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    Friday, September 28, 2007

    Fame;tactlessness and other random stuff

    Was watching Just shoot 3: featuring xiaxue and steven lim.

    you know it's like they invited steven lim too but the whole time, i think xiaxue got the most jing tou because most of the questions were directed to her.

    1st thing 1st, i always hav a neutral mindset about xiaxue as in neither do i support most of her opinion nor do i hate her. But watching that episode disgust me. It wasn't her that was causing it. It was one of the guy from the other panel, Me cai sheng jiang. Frankly, i didn't like him when i 1st saw him on Just Shoot 1. Mainly he's very persistent on his ideas and often bring the guest speakers down by saying rather stupid things in my opinion. One arrogant fella i think.

    There was this one scene where they were talking bout xiaxue's raging number of readers. And this speaker was saying how come like a lot ppl read xiaxue's blog but don't read this uncle's [cai sheng jiang] blog.

    Mr Cai jus bluntly replied "ying wei wo you jing guo da nuo" [i use my brains to think before writing]

    I was stunned! i mean he indirectly insulted xiaxue on national tv. Being a editor, don't you think he'd ought to be more tactful with his words? this is not about being straightforward anymore. It's about human morals. Imagine someone jus said that right smack in your face on national tv..how would you feel?

    take for example, a reporter interviewing a miss singapore contestant live and just said

    " you know while i was backstage just now someone mentioned that he though i look better than you, what's your take on it?"

    of course i don't think anybody would be that retarted but you get my point? the poor girl can only laugh it off and say something nice or no comments but deep inside i think she's crushed.

    but i thought it was quite heartening to see steven defend for xiaxue..but still, that doesn't change my opinion bout him being a attention seeking woss.

    My point here is, being a reknown personnal, shouldn't one be more tactful bout what he or she says on screen? yes in some way there will be effects on the person you're suan-ing but at the end of the end, it's is self reputation that is ruined..agree?

    Enough of that. Been hell lazy and busy the past week to blog. The Amk hub opening performance was on for the wkend..screwed up the 1st day..salvage back on sunday..lol

    did my own make up! cos usually i dun do my eye make up..ahah! but i still have a problem with drawing eyeliner =.="

    with mich, lapos jess, steph and qian hui

    sat on the bus with jess then take photo then i haven ready she take liao. then become lik dat

    so took another one..


    over at hub.

    shit lo!! i missed elvin ng! he jus walked pass me and i din realise..lik wth!! i only realise when jes stold me i think..by then he's already gone =(

    Gene came to see me on sat then he bought me flowers..red daisies =DDD!!! Forgot to take a photo of them and they're dying already. daisies die fast..


    will post up performance video up soon



    for the 1st time in 1yr and 4mth+; eugene was damn late and i had to cover up for him! was suppose to meet abe and the rest at amk interchange at 8am to take bus to Zoo. Then eugene only woke up at 7.55am! SO in the end met them at 8.30 instead.

    when we reached zoo, joel they all also late so in the end think we only went in at bout 9.45 lik that! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

    damn cute otters! this group lik damn cute lo!! when they see got ppl coming, they'll sit in one row nice nice let you take photo, then when the crowd dispersing they move elsewhere..but they all move together..so cute lo!

    really pretty white tigers!!

    out of the 3, only 1 hasn't been adopted yet. So we starting talking bout adopting the lone one. it'll b cool if we really did. Cos now the sign nearby says

    "omar adopted by xxxx company, winnie adopted by yyyy company"

    imagine next time "jippie adopted by ngee ann poly sch of LSCT"

    weeeeeeeeeeee! [omar, winnie and jippie are really the names given to the tigers]

    Now. do your remember last 2 sems i had a maths teacher whom we labelled as emu? guess wad...we saw her at the zoo!! so suay la!!


    I'm not evil ok!! she really acts lik one..falalala!

    Oh ya. It's lik gene and i had been together for so long and i always thot a 30cm height difference wasn't really a big difference visually. Untill when we were at the zoo then i realise hw incredibly tall my dear dear is.


    T-a-l-l..but polar bear even taller..haha!

    i think the height thingy only compare to polar bears in the wild cos i think almost al lthe animals in the zoo are half the size of those in the wild. Look at the giraffes..so short lo! in the wild, the giraffes neck is so long and power..can kill lion! the lion can only kill the giraffe only when it is drinking water..cos the neck would the lowered then the lion can bite ma

    then somehow, lendl gt a new nickname, started by joel..

    in wad way is lendl link to a lamma!?!?!

    and then, the lamma enclosure doesn't have high walls surrounding it..jus low bushes. Wad happens if it jumps out and attack us or worse..sneeze at us..EWWWWWW~


    is a zebra's coating white on black or black on white?

    Then hor...nikki damn blur la! Cos i ask them this question

    "is The tiger on the tiger beer logo male or female"

    the ans is male..you know why?

    cos it's TIGER beer! not TIGERESS beer! hahahahaha! *siams all incoming tomatoes and eggs*

    so while everyone was wth-ing me. nikki said

    "huh...i thot lion is the female version of tiger?"

    NO KIDDING! SHE REALLY SAID THAT! then the worse thing is, aft we told her liao hor, we went to tiger trek ma..then there's big tiger statue.

    So i ask her..

    "nikki! is this lion or tiger"

    she innocently and happily ans-ed

    "lion lo!!"

    i think she might had a misconception becos we call abe a lion.

    Had lunch at KFC..super sinful food then we went to playground..cos we're still kids..lol! took loads of pix but dunno who's camera =.="

    went to fragile forest and jus as i was stepping in the girls in front started screaming then i heard someone shouted something lik

    "steph don't step!!!...frog!!"

    which in turn lead me to screaming also..turns out..

    apart form the frog there's also other cemented creepy crawlies on the floor lik giant millipede, snake..kindda gross if u think about it.

    walking down the trail then we saw this lemur then lik stand nice there let us take photo lo..so guai la

    gene and i! we were wearingthe same shirt that day =D

    serene with nikki who is looking damn scared

    by the time nikki turn was over, the lemur jumped to a feeding table thingy so denyse and lendl had to take a shot with it a akward angles

    pic failed..bcos i pushed lendl

    better but kindda blur =X

    there's also this tree thingy thing in the area and i hid in it to scare abe..lol

    abe me and nikki

    lendl looking more funny than scary, davin and his scary eyes..joel and his usual tard face..haha

    serene also another joker of the day. There was this board in the room that looked lik this

    she read it as "what is men without breast?"

    kua kua kua~!!~
    while everybody were busying discussing where to go, gene showed smth and i went lol-ed

    notice anything?

    see only gene will notice this kind of things =XX
    we saw these really cute monkeys too!!! they're lik so adorable can. Squirrel monkeys..small and damn cute..lol



    There were cute baby goats at the animal land also..damn cute lo! but super smelly

    irresistablly cute!

    Went to amk hub for dinner aft that cause come my house area celebrate mid-autumn. Actually more lik vandalising; melting candles and burning lantens. for once i pity the bagalas who hav to clean up aft us..oh well..lalala

    next yr become Agl..then aagl..then aaagl then aaaagl....

    cannot see face but we were all posing..lol

    steph loves eugene!



    GL Training

    woke up damn early with only 4 hrs of slp..4 hrs lei! can die man. Did campus with loads of gl dying, leaving them half dead by lunch break.Nidda work harder man..not fit enuff!

    help one of the group games then their station has dressing up.

    with 4 teams n 2 themes.

    Mickey and minnie

    Tarzen and Jane

    i never did expected this guy to be so fit can!!

    It's be Overseas training camp next wkend but responds from the gls were not that good. Denyse was so stressed up i think if we collected her tears, it could fill up a river! So any gls who are reading this..pls go for the camp and encourage your fellow gls to go too because a lot of planning have been put into this event and it's an experience not to be missed. Spread the words kids!
    Timecheck...fricking 3.38am!! think i shall go read Dan brown before going to sleep.
    ps: jus realise there are more Zoo photos but really lazy to upload and edit now. Wait for them along with performance video!

    bread spoke at Friday, September 28, 2007


    i KNow i lik super long never update already. Had been busy with dance pract for the performance for amk hub opening as well as gl training. And also due to the fact i got no feel to blog la.

    fine i admit i'm jus lazy

    today super got feel to blog but then....

    I'm damn tired now!!! so i shall go slp and blog later...haahhaha!

    bread spoke at Friday, September 28, 2007

    Friday, September 14, 2007

    Flying to the moon~

    I know most of you guys will think it's no big deal to be so happy bout this but...

    I FRICKING PASSED ALL MY MODULES!!!!! lik all pass! no A but still all pass! and u noe why a pass is so important to me? because

    1. if i had failed maths i wouldn't even b able to stick my ass ard in NP anymore
    2. if i had failed a single subject, i would've been suspended from NRA. imagine life without dance...you can kill me seriously
    3. my gpa has risen to a pathetic 2.1! imagine if i had failed anything...it'll still had been in the region of 1.something.

    being able to dance n stick ard in ngee ann is enuff joy to me even though i didn't get an A or smth.haha. Now it got me thinking...if i really work hard i could do it. This exam was lik the hardest i ever studied la..and it was lik 2 weeks before the papers that i wake up my idea and studied lik hell because jessica told me bout the suspension form NRA shit.

    shld really work hard next sem to pull up dat pathetic gpa..haha. Frenz of mine pls make sure i bcome a nerd next sem n study..very hard i noe..hahaha

    speaking of dance, next wkend we're performing for opening for AMK Hub. The irony is, i've visiting it when it was long open lik 9 mths ago or something..so what's with the opening?

    then dat day during dance pract..peg n victoria wanted to practise "bring me to life" choreo so they started searching Jia Jun's Laptop for the song n Jia jun came along to help

    JJ: wad song u all looking for
    peg: evanesance de song lo
    JJ: wait ah..
    -few seconds later-
    JJ: hey evanesance is who sing one?

    and everybody ard bursted into laughter n chorused to him thatevanesance IS the band and "bring me to life" is the song.

    FInally watched Evan almighty with Gene. Personally i prefer bruce almighty..more funny! i think it's jus the jim carrey thing. Compare these..

    jim carey looks more funny than steve carell ain't it. Even the attempt to look jewish/bee gee-y also don't make him funny. All hale Bruce!

    anyway it suckes to have your period coming on the day of anniversary..at least for me. every month on the 12th, i'll b rolling on the floor in pain from cramps..dammit. It results in me being all pale and sickly looking n not in a very good mood. Then poor hav to see me whine...think he heart pain..haha. and bcos of that we din really had a good anniversary too...bah!

    hols are boring me!! ask me out ppl on tues thurs fri hahah!

    bread spoke at Friday, September 14, 2007

    Friday, September 07, 2007

    damn i've seriously nth to blog about...holidays are boring ...rahhhhhhhh!

    hmm...out of randomness...i'm glad i hav frenz lik mascara n gls ard =)

    1st gl holiday training was short..real short, but u can really see the quality of the batch from there. loads to learn from us .....n from them

    working at a baby shop at amk hub..kids love me =DDD

    dancing lik shit la...super rusty...-sigh-...i can't even turn properly...pls kill me

    gene n i hardly met

    i slp a lot these days

    yup thats all...seriously no motivation to blog..unless ya asking me to blog about ppl....YES IM SO GONNA BITCH ABOUT THIS SOMEONE!

    if ya gonna b a lil bitch with no respect for your seniors and letting your ego guide ur way of life..u're gonna have to take it hard from now on. This is life kid...if u can't dunno the basic of respect...please go back to kindergarden. Only kids know lil about respect. The world doesn't revolve ard u buddy..so stop being lik a lil bitch who can't do a proper standard pumping n get your fat ass to reality call life

    yes i'm talking bout u u fat piece of ___ [put in any 4 letter word of your choice]

    bread spoke at Friday, September 07, 2007