinking the tea. SUper tired from tuition now...

    bread spoke at Monday, November 29, 2004

    Saturday, November 27, 2004

    so creepy today seh. anyway..met cheryl at orchard station. she and desiree gave me the wu yue tian concert cd [yay! one thing on my wishlist is down] then we walked to heeren..bought polo tee from giodarno. when reach heeren, went to 37 degree n bought another shirt for me..changed already then we went to 77th street to pierce our ear budden gt ppl there then scare pai seh so we walked around heeren b4 leaving the place.

    when we went out of heeren, saw one sly fan. she was lik hugging a board that wrote "SLY" then she was giving out flyers to ask ppl vote for sly. We talked to her for a while b4 heading for far east plaza. on our way.."confronted" by this creepy guy-in-pink..call terrence i think..kept trying to convince us to buy a buffet voucher from him..but we manage to shake him off..lol

    at far east...saw another 2 sly fans..they were crying during the results show de la. then we took the lift up..door open..saw a grp of ppl holding sly flags n postcards. aft dat..went down to eat LJS...super scary. cos next to us...1 whole row of ppl sitting..all taufik fans. while eating, cheryl saw another gal holding the sly flag n taufik flag so we went to ask her where she get from..yuan lai is from orchard station de underpass. went back to eat n saw adli n desmond walk past LJS then adli saw me li kso shock..i saw him more shock..cos he holding taufik postcard!!!

    anywya..aft eating we rushed to the underpass there to take. saw the 2 sly fans again then we were going "muz vote hor muz vote hor" then me n cheryl took 12 sly flags n 14 sly postcard..super siao..lol. actually wanted to go mediacorp de lehz..then call steph ask if she wanna go oso not cos cheryl saw her at heeren then she say " they not goingmediacorp today..dats why i never go" so in the end...me n cheryl went to PS instead.

    again..we went to 77th street at ps...wanted to pierce our ear ma ..but in the end never..lol. cos i saw tis guy who pierced his nose crying..but actually that guy is quite niang de la so oh well...but we still din pierce la..lol. wanted to watch princess daries budden dun hab so went to yamaha to look at guitars...so damn ex man. then the bass guitar string is so damn thick! sure play untill finger pain.

    Went to summerspoon for waffle ice cream..also ordered a cold noodle..chao nice nehz >< hang out awhile b4 takinga train back to J8. on the train..dere's tis crappy guy who gt the sly postcard n lik keep wanna show off to us but ello..we gt lik 12 flags n 14 postcards

    at J8..walked around n bought wristbands...same as the one sly has...exactly the same. actually i hav it le..budden my bro took mine...so i  bought another one lo. din feel lik going so early so we sat outside the mrt station dere n started to lik er..wave the sly flags lik asking ppl to vote lik dat..lol. then gt ppl selling the buffet vouchers here at J8 also then one of the guy selling sat rite next to me then i turn to look at cheryl then said "crap..better dun ask me to buy" but he n his frenz..another guy n gal..din really force us to buy..not lik dat stupid terrence..then one of them took my flag n start helping us tell the public vote for sly..but once in a while..one of the guy..say sly look lik gu niang ...wth. then the  one dat sat next to me..drop my flag!! n i hamtam-ed him..i dun care man...then he acted niang..sheezh

    anyway..ard 7+ we left dat place...so tired.. when i gt home,...watched SI repeat..sianz...

    bread spoke at Saturday, November 27, 2004

    Friday, November 26, 2004

    well...it's 58 more mins to 27 Nov. wad can i say. well..i'm turning 15 soon and i hope i did really grow up [ok..maybe i din..lol]  and i'm gonna hackcare all unhappiness dat happened during my 14th year on this earth. hmmm...well..jus wishing all 27 Nov born happy bdae! may u hav da best bdae every eyar of your lives ^_^. And to all newborns arriving soon [soon as in 27 nov]. well..good luck kids...hope you guys grow up well..dun be lik tis ki siao jie2 here who always get into crappy trouble..lol. and er...to those who are having their wadeva anniversary on 27 NOv..happy anniversary ah. and maybe to those..who sadly..departed from these world on 27 Nov..do rest in peace
    ok..think i better stop crapping..lol

    woo...it's now 23.23pm...means 37 more mins...lol

    bread spoke at Friday, November 26, 2004

    Tuesday, November 23, 2004

    dance was "torturous" today. i came home with a going-to-break spine..bruised feet and knees and very tired leg muscles. so can tell..next year's syf dance is gonna be tuff. but actually it wasn't as bad as the last syf..the last syf we practiced untill really siao seh..then our knees can get bruised even with the knee guards on. anyway..had a bad headache today but who cares..nobody cares anyway.. i kept luffing today also. cos our movements is something lik the cloth weaving machine from ancient china so our actions  have to be sharp. so teach was prefecting on the climax part ofthe dance and she was showing us hw to do it right but i  kept luffing cos it looked kindda comical.
    we were grp-ed into 4 rows so every1 did together for a couple of times then aft dat indiviual rows hav to do. so 1st row do..me n audrey kept luffing then hui ting thot we siao already..then my row's turn to do..yvonne n i kept luffing. cos she say..my arms n legs are sharp budden my head turn to slow liao..so look very funny..but teach do dat time..more funny..me n some juniors kept an chio-ing there.
    I hate chen chen man..cos she's doing solo for the dance..she's on stage 100% of the time and only 25% of her time is doing with the grp. then when we grp practicing..one person wrong...have to re-do then chen chen was at another corner learning her part..so good lo. but a lot pressure oh her..cos the stage is damn big and she has it all to herself..whats more..its gonna be her 1st perfomance for SYF but i believe she can do it..china de leh..dance very good de wor..mai xiao xiao..lol.
    anyway..there's this part we have to kneel on the floor and sort of bounce so everytime we bounce..our legs suffer so our knee guard..become feet guard. another thing..doing this dance very tiring on the thign muscles..strain a lot on it so aft tis dance..i think all of us will hav te kar already T_T. so in the end..i limped home cos my legs super pain. came home..bathe n napped for lik 1 hr then have to go for dinner. 1st time i come back from dance so tired manz. and ya..jie gave me my bdae present todae..it's a tigger plushie i saw at action city..though not the cloth one..it's still cute la >.< and i gave her a bdae present..it's a piglet plushie..smae material asthe tiger she gave me..lol >.<

    bread spoke at Tuesday, November 23, 2004

    well...it's lik 2 days i din blog le. anyway..it also means that it've been 4 days that i din talk to my dad at all. not say din talk..is he don't want to reply. that time sunday..he made me really pissed off man. i noe it's not the right time to apologise to him yet and i know but my mum keep insiting that i apologise to him dat day so ok..i tyr. so my dad n i were in the computer room..i was doing blog thingy then he was playing the ps2. so aft quite long then i said "er..dad..can i tell you something". i was expecting him to at least pause the game and listen me out but he din..continue playing..i was so damn pissed off man. then my mum kept making me sound as if i don't want to apologise..wth is tis lo. then that time she more guo fen. cos she told me "actually only your problem de leh now i oso get involved. dat day [friday] if u dun call home can liao wad. then i go ans the fone now i also involved" pls lo. no one ask her to ans the fone de rite and my dad is still at least talking to her lo. nvm. i haven eat dinner yet so i went to buy mac then got fries ma. then i as eating..she din bother to ask keep taking my fries lo. kaoz..1/2 hr ago say my fault etc and now taking the things i bought. then still nvm lo. i went into the com room aft dat...my dad was watching the naruto I downloaded..wth man! b4 dat..ard 8+ i decided to go down and buy dinner la. so i ask my dad "dad..i going to buy dinner..u want anything?" u know wad that petty father of mine said? he said "u go settle yourself..i know how to take are of myself" then i was already fuming to hear dat then i continue with my com work..don care bout dinner. then he came into the com room and pass me $$ to buy my own dinner. kaoz..lik i can't provide for myself lik dat..i also know how to take care of myself lo. i was so damn pissed off man. if by this week he still don wan to accept my apology i don care liao. tis year bdae i don wan to celebrate with family..for once! either go chiong sentosa if not if gt SI events then i go see SI liao.

    bread spoke at Tuesday, November 23, 2004

    Thursday, November 18, 2004

    actually 2dae me n cheryl cannot get tix for tonight's show de budden ystd i called the mediacorp recep then they say tune in to perfect 10- morning madness today to get the tix so 2dae 1st thing in the morning i on the radio le. then so maddening! i actually called in to perfect 10 then i was talking to daniel [not on air yet] then he ask me hw come so early wake up then i told him gt bridging programme then at 1st he thot is build bridge..lol then i was about to explain to him then my hp cut of the line..so embrassing man..lucky its not on air yet if not really very ma lu [sry daniel..its my fone's fault >.<] anyway..i was still listening to perfect 10 on my mp3 [cos gt radio in it too] during english lesson then daphne came on air. she said sly was her kor during then oli is lik a jie2 to her lik dat. she saidthey were lik a big family..during the top 30 onwards lik dat. anyway..for those who are curious wad is her band name..its ALL COUNTRIES. she sang her new song on air and it was really very nice. then when she left, daniel played one of her demo on air..super nice oso. acutally i think daphne's genre is something lik mandy moore that kind of music. anyway..daniel finally annouced hw to get tix..hav to tell him why u deserve the tix or why do u really wan the tix. so i wrote in 2.

    1. i'm dying to go to e show tonight and its my birthday wish tis year to see e idols in person
    2. pls spare me the tix pls. cos i wanna feel e atmosphere at the 'live'..parents don allow me 2 scream at home but i wanna scream for my idols

    so during recess time, cheryl and i were listening to perfect 10 then he annouced the names of those who gt the tix so i was praying then it was down to the last name and its.. "WAI SEE!"
    oh man..when i heard my name, me n cheryl jus screamed [sry to all the sec 4 kor2 n jie2] anyway..i'm suppose to collect it at the recep later. gtg meet cheryl le..go watch "incredible" then go Si..lol

    bread spoke at Thursday, November 18, 2004

    Friday, November 12, 2004

    AHHHHHHHH! SLY GT INTO TOP 3!!! My 100 votes this week din go to waste!! ahh!
    ystd i was kindda giddy when i woke up so i slept in to 8 lik dat then don wanna go for bridging programme in sch so i woke up washed up n changed then went to esplanade that side to spend time b4 i meet cheryl at 11am at yck station [ i packed my sch uniform into my bag cos my parents din know i didn't go sch] i can't believe it..i got lost on the MRT track..lol. so crappy lo so i was kindda late whne i met cheryl at yck.

    Took bus to mediacorp n i ended up with car-sickness. on our way in. saw a malay guy walking in the opposite direction then cheryl was asking me "is that taufik" then i also not sure so i was lik keep looking at that guy then it was really taufik then he said hi to us then we were going "oh ..hi" so ps man. We hung pout at mediacorp all the way to lik 4 pm ba, hoping to see the idols when they came out frm rehersals. saw leandra oso. Me n cheryl did not hav  tix so we sms-ed out oli's mum ask if she can spare us a couple of tix then she say "ok" so good manz!

    Went home 1st to bath then met at 6 n we made our way to mediacorp..AGAIN! Met steph there..lol. me n cheryl were lik sitting down then suddenly cheryl said "waisee..faster vote..sly gt the least votes" . she gt the inside info from her fren..then guess wad..i voted 100 times for sly..man..i'm dead..but i don't think i will break my bro's record...lol. I was lik running ard telling sly's fans to faster vote then in the studio oso lik dat. got olinda tee so me n cheryl managed to go in. in the studio, me n steph ran to other sly fans there n tell them to faster vote.

    The atmosphere was very tense n every1 was screaming lo. When annoucing the results, me, cheryl n steph held hands n prayed that sly would be save. then i so jing zhang untill i cried then cherYl was telling me "sly standing in front row with taufik so he his week save" but guess what..end up sly n daphn same grp! then me n steph started crying again. we were very scared then commercial break kept screaming for sly. When they playing the mv that time..i dunno to luff or wad cos i was still crying lik that. Then when gurmit was saying "sylvester is..." all his fans including me were screaming "stay!" or "save!" and he was saved!

    i practically jus jumped out of my seat n jumped up n down n i didn't noe i stepped on cheryl leg...sry..lol. AFt the show we went to wait..then steph fren bluffed us n made us ran all the way back to reception and so we went back and wait. then sly came out i was so calm..din scream, din run, din go crazy..lol. got him to sign my wristband then he asked "who was the gal who ran ystd" [crap..!] then i was lik going..shit..then walked away. me n cheyrl gave sly the box of strepsils with a letter in it..dunno he will read not.  Went home quite late but lucky mum din nag..*yawnz..

    bread spoke at Friday, November 12, 2004

    Tuesday, November 02, 2004

    Last friday, i can't go to Singpaore Idol cos my dad don't allow then laterthat day..pei2 told me my SIngapore Idol autogrpah book missing and i was lik so xin tong. AT nite i watching Singapore Idol i so tong ku cos cannot scream then my stupid father lik keep saying SIngpaore Idol wad wad wad..so fan lo. 2dae at break, cheyrl pass me my book..waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! it was actually in the relief room on the teacher's table..lol. Oh ya..last nite i drew out kakashi at the back of my foolscape paperthen pei2 sy very nice..just dat his nose a bit too long liao..lol..here's the pic of it

    Bridging programme was just as sucky as b4..maths n physics 2dae. i was li ktrying to keep myself awake lo. then during physics i kept having headaches..hope it's not fever niaz. Aft sch went to J8 with cheryl cos heard can get Singpaore Idol tix from there but it was actually living with lydia..lamez..
    Dance was ok today..just that the knee very pain cause a lot of kneeling but lucky jia yi lent me one of her knee guards. Dance dat time had headache again and it's lik sharp pain that kind lo but i ren la..lol.

    I really cannot stand that stupid li yun manz..but i'm not gonna care about her CHILDISH, STUPID acts. She verytime use this stupid yan shen to look at me lo..trying to look fierce but she look damn f**king funny. run also run lik so typical fat arse lik dta..make so much noise hwne running..later break a hole in dance room floor! then just bcos i did better in dance..she will start whispering to cheryl pan they all. neway i also cannot stand that bunch of gals newayz...sheehz

    25 more days!!!!

    bread spoke at Tuesday, November 02, 2004